Diaper Report 8/9/20

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Diaper Resistance in my part of Virginia  is taking the form of Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell.

But I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

I haven’t yet encountered any belligerent Diaperers – except at Sweet Donkey, the coffee shop I used to visit almost daily but will never visit again for just that reason. May their Diapers ineffectively filter the coffee they sell.

Other places in my area – which must remain anonymous for reasons which should be obvious – have Diapers Required signs but do not enforce the “requirement,” which isn’t one.

No law has been passed. A technicality – but, still.

It is being presented as if a law had been passed. The same signs – picture of the dreary Diaper – and the same imperious typeface – can be seen taped to the entrance doors of practically every business. Including the ones owned and run by people who oppose Diapering – but dare not say so openly.

The signs seem to have been issued from the same source – government Gesundheitsfuhrers – and presented by kleine gesundheitsfuhrers to these businesses, in the same way that kauft nicht bei juden signs were distributed by the same kinds of creatures a long time ago.

But some shop-keepers were brave enough to slip the pariahs a potato anyhow.

It’s the same now. Not in terms of severity – yet – but certainly in principle, which will lead to severity if the principle’s  not beaten back (and into the ground).

Businesses live in fear – not of the “virus” but rather of the anonymous call to a kleine gesundheitsfuhrer. A local bureaucratic useless eater, but with power. Who will use it to threaten the business with fines that the government can’t – yet – impose on the individually Undiapered. As a way to get around that difficulty. By making things difficult for the business, if they don’t make things difficult for their customers.

Which the kleine gesundheitsfuhrers have the power to do because, long ago, the principle was accepted that it is legitimate to require permission from the government to engage in voluntary commerce.

Which permission can, of course, be rescinded at the pleasure of the permission-giver.

Isn’t it great to live in a free country? Where you are free . . . to do as you’re told?

If people still had the right to engage in voluntary commerce, the Diapering of the populace – preparatory to their Needling – would be much more difficult to impose, at least without the use of clumsy bayonets and such. But when people’s freedom to engage in voluntary commerce has been replaced by a conditional privilege that can be revoked at whim it is much easier to get people to Diaper, both in fact and in principle.

The latter perverted and used against the victim.

These are private businesses! They have the right to require anyone who works for them or who enters the premise to wear a Diaper!

What’s left out is that they’re “private” in the way you “own” your home – which you must  continue to pay the government to be allowed to retain conditional possession of even if you long ago paid for the home.

‘Ownership” is a technicality – just the same as “private” businesses are. In fact, they do the bidding of the government – because they are beholden to the government. In a word, they are adjuncts of the government. Some reluctantly – all necessarily.

Still, there is at least passive resistance – which is a start because it’s more than no resistance. It reveals resentment – and that’s something that can be worked with.

One of the places I go to now instead of the Donkey has owners who aren’t willing adjuncts of the government. The signs are on the door but no one says a word if you ignore them. And unlike at the Donk – where the staff made it clear they objected to the Undiapered even before the owner decreed Diapering – at the new place, a smile and more say a lot without saying anything.

I saw something else yesterday, too – even more encouraging – at a business I will not name – again for reasons that should be obvious. At this one, there weren’t even signs on the door. And no sign of the Diapered within. You could see the faces of the people behind the counter; none of them even went through the Sickness Kabuki of wearing an old bandana around their necks.

They were fully Undiapered – in fact as well as mind.

I spoke with these people, congratulating them on their sanity – sentiments which were returned. And to express my gratitude for their overt resistance to this sickness I made a major purchase of an item I’d been needing for some time. It has to do with work and I’d like to tell you about it – and tell you where I bought it, so that you can express your gratitude similarly. (Which I will do, happily, privately.)

But – for now – it’s best to be quiet in public until we can be louder.

I think that will be soon enough and my bet is you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

. . .

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  1. The owner of a burger place here in Columbia, SC isn’t a fan of the muzzle mandate but he is required by the “small-government” GOP SC governor to post a sign requiring it. He adds a footnote to his sign saying that if you don’t wear a muzzle, he will assume that you have an exemption and not question you. So this will be my “safe space” for the foreseeable future.

  2. One other point. I’m tired of hearing the argument that because it’s a private business they can require a face mask if they want and I should therefore give up any and all resistance to it. This silly argument fails to take into consideration that this is supposed to be an exchange that also works for me too.

