Here’s What Law Enforcers Think About “The Law”

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I wonder what Clover thinks about this?


  1. Thoughts on the Great Apes

    The genetic distance between Sub-Saharan Africans and Eurasians (0.20%) is more than twice the genetic difference between living humans and Neanderthals (0.08%) .

    I’m a proud racist

    If we judged them by the content of their character, they’d be begging us to judge them by the color of their skin.

    28% of black males go to jail versus 4% of white males.
    1 in every 4 black males aged 20-29 is in prison or on probation or parole.

    Only 11% of black college graduates are able to understand a bus schedule.
    Blacks are 54% of Atlanta’s population but are responsible for 95% of the rapes.

    60% of black men drop out of high school.

    Blacks are 4 times more likely than whites to kill their children.

    Can you find the black man?

    When Europeans first visited Africa, there were a number of tribes that hadn’t even discovered the wheel yet.

    Blacks mastering high technology is as likely as a tornado sweeping thru a junkyard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials therein.

    Blacks are responsible for 41% of all domestic violence cases despite being 12% of the population. They also take 38% of the tax-payer subsidized public housing.

    Finland spends 30% less per student yet 96% graduate high school and 66% go to college.

    Penis size is irrelevant when 60% of your population has a deadly STD.

    Gateway Arch over the Planet of the Apes

    In St. Louis, African-Americans are 49 percent of the population, but are responsible for 92 percent of homicide, 78 percent of rape, 93 percent of robbery, 87 percent of aggravated assault, and 82 percent of burglary.

    Black attempted robbery of SWP redneckman

    Chimps shut down STL Galleria Mall – Afro-Maidan

    meriKa’s gang problem / not gun problem

  2. Here’s what proles think about “the law.”

    Unarmed black teen murdered by heroes in suburban St Louis

    Looting of Quiktrip

    STL convenience store looting

    STL Riots & Looting

    Looting a weave shop

    Lot of looting going on

    • I’m appalled (based on the facts I’ve got) about the apparent murder of this kid by a cop. But the looting that followed is even more appalling. It feeds into every stereotype, and stereotypes are dangerous precisely because they aways contain at least an element of truth. In this case, the element of truth is the mindlessness and orgiastic inclination to violence of the black underclass. Or rather (to be specific) of a critical mass of individuals who end up characterizing what we refer to as “the black underclass.”

      They are a big problem.

      They hate whitey. They are nihilistic and violent beyond the capacity of most white people to even imagine. And they are not fixable. No amount of “aid,” no “programs” or “training” will ever transform them.

      Fred Reed has written about it. I recommend looking him up.

      • I’ve read lots of Fred’s amazing stuff. And white culture sites. And nationalists sites. And there is a great deal of truth and occulted knowledge to be gleaned. Their solutions at least bear consideration.

        It is by design that these group identities are so loathsome and galling. I neither want to help them, nor hinder them. I want to understand them, and intercourse with and yet remain free of them.

        Ghetto denizens find my anarchy humorous. “White chocolate” one of them once called me. There has been many times in years past when I let my guard down and they could have robbed me and done violence to me. But they never did.

        Just as in upper and middle class surroundings. They dismiss and discount me, in their case I suppose because I can’t really understand mud and filth unless I spend every waking minute wallowing in it as they do. Unless I blame everyone and everything for my every failing and inadequacy.

        Though lacking in technological abilities and discipline. The Great Apes do generally seem to possess an enhanced cetacean sense about other people.

        Perhaps it is vain folly, but I choose to believe they see me as neither their enemy nor phony friend. That I know things and have things they don’t and am willing to share and trade. That I stand as at least one example of the kind of whitey there’s no need to kill.

        Cause I hate the construct of the whitey faction maybe more than they. I reject there is some right group to join or way to live correctly. Instead, I bifurcate white society. Into rednecks, SWP, live and let live everymen and doers.

        And white vermin scurrying suburbanite pests. Sadists and Masochists of wars, cages, laws, surveillance, records, forced behavior, omnipresent plundering, and totalitarian interference.

        Self-degrading, fearful, and self-loathing bipeds with far less dignity and intercourse value than these Simians.

        I am a red man. Not a white man.

