Elon Questions the Cult

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The Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia has just decreed – no law having been passed – that the Holy Rag must be worn in all indoor spaces beginning Sunday and also that the cattle may not gather in groups of 25 or more.

He intends to sic the Gesundheitspolizei on the “noncompliant.” Not wearing the Holy Rag, in other words, will become of more interest to the polizei than crime.

Because the cases! the cases! 

Which brings up the case of Elon Musk – who claims to have tested positive . . . and negative  . . . two times each on the same day.

“Same machine, same test, same nurse . . .”

“Something extremely bogus is going on,” he said.

Now Musk is many things but he’s not poor and so these tests – Rapid Antigen – were the top-shelf items administered by top-shelf medical people.

And they came back incoherent.

Which is one of the many problems with this manufactured pandemic of fear. It is premised on “cases” without symptoms, context or even accurate testing. This being the basis for imposing a breathtaking regime of dictatorial control.

Musk later Tweeted his suspicions that the “spike” in the cases! the cases! is likely due to the “cases” being based on what politeness might style bullshit: “If it is happening to me, it’s happening to others” and – touching the third rail – “revenues from (these) tests are likely not bogus and very consistent.”


There is a great deal of money in the cases! the cases! – especially for the big corporations that are using them – or rather, using their tools in government, such as The Coonman in my state of Virginia – to usher in a new round of lockdowns, which will mostly lockdown corporations’ competitors, the smaller independent retailers and so on that cannot afford to limit their customers to 25 at a time.

And we all know how hospitals are paid to report the cases! the cases! – each “case” amounting to a ka-ching of the cash register, giving them thousands of dollars’ of incentive to find as many “cases” as they can.

The cases! the cases! also enables the perpetuation of the appearance of sickness by making everyone appear sick or in dread of it via the wearing of the Holy Rag, which – as this column has observed manifold times, is a religious vestment by definition since a woolen neck scarf or old bandana or dust mask that has the same power to screen out viral particles that a chain link fence has to screen out mosquitos meets our oppressors’ criteria for a “face covering.”   

Which reveals that the purpose is to cover our faces. To muzzle us. To make us look the same and make it appear we think the same.

We are being made to wear the coverings for the same reason a horse is made to wear the bit only it’s much more sinister because the bit isn’t meant to degrade the horse while the Holy Rag is intended to do precisely that, by forcing us to pretend we agree with the tenets of a deranged cult.

Everyone who has read my articles over the years knows I’ve been a harsh critic of Musk for his rent-seeking and the disgustingly reverential “coverage” of his electric car and solar panel scams by the corporate press. So everyone who reads this will hopefully appreciate that I think Musk may be coming around.

A few months ago, he was one of the very few of America’s heavy-hitters who challenged the locking-down of his business, announcing he would defy the lockdown orders and resume business and if necessary, move his business.

I lauded him for this.

And now I laud him for coming forward with evidence of a scam being perpetrated on the people of this country that makes electric car subsidies seem like a fixed back-alley game of marbles.

It’s not just money that’s in play this time.

It is everything.

The creatures behind the cases! the cases! are making their move – what may be their checkmate move. The cases! the cases! is the groundwork being laid for the suspension of everything and the imposition of everything.

It must be fought.

There must be mass refusal to wear the Holy Rag.

Refuse to accept being emotionally blackmailed by the emotionally unhinged. If you aren’t sick, do not accept that you are obliged to pretend you are sick to assuage the feelings of the mentally sick.

There must be mass defiance of lockdowns, personal as well as public. Prisons are “locked down.”

Businesses that refuse to close or enforce “mandates” must be supported by people willing to risk arrest, should it come to that.

Are you sick of this yet? Then do something about it!

I am going to do just that. Today, I am going to speak with the owner of my gym about The Coonman’s new “mandates” and urge her to refuse to go along and tell her I will stand with her if the Coonman’s goons come to enforce the “mandates,” which have no legal (let alone) moral standing. I am on personal terms with the owners of two other businesses and plan on visiting with them as well.

To try to get them to see that compliance is no longer an option. That their businesses cannot withstand another lockdown. That we cannot stand living this way.

Musk has said that the embrace of mass hysteria has “diminished his faith in humanity.”

We have a chance to restore it, not for his sake – but for ours.

This must come to a stop. Now.

Or it will never be over. Understand this. Fight this, as if you life depended on it.

Because it does.

. . .

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  1. As per usual, an article by an author that can’t be bothered to check his facts before hitting “publish”.

    The fact, if you want to check it yourself, is that the number of tests has fallen recently in the USA, very substantially. It’s unclear why. What is clear is that the number of cases has not fallen substantially when the number of tests fell substantially. Probably because the tests do work.Clover

    As for the incoherent results of Musk, it isn’t unexpected that if somebody has only recently caught the disease, they are at the limit of what a test can detect, and some come positive and some negative. It’s much as a motion detector in front of a door, that opens the door. If you position yourself at the right distance and move only a little, you can make the door behave erratically. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the motion detector. It’s just that you put yourself at the limit of what it can detect.

    But hey, feel free to keep trusting people instead of checking the numbers yourself. Because maths is just for people that keep their jobs in a pandemic, and surely you don’t want to be one of those.

