Loving Their Diapers…

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The worrisome thing about Face Diapering is that it’s become just what it was always meant to be – a virtue statement (of obedience). More people – in some areas, virtually all people – are wearing the Face Diaper (which also looks like a Face Speedo, with the wearer’s face resembling a crotch bulge) even when they don’t have to – as they would shoes – i.e., as a normal piece of clothing that it would be abnormal to go out without.

Diapers are becoming fashionable, in other words.

This is reflected not just in the wearing but the personalizing. Since you can’t show your face anymore, you show how much you like teddy bears or kitties or rainbows. Some like a tougher look – perhaps to make them feel better about their lack of it – and go with pirate skulls and crossbones.

But all show the same thing.

Submission. Obedience.

The experiment seems to be working. People begin to love their Diapers. And the opposite of love is well-known. Those who do not love Diapers – and hold out – are becoming the object of this opposite.

In overt ways – as by assault, which takes the form of being accosted/harangued about “your” Diaper – implying that everyone has one, implying it would be a kind of sin not to possess one. As by exclusion – the economic and social ghetto’ing of the Undiapered. As by the subtle but very real depressive effect created by the sight of all these submissives – who will not rest until everyone submits.

This means you.

It becomes unpleasant to enter a store even if the store doesn’t insist on donning the cultic cloth. The fact that everyone else has donned it out of ritual acclimatization makes one feel like a naked person at the Vatican.

We – the Undiapered – know as an intellectual matter that we’re sane and the rest of the country has gone off its rocker. That there has been an unprecedented, almost unimaginable concerted effort to terrorize the population, with the result being that half or more of the population is now in the same state of mind as Patty Hearst was after spending time in the care of the Symbionese Liberation Army (for those who remember; few remember such things anymore).

But it crawls on one’s soul nonetheless to have to be among these faceless freaks and contend internally with the dread realization that they are on the loose, have been conditioned to regard their psychosis as virtuous – and that there is almost nothing in law or custom anymore to prevent them from tearing you apart or trying to, the moment they feel emboldened enough to do so.

Which many already do – and have.

How do you stop a cattle stampede once it begins?

How do you get a person to stop wearing a Face Diaper who is convinced it is as necessary to wear one as it is to wear shoes?

It is no longer necessary to terrify people into wearing them. It’s becoming habit. Accepted.


The deaths are hardly mentioned anymore, because there aren’t many to mention. The latest CDC data concedes there may have been as few as 9,210 deaths – over the past eight months – attributable to Corona – as opposed to old age compounded by diabetes, morbid obesity, hypertension and the other maladies that end the lives of approximately 3 million people each year in this country.

Hardly a crisis.

Certainly not a justification for Universal Face Diapering – even if Universal Face Diapering served a palliative purpose, which – also per the CDC and “experts” as well as the facts, which no longer matter – they do not.

Even the cry of the past month or so – the cases! the cases! – is dying down.

Perhaps because it is no longer necessary.

The founder of another religious order, Ignatius Loyola, is reputed to have said something to the effect of, “Give me a child for the first eight years and he is mine for life.” The meaning is clear. Once conditioned, it is hard to break conditioning.

Something within the victim is damaged – forever.

The American people have been conditioned to accept submission; Diapering is merely the pathetically sad visual confirmation of their condition. They have been broken, in the manner of a dog – or better, perhaps, a steered calf. A veal calf – which will never even be allowed to stand on its rickety legs, deliberately rendered rickety, by chaining the animal down so that it never develops the strength to stand, much less run – or resist. It sits, passively, in its locked-down little enclosure, awaiting its inevitable fate.

Just as the Diapered await theirs. They will not object to the Needle. They will line up to get it. And they will rouse themselves to anger toward anyone who doesn’t – as they already express toward those who do not Diaper.

The Undiapered are the heretics of our time.

And what happens to heretics when a religious frenzy takes hold?

. . .

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  1. Diaper mandates all over here. So far I have been everywhere I would normally have to suffer through sans diaper. The best has been the County Clerks office to get mulcted for a vehicle purchase.

