Diaper Report 9/28/20

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Not Diapering (and trying to go to school) have become the great crimes of our times. Or at least, the crimes being aggressively pursued and punished.

A woman in Ohio was sitting in the bleachers with her family – and much farther than six-feet away from anyone else – watching a high school football practice when she was violently Hut! Hut! Hutted! (and Tasered) for showing her face.

In New Jersey, a 17-year-old kid was arrested, cuffed and booked for trying to attend classes.

In Spain, the armed government workers are head-butting people for disobeying ad infinitum “lockdown” decrees issued – as here – on the basis of “the cases! the cases!” – which continue to go up as the number of deaths continues to go down. It never went even close to what was asserted it would back in  spring, but never mind.

The cases! The cases!

It is now the answer – and excuse – for everything.

People don’t even have to get sick anymore. Which of course most of them never did. Which is why the cases! the cases!

The ersatz is now the substitute for the actual.

If a new car had the track record for not breaking down that most people have for not dying from the WuFlu, it would make Toyota and Honda envious. Yet the world remains in the grip of a hysteria based on the equivalent, in car terms, of every person on the planet driving around in a ’74 Pinto with a lit fuse dangling from its gas tank.

You’d think at some point more would notice the car hasn’t blown up.

People seem to love terror – and terrorizing others.

Wear a mask! Close your doors! If you see the Undiapered, report him! 

Attack him.

This is Medieval – a return to a time in human history when people lived in terror of spirits and witches, of the evil eye. And when heresy was a capital offense.

Now, the possibility that someone might have a cold – or might get one – is enough to cast a person out; it has become the equivalent of demonic possession.

There’s no way to know – and you can never tell. It is thus implicitly never-ending and beyond reason. 

Obvious – objective – wellness is no defense against the hysterical assertion of possible sickness.

Diapers are the symbol of this regression – this descent into cast-the-out and burn-the-witch. It is a terrible – and terribly sad – thing.

Fear engenders suspicion and suspicion engenders distrust, then hate. It turns everyone into the other – a stranger not to be trusted. Even if you’ve known them for decades. Even if it’s our father-in-law.

Even if it’s your wife.

The antidote today is the same as it was 500 years ago. Light drives away the darkness. Fear is defeated by not showing it. In this case, by showing your face – in defiance of the fear.

I type this Report showing mine – in spite of the sign saying I mustn’t if I enter. I enter regardless. Many places say nothing – which says something. They – the employees – Diaper under duress. Many are happy to see your face, even if they can’t show theirs.

Some places I’ve entered have insisted I must leave for showing mine – but I do so whole. They will never get me to bow to their hobgoblins.

I don’t fear spirits. Or the signs of Gesundheitsfuhrers. It will take more than that to keep me from showing my face.

Also the faces of several new friends I’ve made – that’s you Greg and CJM – who have joined the ranks of the Diaper Dissenters. Big things start small.

Like the WuFlu hysterics.

It was only a year ago that no one in the world has even heard of it – much less Diapered on account of it. Only Michael Jackson wore a Face Diaper to go to the store.

The same kind of change in reverse is also possible.

Many examples from history, if you need a little bucking up. Some will remember the Red Scare of the ’50s – when the country was driven to paranoiac hysteria over Soviet agents everywhere (there were some – just like some people have gotten WuFlu). It took a few years for the whole thing to become farcical, but it did eventually become farcical.

For 12 long years, goostepping and seig heiling were taken very seriously. But – just like that – it became Der Fuhrer’s Face and people laughed at once made them very scared, that time with reason because Der Fuhrer was real.

And so I will continue to show my face – thereby flying in the face of the Fuhrers of our time and perhaps giving a shot in the arm to others who don’t much like the Fuhrer, either but need an example to follow.

Might as well be me.

So, here I go!

. . .

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  1. I’m still watching the newest South Park. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. They are using the term “diaper”. I have to think this is Eric’s influence.

    • Hi J,

      I haven’t… yet – but will today! Thanks for the heads up! I have been seeding “Face Diaper” in every conceivable place, including the comments sections of social media (under various assumed names). Ridicule evil and you take away a great deal of its power.

