The Virtue Market Waxing vs. the Car Market, Waning

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GM hardly makes cars anymore.

The entire colossus – which once made half of all the cars sold in the United States – now makes about 17 percent of them, all four of its divisions (Chevy, GMC, Cadillac and Buick) combined.

In 1970, Chevy sold more cars by itself than all of GM does today.

But GM’s market share of virtue is going up and up! Face Diapers and electric cars for which there is no market.

And now – along with Amazon, Goldman Sachs and other retailers of virtue – GM has agreed to publicly bean-count the racial/ethnic/sex-preference/biological sex and indeterminate sex of its employees as well as gerrymander its employee roster according to the same criteria.

It’ll be an Easter Egg Fest of “diversity” – with great attention paid to the color of the eggs, the number of each color and their placement in the carton.

Well, all but one color – and that one will get negative attention.

Overt racism and sexism, in other words, to “correct” assertions of the existence thereof. If there are more white male engineers than black female engineers, it is because the white male engineers were hired on the basis of their whiteness and maleness – not because they brought stronger resumes to the interview table.

Ipso facto.

And of a piece.

As with the Face Diapering – which presumes you are sick and treats you as if you are in fact sick absent the slightest evidence of sickness – it is presumed that any job held by someone who is male and white was obtained because of whiteness and maleness. In other words, that the white males who got the job aren’t best-qualified for them but just white and male – the fact of their being white and male being sufficient to indict and convict them upon this charge.

A corollary of this theorem is that having black skin or female genitalia or genitalia you’re unsure of or which vary according to how you feel about them are CV superlatives that trump engineering ability. If there are two candidates for a given job opening, what’s under the hood (so to speak) and the hue of the paint are determinative.

Isn’t that what the problem supposedly being redressed was all about?

How do you fix racism and sexism by applying more of the same? Wouldn’t it be better to just design and build cars again? Wouldn’t it be great if that was all that mattered at a car company?

GM was once run by engineers. It is now run by a former vice president of human resources who is paid about  $22 million annually to oversee the former car company’s “transition” into the “high tech space.”

This is how you go from 50-plus percent of the market to 17 percent.

But she is the first female CEO of a major car company.

Soon, there will be slots for everyone – according to their identity. Well, except for one of those identities. We all know which one but are guilt-tripped not to mention it – it being “racist” to touch upon the fixation on race – and the ghettoing of a particular race.

“People of color” does not include one color. That color being the new colored. No job for you, whitey.

They’re openly saying that, too. It is a sure cure for putting racism behind us.

The people of one color are certain to not resent being excluded from employment – and treated as guilty for things they didn’t do – on the basis of their color (and equipment). They will view it with the same placid equanimity blacks once felt when they didn’t get the job because of their color.

Interestingly, past is also prologue.

In 1970, GM was chaired by a white male named James Michael Roche – who was the first GM executive to market virtue over cars. He installed a black reverend on GM’s board – and he apologized to Ralph Nader, who wrote a scurrilous book defaming the hugely innovative Chevy Corvair.

Anybody who achieves a top position in an organization owes a debt of some kind,” Roche reportedly said after he retired. Echoes of you didn’t build that, said a couple of decades later, with more belligerence, by Barack Obama (who also didn’t build much of anything, either).  

It probably isn’t coincidental that it was during Roche’s tenure that GM began its long slide into what it has become – which is just barely a car company.

But it’s a great success in the selling of virtue.

. . .

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  1. Jim H, they will never admit that. The entire game is extend and pretend. You don’t really think that any politician in the position theirs are, would survive admitting that the gravy train has derailed, do you? As things get worse and worse, they will continue the same things they’ve done for decades. More taxes, more “fees” more fines, and more bonds out to the horizon and beyond. Look at California (and other such places) as cautionary tales of what they want to do to the entire country.

    • Anon, Han shot first… Sorry Eric, the Devil made me do it! ^^ Most people haven’t noticed, but the Progs have made very little “progress” in most of the Asian countries. They have very little patience for that type of nonsense. Especially the “racist” BS. They also tend to be proud of their countries, and their history. Which of course, would result in hysterical screaming and foaming at the mouth, in much of the west.

      • Ehh-hemm… Chinese Cultural Revolution?

        They did it to the Rooskies, Chinks, Gooks, etc. via overt force/violence. Ours is being accomplished gradually via propaganda, with a little less overt force and violence. Makes little difference- all countries are arriving at the same destination at the predetermined time.