    They would have loved to have caged my Medical Conditioned self. The negative vibes were palpable.

    I suspect the “lawzzz” are coming…

    Keep up the good work, Eric! You are one of the last.

  2. You just managed to hit on the exact reason why I use the store-provided masks rather than bringing my own when I work: the store-provided surgicals are appear temporary, the brought masks appear permanent. I want every single one I put on to look like it might be the last one I’ll ever be forced to wear, and I want it to be obvious that I’m doing the absolute bare minimum that I have to.

    It’s pretty sad when it gets to the point where every single action you take is a calculated act of rebellion, but that’s where we’ve ended up.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Yup. I also see these disgusting disposable Diapers littering the ground like used rubbers. I continue to hope that enough of us will get sick of all of this…

        • I like the covid litter. It shows yet another unintended consequence of the human farmers edicts. Just like the beer cans tossed to the shoulder everywhere. Every unsightly piece a reminder of some asshole shitting unnecessary rules on us.

  3. OoooH Name calling: The rhetorical technique used when you have neither facts, not logic to support your position.Clover

    As to wearing a face mask. I personally advocate that people should wear them as little as possible, preferably never. That would be my choice, since I am immune. What makes me immune is the same thing thing that keeps me from getting sick in the past 20 years (beyond feeling tired and sleeping for a day), and enabled me to go through a course of chemotherapy with a total two days of side effects, viz chemo brain. But no side effects other than that. No nausea, no pain, no hair loss, — nothing of which I was aware.

    So, please do **not** wear masks. You and your friends and relatives will probably be much more likely to die or get seriously log term sick than those who do, and the one thing that this world needs is way fewer stupid people.

    • Douglas,

      “…the one thing that this world needs is way fewer stupid people”.

      “OoooH Name calling: The rhetorical technique used when you have neither facts, not logic to support your position”.

      “So, please do **not** wear masks. You and your friends and relatives will probably be much more likely to die or get seriously log term sick than those who do”.

      Please cite the credible science (randomized case trials, not poorly constructed observational studies or mathematical models embedded with speculative assumptions) that supports the efficacy of mask use in reducing/preventing the transmission of an airborne virus.

      Until recently, the CDC and the WHO rejected your non-scientific claim.


      “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20”.


      “there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including covid-19. Wearing masks in the community can also give people a false sense of security, it said, and lead to them neglecting other measures, such as hand hygiene and physical distancing”.


      • I was told that my reply was spam. Go figure. So I will try again, but include no links. if that does not work then I will quit.

        And I will do it somewhat differently.
        1st, about stupid. I used the word as I defined it in orwells boot: Unwilling or unable to learn by critically examining the existing pool of information.

        lets look at that pool. Do a search on covid 19 cases deaths graphs by country
        among other items returned is one from statista (link not complete — avoiding spam accusation)
        statista daily-deaths-covid-19-selected-countries showing daily deaths by selected countries. Only Brazil comes close.
        We beat out all of Europe even though their population is about twice that of the US.
        In terms of number of cases, we have about twice what Europe has. And Europe was hit early, and had to learn on the fly.
        We have the benefit of Europe and NY, but we are still being stupid. As in our actions gets us killed because we do not learn from the evidence. I love this quote, though it is a bit of an exaggeration:
        Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity is not a sin, the victim can’t help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime: the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.
        Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

        Note that all of those countries with way better outcomes also have way better mask wearing compliance.
        do you seriously think that is a coincidence?? How about a conspiracy 🙂

        I agree that people should be left alone to do what they want even if it endangers their friends and family. (stupid congregates with stupid) What do you think of this??? If you get covid and there is evidence that you mostly did not wear a mask in public, then you are responsible for all your ensuing medical expenses. And bankruptcy will not clear the bill So, hopefully you have good insurance 🙂

        Heck, I also encourage you to smoke, make poor choices in your eating, and not exercise. On the other hand I think that if you do these things than the government should not pick up your medical billsClover

        One final point. Yes the vast majority do not die. But apparently a non trivial number show other serious health problems: This is just one example: Physicians have also reported an increase in inflammation of and damage to the heart muscle in Covid-19 patients. One study published in March found that out of 416 hospitalized Covid-19 patients, 19% showed signs of heart damage.Clover

        In fact from what I have read, there is no part of the body that is not at risk from long term effects.