    • Doly,

      What facts are in question? The fact that a “case” is nothing more than a (dubious) positive test result? You want to discuss facts? Ok, how about the fact that most of the “cases” don’t even have symptoms and the majority who have them are mild and that more than 99 percent of the population recovers?

    • Doly, Doly… You’re way worse that the author. The author is correct, you’re just another moron slave just repeating what you see/ear on CNN & Friends.

      Your example of the “motion detector” is the sign that you are just that.

    • Last opportunity to evolve!

      Read the following court of appeals ruling were the two judges dismantle the absolute fraud using RT-qPCR as a “test” and a “diagnostic” tool really is.

      ” 16. In the case that concerns us now, there is no indication or proof, that such diagnosis was actually carried out by a professional qualified under the Law and who had acted in accordance with good medical practices. In fact, what follows from the facts taken for granted, is that none of the applicants was even seen by a doctor, which is frankly inexplicable, given the alleged seriousness of the infection.

      17. In fact, the only element that appears in the proven facts in this regard is the performance of RT-PCR tests, one of which presented a positive result in relation to one of the applicants.

      i. However, in view of the current scientific evidence, this test is, in itself, incapable of determining, beyond reasonable doubt, that such positivity corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, by several reasons, of which we highlight two (to which is added the issue of gold standard which, due to its specificity, we will not even address): For this reliability depend on the number of cycles that make up the test; For this reliability depend on the amount of viral load present.

      ii. Indeed, the RT-PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests, molecular biology tests that detect the RNA of the virus, commonly used in Portugal to test and list the number of infected (after nasopharyngeal collection), are performed by amplifying samples , through repetitive cycles. The number of cycles of such amplification results in the greater or lesser reliability of such tests.

      iii. And the problem is that this reliability is shown, in terms of scientific evidence (and in this field, the judge will have to rely on the knowledge of experts in the field), more than debatable. This is the result, among others, of the very recent and comprehensive Correlation study between 3790 qPCR positives samples and positive cell cultures including 1941 SARS-CoV-2 isolates, by Rita Jaafar, Sarah Aherfi, Nathalie Wurtz, Clio Grimaldier, Van Thuan Hoang, Philippe Colson, Didier Raoult, Bernard La Scola, Clinical Infectious Diseases, ciaa1491, https: //doi.org/10.1093/cid/ciaa1491,em https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093 / cid / ciaa1491 / 5912603, published at the end of September this year, by Oxford Academic, carried out by a group that brings together some of the greatest European and world experts in the field. This study concludes [2], in free translation: “At a cycle threshold (ct) of 25, about 70% of the samples remained positive in the cell culture (i.e. they were infected): in a ct of 30, 20% of the samples remained positive; in a ct of 35, 3% of the samples remained positive; and at a ct above 35, no sample remained positive (infectious) in cell culture (see diagram). This means that if a person has a positive PCR test at a cycle threshold of 35 or higher (as in most laboratories in the USA and Europe), the chances of a person being infected are less than 3%. The probability of a person receiving a false positive is 97% or higher ”.

      iv. What follows from these studies is simple – the possible reliability of the PCR tests performed depends, from the outset, on the threshold of amplification cycles that they support, in such a way that, up to the limit of 25 cycles, the reliability of the test will be about 70%; if 30 cycles are carried out, the degree of reliability drops to 20%; if 35 cycles are reached, the degree of reliability will be 3%.

      v. However, in the present case, the number of amplification cycles with which PCR tests are carried out in Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira, is unknown, since we were unable to find any recommendation or limit in this regard.

      vi. For its part, in a very recent study by Elena Surkova, Vladyslav Nikolayevskyy and Francis Drobniewski, accessible at https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2600(20)30453-7/fulltext, published in the equally prestigious The Lancet, Respiratory Medicine, it is mentioned (in addition to the multiple questions that the precision of the test itself raises, regarding the specific detection of the sars-cov virus 2, due to strong doubts about the fulfillment of the so-called gold standard) that ( free translation): “Any diagnostic test must be interpreted in the context of the actual possibility of the disease, which existed before its realization. For Covid-19, this decision to perform the test depends on the previous assessment of the existence of symptoms, previous medical history of Covid 19 or the presence of antibodies, any potential exposure to this disease and no likelihood of another possible diagnosis. ”[3] “One of the potential reasons for presenting positive results may lie in the prolonged shedding of viral RNA, which is known to extend for weeks after recovery, in those who were previously exposed to SARS-CoV-2.

      However, and more relevantly, there are no scientific data to suggest that low levels of viral RNA by RT-PCR are equivalent to infection, unless the presence of infectious viral particles has been confirmed by laboratory culture methods. In summary, Covid-19 tests that show false positives are increasingly likely, in the current epidemiological climate panorama in the United Kingdom, with substantial personal, health and social system consequences. ”[4]

      18. Thus, with so many scientific doubts, expressed by experts in the field, which are the ones that matter here, as to the reliability of such tests, ignoring the parameters of their performance and there being no diagnosis made by a doctor, in the sense of existence of infection and risk, it would never be possible for this court to determine that AH___ had the SARS-CoV-2 virus, nor that SH__SWH__ and NK_ had had high risk exposure.”

      source: http://www.gde.mj.pt/jtrl.nsf/33182fc732316039802565fa00497eec/79d6ba338dcbe5e28025861f003e7b30