    If I’m interested in buying a new car from an auto dealerships and it asserts that the purchase price is $50k, should I just willingly pay it if I want the car “because t’s a private business they can require me to pay $50k to buy it?” No, that’s nonsense. I’m perfectly free to offer $45 for the car and use other negotiation skills to get the car for a price I’m willing to pay. Likewise, I’m free to negotiate my way into the store without a mask. I encourage all to engage in that negotiation with every business owner. First and foremost, CONFIDENTLY walk in without a mask like you would normally do. Make them become the asshole that is demanding action from you. If necessary tell them NICELY that you have a medical exemption (this almost always works). Remind them of the ADA. If they ask: “Sir, do you have a mask?” Just say “I do not” and keep on walking in.” Tell them you will hold a grudge and will tell others not to shop there EVER. Tell them that you will give them a bad google review. Agree to wear a mask but without ever putting it on. Take the mask off after you enter. Call the employee a good brown shirt. Make enforcement of the mask bs very difficult and burdensome on them. Most people don’t like confrontation and will try to avoid it. This has worked every time for me. These people don’t make that much money and they get stressed from having to deal with this over and over all day long. I have seen many employees become soft with their enforcement efforts over the past couple of weeks. Just be steadfast with your efforts. I know it’s a pain, but just look at it like a negotiation. These minimum wage workers wear out quickly.

    Libertarianism is based on the NAP. Nobody is suggesting any sort of physical aggression happen. Just be persuasive. That’s all. If at the end of this ‘negotiation” they still deny you entry, flip’em the bird and never go back.

    • Mr. Lib,

      I agree that we should give up resisting- BUT when it comes to someone else’s property- be it their home or land or business, our only right (as far as our own philosophy of Libertarianism goes) is to choose not to visit/deal with that person/business.

      Do you believe that we should have the right to decide who we do business with? Who we rent our property to? Who we allow in our homes? That we should be able to “discriminate” for any reason?

      We can’t have it both ways. If we advocate those most basic of property rights- which we MUST if we are to maintain Libertarianism, then we must uphold such even when we disagree with the way others are choosing to use them.

      We like Libertarianism when it works for us…but when someone else doesw something that we don’t like, do we then abandon what we advocate, or try to rationalize ways to get around others exercising their rights?

      • Hi Nunz!

        There is a big problem with business property relative to privately owned property such as a private home. It is that business property has become, in no small measure, the property of the government with the “owner” more like an administrator of government policy. This is so because the business owner must do as the government says – even when it doesn’t actually say it (in law) but it is understood what the government wants – as with Diapering – because the government can rescind the businesses’ license to do business, or exert pressure in any of several other ways that a private owner is still more or less immune from.

        This idea of a business needing a license is something that must be recognized for the evil it is.

        • Hi Ya Eric!

          I agree that requiring businesses to have a license is ridiculous, and of course, just another facet of tyranny- but for the sake of our discussion it is irrelevant.

          When Walmart initially enacted their mask-mandate, they did so even in places where there was no government mandate, and to a stricter degree than what the gov’t mandates called for (e.g. initially, WM did not honor health exemptions, etc.)

          And if one is compelled and coerced by government to do something, whether the business owner agrees or disagrees, or practices the coerced behavior happily and willingly, or grudgingly, again, it is not our concern nor right to impose em>our desires on them, nor to relieve them of what property rights they still possess, nor to choose a side for them…..we have no right to use their facilities, so as such, if we disagree with how they do business or what they require, our option is to simply not do business with them.

          It’s like sales tax. Sales tax is abhorrent, and mandated by Uncle. Do we go into a store to buy something for $10, and then when it is rung-up for $10.60 because of the tax, do we say “I’m only giving you $10 because the additional $0.60 is illegitimate because you are collecting it for the government and are as such an agent of the state”?

          When a business is coerced by the state to do something, our beef is with the state. If they choose to do something voluntarily, then our beef is with them. Either way, if people only cared enough to resist by voting with their feet, these problems would not exist- be it Walmart implementing masking gratuitously, or the TSA.

          But to deny businesses the right to control what occurs within their premises, puts us on the side of our enemies, who decree that businesses “can not discriminate” and “must provide equal accommodations”, etc. etc. As a Libertarian, I staunchly support a business’s right to refuse service to anyone for any reason- and I’m pretty sure that you do too. All I’m doing is acknowledging that right which I desire all to have, even if in practice a business’s mask mandate ultimately results in discrimination against me.