        Here is another quote: The UK National Health Service assumes that of Covid-19 patients who have required hospitalization, 45 percent will need ongoing medical care,

        Many patients hospitalized for Covid-19 are experiencing unexpectedly high rates of blood clots, likely due to inflammatory responses to the infection. These can cause lung blockages, strokes, heart attacks, and other complications with serious, lasting effects.

        But hey, you did not wear a diaper on your face so that makes it all worth it.

        Does the flu produce these kinds of long term effects?

        So forget the mask. But please do not ask me or the government to help with your medical expenses. 🙂

        • Hi Doug,

          You make a number of assumptions; let’s begin with “the cases” and “deaths” being accurate. They are far from. If you aren’t willing to concede this – that is, to acknowledge the fact that both have been wildly exaggerated – then a rational discussion is not possible.

          Then we have the assumption that the population of NYC (or Brazil) is demographically and otherwise similar – or rather, the same – everywhere. Has it occurred to you that the certain parts of the US (e.g., NYC) may have “x” number of deaths because those areas have a proportionately large number of very unhealthy, very old people?

          You also make the mistake of correlation equaling causality. This works in reverse, too. How do you explain that millions of people who don’t Diaper haven’t gotten dead – or even sick? Obviously, the not-Diapering prevented it. Right? In any event, there is evidence that Diapering benefits healthy people and it is pathological to insist that healthy people be presumed sick.

          You write:

          “Heck, I also encourage you to smoke, make poor choices in your eating, and not exercise. On the other hand I think that if you do these things than the government should not pick up your medical bills.”


          With the stipulation that you leave us to make our own choices, without pre-emptively being punished for harms we have not caused.

          How about it?

          While we are at it – how about you stop “asking” (in quotes for the obvious reason) me to pay for the medical bills of the deliberately fat, the purposely sedentary and the consumers of McDonald’s food, generally? I take care of myself. But I am forced to take care of others who don’t.

          These same people now demand Diapering – to make them feel safe from someone (me) who isn’t sick and who they insist must pretend to be – and must also become more likely to be, by wearing a Face Diaper.


          • But Eric! Its your Civic Duty to “protect” the community! Ever notice how most of this collectivist nonsense, involves a lot of hand waving and fairy dust, but damn little logic or reason? That is why they always seek to control the coercive power of the State. That way, if people don’t abide by their petty dictates, they can use the Enforcer class. We’ve seen endless examples of that from the War Lords, at the state and city levels, since the start of the year. What is sad is that millions of people have lost their businesses, and many more have lost their employment. All for the sake of a virus thats not much worse than the seasonal flu.

            • Hi BJ,

              Yes, indeed! But then, why stop with Diapers? Why shouldn’t everyone also wear a flea collar – to “protect the community” from Bubonic Plague? Obviously, no one (except government someones) should be in possession of a gun as they might use it to shoot someone. How is this assertion any different that asserting that people must wear a Diaper because someone might be or get sick?

              It’s even worse, though – because in addition to taking away freedom Diapers also take away dignity. They are designed to humiliate the wearer, to efface his individuality and to make individuals fear and avoid others.

              It’s truly a Satanic thing.

        • Hi Douglas,

          Critically examining the existing pool of information does not support your position. Some countries with high mask compliance are doing well, some are not (look at the Philippines). I notice that you didn’t mention any randomized case trials that show a benefit for wearing masks. But, masks are only one part of the broader lockdown strategy. This overreaction has caused enormous harm, including excess deaths. Should this not be balanced against the claimed benefits.

          I understood how you were using the term stupid; by that definition, you are stupid.


    • Hi Doug,

      The facts indicate that the chances of an otherwise healthy/not-elderly person dying from this WuFlu are less than half of one percent; the fact is that wearing a Face Diaper serves no medical purpose, if you’re not sick – because the not-sick can’t spread a sickness they haven’t got. And if you are sick, then why the heck are you out spreading your germs?