        C-I-L-L the state. C-I-L-L your landlord. (kill their artificial state identity and unreal enforced time and history apparati not kill in a biological sense)

        Tyrone Green

        • Tor, some good introspection. I notice in an exchange between you and Bevin a reference to sadism. As I read that I thought it was mostly masochism with sadism at the heart of it, masochism if there was nobody else to torture. But then I had a vision of clover actually getting a physical comeuppance and imagined her screaming and bawling not in theatre but in actual frustration, pain and the thought she could never deserve what she so heartily advocates for those who only wish to be left alone.

          I sometimes imagine she’s bent over as she would have others be and I could negotiate a settlement from her such as “So, you think this is ok eh? Let me know when I’m going too far”. I believe her attitude would change, her ability to see injustice simply because she wasn’t in control and someone else was, just by seeing the branding iron and smelling burning hair. And just for grins, stick that piece of ice to her ass and listen to her scream. Will she return to radical cloverism after realizing she’s not actually hurt? Will she realize her heroes wouldn’t have used ice? She’ll have the rest of her life to consider it. Maybe she’ll understand the flip side of the coin after that. It’s turned a few self-righteous old boys around. Of course there are always some who wanted the branding iron. They’re what old cisterns are for.

          • Well whatever’s keeping Texas being awesome, I hope it continues.

            For a-civic me, I don’t understand a single bit of the sadism/masochism dialectic.

            If clover is removed as an impediment to me, in any way, I am for it. How is it of benefit if additionally clover is tortured?

            And what if only some, but not all clovers are removed, but not enough that it makes a difference and reduces my subjugation?

            Of what use is it if these million clovers so removed are horribly tortured and the whole event is televised and documented. Maybe even tickets are sold and I can attend the thing. Is that to be my new standard of freedom?

            Of course I have the animal flash of wishing suffering on another. And in the moment, I reserve the right to act on it in the heat of the moment. But in no instance do I concede that this instinct is helpful to me post hoc.

            I would rather pay off all the clovers and overlords, and give them 99% of the wealth and territory of the US to enjoy as they please. Even if this comes after the SHTF and they’ve murdered a parent, spouse, a child, of mine, what have you.

            I will even record them a nice annual well wishing and speech hoping they enjoy a full and glorious life.

            If only there were the 1% without them, where I may reside. Its geography and topography mean nothing. I’ll take the worst land there is.

            But a land without all these schizoid a-holes who claim to vicariously live thru the suffering of others. I would be well rid and quite satisfied to see the back of them once and for all.

            Chances are, that includes seeing the back of most of those who post here as well, it appears, sadly enough.

            Translation of Auld Lang Syne 1788 Robert Burns

            For days long ago, my dear, For days long ago
            We’ll drink a cup of kindness yet, For days long ago!

            And surely you’ll have your pint tankard, And surely I’ll have mine. And we’ll drink a cup of kindness yet. For days long ago.

            We two have run about the hills. And pulled the daisies fine. But we’ve wandered many a weary mile. Since the days long ago.

            We two have paddled in the stream. From morning sun till dinner-time. But the broad seas have roared between us. Since the days long ago.

            And here’s my hand, my trusty friend, And give me your hand too, And we will take an excellent good-will drink. For the days of long ago.

            Friends. Enemies. An anarcho-buddhist would say they are both the same things. Both concepts must be allowed to pass away. If liberation is ever to be achieved.

  3. The most influential religious writer for me? Gotta be Vonnegut.

    Still a Bokononist after all these years.

    The Books of Bokonon

    “People don’t come to church for preachments, of course, but to daydream about God.”

    “And Lot’s wife, of course, was told not to look back where all those people and their homes had been. But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human. So she was turned into a pillar of salt. So it goes.”

    “Wake up, you idiots! Whatever made you think that money was so valuable?”

    – So deep is the doublethink, that all I can do is watch sci fi. And surf the web. And post links and not stay on a set topic because everything seems related to the other life. The one I wish and dream that I was really able to live. The other me I imagine I really am when I doublewrite and doublecommunicate.

  4. The 1992 War Photo No One Would Publish – Of an Iraqi fighting to save his life to the very end, till he was completely burned up, He was trying to get out of his truck.

