Drive 55 and Face Diapers

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If you were driving before 1996, you drove under the regime of the 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit, an idiotic – and oppressive – measure imposed on the country for almost 20 years, from 1974 to 1995 when it was finally repealed.

During those long years, people were hassled by armed government workers and hectored by virtue-signalers and signage for doing what had been both lawful and – if not virtuous – at least innocuous prior to the imposition of what amounted to a Face Diaper decree for vehicles.

It was based on similar hysterical assertions – speed kills! – and great effort was spent guilt-tripping those who ignored the signs.

Which almost everyone – including those who enforced the signage – did, provided they could “get away” with it. Which those who enforced the signage routinely did, because they could “get away” with it.

Does it have a familiar ring?

Face Diapering is urged – and enforced – similarly. There are signs everywhere – and many people pretend to believe them. They Diaper  . . .when they have to. Just as drivers didn’t drive faster than 55  . . . when they had to.

But as soon as the coast is clear – or they get through the door – the pedal goes down – and the Diaper comes off.

Sometimes, they only come on when on camera – in the case of Gesundheitsfuhrers such as Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf, who was caught deriding the Diaper as “political theater” the other day.

Of a piece with Gesundheitsfuhrer Fauci’s statement a few months ago about the gesund-irrelevance of Face Diapers.

Which is of a piece with the AGWs who harassed and collected from those driving faster than 55 while driving much faster than 55 themselves.

There are other similarities, including the ubiquity of propaganda and social censuring of those who dissent from the orthodoxy. It wasn’t nearly as extreme during the NMSL era but the religious overtones are very similar.

It was an article of faith that “speed kills” – a formulation as simplistic and generally indicting as the assertion that the wearing of a porous rag “stops the spread” of a virus and “protects the community.”

In fact it is usually loss of control that kills – when it comes to cars – -and that can happen at practically any speed.

It’s true, of course, that the faster you’re moving the less time you have to stop – but that does not necessarily correlate with loss of control.

If it did, airplanes would be killing people on the hour instead of once in a blue moon.

Glaucomic Granny at 45 is more likely to lose control than Eagle Eyed Dan at 70. But it didn’t manner, during the NMSL era, that Dan was eagle-eyed and in full control of his car; that no one was killed.

He was “speeding” – and that was considered effectively the same thing.

It became a mantra of sorts – just the right religious word – that “speed kills.”

Arbitrarily so, like the not-eating of meat on Sundays or the wearing of a veil.

Like the mantra about Diapering. Which the believers urge to “stop the spread” of a sickness most of us haven’t got and which we probably won’t get and even if we do, isn’t likely to kill 99.6-plus percent of us.

Driving 55 was more likely to kill you . . . of boredom. There was never any evidence that driving faster was “unsafe” – anymore than there is evidence that a porous old rag prevents granny from dying.

Rational examination of the assertions makes no impression on the faithful because they are beyond the reach of reason.

Just go slow. The acceptable slowness defined arbitrarily, by the believers.

Just wear a mask. The acceptable form thereof defined by the believers. Who believe that a literal Face Diaper  – it qualifies as a “mask” – wards off viruses.

These believers do not insist on Face Goggles or actually effective respirators, which are only effective as regards preventing the transmission of a virus if the wearer thereof has a virus.

The assumption is that he does.

That everyone does.

Just as during the NMSL era is was assumed that anyone driving faster than 55 “put lives at risk” – and was subject to punishment – on the basis of an assertion that couldn’t be disproved. How do establish that you haven’t “put lives at risk” by driving 65 rather than 55?

Or for that matter, 55 rather than 35?

It’s possible. You might have. Just as it’s possible you might be sick. There might be aliens, too. It is possible that the Queen of England is a shape-shifting reptile.

It is beautifully, wonderfully hypothetical and catch-all.

Which is just what they tried to do – i.e., catch all of us. In order to mulct all of us. In order to exert more control over all of us. In order to make us paranoid and miserable.

Does it sound familiar?

The entire country was subjected to a regime of speed trapping and multi-tiered (courts, insurance companies) shaking down.

