Why “Heroes” Aren’t . . . Again

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When you insist on being called a “hero” you probably aren’t. More proof of this axiom comes in the form of a video – another one – of Atlanta armed government workers (what they really are) using electric shock therapy on a young woman who didn’t immediately obey orders to get out of the car, now!

Even as she was trying to do just that.

Her boyfriend was also electroshocked – and had his arm broken by AGWs. It is unclear what “crime” the two college students had committed.

The heavily armed and “trained” (to resort to extreme violence first) AGWs – six of them, all told – were fired and two were even charged. These two – Mark Gardner and Ivory Streeter – are now suing the city to get their jobs back.

Which is like Ted Bundy insisting he has a right to work at the woman’s crisis center.

Except that Ted was put in prison while it’s very difficult to put AGWs such as the ones in this video there. They enjoy the unique privilege of not being held accountable for abusing people – this is the doctrine of “qualified immunity” – as well as unique authority (power, really) to do pretty much as they like.

This includes abusing the law – a sickeningly ironic thing given these are the supposed custodians (old Greek/Roman meaning) of the law.

If anyone ought to be expected to respect the law it ought to be those with the power to enforce it. Which implies the obligation to not apply force when the law doesn’t justify it.

And yet, they do. Often.

They also make up laws and enforce those, too.

YouTube is littered with videos of armed government workers demanding ID from people who have no legal obligation to produce it – as for example people taking video from public areas of things which are in the public view. It is a perfectly legal activity – and AGWs have to know it is – yet AGWs routinely hustle up to such citizens, block their path and demand – over and over and over – that the person produce ID.

When the person – the victim – asks the AGW what crime he’s committed, the answer is often “suspicious activity.” Which AGWs also know isn’t a crime. It is an intimidation tactic. The victim will ask whether he’s being detained or free to go. Often the AGW will not answer this question, which AGWs are obliged to do by the law.

In other words, they blatantly break the law – a serious one – and practically laugh in our faces as they do so.

These same AGWs who violate the law on video are almost never charged much less convicted of anything… but can and will Hut! Hut! Hut! us for the slightest violation of law, such not wearing a seatbelt or walking across a street that’s perfectly clear but the idiot light that says you must wait until it says ok.

They drive as fast as they like; they pull guns on people practically any time they like; they often can’t shoot straight when they fire their guns, hitting people who weren’t even in their sights – or people who were but didn’t deserve to be executed in the street.

They kick down the wrong doors – getting the right address being apparently too much to expect. If they “meant well,” it’s ok. No charges for them.

They tear up people’s homes, rough people up – and just walk way from the mess.

Murder our pets, invade our space and take away our peace of mind whenever one of them is anywhere in the vicinity – for all the reasons adduced above.

They’re not looking to “serve and protect.” They’re their to harass and collect.

Kill, too. Usually in a not-fair fight.

Is it any wonder people are tired of AGWs – and sick of hearing these sadistic poltroons referred to by themselves and their toadies as “heroes”?

A real hero would have stepped up – and stepped in. Perhaps one of the six AGWs who witnessed what was going on in the Atlanta incident.


It will take the kind of hero worthy of the title to risk his life for the sake of another – by standing up to AGWs who do what you see in this and so many other videos of AGWs “just doing their job.”

. . .

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  1. The “Idiocracy” universe is looking better all the time. But it looks like we’re in the “Brazil” universe instead.

  2. The good news is that now the white UMC is starting to hate the swine, realizing (albeit very belatedly) just how useless they are, in addition to just how dangerous. Support of the white UMC is the only thing allowing the swine to get away with their depredations. Once that support is gone, porky will have NO allies among the citizenry. That will be his death sentence.

    As others have said elsewhere, the year 2020 and beyond will NOT be a good time to be a cop.

    • As I see it,,, The decline of law and order will continue as the empire is self destructing. This is just the beginning as the politicians and law enforcement have given in to the mob. The Supreme Court has held that cities and counties can ban hand guns. Long guns will be next. Everything the left wants, it will get.
      With little in the way of defense, no police, and the rioters and looters treated as if they were angels from heaven, law abiding folks will fall prey and the nation will break up into war lord zones where no light skinned person will be safe and Blacks will become immune to arrest.

      2020 and beyond will not be a good time for decent people but will be a renaissance for the criminal element.

  3. Never had any problem with shopping mall “police” (security) – always polite and helpful. That is the model that should apply to current AGWs.

    Bond and insure – at their expense – like my roofer.

  4. Confrontations between protesters and police are concentrated in urban areas, both in the US and in cities such as London and Paris. So are police killings of unarmed citizens (Minneapolis, Atlanta, etc).

    How are people responding? Mega-rich buyers are driving up prices in Aspen and Park City, as some of them plan to live there year-round. Likewise, to escape from New York City, those who can afford it have headed to the Berkshires or Vermont. I’m hearing similar anecdotal accounts of city slickers bailing out to vacation-oriented small towns within 2-3 hours drive of major cities elsewhere in the country.

    Current urban unrest has been compared to the Sixties, when riots in Detroit, Newark and Los Angeles prompted a middle-class flight to the suburbs, sending cities on a downhill spiral symbolized by NYC almost going bankrupt in 1975.

    For the last 40 years though, cities have bounced back. Whether it’s hipsters in Brooklyn or tech start-ups in San Francisco, ambitious under-40 adults have been gravitating to prospering cities.

    Is it all over now? Are cities headed for another plunge into urban poverty and violence, as jobless residents with nothing to lose battle AGWs whose unions protect them against all but the most egregious violence against citizens?

    It’s too early to say. History doesn’t repeat exactly, but it often rhymes.

  5. I’ve heard that commercial fishing, logging, combat journalism, roofing, trucking, and mining are far more dangerous than law enforcement. Yet why aren’t they heroes?

  6. It is satisfying to see a magnifying glass and a spotlight held focused on the depravity of “law enforcement”. The entire set of excuses for them is fading fast. The pitiful part is that so very many don’t see a way to function without them. I seriously doubt we will be rid of them, but perhaps some of their teeth will be pulled. Qualified immunity is going to be a tough sell for them going forward, as will their magical invulnerability to prosecution and conviction. Unfortunately, we are on the cusp of self destruction over an illusion promoted by the Psychopaths In Charge and their Mockingbird CIA controlled media. The constant ubiquitous ravings of “RACISM”. Never mind that the plight of the black race is entirely the product of propaganda absolving them of responsibility, and social programs put in place to “help” them. The illusion that they can’t help themselves. The political apparatus is by far more damaging to them than any white supremacist could ever hope to be. Their beloved progressive politicians have done more damage to them than the KKK ever did. Their education is nearly nonexistent. Their every failing is blamed on the “other”. Instead of being treated as individuals, they are lumped into their group identity, and any who protest are chastised.

    • Hi JWK,

      It is. Thought it isn’t to the most persistent troll to ever plague these pages. I refer to “Dr. Phil” (also goes by “Alex” and “Winnie” and several other ‘fraidy cat fake names). This person – I suspect it’s an angry woman, on account of the stalker obsessiveness – continues to bash her keyboard angrily every day, leaving multiple messages that all go directly and automatically into the trash, where they are just as automatically deleted without anyone having seen or read them.

      Yet she continues to send ’em in.

      It’s like someone who keeps texting an ex who long ago blocked their number.