Elon Does Something Libertarian

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Many libertarians want to like Elon Musk. He just gave them a reason to.

Not because he has decided to stop relying on government to help him sell electric cars.  But because he came out against government forcing people to submit to injections.

Musk isn’t old – or sick – and neither are his kids. Therefore, he reasons, there is no reason to inject himself or them with a vaccine against a sickness that doesn’t pose much if any serious risk to themselves – but which is itself much riskier than the virus it might protect them from getting.

Unless it is a novel vaccine, the pending WuFlu vaccine will at best be partially effective – reports have it that the threshold for FDA approval is 50 percent effective – which means 50 percent not effective – and guaranteed to come with a higher risk of serious side effects than the risk of healthy/not-elderly people getting seriously sick from the WuFlu.

Vaccines have a very sketchy record for being safe.

Especially those rushed to market, as the vaccine for the Swine Flu was back in the mid ‘70s. A not-small number of previously healthy people became seriously – and permanently – sick after getting needled.

Journalists – there were such creatures, once upon a time – actually reported this.

Today, they report about the cases! the cases! – because their air-time is bought and paid for by the Needlers, who need to maintain the fear in order to get the mandate.

Which Elon has decided he’ll say no to.

Good for him – and for us.

Needling the healthy and not-elderly is as unnecessary as forcing people who can swim to wear a life-preserver whenever they go near the water. Worse, actually – because the latter would be merely silly while the former (needling the healthy) is objectively dangerous. They are trying to force healthy people to assume a greater risk than the risk of the thing which the needling is supposedly meant to protect them from.

With indemnity!

You know you’re in trouble when the government can force you to submit to a medical procedure that you not only can’t refuse but which you can’t sue for redress in the event you’re permanently damaged by it. It is like being told you must buy a car with a potentially lethal defect and if it maims or kills you, you can’t sue the company that made it.

Elon also publicly excoriated the “lockdowns” as “fascistic” – which is absolutely correct though perhaps not in the sense he meant it.

Fascism isn’t defined by goose-stepping and Jew-baiting. These are incidentals. Mussolini – who coined the term and based it on the Roman fasces, or lictor’s bundles, which were the symbol of state authority – defined it as the partnering of the state and corporate power.

Does this sound familiar?

The “lockdowns” – ordered by the government – did not lock down corporations. Both were declared essential (by themselves) and given leave to operate, while individual proprietors and small businesses were not. The government, in other words, advantaged the corporations – the “big box” retailers and grocery stores, etc. – and itself at the disadvantage of the not-corporate, with the obvious intent being not public health but the health of corporate/state power. If health were the true reason, the “lockdowns” would have applied generally.

Elon gets this, apparently. At least, partially.

He sees the “de facto house arrest(ing”) as “unethical” but does not see the immorality of partnering with the government to enrich himself via mandates that advantage his corporate power. He does not get that if the government can force people to buy electric cars because of assertions about climatological health then surely – logically – it can force people to take a Needle for the sake of assertions about public health.

Elon’s heart may be in the right place. But it’d be better if his mind were.

He is, at least, on the right track. Perhaps it will occur to him that it would be much more ethical – and far more moral – to build electric cars that sold on the merits, without resort to mandates.

He’s a smart guy – and a very rich guy. He could do it – and by doing it, show the world how it could be done. Offer “ludicrous speed” to those who can afford to pay for the indulgence, as Porsche and Ferrari have always done (without needing subsidies). But offer reasonable cost to those who need it.

And then they just might buy it – without being forced. Without forcing others to subsidize it.

If he were to do that, he’d actually be a libertarian  – instead of one who believes he is.

. . .

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  1. Interesting you should attempt an exposéof Americas’s favorite smear word: “fascism.” However, you got it slightly wrong. Correct that the fasces as a symbol goes back to the Roman Empire, where they symbolised unity and power; the latter arising out of the former. It was never anything to do with “the partnering of state and corporate power.”

    Nice portrait of Il Duce. What a man! Can you cite any factual historical record that shows he locked-down his people? Or forced them to be degraded by wearing face diapers?

    Whom would you prefer as a leader; Il Duce, or Kamala Harris?

    Heh heh.

    • Sally, I’ve always been fascinated by Mussolini. He was a brilliant man, but like many such, madness took its toll. Both he and Kamala were/are people of their times. But Kamala is all too typical of the type of shallow, self seeking psychopath, that this age has spawned far too many of. She who would be Queen being one of the more extreme examples. As you are no doubt aware, Fascism has different forms. The current American empire is a horrid mixture of that, and socialism. But both Mussolini and Hitler took actions that no sane person would have. None of that was good for the tribe.