  2. One point about the fearmasks. If you are actually sick, I suppose it would be polite to try to keep at least some of your coughs and sneezes contained behind the tissue paper. Flying blobs of spit and snot are the primary way respiratory viruses are passed to others. But it’s become clear that the fearmasks are only for the well. If you actually are sick, you are prohibited from leaving your house for any reason, even if fearmasked, gloved, plastic-bubbled or what have you. We had a case in my county where a former inmate believes he caught the virus in the jail. He went to the commissioners meeting, wearing his face diaper, to complain about infection control at the jail. He was escorted out by the police and endured a roasting in the local media for putting others “at risk.”
    Even though he was wearing his diaper, which we are told, protects others from the virus you may/may not have.
    I am not buying that asymptomatic people are passing this thing to anyone else. It’s pretty much been debunked anyway that they are spreading anything. You pass viruses to others by coughing and sneezing, i.e symptoms. People inhale your droplets in the air or they touch surfaces your germs have landed on, then touch their eyes and noses. This thing is supposedly so contagious that merely breathing can transmit it to a person closer than 6 feet, yet to detect it, they have to go mining up your nose with a 4-inch Q-tip? I call bullshit.
    So people who don’t have any symptoms and feel fine should be left alone to live their undiapered lives. People who do actually have respiratory illness symptoms should be encouraged to wear a high quality fearmask if they go out and to limit contact with at-risk people. I would comply with such recommendations with no pushback because I think that would actually be something reasonable.
    The problem is, government is never reasonable. It always caters to the lowest common denominator. We all have to drive 25 by the school because some blind person once hit a kid in a school zone. We all have to show our ID to buy cold meds because a few people use them to make meth. No one can get vicodin because some people are killing themselves with fentanyl. And we all have to wear facemasks because the gov won’t trust truly sick people to wear them.
    So it goes absolutist:
    Everyone wears them and pretends they are sick (which means they actually work, right?). But if you really are sick, you must be exiled for 15 days and can leave the house, even with a mask. (So they don’t actually work then? Bogus.)

    • Is it one small step from proxy representation to munchausen by proxy presentation…or just the same step for wo/man into wo/mankind? The astro not what your country can do for you one what made that line infamous was kilt by the medicomafia-incompetencia, too.

    • Hi Amy,

      The white-hot danger of accepting the assertion that “asymptomatic” people can spread the WuFlu is that it encompasses everyone, in perpetuity. The “masks” will never come off because anyone might be “sick” – even though they seem perfectly fine; even though there is no reason to believe they are sick. But they might be – and you can’t be too safe! There is no way to counter this emotional argument. It is exactly the same argument, ironically enough, used by people terrified of guns to demand that people who’ve never shot anyone have their guns taken away. Because they might shoot someone.

      • “asymptomatic” basis the pcr “test,” antibody “test”…but really, cuz the Milgram wo/man in the white coat/scrubs/political colors saith so.

        swab those nasal cavities sailor! aye-aye, captain! (or any other rank odor, including peer pressure.)

  3. Here is the big concern. About Covid 19, we know NOTHING. There is a blizzard of contradictory information- cases, deaths, hospitalizations, Ad Nauseum.

    However, if we look to reason and experience, we KNOW that masks don’t stop virus transmission for several reasons. One is that they are way too porous. In general if you can breathe through it and definitely if you can smell through it, it is doing nothing for a nano sized particle. But the most important reason is that NOTHING but the virus burning out will stop a virus outbreak.

    Similarly, you can claim all the casualties you want, but if the overall death rate is similar to previous years, you know you don’t have any kind of a serious outbreak going on. And we do not- the all cause mortality worldwide is right in line with 2019, 18, and 17.

    Having said all that, I do believe there is some sort of disease going around, my best friend was “diagnosed” with it and spent a day and a night in the hospital. There is a nasty cold going around. So what? We deal with it. And the propaganda outlets continue to churn out panic. By their works shall ye know them.

    • “COVID-19” is just the new label for good old PNEUMONIA!

      You should start to read more “science” papers and watch less MSM (main shit media)…

      “A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019” keyword: PNEUMONIA!
      source: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2001017

      As for the numbers… You can imagine the same result if they started to do this every Winter/Influenza Season…

      • The CDC has for years made flu looks worse by lumping categories together into a so-called annual P&I (pneumonia and influenza) count. They’ll say there’s some 50,000 “flu” deaths referring to the P&I number.

        However, when you dig into the statistics it’ll actually be only a few hundred people who died only with flu. The majority of deaths being pneumonia where flu wasn’t the primary or only identified cause.

        Now they’re lumping pneumonia, influenza and COVID into a “PIC” number which could include coronaviruses, colds, influenza, bacterial (like tuberculosis or Legionnaire’s), congestive heart failure or any number of others why pneumonia would be a primary or contributing reason for death.


  4. The tests are ridiculously over-sensitive. Also problematic is no one has the covid virus anywhere, it’s asserted to be present based on various criteria, and every government agent accepts as gospel, whatever the test sellers and service providers make up.

    Even usually reasonable pop scientists like Neil De Grasse Tyson are joining in the anti-intellectual scrum with nary a mention that maybe you should scrutinize the claims of organizations who exist solely to process funny money government purchases.