        • Overt force used against a major nuclear power, doesn’t add up in the modern age, Nunzio. Its the same with Russia. They and most of eastern Europe, also have VERY little patience for the Progs and their PC. But both are already very authoritarian. Keep in mind that they are one of the major factions, that is moving around in the shadows. The Davos crowd, are just one of several major factions in the current shadow war. Have you noticed that both China and Russia, have very good sized stock piles of physical gold? The Chinese especially have much more than they are admitting. Not to mention that both have theirs, within their own vaults, within their own countries.
          We continue to differ, on this destination you speak of.

          • You’re missing the point, BJ.

            The globalists took over Russia in 1917 (i.e. destroying their organic culture and replacing it with collectivism- with overt violence)

            Ditto China in the 40’s.

            Etc. etc.

            Europe was done more gradually- half and half. (Half by the co-opted Russia, made possible by us; and half via the same way it’s being done here).

            It took longer here, because of our unique Constitution, (formerly)well-armed citizenry, and strong independent Christian culture).

            What we are seeing before our eyes- all of the PC/socialist/SJW BS- is OUR cultural revolution- destroying the last remnants of what once upon a time made us relatively free, and impossible to be ruled by the “new order”.

            Once the agenda is complete (Political, social and economic destruction) and the country is broken up into smaller more manageable Balkan-style states, and we are no longer a “superpower” the useful idiots will be disposed of, and things will be eased…a bit (Just as has been the case in Russia).

            The masses will see this as a victory over the overt leftist forces…but in reality, it will be the desired goal of the globalists, achieved. I.e. the “old America” has been destroyed by the globalists, using the useful idiots to create the other side of the Hegelian dialectic- with the desired result being a “reset” which will not have the characteristics of the old America- but will be tolerable to the masses, as it will seem like a victory over the useful idiots who are being used to destroy the old America- with the desired result being somewhere between those two extremes.

            Russia and China were basically one facet of an experiment, to see what would happen if societies were transformed via violent revolution; while the US and Canada, etc. were guinea pigs for gradualism and change via psychological, cultural and political revolution through propaganda without outright militaristic violance, except “where needed”.

            It’s no coincidence that the Bolsheviks in Russia and the Feds here (via creation of the Federal Reserve; income tax, et al) all started their work at the same time!

            • Nunzio, you are conflating different factions again. It wasn’t really the globalists in China. The faction behind the bolsheviks started to fragment into two sub factions about that time. They grew further apart over time. You do remember the violent split between the Chinese and the USSR I trust? They have rather different agendas these days. They are also far from the only main factions playing in this shadow game.

              Most of eastern Europe is going nationalist, as we speak. Which is driving various parties to distraction. Their grand European project is starting to unravel. I can’t tell you how much that breaks my heart… ^^

              As for “formerly well armed”, you obviously don’t circulate in the same circles I do. Nor do you appear to have any real experience in “alternate markets”. Its estimated that there are more than 300 million fire arms in the US at this point. I suspect that that is a rather low count. You also continue to
              think in terms of numbers. As I’ve said many times, wars of attrition are so 20th century.

              I’ve long since realized, that you have convinced yourself of the existence of some monolithic, evil order of globalists lead by the Source of all Evil. I really wish it was that simple.

              The reality, is that its a number of very powerful groups, co operating when it suits them, and opposing, undermining and subverting when it doesn’t. Given centuries of ramp up, your unopposed Evil Incorporated would have swept the world, long before now. The fact that they haven’t speaks to them not being unopposed, and really not all powerful nor all knowing.

              There is only one Entity that is Omniscient, Omnipotent, and all that. Fortunately, He has nothing to do with Evil Incorporated. ^^

              • Gotta look between the lines, BJ.

                You could say that their was animosity between the communists and the Nazis too (to put it mildly)- or between the Commies and the “Democratic nations”….etc.

                But these various movements and factions are just the mechanisms by which the organic culture and sovereignty of nations are destroyed- and even the opposition between the various factions can be used to that advantage.

                You seem to be viewing it as though one faction represents TPTB.

                Yes…the nationalization of some of the European countries….AFTER they have been subdued by communism and immigration. That is exactly what is happening here, as I’ve been saying.

                When America is Balkanized, many will no-doubt be saying “See? We won!”- But it will just look like a win, as the destruction of the old order will have been accomplished, and so the destruction will cease….and being free of that will seem a great improvement over this current mess…but it will not be a return to what we once hasd…just a cessation of the current insanity- because once the objectives are accomplished, there is no need to continue the destruction- but the objectives being accomplished will be those of bringing us under global control.