  2. Went to the Mart Of Wal today- as far as I could see, I was the only one sans mask- despite there being no entry-sentries/pressure to mask. This is how brain-dead America is…and how easily they can be controlled. Disgusting! -And this is in a very rural area ( flyover country), where the Wally World I went to is in a town of 3K people.

    Liberty is dead…and so is America.

    • Nunz!

      Don’t give up yet. Remember: It is always a minority that determine the course of history. The rest go with the flow. The Diapered you see are going with the flow. By not Diapering, you show them a different course. Keep showing your face!

      • Mornin’ Eric!

        Oh, I’ll NEVER give up! Live free or die! To Hell with all the sheep! Been fighting the good fight virtually all my life. The encouragement we all get from you and so many others here on your site is a great comfort, which makes it a little easier!

        I think seeing all of these sheep around us out there actually helps us- by being an example of what not to do, and illustrating how utterly ridiculous the popular narrative is, and reminding us that we are a different breed and have nothing in common with them.

      • Hello Eric – just found your website recently. I, too, am a Never Diaperer, or as my teenage son says, “full-on anti-mask”! I live in a state run by a RINO and his Dem posse, so you can imagine how much fun it is. I have been yelled at for not masking, even when I am the only person in the store! But, I am blessed to be able to shop in stores (mostly across state lines) that don’t require/enforce masks. I am one of only a handful, but I will persist! I refuse to cover my face, as not only is it the equivalent of the pocket full of posies but it is also harmful to the wearer. I will not harm myself to alleviate some psycho’s fears. I remember once reading that at the time preceding the American Revolution, only about 1/3 of the colonists identified as “Patriots,” 1/3 as “Tories,” and 1/3 tried to remain neutral/oblivious. When shots started firing, only 10% actually stood up to the tyranny. I plan to honor that 10%, by standing up every day against this modern-day tyranny. I do not see my actions as offense or defense, just trying to continue to live my life as a free person. So, my response to every aspect of this psyop is to IGNORE, RESIST, and PERSIST!

  3. My diaper report as reported from visiting 2 automotive stealerships lately:

    I recently got a notice in the mail my Tacoma had an active recall to repair a piece of equipment that would not exist if not for the emission-nazis… an air injection pump that pushes air into the exhaust during cold starts to reduce emissions. I schedule my appointment and then proceed to the stealership for the recall.

    To back up a sec, on my job, I recently had to go to a Volkswagen stealership and they pointed a gun at my head and took my medical information without my consent. Granted it was a thermometer, still, it doesn’t matter, I hate that they point a gun at my head and pull a trigger.

    The VW stealership had mandatory mask orders posted all around. I walked past them as I do most all the other signs without diapering and kill with kindness. I made it so far as going to two different buildings to find the equipment I was there to work on and even making it upstairs in building number two until a nazi made me diaper to enter the room where the equipment was. Like many, for work, I cannot put up a fight or cause issues, so I complied. As I entered, everyone was diapered. But as soon as I let em know I wanted their security cameras to see my face because I am there to work on financial equipment, not be a masked robber requesting access to their cash, most took their diapers off. As I surmised, they don’t buy their new orders from corporate above with high regard either. Upon my departure, I remarked to myself that if I were actually there to buy a vehicle, I would have turned around and walked away. My father sold new and used vehicles and I know that if I cannot see the face of my salesman, I am walking away. Further, making me do something I don’t want to do while you try to bend me over and screw me, no deal!

    So I arrived at the stealership I purchased my gently used Tacoma and what do I not see? Masks required signs. Nothing about masks required. Of course, they had all of their employees diapered, but their only request was to social distance. And, well, everyone did.

    I stayed outside because most moving around were diapered. I didn’t want to stir anyone up and stayed outside most of the time but a weather front was coming through and it was raining and the temp eventually fell low enough to force me inside to the waiting room. Upon finding a seat in the waiting room, there were 2 other people in there without diapers. I wasn’t alone.

    The originally quoted expected repair time was 4 hours when I first arrived. I told them I would have to wait for the repair. They immediately stated they would expedite me on the basis of waiting but as I suspected they knew I wasn’t going to diaper and moved me up to the top to get rid of me. I was out of there in 2 hours.