    It truly is disheartening the triumph of idiocy that iis putting the final nails in the coffin luge as we conclude our final descent to Zimbabwe powerlessness and bankruptcy.

    US Vote 2020 more you look worse it gets

  5. If you got all the cowards of the world together, and gave them their own country, what would be a fitting national motto for it?

    “Stay safe.”

    • Hi D Hata,

      “Stay Safe”is in fact becoming the new motto of whatever this new country is. One hears it said regularly. And when I hear it, I want to smash things.

        • I had a check out “guy” at the grocery store tell me to “stay safe out there”. I almost punched him in the face, and he could see the look in my eyes and he quickly turned away to the next customer.

          I turned to my wife (still within earshot of the cashier) and told her to stay dangerous out there and she smiled and said the same back to me.

    • Go Elon! Thank you for being rationale. We are all going to die, none of us are going to escape it. The variant is when. I much rather cast a few years off of my life and be happy and free to enjoy my family, my work, and travel rather than an extra 10-15 years tacked on where I live in lockdown separated from my family and live in a constant state of fear and sadness about what is revolving around me.

  6. I am not even focusing on the mask anymore. I refuse to wear one, but it is the behind of scenes stuff that the media is not covering that has me more worried. The WEF isn’t even trying to hide what they are doing and it looks like many developed countries are signing up (Canada, Australia, the Netherlands). They are talking about implementing a new fiat currency that will make the US dollar worthless, the imposing of further lockdown restrictions worldwide, including the US, the new debt reduction plan that would allow the upper crust to control assets for the promise of someone living debt free. The mask was just a presentiment.

    What happens to the rest of us that aren’t going to submit to this? Where do we go? How do we get around it and most of all, how do we prepare?

    I spent last night watching WEF videos until 2 am and have worked myself into a frenzy. They don’t even seem to be hiding it anymore. I just cannot imagine the amount of evil in the world or why many countries would be backing such a thing. We are dispensable to them. Why can’t they just leave us alone?

    • Hey RG – theres a british writer who’s been talking about this for some time – James Delingpole. He did a good article on Beritbart about this whole reset thing – also did an interview with Paul Joseph Watson (if you follow brits) But he sums up what its all about, and the history, and its links to this global warming con. Stuff Eric already covers in this site. James is an interesting person – he was one of the first who over 10 years ago uncovered the global warming scam and uncovered the fudged numbers (if you remember Climate Gate) – and thought he will be a hero. Unfortunately (and to the poor guys surprise) instead he was just sidelined from the British media……

    • Hi RG,

      Why can’t they leave us alone? Why did Tend Bundy kill women? These people are psychopaths and get off on not leaving people alone. On using and tormenting them.

      Understand this – much as it is hard to believe.

      The only way to fight them is with a degree of remorseless harshness most normal people instinctively shy away from. To understand what must be done, listen to the Col. Kurz explaining his methods in Apocalypse Now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSfTXaqo18o&ab_channel=PenzoVivas

      • The problem is we have conscience and they don’t. It’s inescapable and we’re doomed to never be in a fair fight because there is always a lower limit they’re willing to test. I mean these disgusting sociopaths have no qualms about leveraging abortion, pedophilia, forced drugs, torture. They’ve not just normalized their immorality on society but explicitly legalized and given free hand for jackboots to enforce it.

        • “Us” dehumanizes those that go with that basin bound flow. Then it projects dehumanization onto “them,” who are also – in their own hivemind — an “us,” & they project, too. When Hamilton referred to “the people” as being a great beast, he was projecting, & he meant “that other beast.” Does it needs be said weus! gots no use (beyond targets) for I’s, either?

          Mileage varies (ptsd is a thing, same as Kurtzian-style insanity is a thing), but dehumanization – a judgement — is a shield against conscience.

          Dark-hearted Kurtz was all in on the us/them scam, & Conrad’s disgust & contempt for all the colonial barbarism vs the stone age barbarism gave him lots to write about. Jordan Peterson suggests reading history as a perpetrator, rather than the more typical hero or victim.

          Free energy, no mileage caps: somebody trespasses, they reverse alchemize themselves from gold(en rule) into lead, they become things, neither us nor them but it, to which conscience does not — or need not — apply. That FL gov can “expand” stand your ground all he wants – but in so doing he merely scribbles some on what was always already true.

          But…I live trap mice that like to come in out of the cold. Catch & release. Mouse can’t help being a mouse. I ain’t gonna kill ‘em for being what they are. And the truth is, people dissolved in us & them & trespass can’t help themselves, either.

          Tricky how an obverse always has a reverse. It’s just that there are practical limitations when it comes to catch-releasing 180lb mice (or 180 one pound mice, trespassing all at once). Might makes mice into a different problem with a different solution.

          As for Elongate: the enemy o’ me & my enemy ain’t no friend o’ mine. Pragmatic utilitarians – now there’s a genetic transmission that gets nobody so infused anywhere.

  7. Eric, I’m seriously starting to believe this whole thing is manufactured propaganda. All of it. While coronaviruses do exist, this convenient “covid 19” has never been proven to actually be real and it’s obviously just something the government/media complex dreamt up but never expected the peons to catch on to this extent. Fear took hold so extremely easily that I find it hard to believe the lockdowns, diapering and vaccinations will EVER cease, since they are self-enforced. I don’t know what will happen to us dissenters but I’ve never been a sheep in my entire life and will stand my ground to be a free human being!