      • Hi BJ,

        Mussolini and Hitler (Stalin, too) are case studies of pathological narcissism/psychopathy among the highly intelligent. Such people are very successful as politicians, politics being the art of deceit, manipulation and self-aggrandizement. Had any of these men been not as intelligent, they would have ended up as local/state-level politicians instead of dictators.

        But this raises an interesting question, or rather, a point. It is the institution of government itself which empowers these pathological personalities. Take away that and you’re left with an asshole neighbor who can be handled by avoidance. But give him the tool of government and you will no longer be able to avoid him.

        • ‘Zactly, Eric. All thugs are ultimately narcissists- who else would presume to forcibly control the lives of innocent men, while robbing all?

        • Exactly Eric. The vast majority of people, simply do not understand governments origins, or its true nature. Its origins, for obvious reasons, are not taught in government schools. But those origins should never be forgotten. They are no less (or more…) than that of successful gangs of thieves and murderers. Rather than roaming the country side, robbing the farmers of the time, those gangs of thugs settled in one place, the better to extract a “piece of the action” from those who inhabited “their” territory. As it was then, it remains the same to this very day. Ah, but today we get to “choose” which vampire is going to drink our lifes blood. So, who do you “elect”? Vampire R or Vampire D?

          The sad fact is, that most people are so wrapped in illusion/delusion, that they will never understand that there is another way. That of a free people, taking personal responsibility for their actions/inactions, and the consequences that naturally flow from both.

    • Hi Sally,

      Il Duce referred to his system as “corporatist” – and (like Hitler, his student) defended private property, provided it worked hand-in-glove with the state, under its direction. That is fascism.

      He didn’t Face Diaper the Italian people, of course. But he was (like Hitler) an authoritarian collectivist. Nothing outside the state, all against the state, all for the state.

      I’d prefer not to be ruled by any authoritarian collectivist. It’s the whole point of libertarian thought; i.e., that we rule ourselves!

  2. I will never be a Musk fan because he is bowing down to the “Great Green Reset” to make a buck selling fake electric cars that will be worthless when they have to be powered off of the “Great All-Green Power Griddle” Musk can say anything he wants and do anything he wants because he is a $$$BILLIONAIRE. These people are not part of the underling crowd as most of us are and can buy their way in or out of anything. Big Pharma, Congress, state honchos, big business and a host of other greedy sob’s all take dollars to “fix” things. If you believe these guys are setting an example and doing it to support the little guy who has virtually no power, you deserve the garden of madness that you will reap. The entire country is filled to the brim with corruption at the top and in The DC Swamp. And beyond.

  3. I remember the 1976 Swine Flu scare. My mom got worried because my grandmother had gotten the shot. There was a lot of news about severe negative reactions to the vaccine. The flu itself never showed up. According to the narrative at the time, people who had survived the 1918 pandemic were probably immune. But it was primarily elderly people who were getting the neurological side effects from the vaccine. All you need to know about the safety and/or efficacy of anything is in the words “government mandated”.

  4. I feel as unmoved as I did about Ralph Nader’s antiwar advocacy.

    At the end of the day, they’re still bottom-feeding shysters.

  5. Mandatory vaccines are VERY frightening. It was good to hear what Musk had to say on this and his opposition to the lockdowns.

    To give him some excuses, he wants to make money, and if there is a path offered by the government he probably feels he should take it. If it weren’t there, I’m sure he would find another way to make money. I’m not a mind-reader, but he may also believe that electric cars are a good thing, and that government help is needed to get them off the ground. It won’t be long before no help will be needed, battery technology is advancing very rapidly, and costs are going to drop. Electric motors are simple and can be made very reliable. Some day, a person may buy an electric car, that will last their lifetime.

  6. You can’t say that the vaccine should be refused! That is a crime think thingy. Heresy!

    Rejecting slavery is a violation, outrageous, you can’t be an apostate, just doesn’t work that way. A slave you’ll be, that’s that.

    Send a SWAT team to Elon’s mansion at three in the morning, battering ram and all, shoot Elon’s dog, have him in cuffs, haul Elon’s worthless hide off to the hoosegow. Don’t forget to have your mask on too, you swine.

    And then you can blame the victim. It’ll be all Elon’s fault

    Elon wlll just have to learn a lesson the hard way for once.

    What else can be done?

    Confiscate Tesla?

