Latest Reader Questions (October 15, 2017)

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Here are the latest reader questions, along with my replies:

Chris asks: Just read Automotive Atrocities and Road Hogs – loved them, and will rant about them to anyone who will listen. Went to your website. Two  questions: Where do you live in Southwest Va?  I’m in Patrick County myself.  In one of your reviews you mention only are two  choices of engines for heavy duty pickups – Power Stroke and Duramax. You know better; Cummins in Dodges and Rams have them both way beat. This is not redneck Infatuation; I’m 61  and have known several of all.

My reply: Thanks for the kind words, first of all! I live in Floyd County, about 12 miles from Bent Mountain and near the Parkway. On your statement about diesels in HD trucks: If I left out Cummins, kick me! I can’t imagine doing that. It must have been the Jimson Weed…!

Jonathan asks: Hey Eric, Jonathan again. I had wrecked my Pontiac Torrent ten days ago as I’m writing this and so my dad was just able to get a loan of $2,500 dollars to get a new car. I had decided to settle for a pickup because I raise poultry for eggs (mostly chickens with some ducks and geese) and having an open flatbed makes a difference in picking up and transporting birds whenever I go get some. I’ve been using to find something and after a couple misfires while searching for a truck in Tulsa (I live in Oklahoma), I found Silverado Classic in Muskogee and it turned out to be a great deal. It’s a 2007 and worth just under $3,000 which is cheap for a car just a decade old. I tried it out and other than some kinks to work out it’s a pretty solid vehicle for my needs. What’s your opinion on the Silverado Classic?

My reply: Well, first, glad you’re ok – and sorry about the Torrent! On the Chevy – great truck, which is why I am wondering about the price. It’s only ten years old – and trucks hold their value much better than cars do. My NADA book says – and this is ballpark, because I don’t know the condition of your particular truck, the miles, the equipment, etc. – a 2007 in average condition ought to bring somewhere between $4,600 and $6,400. So if this truck you’re looking at is in at least average condition, $3,000 sound like a very good deal.

Especially if it has one of the available V8s and 4WD.

But even if it’s a base trim 2WD and has the V6, it sounds good. Just be careful. Have the truck looked over by someone competent to do so whom you really trust before you buy it.

Hope it turns out well – keep us posted!

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