          It’s no different than freedom of speech. If we don’t believe in freedom of speech for our enemies…we don’t believe in freedom of speech; and so with property rights.

        • Good for them! Should’ve shot and or hung all of the commie bastards! The good people are too nice/too restrained by “laws” which no longer protect the innocent from criminals, but instead protect the criminals while criminalizing the innocent.

      • Just because one presumes the owner has such authority to require this or that absurd action, does not mean one has to congenially, immediately and totally ACCEPT that requirement. There is no violation of ownership authority in simply being contentious. It’s perfectly legitimate to argue about it. Even vehemently, until the owner shows you the door. At that point, one can decide whether to comply or leave. I would further argue that corporate businesses have no such authority, because being a creation of the state, corporations should be subject to the same restriction the state is. The state has no arbitrary authority to deny one access to their services, and so neither does a corporation.

        • **” There is no violation of ownership authority in simply being contentious. It’s perfectly legitimate to argue about it. Even vehemently, until the owner shows you the door.”**

          Agreed, completely.

          **”I would further argue that corporate businesses have no such authority, because being a creation of the state, corporations should be subject to the same restriction the state is. The state has no arbitrary authority to deny one access to their services, and so neither does a corporation”**

          That’s where you go off the rails. If that be so, then one must essentially surrender any and all property rights and ability to choose, merely to “be allowed to do business”- and it doesn’t matter whether one is incorporated or not- the state’s tyrannical decrees apply to all businesses which are open to the public.

          • According to the current state of the “law” if your business is a place of public accommodation- if you have a storefront open to the general public, you cannot discriminate against anyone without damned good reason. This is of course evil. But using it against them, either secures our right to not wear a mask, or a belt, or whatever, or may spur people to finally fight back against this legal tyranny. Either way, a win for the good guys.

      • Nunzio:

        Libertarianism does not proscribe efforts to persuade a business owner not exercise his “right” to humiliate his customers by requiring a mask for entry into the business. We’re not simply limited to a binary choice of unquestioning compliance or “to choose not to visit/deal with that person/business.” If that were the case I’d have to pay $50k for the car or just walk away in defeat. Why can’t I offer to pay $45k instead?

        Likewise, why can’t I negotiate not wearing a mask? Why can’t I remind the business owner or employee that there might be consequences for his/her unreasonable demands? Why can’t I even be insulting to get my point across? The more we resist like this the more we’ll fatigue them, and the more they will stop this. For me, everything is on the table but force. Your statement that one can only comply or “choose not to visit/deal with that person/business” is unnecessarily restrictive. That’s not the NAP. Let’s not defeat ourselves with these limiting notions of libertarianism.

        • I agree, Mr. Lib.

          I don’t wear a mask- ever.
          I haggle/negotiate.

          I’m just rebuffing the idea expressed by some that we somehow have a “right” to patronize stores in defiance to the owner’s ultimate wishes or their right to evict us.

          • Hi Nunz,

            This debate reminds me of the debate over free trade – which is largely academic (theoretical) in that there is no such thing in fact – at the level of nation to nation, at any rate. That was essentially my point as regards these businesses, which are under so much duress from the government that they may as well be adjuncts of the government.

            It would be nice if more stood up for their right to serve the Undiapered (some have) at the risk of losing their “license” to do business.

            The circumstances today are unprecedented. There is a concerted effort to make everyone Diaper everywhere. Which makes it hard to go elsewhere (the free market principle) as a result and threatens to make it impossible.

            I won’t Diaper because they say so out of a misplaced respect for their right to set terms and conditions anymore than I would seig heil if they insisted. Especially since they almost all insist, which is evidence of collusive coercion with the object of diminishing our freedoms and much beyond Diapering.

            I won’t force myself on these joints; note that I left the Donk and will never return. But I will thumb my nose at their obnoxious “policy” and ignore/evade it to the extent I am able and ridicule it with all my dark powers.

            • Eric, I agree with ya 100% with ya buddy when ya put it that way!

              The one thing I might note though, is that when a business is under duress to do something, it shifts the blame from them to the one(s) who are creating the duress (and I think you’d agree), and if they choose to not stand up to that duress,, we’d do better to acknowledge their right to do so, and to fight the real bully who is our mutual enemy; which we are essentially doing by resisting their evil decrees.