    • Hi J,

      Your report coincides with my experience. Most people are Diapered but not active Diaperers. There is an important difference. They obey it in the manner of the old 55 MPH speed limit – whenever they have to.

  4. Covid is the lord thy God, and thou shalt have no other gods before Covid.
    For Covid gave its only begotten son, the vaccine, that whosoever believeth in the vaccine shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    It indeed has become a religion, founded solely on belief, with “facts” changed as needed to insure continued belief. Facts do not change, while lies can easily, and must do so in order to minimize detection. This is much more than an assault on our liberty, it’s an assault on every aspect of our minds and hearts.

      • Kraze,
        Says a lot about our present world- The guy is basically just telling the truth…..the extant reality- but the extant reality is so absurd, that just hearing it put into words makes it sound so ridiculous and outlandish, that it constitutes comedy.

        Apparently, the people who go along with it can’t see that they are clowns…..

      • I know — I wonder if it’s because he’s using sarcasm, he’s often actually literally saying the things they like, so their voice-recognition speech scanner thinks it’s what they like LOL, even though the meaning is that he’s making fun of it.

  5. walked around san francisco international airport on sunday for about 2 hours before my flight home. me and every kid under the age of 2 were the only ones not wearing a face diaper. i will assume my fellow non-maskers WERE wearing regular diapers though.

  6. In NC, we’re living under a perpetual state of emergency. The last 60 day “roll” on 9/22 was done without even an announcement from the govking as to why. Despite everyone I talk to saying WTF about all of it, the charade continues unabated from on high. I called my state house rep office (a Rep vs. Dem govking) and asked if they knew we were under an apparent perpetual state of emergency and if they thought that was o.k. The guy on the other end was sort of oblivious but stammered something about how govking was ignoring (read breaking) state law (or its constitution, he couldn’t remember) by not getting the blessing of some bipartisan council before declaring/continuing a state of emergency. He also said we/I had “no chance of recourse” via the judiciary because it is govking’s partisan handmaiden. Then he told me to vote in Nov.

    I have seen a good case made by Judge Nap for federal law enforcement to intervene forcefully in states like NC that are violating their citizens fundamental rights as laid out in the US constitution. At a minimum, federal funds could be withheld. But it appears the Feds, Orange Man included, are in on it. Therefore it won’t be stopping any time soon.

    • The legislatures in states and at the fed level are completely worthless.
      For NC, the general assembly could have ended this after the first ‘extension’ (or hell, at the start), but they were too scared to do what was right. “What if we’re wrong???” they thought, which if that were the case would have given Herr Cooper and his hordes the power they needed swing the assembly their way. This is the same across the board. Their hope is/was that the suffering caused by the actions of tyrants would make people mad enough to vote for them and then THEY can save us. The problem is their inaction has show how useless they are and as we all know, no election is a guarantee. The world is so filled with mindless automatons and cowards, nevermind the bifurcation of thought, that the chances of any move towards ideas of freedom and liberty seem D.O.A.
      I’ve watched friends businesses collapse as they’re now sitting in tens of thousands of dollars in debt, friends be jobless and struggling to get by (helping where I can), and these legislatures are all cowering with inaction because “It’s an election year… can’t make a mistake, so best not do anything”.

    • The Feds and Orange Man are definitely in on it- Rather than protecting our rights from the illegal abuses of the state governments, they are instead coercing the states to participate in this charade by withholding Federal funds from states which do NOT enforce these dictates…err…I mean “state which does not”- as South Dakota seems to be the only state which has the nads to forego the funds…and thus is the only state not to mandate masking et al.

  7. I seriously think a large percent of Americans are partly brain damaged (or call it retarded if you want, same thing I guess). They probably weren’t born that way, but they are now. And now more & more are being born that way.

    More motivation for the people that are still functional, to start fixing their countries.

    Huge rallies in UK… Robert Kennedy telling it like it is… sooooo what are all those people DOING to stop the madness? They go to rallies & protests, but are they actually solving the problem, or are they just talking about it?