  2. This has been going on the last couple of days here in my neck of the woods…. Another example of someone hired not because of what they can do, but what they are….

    This new police dog has now escaped from his handler TWICE! The “handler”, a tiny blond woman, clearly has no business doing this.

    Here is the story of the first time.

    That search cost taxpayers over $20,000. They even put up a helicopter in that dog hunt…….

    I feel sorry for that poor dog….

    • Poor bow-wow- even he has enough sense not to want to be a pig! Too bad the blonde bitch isn’t as smart, capable, or moral as the dog.

    • Reminds me of an old joke- the blonde porn starlet promised a rugged european performer for her next gig- turned out to be a german shepherd…

  3. The collapse began in earnest in the late 70s early 80s when the MBA’s started to make themselves The Thing To Have. All learning the same crap from the same books they were thought to be the Wave of the Future but, hit like a tsunami of destruction.

    “If I didn’t read it in kollege it does not exist”

    Bean Counters.

    Then they changed the name of the department from Personnel to Human Sources. Companies went from recognizing that they had people, individuals, working in the company to viewing employees as nothing more than interchangeable billets of aluminum, one faceless(now more than ever) undifferentiated mass of humanity.

    Corporate America hit an iceberg when the MBAs took over, now the Titanic American economy is going to the bottom.

    Mission Accomplished.

  4. Not only is “whiteness” the new and improved original sin, the very skills that created the formerly profitable and productive market are also considered “racist”. Math, scheduling, time, hard work, dedication, etc. are all considered racist. If one can generate profit from effort and ingenuity, they are racists. Hiring the most multicolored staff is the only thing that matters, productivity and profit be damned. Never mind how exactly that’s supposed to work. If it doesn’t, why the Fed just creates some more “money” out of thin air and hands it out. Competence need not apply.
    Public education has succeeded where Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. failed. Its’ purpose for the last 100+ years has never been anything other than the complete and total subjugation of the masses. It has accelerated the process continuously ever since it’s introduction. Now, it is dedicated solely to programming its victims to be the biological robots they are. And not very good robots at that. Those of us who determined that at the end of our “education” we were in no way educated are a distinctly small minority. I learned two valuable skills in public school, and both of them by the end of elementary school. How to read, and do basic math. Now public schools can’t manage to get these taught in 12 years, and colleges don’t consider them to be important. Colleges being run by products of public education themselves. The average American does not read one book per year. NOT ONE!

  5. It’s not just GM. It’s EVERYWHERE in corporate Amerika. And it’s even WORSE in the university.

    The only way to explain this, Eric, is that it’s COMMUNISM, plain and simple. Remember Marx’s dictum “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs?” Well, white men had the ability. Walter Chrysler, John and Horace Dodge, Henry Ford, Alfred Sloan created car companies. Now the females and the Africans, who created NOTHING on their own, are seizing control of the means of production created by white men.

    And remember, GM CAN’T FAIL. GM got $20 billion in taxpayer money when it fucked up so bad it went bankrupt. GM has proven that it does not need to work hard to sell cars to willing buyers on the “free market.” Uncle Sugar is going to reward them for failing — with YOUR money.

    GM is, for practical purposes, nationalized. That’s why it’s producing political virtue, not decent vehicles.

    • Hi X,

      You sum up the situation. Everything is political now. Not just politically correct. It is the focus of every company, above and beyond the product or service. Saaaaaaafety is political. And now, “health.” Work literally cannot get done amid these obsessions. Now add the obsession with race and sex and sexual affinity.

  6. Also wanted to add that these virtue signalers are not only after the “evil white man”; they’re hellbent on destroying everything that represents America and its values, especially our freedoms.

    • Very true, BlueGrey. The ones whom they’re professing to champion will be the ones who ultimately fare the worst/are destroyed- just as Welfare and such things set blacks back 50 years by destroying their family structure and creating a matriarchy in which black males irrelevant, and in which females are relieved of any future, other than that of being a negative statistic which can used to further the very agenda which destroys them.

    • Hi Bluegrey,

      Amen. Identity Politics – you aren’t an individual; you are a kind of widget-representation of a group based on exterior cosmetics and internal plumbing, etc. – is the very essence of Communism, re-elaborated. Instead of class, race (and sex and sexual affinity). The group – managed by the individual (the “dictatorship of the proletariat” – or race/sex, etc. means the dictatorship of those who claim to represent it).

      All collectives subordinate the individual – his identity, his merit, his everything – to the collective, which denies him everything that makes him an individual. And this collective isn’t even a real thing, either. It is simply a rhetorical tool used by individuals – those in power – to control the individuals who aren’t in power. Which includes – ironically enough – the very people who are supposedly in power (i.e., the members of the collective).