Hundreds of millions of people forced – by threats of repercussions – to play Highway Kabuki as well as Roadside Kabuki when caught not genuflecting before the roadside totems.

Drivers were expected to pretend that “speed kills” by apologizing for transgressing the tenet – both to the roadside priest and the robed priest, later on.

These latter pretended also – in the main. There were some Torquemada types who actually did believe but the majority played their part in the manner of a cynical and bored Pontifex Maximus of ancient Rome.

It was formulaic – though no less serious for being so.

You were forced to pay obeisance. And forced to actually pay, if you disobeyed.

But as time wore on, the regime became wearying. Cynicism waxed; most people understood it was rigmarole and didn’t feel bad about “speeding.” They went through the motions of obeying, with a wink and nod  . . . and a flash of the high beams to warn other drivers about the radar trap ahead.

Does it sound familiar?

It ought to, because the 55 MPH speed limit and Face Diapering are both fundamentally the same things – which is to say, cons imposed using false assertions about harms not caused to guilt trip people into obedience.

Both are also compliance rituals, meant to show what they can make us do.

No matter how idiotic.

Like driving 20 MPH slower than the speed for which the highways were designed – and which speeds were lawful prior to a decree that made them unlawful, just like that.

Like showing your face, which was perfectly normal until it became – well, not exactly unlawful, since they no longer go to the trouble of passing laws (which takes more effort).

Nowadays, they just decree.

But it doesn’t mean people believe.

Not all of them. Perhaps more of them than it looks like.

If they did believe, you wouldn’t see so many Diapered lowering their Diapers  to expose their noses or wearing just long enough to get through the door and  – on their way out – throwing them on the ground like used condoms.

If they really did believe, they’d dare not go outside without real “PPE.” The fact that almost none do is cause for hope.

Unless they really are that stupid.

In which case, there is very little to be hopeful about.

. . .

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  1. I am really getting worried that face diapers are here to stay – so many people have told me that it can help them not get the flu, or the common cold. Sure if someone wants to wear one I could care less but it should be up to the individual and not a law (or mandate). It seems our governor here in Nevada is waiting for 0 deaths and 0 cases which will never happen! That horrible inaccurate PCR test will always find some strand of whatever and as long as they keep paying hospitals for covid deaths there will be covid deaths. I’m waiting to see what happens in the next month but I’m actually thinking of moving to one of the few states where diaper mandates have been removed. (Florida, South Dakota, Tenn..). I’m still the only one not wearing one when I go shopping.

    • Hey Jen. I have to say that’s my fear as well. Keep in mind that, although there’s no “mandate” in Arizona, basically any county or city that is managed by a Democrat has such a mandate and hordes of Non-Player Character masketeers. Here, that would be Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, and the surrounding counties. I imagine it might be that way in other states, so be careful!

  2. One thing I also must say here, regarding speed, ability and intoxication: A rule I learned from the good ol’ Pork Chop Express:
    Never drive faster than you can see.

      • Nunz… I just had a hideous thought.

        What if the plan was for the OM to “debate”the HPM Undiapered…then “test positive”… and then HPM dies from WuFlu (being old and frail) and now it’s Harris v. OM and Harris wins because of the sympathy (and hate) vote…

        • Hey Eric!

          Interesting! But really…would it even matter- other than the words we’d have to listen to? (Well…not me, thanks to having ditched TV etc. long ago!).

          Visited my mother before, and she says “Didja hear, Trump has Corona?” I corrected her: “No, he just ‘tested positive’- which is pretty easy to do, since the tests show ‘positive’ about 90% of the time”.

          Funny thing is, IIRC, isn’t tested like every week or every day? If so, funny how he’d always be ‘negative’ and is now all-of-a-sudden ‘positive’. I don’t doubt that there is some sort of pre-planned motive behind it.

        • Harris is a hardcore sociopath – doesn’t even attempt to conceal it. She makes Hillary seem likable.

          I can picture her putting us Corona dissenters into death camps.