    • P.S. furthermore…

      The protests & rallies are just declaring that there’s a problem, but that’s only step one. The people still need to do steps 2 through 4!

      Step 2) figure out all the possible solutions & pick the one best solution.
      Step 3) figure out the action plan (all the actions that will help accomplish that solution).
      Step 4) manage the action plan (maybe volunteer or hire one or more project managers).

      That’s how to get things done. But also, in order to do steps 2 through 4, the people need to be able to communicate and vote on the things in each step… but the people aren’t organized in any kind of group(s) in order to do that. That’s the biggest problem in the whole world.

    • Mind controlled via Bluetooth devices, particularly the hearing aids of the over-65 set. Look for the thingy looped over the ears.

      • Mind-controlled via the media, which they clamor to consume…I guess because as Krazy said, they’re brain-damaged and retarded (Likely from all the vaccines foisted upon them from infancy- which their parents clamored to have them poked with).

        And sadly, they think voting is the answer. Who does one vote for? Brain-damaged and retarded Biden the commie, or Trump- who though already in power, has done nothing to stop this fiasco…which started under his watch, and whose admin withholds Federal funds from states which do not comply with the insanity! So, vote for A or vote for B….either way, you get F(‘ed).

        • Hi Nunzio. I like Jesse Ventura’s proposal: add “None of the above” as a choice on ballots. If that beats the candidates, the parties have to nominate different people and repeat the election until one of them puts forth a candidate who is acceptable to a majority of voters.

          That system sounds unwieldy, but if it were in effect the parties would be a lot more careful about who they nominated. For that very reason, they will never allow it.

          • Yeah Mike, IOW, if a voter doesn’t vote for any candidate/item, then that voter STILL counts toward the turnout for that candidate/item, so a non-vote means a “no” for that candidate/item. Whereas the way things are now, if you submit a ballot with nothing selected, you don’t count toward the turnout, so you don’t get to vote “no”.

            This is how it should be done: just have voters mark their 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc, and any item/candidate that’s not marked doesn’t get a vote at all, so that’s like voting “no” for them. The winner is the candidate/item that has the most of all choices (1st choice + 2nd choice + etc), so that’s logically/mathematically the absolute perfect fair winner. The winner may not be the candidate/item with the most 1st choice votes but it’s the best/fairest compromise winner. So why doesn’t everyone in the world do it the right way? Because they LIKE it to be done wrong, and the people never take the time to figure this out, although I did.

          • Hi Mike,

            I like Jesse. Not because I agree with him on everything – who agrees with everyone on everything? – but because he strikes me as a straight shooter, a mensch. A reasonable guy. We need more of them.

          • Hi BJ,

            Time is no small thing; it can make all the difference. It’s also ultimately all we’ve got, eh? Without time, in other words, we haven’t got anything. Maybe enough people will realize what’s going on, given time. Without time, it is certain they won’t.

            • Very true Eric. But the Orange Man isn’t going to save us. The system is corrupted, and damaged beyond saving. The best he can do is buy us some time to save ourselves. Most people have no idea what is coming. Willful ignorance is going to have dire consequences.

              • Hi BJ,

                Probably so – but not necessarily. And what could be coming is a kind of relatively peaceful disintegration of the U.S. into separate countries, as happened to the old Soviet Union – which proves such a thing can happen. I’d rather that than a cataclysmic national upheaval that results in a Soviet-style continental dictatorship. I’ll do what I can toward furthering the former over the latter!

                • Hey Eric!

                  You are correct about the disintegration- but peaceful? It’s not even peaceful now…and this is just the beginning.

                  Remember, this disintegration is a part of their plan- to make America more manageable in the scheme of world governance- it was planned decades ago. That is quite different from an organic secession movement- which, of course, would be a good thing.

                  Instead of a breakdown of Federal centralization which would result in greater autonomy, this is being done just to shift the centralization from the national level to the international level- picture the EU….come to the US. What we are seeing now is how it will be effected.

                  Regardless of which side one chooses….there will be no winners. It’s a rigged game.

