Brave Man Confronts “Heroes”

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Here’s a video of a very brave man who verbally confronts “hero” cops, denouncing them to their face. Not with profanity – with reason and appeals to human decency, which these “heroes” manifestly lack:

The man rightly points out that the woman who has been pulled over hasn’t committed any crime; that they are harassing her over an “infraction” – expired tags or some such – that they have discretion to not harass her over. They could have just given her a warning about it and let her go on her way.

Instead – being the “heroes” they are, they do what “heroes” – what armed government workers – do: Use “the law” to extract money for the government.

And they wonder why they’re hated.

Kudos to this man. Who happens to be black. But this is not a black vs. white issue. It is a human decency issue.

We are on the same side.




  1. Eric,

    Thank you for bringing this (and many other videos/articles) to my (others) attention.

    I think it would be helpful for more people to see these types of videos.

    Articulate people peacefully airing their complaints to the law enforcers. Thankfully the leos are listening and letting the man speak.

    I wish you and everyone else a Happy Thanksgiving. Even with all the things that are wrong in this country, there are still things to be thankful for in our lives.


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