          • True enough, Handler! But if one of one of Trump’s appointed Swamp Creatures did the same….I am convinced that OM would do absolutely nothing to stop it, either- just as he has allowed this whole globalist hoax of Corona to be played-out here, same as everywhere else; and pays the states to enact Corona mandates…and witholds the taxpayers own money from the one state (SD) which doesn’t.

  3. Reminds me of something that happened the other day. Went in for a haircut. Know the barber a while, hes a good guy. Went in, had the normal chat and sat down, when he got his head gear and asked me if I had a mask. I asked him isn’t it a bit stupid and all. Hes like “I didn’t used to believe in masks either – but my friend got fined 3,000 pounds for not having a customer wearing a mask! and now I believe that masks are a good way to avoid government cronies taking your money…. ”

    Which is the most concrete argument ive heard in favour of masks so far….

    • Hi Nasir!

      At that point, I would walk out (Not saying that you should), and let the business-owner realize that maybe he’s gonna have to make a choice between losing money by being robbed by the government or losing money my losing customers. If they are forced to choose, then maybe they will start to realizer the implications of tyranny, and not be so fast to be so complicit with it.

      This is what I did at my eye doctor’s last week. Can’t enter without a mask? No exceptions? GOODBYE! I doubt I’ll be missed, since the parking lot was full with the cars of everyone who had already entered….but even if just a few do it, it’ll start making at least enough of an impact so as to be noticeable. (And I’m the guy who NEVER has missed an appointment nor shown up late- and my doc, who is one of the owners, personally knows Rand Paul, and [I thought] was somewhat Libertarian).

      • Hey Nunzio, you’re probably right , and I do have respect for guys like you on this matter.
        But the issue is in the UK you will be very hard pressed to find someone at that level who doesnt comply simply because enforcement here is quite strict… and in a way I genuinely feel bad for these small shopkeepers, as they are really getting the short end of the stick with all this nonsense (less customers, more bureaucracy, more expenses, and the risk of crazy fines now (the guy charges 24 pounds for a 30 minute haircut slot. If hes fully booked the fine is effectively a working weeks turnover). Also, this is the third haircut ive had from him since covid mandates, and the first time hes done the mask thing…. so even for him its really last resort….. In this situation I find it very hard to just walk out, and would go the half ass as much as possible route….

        • It’s really like that in many places even here too, Nasir- and even where it isn’t…those who refuse to comply are still very rare. You see a few out there- but they are almost always elderly- and look kinda decrepit- probably have COPD or something, which exempts them (Except at my eye doc’s, apparently).

          I actually don’t know which is worse: Places like New York, where there are fines and arrests (but not of criminals and rioters, of course)…or here, where there is literally no enforcement, but many businesses and most people STILL comply anyway.

          • No question, NY wins. At the end of the day, fines or not, they are still New Yorkers. Self important, condescending statist asswipes.

            • Yes, BAC- I couldn’t even imagine still being in NY- in addition to all of the usual BS there, it’d probably be impossible to function there, unless I painted myself black and wore a BLM T-shirt….

  4. You can buy a Jolly Roger face mask, you can buy face masks that have vulva plastered on them, you can buy an Alfred E. Newman face mask. Face masks are a new money maker, the internets have them all. You can buy a face mask with F-14 Tomcats printed on the mask, people are busy making face masks.

    I guess you reap what you sow when you sew face masks.

    Just do a google search, you will find unknown before now websites that have all sorts of designer masks. One hundred million designer face masks are sold in ten minutes, just a wag.

    It’s Covid face mask mania, in Holland, it was tulip mania and still is to this day.

    Deliver us from face masks, Lord. har

    I always drive the speed limit, but once in a while on a stretch of road somewhere I kick it up another 40 mph.

    Really. Driving down the highway at 105 mph is in the high risk category. Out in Montana, a truck will be passing you and you’re going 95 mph, that’s when you slow down.

    Don’t do those speeds anymore, it’s safer to drive the speed limit. 80 mph is fast enough out on the freeway.

    ‘member when you could go to the airport and buy a ticket to fly to a place 1500 miles away?

