Latest Reader Question (Nov. 5, 2017)

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Here are the latest reader Questions, along with my replies:

Joe asks: What do you think of the mainstream car mags? I just started subscriptions to R&T, C&D, MT, Automobile after many years away – because they are practically giving them away. My impression is that they are run by government-loving, gadget-addicted Muskophiles, little better than hired toadies to the car companies, with mundane, predictable opinions.  Does every issue of every magazine need a raving BMW road test? I miss the old guys – Davis, Yates, Bedard, Csaba, Egan. Is it just me?

My reply: I feel the same as you do, Joe. I grew up reading Yates, Bedard and the others – who were car guys and guys who could write, qualities sorely lacking at the mags today. The New Crew is as you’ve described them – and it’s industry-wide. They wear suits and might as well be at-large PR flacks.

Which, essentially, is what they are.

I lay blame partially at their feet for the waning of interest in cars, especially among the young. It’s hard to get excited about the fact that the latest car has 15 air bags and automated emergency braking and averages 35.5 MPG…  but has no soul at all.

I will not weep when they fold.

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