      If you think wearing a Face Diaper ought to be mandatory because someone might be sick, then why not force all men to wear a codpiece since any functional man might be a rapist?

      If you think Face Diapering ought to be mandatory based on the facts about the WuFlu then you must also think everyone should wear a Face Diaper every flu season.

      Were you wearing a Face Diaper last flu season?

      If not, why not?

      How about gypsy tears – to ward off witches? Or a flea collar, at least? It’s just as valid an assertion that you might have fleas – and fleas do carry plague. Don’t you care about “the community”?

      I assure you, I will never wear a Face Diaper. And guess what? I haven’t gotten so much as the sniffles from this “highly contagious” virus. Any healthy/not elderly person who lives in dread of this virus is neurotic – a person addled by unreasonable fears. If that’s you, you have my sympathy…. provided you don’t insist your neurosis is reasonable and that it be imposed on others.

      Finally – I note your vicious, rat-like lust for death to descend upon those who disagree with you. I may make fun of you – because it’s ridiculous to walk around with a Diaper over your face – but I really don’t care that you do, provided you leave sane people in peace. Us sane people don’t wish death upon you; only that you MYOB.

      • Hi Eric,

        “The facts indicate that the chances of an otherwise healthy/not-elderly person dying from this WuFlu are less than half of one percent…”

        Actually, it’s far less than that. Current estimates of the overall IFR of WuFlu is 0.26%. But, the overwhelming majority of deaths befell the elderly and sick. The chances of an otherwise healthy/not elderly person of dying from the WuFlu IF THEY GET SICK, is well below 0.1%. I crunched the most recent numbers from the CDC and came up with an IFR of 0.0156%.

        180,000 reported deaths
        IFR = 0.26%
        Died of Covid = 6% = 180,000 x 0.06 = 10,800
        Died with Covid plus comorbidities (average = 2.6) = 94% = 180,000 x 0.94 = 169,200

        We can extrapolate total cases from this information:

        180,000/0.0026 = 69,230,769 cases

        Now we can determine the IFR for two broad categories:

        Under about 70 with no comorbidities:

        10,800/69,230,769 = 0.000156, or an IFR of 0.0156%.


            • Hi BJ,

              They died with underlying conditions, not necessarily from underlying conditions. Or, at least, it’s impossible to know exactly what they died from. I think it’s important that we don’t misrepresent the with/from Covid distinction that the hysterics use to terrify people into submission. It is likely that Covid was a major contributing factor for many of those who died with comorbidities. Thus, it is inaccurate when some claim that “only 9,000 people have died from Covid”. Doing so reduces our credibility and is unnecessary and counterproductive.

              Attention would be better focused on the extremely low risk that Covid poses to otherwise healthy/non elderly people, which is unaffected by the (unknowable) degree to which Covid caused the death of the elderly and sick. I just posted my calculations for that risk, based on CDC reported numbers.


        • Edit:

          Here’s the calc for the other broad category.

          Over 70 with multiple comorbidities:

          169,200/69,230,769 = 0.002044, or an IFR of 0.24%


    • So if name calling = rhetorical device for use without facts or supporting logic, and you then call Eric/us “stupid people” does this mean you have just used a rhetorical technique indicating you have neither facts nor logic supporting your position on diapering, or your apparent superhuman powers?

      God, where do they grow people like this?

      • Hi BAC,

        Yup. Also note the death lust in Doug’s post. Us Undiapered merely wish to be let alone; we don’t wish death on the Diapered. But the Diapered can barely contain their sadism, which is the yin to the yang of the masochism they practice.

    • Hi Douglas,

      I’m curious, do masks create a barrier between the human face and Orwell’s Boot? I might be missing something, but now you seem to be on the side of the “stupid authoritarians” you wrote about in 2009.


      • Well, in a sense. Some one who is a Good Citizen wouldn’t be on their radar. Which could be quite useful… If one of the Over Lord class is surrounded by milling sheep, one isn’t expecting one to slip up behind them, and slide a dagger in to their back.

