Diaper Report 8/10/20

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Today, a slight break in the faceless vista of the endlessly Diapered at my local Kroger – where for the past week or so everyone in the store except myself was Diapered. The power of signage is tremendous. I have seen its power in action before Sickness Psychosis spread.

You probably have also.

No right on red. And the driver ahead obeys. The facts do not matter. Like the fact that there is no cross traffic and the fact that there is no reason to sit there wasting gas and time, other than obeisance to a sign and the fear of those who might be lurking to enforce what the sign says.

Or – as in the case of this sign – the fact that no law (or “ordnance”) has been passed – ergo the sign carries no power to enforce. And yet, they obey.

Americans weren’t conditioned overnight. It takes a while to transform an eagle into a plucked chicken, ready for the table.

But I am happy to report that there were to other eagles at Kroger this time. One a young guy, especially heartening given that his demographic has been submerged in Safety Porn since before conception and thus is habituated more to Diaper Training in its name than older people such as myself who grew up expected to use our own judgment and be wary of cons (those old Bugs Bunny reruns Gen X kids watched were a kind of intellectual vaccine that protects us to this day).

I gave the young guy a thumbs up – and he immediately understood and smiled. It got me through the next 10 minutes of wandering the aisles among the Diapered – and in particular, seeing children Diapered. By their own parents – who ought to be protecting their kids from such mental abuse but who don’t because they are apparently too lazy to look into just how much of a “threat” the WuFlu is to kids.

How many have supposedly died? About 30. Nationally. If that justifies Mass Diapering of every kid, then it certainly justifies encasing every child in an armored chest of some kind, perhaps with wheels, so as to make sure they are not hit by a car on the way in to the store – a threat far more likely to come to pass than being felled by the WuFlu.


The kids must be taught to Fear – and Obey.

Because their parents do.

Which is all the more reason for them to see at least one Undiapered face – and this time, two others. The third being a young woman with a nice smile – which I could see because she wasn’t Diapered. Perhaps she will smile at the Undiapered young guy and the two will hit it off.

They aren’t afraid – and they didn’t obey. Those are the ones I hope do have kids, because they won’t raise them to be afraid.

Or obey.

Americans used to be like that – before they transitioned from being eagles to plucked chickens.


  1. Hi Eric,

    Just dropped off my beloved Dakota with my mechanic of over 20 years; big, burly Hispanic guy, really nice, honest and an excellent wrench. No diaper, no “distancing”, just a normal encounter, take care of business and then enjoy a few minutes of friendly banter. It’s pathological that this open, friendly exchange is now considered “dangerous”.


    • Excellent, Jeremy –

      Aren’t these Diaperless experiences a kind of tonic? I get recharged every time I go to the gym and am in a room full of people whose faces I can see… who don’t jump out of the way if I walk within a few feet of them.

      It’s a sad commentary, eh?

      • Hi Eric,

        It is a sad commentary. Spending time with Tony (I knew he would be un-diapered) was indeed a tonic, which I needed badly. Got on the road bike at 6 AM for an hour of strenuous exercise, about half of the ride is on a “bike” path, almost devoid of bicycles, but many people out walking. The path is about 10 feet wide, so easy to maintain “distance”. Still, almost everyone was wearing a mask and about half of the people I passed (total of about 30) were clearly freaked out that I was not wearing a mask. Some left the path, others covered their mouth and nose with their hands for “extra” protection as I rode by. I saw three other unmasked people on the path, all of them bicyclists (we all said hello to each other).

        I always say hello, good morning, etc… as I approach or pass another person on the path. If I’m coming up behind someone, doing so let’s them know that I’m there so they’re not startled as I pass, if I’m passing someone on the opposite side, it’s just polite. Anyway, this courteous practice I’ve been doing for years has become sort of a litmus test; those who reciprocate, masked or not, have not yet succumbed to the anti-social conditioning taking place; those who don’t, who exude fear and condemnation, are probably beyond hope.


  2. In Manhattan, a Trader Joe’s employee in her late 50s who asked not to be identified says she has wondered whether to quit. She has not been feeling well but used up her paid sick time early in the pandemic and has twice tested positive for covid-19 antibodies.

    “The unknowns are the worst part of it,” she said. “I do notice I’m out of breath more often but I don’t know what that is. It’s this constant fear for your physical health – not just from coronavirus but also from people who don’t want to follow the rules.”

    • Hi Anon,

      One of the awful side effects of Sickness Psychosis has been to make people feel afraid over any sign of sickness – a normal part of life.

      Or rather, was.

      Now, a cough – or waking up with a sore throat – and people fear the worst. This is unwell. In the head sense.

      I’ve referenced neurotics like Howie Mandel previously. What used to be an aberration – and rare – is becoming “normal” thanks to the peddlers of Sickness Psychosis.

  3. I went to two stores updiapered this morning. First was a local pet store chain and I went in and purchased my stuff with no challenges. I was the only one without a mask. The young check-out clerk was pleasant and wished me a nice day. Then, I stopped at a big box hardware store and picked up what I needed, checked myself out and left. Everyone was masked, but a store clerk greeted me with “hello” as she passed by.

    My strategy is this: if challenged, I will tell them I can’t wear a diaper because of health reasons, and if they hesitate, I’ll tell them I’ll keep my distance from people. If that doesn’t work, I’ll leave. I like to shop early, when crowds are lighter.

