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A picture says 1,000 words. Look at the picture headlining this story. Diapered Joe. As opposed to largely Undiapered Donald. Whatever else can be said about the Orange Man, he has been signaling the virtue of not Diapering.

By not Diapering.

As at the RNC last week. As by not insisting that those attending Diaper – though some, to their great discredit, did anyhow. That’s you, Rand Paul. Very disappointing given your father’s example. Which you ought to have followed.

And which Donald did.

No Diaper. It sends a signal that all who oppose this Sickness Kabuki ought to have received. As opposed to the evil tidings foreboded by Diapered Joe. Who is signaling a personal commitment to impose what he has promised – by promising it. By doing it. A National Diaper Mandate.

No way out – or Hut! Hut! Hut!

If Joe wins, we lose. We’re Diapered. And Needled – which is what Diapering is meant to lay the psychological ground for.

It is that simple.

The Orange Man must be victorious if there is to be any hope of defeating this disease. He may not be principled; he may be outre and louche (two wonderful words)  . . .  but at least we can see his louche and outre face.

At least there is a chance we won’t be forced to become NPC players, Diapered and Needled.

Joe will turn us all into NPC players, inducting us all into the Cult of Sickness.

So Orange Man has my vote.

So long as as I can see his face, at any rate.

. . .

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    • Hi Slave,

      I understand your position – but voting for A or B is like paying taxes. We don’t have any other choice. Given that choice, I choose to vote for less taxes – and less Diapering.

      • You are quite right Eric. Rand has been quite a disappointment. He used to start his speeches with the line; “I am not my father”… To which I would always respond in my mind; We are painfully aware of that Rand.

        As for the Orange Man, unfortunately he is really the lessor of two evils. Commie Harris and her Red Guards, would literally destroy whats left of the country. The actions they would take, would turn the country into a one party state. They would makes citizens of the 20 to 30 illegals in the country. Open the borders and flood the country with even more. Then they would make DC and PR states. Thus ensuring democratic power would be unchecked for a very, very long time. The key to that reign of terror will be cheat by mail. No matter how many votes the Orange Man gets, they can always just stuff some more bogus “votes” into the system. Then use lawfare to run out the clock. They can also use this, to take more seats in the house and flip the senate.

        Matters are not looking good at this point. Lets hope the Stupid Party doesn’t fumble the ball, yet again.

        • Indeed, BJ –

          And WuFlu Fever is the key to it all. There is no question in my mind that the hard push for Diapers which started about a month ago – at just the time when any fair assessment of the facts indicated there was even less reason (if there ever was any) to wear a Diaper than before – was instigated as a way to maintain the Fear so as to keep people away from the polls.

          I plant to vote in person – and without wearing a got-damned Face Diaper.

      • Another obvious difference besides the submission masks was the United States flags used as a backdrop for both conventions. Biden’s flags featured the gold trim – Trump’s didn’t.

    • I personally won’t vote for anyone I don’t like, IOW I won’t vote for the ‘lesser of the evils’. I believe most state & some county election results are frauded by a large percent, like probably 20+%. But, I still vote when there’s someone good running, for whatever good it can do.

      I helped get a good county commissioner elected in southern OR — that was basically the only candidate that got elected that I voted for my entire life. Here in OR we had at least two excellent choices for the last governor election, but somehow we ended up with a global cabal minion who is a rotten hateful lying sack of crap — she/it’s so bad I am seriously doubting it is even a human being — no human being can be so cruel & evil — I believe they are some kind of biological robots/clones with no soul or a soul so unconscious/unevolved it does anything it’s told — for sure it has ZERO capability of empathy/compassion in it’s brain — IOW it’s a criminal psychopath/sociopath and also probably a dark triad or dark tetrad — most high ranking govt ppl are the same nowadays.

      Voting is part of the foundation of a civilization, so IMO this whole election methodology (and fraud) should be the #1 top priority in America right now, but the crooks have all the people distracted by all of the torture & terrorism they’re inflicting on the people.

