A Real Hero Confronts “Heroes”

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It speaks for itself:


  1. This 11-year-old Lynchburg, VA kid is already a felon.

    Virginia tops nation in sending kids to cops and courts

    Kayleb Moon-Robinson —who is autistic— barely started sixth grade last fall in Lynchburg, Virginia, when a school resource officer filed charges against him.

    In the 1980s, in the midst of the “War on Drugs,” school districts started to enlist local police officers to patrol the hallways. That trend only grew after the Columbine High School shooting, in 1999.

    Kayleb Moon-Robinson and his mother, Stacy Doss, discovered this last November. As an 11-year-old sixth grader at Linkhorne Middle School in Lynchburg, Virginia, a school resource officer arrested Kayleb in the hallway.

    Kayleb said: “The officer grabbed me and tried to take me to the office, I started pushing him away, He slammed me down and then he handcuffed me.”

    Virginia schools refer students to law enforcement nearly three times as often as the national average.

    – Who is to be held accountable for this. Is there really any way to segregate the “good” guys from the “bad” guys here? If you lived in independent city Lynchburg and pay significant taxes there, aren’t you the largest part of the problem?

    In an evil system, there really aren’t any salvageable good guys, it could be argued. Maybe within a large cancerous tumor, there are many cells who divide normally and aren’t a threat. But no one is expected to find them and preserve them.

    I think the Borg assimilation process has already reached a tipping point in the Northeast part of the United States. I have serious doubts about the humanity of nearly every single American at this point. But especially the Northeast. There are too many Borg adaptations that occur there, that no one even notices or mentions.

    Isn’t it irrelevant whether or not you want to support this system of tyranny. The fact is you do tolerate it, and permit it to grow and infect other areas. If you live in Lynchburg, VA, aren’t you part of the cancer and disease that needs to be excised? Cube dwelling automaton drones who should be cut away. Inhuman zombies who need to be removed from what remains of salvageable humanity?

    Don’t all 75,568 residents of this independent city share some of the responsibility? If followers of NAP expected to be spared, isn’t it required that they offer resistance today. And prep and form a plan for separating themselves from the statist hordes, when the external multi-national coalition purge finally comes?

    Surely there were good Germans under Hitler. They were the ones who didn’t fund the regime. Who offered resistance and conflict wherever they could.

    The bon-vivant smiling German who said “I’m not the one killing others. My hands are clean of this master race drone collective murderous holocaust.”

    If he just lived in his house, and worked as his job. And tried to stay out of the whole thing. Isn’t he more than a little disingenuous and delusional, when he says he wasn’t to blame and shouldn’t be held at all accountable.

    Is doing as the Roman do, and taking care to not personally causing direct harm, while living in Rome, really a valid ethical defense?

  2. The greatest destroyer of wealth on the face of the earth: Preetinder Singh Bharara. Born in Firozpur, Punjab, India. United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

    Bharara’s office sends out agents to more than 25 countries to investigate suspects of arms, narcotics traffickers and terrorists and brings them to Manhattan to face charges.

    One case involved Viktor Bout, an arms trafficker who lived in Moscow; who had a deal involving selling arms to Colombian terrorists. Bharara argues that this aggressive approach is necessary in post 9/11 era. Defense lawyers have criticized the stings calling Bharara’s office “the Southern District of the World” and that he pursues people unfairly and without jurisdiction.

    His continued authority is proof American citizens have no idea the evil they are perpetrating on other countries.

    On April 13, 2013, Bharara was on a list released by the Russian Federation of Americans banned from entering the country over their alleged human rights violations.

    Bharara was featured on a cover of Time magazine entitled “This Man is Busting Wall Street.” More than any other individual, he has killed what little remained of the free market. He deserves to be tried in an international court, and hopefully executed.

    Some day when India, China, Russia, and Iran, finally launch their nukes, and end this American Reich, I hope the Southern District of New York is completely annihilated, and made a wasteland, and that the end finally comes to all the evil they are bringing into this world.

  3. Scott, 50, was a father of four and a Dallas Cowboy’s fan, his brother said. The Scott family’s attorney said Tuesday that he had a warrant out for his arrest stemming from outstanding child support payments when he was pulled over by Slager during Saturday’s traffic stop, which the attorney said could be a reason why Scott began to run away from the officer.


    There’s no actual work to do really. So I’ve started to do payroll for the company. And other things. I used to be delinquent all the time in filing all the various reports. I had to teach myself how to do them all in time.

    Only one employee had his wages garnished for back child support, and it was a huge hassle to file all his state paperwork. Many times I fell behind and completed more crucial overdue reports first.

    One time this employee came in and told me he was concerned, he had been pulled over for failure to pay child support. They were threatening to suspend his license and throw him in jail.

    I told him I’d look into it and take care of it, but admitted nothing. Thing is, he was paying, it was being deducted from his checks and wired to the state by the company. It was me who didn’t send in the additional required reports by the deadline, and which caused him to be flagged as a deadbeat delinquent for not paying his child support.

    Shit, one day I might end up killing one of these runaway tax slaves who work for my company. They might even be innocent, and only look like they’re running away from their shared responsibility payments cause of someone like me.

  4. Eric Peters – Chrome. Part of the tour sponsored by “Under The Radar”. Eric shares about and performs “Chrome”, the title cut of his 2009 CD.

    Recurring themes of faith and hope-triggered plotlines are simply an echo of who Eric Peters is, his experiences, and his attempts to understand his own fallible world. “I am doomed without the strong and tender hand of mercy. I hope to share that of myself: the tangible and intangible, the noble and despicable, the manageable and mysterious.”

    More on Borg Designation Eric Peters

    First Borg Designation: Eric. Secondary: Peters: Seven of Twenty-Five so named linked-in professionals, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix United-States.

    – Borg identification pro-tip. If you have a generic meaningless name many others also have, you are probably Borg.


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