Diaper Report 11/13/20

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Like a rheostat, Diapering is on the rise again – in tandem with the renewed and even more frantic ululations about the cases! the cases! – utterly without context, of course. Which is necessary to maintain the hysteria, which expresses itself, feedback-loop-style, in the wearing of the Face Diaper.

My local Kroger has been a face-free zone ever since the Ecuarican-style selection of the next El Presidente, which too many people were beginning to suspect was just that – a selection, not an election.

Thus, the need for a distraction. The cases! the cases! 


And just like that – and just like turning a rheostat – Diaper-wearing at my local Kroger went back to 100 percent, leaving me the 1 percent willing to show his face. This reverses what had been a happy trend of seeing at least three or four other faces at my local Kroger just prior to the selection.

The hysteria was losing its grip. But when the presumptive (by the media) El Presidente’s selection began to be questioned by people who do not wish to live in an American Ecuarico (Gilligan’s Island reference, for you poor Millennials who missed out on ’60s reruns in the ’70s and ’80s) all of a sudden . . . the cases! the cases!

Even more so than before.

It may just be a coincidence. But what’s not coincidental is the way the hysteria on TeeVee (and radio) dovetails with the Diapering. People see – and hear – and get scared, even if there’s no reason to be scared.

The cases! The cases!

It is halting that so many people continue to fall for this – and fall into line. Does it not occur to them to ask: Ok, there’s a “case.” But what does that mean? Is it only that someone tested positive?

What does that mean?

We know – well, we can know it, if we care to look into it – that about two-thirds of those who test positive – and are thus categorized as a “case” – don’t even have symptoms and would be unaware they were a “case” absent the positive test.

Of the third who have symptoms, most are mild. Nothing that requires medical intervention. Such “cases” were cause for nothing just a year ago. Now they are imputed to be cause for mass hysteria.

Less than 1 percent of these “cases” ends up in a coffin. And most of those who do were already in danger of occupying one, being either pretty old or pretty sick already. The rest of the population has literally nothing to fear from this pandemic – except the pandemic of hysteria that is making life unlivable due to the pathetic, servile submission of these very people.

They put on the Holy Rag – not because it “keeps them safe” but because they’ve been emotionally blackmailed into putting the loathsome thing on, to appease the hysteria of the emotionally unstable.

No doubt to the great satisfaction of El Presidente – who ran on fear and will rule one fear.

It doesn’t matter that almost everyone is fine when almost everyone thinks they’re gonna die.

America doesn’t need a vaccine. It needs therapy – a slap across the face and a wake-up-and-smell-the-tyranny.

But it doesn’t look like they’re going to get it in time.

. . .

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  1. Supermarkets here in Uruguay require diapering. I wear a shop dust mask so porous its box warns not to use it with spray paint—an irony lost on all, I’m sure. This morning the gesundheitsfuhrer as I entered yelled at me to cover my nose. Here’s the thing: the word they use here for face diaper is “tapaboca,” which literally means “mouth cover.” Since there was a decent little crowd there (customer service counter) I turned and loudly asked “¿Tapa que? ¿Tapa que?” then pulled it down and pointed to my nose: “¿Es una boca?”

    On the way out, I had it over my nose. He looked appreciative. I congratulated him on his sickness theater performance.

    • Damn, Barry! You know the world’s gone to Hell when even Latinos dutifully comply. If thyey won’t resist….there is truly no hope…..

      • We’ve been here over 11 years, and one change stands out profoundly: because our son was with us, we bought a 32″ TV for his gaming – $850 in 2009. When I walked dogs at night, I almost never saw an occupied house with TV flicker (a nice change from Mexico!). Last week I could have bought a 32″ TV for $159. Now at night it is all but impossible to find a house at night without the TV flicker. Also, overall, Uruguayans tend to be fairly docile (except when it comes to futbol).

        • Oh DEAR GOODNESS! That ‘splains it, Barry. Once the mind is controlled by the media….it’s all over. I gave up TV 30 years ago. Living back on Long Island at the time, I’d often walk my dog for many miles at night through the quiet suburban streets (which they were, then) and just be utterly amazed how literally every house had the flickering blue glow, and the streets were deserted (Which is why I enjoyed walking at night…had the whole place to myself). Heck, even when I watched TV, it wasn’t something I’d do all evening. Maybe watch the Odd Couple and the Honeymooners before bed after coming in from puttering in the basement, or riding my bike/taking a walk, etc.

          I hear in Mexico, they have TV’s even on the intercity buses!