  4. Party pooper!

    I just wanted to shine with the brandnew information, that – according to the CDC – the United States are down to actual 9.600 deads because of SARS-Cov-2.V2019.07 (I refuse to call it Covid19 as the virus is neither new nor a killer), and you already mentioned it.

    I nevertheless did some research and math (I am a reigning management accountant for 21 years, after all), and came to the result, that we should not wear masks, but helmets – because here in Germany each year 8.300 people die because of accidents while cleaning the house. So the chances are 3,5 times higher to be killed by a screaming woman crashing down on you with a ladder in Germany than to be killed by the you-know-who-flu in the States.

    Madness everywhere.


  5. I told some people at work I don’t diaper outside of work, you could cut the tension with a knife. I even said they don’t do anything and I’m over the kabuki. At the grocery store yesterday I did see several other undiapered, up from only me a few days before that. I’m cautiously optimistic. However, with the election and back-to-skool sniffles and flu “season” on the horizon, I’m bracing for another cases crisis and indefinite diapering. If after the election diapering continues, the diaper will never leave. After that I think it will be a permanent part of the wardrobe in the Land of the Coward, Home of the Slave.

    • Hi Zach. The “cases crisis” that you mention is almost certain to occur. The reason: every measure mandated by the government has the effect of compromising people’s immune systems. Stay home instead of getting sunshine at the parks and beaches that are closed. Wear a diaper that prevents your body from shedding germs, yeasts, and other nasties and instead makes you re-inhale them so that they build up inside you. Keep your distance from other people instead of the millenia-old method of exercising your immune system through contact with other people.

      Immune systems are going to tend to be very weak heading into this year’s flu season. And most flu related illnesses are going to be diagnosed as COVID-1984. The cases, the cases, oh my God, the cases. We just have to mandate the vaccine, which is totally safe, or we’ll all die from the corona.

      I do hope that it won’t play out this way, but I believe that is the plan. All of these mandates are either stupid or evil, and when it comes to the political types I always go with evil. They know what they’re doing, and they know the damage it will cause. And that’s exactly what they want, because it will increase their power.

  6. I don’t wear face diapers.
    In fact, I have frequented most of the “big box” stores sans face diaper and have not been challenged. Most “face diaper” enforcers are low-level employees who don’t want to be in the position of enforcing the wearing of “face diapers”.
    This may be rude, but I don’t care. I confidently walk past the “face diaper” enforcers without acknowledging their presence. I sometimes have a slight scowl on my face which sends the message, “don’t mess with me”.
    Do the “face diaper” enforcers a favor and don’t interact with them. They will thank you for “not noticing”.

  7. Mask.com is for sale for the bargain basement price of 2,000,000 dollars.

    Favorite masks that people like are featured at wired.com.

    Shouldn’t there be more emphasis on helping the homeless?

    New York City has 60,000 homeless people.

    LA has 56,000 homeless, San Francisco, 26,000, Seattle, 12,000.

    They can remain homeless, just issue masks so they then can be in compliance. Somebody help the homeless become mask wearers, please. Thanks in advance.

    There are billions of masked fools living lives of quiet desperation, they just don’t know it.

    Aren’t there slave markets in Libya right now? Where is the righteous indignation? The outrage?

    Where? Not here, nobody cares. Cognitive dissonance doesn’t matter.

    However, if you aren’t wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, you are endangering the lives of those who are susceptible to the disease. You are a subversive, you need some coaxing to see the light.

    Never mind the buying and selling of Africans, business is good, stop complaining. Good Lord.

    If there is any one group of people that needs to be reined in, it’s the new group of criminals, those who refuse to wear a diaper. Probably should be bit and bridled too.

    Those insolent lost souls who won’t consider wearing a mask should be shipped off to a re-education camp, maybe even sold into slavery, anything to help solve the problem.

    Somebody has to do something, action is required.

    • Hi Drump,

      Isn’t it something? Showing your face is now actionable; a crime, almost – and actually, in some places. This is what the West has been reduced to. The descendants of the brave people who colonized a hazardous wilderness after a brutal 2-3 month ocean crossing live in mortal terror of what they hear about on TeeVee, in defiance of their own eyes.

