Reader Question: Diaper’d Dealings?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Sam writes: Ran into the first time where we were asked to actually leave a store today – an independent consignment shop of all places – where we (my parents and I who all had today off from work to spend time together) were approached and asked if “we had masks and if we could put one on.” I turned around and asked why and the guy, who couldn’t have been more than a couple of years older than I, gave me the BS answer that there “is a mandate in Ohio and the county.” I told him that “a mandate wasn’t a law, and the state does not have the authority to require the public at large to wear a mask for any reason. Then he quickly switched his tune to “this is private property and we require all customers to wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask, since this is private property,” (he mentioned this twice), “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

He got us there – it is private property, and so we did comply with that – otherwise the AGWs would have been called on us, and we were not going to Face Diaper. On the way out, I told him and anyone who could hear that “you just lost our business” and “you guys have a very stupid policy.” After all, nowhere else have we or by myself been stopped and told to leave the premises of any store, shop or burger joint; everybody has the stupid signs – but they don’t mean anything to freethinking people. My father, in his sixties, was more unabashed and may have used an expletive in saying loudly “this is f****** retarded,” and “you’re all a bunch of sheep!,” as we exited the store. We could feel the eyes on our backs as we walked out. Needless to say: Won’t be shopping there, probably ever again. As if they give a Baaaaa!

My reply: I had a similar encounter at Plato’s Closet – a cheap/second-hand clothes place I used to frequent but never will again. I wish, in retrospect, that I had had the presence of mind not to simply refuse the Diaper Injunction – presented by a store clerk – but rather asked to see the manager and asked whether he understood that it is illegal for a business to deny service to people based on medical conditions/handicaps. Then wait and say nothing, to see what the manager says. Ideally, recording the interaction – visibly, to get the point across.

They use intimidation tactics against us – I see no reason not to use the same against them.

I plan to do this next time I am forced to deal with one of these maniacs.

PS: Have you noticed that the Diaper also looks like a Face Speedo? With the idiot wearer’s chin and mouth serving as the jutting-forward ball sack?


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  1. When it’s required that I “wear” a mask, what I do 99% of the time is to pull it down under my mouth, so my nose and mouth are unimpeded from breathing. I’ve only been asked a few times to pull it up, which i ignore, lol. I’ve the ordeal of almost aways having women employees, no men yet, chase me while screeching about wearing a mask, its quite hysterically funny actually. This whole exercise is about conditioning for the big future bugs that will be released on us in the next few years.

    • Hi Saxons,

      The other day, while working the self-checkout at Kroger, a “man” mumbled something unintelligible at me as he whisked himself out of the store. I didn’t reply because I wasn’t sure what he said – but in retrospect, I should have said -loudly – If you have something to say, be a man and say it.


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