Reader Question: Taking Advantage?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Tom asks: This is probably not nice but we’re living in a not-nice world that may become Mad Max world, every man for himself. So my question is – should I take advantage of the essentially Free Car offers being offered by – for example – FiatChrysler? You can “buy” some of their models with deferred payments, no interest and probably nothing down, either.

I figure I could drive the car for a year without paying a cent before it got repo’d – and I’m indifferent to m credit rating. Thoughts?

My reply: One certainly could take advantage. I’ll leave it up to you whether your own code of morality will nag you about taking advantage. I wouldn’t do it, because it’s contrary to my code. Because I know it’s stealing – because it’s being done without any intention of paying. Plus, the dealer and his employees are the ones you’d be stealing from – directly – which differs a bit from, say, collecting a Social Security check from the government. It’s true of course that the government has stolen the money but link isn’t as direct. The government – via the Fed – just prints money and issues checks. Plus, you “paid in” – though that argument strikes me as morally doubtful given that “paying in” doesn’t give you a moral claim on others to make them pay.

Personally, I think that whatever we can do to reject the Free Lunch will enhance all of our freedom by rejecting the idea of taking other people’s stuff.

But I’m a kook. What do I know?

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