      Lenin and Stalin and all the apparatchiks of the Soviet state effectively owned everything within the state,including the luxurious dachas they lived in, the limousines they were driven around in, the sumptuous food they ate – and so on…while the “proletariat” which supposedly “dictated” starved and froze to death.

  7. “But she is the first female CEO of a major car company.”

    And heaven help us if we get Sleepy Joe, only to be replaced shortly thereafter by Kamala-toe. (Hey, I just made a rhyme! 😉)

  8. I predict…….. Hyundai will use the spare change in their pocket to just buy GM. They will close down everything GM makes, except for the Corvette.

    Over 90 percent of Hyundai’s Vette design and manufacturing team will be Asian males. They will make awesome sports cars, gasoline powered only, that will sell like crazy.

    They will be banned in America.

    • And they’ll need LOTS of those Vettes if they start swellin’ them in China. Have you ever seen a Chink drive?! Smart people…but driving ain’t their thing!

  9. HR depts. are literal cancer. The longer they exist within your company, the closer your company is to dying.

    My HR dept consists of:

    Pull your weight, or leave. Those are the only two choices.

  10. Actually, being White and male IS the reason they got the job… because White males have invented everything and keep everything actually running. Oh, and pay the VAST majority of the taxes and ‘fines’ that keep the rest of the flotsam afloat.

  11. I work at a tech company and we are getting all this woke garbage constantly. All kinds of crap like analyzing pay raises (of which we do not get any BTW) and equity of pay. Increasing the count of blacks in positions…..when it is practically impossible to find those unicorns in engineering, computer science, finance and other subjects that are not communications or “-studies” degrees. If there were enough minorities to fill the positions they want them in, they would ALREADY be there. If we wait for women and minorities to be most of the people actually working on things then all these companies are going to have to just fire all the non-“preferred” genders and races as the only way to get to these huge proportions is to just make the employee count much much lower.

    • Hi Delow,

      This makes me almost fall to the ground in supplication and thanks to the Motor Gods that I got out of the corporate world when I did… in the ’90s. It must be unendurable today.

  12. I, for one, am happy with the collapse, as all empires must collapse into their components eventually.

    These Faux Diversity First corporations will be a shining example of the results of valuing skin color and sex over competency.

    Here’s hoping that the youth of America will learn the lessons of their generational collapse and rebuild something better on the ashes.
    A lot of suffering will take place during the interregnum of our experiment in peace, prosperity, and liberty.

    • Andy, I’d be happy too, if it were a real collapse- but it’s not! This is a planned, engineered collapse- planned and engineered not by people yearning to be free- but rather by the unseen people who run this world, not so we may be free of the control of other men, but rather so that they can replace the liberties which our once-Capitalist system enabled with their centralized, socialized, world-wide tyranny.

      What we are witnessing is thus not really the collapse of the system…but rather the destruction of Capitalism and the old system, so that a new and far worse system can be established. The people perpetrating this evil are doing so via the very evils we are now seeing- such as this PC-Woke-SJW garbage. They’ve won already….they’re just cleaning up the remnants now, and converting existing institutions into their institutions…..

      • The only thing that makes sense is that they’re trying to destroy the system. They’re attacking it constantly from every angle. These companies don’t need money from customers anymore. They just get it from the fed. We pay either way. So they don’t need to compete for customers. Just need to perpetuate their position for the next system.

      • Nunzio, it aint over, until the Fat Lady sings ^^ Yes, the Enemy has many advantages. They have for ages. Yes, the hour is late, and darkness is near, but we are still far from defeated. Unless we believe that we are. I keep reminding you, that in this age, it doesn’t need to be about numbers. Wars of attrition are so 20th century… With the entire system crumbling, sections are going to be up for grabs. Be the seed that turns chaos into principle.

    • The youth of America are not going to learn a damned thing. These insufferables have turned this country into a toilet to live in. People like Mr. Roche enabled it.

    • Hi Andy,

      I really dislike waste, stupidity and violence. Collectivism is all three and more and worse. Those of us who get through what’s coming will have the job of rebuilding. Which we’ll be able to do if those who caused the collapse don’t make it through…

  13. I have long held that GM gave away it’s #1 position on purpose. I do think arrogance played a part in that but moreso the Globalist Club bylaws required it. IMO Gm willingly helped sell out the American market, and thereby the American worker, consumer, and future for a seat at the New world Order table. Before GM “got woke” it was very hard to get a mass produce import car in the US. Once the NEW agenda was implemented GM began to make cars nobody was proud to own. Soon nobody wanted to own them.

