Latest Radio: Bryan Hyde Show 9/29/20

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Here’s the audio of my weekly chat with fellow Wrongthinker and Diaper Dissenter Bryan Hyde!

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  1. Hi Eric,

    While shooting pool at my buddy’s house last night I was, unfortunately, subjected to this farce. In the, thankfully brief, period of exposure, I was struck by how awful both of them were. Biden was an ignorant hysteric and Trump came across as petty and belligerent. But Trump trumped Biden in hysteria by regurgitating the “two million would have died by now” lunacy. Jeez, hasn’t Scott Atlas informed him that this claim was absurd from the start? That it came from a deeply flawed study concocted by a man with a perfect track record of hysterical exaggeration? Perhaps Trump got better, I don’t know as my friend, noticing my obvious psychic pain, turned it off and put on some music.


  2. I liked your idea that everyone in the stands (where the lady was tasered and arrested) should have peeled their diapers off of their faces in defiance. Perfect non-violent solution to this situation.


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