    Left out to freeze on K2 and forgotten
    “My father was a simple man. He knew how to climb mountains, but he didn’t know how to read or write. My father spent the next five decades of his life scarred by his ordeal. For some years, he was unable to move or find work, and struggled to feed his wife and children. Gradually, he learned to walk on his stumps.

    Role Playing Companions For Hire – A personal choice
    Every sentence you write, reveaks character. Are you an authoritarian. A statist. A minarchist. An anarchist. The terms you choose belie how you really think and feel. A Cosplayer for Ca$h is a clear and present danger to your “legal girlfriend.” How you address or avoid these kind of anomalies/dissonances will profoundly affect your freedom conceptualization facility.

    I expend all my considerable vitriol on war and prisons. There is not a drop left over to be offended by rape or commodification of women nor by anything else. All other lesser crimes just are in my book.

    If you have any sympathy for war or prison, then you are anti-market, and I reject outright your claims or assertions that you deserve to be treated as a human being. I grant exceptions and work-arounds of course, since this is a wide swath of humanity.

    Multiple Lovers No Jealously – this is a countermeasure issue, to fill the agenda hunger the PTB are work so hard to propagate.

    Top 10 Specific Cases of Inhuman Evil – War & Prison are the General Cases

    Abolish Prisons

  5. Okay, Bevin, I still owe you a refund for Under Da Dome tho, LOL.

    BY Peter Travers – June 9, 2006
    Political satire is so rare that it’s a shame to watch the reliable Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutherland lend their talents to one that is blind to its own incompetence.

    In an unnamed place at an unspecified time — can’t you feel pretentiousness creeping in? — a soldier (Fiennes) helps an imprisoned playwright (Sutherland) escape and overthrow a dictator, only to become a dictator himself.

    In his debut project, writer-director Robert Edwards — a former U.S. Army intelligence officer in Iraq — acts as if he’s saying something profound. He isn’t.
    – – –

    Robert Edwards trivia:
    Attended high school in Hawaii with Barack Obama

    Spouse – Ferne Pearlstein

    His father – a career soldier who served two tours in Vietnam – is portrayed by Dylan Walsh in Mel Gibson’s film, We Were Soldiers (2002).

    Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Edwards was an Airborne Ranger-qualified infantry and intelligence officer in the US Army for six and a half years, and served as a captain in a parachute infantry regiment in Iraq in the first Gulf war.
    – – –

    Sumerian & Akkadian Myths

    Igigi is a collective name for the great gods of heaven. aka angels, archangels, demigods, the demiurge

    The Shamash – Alpha Candle – Guiding Light


    Among the longest and most beautiful of the hymns that have come down to us in cuneiform, the of Mesopotamian religious writing. A prayer from before the snare of state was yet laid.

    You climb to the mountains surveying the earth,
    You suspend from the heavens the circle of the lands.
    You care for all the peoples of the lands,
    And everything that Ea, king of the counsellors, had created is
    entrusted to you.

    Whatever has breath you shepherd without exception,
    You are their keeper in upper and lower regions.
    Regularly and without cease you traverse the heavens,
    Every day you pass over the broad earth.

    Shepherd of that beneath, keeper of that above,
    You, Shamash, direct, you are the light of everything.
    You never fail to cross the wide expanse of sea,
    The depth of which the Igigi know not.

    Shamash, your glare reaches down to the abyss
    So that monsters of the deep behold your light. . . .
    Among all the Igigi there is none who toils but you,
    None who is supreme like you in the whole pantheon of gods.

    At your rising the gods of the land assemble,
    Your fierce glare covers the land.
    Of all the lands of varied speech,
    You know their plans, you scan their way.

    The whole of mankind bows to you,
    Shamash, the universe longs for your light.
    A man who covets his neighbour’s wife
    Will perish before his appointed day.

    A nasty snare is prepared for him.
    Your weapon will strike at him, and there will be none to save
    His father will not stand for his defense,
    And at the judge’s command his brothers will not plead.

    He will be caught in a copper trap that he did not foresee.
    You destroy the horns of a scheming villain,
    A zealous jailer his foundations are undermined.

    You give the unscrupulous judge experience of fetters,
    Him who accepts a present and yet lets justice miscarry you make
    bear his punishment.
    As for him who declines a present but nevertheless takes the part
    of the weak,
    It is pleasing to Shamash, and he will prolong his life.