                  • Yes it is Nunz. But the final results are far from certain. Its not just one faction doing the rigging. There are multiple factions, that REALLY do not like each other. Nor do they agree on the path forward. The next six months to several years are going to be “historic”. As political, economic and social systems continue to crumble.
                    If we can avoid wide spread war, its going to be one of your Miracles… ^^

                    • True, Beej,
                      The bad news: Looking at the 99-point-something percent of people around us who comply gleefully with masking and everything else that has ever come down the pike, I’d say it’s a pretty sure bet that the ones who are really pulling the strings know exactly what they’re doing.

                      Good news: What they establish will not last very long.

      • Hatterasman, don’t give the plan away!! Thats not due to be available until 6G comes in! 5G is just to cook our brains for harvest, by the shape changing lizard people… ^^

        • Nunzio, I suspect you are giving the various Masters of the Universe™ WAY too much credit. Believe me, and I speak from painful experience, models and simulations are great, But just about anything related to Human Action… Is FAR more complex than can be accounted for with even the best available systems.

          There is an OLD saying GIGO… Garbage In Garbage Out. Look at the howlers they’ve managed when dealing with “climate change”. Even though thats a series of *physical* systems. Their best models can’t even “predict” the PAST, without a lot of fudging. Yet, you expect them to be able to predict something orders of magnitude more complex, like human reactions to various complex stimuli?

          Even using all of the current buzz words, like Big Data and Machine Learning (not to mention Neuro Nets) they are still having a difficult time making heads or tails of the results, and then placing them into a reference frame that makes any type of coherent sense.

          Make no mistake, in some areas they have made VAST progress (such as video analysis and generation) but in terms of geopolitical analysis, I’m much less impressed. Thats entirely leaving aside the impact that other factions, making moves in the shadows, would have on such plans.

          While I have no doubt that certain factions have plans. Carrying them out, in the face of opposition is not quite that simple. Not to mention that once the shadow wars move from cold to hot, attention to personal security is going to be even more required, which will add even more fog of war to the operations.

          The future is still very much in doubt. Hang in there. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

          • BJ, I present as a counter argument, all the people on every continent wearing face diapers. Theycontrol the money; they control the minds via the media and education….. ‘Nuff said.

            99% of the world is under socialistic control, and the few last embers of sanity and liberty which existed here are now being expunged. It’s not looking good, my friend.

            • All? I’ll grant you many (or even most). But the Branch Covidians, and their cult are far from universal. Sweden is just one example of a country that didn’t fall under the total influence of the Cult. Its the same with entire parts of eastern Europe. Its also spotty in parts of Asia. Not to mention that just because people wear the Mask, doesn’t mean they are actually members of the Cult. There are
              many types of fear. Fear of the Global Death Plague, is just one of them. Fear is also an unreliable tool. You must know
              that, from your studies, as well as I do.

              As for the media, and “education” again, its different factions that control that. Keep in mind that the Oligarch factions only co operate when it suits them, and when their ends line up.
              In this case, many of them do not, which is what is impeding the advance of the Branch Covidians offensive.

              As for (((They))) (I can never remember how many of those I’m supposed to use… ^^) controlling (the) money. Thats actually several They’s (and several monies).

              Its not just the global central banking cartel. There are at least three major factions involved in just that. There is also the manipulation of real money (gold/silver etc). That is also a multi faction rigging operation.

              The flame of liberty is far from extinct. Just so long as there remain people willing to fight for it, and our peoples future, it will never die.

            • Morning, Nunz!

              Of course it’s not looking good. That doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s only over when it is and as long as it’s possible to resist, those of us who are willing and able ought to. Every crisis looks hopeless when the crisis is in process. That is why they are crisis! I understand it’s easy to get overwhelmed and despair; I sometimes do myself. It is like looking at everything that needs doing around the house at once – and with the idea that to has to be done by this weekend. The way to handle such a mess is to handle it one thing at a time. Fix the porch this Saturday. Then next week deal with the floors that need to be sanded and refinished. Fix the upstairs bathroom after that. And so on.

              One thing at a time and before you realize it, the house is pretty squared away!

              I’m not saying it will be easy. I am not saying it will happen overnight. I am not even saying it will happen at all. I am saying it can happen – if we give it a try and don’t quit.