    That’s all gone.

    Everybody at the junkyard has seen enough wrecked vehicles. The mechanic will tell you to wear your seat belt, drive safe and look both ways. Knows what can happen, has seen plenty of crumpled cars that need to be cannibalized.

    “By all measures, motor-vehicle safety has vastly improved since the early 1900s. Driver attitudes and behaviors have changed substantially, as has vehicle safety technology, which makes car travel safer.

    The population motor-vehicle death rate reached its peak in 1937 with 30.8 deaths per 100,000 population. The current rate is 12.0 per 100,000, representing a 61% improvement.

    In 1913, 33.38 people died for every 10,000 vehicles on the road. In 2018, the death rate was 1.42 per 10,000 vehicles, a 96% improvement.

    In 1923, the first year miles driven was estimated, the motor-vehicle death rate was 18.65 deaths for every 100 million miles driven. Since 1923, the mileage death rate has decreased 93% and now stands at 1.22 deaths per 100 million miles driven.”

    Traffic Statistics

    A better system of highways does save lives. Four lane and multi-lane highways save lives.

    Compared to 1969-70 road miles driven, the number of deaths on the road would be more than 100,000 in the US of A extrapolated to 2020.

    Always room for improvement.

  5. Speed doesn’t kill, drunk/drugged & wreckless drivers does.

    The muzzles do kill though — less oxygen to breathe and the ppl wearing them already have brain damage! And the muzzles kill because they’re part of the shutdown which is DEVASTATING ppl the world over. VERY SAD! When govts all conspire to do THIS against the ppl — it’s time to shut THEM down.

    • Hi Harry,

      Years ago, I spent some time with Bob Bondurant at his school. Bob liked a drink. Or three. The guy was a far better driver with several in him than almost anyone else is completely “sober.”

      “Drunk” is another one of these got-damned one-size-fits-all methods of oppressing people who’ve done nothing on the basis that they might – because someone else did.

      That someone else might be someone like my former mother-in-law. She was a very nice lady but a terrible driver, before she had a drink of anything. I’m a better – safer – driver than she is even with three or four drinks in me. Yet who gets arrested for “drunk” driving at the “checkpoint”? Me. Even though I haven’t wrecked anything while “drunk” (or otherwise) and she has while “sober.”

      People vary in ability. A corollary of this is that the more able start out at a higher level and – logically – have more “cushion” than the person who starts out with a lower level of ability. This WuFlu insanity illustrates the point. Healthy people are at almost zero risk of dying – or even getting noticeably sick. Yet the healthy majority are “locked down” and otherwise forced to act as if they are old/sick and in mortal peril of dyyyyyyyiiiiiiing.

      • Eric,
        You are both bold and correct for stating this. We are so increasingly being regulated to death in an effort to accommodate the LEAST capable and MOST idiotic, and now, least healthy. It’s what my dad always called the creation of an “idiot-proof” world, which could never be done.
        Also, centralized governance is a problem. Perhaps just THE problem, most of the time. You could be on a rural dirt road, drunk as all hell, and the worst you will do is drive off the road and hit a tree, because no one is around. Of course, it’s somewhat unlikely unless you just pass out, because there are no distractions and no one to hit. In the population density of urban areas, the likelihood you will crash into SOMEONE is great over a long enough timeline, no matter what your physiological condition. But, of course, the laws for EVERYONE come from the high population density areas.
        Now, for my PSA, I’m not advocating that anyone should be driving intoxicated, but if someone is in functional condition and not truly a hazard, then why charge them?

        • It’s even worse than that, BadO, because what they define as ‘drunk’ or ‘impaired’ is basically someone who has had two beers over the course of an hour- who is neither drunk, nor even remotely close to passing out- but rather, is just fine- but if a machine says that your blood contains the proscribed amount of alky-hol, as determined by some guys who set the standard arbitrarily- and which standard keeps getting lower and lower, then it’s off to the hoosegow for you, and many thoiusands of dollars transfered from your pocket to the coffers of government and lawyers.

          -Someone who doesn’t even drink.