    The progeny of evil-doers will fail.
    Those whose mouth says ‘No’ – their case is before you.
    In a moment you discern what they say;
    You hear and examine them; you determine the lawsuit of the

    Every single person is entrusted to your hands;
    You manage their omens; that which is perplexing you make plain.
    You observe, Shamash, prayer, supplication, and benediction,
    Obeisance, kneeling, ritual murmurs, and prostration.

    The feeble man calls you from the hollow of his mouth,
    The humble, the weak, the afflicted, the poor,
    She whose son is captive constantly and unceasingly confronts
    He whose family is remote, whose city is distant,

    The shepherd amid the terror of the steppe confronts you,
    The herdsman in warfare, the keeper of sheep among enemies.
    Shamash, there confronts you the caravan, those journeying in
    The travelling merchant, the agent who is carrying capital.

    Shamash, there confronts you the fisherman with his net,
    The hunter, the bowman who drives the game,
    With his bird net the fowler confronts You.
    The prowling thief, the enemy of Shamash,

    The marauder along the tracks of the steppe confronts you.
    The roving dead, the vagrant soul,
    They confront you, Shamash, and you hear all.
    You do not obstruct those that confront you.

    For my sake, Shamash, do not curse them!
    You grant revelations, Shamash, to the families of men,
    Your harsh face and fierce light you give to them.
    The heavens are not enough as the vessel into which you gaze,

    The sum of the lands is inadequate as a seer’s bowl.
    You deliver people surrounded by mighty waves,
    In return you receive their pure, clear libations.
    They in their reverence laud the mention of you,

    And worship your majesty for ever.
    Which are the mountains not clothed with your beams?
    Which are the regions not warmed by the brightness of your light?
    Brightener of gloom, illuminator of darkness,

    Dispeller of darkness, illuminator of the broad earth.

  6. There is the story of a boy who dwelled in the mountains. Looking across the valley, he found himself fascinated by a house on the opposite side of the valley. Each evening its windows were sheets of shining gold. Drawn to this seeming treasure, he made his way across the valley toward the house. But the path was difficult. Exhausted, he lay down and slept.

    Early the next morning he hurried to the house. Instead of finding sheets of gold, he discovered that the windows were but ordinary glass. Disappointed and bitter, he turned toward home, but then stopped in surprise. Across the valley, he saw his own home, and it was agleam with windows of gold!

    The Ten Commandments: Do not Covet. The Torah’s intention is to train the Jew that what is forbidden and prohibited is unattainable and therefore unthinkable. Rabbi Saffran.

    HitchBOT the hitchhiking canadian robot

    Israel Fin Ministry approves Op Protective Edge Compensation

    Las Vegas Sun – Obama has made meriKa better

    • Wow, Tor. Those links,… I can only think to say, “No comment”. Otherwise, I’d prolly be thrown in jail by the nearest Clover.

      …I find myself saying that a lot these days.

  7. Dear Helot,

    I should be less opaque. This is the wrong-headed cuckold eggs I was trying to help hatch:

    I don’t know how often I posted here about it. But I became hopeful watching the Maidan spectacle. Ukraine being a slave pen with 48 million field hands, and not much left to lose, I thought.

    What could it hurt. Better their blood than ours. I really thought it was a burden to the PTB, and not part of their plan. Bevin didn’t agree IIRC. He just said simply, better to leave well enough alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The real fight is for economic freedom and autonomy.

    Bevin 2014/03/23 at 1:31 pm:
    “On so many issues, one can usually safely infer that whatever the USG wants, is not something you should want.

    For example, the USG wants to deprive Russia of Ukraine and even Crimea. The USG wants to deprive China of Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and even Diaoyutai. The USG wants regime change in [fill in the blank].”

    “A moment’s consideration tells one that none of these things are things that individuals concerned with their own sovereignty ought to want, because these things merely consolidate the USG’s global hegemony, and bring the NWO and Agenda 21 closer to realization.”

    Now things are worse for the Ukrainians. Quite a bit worse actually. It’s a real ongoing event, the people of Ukraine continue fighting for possession of the commons and the streets. It doesn’t appear that this has any meaning, since the nationstate plantations are so successfully controlled.