  2. My husband and I have also started to stock up on food and supplies. We even bought a small deep freezer on Amazon. Tom Woods episode 1776 with Angela McArdle is really good and they discuss what they think will happen. I tend to agree with one thing Tom said – that the scientists like Fauci have been spreading bad news because they too hate Trump but they will want to make Biden look good and that he was able to end this eventually. As of this posting his website is 1 episode behind but you can find it on podcast apps. https://tomwoods.com/episodes/. I am also counting on good states that won’t go along with the nonsense and I work online so I will move if I have to. Also from my summer travels thru small towns, I noticed there was almost nobody wearing masks. I think we all have to leave the big cities as well.

  3. Eric,

    My grocery store, though it has diaper signs posted, hasn’t strictly enforced that diktat in months. If they go back to doing that, I’ll go back to wearing my respirator to gain entry, then promptly REMOVE it once I’m past the door Nazi.

    While I understand you take on the masks, I also view it was one of those stupid rules the Navy came up with. For example, we had a utility jacket; it was heavier than a windbreaker, but lighter weight than a foul weather, or winter, jacket. If we were wearing the utility jacket, we had to have the thing zipped up at least halfway. It was BS, but that’s the Navy for you. I sort of view the mask in the same light. SO! I’ll game the system, gain entry, then take the damn thing off.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m militantly defiant because I consider this a test – of our willingness to submit – and also, of our willingness to be made to agree that 2+2=5.

      Reality denial.

      I won’t have it.

      This has to be fought – and I mean by resistance, whatever it takes.

      • I totally understand what you’re saying, but direct, frontal assault isn’t always effective; sometimes, one must use unconventional, or guerilla warfare, to achieve one’s objectives. It worked during our Revolution; it worked in Vietnam; and it can work again. I’m not saying we don’t fight-not at all. I am saying that we may have to resort to covert means at times…

          • Nunzio,

            You’re right. Then the question becomes: what KIND of self defense does one employ? Does one employ Karate, where one matches the opponent strength for strength? Or does one use Aikido, which seeks to harness the opponent’s energy, and thus use it against him? Direct confrontation isn’t always the answer; it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, covert warfare is best.

            Look to our nation’s founding. There was NO WAY we could take on the Brits directly; at the time, they were the most powerful military in the world! No, what The Minutemen did was resort to an early form of guerilla warfare; they resoreted to asymmetric warfare by hiding and firing from a conceaeled position.

            • MM, we are to the point where mere non-compliance is the only defense we have left. Once we give that up, we are theirs. I fully agree, that we, like the Founding Fathers and Pilgrims are not going to reform anything nor win any wars from within- which is why the only real option is to leave- but in the meantime, resistance is all we have. There are some basttles that are just too important to lose- to even give up an inch of ground on. When it comes to our very faces and the air we breathe, and our ability to just to live normally and not participate in a psychotic charade, that is such a battle where conceding is not an option. “Live free or die”.

              If we can’t resist this, then nothing else matters, because every other tyranny is of lesser consequence, and thus if we don’t resist this, we will certainly resist nothing else.

      • I’m with you, Eric!
        I can understand people doing what they feel they need to do- but once we’ve drawn our final line in the sand, if we let incrementalism continue to erode it, we will end up in the exact same position as we have with taxes, mandatory insurance, and all of the other BS- gradually becoming used to the new tyranny and accepting more and more of it, until we are fully compliant.

        For me (and you) this is no mere line in the sand, but rather our fortress- and if we let the enemy in, it is all over and we have essentially lost all claims to self-ownership. Until such time as I can physically extricate myself, I will fight….and there will be no hostages! This is war, and if we “give a little” we lose.

        At some point before I can extricate myself, this may turn into an all-or-nothing life-and-death battle- It WILL come down to that at some point- it’s just a question of when- and if we start giving up so easily, so early on, before the real heat is even on….we will be captured and thus become collateral of the evil Beast.

        I will not don the enemy’s uniform- especially before the battle has really even begun in earnest.

        It’s sad, and yet liberating at the same time, that every time we show our nekked face in public, we are giving a big F-you to the system.

      • Eric,

        The Refusniks in the old USSR APPEARED to conform to the commie BS under which they lived, but they resisted covertly whenever and wherever possible. That’s how I’ll approach the masking business. I see us as being similar to the Soviet dissidents of old. They couldn’t fight the system directly, but they fought nonetheless. As for me, my line in the sand is the vaccine; that’s the hill I’ll die on. The same applies for any implanted chip/ID device.

        I hope it doesn’t come to that. I have two wonderful cats, and I want to be able to care for them until they’re gone; after that, I don’t care what happens to me. Until that time, I’d like to be there for them. One of the few prayers I have is that I’ll live long enough to care for them, that I’ll die after they do. They need me, so I want to be there for them. That said, I will NOT take a vaccine, and that’s the end of it.

