Why Diapers Are Dangerous

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The Diapers by themselves are loathsome. People wearing them look like neurotics – the same neurotics. Diapers efface individuality. They turn people into NPC characters in a sick actual reality game.

They are alienating, unhealthy – medically and psychologically.

But they are more than merely Diapers – as ought to be apparent.

Given that there is no persuasive medical reason to wear a Face Diaper (much less a dirty bandana) the obvious conclusion is that the insistence on covering the face is to efface the face. To submerge the individual into a collective of faceless, interchangeable players who have surrendered their individuality for the sake of obedience

Diapers are training tools.

They are meant to habituate people to the “new normal” – which will include management by the corporate-government nexus to a degree we probably can’t yet fully comprehend. Diaper acceptance will lead to Needling acceptance, which will not even require laws.

All that it will take is policies – as per Diapers.

The same corporations which deny service to the Undiapered will deny service – and employment – to those who refuse the vaccine. People who don’t submit will simply be excluded, as now. No job, no shop. Perhaps no food. They will be herded onto reservations of a sort – i.e., their homes, which they won’t be allowed to leave or rather which there will be no point in leaving since there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do.

The corporate-government nexus will wait you out – perhaps starve you out.

It will be almost impossible to resist unless you go Amish. Those who aren’t able to live on virtually no income,  who can produce their own food, etc. will be the only holdouts.

Everyone else who works for a company – which is almost everyone – will be required to submit to the Needle just as they have been forced to submit to the Diaper, which they submitted to because they had already submitted to things like mandatory drug tests as a condition of employment – which they had to submit to, since all employers require them now, just about.

No laws needed.

Corporations – and policies – have replaced laws.

This is ingenious. And it isn’t new.

After nahhhhnlevven and even before then, as the development of technology made possible the unimaginable, the federal government figured out that it could bypass aggravations such as the laws which restricted to some degree what it could do to the people – for example, mass surveil them – by having private contractors do the dirty work instead. Some will recall the private armies of mercenaries- and torturers – created under the auspice of Blackwater as a for-instance. What the U.S. Army couldn’t do, the goons of Blackwater could.

Fast forward twenty years.

The government doesn’t censor speech. But private companies are very effectively suppressing it – which amounts to the same as these private companies have near-monopoly control of the means by which information is disseminated. To paraphrase what der Stellvertreter once said of his boss: Gurgle ist communication just as communication ist Gurgle!

No laws needed to “de-platform” or “de-monetize” you. The First Amendment still applies – but only to the government. How much free speech do you have at work? Ask the people who work at Goodyear.

By transferring tyranny to the private sector, the government has not only imposed tyranny it has made tyranny acceptable to people who would otherwise object to it. If the government imposed it.

But when their employer does it, it’s just . . . policy. And hey, they are a private business – and private business must be respected. You don’t have to work there. You don’t have to shop there.

They have the right to insist on Diapers.

But what happens when you can’t work or shop anywhere these policies aren’t in force?

Welcome, new normal.

Note the near ubiquity of Diapering even where it is not legally required – as in a law to that effect having been passed. It is enough for policies to be applied. Everyone who works for Lowes or Home Depot or Menards or Kroger – all the big stores – must wear a Diaper as per the store’s policy. They are of course free to quit – but where else will they find a job that doesn’t include wearing the Diaper as a condition of employment?

Smaller, independent stores are being strangled out of existence. Many are on life support even though they are open in many states. It’s hard to stay in business when you were forced to stop doing business for months – while the big stores lapped up all your business, as they weren’t forced to close – and then, when allowed to resume doing business, only at partial capacity and only if Face Diapering policies are imposed on customers.

The rope Lenin spoke of won’t be used to hang the capitalists. It is being used to leash the populace by the capitalists.

. . .

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  1. The fundamental error that many, even those of a libertarian bent commit regarding corporations is the assumption that corporations are “private businesses”. They are no such thing. They are a CREATION of the state. Without the state they would not exist. Like the state, they are psychopathic in their very nature. Humanity does not exist within their boundaries. People are tools for profit, nothing more. The more they can subjugate those tools, the more the profit. Corporations are not born, and so do not have ANY inalienable rights. They have no souls. The only ethical standard they possess is profit, at all costs. In other words, none. A great many of them are unapologetic agents of the state, deriving a multitude of benefits from the state, and promoting the power of the state in return. In their collusion with the state (AKA fascism) they are the fundamental cause of most of the ills we collectively suffer.