    Think of how convenient the Perfect Storm of Ralph Nader’s phalanx, the “Arab oil embargo” (horseshit) the “recession” (also contrived) and the seminal act of decoupling our currency from the gold standard was. In a space of just 5 short years the USA was capped in both knees.

    I don’t believe anything in politics happens by accident. Ditto for the big money world.

    GM effed us on purpose.

  14. “A specific concern is that everyone will plug in their EVs at about the same time: early evening when they arrive home. And just as solar production is sunsetting for the day, and often the winds as well.”Clover

    Oddly, this problem is solvable with market pricing mechanisms. Establish Real time pricing at the consumer level and let consumers decide if they want to let charging be time variable based upon pricing. There is actually some great work in real time price signals as a demand management tool. They call this Economics.

    • Clover,

      Anything government mandated by definition isn’t a “market” – in other than a contrived and artificial sense.

      And “economics”? God, my teeth ache today…

      • Eric, I’ve heard that warm salt water is good for tooth ache… ^^ I suspect Clover hasn’t a clue about real economics. They are most likely relying on warmed over neo Keynesian voodo. The idea that a government protected monopoly such as power, would be using the “market” is absurd.

        Certainly incentives work. But forcing everyone into a narrow range of very limited options, is hardly a free market at work. Its much more the command economy, so beloved of socialists, and other collectivist tyrants.

        What is needed is not to switch to silly, ill conceived systems like wind or solar, but to small or micro nuclear reactors, such as this. Keep in mind that this is only one such possibility.

    • pat,

      Variable time pricing doesn’t address the obvious fact that current electrical capacity cannot handle even a small increase in EV concentration. If the deluded eco-freaks and authoritarian gas bags get their way and “transition” us to a pure EV future, where is this power going to come from? EV fanboys claim that EV’s can be better for the environment (depending on power source) and cite studies to prove it. Yet, I have not found a single study that addresses the environmental impact of the massive changes to the infrastructure necessary to achieve this future. Failing to account for this renders these studies meaningless at best, and fraudulent at worst.

      This future will require:
      – massive increases to generating capacity which, because nuclear is off the table, will come primarily from fossil fuels
      – increased mining capacity for battery production.
      – the creation of battery disposal/recycling centers.
      – a redundant, nationwide network of “fast” charging stations.
      – massive urban charging lots because most city dwellers don’t have access to charging at the apartment complex.
      – employee charging stations at many businesses/offices.
      – massive changes to residential power delivery.

      All of these necessary changes will have an enormous, negative impact on the environment. They will also cost a fortune, quickly negating any supposed fuel cost savings to the EV user. Perhaps you know of some credible research being done into the environmental and economic cost of the structural changes necessary to achieve the wild eyed dreams of eco-fanatics and power hungry politicians.


      • Jeremy, not to mention the gigantic cost to increase the power distribution grid. But I suspect that all of this is just dancing around the main theme. Which the Greenies are pointedly not speaking about at this point. That being, the major decrease in peoples living standards, and the rationing of power.

        After all, its all to “save” the planet, and thus “sacrifices” must be made, for the “Greater Good”. Thats always been one of the elements of their “sustainable” future from the start.

    • Variable pricing, ha! They’ve been doing that in a small town in the next county. Now it costs someone in a small one-bedroom apartment near $200/month for electricity, and to keep it that “low” they have to refrain from using the A/C on the days when they need it most, since when the most people use it…the price is higher.

      Meanwhile, my bill for my 3 bedroom trailer, running the A/C whenever needed (all summer long) never exceeds $80.

      THAT is what you have to look forward to in the EV future ‘wonderland’- even if you never own an EV! (And I doubt anyone in that small town even owns an EV, as there are no public chargers there).

    • It will only take an obtrusive surveillance and logging system to work like all the other statist application of “market forces”.

      Remember when the goal was ‘too cheap to meter’? Whatever happened to that? Oh control freaks and technocrats happened. At this point I would be surprised if zero point energy has been sitting on shelf since 1962. The torridial energy research seems to be progressing nicely though.

      The only way EVs will ever work is if they don’t need chemical batteries. The moment they aren’t crippled by chemical batteries you’ll see the governments, environmentalists, and control freaks drop their advocacy like it was hotter than the sun. Because it’s the control they want. The battery EV is a resource hog and they don’t have enough economic life to be environmentally friendly. Today as we discuss this people are pulling old gasoline cars out of fields and putting them back on the road. Cars that are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years old because with today’s technology and tools it can be done economically. Recycling at its finest. Full value returned to use. Maybe a battery EV will be worth doing that to if the battery can be replaced by zero point module or some such.