    • Same here, Robert –

      You may recall at the early stages of this pandemic of fear the reporting of people in China falling dead in the street, vomiting blood. Note that coverage of that went away after it served its purpose, which was to instill terror in the population. Then came the daily death count – until they couldn’t do that any longer because not enough or even no bodies to count. Instead of a sigh of relief, the cases! the cases! Which has replaced the body count and serves the same purpose.

      If this weren’t a vicious and planned thing, things would be calming down – because we know that even if the “novel” Corona is new, it is literally almost no threat (of death) to almost everyone under 70 who is otherwise healthy. This fact alone should end all the lockdowns and Diapering – which also should have ended the moment it was known that it is medically pointless to wear a “mask” that cannot screen out viral particles and which can be dangerous to the health of otherwise healthy people more than briefly and is psychologically damaging when healthy people are forced to wear them.

      Mass hysteria has been deliberately created to get people to accept and endure – and even demand – what would otherwise be seen as silly at first and then evil if insisted upon.

      My spirit flags, though, because it appears that around 9 out of ten people are either outright cattle or willing to go along with the cattle.

    • Of course it’s manufactured propaganda- The same strain of the flu doesn’t permeate the whole WORLD all at once. (Well, a few diseases have…but usually only after we’ve distributed a vaccine…)

      • I agree Eric and Nunz, it’s completely made up. Not that it matters, because even if it was real, with those pathetic death statistics it would still be less lethal than the seasonal flu. And I still wouldn’t wear the vile diaper no matter what. The hall monitor-for-pay manlet and his manager kicked me and my wife out of my local walmart the other day and kept repeating “they’ll call the police” for our refusing to diaper, all while pretending “they don’t like the masks either”. Considering they were prepared for us to get shot for not adhering to their cult religion, I’m pretty sure they love the control they have over people and are just lying to themselves. This world is pathetic.

        • Hi Robert,

          I’m resolved to test this. Rather, to test the legality. In order for an arrest to be made, there must be a charge made – that a law has been violated. A “guideline” or “mandate” is no law. I understand perfectly that power – naked force – is all that ultimately matters. But I am willing to oblige them to be open about it.

          • You are correct about there being no “law” requiring the wearing of a face diaper. However, what the businesses do is get “law enforcement” to cite you for “trespassing”. This is how they get around the lack of a law regarding the wearing of face diapers, civil-rights “equal accommodation” laws be damned. It would be interesting to see high-powered lawyers sue businesses that deny access to undiapered customers under civil-rights or Americans with disability Act violations.

            • By golly, you’re right! That could be done.

              As far as challenging this BS, most people don’t have six figures worth of cash laying around that they can spend on such a legal battle. Other civil rights legal battles, e.g. busing, had huge organizations paying the freight; the “client” was incidental, so anyone would have sufficed. It’s too bad that it’s only the socialists who have big orgs behind them for this stuff…

            • This is absolutely correct. Going without a mask is as much protected by the first amendment and your state constitution as is wearing one.

              If it’s an article of clothing, nobody has the right to tell you what to wear. People claim the no shirt no shoes no service is a counter-example but that has been tried in court and lost.

              If it’s a medical device, nobody has the right to force you to wear it. That is not only a first amendment protection but international law- the Nurnburg protocols used against Mengele and co make that established law.

              If it’s a religious garb, nobody has the right to demand you take it or not. If you are foolish enough to believe you can cover your face to keep the boogie man away, you have no right to force others to wear it.

              And the bloody cherry on the pile of sh*t is that if you’re running a “public accommodation” such as a store, a restaurant, any government building, a transportation service, anything- you are wide open to lawsuit from anyone who you discriminate against for any reason.

              And calling the cops and filing a trespass claim is prima facie proof of this.

  8. Ask The Dust.

    Sammy White, the bartender: Well, thought you might like a little advice about Camilla.

    Arturo Bandini:That’s real white of you, Sammy, but I think I can handle the situation.

    S: Okey-dokey. But you know what they say, “Never a horse that couldn’t be rode, “never a cowboy that couldn’t be throwed.” And Camilla’s one tough little pony. She’s got a real hard mouth on her.

    A: “A real hard mouth.” Interesting turn of phrase.

    S: You’re too nice to that girl, Mr. Bandini.

    A: Too nice?

    S: Way too nice. You don’t understand Mexican women.

    A: Oh, Mexican women are different.

    S: No, sir. They’re like most women, except more so. You let up on them, they’re all gonna take advantage. But you ease up on that little spic, she gonna peg you for a lily-livered gringo and buck you out of the saddle before you’re in it. A horse with a hard mouth don’t feel the bit, Arturo. So, keep them on a tight rein, never let them forget who’s boss for a second. No trick to it. Ride them hard and it’s easy.

    A: Well, Sammy, sounds like you know your horseflesh.

    S: Yeah, I hope so, Arturo. I’m gonna write Westerns. By the way, amigo, Camilla’s one pony who’s worth the ride.

    Well, isn’t domestication degrading? Who is to dominate, who is to submit, to be, or not to be, etc.

