Reader Question: What the Customer Wants?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Glenn asks: Ram stated that they will make an electrified pickup if the customers want it.  Am I mistaken, or is the opposite of what the other car companies are doing?  They are all (with the help of Uncle), forcing us to buy electric vehicles we don’t want. What a novel idea, taking into consideration what the customer wants before making a product.

My reply: The others are making what the government wants, as they view the government as their customer rather than the people who buy the vehicles. They have decided it is better to anticipate federal mandates rather than fight them; that they can make money by making people buy what the government says the customer needs and wants rather than what the customer needs and wants as expressed by his freely made buying decisions.

Ram’s attitude is a remnant of the attitude of Sergio Marchionne – who ran FiatChrysler (and so, Ram and Jeep) until his unexpected death. Marchionne actually urged people not to buy the one electric car Fiat offered – under duress – which  was the electric version of the 500 hatchback.

I’m glad the current FCA management is continuing the tradition – which has brought Ram to second place in the U.S. truck market. You’d think GM – which lost second place to Ram – might notice and respond appropriately.

I doubt it will.

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