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Hey guys, we’re thinking about making t-shirts again. I’ve been messing around on the Custom Ink website and came up with a simple design.



We’re thinking about purchasing 25 of them to start.  Is this something you all would be interested in? I made the “dot” as an upside down clover. I think its simple and looks pretty cool. We’d sell them for $23 shipped at first, because small orders are more expensive.  Input, suggestions, ideas, or even other designs welcome!  The Custom Ink website is pretty cool and has an excellent design tool that’s super easy to use.

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  1. Consider the KISS concept.

    I like the black with white lettering. It stands out much better than the red.

    Consider the phrase “Throw it in the Woods” to be over where the left breast pocket would be. On the back, use the name of the website and forest logo. But, for design purposes, consider moving it down where a standard logo would be placed. Where the logo is now would be covered up by those of us who haven’t visited a barber/hair stylist in years.

    .02 worth…

  2. Personally, I love the red – but I’d note that it looks similar to a bloody mess from a short distance. Like blood dripping down the front. 😉

    Stick with white trees, at least.

  3. If I was gonna sell a T-shirt, it would be a heavyweight pocket T. ‘Course, as to T shirt colors, it’s like this: There’s two T shirt colors. You got your BLACK, then you got all that other shit that looks gay.

    Just my $2 worth on the subject.

  4. Dear dom,

    Selling stuff is an excellent idea.

    Nothing wrong with it at all. It is actually the way anything worth having should be sustained.

    Not “crass.” The idea that selling stuff is “crass” is a leftist one. It’s “unearned guilt.” Rand exposed that guilt-trip for what it was long ago.

    After all, aren’t we capitalists? I mean, anarcho-capitalists are still capitalists aren’t they?

    Of course that still leaves the question of what would people actually want to buy. That’s the hard part.

  5. Just one nit to pick: the location of “Throw it in the Woods” seems to imply that the website should be thrown in the woods. I would be interested in seeing something like “Statism: X-hundred million murdered and counting” on the front and “Statism: Throw it in the Woods” on the back with “epautos.com” under it. I am more in-your-face with my freedom loving than many so my idea may not do as much good as harm. It certainly would get folks talking, though. Other than that, it’s a decent shirt, Dom. I think I could purchase one for the cause.

      • Not really. If I knew nothing about either “Throw it in the Woods” or “epautos.com,” this setup would lead me to ask what “Throw it in the Woods” means and whether I could find the answer on epautos.com. Even better, I would search the website for the answer myself without asking the wearer and find a wealth of liberty-minded information in the process. I know I was searching for information on my birth year back when I was a sophmoric statist and was lead down the deepest rabbit hole of libertarianism one has ever known (I was born in 1984).

  6. It’s okayy.
    I’m not so keen on the black on gray, but it’s not objectionable.
    The clover dot is smooth.
    Seems like it needs flames or something somewhere.
    Maybe on the back: Automobiles, Motorcycles and Libertarian Politics ?
    Maybe have it half-way down the back?
    Then again, if it had the word, ‘politics’ on it, it might scare people?
    I dunno, just free-thinking a bit.
    I’d buy one.


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