Dangerous Criminal Fiona Apple in The Clink

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Fiona Apple was arrested at a border stop in Sierra Blanca, Texas on Wednesday, after authorities claim they found hashish on the singer’s tour bus, reports TMZ.

According to the website, when Apple’s bus was stopped for inspection officers uncovered the hashish, which is a concentrated form of cannabis. The “Criminal” singer was arrested for possession and is currently being held at Hudspeth County Jail.

The website also reports, that the same border stop has been a particular thorn in the side of many celebrities, including Willie, Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Armie Hammer, who have all been arrested for drug possession in the past.

Apple has never been arrested before, but is perhaps best remembered for her acceptance speech at the 1997 MTV Video Music Award, where she said:

“This world is bullshit, and you shouldn’t model your life on what we think is cool, and what we’re wearing and what we’re saying.”


  1. Ms. Apple, who once made a rather sexed-up video ironically titled “Criminal” (at age 20 then, she was a rather cute ‘hottie’), is hardly the model of young American womanhood. But how in the hell this wailing waif and her bandmates are harming anyone by doing a wee bit of ‘hash’ on the tour bus escapes me, as long as the driver was sober. Probably an excuse for Texas and the Feds to seize the bus and the band’s gear, as well as the rights to Ms. Apple’s music.

    I and I beloved Snips will ‘sleep’ well tonight knowing that the USA and Texas are ‘safe’ from the likes of Ms. Apple and her ragged band. What will keep us awake at night, aside from felicitous personal interaction, is the fear that because I criticize the Government’s drug policy and the arbitrary and capricious enforcement of said laws, that I will be considered a ‘threat’ to (and by) Homeland Security and will find a gaggle of armed and armored goons in Government-issued costume bursting into our home, sans prior warning or warrant; screaming and yelling, with many profanities, looking for an excuse to open up with a plethora of weaponry that would have given the fictional Sgt. Nicholas Fury and his Howling Commandos many a wet dream.

  2. Must a made wrong turn at albakerky. She was sposed to be the opening act at the Summer of Abstinence Music Festival. I hope they found another 30 something transgendered Glee castmember to take her place.
    Buzzed driving = drunk driving = emo driving = global thermonuclear WMD driving. You add it up sing a long with the other LGBT acapella and avaginal and aviagral 4WD Hummer choir that she preaches to.

    Its like Rhode Scholar Rachel Madcow always says on MSNBC_HIV-PETa channel has been braying all along.

    The sooner we incarcerate everyone not on a Hoveround or a Renault Twizy the sooner the oceans will hear the skies will clear and that Indian will quit crying like his Casino has just been flooded due to Hurricane George W Bush’s Fault Wetland Dick Cheney Blew Mother Theresa’s Face Off With aASSAULT Rifle white Guilt Slavery Billionaires.

      • Sure. Out here in the fields whre we put our back into our living. Arrested development middle-aged teenaged wasteland.

        Fiona apple Maggart is on record at the DHS fusion MP3 ARCHIVEl

        I’ve been a bad bad girl. I’ve been careless with a delicate man. Its a sad sad world when a girl will break a boy just because she can.

        I deserve a break today and I’m lovin it. What I need is a good defense cause now they say I’m a criminal. I got to make a play to make my lover stay. What would an angel say this devil wants to know.

        Wash it down with a Chris Christie contraban sized coke not a dainty ankle biting bloomberg FDA approved funsize one.

        A pharmacist created coke as a cure for heroin addiction. All those fats and high fructoses gonna make you drunk. Make you drunk on Oprahs Illuminati hump. Bilderbergalicious. Check it out.

    • The hell of it is to what extent one is “buzzed” or “impaired” on whatever they’ve taken in…be it “recreational” substances or even OTC cold medicines..and whether a long-standing trace of same is “proof” of “impairment”.

      THis is all b/c the number of DUI arrests is way DOWN…folks are getting the message to NOT drink and drive..and the Police State is having a fit, b/c the MONEY isn’t rolling in like it once did…so now they’re expanding the definition of “impairment” to medical absurdity…even arresting for driving under the influence of…(drumroll)…CAFFEINE.


      I can’t make this shit up, swear to Almighty “Gawd” (damn).

  3. Coming soon to a road stop near you.

    Actually the TSA has expanded its authority to the whole country and is currently flexing its muscle in a few areas, primarily in the East on interstates, and train and bus stations.