        • Hi MM,

          I agree with Eric and Nunzio on this. The mask wearing is my line in the sand. The mask wearing is something small enough that we can fight back on if enough people are willing to go against the mandates. If we don’t nip this in the bud, we can forget about trying to push back on the vaccine. The government is testing us. It we are being covert or playing along they will push harder and further. We are seeing that now. The lockdowns are back.

          My weekly trip to my large local home improvement store (name withheld to spare the innocent) I was the only one unmasked this morning (hubby sent me on an errand run for a plumbing cap). Little, old, 40 year old me (no mask) surrounded by a bunch of men (varying ages) masked up to their eyeballs. It had to look ridiculous.

  4. I’ve donated blood roughly every two months for 25 or 30 years. When this Twilight Zone episode began the workers at Red Cross became little Eichmanns and, refusing to join the cult, I thought my days of donating were over. (Sorry ’bout your luck recipients in need). But just today I walked into a Blood Connection bus sans burka / diaper and was treated well by the staff. No problem at all.

    I’d like to think that means something, but alas it probably doesn’t.

    • They make a lot of money off of that blood (Even the Red Cross)…..so they’re not gonna turn away a free source. If it were the other way around, see how fast they’d send you packing.

  5. The CDC has gone from “masking is pointless” to “masking protects others” to “masking will protect you” The ever changing “facts” surrounding this psy op give the instigators of it perfect cover. If the statistical results don’t fit the agenda, change the rules for acquiring them. Symptomatic expression of the disease simply wasn’t getting the job done, so lets boost testing. Never mind there is no test for it that is accurate to a useful degree, trending positive error, which is exactly what the psy op needs. This began early on when the protocol for assigning cause of death encompassed anyone who died with the virus, even though there was no useful method for determining if it was present, and there still isn’t. Hardly anyone trusts politicians, unless they’re scared. The first normal reaction to fear for any mammal is the total abandonment of reason, shifting all cerebral action from the fore brain to the reptile brain sitting on top of our spinal cord. Which is why we are under a constant deluge of things to fear. From the virus, to those who defy masking, to racists, fascists, ad infinitum.. Never mind there has never been a more dangerous enemy than our own government.

    • Hi JWK,

      Remember back in pre-history, you know May of 2020? Both the CDC and the WHO recommended against general mask use, they even suggested that masks may be counterproductive. Specifically, they cited the fact that masks are uncomfortable and that people often fiddle with them, touching their faces and masks often, which increases the risk of transferring infected goo to surfaces. Now, the cretins are claiming the exact opposite, masks prevent people from touching their faces, an obvious absurdity!


    • How do you test for something that does not exist?
      Why do people keep talking about cases when there is
      no proof of that cases exist? The only proof available
      right now is that of how many people are actually
      brainwashed. Each mask is a vote in favor of insanity.
      The only real proof out there is the massive proof
      of the amount of insane people there are. Or maybe
      they are just lazy or both.

  6. Sorry to ask, but…

    How come everybody is mandated to wear masks and the number of cases continues to increase?

    Shouldn’t the number of positive cases be minimal if everybody masks and the desire is to stop the spread of the virus?

    Doesn’t seem to be working or is it all just propaganda? Shouldn’t the death toll be upwards of 1.2 million or so if the predicted death toll were to be realized according to the expert fools? Didn’t happen.

    It is so ridiculous it is preposterous.

    One hundred percent face diapers everywhere you go. It is obscene. The masked believe it makes a difference, they don’t know how obscene it really is.

    Cancel culture the mask madness.

    You are being scammed, taken for a ride, get that flashlight out and a sack for the snipe hunt, suckers. lol

    The brainwashing is complete, the science is settled.

    Cancel culture the hype, cancel culture the settled science, cancel culture the Covid mania.

    Good Lord.

    At this point, what difference does it make?

    Sorry to ask. har

    • Hi Drump,

      The Coonman has just ramped up the Diapering – and the prohibitions on gatherings. If the cattle accept it, they deserve to be made into hamburger. I’m so damned tired of being dragged under the water by the least common denominator.

      • Bill Cooper: “In view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.” – Behold a Pale Horse.

        Funny too, the Pale Horse is usually associated with a plague, or death.

    • Everywhere I see the gesundheitfurhers blaming “COVID fatigue” for the increase in cases. Translation, it’s all the fault of the less than 1% diaper/lockdown/gathering limit dissenters. Per Darth Fauci yesterday, just do what you’re told! See how that works?

  7. I know everything seems bleak, but I think we have a real chance to make this country really good, if we’d just actually do something that works, instead of doing nothing, and instead of doing the same things we’ve been doing that hasn’t worked yet. It might not happen overnight, but if we do the right things, it will happen.