      • Hi Brent,

        In re Pat: This is a person who believes (italics for a reason) that a dirty old bandana “stops the spread” of a sickness people haven’t got.

          • Clover –

            You bring up Ayn Rand, again. Why? What does an Objectivist have to do with a discussion about libertarian ideas? I tried to educate you previously about the distinction. As seems to always be the case, you do not respond to factual correction.

            You bring up the suggestion (again) of a “WuFlu cruise” – essentially, that I and others who dispute the narrative that WuFlu is a threat to healthy/not-elderly people get together in close contact, Undiapered, etc. – and see what happens. I have been doing what amounts to exactly that for months now – a fact I’ve brought up repeatedly, which you of course avoid acknowledging for the obvious reason that it runs contrary to your neurotic assertions about the WuFlu.

            I mentioned, for example, my gym – Crunch Fitness in Roanoke; look it up if you like. It’s been open for about three months now. No Diaper requirement for the members, almost none of whom Diaper. None of the hundreds of people who work out at my gym have gotten sick much less dead. Not one.

            If WuFl were the mortal threat to healthy/not-elderly people that people like you insist it is, then why hasn’t even one person become sick after three months of regular close contact with hundreds of people not wearing the idiotic Face Diaper?

            Is it just luck, Clover?

            At what point do your assertions about risk take a back seat to facts about what is actually happening?

            Why don’t you stay home and “shelter in place>,” if you are afraid? Wear a Diaper, if you are afraid of getting sick. Leave the rest of us be. No one forces you to – fo example – enter any store or gym or restaurant.

            People like you are destroying the lives of millions. Including the economic lives of all the people who used to work for cruise lines, amusement parks, restaurants, bars and so on. You and your kind are destroying the peace of mind of millions, including children – who are being terrorized by the incessant fear-peddling about a sickness that poses less a threat to them than getting hurt at football practice.

            Does the cost of all this hysteria bother you at all?

            • Eric, you do realize that Clover is trolling you? I’ve run across countless examples of their type. After a few attempts at education, I usually just ignore most of their dribble. They are self defeating, and so sunk into willful ignorance, that they might as well be working for one of the Ministries…

  15. It’s a constant attack on merit, talent, and productivity. See the free market doesn’t give a crap about what a person is. It only cares about merit, talent, and productivity. That’s why once the racists were removed from professional sports all that mattered was merit, talent, and productivity. But there neo-racists most everywhere else these days trying to overcome personal choices and the cultures of the very people they say they want to help. Those in the lead know this is futile but they want to destroy systems of merit, talent, and productivity so nobody can ever work their way up without their permission.

    • Exactly, Brent. It’s a war on Capitalism, designed to destroy it- with the full cooperation of it’s victims. And if they don’t cooperate? Then they must fight the very system which Capitalism has embraced…so either way, Capitalism is destroyed. No winners. A planned overthrow which can not be fought by choosing a side, because both sides will ultimately result in the same thing- just like the charade of political theater/voting.
      Unless people were to suddenly awake on a mass scale, and take back all that was once theirs…. But that will never happen, as the beliefs and emotions which control most people have been carefully propagated over the course of generations- and most alive today don’t even realize what we once had because recent history -and their perception of it- has been greatly perverted.

      The collapse has been long planned- not so liberty can emerge, but rather, e pluribus unum.

      • It’s quite astounding how the prevailing political perspectives have flipped so rapidly. The Democrats used to represent the liberal ideal of individualism; now it is the Republican party that represents individualism more than the Democrats. Leftists used to be a tiny minority, just enough to put a brake on the increasing calcification of the various hierarchies we depend on the create a peaceful and prosperous civilization. A wonder of the ages that due to this coronavirus…thing…that every Democrat dominated jurisdiction is experiencing a rapid slide into totalitarianism. Even some Republican led states are sliding, just with the same wanton abandon.

        I am encouraged that the naked force being asserted by governments this year will wake up even the staunchest party-line voters into finally, once and for all, understanding the true enemy of the people: the State.

        While it seems that millions will vote based on skin color, gender, or party, I believe that other millions will vote based on values. THat would be my campaign slogan: Stop voting by color, sex, or party. Vote Values.
        Just my .02

      • Hey Nunz, quite correct. Just a note that the word “capitalism” was actually invented by socialists as a derogatory term to describe what they saw as an evil system to be overthrown. I’ve always preferred the terminology “Free Enterprise”, which is something I saw frequently when I was young but hardly anyone seems to use it any more as we careen towards socialism or full-blown communism.