      • Walked into a Tractor Supply yesterday sans freak mask, everybody was looking at me as if I had gone mad.

        You must be sick in the head if you don’t wear a mask or something maybe even worse. lol

        Bought the dog food and left.

        Give me liberty or give me beer!

        “The crew of the Mayflower did not have enough beer to get to Virginia and back to England. So they dropped the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock to preserve their beer stock.”

        Beer History


    • Every year about 800,000 children “disappear” worldwide. The deaths attributed to corona flu, as wildly exaggerated as they are, only recently passed that mark, for one year. Somehow, “believing” the male bovine fecal matter surrounding the corona flu psyop, has gained more importance than child sex slave trafficking. It’s OK if your child is kidnapped and shipped overseas as a sex toy, as long as they were wearing a mask when it happened. Sorry to say, but people generally get the government they deserve. I’ll paraphrase Frederick Douglas, “What tyranny one will accept is precisely how much you will get”. There is always a tyrant wannabe just waiting for their opportunity. If not resisted, they will acquire it.

    • Hi Mister,

      Yes! More, please. I hear talk of “leadership” all the time. I’d like to see self-leadership. People deciding to decide for themselves whether to live like Michael Jackson.

  8. Just FYI, I’m working on an idea that could help lead us and the sheep to something better… but still in infancy stage. Just wanted to say that because I/we never hear about anyone doing anything about all of this nonsense going on nowadays. IDK if there’s time before the ‘quarantine bus’ comes through every neighborhood and they tell us to get on the bus or we’ll get shot or whatever, but at least I’m starting & trying to do SOMETHING. Unlike our good public employees (senators, reps) who just keep playing GAMES within the corrupt system when the crooks aren’t even playing by the rules. I appreciate the good govt ppl obviously, but I don’t think they are capable of dealing with what we’re up against, this is basically a war, yet they’re the kind of people that play by the rules and work inside of the box, when they should be literally working with any/all sheriffs to arrest some of these govt nuts because they’re truly breaking every law and they’re truly insane. Seriously, how can our sheriffs not be arresting a bunch of nuts by now? They must be in the club too! So, it’s up to we people to think outside the box and do grassroots things.

  9. There has been a proliferation of teevee commercials with people diapered. AT&T wireless and Enterprise car rentals commercials featuring diapers actors. I’m sure there are others. It’s in our living rooms now.

    • Hi BAC,

      I was at the gym earlier today riding the Gerbil Wheel (because I did something to my right leg and had to lay off the running). I had to stare at the floor to avoid having to look at the Diaper’d on the TeeVee. I caught sight of a Domino’s Pizza Diaper-Face and that was genug for me.

      • Genug? Are you sure it wasn’t zuviel?

        Shopping is becoming more and more unpleasant. A few weeks ago, about 90% of people were diapered. Now it’s more than 99%: fellow undiapered shoppers are very rare. Whatever happened to the American spirit? The Brits, French and Germans are having huge demonstrations against diapering and lockdowns. Americans are showing no opposition. They have become sheep, and they are eagerly being led to the slaughter. The damnedest thing is that they will likely drag us along with them.

        • That’s what I want to know! Where IS the independence-loving American spirit that this country was always famous for? Somewhere along the way, America sold its collective soul for a mess of pottage (or more likely, a welfare check).

          • It was stolen by public education. Compliance and obedience are the primary subjects taught in public schools. Reading, writing, and math are coincidental.

          • We are in small southern towns. We took a road trip down route 66 last weekend, stopping at several spots along the way, and you would be surprised at all of the UNDIAPERED. 90% at least.

        • Hi Mike,

          Indeed- zuviel.

          Aber, it is darkest before the sun rises. Hold fast. Do not give in. I certainly won’t. This is a mania – and manias sometimes pass. There is in my estimation a window – the next month or so – for this to dissipate. If, during that time, no mass deaths and the cases! the cases! starts to get tired, a large enough percentage of the currently Diapered may tire of Diapering.