    • That does seem like a crucial point. A private business in a true free market, anarchist, libertarian context is what we usually call a sole proprietor, where the business and individual are one-in-the-same. So real person has authority *and responsibility* for actions. What we generally understand as “small business” does not enjoy the legal distinction and benefits bestowed by government under the guise of corporate personhood, where the corporation stands these days apart from the actual people comprising it and it receives benefits (bail-out, legal immunity, etc) as though it is a citizen. Which it is in just about all aspects other than being actual flesh and blood. It is “born” so to speak when it’s chartered, it “dies” when dissolved. It’s why putting humans into quasi-corporate boxes has become so indistinct, we’re all just plug-and-play entities on a huge game show set.

  2. I effectively lost my job today since I won’t wear a mask, anybody know a good attorney in Oregon?

    I have a medical excuse backed up by a mental health professional and they will not make an accommodation since I “cannot do all the duties in my job description”

    Good this sucks, fortunately I am very frugal and have funds to survive a while.

  3. Govco doesn’t care about destroying everyones’ lives on Earth, all they care about is stabbing everyone with their latest concoction to turn us into zombies. I guess we’re just characters in a “Sims” video game to them. When they’re so HELL BENT on injecting everyone — you have to wonder why it’s so important to them. It obviously doesn’t have anything to do with any stupid fake virus or health, sooooooo, hmm.

    Boy this scamdemic really got alot of things done: keep people from meeting to unite and resist this torment, get people divided & hating each other, more control over all businesses & everyones’ lives without even making laws or getting people to vote, more election fraud, lots of free money for all the worst/corrupt/criminal institutions, devastate peoples lives in general (they always like to do that), excuse for their zombie/death injections, neverending emergency/martial-law power to do whatever the heck they want, distractions so ppl don’t pay attention to all of their other crimes going on, etc. This is “the big one”. We had NO NOTICE whatsoever, they just pulled the rug out from under everyone, even future predictors like IW didn’t see this one coming.

  4. Diapers, like AGW costumes, also confer magic powers on the wearer. Diaper power includes the ability to publicly yell and scream at the undiapered, or to admonish the undiapered to kowtow to their neurosis, or to commit acts of assault and/or battery (e.g throw hot coffee) on the undiapered, all without consequence. Diaper power also includes the ability to deny entry to or remove undiapered from places, also without consequence.

    The diaper wearer is like a super hero. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Diaperman. Big D. He can leap tall buildings in a single bound, can stop nano-sized viruses in their tracks, and can ruin the day of anyone not a mentally ill, hypochondriac imbecile. Diaperman 🎶!

  5. Eric, your article is serendipitous in light of what just came over my email at work:

    Good afternoon, All
    We’d like each of you to participate in a fun office game…..NAME THAT MASKED CO-WORKER!!!
    For the remainder of this week I will take individual pictures of each of you wearing a mask. To make the game more challenging we will provide a disposable mask to each of you to wear in your picture.
    Next week we will post all of the employee “masked” pictures in the break room, along with a list of employee names, to match.
    $100 in gift cards will be given to the winner(s). Winners will be chosen by correctly matching the most faces to the employees. In the event of a tie, Bud will draw the winners.
    Stay tuned for more details!

    Yes, this is real and yes, I am choking on my own vomit. If I can’t figure out a way to politely and diplomatically, but firmly, refuse to take part in this idiocy, I think it’s time to go on a long (maybe even permanent) vacation.

    • Our company made us all fancy company-logo-emblazoned masks for everyone. How nice! There’s still 1 left in the box up at the front desk. Guess who hasn’t picked his up yet (and won’t).

    • We are required to wear them when we’re not at our desks and do the laser temperature thing every time we enter the building. This comes from corporate HQ and I am obeying that. But I refuse to participate in any reindeer games that normalize this idiocy or attempt to make it fun.
      The mask is ineffective and an affront to my dignity and individuality. My employer, a newspaper that’s supposed to be all about truth and accuracy, is forcing me to live a lie. It’s not fun; it’s bullshit.
      So when HR approaches me with a paper mask and camera, I am just going to politely decline to participate. If she orders it, I will do it, but I will be dusting off my resume.