        • Ah! Didn’t know that, Jason. I’ve always preferred “Free Market” myself- as I always envisioned Capitalism imputing the concept of some organized system based on banksters and investors- whereas “free-market” can of course include that, but doesn’t demand it. I just typically say “Capitalism” for the common connotations- but now, thanks to your info, I will be more reluctant to use it as much.

  16. I graduated from a college back in the 1990’s, where the student population ratio was three (almost four) to one females. Guys were overwhelmingly outnumbered on campus.

    In spite of that, the engineering and computer science departments were still almost all male. Almost all white and asian guys to boot. It’s never accounted for by any of the virtue signaling groups that there is very little interest in those fields by women and non-asian minorities. They can spend all day hand-holding people, but if there isn’t interest, its too tough of a field to not be committed to it. It’s something you can’t just wing.

    I have a black friend and also my sister in law that work in IT. They both get recruited constantly by companies hoping to increase those magical numbers. It’s a double edge sword for both of them though. Yes, they probably will never spend a minute unemployed, have lots of choice in employers and they both make great money. However, they both realize that they aren’t being recruited for their skills. To their credit they both have great skills in the field. They both have to win over their co-workers who expect them to be incompetent and/or lazy.

    Yes, white males get discriminated against in IT. My sister in law has a brother who has about the same amount of skills and education. In fact she thinks he is actually better at it. He doesn’t get the recruiters calling though and is underemployed.

  17. GM used to be a bank (GMAC) that happened to sell cars. Now it is transforming into an ad agency. The AI will take care of engineering and robots the manufacturing and transporting the vehicles to the customers. Contractors will take care of cleaning up the mess when the AI screws up. Why bother with finding the most able staff if they’re just going to send congratulate IMs each other all day?

    • AI bot: “Must have more brown plastic and yuellow plastice, and plastic that is not quite sure which color it identifies with! Must. Destroy. White plastic. Must reduce use of black plastic, or include supply of Newports and malt liquor with cars….”

  18. If you bid on being a GM supplier, you must submit a diversity report about your company. I know this first hand.

    If they focus their energies on diversity, they have less to give to making good cars, and it shows. GM is still great at forming metal and making physical things, but their electronics and software people are much more infested with this nonsense, and their electronics quality is abysmal. Modern GM cars will become defunct long before the engines and chassis fail, because the computers controlling everything will fail.

  19. This sickness is why America, formerly great Britain, and all of the former commonwealth countries are imploding, versus Asia and the rest of the world thriving- because unlike us, they prioritize performance and ability, and if anything, foster an atmosphere which prioritizes and enables natural social and cultural cohesiveness, rather than trying to create such among diverse and competing groups- the latter of course, can only result in divisiveness and strife- which I guess is the desired result, since those who are creating and enforcing it are not so ignorant as to think that such actions could result in anything else. Much the same as how “Climate Change” only is a concern for the white countries- but not for India or China; and in fact is used as an excuse to penalize the white countries, with the proceeds of those penalties being given to the non-white countries. Talk about systemic racism!

    Apparently, South Africa is the model for what America and the former commonwealth countries are to become; And our culture has been so destroyed that this is being done with the complicity of it’s very victims.

  20. I’ve come to the conclusion years ago that corporate officers and government bureaucrats are compatible and interchangeable since both are devoid of common sense and dumber than a box of rocks as well as having a superiority complex and being arrogant SOB’s. This past decade of watching GM as well as observing the company that I work for confirm it.

    • It used to be back in the day, that if you got yourself assigned to the personnel department (old name of HR) your career was on the skids. Your ladder was chopped off, you were going no where (except out the door) any longer with that firm, that you needed an exit plan.

      CEO’s never emerged from personnel. But that is where Mary Barra came from. Hmmmmmm

    • It’s more nuanced than that- they aren’t stupid, they see which way the wind is blowing and bend with it- which in the short term is smart. Those of us with principles and integrity don’t bend with the wind.

      The question is which makes for a more happy, stable, and productive society in the long term.

      At this point they’re approaching maximum chaos, the short term decisions have destroyed great quantities of accumulated generational wealth (knowledge, culture, technology) and left devastation and barbarism in the wake.

      It’s going to be left to the capable and the courageous to rebuild, and we really can’t and shouldn’t until they are beaten. It’s really that simple- or to use a more common phrase, we have to go Galt.

