Man Confronts Heroes Who Shot His Dog

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Sean Kendall’s dog was shot in his own backyard on June 18, and a week later hundreds of people protested in front of the Salt Lake City Police Department, wielding signs and cheering in support of pets and animal owners.

In the video above, Kendall can be seen confronting a pair of officers only minutes after hearing about the incident that occurred on his property. According to a sergeant on scene, the officer who shot Kendall’s dog, Geist, was “looking for a lost child” when he moved into Kendall’s backyard and was approached by the gray Weimaraner.

“I believe this officer made a terrible judgment call,” Kendall told Fox13. “In my profession, if I make a terrible judgment I’m fired.”

The identity of the officer, Brett Olsen, was confirmed on Friday in a statement made by Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank. Olsen was considered one of the “heroes” from the Salt Lake City Trolley Square shooting in 2007, where he helped bring down a gunman that opened fire in public.

In the same statement, Burbank confirmed Olsen did in fact shoot the dog. He suggested forensic evidence would show the dog was very close to officer Olsen when he discharged his weapon.

“Evidence shows that the dog was extremely close,” Burbank said. “In fact, within feet of the officer. We do have documentation.”


  1. I have never mentioned since it’s so painful and I can barely be sane when I do but my wife and I have experienced this. And it was pre-meditated even though our dog was in a kennel. The ‘animal control’ occifer(scum scum scum) and the sheriff (scum scum scum)arranged to have it done and not charge the guy even though discharging a gun in the city limits was a crime and I had witnesses.

    I already knew the dog catcher caught cats(witnessed by a good friend who was made sick by the sight), tied them up by twisting barb wire around their hind legs and hung them on his back fence(this is in town) and hung them there till they died. I could say more but I’m getting sick.

  2. H*ll a local police department was videotaped abusing their own police dog.

    Frankly that cop had no business being in that guys yard.

  3. …”the dog was within feet of the officer.”. Well yeah, because the officer was trespassing in the dog’s yard! Officer Douchebag should be fired and brought up on animal cruelty charges; that will happen when my hair grows back, as in never. I hope we’re getting closer to the tipping point when the sheeple will realize they’ve been totally screwed over, but doubt it will happen in my lifetime.

  4. Poor guy…
    “If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon (them).”

    There is currently no deterrent for this type of behavior by cops. There needs to be a deterrent.


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