    The PTB seem to be able to spotlight a “protest” when it suits their agenda. Let the activist class have their moment. And then blackout all access to the commons and streets, when it doesn’t suit their narrative.

    Euromaidan Activists Attacked and Arrested in Kiev

    Ukraine live TV – all appears like worthless drivel we all get

    Maidan being dismantled by police

    – don’t let this make you nihilistic. but what if this whole rogue internet thing is a ruse. once enough power is consolidated in physical reality, won’t the internet be defanged, put on a leash. and made to heel like everything else now in existence?

    — unless hightech preppers have a way to provide us an alternet internet or something

    • He must be sacrificed. He spoke in such a manner that people’s illusions could be broken. Sacrificing him will restore the status quo and people will go on believing.

      • Dear Brent,

        Exactly right. As you astutely note, it is not that the PTB are “reform minded.”

        It’s that the illusion of legitimacy must be maintained.

      • I did a calculation, a $79,000 pension requires almost 4 million dollars at a 2% rate of return.

        I don’t see how I will ever save 4 million dollars or achieve a safe 2% rate of return given present and foreseeable conditions. (yes, I know treasuries, but the moment interest rates lift off zero, say good bye to bond fund principle or if you purchased the treasuries directly, you’re stuck holding them to maturity to avoid principle loss)

        • The article I cited above did not mention the $79,000/yr pension. Even in NJ, that is a nice pension to have. Makes it easier to resign and disappear when you are not dependent on your work.

          It is a shame that he (and many others similar to him) was not aware of the laws he was supposed to uphold.

  8. Oz double taxing retirement $

    Why Oz is the new Switzerland

    Aus$ is gonna get weaker

    How to open a bank account in Australia over the phone

    How do I access telephone banking from outside Australia?

    To access telephone banking outside Australia, dial your international direct dialing access code followed by 61 13 22211

    ANZ Phone Banking can be accessed from anywhere in the world using the International Access Number (for that country), followed by the Australian ISD prefix (61) before the 13 13 14 telephone number or +61 3 9683 9999. International call rates will apply.

  9. From earlier this morning on the air:

    If anyone is interested, there is audio clips available from the LEO and the person who took the video clip from NJ1015 FM in NJ.


    Officer Robert Recine’s — Hemetta PD — position is that he was being sarcastic when speaking to Steven Wronko. IOW, my words were taken to be serious when I was kidding.

    Steven Wronko disagrees that ORR was sarcastic. Steve thinks his civil rights were violated. Steve is looking into pursuing legal action. Steve makes note that if he verbally (sarcastically or not) threaten violence to anyone (especially the officer) in authority he could be locked up and/or fined.

    The host (Jim Gearhart) was biased (perhaps inclined to favoring would be more accurate) towards supporting the LEOs side of the argument. He had difficulty understanding why someone would be interested in videotaping an encounter as well.

    Jim (imo) fails to see the value in have evidence of the encounter. Without the video, this can easily be pushed under the rug. It becomes a case of he said/she said.

    • Officer resigns according to a report from NJ(dot)com.

      Convenient way for him too fade into the background. (Since he was just doing this a part time gig to supplement his retirement)

      According to the borough administrator, Recine served for more than 29 years on another New Jersey police department before retiring and coming to work as a part-time police officer in Helmetta. He earned $13.39 an hour.

  10. So which is everyone’s favorite?

    “Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?”

    Mi Sheberach for IDF Soldiers by Chief Cantor, Lt. Col. Shai Abramson

    Malachim – Eretz Tzvi / מלאכים – ארץ צבי !

    Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?

    It’s a good day to die when you know the reasons why?

    – What would Yeshua choose? – WWJD / WWYD

    = So now Law Sadists/Law Masochists think? Hah!

  11. Miss Snarky Pants – A Humor Blog For Horrible People
    I Don’t/Wouldn’t/Couldn’t Give A Shit/Flying Fuck/Rat’s Ass/Damn

    If you go, where shall I go?