    • Bull. An election is a surrogate for an armed conflict- it’s a way of deciding things with minimal violence. To shirk this duty is to run from the enemy. To shirk it because the enemy is winning is rank cowardice. To deny the reality of the conflict is to deny all reality. To put up with rule is to surrender to serfdom.

      I live in a tiny burg in the middle of nowhere- and even here the declared elites had decided to impose “community standards” requiring licenses and insurance on everything, prohibiting old cars in yards, etc. I put my name up and have been on the council and then the mayor for 20 years. The real result is that the harassment and bulls%%t stopped. Don’t tell me it’s hopeless and voting makes no difference. The politicians most likely to f%%k with you are the local yokels- and the local election is the one where your puny vote and advocacy have the most influence.

      Its is a fine thing to be an anarchist. But to assume there are no worthy leaders in this world is to surrender to the unworthy. Somebody has to command the militia and reign in the city cops. Nobody’s perfect, but some are worthy. Your vote is the easiest way to hold their feet to the fire.

      • Elections are over the monopoly on legal violence. That monopoly is generally overwhelming and thus there isn’t violence. I see the what are you going to give me voters (most of them) as cowardly people who want to use violence on others but not take the personal risk. Now over the last four years these voters have become inflamed due to deliberate action by those who lost the election and now they are acting out violently.

        Maintaining political power on a freedom/liberty platform falls apart when people start wanting free stuff and to be taken care of. And that’s what the ruling class has done over the last 160 years or more. They have created people that want to be taken care of and given stuff. These are the voters in most areas.

        Out where you are those people are likely few. In the county I live in they are overwhelming. Then there is the a-hole element of people who can’t handle freedom without causing trouble for others. Then that’s responded to with rules, laws, etc.

        I really have a very low opinion of humanity at the moment. Freedom is really only viable within a certain minorities of people I am afraid. Now those minorities can drive a culture under the right conditions, but those conditions are long gone.

        • Good morning, Brent. You’re restating John Adams, to wit: ” Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

          If that’s what you’re meaning, we absolutely agree.

          Unfortunately that Constitutional form died no later than 1865. We are dealing with a transition- I’ve long contended that the US was the first communist experiment starting with the income tax and the feral reserve circa 1913. We can thank Wilson and the Yankee/Puritan progressives for that. We’re now living through the inevitable collapse of that abomination/corruption.

          Something different is coming- most of the people on Eric’s speakeasy are of a very intelligent and capable phyle. I suggest we be leaders, because if we don’t, that vacuum will be filled with less good people. I also suggest that we should participate in voting to oppose the bad and the evil, and to support the worthy. I’m not saying it solves anything but it is a part of the solution.

          Be of good cheer- we are going through a bad time. But it will end- sooner as sanity and courage prevails, later as apathy and submission allows the carnage to continue.

          Don’t be too hard on humanity- most of them are less intelligent than you, and have been misled and betrayed by evil ones. As long as we breathe we can fight.

          The coordinated surprise attack of “covid” and the financial collapse coverup have set us back- life isn’t fair. We take our licking and then we deal with it.

            • I’ll bet that’s where I got it, and Will deserves all the posthumous kudos we can bestow. I read tens of thousands of words a day, I tend to just internalize the things I learn. Credit always where due!

              • Hi Ernie,

                Yes, Will ended each of his freedom zealot podcasts with: “Dum spiro pugno: While I breathe, I fight. Good night, God bless, may we send the State back to the hell that spawned it”.


          • Morning, Ernie!

            Excellent said. I want you (and others here) to know how much I appreciate your thoughtful, intelligent commentary. It energizes me to know such people are still in existence. And you’re right. The time is now to lead by providing a good example, most of all – which includes trying to contain this outbreak via all means and methods at our disposal. This includes supporting good – though not perfect – elected officials who will at least try to do the right things and will sometimes actually get them done.

            Nothing gets done by doing nothing. Especially when bad people are waiting to fill the vacuum.

  1. “He may not be principled” — What is this “may” stuff? Donald Trump couldn’t distinguish a moral principle from a kangaroo.