    To the people that don’t like direct democracy, here’s a definition: “Direct democracy, sometimes called “pure democracy,” is a form of democracy in which all laws and policies [normally] imposed by governments are [instead] determined by the people themselves, rather than by representatives who are elected by the people. In a true direct democracy, all laws, bills, and even court decisions are voted on by all citizens. Direct democracy is the opposite of the more common representative democracy, under which the people elect representatives who are empowered to create laws and policies for them.”

    Also, from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_democracy), “Direct democracy is the basis of anarchist and left-libertarianism political thought. Direct democracy has been championed by anarchist thinkers since its inception with direct democracy as a political theory has largely been influenced by Anarchism.”
    So isn’t this exactly what you are all talking about? Yet you reject the term, you reject what you want.
    BTW that link also says the Roman empire didn’t fail due to direct democracy, it failed because it changed to being a dictatorship.

    You know that song “Revolution” by The Beatles? They say “…you say you got a real solution, well you know, we’d all love to see the plan”.

    What’s your solution for the ‘Arab Spring’, which is basically worldwide now? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab_Spring)

    IMO direct democracy is the best solution.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If you don’t have a solution/goal that can actually exist in reality, and an action plan for it, then you’re going to get what other people want — because those other people have a realistic goal and they take action. This world is ruled by the people that have attainable goals and take action.

    • Gang rape is direct democracy in action. The 51% forcing the 49% to live as the majority demands. Period. The smallest, and most abused minority is the individual. Democracy, far from protecting that minority, enslaves it. While far from perfect, the Constitution was an attempt to PREVENT democracy while maintaining the sovereignty of the individual. For example, that is exactly the reason for the electoral college, to prevent it. A little known fact is that there is no Constitutional requirement for a public vote for POTUS. All authority for selecting electors is placed squarely in the hands of the State legislatures. The only reason there is a public vote is because those legislatures say so. Which they can rescind at their pleasure, including right now. They have authority to discard the public vote and choose the electors as they see fit, with chicken entrails and astrology if they prefer. I would prefer to suffer a monarchy over a democracy. The king will die. The majority never will. At what point in history have the majority been the arbiters of wisdom and justice?

      • Amen, JWK –

        This is precisely why George Mason insisted on the Bill of Rights as a bulwark against “democracy.” It was a grand idea, too – so long as the Bill of Rights was respected.

        In principle, it could be again – but it will take a moral awakening that may never happen or at least, not happen for a very long time.

        Certain things should simply never be up for a vote – even if 99 percent favor it.

        Rights are a natural veto.

        • I always agree with everything you say, except… since things in America aren’t very good right now, then doesn’t that mean it was a failure? Our Bill of Rights are being trampled on… but you still want absolute power in the hands of the few “elected representatives”? You don’t want the people to be able to decide anything, but you’re okay with a king or queen to do that? Why even have a king/queen in the first place?

      • Oh boy LOL, I’m not getting any support with this! I think we all just have different definitions of the term “direct democracy”. I’m thinking of a 90+% majority, whereas you’re thinking ~50% which I agree isn’t fair. And I’m thinking there’s laws like human rights etc that can’t be taken away, and you’re thinking people can vote to take those away. Sigh, nevermind. Someday there will be a better system on Earth and you’ll all like it, and I’ll say “it’s direct democracy”, and you’ll say “ohhh, so this is what you meant, oh okay, I guess it’s okay then.”

    • The ancient Greeks, originators of western democracy, wouldn’t recognize our system as such. Nor any proposed direct democracy I’ve ever read about after their time.

      They chose representatives by lottery from a pool of qualified citizens, meaning those with true vested interest, with representatives coming from distinct districts for a very limited run. One year if memory serves. After their time they returned home and had to live under the laws they enacted. No exclusions. Quite a good reason to keep laws reasonable.

      It didn’t last, of course. But it lasted longer than the United State republic did. It’ll be interesting to see how much longer the United State Oligarchy continues.

  8. Yesterday my assembly line in factory in which I make my living was summoned to a meeting where we were informed that we all had contact with a cases victim. We were given a choice of 3 options, 1. Hurry and get tested, then stay home until your results arrive. If you come back positive collect covid pay to quarantine. If negative, sorry you missed pay for time off. 2. Voluntarily quarantine for 2 weeks, no pay. 3. If you feel fine go back to work. I went back to the line. I dread we’re going to be playing this game for the rest of my life.

  9. “America doesn’t need a vaccine. It needs therapy – a slap across the face and a wake-up-and-smell-the-tyranny.”

    LOL Amen!


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