              Imagine if we had a “legitimate” business- the pressure we would be under- having to choose between resisting (Not only the government, but something wehich the masses have been conditioned to believe is “for vtheir good”) vs. being shut-down, fined, and or even jailed. It’s a no-win situation; the inevitable product of living under tyranny. (Which is why, though I have always been very ontramanurial [entrepreneurial] and having been “self-employed since I was a teen, I have always avoided any involvement in any trade or business which would require a license- and it’s getting to the point where our options are getting fewer and fewer- and it’s going to get exponentially worse very soon.

              What would we do if we currently owned a business? What WILL we do when we are virtually excluded from all commerce? We know what we will do- but as for “them”, we can’t expect them to be on our side, nor enlist them in the fight- just as a Jew in 1930’s Germany could not blame other Jews for wearing the gold star or boarding the cattle cars.

              We can resist. We will not win, but at least we will not be owned.

              Your experience with the Donkey, and resulting actions, are the perfect example though. Kudos for that! (And of course, for your relentless outspokeness on this and many similar subjects, as you are one of the very few voices of reason still extant!)

      • This, along with the ongoing (and worsening) censorship by Big Tech, is one of those awful things that pits the letter of libertarianism against its spirit. On one hand, it is their property and they can mandate masks, or control content, as they see fit. On the other hand, we know, but can’t quite prove, that the people running these operations are a part of the same elite class that controls the government, and are using the power of the Omnipresent Megacorporation to end-run restrictions on what the government is and isn’t allowed to do. What do you do, in that case?

        It fills me with little confidence about the voluntariness of the incoming GlaxoSmithKline rush job. I seem to recall that Orange Man once said any vaccine would be voluntary, and he may well have meant it, but that doesn’t mean much if it’s still tied to so many different aspects of life that it might as well be mandatory. And if Orange Man along with his few true allies successfully manages to prevent that, then don’t worry, because the same businesses which are currently requiring masks could just declare that only the vaccinated may enter and save the government the trouble.

    • Absolutely. Under no circumstance will I wear the mark where I am a customer, or in public. However, if MY customers demand it, I accommodate them. As little as possible to be sure, but the customer is always right- at least until you don’t want them as a customer any more.

  3. I would encourage those who are discouraged right now about this Covid and masking nonsense to listen to this podcast from Jack Spirko.


    It’s very insightful about the domestication of humans and why they willingly obey this shit (drawing parallels to domesticated livestock). I have a much more philosophical outlook about it now and just feel sorry for the poor slobs. It also has caused me to redouble my resistive efforts.

  4. Masks Pose Serious Risks

    Ratical dot org has been around for some time now.

    Gold hit a price of 2035 dollars.

    A double eagle, twenty dollars, is now 2035 USD.

    What was once twenty one dollar bills is now 100 times more. 2000 one dollar bills buys one troy ounce of gold.

    A dollar is now worth one cent. 2000 pennies traded for a troy ounce of gold ca. 1900 CE, a US minted 20 dollar gold coin. Now it takes 200,000 pennies to have the troy ounce of gold.

    It’s a funny old ride.

  5. I just got a mass email from my U.S. representative (“congressperson”, my state has 5 U.S. “House Representatives” or “congressional districts”). Here’s a quote:

    Combating Coronavirus

    As our nation and state continue to work to combat the coronavirus, I want you to know we are doing all we can to ensure Americans have the resources and support they need. We anticipate another coronavirus relief package will come together in the next few weeks and I will be sure to provide you updates as we learn more.

    I have been in constant conversations with federal officials as well as local officials here in Oregon. As Republican Leader of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I launched a second wave project, an extensive study of what we need to do to be prepared for a second wave of coronavirus, especially as it is likely to coincide with the annual flu season.

    The Energy and Commerce Committee recently held a hearing that I attended examining the progress made on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. It is critical that we develop a safe and effective vaccine that is accessible for all Americans. We are seeing progress made. As Dr. Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently said, “the mission is to have a vaccine available to the American public by January 2021. I am optimistic we will have one or more vaccines available by the first of the year.” But more work remains. The situation is rapidly changing, but I will continue to provide updates and resources

    It basically says they already expect [planning] a second wave this winter. CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED. And, they’re WAITING until Jan 2021 for a quack-cine [as if that’s the de-facto proven cure — no need for a second opinion — they already decided], and BTW that’s “progress”. So, sounds like shutdown will be going on basically FOREVER! Can you believe this? The email should’ve come with audio of a cuckoo clock going off. This is evil madness. Doesn’t matter how many deaths there are [none] — but even THEIR numbers [fake] are ridiculously low. They’ve already DECIDED FOR US ALL [no need for us to vote!] that they’re going to wait for a quack-cine, and gosh, I wonder how that’s going to do any good unless… wait for it… they ‘mandate’ everyone to get it? And this person [robot?] calls himself a republican.