    “Orange Man has my vote.” — You’re a “libertarian” [guffaw] who’s voting for an amoral, unprincipled, narcissistic, Constitution-disdaining, habitual liar who advocates torture of prisoners, warrantless searches, victim disarmament statutes, denial of due process, abuse of eminent domain, and too many other misdeeds to enumerate here. They sure don’t make “libertarians” the way they used to.

    You’ve got rationalizing voting for the “lesser of two evils” down pat. Since I prefer not to vote for evil, and since the LP finally nominated a genuine libertarian for a change, I’ll be voting for Jo Jorgensen. You know, the Jo Jorgensen who wants to abolish the BATFE and repeal all anti-gun laws while your beloved Orange Man supports the BATFE and every federal anti-gun statute. You know, the duplicitous Donald “defender of the Second Amendment” Trump who bragged about arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning more Americans for the “crime” of merely possessing a firearm than Barack Obama did. So much for that “unalienable rights” and “shall not be infringed” stuff. Who appointed the judges on the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals who voted to uphold Cook County, Illinois’ “assault weapon” ban? Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and … Donald Trump.

    Who endorsed “red flag” laws which authorize police to confiscate firearms from Americans not charged with any crime and before any due process? Hint: Donald Trump. Who urged cops in Chicago and New York City to continue making illegal “stop and frisks” where police detain then search Americans without a warrant or probable cause, not even reasonable suspicion, they’d committed any crime? Orange Man. So much for the Fourth Amendment.

    If it’s any comfort for you, Herman Cain would agree with you. That is except for the pesky fact he refused to wear a protective mask … excuse me, “Face Diaper” … at a Trump rally then died after becoming infected with COVID-19. But who cares about the RKBA, warrantless searches, denial of due process, a president who utters incessant lies and commits acts of perfidy, etc.? You have your finger on the burning issue of the day: not wearing a “Face Diaper” during a global pandemic. […sigh…] You just can’t make this stuff up.

    “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” — John Quincy Adams

    • Hi Sky,

      I understand your position – and your frustration. Of course, Trump isn’t a Libertarian – far from it. But he isn’t as bad a Biden and – yes – that is what the choice comes down to. If I could I would vote for a better candidate. There isn’t one. I’d rather vote for no one – as voting to authorize power over others is not something I support.

      And yet, either Biden or the Orange Man will be the one wielding power – which do you pick?

      Is it not like paying taxes? I would prefer not to pay any. But my choice is to pay less. I assume you make the same choice?

      Trump has at least taken the teeth out of Obamacare, no small thing. He hasn’t put on the Face Diaper except once,in a hospital. This is a big deal because Face Diapering is the issue of our time – precisely because there isn’t a “global pandemic.” Except of fear.

      The “pandemic” doesn’t kill 99.6-plus percent of the healthy population, 80-plus percent of the ones who get “sick” not even manifesting symptoms.

      Yet it has been used to create a police state of breathtaking severity – with the Face Diaper being its symbol and the means by which the police state is being normalized.

      Do you want to be forced to submit to vaccination? To be tracked like an animal? If you do, then Biden is the surest guarantee you will be. Trump may also do the same – or not do anything about corporations doing the same. But there is a chance he will not do what Biden has promised to.

      That is the issue which defines this election for me. Your mileage may vary.

      • Hi Eric,

        The last image I saw of Orange Man was with a damned black diaper with Pence diapered in the background. That was the clincher/show stopper for me. That was several weeks back and I haven’t watched or read any mainstream news since so I may be outdated.

        I’m going around as the only undiapered in diaper hell due to Organge Man’s Fauci and he puts on a damn black diaper with pride? No thanks.