    All out of f*cks to give…

    There are those who’d like to change the way I’m livin’
    It seems they just don’t like me the way I am
    Tomorrow I may live the way they’re thinkin’
    Oh, but tonight I just don’t give a damn

    Dont giva damn – George Jones at Possum Holler 1975

    Oh, tomorrow mornin’ I might wake up lonely
    Oh, but tonight I just don’t give a damn

    • I couldn’t give less of a damn, too. But I coulda swore I saw that quote on video once. Di-rect from the horses mouth.
      I didn’t save it to memory though, so don’t quote me on that.
      I can’t file Everything away.
      But like you said, who gives a shit, they are all bastards.

      “One bastard goes in, another one comes out.”

      [I’d post the video but after 1/2 hour of looking, it seems it’s no longer available now that he’s dead. How Bizarre.]

  12. Is anything a George Bush quote? Likely case: he says what they tell him to say as best he is able. I mean look at the guy. Can you imagine him at home in his study, painfully parsing a translation of ancient scholarly works, agonizing over what tomorrow’s quotes should be?

    Thu, 7 August 2014 :: :: 11th of Av, 5774

    Thankfully the three weeks of Rebuke are over. Feels good to have the beard back to less than millimeter length. And being able to eat meat at dinner (teriyaki chicken) was wonderful. Blessed be the Creator of the Holy Market. Praise be all of his exchange.

    Now we approach the seven weeks of Consolation. The first of the seven weeks.

    And then Rosh Hashana – the new year (5775) begins.

    Holiday :: Dates :: Description
    Rosh Hashana :: Sep 25-26, 2014 :: The Jewish New Year
    Yom Kippur :: Oct 4, 2014 :: Day of Atonement
    Sukkot :: Oct 9-15, 2014 :: Feast of Tabernacles
    Shmini Atzeret :: Oct 16, 2014 :: 8th Day of Assembly
    Simchat Torah :: Oct 17, 2014 :: Day Celebrating Torah
    Chanukah :: Dec 17-24, 2014 :: Jewish Festival of Lights
    Purim :: Mar 5, 2015 :: Joy, Fun, Salvation, Holiday
    Pesach :: Apr 4-11, 2015 :: Passover, & Unleavened Bread
    Shavuot :: May 24-25, 2015 :: Giving of Torah @ Mount Sinai

    The USSU
    United Soviet Sovereigns Union
    An Online Anarcho-Commune

    Koren Talmud Bavli

    Citizens Rulebook

    Tish’a B’Av :: Aug 5, 2014 The Ninth of Av, 5774, fast
    commemorating the destruction of the two Temples

    There are weeks when the haftarah readings reflect events connected with the time of the year. I printed out the list but read none of it, it being hard when on my own and in an Evangelical Lutheran household. There is also the Siren Song of the Internet Talmud who’s seductive call grows ever stronger.

    During the last ten weeks of the year, ten special haftarot–called the “Three of Rebuke” and the “Seven of Consolation”–are supposed to be read.

    The “Three Weeks of Rebuke” are read in conjunction with the “Three Weeks” from Tammuz 17 to Av 9, during which the MAJI mourn the destruction of the Temple and the onset of our galut.

    The MAJI are the allies & army of the USSU

    MAJI – a flight of martial fancy, if only it were real
    America’s Most Important Market Anarchist Jewish Insurgent Event

    On the 17th of Tammuz, 3829, the walls of Jerusalem were breached by the besieging armies of Rome. After three weeks of fighting, during which the Romans advanced with great difficulty through the city, they succeeded in breaking into the Temple; on Av 9, 3829 they set it aflame.

    The 9th of Av is also the date of the First Temples destruction, by the Babylonians, in the year 3339. Tammuz 17 and Av 9 are observed as fast days, and the three weeks between them as a time of mourning.

    In this period, the haftarah readings consist of selections from :: Jeremiah 1:2-2:3; ibid. 2:4-2:28 and 3:4; and Isaiah 1:1-27 :: in which the prophet rebukes Israel for her crimes and iniquities and her betrayal of her covenant.

    The “Three Weeks of Rebuke” are followed by “Seven Weeks of Consolation.” For seven weeks, beginning with the Shabbat after the Ninth of Av (Tishah BAv), the readings consist of prophecies describing the creator’s consolation of His people and the rehabilitation of their relationship :: Isaiah 40:1-26; 49:14-51:3; 54:11-55:5; 51:12-52:12; 54:1-10; 60:1-22; and 61:10-63:9. :: Thus we re-experience each year the process of rebuke and condolence, destruction and rebuilding, estrangement and reunion.