    The retortolini that fills the big bowl with all the mushy pasta in the world seems to be that no symptoms just means asymptomatic carriers on the loose – & how dare those al dente!

    The libertarian joker that argues eminent domain applies to unborn kids also argues right of preemptive self-defense against all hard-mouthed typhoid marys…as do quivering-jiggling lefties & righties & ambidextrous centrists…all of whom have been auto-PCR cycling for decades & are so sensitive that every speck of this & that has been minds eye metastasized into the blob that’s eating the world…so as to digest it back better.

    • Hey Oz, just BTW, I looked up your suggestion of that old TV movie “The Ox Bow Incident”, I didn’t watch it, but I read about it on Wikipedia. Just FYI that’s not direct democracy at all, that’s “mob rule” or “anarchy”. Direct democracy would be if they had a trial for the suspects, and the ENTIRE town would have to vote on whether they were guilty or not, and the winning vote would have to be a supermajority percentage of a very high percentage, whatever the people think is good, like maybe 80 to 90%.

      • Krazy H…mob rule is a lynch mob is a democracy – might makes right chaos gussied up in emperor’s robes, maybe, but definitely not anarchy.

        They did have a trial. The crime didn’t happen in a town, it happened out in the wild wild west ranchlands. The nearest town, you mean? And that improves the equation because the headcount hivemind that can be gotten involved is higher? (sorta like bidencrime’s promise to naturalize 20 million on day one?) Would getting the whole world involved be the ideal – maybe by legislative fiat, like down in Oz, where democracy is “the law” & everybody must get stoned (The Lottery, Shirley Jackson), er, vote?

        Utilitarianism is bookkeeping, accounting, not a moral philosophy, not ethical…all cattle counting/herding & no hat cuz no place to put it. Two heads can sometimes be better than one but three or more heads is more often just ridiculous.

        I couldn’t care less what “the people think is good.” Sorta along lines of HLM. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

        Right is right. Might much more often than not throws right right out the window…in the floor…tied to a noose.

  9. Well shit, your email doesn’t end up in my inbox. Yahoo announced a few days ago they would read everyone’s email and censor it. It would appear your site is on their list.

      • Hey Eric – how do you find Proton mail. After over 15 years on Gmail (having received one of those rare early invites from a friend working on some project with them in college), I too have decided to jump ship. Yes in hind sight its kinda stupid – who will give so much free storage without a catch…. well we know what it is now… and its kinda annoyed me too much now – at least for my personal correspondence I need something else.

        • Morning, Nasir!

          I find it top shelf 🙂 Proton is easy to use and doesn’t hassle me with pushy pitches all the damned time – as Yahoo does. Plus Yahoo is simply evil, like Gurgle and the rest.

          Jump ship!

  10. They don’t want people getting together in meetings, because then we’ll talk about all of this stuff, including the election fraud, so this LIErus is their big excuse to keep us all from organizing & resisting. And this big scam was partly for the purpose of making it easier for them to commit the biggest election fraud in history. They didn’t let observers see (or take video of) what was going on — when they were scanning in at least hundreds of thousands of fake ballots.

    I read some articles on Natural News, and looked up some other sites, it sounds like this is the biggest election fraud in history, and they have proof, and there’s also whistleblowers from the election software company that most states use. So, not just the president, but ALL state senators & representatives, ALL congresspersons, ALL county officials, etc, they were ALL frauded.

    How can any single person in America go on with this shutdown, or anything else for that matter, after this? ALL of our “elected representatives” were not even elected. What do the people of America think about that? And how many years/decades have we been getting frauded? This isn’t even a country — we people don’t even have representatives, we have PIRATES. Pirates that hate us and are waging a war against us.

    I think the turnout in most states was FAR more than the last presidential election, so what does that tell you? We all know they were voting for republicans, yet all democrats won everywhere by teeny tiny margins.

    • Huge protest/rally in DC, I’m impressed how many showed up… probably tons more can’t even find a parking space… probably tons more couldn’t get a hotel room. Gives me hope. Can you imagine if all those people setup a website and stayed in touch… and started building groups like this in their own local counties?

      Scroll down a little bit for link to AJ’s speech:

    • I agree with you for the most part, but you should keep in mind two things:

      The first is that election fraud in the US is nothing new- but what is new and frightening is that this is so blatant that it shows that the bastards just don’t care- they believe they can rule by brute force.

      The second is that Trump is only peripheral to this- the centuries long project to unite the world under despotic rule may have been exposed as it neared fruition by Trump and Brexit and a lot of little eastern European countries splitting from the agenda.

  11. Heres an interesting video. A small carwash getting fined 1000GBP because hes open despite not being “essential” according to our dear leaders.

    While at the same time the ASDA carwash (the British subsidiary of Walmart) remains open without question!!

    Think part of this plan is to concentrate wealth into even fewer hands, particularly by wiping out small businesses at every level. This is why I still tend to support some of the good local small businesses, despite the mask crap at times, because unfortunately in the UK they are out in full force trying to enforce the rules on small businesses – and I really dont think most of them can take the kid of fines being handed out.

    • its really not the businesses fault. theyll get backlash from employees and customers -and possibly the government – if they dont enforce this nonsense. its all very weird and sad, Soon youll need a vaccine certificate to enter a store. If the elites can blatantly steal an election they can do anything they want.