    • I agree with Eric, but I may vote for libertarian/other party — I vote for who’s good not for who’s ‘lesser evil’. Even though I know most sheep will vote for Mr. M.T. Promises, and I won’t get my candidate elected, but I figure when I’m dead and I’m at the gates to a good world (not an evil one like Earth lol), they’ll see that I voted well instead of bending over backwards for evil. I understand Eric is just playing the game, however corrupt it is, we’re currently stuck in this game, so he’s implementing a good strategy. But I personally feel that Mr. MTP is just a bunch of hot air — I think he’s the ‘false savior’ — I think he’s a phony and he’s working with the demonrats, just my opinion, I’m really not sure who the heck he is or what his intentions are. I like alot of what he says, but he doesn’t DO much of anything… and his fans think it’s because the congress/etc are blocking him, but come on… he has legal power to do ALOT more than he did, he’s old, he should just go for it and executive order the crap out of this country, plus he appoints devils to all the positions under his hiring power. I’m not blind or stupid. Actions speak louder than words. I’m not voting for him. And the demonrat vote is for retarded brainwashed zero-information voters that are masochistic & suicidal & want to take the whole world down with them since they’re depressed & psychotically deranged. The demonrats could not be any more COMICAL, however it’s tragic since it’s true, but if it were a cartoon they would be very funny. They’re a joke, haha, except it’s a BAD joke.

  2. I didn’t vote at all last election but, I’ll vote for DJ Trump just to watch him hammer media-whores during press conferences. I admit I find the guy hilarious and he’s done more than any single person I know of to expose what a bunch of fakes the news outlets are. And at least he hasn’t started any new wars that I’m aware of.

    I used to think elections didn’t matter but, if that were the case leftists wouldn’t try so hard to grasp for power. Having a good sheriff, county and state level people in position is worth a shot. Federal level stuff seems to just set the tone for everything downstream.

  3. I think the reason many/all ppl wear a diaper is because they were the ones that got the quackcine in the past, so they’re retarded now. Also, this would explain all the BUM’s and AntiFactists — they probly all got quackcined. The quacks sure want to get everyone injected — I can’t imagine what their latest concoction does. They’ve been researching this stuff for 50+ years — the average sheep has NO CLUE what the heck those things can do or what they are.

    So… don’t worry about that chemtrail pollution, or radioactive fallout from fukushima & other failed nuke plants, or gmo’s/chemicals, nah, just wear a dirty bandanna to protect you from a “virus” which doesn’t even exist, and if it did it’s not contagious (nor can it spread) unless you have full sex or kissing with a carrier and even then it won’t hurt you because your immune system will get rid of it. Nevermind the pictures of the virus they show us aren’t pictures — they’re CG drawings, so obviously they can’t even identify this thing or see it, and the one picture I’ve seen so far is not a virus — it’s a normal part of the body’s immune system, but noone would know that unless they studied biology — there’s TONS of microscopic stuff that’s part of our bodies, yet we’re supposed to believe these stooges can somehow find one little particle and even know what it is that they’re looking at? Everything looks very similar at that scale, just saying. IT’S TOTAL STUPID NONSENSE! There is no virus — it’s a complete LIE. Not ONE single person died of this virus, or probably any other virus. IMO of course.

    • Hi Krazy.

      Minimally, the “experts” continue to concede the number Corona’d is lower and lower. How low can it go? It is already known – though not publicized – that the “virus” hasn’t killed 99.6-plus percent of the population. As others have observed, medical malpractice is statistically more a threat than this “virus.” But people fear it as they might the Black Death – because they have been told to fear it. The facts don’t matter. The Fear is more persuasive.

  4. I don’t believe that the Orange Man can or will stop a national needle mandate. It will be mandated by certain large employers as a condition of employment. In this way, it will be “voluntary”, but not really. However, documents can sometimes be faked and hippa cuts both ways.

  5. Another libertarian blogger I follow argued Hillary would’ve been better In 2016 for liberty due to her engendering more “resistance.” A similar case could be made for Biden, although many of the elements around him are darker, harder edged Marxist types. If these elements gain control of the printing press AND the legal monopoly on violence, Katie bar the door. Obviously, I could never pull a lever for that clown.