    WHERE’S THE MILITIAS, I want to join

    • Because of politics and science that is so very bad it will never end. I predicted it would never end because the experts would feed the ruling class’s desire to keep the powers but this is a different dimension. The fact that the intellectual class is ‘trained’ and very very dumb when it comes to actually figuring something out. Why? Because like figuring out what is wrong with a car it requires thinking. And so very few think.


    • Translation: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you”.

      Unfortunately, today, most do not have the presence of mind to be very afraid when they hear that; Instead, they believe it.

      COVID is the replacement for “terrorism” and “climate change”. Scams can’t last forever…eventually enough people catch-on or at least become complacent, and a new threat must be manufactured. COVID will take us into the “New World Order”.

    • “As our nation and state continue to work to combat the coronavirus”.
      No, they do not. Not even remotely so. Hydroxychloroquine is a PROVEN effective early onset treatment. A drug with side effects similar to aspirin. Yet it is being actively and aggressively suppressed by nearly all government agencies and the CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media, along with corporate tech platforms. Proof that there is an agenda in play, and it has not the slightest thing to do with your health. It has to do entirely with confiscating assets at gunpoint, and delivering them to the bank cartel and their corporate and government agents.

  6. Wonder if it’s time for kleine gesundheitsfuhrers, snitches, and such to start having discussions about the health of their knees?

    • If they make quack-cines mandatory… there’s alot of ppl that will not comply, and they won’t feel like sitting at home quietly starving to death because a beurocrat told them too. I can’t even believe the public employees are even talking about this — I can’t believe anyone would even work as a facilitator because it would become the most hazardous job in the world of all time.

      • Dear goodness! C’mon! I’d expect such naivete from the average boob- but from those who know better?


        Most will happily comply with vaccines, just as the voluntarily take flu shots and vaccinate their sprogs with 29 different filthy things before they are 4 years old! Those who don’t rush out to get a vaccination like a salivating dog, will do so grudgingly at the least little threat of inconvenience or consequence.

        Just as the 99% comply with the masks.
        Just as they comply with vaccinating their pets and children and elders.
        Just as they comply with local Uncle dictating every little detail of what they may do on their property, and even require permits to do it, and in many places charge hundreds of dollars for those permits.
        Just as they comply with property taxes- in many places so high now that it requires a second job just to pay them.
        Just as they comply with having half of the fruit of their labor confiscated before they even see it.
        Just as they comply with paying a tax on everything they buy, with money that has already been taxed and double-taxed.
        Just as they comply with narc-ing on themselves about their every financial transaction and every stitch of labor they perform.
        Just as they have allowed their guns to be regulated to the point of being virtually useless.
        Just as they comply with Obozocare.
        Just as they….ad-infinitim

        OHhhhhhh, but wait! NOWWwwwwww they’re gonna suddenly do an about face, resist and stop participating…….


        • No argument from me, but there’s still at least 1%, it may be more than 10%. At any rate, what are we non-suicidal ppl supposed to do?

          • Awww, but Kraze, ya said “A lot of people won’t comply”. It’s more like: Nearly everyone will comply, except for us few scattered kooks- and if they turn up the heat high enough, many of us will too.

            • Oddly enough, when heat is turned up, so is the pressure…Which can have really unfortunate consequences for everyone involved. I believe it was Tyson who once said “Everyone has plans until they get punched in the mouth”.

  7. In our part of the Southwest, the local Wallyworld is politely insistent on wearing a mask to enter. Once inside however, about 5% of the patrons are pulling down their masks, at least enough to allow unobstructed breathing. I have not seen any of these people hassled by employees or management. Last time I was there, the percentage of the unmasked seemed to have increased.

    Perhaps this is how an effective counter movement can begin. Get that camel’s nose under the tent!

    When Wallyworld gets really crowded, it is one of the few places where I feel that wearing a N95 mask or better could offer a modest, but worthwhile amount of protection. And this is where my profound disagreement with Eric originates. People should be free to go WITHOUT a mask, Or To WEAR ONE, based upon their own decision.

        • reading comprehension problems in otherwise intelligent people is a sign of a programmed mind…usually from television. it is mental illness really.