    • We’re put in a tough spot although I doubt the face diaper pushers mean to intentionally. Do I support businesses who are just trying to get through it or adhere to principles? Most people don’t see the underlying evil even if they are skeptical of the hysteria. They aren’t bad people but at the same time I don’t want to support anyone who isn’t going to support me. Not to mention I need things, so one has to be realistic about when and where you fight since our time is not without value.

  12. Always found this guy is interesting, like hes not completely gone to the dark side yet…. really think he will end up like McAfee once he realises what the reality of things around him is.

    • ‘… he [Musk] will end up like McAfee’

      BINGO, Nasir! Elon’s fate rhymes with the archetypical legend of the martyr-prophet who ‘has no honor in his own country.’

      Prophets get into trouble with their big mouths. Already, Elon has sassed the Securities and Exchange Commission by illegally tweeting commentaries that the stock price is ‘so high’ ($420, dude! Heh heh!) or too low, or ‘financing secured’ for a buyout (it wasn’t). He even mocked the SEC as the “Short-seller Enrichment Commission.”

      Now Elon has veered ominously into blasphemy by undermining faith in rapid antigen testing. Not only will this incur the antipathy of Big Pharma, but also it attacks a doctrinal canon of Bidenism.

      Trying to square the circle of being simultaneously a good green EV guy and a pathological borderline Covid denier (a thoughtcrime as grave as climate denial) is perilous, and ultimately impossible.

      Elon’s contingency plan is to decamp to his Martian colony which — true to the text of dozens of science fiction novels — he’s proclaimed as an intergalactic free port, unbound by the trivial laws of Earth.

      One fears, though, that from his Martian bunker, Elon may become an impotent witness to crowds of ‘mostly peaceful’ earthbound protesters, liberating and then torching his gigafactories, fifty million miles in the rearview mirror.

      And then — fulfilling the SF scriptures — the supply lines from Earth break down. A race against time to save the planet commences. Minor prophet Edgar Rice Burroughs limned the scene in Chapter 20, The Atmosphere Factory, in his John Carter novel titled A Princess of Mars. (Captain John Carter was a Confederate officer who left his native state of Virginia after the Civil War and headed west to prospect for gold and Rearden metal.)

      Who will be Elon’s Princess of the Red Planet? And if she’s reading this … Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light? Or just another lost angel, city of night?

    • I detest Musk because he is a rent-seeking crony capitalist – Tesla is able to exist only through extortion and fraud (the carbon credit scam). I also am leery of self-styled “visionaries” and where their vision would lead us. However, like the proverbial broken clock that is right twice a day Elon is spot on with this issue.

      • Elon Musk is like Trump – smart enough to recognize the reality of FED-fueled excess and regulation-protect monopolies. Doesn’t make them quite as deeply evil as the multigenerational sociopath families who run the puppet show but it doesn’t make them humanitarians either. But they know the truth as they attend the same parties yet their lack of conscience doesn’t stop them from partaking. They are willing participants so don’t weep for their demise. But they are high enough in the pyramid to know they don’t have a place on a safe island when the next Nuremberg trials occur. Every CEO and politician is a useful idiot, expendable when the music stops.

    • I’ll drink to that! I’ve always liked Elon. He’s unique; there’s no one like him. He’s quite the showman in his own, dweeby sort of way; his unveilings are better than most of what’s on TV! Anyway, I was stoked when he told Gov. Newsom and his minions to fuck off… 🙂

  13. I will resist, but I’m not hopeful. The fact is that public education won. It succeeded in generating at least two generations of graduates, most of whom are incapable of critical thought, or any action other than submission. Enlightenment is progressing due to sites like Eric’s, but it is behind the curve. Our best hope is that the uneducated educated masses will at least stay out of our way.
    The bank cartel is all in on this, and since they control all the money, they control the politics. The entire purpose of the charade is to cover their ass as their infantile management of the world economy folds up around them. The so far successful strategy is to extract what wealth there is of of 99% into their own coffers before the end. They will then erase the old money standard, and replace it with one where they decide how much the 99% get, if anything. At least those that manage to stay alive.
    There is little reason NOT to put your life on the line, since they are just as likely to take it from you anyway. If not literally at least any quality it may have. Of what use is one’s life if it’s under total control of others? They are living your life, you aren’t.

  14. The mask is the easiest device to see who is cooperating and who isn’t. If a government official walks into a grocery store and sees 99% compliance they know how many are following the protocols. The mask is a number count, no more. Even if you despise the mask, but are still wearing it you are announcing to the world that you are willing to go along with optics. It is the greatest psychological power play the world has ever seen.

    I applaud Musk for bringing attention to the inaccuracy and downright, deception of the case testing. When you have to maximize 35 to 40 times to find some type of virus, then it really isn’t there.

    What I don’t understand is people’s willingness to get tested. I have read of some people getting tested 4x per week….what the hell is wrong with you? If you aren’t feeling well stay home. Most of us don’t run to the doctor when we have the sniffles and the flu. We lay on the couch for a few days, sip chicken noodle soup, and pop Tylenol.