      • “the short term decisions have destroyed great quantities of accumulated generational wealth (knowledge, culture, technology)”

        Quick related story: I know a company that had two plants. One produced one product, the other produced another product. Management decides to fire everyone at one plant, and move that product to the other plant. The people at the displaced plant were paid for three months to train the people at the other plant. You can’t teach decades of tribal knowledge in three months.

        The transition was a disaster. The product is still shit after 3+ years. Immense shipping delays and quality issues. If the customer, money, or any long term profitability or goodwill was in mind, this wouldn’t have been done. But that assumes a free-market and its motivations. The more important motivation, the real reason, is to eliminate some middle class jobs. Costs? This company will be fine, as they’re a duopoly in the industry. Which is why they don’t really care about pissing off their customers. That single decision eliminated so much learned information, so much spent energy. The world will see an inferior product. Beauty, ingenuity, talent, lost for decades, maybe centuries or forever. But the end user is not important. They are not the goal. They don’t need to be. It is more important to, what, reduce costs? Impoverish more people? Make them compete more fiercely for worse paying jobs? I mean, what else could possibly be the reason?

        Just another anecdote. They’re okay with people not having discretionary income as long as they’re the only ones with something to sell to the few with wealth to buy things. Only through that lens do their decisions make sense. To me at least. Maybe someone can educate me.

        • The good old corporate suits war on talent and experience.
          Now if it wasn’t for regulation and restricted access to capital a few of the old employees could start competing and kick their ass. But alas we don’t have a free market system.

          • I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to really “get” that we’re not in a free market.
            Think of all the things you could accomplish with a few BrentPs and a free market. ;D

            • Darn, Brandon! With guys like Brent and many others here, if it weren’t for government and corruption ruining everything, we’d truly be living in that “world of the future” they kept telling us about in the pooblik skools![<- read in Jim Varney voice]

                • Hey don’t knock janitors! I put myself through college by working nights as a janitor. Of course that was back in the 60’s, before the ridiculous inflation of tuition. Nowadays I doubt you could earn enough to even buy a few of the overpriced textbooks that were required.

                  • Hey Mike!
                    The good news is: I think that’s one of the jobs they still let straight white males have! They don’t seem to be concerned with “diversity” there- ’cause it actually involves doing something- can’t just be office furniture that they keep around for photo ops and to get government contracts!

                  • Hi Mike,

                    I did similar – in the ’80s – unloading UPS trucks at night. What mattered was that I showed up and had a strong back, not my hue!

                  • Hey Mike, no disrespect for janitors, who actually provide great value to us all. (Sounds like a pretty good job honestly. You get to work alone and nobody wants to talk to you.) There’s just not much Nunz would be able to do in a free society, as his current occupation (plantation/slave owner) couldn’t exist. But I think nowadays, one can generally get further ahead working basically any job for four years, as opposed to going to college. Especially if they use debt to pay for it. College, today, not only doesn’t prepare you for the real world, but in some cases it makes you less prepared for it. Until more employers start offering safe spaces and emotional support animals I guess.

            • Hi Brandon,

              You’re by far from alone; don’t be hard on yourself. Given the ubiquity of the propaganda it is very hard to see… until you do. If you’re not already blind, of course.

  21. Actual electrical engineers — as opposed to Democrat politicians who play them on TV — have pointed out an unforeseen consequence of Emperor Newsom’s banning of internal-combustion engines by 2035. To wit:

    The motive energy supplied by fossil fuels to propel personal and freight transportation vehicles is not small. To replace all that petroleum energy with stored battery power will require a MAJOR upgrade of the electrical grid.

    A specific concern is that everyone will plug in their EVs at about the same time: early evening when they arrive home. And just as solar production is sunsetting for the day, and often the winds as well.

    Kalifornia ALREADY is the locus of the dreaded PSPS (Public Safety Power Shutoff), a sort of punishment inflicted on power consumers for bankrupting PG&E after the Paradise fire. How is Kali’s broken grid, which goes dark whenever the wind blows, going to supply MILLIONS of new EV users?

    Answer: it isn’t. If nothing else, the capital investment required to expand the grid will be unaffordable, as it will coincide with the bankruptcy of public pension systems confronting their unfunded promises to maintain the high pay of pampered government workers into their golden years.

    Socialist paradises fold when they run out of other peoples’ money to fund their flaky ideas. They’d better pray to Goddess that the mythical earthquake which dumps Kali into the sea occurs before the tawdry reality of a big, brain-dead socialist government admitting it’s BUSTED FLAT.


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