    Being the only MAJI in my home, it is up to my imagined consort Tori to light the candles this weekend.

    The first woman to light Shabbat candles was the MAJI Matriarch Sarah. According to MAJI tradition, Sarah would light the Shabbat candles on the eve of the Shabbat, in the tent she shared with Abraham, and the candles would miraculously burn from one Friday to the next.

    • Dear Tor,

      “I mean look at the guy. Can you imagine him at home in his study, painfully parsing a translation of ancient scholarly works, agonizing over what tomorrow’s quotes should be?”


  13. The word, ‘grunting’ has a number of meanings. In tennis, or as a technique to catch fish, worms or elk. I’m reminded of a number of people across many threads and for different reasons when I read the word, ‘grunting’ in this bit (I shouldn’t say more as I don’t want to come across as being altogether salty and hostile) perhaps some can learn from this:

    Libertarians, Thick and BIG

    • Dear helot,

      Bionic Mosquito is right.

      Further, where are Matt’s “fundamental moral commitments and empirical beliefs”? He is making a pragmatic argument (check the title), not a moral one. If he had a moral commitment to libertarian principles he would not be making this argument at all. If others do not share a commitment (moral or otherwise) to the NAP and property rights, they are not libertarian.

      Matt Zwolinski is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

      Excellent article. Thanks for sharing this.

      • Dear Bevin,

        It’s the age-old statist-cuckoo cuckolding trick.

        A gang of infiltrators enable a climber-inner who makes a home of our nest. This provocateur ejects all our eggs while we are away.

        And gets us to incubate his new alien origin eggs as our own. Later the provocateur’s hatchlings emerge and we feed and care for them as if they were our own.

        The give-away is that undeserved feeling of elation. Always, out of the blue, everything is a little easier, and seemingly so much more robust.

        This is false-lividity, our true eggs lay vulnerable and dying on the ground and soon our faux-cuckold children will be much larger and stronger than all of us.

        America is the alpha-cuckolder. Our founding cuckoos usurped and cuckolded all the original Quakers and Pioneers.

        They made our nest of freedom into a a gaudily monstrous throne of twigs and fasces, and then ran train on all the daughters of liberty and imported princesses of Sheba in their short-panted and powder-wigged orgies that continue unto this very day.

  14. Dear Eric,

    Left a comment at the video.

    Bevin Chu
    44 seconds ago

    Wow. A LEO actually told us what he really believes! Of course he should have said “BUSHOBAMA have decimated the freakin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. If THEY DON’T follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

    “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”
    — George Bush
    Have conservatives forgotten that already?

    As both George Wallace and Ralph Nader correctly noted, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two wings of the Demopublican Party.

    The only man who would have made any difference was Ron Paul. Needless to say that’s why he was cheated out of the GOP nomination.

    • Exactly!

      Also, RE: “The only man who would have made any difference was Ron Paul. Needless to say that’s why he was cheated out of the GOP nomination.”

      Not only was Ron Paul cheated, most of his supporters were too. I am still amazed at how the local party bosses stepped on his supporters using every trick they could pull out of a hat and often resorted to down-right intimidation to silence those who tried to make a difference.

      The local party bosses would say things like, “Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ Rules! You do it our way, and while you’re at it, STFU!”

      The fangs are getting more obvious to more people at this point.

      Nope, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two wings of the same bird of prey.

    • @Bevin

      Two questions:

      First one, is that an actual Bush quote? I know that’s how he acted, but did he actually say it?

      And second of all, do you think Rand Paul would make any real difference? Mind you, I’m not asking if he’s everything libertarians have dreamed of (the answer is clearly not) but do you think he’d be better than the status quo? And do you think that’s worth supporting?

      • Dear David,

        It’s not 100% certain he said it. Often quotes get “refined in retelling” to make them snappier and more succinct.

        When sticklers investigate, they prove that “He did not say that.” But then one reads what they actually did say, and it turns out to be a close paraphrase of the “false quotation.”

        If I were clover, “I would bet a million dollars” that he said something pretty close to it.