    I became aware of this recently when a friend was stopped on the highway in N. Carolina by TSA agents. Supposedly a random check.

    “However, the agency itself is expanding, with Congress recently giving the green light for extra funding that has increased the number of unannounced TSA checkpoints beyond the 9300 that took place last year.

    This $25 million dollar injection has helped fund the expansion of the VIPR program which has TSA agents patrolling highways, train stations, bus terminals and other transport hubs.”


    Additional BS here>

    “The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has cited Supreme Court and other relevant precedents to outline its legal authority to require random vehicle inspections outside airport terminals. The searches would only take place under and “orange” or “red” advisory on the National Threat Level.

    The opinion stated that vehicle inspections balance the interests of public security against individual intrusiveness.

    As the TSA expands its authority, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) has commended the agency in a recent report for making “an impressive start in implementing practices to create a results-oriented culture” in its first year of existence.

    “These practices — leadership commitment, strategic planning, performance management, collaboration and communication, and public reporting and customer service — are especially important when the TSA moves into the Department of Homeland Security,” the report says.” …. http://www.tsa.gov/what_we_do/tsnm/mass_transit/partnerships.shtm

    • Yup.

      It takes all my self-control to avoid exploding in rage at my “fellow Americans” – the stupid sheep who accept all this (and so, who will accept much more and worse). Who could not see it coming when, back in the ’80s, the Supremes invented the doctrine of “implied consent” to justify random sobriety checkpoints. Got to get those dangerous drunks! Never occurred to these fools that precedent becomes practice.

      I spit on them and fart in their direction….

      • It is because of this and the meld of government with corporations that the ‘Burn it all down’ theory gestated.

        It can’t be fixed without burning it all down, because of the intrenched principals, and passivity and ignorance of the general electorate.

        Here in Oregon this week, the Feds are trashing and arresting Oregon ‘legal’ marijuana growers and operations. And this while a initiative to legalize marijuana is likely to pass in November. Obama has no clue as to what this has cost him in votes from the Gen X & Y constituency. People who supported him in the last election have now resolutely turned their back on him in disgust on this one issue alone… and so it goes…..

  4. Note that these “border” stops can be found a hundred miles from the border.

    Where was the warrant? Does anyone remember the 4th amendment? Did she consent to the search?

    Fuck this government. It’s total tyranny.

    I used to worry we were sliding into tyranny; I don’t anymore. It’s here.

    • When these things pop up like to remind people that the cold war was ‘fought’ so we wouldn’t have internal checkpoints like the USSR.

      The conditioning of people must be really good. Keep their memories short or something.

      The articles are written to make the readers think she was crossing into the US from Mexico. Have to look up the town on the map to see it’s well inside Texas and has no boarder crossing anywhere remotely close to it. The nearest boarder crossings, many many miles down the interstate are clearly in other towns.

          • I’m one of them. They were both J-O-O-s in the Soviet Communist Party…Beria in particular was a pedophile, which makes a posed picture with Stalin’s only daughter, Svetlana, when the girl was about 10, rather creepy (she defected to the U.S. in 1967).

            Some 25 or so years after the “fall” of the Soviet Union, most Americans are in utter ignorance of the human travesty that it was, and still is in , and not just in that cuckooland known as the DPRK. (North Korea, for those of you that don’t get the ‘alphabet soup’) Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, though fairly much running on market economies and having a refreshing degree of personal freedoms, are still one-party (Communist) dictatorships, as is, of course, the People’s Republic of China…what I grew up know as “Red China”. One might also say that the USA, at least during the first two years of “O-Bummer’s” Presidency, was a Marxist state, which hopefully “the Donald” is reversing,.

    • It is here.

      The Fourth Amendment is history – has been history for quite some time. Since at least the 1980s, in fact – when the Supremes invented “implied consent” and decreed it not a violation of the Fourth to randomly stop/interrogate people without any specific probable cause whatsoever – in the name of “getting dangerous drunks off the road.”

      That was the moment, the beginning. Since then, the rest has been inevitable.

      • Obama sends his apologies.

        We’re so sorry. Uncle Allah. Sorry if we caused u any pain. There’s no one left at home. We hope to see you laughing in the purple chocolate rain.

        Oil across the water. Drones across the sky.See a little say a little get around. Kill a gypsy on the ground. Burn embassies down all around.

        Were so sorry Shiites and Sunnis. We’re so sorry for everyone and everything. We’re fightful sorry. Uncle Allah. If an infidel offends thee then be sure to give a ring.


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