      • Hi Amy,

        Appalling. I cannot imagine how people deal with this. I am beyond grateful my boss is myself – and my boss doesn’t insist I pretend I’m sick nor that I act as though I am getting others sick.

        What appalls me even more is how many people not only submit to this but are practically ready to kill anyone who does not.

        They are beyond the reach of reason, having perhaps never acquired the capacity.

  6. Acceptance of the muzzle by the vast majority of the go along to get along species is no surprise. If you think about it the slave species humans have been bred like dogs. If you’re an aggressive or disobedient specimen you get caged, neutered or put down. It’s no wonder this selective breeding would result in a downtrodden fat breed eager to heel for some meager scraps or kibble.

  7. These Dolts who come up with these “technologies” have NO understanding of the history of enslavement of civilizations……………

  8. Eric,

    WRT Big Tech, what’s even more DAMNABLE is that the fed gov’t FUNDED them when they were started! Who do you think fronted them startup capital? Ever hear of the venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel? It’s a CIA front. Oh, and it gets even better: heads of the intel agencies such as the NSA SIT on the boards of Big Tech! That’s right, intel agency heads sit on the boards of directors for Big Tech. Ergo, the gov’t wants to limit free speech, but it can’t do so directly; this pesky little thing called the Constitution stands in the way. What do do? Have Big Tech do their bidding.

    I don’t know if you ever heard David Knight talk about this, but the Internet itself was set up to monitor us. Even though there was a time when the Big Three TV networks controlled the flow of information, TPTB couldn’t really know if the propaganda was having its desired effect. DARPA psychologist JC Licklider came up with the idea of the Internet back in the 1960s, which would function as a sort of feedback loop. By the 1990s, the improvements in software and hardware made the net possible, and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Here’s another tidbit I heard on David Knight recently: the New England Journal of Medicine, when calling for mandatory vaccines, said that the gov’t couldn’t make a law to do it, as it would be subject to due process challenges, etc. The NEJM said that the way to do it is push it through the corporations, so as to avoid any messy legal challenges. The scheme is quite brilliant when you think about it…

    • What I meant by the Internet functioning as a feed back loop is this: it gave TPTB a means to see how their propaganda was working, so they could make adjustments to it and its delivery.

  9. Over at Target Liberty, Walter Block is quoted as writing that: libertarianism says nothing about living as a free man, in my view. Wednesday, September 2, 2020 Walter Block On Mask Wearing.

    If libertarians do not advocate for resisting the face diapering, what are people who are refusers to be called? Human Beings is what I have been calling the bare faces in public, however; that does not seem like a clear enough distinction.

    Just wondering out loud and without enough time to weave a reference to the story about the wild hogs of oka-something swamp. I’m off to get partially Amish styled.

    • Hi Helot,

      Given that there is no persuasive medical reason to wear a Face Diaper (much less a dirty bandana) the obvious conclusion is that the insistence on covering the face is to efface the face. To submerge the individual into a collective of NPC players who have surrendered their individuality for the sake of obedience.

      • Second that.

        Interestingly enough, the emperor now has actually come out twice to quietly announce that he really has no clothes. First, it was the CDC saying that those who’ve been exposed do not necessarily have to get tested. And secondly, the CDC website stated that as of 8/22, only 6% of reported corona deaths had no comorbidities. The CDC is now literally admitting that this whole thing was a con, but the MSM is either qualifying these announcements, minimizing, or eliminating them altogether. Meanwhile, the mayoral and gubernatorial tyrants continue to be in lockstep with their societal destruction, and the majority of the general public continues to be paralyzed by fear and truly believes that the government still needs to do more.

        • It’s a Stockholm Syndrome, isn’t it? It’s easier to play along than admit you’ve been duped. Now the CDC gets to say down the road it was correct on the technical details but the damage to humans and society remains. To an outside observer the corruption of the medical field is clear. Nothing more than greedy lapdogs, not open minded or possessing any real desire to heal. Basically high paid assembly line workers doing the narrow little job their managers tell them without ever looking up or down the line to understand their role in the final product.

      • In fact, until this happened, doctors would NEVER tell the healthy to diaper. Ever! In fact quite the opposite, DON’T DO IT.

        That in itself tells you that it’s not for our health.


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