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m baffled. I’ve never said that people should not be free to put on a Face Diaper or a bag over their heads if they wish to. I have no issue with weird or neurotic people – provided they do not insist others share it.

      • True… I don’t recall that you “officially” ever said that. I distinctly recall that you said mask wearing should be “kicked to the curb.” Sort of like “terminate, with extreme prejudice.” Not exactly a libertarian sentiment.

        But I have no issue with “intellectually inconsistent” utterances. Just bitter because I expected better.

        • Hi Mike,

          The Diaper thing has many of us on edge; before this Sickness Psychosis stuff, seeing a guy wearing a Diaper was . . . curious. Nothing threatening, per se. But seeing two-thirds or even 10 percent of the population Diapered now is disquieting – because of what it suggests about people’s susceptibility to fear-programming/hysteria. And there is also the implied threat – very much of a piece with seeing people walking around wearing armbands 80 years ago.

          It portends something ominous.

          Still, I don’t deny the right of anyone who wishes to walk around with a Face Diaper – or lederhosen – to do just that.

        • Hi Mike,

          “But I have no issue with “intellectually inconsistent” utterances. Just bitter because I expected better”.

          What is “intellectually inconsistent” about recognizing someone’s right to do something, but criticizing the action nonetheless.


        • Excellent, BJ!

          I watched that video first thing this morning and loved it. As far as the Karens/Kevins – so be it. I won’t be cowed by them any more than by any other thug. I am peaceful and hope to remain so. I seek no fight – but I will respond if someone attacks me – a basic human right that must be defended.

    • Mike P.

      The very core of Libertarianism is that we support the right of all people to be left alone, to do as they please- whether we agree with their choices and practices or not- just so long as they are not initiating violence or transgressing against another’s property rights- so none of us care whether anyone wears a mask or doesn’t wear a mask…just so long as they don’t coerce us or anyone else to wear one or to refrain from wearing one……

  8. ‘Round here, the deputized agents of the state- formerly known as minimum-wage earning store clerks and receptionists, are getting very bold with the powers which have been delegated to them. Up until just a week or so ago, no “private” businesses seemed to care, much less try to enforce the now-expired diaper mandate [The mandate was issued July 6th here in ‘Tucky- effective for 30 days- and as far as I can ascertain by a cursory counting of my own digits with some auxilaries being brought in by my dog and one of my cats, 30 days have now passed- but I seem to be the only one who has noticed).

    But as of late, not only is it becoming common to hear the drums of conformity being beaten to the tune of All Must Hail The Sickness Kabuki, but those who beat the drums are becoming very bold and obnoxious. Formerly, if anything was said regarding diapering, it was said in a hushed tone- meekly- almost ashamedly as one would expect when a customer is being interfered with by a representative of the business he has chosen to patronize, when being hassled about his attire or lack thereof, when his attire was always perfectly acceptable up until that time- “Sir, uh….you don’t have a mask you could wear, do you?”.

    NOW, apparently the rabble have gotten used to and have taken a liking to their newly-acquired powers which Uncle has bestowed upon them- as now the tone “YOU CAN’T COME IN HERE WITHOUT A MASK!” – No hushed tones…no “sir”s…no “Would it be possible”s or “please”s -but rather aggression and even outright YELLING! And if you cite the medical exemption “out”, the wind goes out of their sails, and their countenance drops, and they grudgingly and reluctantly say “o-k”- if you’re lucky; some are so enraptured with their deputized powers that they do not even relent for the medical exemption, despite it being a very part of the law that these rabble are now empowered to enforce.

    But what is even more sickening, is how our fellow countrymen have almost universally accepted this. Forget any thoughts of mass rebelliuon to ANYTHING- When something as invasive and detrimental to the most basic of human rights is not at all resisted; when the majority accepts the government dictating what they wear; when they may leave their homes; when they can or can not do business….nothing else will be resisted, because anything else which may come down the pike, be it confiscation of firearms or what have you, is not even as odious as what has already been accepted. If they haven’t resisted this…they will not resist ANYTHING!

    The next step, far from us getting louder, will be to have it the way it is in Australia, where the pigs are smashing car windows and hauling people out of their cars for not practicing flu-safety protocols…in their freaking cars!:

    • Oh, and I think joo guys would enjoy this: This Youtuber “The Better Bachelor” makes a comparison here to sickness Kabuki and dating- and how refusing to participate in scenarios where one is abused and deprived of their rights is the real power we have:

      Includes a clip of the dyke she-boon Shitcago mayoress exempting “it”self from the preotocols, while threatening any mundane who has the audacity to do the same with arrest. WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT! (I’m sure that “it” never made any such threats to the rioters, murderers or rapists who overrun that overgrown slum they call a city!)