          • That’s unfortunately the cold truth. I won’t even have 1 beer and drive. Because I’m afraid I’m any more likely to wreck? Nope. Because the wrong cop with the wrong breathalyzer instrument, and your life is wrecked for quite some time. In Az, the penalties are nearly Inquisition level, and many an otherwise driving-competent person, who had a couple of drinks at a bar or restaurant, has been pulled over to experience the Hell of the Everlasting DUI Sentence.

            • Yep, BadO,
              Imagine havbing one or two beers, and your driving and someone just runs out in front of you, or some texting boob crosses the yeller line and creams ya. You’re “DWI”, so you’re automatically the bad guy, even though you did nothing wrong, and were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, when someone else did something unavoidable.

              THEY cause the accident….yet perish the thought they die…YOU’RE a ‘murderer’ and your life is over.

              And try explaining this to the average person; it doesn’t even compute with them- they just say “So, you’re in favor of drunk driving?”. This is the level to which our society has devolved…and why regardless of who or what is ever elected, we will never see any semblance of sanity until most of these people go extinct.

          • Also, I think a primary but surreptitious goal of many of these laws is what Eric has said regarding the pro-electric car laws: Getting you to abandon the idea of the personal vehicle altogether. After all, you can just safely take Der Uber und Der Luft and avoid all this trouble.

      • I agree Eric, I should have JUST said wreckless driving, alone. Then IF convicted of that, and they’re also drunk then maybe add an additional charge for that for being irresponsible with their drinking.

  6. How long before the car pictured overheats?

    Also, I believe the original impetus for the 55 MPH law was energy savings, if I remember correctly, but I’m sure there was mission creep, just as is being done with the diapers. There is talk of it being used to “slow the spread(TM)” of the flu, as to become seasonal, or perhaps just perennial.

    That can’t be allowed to happen.

  7. When I saw the articles headline I thought you took a trip to New York state. All you see on the highways there is STATE SPEED LIMIT 55 and WEAR YOUR MASK.

  8. Very good analogy and parallel between the drive 55 and the face diaper. One big difference is compliance. In the early days of the 55 era, speeds dramatically dropped on the highways. Highway speeds were at a 65 mph average in 1973 and had dropped to 57 mph in 1974. Speeds over 75 mph disappeared overnight. Speeds were creeping slowly up from 1974-1986, enough to spur the congress to relax the speed limit to 65 mph on rural interstates in April 1987. Public pressure spurred on by the National Motorists Association assisted the change. When most states adopted 65 mph rural interstate speeds began a quicker climb, although it took until 1993 (almost a full 20 years) for speeds to recover to their 1973 levels. That, coupled with more pressure and civil obedience drives and a change in government, paved the way for a complete repeal in late 1995. Immediately 10 states went to their previous limits. Other states quickly posted speed limits of 70 mph or higher on their rural intersates and higher limits on their secondary systems.

    I hope the pendulum is swinging the other way on face diapers. I am sick to death of seeing these muzzled sheep everywhere I go, just as I was sick of standing out in traffic until the 55/65 mph limits were repealed. There appears to be slightly more buy in on masks, but it is hard to assess the level of non compliance. The mask below the nose thing is similar to the 60 mph motorist. Was the 60 mph motorist obeying the spirit of the law or violating it? It was hard to tell back in the 55 days. Because some cars had speedometer errors, the driver may have thought he was driving faster as his speedometer may have read 65 mph. On the other hand, a 60 mph driver could have been going 5 mph over to avoid a ticket or he may have been trying to adhere to 55.

    All I know is that this crap better stop soon.

  9. Call me pessimistic, but I’m of the opinion that a large majority really do believe, with many actually being “that stupid.” It’s why I see 80-90% of people walking around NYC (outside, mind you) wearing face diapers, and why people wear them driving alone in their own car. I don’t wear one, and have walked by numerous cops and none of them have accosted me. So it’s not a law thing, it’s a believer thing. Hard to put a number on it, but I’d say 50-60% of diaper wearers truly believe, and another 20-30% play along and remove it once out of sight.