        In any event, it unquestionably reflects his underlying attitude. So even if he didn’t actually say it in so many words, his actions spoke far louder and effectively said the same thing.

        So as an alternative I could easily have written:

        “Bush may not have said what he was accused of in so many words, but his actions spoke far louder than any words, and effectively said the same thing.”

          • Dear helot,

            I’ve become less and less tolerant of minarchism in the last few years, especially the last year.

            I just don’t see the point in “working within the system” anymore. Not for us masses. It might not be a bad thing to have “our man” inside the government subverting it from within.

            That’s what I see as Ron Paul’s role. Saw rather. He’s now out, completely.

          • RE: “I’ve become less and less tolerant of minarchism in the last few years, especially the last year. ”

            Same here.

            …There once was time…

            That was Then, This is Now.

          • @Helot- I know it was a small sample size, (Otherwise nobody could drop 11 points by a single vote) but its worth noting that Rand did score 89% on that test while the average Republican senator scored 20 or 30 something percent (I forget which was house and which was senate, and I just started writing this post, so don’t want to rewrite it.) I’ll also note that I’ve personally emailed Vance about Rand Paul in the past and Vance acknowledged that Rand is better than most other Republicans even though he was disappointed (As am I) that Rand is not as libertarian as Ron. I’m not putting my hope in Rand but he does seem at least a bit better than the rest of the GOP clowns. Which does matter.

          • @Bevin- I’m tolerant of minarchism (though not a minarchist myself) for a couple reasons.

            The big one is that many of them are philosophically in line with us. They despise aggression. They just either don’t realize that their minimalist state is still aggressive, they don’t see an alternative, or they think the minimalist state will prevent more aggressions than it commits.

            I happen to think both of the above excuses are false, but nonetheless.

            I’d much rather live in a minarchist country than the one I live in right now. Mind you, I understand that minarchy might be impossible to sustain, but that might be true of anarcho-capitalism as well. I don’t know. All I know is that anarcho-capitalism is the most moral system, followed by minarchism, followed by something else…

          • Dear David,

            I agree with your intent.

            I would say that I have become increasingly intolerant of minarchism, but not necessarily minarchists. It depends on their attitude. If they are like “Salt,” I have a real problem with them.

            Many minarchists are future anarchists. I know I was at one time. So was Larkin Rose!

          • I’m confused here: David wrote, “All I know is that anarcho-capitalism is the most moral system”

            ..And yet he is practically waxing on how Rand is, Da bomb and how he’d, “rather have more benevolent rule that at least leaves us more freedom than we have now.” and he seems prepared to (gag) vote.

            From here, it looks like David is trying to ride two horses going the opposite way.

            … A lot of people are doing that right now.
            Easy Fed funny money has kept a lot of them from falling off and having to make stock of, ‘what is what’.

            Anyway, David, have you entered the term “college” into the search motor at I’d post some links, but I don’t want to flood this blog any more than I already have. …Just some stuff I’d want to know if I was 18 or so. YMMV.

      • Dear David,

        Rand Paul? Very leery of him.

        Rand Paul is not Ron Paul, as Ron himself has taken pains to underscore.

        The father is the father. The son is the son. Not necessarily cut from the same cloth. Belief systems are not genetically inherited.

        Given my current all or nothing mindset, I have little inclination to support anybody within the system. I was on the fence when Ron was running. But when he got cheated out of the GOP nomination, I threw my hands up in disgust.

        Re: Ron Paul and his relationship to anarchism

        Ron Paul has an official webpage called the Daily Paul. Much of the content is anarcho-capitalist. If he didn’t approve of it, he would have ordered it censored.

        I strongly suspect Ron is an anarcho-capitalist mole working against the system from within.

        • @Bevin- Yeah, belief systems certainly aren’t from genetics. I don’t believe the same things as either of my parents either (my mom’s mostly apolitical except on social issues, and my dad is a conservative, albeit not really a warmonger, probably somewhere in Rand Paul’s ballpark on issues). I know Rand isn’t quite Ron. My question was more whether he’d be an improvement. Which, I have to admit I’m interested in. I’d rather have no ruler, but until we get to that point, well, I’d rather have more benevolent rule that at least leaves us more freedom than we have now. That doesn’t mean I think that situation is perfect, or that I love Rand, which I don’t.


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