    In a lot of ways though, Trump is a resistance sedative. Almost all sound and fury signifying nothing except very slightly less tyranny. The facts right now are that diapering is decreed at the county and state levels where I live in NC. Although Orange Man has some power over states via federal funding, he hasn’t done anything to reign in diapering, business restrictions, or really any other aspect of the whole Wuflu thing. He even promoted the whole lockdown “for 2 weeks” to “flatten the curve” in March and conceded to promoting diapering in July. The CDC, which he controls and which is the attributed source of all levels of gov’t, promotes mandated diapering among many other tyrannical policies. Operation “Warp Speed” needling is his pet project. What is one really pulling a lever for with this guy?

    On another note, Darth Fauci is out today “debunking” the “online conspiracy theory” (retweeted by Trump, btw) of the CDC actually reporting 9k of Wuflu vs. 180k with Wuflu death statistics. Fauci should be fired. But he stays around running his op without a care in the world about his own contradictions, falsehoods, or the insane damage to people and the economy from his authoritarian policies. Since, the beginning I’ve wondered if OM is really even running the show.

  6. The orange man may have his flaws …we all do. But I will NEVER vote for my own destruction ,and that is what creepy joe represents. And no I won`t cap his name.

  7. I don’t have my hopes up that Trump will do anything spectacular. I’ve read that he has ties with Moderna (more research needed) which does little to inspire. On the flip side, the very thought of Biden/Harris is repugnant.

  8. I don’t know, OM hasn’t indicated he would mandate it, but given his recent publicity stunt wearing one while declaring it “patriotic,” I’m not inclined to believe he will offer much resistance.

    This is a battle where principle matters, and he doesn’t have any :\

  9. Yes, the Orange Man is the only rational choice.
    We are now faced with beating back full on Marxism every 4-years. As they will say in 2024 *the election of a lifetime*. How many more elections of a lifetime can we survive till eventually the Marxist kids from our public indoctrination centers really get elected? It is not enough to earn a living, pay your taxes and expect your kids to be educated properly by government. There is also no other place to immigrate to that is free or will be free for long after we fall to socialism. So we all have a choice; fight in our own way and every way we can. Start petitions of redress, petitions for vote on the ballot, go to school board meetings and argue eloquently, do what the left does, protest and make it loud.
    Or…break in to Nakatomi Center and steal some bearer bonds and sit on a beach to earn 20%.

  10. OK, he doesn’t mask up. So what? He hasn’t done anything to open up again, hasn’t told the governors to pound sand, nothing. Just trolls on Twitter and borrows more money. Just like he did when he was a private citizen.

    The only thing I thought he might do is negotiate a debt refinancing and maybe a few trade deals. I hoped he might end some of the wars and wished he would end NATO. Instead we got a rerun of Reagan’s second term mixed with a Congress out for revenge over the Clinton cumshot on a dress impeachment.

    The reaction by the left/Democrats has been ridiculous and way out of proportion to the real threat of Trump, which IMHO is that now we have real 1970s style inflation. Gasoline was 30¢ a gallon, then suddenly it was $1.00. Gas pumps had to have extra digits installed. Signs had hand painted 1 next to the price. The blame was put on OPEC but OPEC saw what happened to France getting screwed out of the gold exchange and figured they better do something about it. Meanwhile where are all the shock troops being sent to Portland? Where are all the tanks in the streets? The only reaction to the “peaceful protests” from the Republicans seems to be Giuliani’s speech at the convention (but then again I’m not on Twitter so maybe Trump said something that might be interpreted as racist if you choose to read what’s not there).

    Some say he’s a mastermind. I just don’t see it.

    • Hi RK,

      I agree he should be doing more – but he is also doing less than Biden/Harris will. I understand it’s crumbs from the table. But that’s the choice, isn’t it?

      • Political grandstanding by Colorado Republicans:

        Instead of going through the process, the strategy is to play political games in the courts. Now they can advertise that they’re fighting “the system” while ignoring the fact that they’re all part of it. If they legitimately wanted to end the diapering the Republicans would have gone through the legislative process. But they knew they didn’t have the votes, probably note even in the party, so play these games instead.