  7. Another one of Eric’s many fine articles. If it makes Eric feel any better, I don’t think mandatory vaccines are going anywhere. There’s no guarantee that they are even going to develop a vaccine at all–ever. At present, despite the hype, the vaccine developers are just floundering around and getting nowhere. If they do develop a vaccine, by that time the panic will have long since subsided and people will start listening to reason. Over the last 6 months or so, the scaremongers have taken complete control, enforced strict censorship, and whipped the American people into a frenzy. but they can’t keep people panicked forever. And wait until the American public starts reading the fine print. One thing that they are going to notice is that the pharmaceutical companies will not be legally liable if their vaccines end up by making people sick. Feel like signing up?

  8. “you can’t sue for redress in the event you’re permanently damaged by it”

    True, but there are other forms of redress that do not involve the courts.

      • Hey Eric, remember a couple weeks ago I told you about my son who’s paralyzed and in a wheelchair? Well, that paralysis came about 3 weeks after getting his first ever flu shot at 35 years old. Can’t prove it, but his doctors all believe it was the result of the shot. It destroyed the lining of his spinal cord. Healthy, strong active young man and now he’s in a wheelchair the rest of his life. Fuck vaccines and the people who push them, I hope they all rot in hell

        • Hi Floriduh,

          Horrible. Your son’s situation reminds me of the Swine Flu debacle – and the permanent neurological damage visited upon many people (see the 60 Minutes piece, if you haven’t already).

          When anything is pushed, you have good reason to be suspicious. Good ideas sell themselves. Bad one require threats and violence.

          Like so many things, vaccines aren’t risk-free and it’s outrageous that risks are being imposed. People have every right to take a vaccine, if that is their free choice. But to take away free choice – especially with rgard to anything that involves risk – is outrageous, despicable and evil.

          • 8th grade football mom with an AGW

            Not the needle, but the mask.
            “According to Tiffany Kennedy, the woman who shot the above video, Kitts had not been warned for not wearing a mask prior to the officer approaching her. Kennedy also said that Kitts has asthma and that’s why she was not wearing a mask.

            “There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,” Kennedy said.”

  9. Hey, just a thought, how about we people get a small group of people together, we’ll call ourselves “supreme scientists”, and we’ll concoct a special “vaccine” of our own — and we’ll mandate that all govt employees must get it, and they have to get it once a month for a full year (12 injections total). We’ll put all sorts of toxic metals in it, and radioactive stuff, and chemistry that wreaks havoc with the human body. So it’ll paralyze half of them and kill off the other half. Oh wait — that’s the same stuff they’re making for US. Okay, nevermind, we’ll just get some shipments of the vaccine they made for us, then we’ll make THEM take their own vaccine, and we’ll wait 5 years to see what happens to them, if they make it that long.

    HOW ABOUT THEY TAKE THEIR OWN MEDICINE (and prove it’s the same formula they made for we people)?
    Heck, how about they all get fired and thrown in jail and leave the people the hell alone from now on?

    • Yep. I’ve always insisted that the mad scientists should try out their concoctions and inventions on themselves first. The individuals who promote and profit from these poisons should be the first in line to take them. Will Bill Gates be the first to take the corona vax? Did Bill Gates get injected with all the poisons he pushed throughout Africa and India before all the expendable brown people were forced to get theirs? Will Elon say no to having his own Neuralink implanted into his own brain when that becomes the mandate, or will he simply profit from the device being implanted into all the rest of us? Are the executives of ConAgra and ADM dining on the soylent green frankenfood that gets promoted to the rest of us? How much Aspartame do you suppose Donald Rumsfeld has ingested?

      • Exactly. I have an answer for you… they’re EXEMPT from all the “laws” they make. Billy boy never took ONE single vax, nor his kids, but I’m sure he’d tell you he did — cuz he’s LYING. HAHAHAHA. The people that want this are the stupidest suckers in the universe.

        Yeah, take a mystery injection from the guy that brought you windows. Anyone in IT or computer programming knows exactly what I mean. Windows IS a virus. Just like the vax IS the virus, literally, but the public wouldn’t understand that… the poisons ARE the cause of the viral condition, there’s really no “bug” called a virus. But hey, whatever, everyone lives in fakeality land now.

        • I wouldn’t have Windows on my ‘puter- could you imagine the insanity of letting it’s maker put his filth in my body??!!!!

    • Hmmm, that makes me think, Brandon (Yeah, I like to try new things once in a while!):

      Imagine if a vax comes out, and E-loon says it’s safe, and he and his fambly take it?