    • Notice none of these stores have/had the money to open another register, but when it comes time to make life more miserable/hire diaper sentries at the single gate, they all have money in the budget for that.

      • Brandonjin, thats because they know who their real master is. Annoying customers is bad. Annoying ones Over Lord can put one out of business.

  9. Thank you, Eric ..
    .. for the most profound quotation I’ve seen or heard since all this bovine excrement storm began:

    “Isn’t it great to live in a free country? Where you are free . . . to do as you’re told?”

    I’m creating a sign – no, a meme, combining the “NO MASK NO SERVICE” pictorial with that quote for our local businesses .. unless you choose to object.
    As a “fellow” Virginian, I think it will drive-home the point of what’s happened to us.
    We can neither buy nor sell without “the mark” ..

  10. Been getting a bit bolder on the resistance to diapering lately. When I’m out with my mom (shopping, etc.), I’ve been bringing one along (the same one, as germ-ridden as it is), holding it up when walking into a store (so they’ll leave us the f*#k alone), but not covering my face with it (at best, I’ll wear it under my chin). My 88-year-old mom also lets it fall under the chin. Why bother? Because I’ve seen the videos of people getting violent even with old people about not wearing the diaper, and I’m not going to subject my mom to that. She’s too old, small, and beaten up with old age that she couldn’t defend herself nor run away. But the last couple of days when I’ve been out and about without her (yesterday with my sister, other days alone), I’ve not been even bringing one, and have only been questioned once by the muzzler at the entrance to a Wally-world Neighborhood Market (I said “medical issues” and kept walking).

    I wish I knew more people around here who were against this cattle-herding. Most (if not all) of the people I know in this town have bought into the bullshit. It would be a lot easier to walk into a big store sans-diaper if I was with a crowd (even as small a crowd as 5 people). What are they going to do, kick us all out? Hardly.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but Comrade General Beshear here in KY did a commercial urging people to wear face diapers. Now, why would he do a commercial to encourage it if it were a law? Because it’s not a law. It has no legal force. So I’m not wearing one unless absolutely necessary (and that’s limited to taking my elderly mom or sickly sister to the doctor’s office – they need the medical care so we have to play along or they’ll suffer needlessly).

    Another thing – I live in an apartment complex in a pretty quiet neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky. The air is clean here (and I’ve lived in the northeast, I know what I’m talking about). Hardly anybody in the complex comes within more than 10 feet of each other unless they already know each other or are willing to allow it. Yet there are a couple of people here who wear the muzzles *even to walk their dogs when they’re alone*!!! There’s one in particular who I’ve seen like this – every day, several times a day, she walks her little Chihuahua mix, *by herself*, wearing the muzzle. Why? Why, oh, why? After walking past her yesterday, I had a thought about why, maybe. It’s hard to tell, because I can only see her eyes and hair, but I’d say she’s probably 20-something. Very fair skin, like she doesn’t get in the sun much at all. And she always wears long clothes – long sleeves (even though it’s been humid and in the 90s here lately), long pants or a long (to the ankles) skirt. Now, I have met one (and only one) unfortunate person who was sensitive (she said “allergic” at the time) to sunlight. Bad thing for her was that was in Colorado, and she loved to go hiking in the mountains, where the sun is absolutely intense. She had to wear a full body covering that even covered her face. While a rare condition, it’s possible that the muzzler in my complex is one of those people. And she may have actual immune problems, as rare a condition as that actually is. But if that’s actually true (and I don’t know if it is – I refuse to talk to people who voluntarily muzzle), then she can expect to wear that stupid thing for the rest of her life. Too bad for her. Personally, I think she needs to supplement with Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, etc. and maybe she’ll be able to control her condition, if that’s what she has.

    Ain’t life grand? Blech!

  11. I don’t go shopping much–generally leave it to the wife–but I went to Sams club where they have a mandate in the county south of me where there’s a mandate decreed by the health department. I walked right by the diaper pusher. My wife said he was going to say something and then just turned around. The benefits of being a large, fit male. I also have a scowl from hell that I employ from time to time.

    What made my day was shortly after walking in we passed by a family and a teenage kid rips his mask off and says, “see mom, they don’t have a stupid mask”. Sadly it was about 90% compliance.