    I encourage people to resist the diapering degree- as Eric says – this is the time to do it. It can and will get worse, if not challenged. It is very much a Twilight Episode out there, happening to us in real life.

    I’m a non-confrontational person, and will put up with a lot of ****. But when I’m pushed against a wall I will fight you like a mother bear. This diapering ordinance, in my opinion, is a wall. I’m old (mid-sixties), but I used to work out when the gyms were open, so I might be capable of hurting someone. I know what’s right and what’s wrong – and there’s a lot of stuff in between. This is not in the in-between category, it is evil and I suspect a lot of people in their heart know it.

  4. The sole purpose of the masking is to continue the illusion that your health is a concern of the Psychopaths In Charge. Why else would restrictions increase while the effect of corona flu is decreasing. The more tyranny imposed to “keep us safe” the more easily they can justify their abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth. It doesn’t take much critical thought to understand a plethora of other motives that are far more likely than your health. Corona flu is providing cover for an economy already collapsing, courtesy of the bank cartel. The destruction of private business eliminates competition for corporate business. Billions can be mulcted from the sheeple with mandatory medication. The lack of income puts assets in debt distress, so the bank cartel can buy up those assets with “money” created out of thin air, or simply repossess them. I’ll stop there, lest this become a book.

  5. Check this out. An Australian police thug choking a young girl for not wearing a mask. She actually had a medical condition and was exempted. This is likely to start here in the States soon. Isn’t it amazing how easy it is for them to start a police state. Even the Nazi’s weren’t this bad. Watch the thug choking her,,, he’s is like a real zombie.



    • Hi Ken,

      When this happens here – and hopefully,it will not – we will have to decide whether to fight back, with all the awfulness that implies. There will be no turning back once that starts. I pray daily it does not start – precisely for that reason.

      • eric, when this happens here, the victim will receive a huge payout from the general public. These idiots have never read the material inside the box of masks. It says in plain old English that children should not be facemasked.

        In the US the HIPPA law is going to get that sturmtrooper sued out the ass along with the supervisor, chief of police and on up the ladder.

    • This is why Austrailia’s govt was so desperate to take everyones’ guns away. HAHAHAHA [so they could do this kind of stuff to them].

    • Hi Handler,

      Cuing Higgins voice from Magnum PI: Oh . . . my god! I have yet to see a Goggled Diaperer – but expect to. It follows, does it not? A person who is a neurotic germphobe can never be “safe” enough. Ask Howie Mandell – who at least is aware he is neurotic.

      Isn’t it incredible? That millions of people can be turned into How Mandells – and not even realize what’s been done to them?

      • It’s a combination of fear and virtue signalling. The latter has certainly become America’s new favorite pastime, especially among young white females.

        P.S. I saw another one today!

        • Hi Handler,

          In re virtue-signaling: Yup, as Solzhenitsyn wrote about. People fervent to do “good” who do evil in its name. The inversion – the perversion – of human decency. But this is just what makes it all so dangerous. People who believe they are “doing good” will do anything.

  6. Interestingly, the fear crusade has now entered the next phase, just this week. Henceforth, the endless barrage of the number of children who have magically started testing positive (apparently 100,000 just this past weekend, wow!). Now you will hear about The children cases! The children cases! for the next couple weeks. Some reports are blaming the early start of school. See, we need to make sure the schools stay closed and locked down, perhaps so their parents can’t get back to work and stay dependent on the cheese. No school til needles. They’ll say this is why kids need to be diapered up; they’re not immune anymore.

  7. Hey, if anyone’s in my area — central OR (or anywhere for that matter), say hi and maybe we could be friends, stop by to chat sometime, my home is a mask-free zone. atleasthalfway at protonmail dot com.

  8. Someone has to say it…
    Just think — by wearing a mask, you’re breathing less, so you’re emitting less CO2 — so you’re “SAVING THE PLANET”!!! Why aren’t the big media companies telling everyone this? This would make mask wearing even more popular!

  9. Take it from a guy who has used proper N95 masks extensively at work in dusty machine shops and factories to the countless hours rust repairing my ride so I can pass a safety inspection from the same fucks that make my car unsafe with corrosive chemical warfare… Fitted N95 masks from companies such as 3M still turn my snots black. If dust can penetrate a properly made and fitted OSHA approved N95 respirator your hello kitty etsy cloth mask has no chance in hell of stopping a virus. I dare you fuckers. Do an honest days dusty dirty work in automotive or industry. You’ll be hacking up and blowing out black shit all night with anything short of a respirator capable of handling VOCs in a paint booth. Done that too. Sick of these fools.

    • I’ve had plenty of respirators slip while painting cars. When you see colored streaks along your nose or elsewhere you realize that none of it works without top notch/expensive equipment and extreme care (mil-spec hood and close shave several times/day). My best bet if I believed in panicking over a minor outbreak would be my fireman’s SCBA with it’s positive pressure/airflow.

      • I think everyone who has used this stuff for its intended industrial purpose knows the limitations. I’ve had similar issues with dust getting in. Not a lot, but dust is a lot bigger than a virus. Pandemic theater. All designed to push the masses.

  10. I just had a thought today. You know how we’re constantly being nagged about wearing masks to protect others, right? So what I would like to know is did these same people who nag us really think about protecting others when they hoarded the masks and other PPE prior to the mandates/policies? ‘Cause they sure as hell didn’t give a rat’s ass about the healthcare workers who desperately needed them at the time! lol


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