              • Hey Ya Eric!

                Of course- I’ve been resisting since I was a kid, and will continue to as long as I live. Doesn’t mean that we’re gonna win anything or change the overall course of events or what the majority around us do- it just means that we will eek-out as much liberty and goodness as we possibly can.

                We’re in this alone. There is no “side” for us. It’s us, individually, against the mass of state and their brainwashed hoards- regardless of what particular group they identify with.

                It’s important that we realize this, because the reality is, that we are not going to somehow win-over a sizeable army of freedom-seekers who will somehow overthrow the world we now live in, which is the product of over a century of social engineering.

                We couldn’t stop it 20 years ago, or 10 years ago….we certainly aren’t any more capable of stopping it NOW that it has progressed exponentially. We have to accept the reality around us- or we are just wasting our time; time which could be spent securing our own position.

                That is what we did when we left the metro areas years ago. Could we change even the tiny slice of the world in which we then lived? Of course not. We did what was propitious.

  8. On the whole, we think we are so cognitively superior to the witch burners, the tribes who bow to totem poles, and the worshippers of Greek and Roman mythological gods. And here we are, with most of these same intellectually arrogant people running around wearing a diaper emblazoned with Hello Kitty or The Washington Football Team on their face, to keep away the boogievirus.

  9. Sad news from Florida. The governor and Korona King happily preempted counties and cities from enforcing anymore Korona Kabuki. This was Thursday. Now Monday, the diapered are still at 98% at the store. They love their chains.

    • At this point, the Korona Kabuki appears to be mainly along political lines. I’ve noticed in areas of my town where the population is mostly conservative, Southern and middle class, there’s a fair number of mask-free faces in stores. In the predominantly liberal, Northern Yankee carpetbagger parts of town, there’s way more compliance.

      Barring a hoaxed up “Second Wave” this fall, I’m convinced a lot of people will remove the masks after the election.

        • Imagine what it’s like here in their natural habitat, where every other house displays a Biden sign in their yard (or my favorite, a cardboard Biden face sign; gag reflex). It’s true that the leftist swine are more likely to comply, thus establishing the religious nature of diapering. But it’s by no means so limited. And no one’s ditching their diapers anytime soon. Not until mass vaccination proceeds, and even then I’m not all that certain. It’s diapers on planes, plexiglass in stores and six feet apart in the line to get an ice cream cone for a long time to come. The principle now established that you might be sick and have no right to share so much as a cold virus with me and my grandmother. See, we now have the War on Communicable Diseases, in perpetuity.

          • Re: Biden signs. I heard the other day about a Biden/Harris sign in someone’s yard. Some wag stuck another sign next to it that read, “Support Alzheimer’s research”.

    • Hey Zach, not sure what part of FL you’re in, but I’m in SW FL, Ft Myers area, and I’m seeing the opposite. Went to Home Depot, Lowe’s and Publix today, all of whom “require” diapers. Saw a bunch of people in all of those stores sans diaper. Especially notable was Publix, 2 or 3 weeks ago, EVERYONE in there was diapered, and today I counted 10 or 12 undiapered, including myself. Seems like we’re maybe turning a corner here, I hope I’m right.

      • I’m in the Blue Gainesville area. Since our Korona King issued the emancipation proclamation I am now not the only one sans diaper, but it is still overwhelming the fraction going about diapered. I never wore a diaper and had only one minor confrontation in 6 months.

        • Hi Zach,

          The mandates/guidelines – even law – seem to be less powerful than the media and the social pressure it creates to conform, to show you are “good” – as defined by the media. That said, I can also say – having spoken to a number of the Diapered-by-work (i.e., they have to, else lose their work) that they are sick of it.

          Hang tight. It may just get better.

          • Eric, the typical optimist looks at the half-empty glass and says it’s half-full -and that is noit unreasonable. But you, my friend, are looking at a glass with the residue of one evaporated drop, and picturing it 99% full! 😀

            • While Nunz looks at the half full glass, and wonders what Demonic forces, drank half of it, while his back was turned… ^^
              Some on the other hand, look at it as a tactical opportunity. Once its empty, and they go to get more… ^^


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