Moo Shirts!

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Friends, I bring happy anti-Diaper tidings . . .and T-shirts.

The brilliant designer of the They Say Boo – We Say Moo! shirt has contacted me with all the vital details to find more of his work. I had managed to misplace this info in my stack of mess, which seems to never clear my desk. I badly need a clone -or at least a Roomba with enough intelligence to deal with my paperwork – but that is not what this is about.

What this is about is you can get your very own Boo Moo! T shirt now, courtesy of Doug – whose info I post here and whose design and the spirit behind it I laud and amen and bless.

I encourage all of you Diaper Dissenters to check out Doug’s stuff – and buy it, too!

Go here. Go now!

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  1. I purchased one, will wash and wear daily everywhere until this nonsense is over, upon reading this article. Thank You for sharing.


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