    We truly live in a depressing time in a once great country. Just 20 years ago, prior to 9/11 this shit wouldn’t fly. Now it’s swallowed almost completely without question because of the post 9/11 world. The only world many have grown up in.

  12. Eric,

    Last night, I went to a race in NJ. My parents took me there to watch races when I was little, and I used to attend races there in the late 90s and early 00s. Anyway, I tried to enter without a mask, and one of the track owners stopped me. Since I’d driven like an hour and a half, I went back to my car and donned the thing. After finding my seat, I took it off. I’d say 2/3 to 3/4 of the fans did the same thing! Once inside the gates, most folks took oof the damn face diapers…

    Yeah, I backslid a little, but this may be the last year the track is open. My late mother said that various, powerful interests have been after the track for years to close it down and “repurpose” the land. The latest proposal is to put townhouses where the track is. I know the town would like to get rid of the track. Not only does it make noise, which many newer residents (i.e. those who moved in long AFTER the track was there) complain about; they could get more then 20x the tax revenue from condos vs. what the track pays in property taxes.

    I wanted to go back to a time when we could be free. I wanted to enjoy an old landmark of the Jersey Shore before it’s gone. During the last 20 years, they missed two seasons. I don’t know how long the track can keep dodging bullets. I wanted to remember being a little kid attending the races there, races where they ran the old modifieds, i.e. old cars from the 30s and 40s, cars that the racers could cobble together with junk parts for $800. I wanted to go back to a time where I and my buddy John enjoyed races there in the 90s, a time before 9/11. I’m planning on attending at least another race or two, because they may be the LAST before the engines go silent for good.

    Of course, we used to hang out in the pits after the races. Meeting and talking to the drivers and the teams was fun! Thanks to the COVID BS, fans weren’t allowed in the pits last night.

    That begs another question: will we have a “new normal”? What will that new normal be? We certainly don’t have the old normal! Things feel strange, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I don’t like what I see shaping up as the new normal. If the new normal is as bad as some think it will be, attending local races will be but a quaint memory…

  13. Fools go where angels fear to tread.

    You will submit, you will be a member of the cult to don the mask, you will join the mask cult, by force, if necessary. We need the money more than ever, so you’re gonna get fined too, only makes sense. lol

    Now you are becoming an Appalachian Outlaw too, eh? A black marketeer to boot! You are supporting an underground movement, which will be a crime no matter what the maha reishi says.

    An agitator, go to Seattle and Portland to air your grievances, two places where nobody will listen, even if it makes more sense than what is going on there, what difference does make, you are the threat.

    If you become a displaced person in some gulag in The Yukon Territory, too bad. You did it to yourself, blame the victim, always works that way.

    Shoulda done what die gesundheitsfuhrers demanded, you the fuel!

    More outrage! More righteous indignation! More cow bell!

    I have observed that the millennials don the face mask at a picnic in the park. They have no problem with it. Fancy masks are cool, neck gaiters are too. It has become a cult of morons not knowing they are morons, an unknown known later to become a known known.

    I’m torn, confused, perplexed by it all. How the millennials so easily buy into the mask cult is a conundrum.

    You watch what they do, don the mask in an outdoor setting just to make it all hunky dory. How simple it is to tell people to do something and they do it because if they don’t, it ain’t all that cool. It’s a happening thing, you know, hey.

    One day, some day, they will question themselves as to why they were so willing and complacent to be so compliant. How could have we been so stupid? they will ask themselves in reverent reflection, introspection.

    I dunno, beats me.

    I don’t get it… at all. Power barf time.

    It is indeed a travesty of a mockery of a sham. har

  14. Eric,
    You may know of this case already, where the owner of a grilled cheese restaurant in Orlando openly declared that she wasn’t going to enforce the mask mandate. She was supported by local activists at a rally and they took video of the police (Florida’s Department of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco) inspecting her restaurant and serving her a warning. It’s only about 100 miles from me, but unfortunately, I didn’t find out about it until after the fact, or I would have been there.

  15. You know it, Eric –

    I joined a group of people that meet on Saturdays to demonstrate against fasce masks on the street. One of the members of the group owns a small restaurant/watering hole downtown OKC. He is openly defying the mandate.

    I have seeded an idea to do a shopping expedition to one of the more fascist grocery stores and pull a sneak attack. I will name the place when we have finished it. If you know anything about natural food, you might be able to name the national chain.


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