          • Hi Eric. Though I am pessimistic about the future of this country, I will not personally give in. In the Marines, we had a question for someone who had a problem and wanted to dispute about it: is this the hill you want to die on? Well, this is that hill for me.

            • Morning, Mike –

              Amen; me too.

              The Diapers by themselves are loathsome. People wearing them look like neurotics – the same neurotics. They are alienating, unhealthy – medically and psychologically.

              But they are more than merely Diapers – as ought to be apparent. Diapers are training tools. They are meant to habituate people to the “new normal” – which will include management by the corporate-government nexus to a degree we probably can’t yet fully comprehend. Diaper acceptance will lead to Needling acceptance, which will not even require laws. All that it will take is policies – as per Diapers.

              The same corporations which deny service to the Undiapered will deny service – and employment – to those who refuse the vaccine. People who don’t submit will simply be excluded, as now. No job, no shop. Perhaps no food. They will be herded onto reservations of a sort – i.e., their homes, which they won’t be allowed to leave or rather which there will be no point in leaving since there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do. The corporate-government nexus will wait you out – perhaps starve you out.

              It will be almost impossible to resist unless you go Amish. Those who aren’t able to live on virtually no income, who can produce their own food, etc. will be the only holdouts. Everyone else who works for a company will be required to submit to the Needle just as they have been forced to submit to the Diaper, which they submitted to because they had already submitted to things like mandatory drug tests as a condition of employment – which they had to submit to, since all employers require them now, just about.

              No laws needed.

              Corporations – and policies – have replaced laws.

              I wrote some more about this, here: https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2020/09/02/why-diapers-are-dangerous/

        • “Shopping is becoming more and more unpleasant.”

          That’s just fine and dandy for Amazon, not to mention eBay, Walmart, et. al.

          And as social distancing makes social interaction more and more unpleasant, that’s just fine and dandy for Facebook, TikTok, Zoom, Apple, Google, Microsoft, et. al.

          A lot of people are making money and seizing power and market share right not that would have been unthinkable just last year. And that’s just fine and dandy.

    • Thanks, Adam!

      I will pour the coals to this business as long I am able. I’m will never give in to this. Even if it costs me everything I have, materially. The bastards can’t take my soul.

  10. Indiana’s governor has extended the diaper order into September now. The reason why? Since the cases has dropped off by a lot, the masks must be working………………………….

    Yes, that is the dumbassory reason for continuing with it. Remember Indiana is about a red state (freedom loving right?) as you can be and this stupidity still rains down even here. You expect this stupidity in blue places like California and New York, but you don’t even get a break from it here in a supposed Republican place.

  11. Mark Twain allegedly said, “It’s easier to fool a man that to convince him he’s been fooled.” The mass psychosis that has swept the country will take a long time to subside as a result. No one wants to think of themselves as being the victim of a Con Job. It’s easier to continue to delude one’s self than to face the fact that you got duped. No one wants to think they are that stupid. This is especially true when folks can make a “statement” with the Face Diaper.

    We need to be careful not to be overly aggressive toward many because they are suffering, in many cases, having to deal with the realization that they “fell for it”. Shaming people to think like us is not the most effective method in these cases. Sympathy and empathy can often be the better path.

    Now, having said that, if some dipwad gets aggressive with you over NOT wearing the Diaper…

  12. For a brief period, the “your diaper” thing applied to me. I had a couple. An organization sent me a couple with their logo on them. I gave them away. Back to not having one.

  13. For the diapered – a virtue? More correctly stupidity and cowardice. Sort of understandable given the years of indoctrination and brainwashing everyone is subjected to. But how do you explain people, who, like many who regularly read articles on this site, correctly reject not just the mask/corona idiocy but many other things as well? Strange and funny at the same time, there has been a recently published “research paper” stating that we’re basically sociopaths. Can’t wait to be medicated into compliance. Right out of the bolshevik playbook.

    • I agree completely. I get that “virtue signaling” is a motivation, but c’mon, walking down the street by oneself wearing a mask? Nuts is right.


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