    Stop believing you and everyone around you is ill. I actually had two clients contact me this week wanting me to visit. I told both I would love to see them, but will not mask up. One, decided that was unacceptable and we decided to do the work online, the second said “no problem” see you next week. Deep down I think only about 50% are willing to believe this charade, but most people have so little confidence to go against the norm that they aren’t willing to expose themselves. We have quite the fight on our hands.

      • Good morning A,

        Parents don’t teach their children anything anymore, except “listen to authority” and “follow the science.” Ugh! Anyone who actually “followed science” would know the masks (in a few circumstances) will only protect the wearer and disposable masks and bandanas do nothing. I find it hard to fathom that millions of people believe a fabric layered Chinese manufactured mask is going to save them. Most people have lost all sense. But, they accuse us of being the conspiracy theorists. 😳

    • I believe a substantial contingent wants to test positive. Perhaps they want some time off work, but more probably they see it as some perverted perfection of membership in the sickness cult. To say that they “had it” and were part of it. To get their certificate, tee shirt, or bumper sticker. This is why some people are getting multiple tests for seemingly no reason. Others are delusional and paranoid, and believe the virus is everywhere, so they must confirm they were able to dance through the raindrops without getting wet.

      Few of them understand the testing methods are flawed and skewed, and may carry ulterior motives underneath. Even fewer of them realize (or care about) the consequences and implications of a positive test, to them and those around them. None seem to recognize that positive testing is bringing hell upon us, and their own destruction, ultimately. These flailing swimmers are going to drown all of us.

      Testing needs to stop. Now.

      • Great reply !
        Our problem is that there is NO WAY to pressure the oligarch pharmaceutical industry or the politician goons that protect them.
        No way, except 2A…

    • The new pain is now we need to get tested to travel. And if I want to travel – we dont really have a choice :P…. anyhow will prob get a gov approved home test kit – wipe it on my rear end and send it back – lets see what they can find in there…

    • I saw a young man way up on a huge tractor or stripper yesterday fueling up wearing a mask. Nobody was around and fewer would even be showing on the street except for a convenience story and a liquor store. I went to the post office and it was deserted except for the worker. If I could get rural mail delivery I’d only go to town for booze and that would be rare. I buy it cheap……by the case.

  15. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is currently the most commonly used COVID-19 test both in the US and globally. PCR was invented by Kary Mullis in 1985 but it was not invented with the purpose of detecting disease, it’s primary intended applications included biomedical research and criminal forensics.
    The test was never intended to be used to determine infection by viruses.

    • PCR is a DNA amplification technique. Each cycle produces a logarithmic enhancement of a target DNA sequence. There are dozens and dozens of coronaviruses, and millions of similar short sequences of DNA in the genome. How do we know – they never say and don’t give any information about what sequences they are amplifying – they are screening specifically for SARS-cov2 and not picking up noise from other coronaviruses or something else? We need a full accounting from these testing companies of what they are doing and how. This needs in depth scrutiny. Do that, and you will find the fraud.

      • Hi BAC. Saw a video the other day in which Fauci said that if the PCR test is run for more than 35 cycles, it is “probably picking up lots of other stuff”. Labs typically run 42 or 43 cycles, so by Fauci’s own words, they are generating tons of false positives. That’s even assuming that the SARS-CoV-2 virus actually exists and that the PCR test can identify it.

  16. Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God !
    I completely and unequivalently support the narrative in this article. We must push back, by any means necessary.
    There are so many holes in the Covid narrative promoted by the governor of Virginia, where I live, that only an actor in the movie “IDIOCRACY” could miss them. Here are just two that ring my bell:
    • Having a pathogen physically is not the same as being sick with one. We are all infested with perhaps millions of invasive organisms, but we do not get ill. Most of the pseudo deaths from Covid also had athletics foot, a fungus. Did that kill them…

    • The financial incentive to the medical gulag is so powerful that nearly all players go along to collect their lucre. In fact, I believe that one of the main objectives of this whole medical Hog Stomp, from the beginning, was and is to reliquidify the depleted financial system. Everybody knows that we live in a debt driven society. Rent seeking is very profitable, especially when, like the U.S., you control the fiat money. What nobody controls is the effect of psychotic greed and the legal theft attendant. We are daily told about the national debt, a fictious construct used to obscure the robbery of our wealth. At some point, the Ponzi Scheme has to fall, but it can be delayed by fiat money. The problem is, “How to get the money back into the system without being discovered…”. What better way than to create a war, or a plandemic ? The end result is the same, except we go deeper into the rabbit hole.

    All of this is utterly dependent on maintaining the fear and illusion of a medical crisis. We must resume the courage to say “NO”.

  17. Lies, damn lies & statistics. The positive tests vs. cases vs. having “it” vs. being sick with “it” vs. being hospitalized for “it” vs. dying with or from “it.” If “it” even exists as something truly “novel.” All conflated on purpose. Impossible for anybody to know the truth about any of it.

    Check out the text of a correction issued after a hysterical propaganda article from an MSM financial site about the alarming rise in “cases” in WI.

    Correction: This article was updated to delete a statement from a Wisconsin doctor who erroneously said one in three people in the state had Covid-19. More than one in three people tested for the virus have it.

    Big difference, huh? I wonder how long this single hysteria creating lie was left to mis/disinform. And how many more are out there right now.


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