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Figured I start providing monthly stat reports for everyone to see:


We’re almost at a million unique visits this year!ย –


  1. Meta Description : 306 (Bad) When we analyze codes of the epautos.com web site. We observe that character numbers of meta descriptions is 300-325 characters.

    This code is an explanation code which gives front information about your web site. Because search engines publish the first 150 character part of meta description codes, your writings will be seen missing and absurd.

    We advise you to shorten your meta description code and use sensible sentences. Otherwise your web site may be de-listed or banned. If you continue to use keywords in your meta description code, it is dangerous for your web siteโ€™s future.

    • Hey Tor – What’s the tool, please?
      Always got some motherf*cker trying to swim upstream in this business – the more can figuratively “wood shampoo” them into compliance (with their OWN BUSINESS STANDARDS, thank you), the better my day is…

      The latest one, after the fourth glaring f*ck-up I found – the vendor decided not to even demand I justify it, they just fixed it. (I knew more about that app than the developers did… I had to scrounge the entire XML of a RESTful system for stock trades, and I could tell them who did it – where – when – what reason was give – and what steps were taken, at what time, and by whom, and what color their underwear was… Which I think was the final embarassment, that I had blackmail material from their own application and the PM… Well, PM was a guy, ya know what I mean? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      [I EXAGGERATE!!! I couldn’t find out the color, only the size… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]


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