    • I agree, BAC. The opinions of the majority today are formed by brief sound-bytes, images portrayed in the media, and whatever nonsense is spewed by politicians and eggspurts- without ever exercising any actual thought, critical thinking, or actual independent investigation. They believe whatever they’re told to believe. “Iraq has WMDs!”, “They hate our freedom”, “Vaccines wiped-out polio” yada yada.

      And regardless of whether they believe or not, they obey, for to question or disregard the god of State, is to be a radical antisocial sinner! The only “freedom” they recognize, is the one agreed upon by all- not what they would choose to do if left to pursue their own autonomy.

      So it makes no difference- believe, or just go along to get along. Masks…or hunting-down the Jews to send to Auschwitz- why they do it really doesn;t matter- because either way…they do it, and thus have chosen a side, and so are allies of that side.

      Even if they don’t believe or care either way, they’ll mask because it’s now “abnormal” not to; Not masking identifies one as a Maverick; a resistor. They could even oppose masking, but they still would rather mask, so as to portray the proper virtue signal, rather than defend an unpopular unsupported-by-the-media position.

      • Unnecessary diapering is prelude to unnecessary needling. Note well the same insane logic used to push masks on healthy people IS ALREADY being used by the vax pushers and the complicit media to push needling.

        From the article:

        The vaccine is “fairly unusual,” said Dr. Peter Bach, an epidemiologist and director of the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, because the benefits to some young and healthy groups may be “secondary” in nature.

        In order words, getting a coronavirus vaccine — like wearing a mask — may be an act of service to help protect others. But public health officials can have difficulty getting some people to wear a mask, indicating that even more people may be reluctant to get the vaccine. (end quote)

        Ya think, huh?

        • Hi Hattaras,

          I love the “act of service” part. So, I’m obliged to place my own health – mental and physical – at actual risk to reduce the asserted risk to others. And not just others, but a tiny fraction of the general population that could reduce it own risk without imposing risks on others!

          • Eric- For me, that statement really evokes two things. One is Ayn Rand’d description of collectivism, particularly it’s phony altruism, as a death cult. The other is Jonestown, Guyana circa 1978.

        • Hat,
          That has basically been the ill logic behind xaccs for ever- the idea that all (starting with kiddies) should be vaccinated to protect one and or all from a disease which a small percentage of the population might get.

          Now it’s even worse, in that they assert that we non-vaxxers are ruining it for the idiots…err…vaxxers by somehow exposing them to ‘danger’ by allowiong the dreaded disease-of-the-moment persist, and therefore putting them at risk- which is an interesting attitude, since WE never seem to get those dreaded diseases which the vaxxers fear so much; and even if we did, why would it affect them if their vaccs really worked?

          These are the indications of a brain-dead non-thinking society. Maybe they should take the vaccs, which will kill them off via cancer, and spaz-out their kids, etc.- because these people certainly aren’t doing anyone any good.

          • Yup. I won’t link to the same site as I did earlier but there is a piece on there today with Fauci comparing Wuflu to the real flu. Apparently the 2 are so similar it presents a “diagnostic challenge” to doctors (symptoms are identical) and, miraculously, in countries with lotsa Wuflu, real flu season was “very light.” All the while pushing the ineffective and possibly dangerous flu vacc HARD. Hmmm… Remember the whole “jussa flu bro” mockery. They’re now telling us it was.

  10. On a positive note (we need some now and then), down here in Florida, the governor lifted most of his unlawful and unconstitutional restrictions and essentially issued a pardon to anybody fined as a result of these stupid covid edicts.

    I went to a Lightning rally (Stanley Cup celebration) yesterday and I would estimate that 95% or more were UNMASKED!!!! It was a tremendous lift to my spirits. While society here in certainly not back to normal, things have definitely gotten significantly better here.

    • Also, Manatee County Florida (Bradenton area) just repealed its mask edict and so did the Mississippi governor. There is some progress out there.

    • Good but what power is there to pardon someone who was exercising a right protected against government interference? An apology and begging forgiveness would be closer to right. Better yet, tar, feathers, and a ride on a rail out of town would discourage future acts of tyranny.