      “Wow! This must be O-K- even Elon is taking it!!!”.

      Think about it; Since when does the media EVER give anti-vax any positive press?

      • Hi Fred,

        My understanding is that if you exclude the people who already had life-threatening illnesses such as COPD or were very elderly and very frail the number of otherwise healthy/not-elderly people who’ve actually died from WuFlu is just over 9,000 nationally.

        This works out to a rough average of about 200 people per state . . . over the past ten months. Which works out to about 20 per state per month.

        If it is justifiable to “lock down” a state on the basis of 20 people dying per month because of a virus then how can driving a car be allowed? Many more people are killed in each state per month in motor vehicle accidents.

        In accidents generally.

        My state – VA – has a population of appx. 8.7 million. Of those, 8.6999999999999 million haven’t died from Corona.
        Life entails risk. Not every baby turtle makes it to the sea. But if they stayed in their eggs, they’d all never make it to the sea.

        • Yes, 94% of the deaths apparently from WuFlu + known comorbidities. But I guarantee you, 94% of the remainder had undiagnosed comorbidities. Genetics studies are coming out now, showing all manner of genetic risk factors for disease severity.

          Every death is tragic, as it was someone’s mom, dad, son, daughter, sister or brother. But life is a fatal disease. We can’t save us all. And I believe Jesus and a better way awaits us on the other side.

          But this isn’t about saving anyone, as they still are not doing the things most appropriate to save the vulnerable. Instead, it’s about the evil gene-altering vaccines, destroying the middle class, and punishing the deplorables for 2016. While humiliating and demoralizing us as we go, through face diapers, and distancing, shrieking, distrust and anger directed at your fellow man.

  10. Haha, loved the music video, and good for Elon. Both taking vaccines and wearing masks are personal medical decisions, and should NEVER be mandated.

    Also, I like your explanation of fascism, though there is a more concise definition:
    “Stronger Together”.

    Let’s see, where have we heard that before?..

  11. Good show Elon, but you have lot to atone for. A LOT!!!
    Indeed, since the makers of vaccines can’t be held liable, there is no reason in corporate rationale to make them safe, at all. They don’t typically invest without at least a chance of profit, in this case the profit of not losing law suits. Corporations are sociopathic by their very nature. They have no conscience, remorse, or pity, unless the chairman of the board does. A rare thing, as those traits are most often not the ones needed to acquire that position.

  12. The only ‘novel’ vaccine I want to see is one that’ll be Gone With The Wind! (Unfortunately, that title would be more appropriate for those who take any proffered vaccine!).

    Good for E-loon- that he is having a moment of sanity- but I hate to see anything even remotely affiliating Libertarianism with him, as it corrupts the very term, since he is the living definition of a crony-capitalist- or more accurately, a fascist, since he works for and profits from Uncle’s military-industrial complex, thus using his very life and talents to further the very thing which is the nemesis of Libertarians.

  13. Musk is shrewd. He’ll play a libertarian while the winds are blowing hard left to look like a reasonable guy. Privately he’ll fire another 250 engineers if is model 3 sales start to slump 1%. This man is a leach on free society and should try selling his cars without the gift money he gets.

  14. Eric,

    Elon also successfully challenged the local and state governments to keep his plant open. He called BS on the gov’t shutdowns, and he successfully challenged them.

    • MM,

      Easy to do when one has a ‘national security clearance’- and thus is using federal Uncle to protect himself from state and local uncles. It’d be like a Zyklon-B manufacturer being cheered for not having to have their payroll inspected for ‘bergs and ‘steins…… Whoopee! Uncle’s favored son gets a free trump card, so he can continue Uncle’s ‘vital’ work whilst legit private businesses can’t.

      • Nunzio,

        Elon has a security clearance for SpaceX, his rocket company. I don’t know if he has the same for Tesla. Secondly, he only challenged the CA state gov’t and Alameda County to keep his Tesla plant in Fremont open; AFAIK, the feds weren’t involved in that at all. That said, it was nice to see SOMEONE challenge any level of gov’t WRT the lockdowns, closures, etc.

          • That I don’t know. All I know is that Elon fought both the state and local gov’t in CA to remain open, and he did so successfully. He called BULLSHIT on the lockdown/shutdown narrative.

            • Hi Mark,

              He did – because it suited his purpose, not because he is opposed to government edicts. Which he uses to enrich himself. It is possible he doesn’t really understand the nature of his “business” and sees himself as advancing a good. Hence my backhanded compliment – and appeal.

              I hope he reads my article!


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