  11. It goes much further back than the 55mph era. Back to the inquisitions. Back to burning people at the stake who did not conform to the latest and greatest dogma. People aren’t being burned at the stake for failure to believe in the COVID religion, they’re just being deprived of the ability to actually live their life. As a result, people are dying without the hand of the COVID religion directly the cause, but the cause nonetheless. There are clear and substantial increases in suicide, homicide, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, riots, etc. Would we be having riots if folks were not driven nuts by the constantly changing edicts of the new and improved priesthood?

    • The media never explores the relation between the edicts and the riots. I think it’s rather direct, especially if you consider the jobs lost, giving some so much extra time and angst. The rest is mentioned here and and there, but they’re slow to compare the usefulness of the edicts to the detriment caused thereby.

      • I agree and believe the initial wave of riots earlier this year were a direct result of the lockdowns — especially since most of those rioting and looting were among the hardest-hit victims of draconian edicts (and consequent job losses).

        • I dunno, guys. Those riots were started by groups funded by people like George Soros and the other representatives of the elites, and the rest who joined in were the usual suspects who seem to have a propensity for rioting/looting/general destruction.

          The rioter’s targets were not the pols and elites who mandated the lockdowns- as most of the rioters seem to love and vote for assholes like Cuomo and De Blasio, and their leftist ilk. Instead, the rioters hate more moderate tyrants- like Trump- and their targets are mainly small business and middle-class whites.

          Instead oif decrying the lockdowns and their resulltant destruction of small businesses and the middle class…the rioters are further harming those whom their beloved leftist overlords are also waging war against.

          Think about it!

          I doubt the rioters care about the lockdowns, as they are likely not even enforced in the ‘hood.

          • While clearly being funded and promoted by the anti-human agency of Soros and his ilk, I find it highly likely that such agency would have found far fewer willing accomplices if it were not for the anti-human decrees of Fauci and his cohorts. Decrees which have placed unbearable burdens on many, while destroying any social cohesion that may have previously existed. A population in which a great many are driven to suicide, homicide, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence including child abuse, etc. is far more fertile ground for influence from this sociopathic influence.

          • I agree, Nunio. BLM and antifa have merged, are highly organized top-down, are being paid, fed, sheltered, and transported from one site to the next nationwide, are now carrying firearms, clubs, axes, bombs, lasers, and shields, are evincing guerrilla-level tactical proficiency, and receive formal ideological marxist indoctrination. They no longer pretend to be primarily about Geroge Floyd or other beatified black felons. They are the early stage of a full-scale Bolshevik / communist revolution and the White man is their enemy, even as their front ranks consists largely of unhinged White college-educated women.

            In the last two weeks alone, along with numerous other assaults on clueless somnolent White people, four White children have been senselessly murdered by blacks. Nary a peep from the ((press )).

            • Exasctly, Mack!

              I’ll bet there wasn’t a word in the mass media about the 13 year-old white ‘tard who was executed by the pigs in Utah last month- 11 shots, no less!

        • Hi Jim,

          I expect more rioting – not by organized provocateurs this time but rather by desperate, crazed by fury people. The situation in this country is becoming intolerable. I myself begin to loathe even seeing other people – Diapered people, I mean. There is no more “going out.” Even shopping for food has become a depressing, disgusting ordeal. Most of our former recreations have been either restricted or taken away entirely. We are left to work – if we have work – in order to pay taxes on what we earn and where we live.

          It becomes increasingly a less and less appealing transaction.

          • No revolution was ever started by fat people. Hungry people, on the other hand………….
            Indeed, I dread going to the grocery store, as I did yesterday. The people I encountered resembled automatons far more than people. No one speaking to each other, no smiles visible, or frowns either for that matter, little eye contact, all of which can be summed up with the total loss of humanity in total. We are being driven into isolation. Alone among a crowd of the lonely. My discomfort in such situation has caused me to stock up to the limits of my storage when I do go, so as to delay a return as long as possible.


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