        • The problem is Colorado has gone commie dictatorship. The legislature and executive veered hard left and it’s only getting worse with the continued influx from CA and NY. The way the laws (conveniently changed in 2018) regarding emergency powers work is it requires the legislature to explicitly reassert itself to take back control they gave up. There is a majority in both chambers with complete support of the governor. The Republicans behind this sued in Federal court since the state courts have no interest in upholding the state constitution, especially in principle.

          It would require at this point citizens with pitchforks and tar & feathers stampeding the capitol but the population here is so wildly biased around Denver-Boulder-Ft. Collins in full support of the insanity that they’d stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the CO National Guard and state troopers in preventing such a push back. We desperately need to cut the state in half, leave the urban shithole orbiting Denver to circle the drain and let the rest of the state go its own way.

          There was a time 10 or 20 years ago that the “liberal” here meant we tolerated some oddballs (Mork and Mindy not being so wrong) in Boulder but mostly it was live and let live sort of mindset. We were somewhat fiscally responsible hippies with guns. Search for TABOR, which worked for quite a while to almost actually handcuff government spending. We even had a Democrat governor who famously told the Olympics to pound sand since we couldn’t afford to host them. In the 1970s when it wasn’t really all that expensive and a host could actually break even.

          But Columbine (which I think was no more than a result of our culture that messes up kids) and Aurora (false flag if there ever was one) completely shattered the independent mindset of this once just weird state. Our current governor was one of what’s called the “Four Horsemen,” consisting of Pat Stryker, Jared Polis (now governor), Tim Gill and Rutt Bridges. They came up with this plan in the late 1990s to dump truck loads of cash to turn politics here on its head, turning it from a reddish purple to the vibrant blue it is today. It’s a plan that seems to be occurring in Texas with some success.

          • Yea, I’m amazed at the changes in the state since it was “discovered.” People came here for a job or because it was a cheaper version of PNW, not because they wanted to live in the state that founded the Libertarian party. And unfortunately the pot industry didn’t help matters even though the state’s libertarian streak was probably a key factor in the amendment passing. But fear not, way out here in the Western slope there’s still hope. I’d say the number of Trump/Pence signs is at least 3X the number of Biden signs, and of course I get to cast a vote for a woman who’s main claim to fame is a restaurant where the wait staff open carries.

            • It scares me that there are any Biden/Harris signs around Mesa County at all to be honest. Boebert really only got into the race because Tipton is a milquetoast with a heart beat. He didn’t stand for anything and deserved to get booted in the primary, first time a sitting incumbent rep lost their primary in Colorado since Αspinall in 1972, who’s name is on the fucking Fed building in GJ even. The open carry thing is a side show. Even if she believes aliens abducted Trump she’s still more in touch with reality than Diane Mitsch-Bush, who couldn’t wait to vote in the 15-round magazine ban. She beat out James Iacino, the Seattle Fish Company guy, who I thought was OK in a Hickenlooper sort of way. Hits a lot of talking points but when push comes to shove is pretty pragmatic and wouldn’t rock the boat too much.

              • Had to do a plugs-out transfer switch test this morning to make sure the backup genset would operate (after it failed over the weekend). Had a very nice discussion with the electrician and generator tech over whether or not it is better to go to the range in Cheyenne or the one down in the Springs. And how quickly you can burn through $100 dollar bills with a full-auto 50 cal rifle.

                So we’re out there, even on the I-25 corridor.

      • They all declared a state of emergency so they had access to all that federal money. That means FEMA gets a lot of power. It wouldn’t have taken much to convince a few federal judges that cities were unable to provide a safe environment in the face of COVID so the national guard needed to be deployed for Wuhan style disinfection and lockdowns with a nail gun. Hell, most of the governors are just parroting the CDC guidance as it is. Imagine if Hillary “We came, we saw, he died (LOL)” Clinton were running FEMA. We’d all be subject to searches, quarantined and shipped off to the camps first sniffle.

  11. The demented diaperer as president is an interestingly dangerous prospect. National diapering and needling as an appetizer, followed by corporate bailouts, and bailout of leftist states and localities who destroyed their economies and/or who let the animals loot and burn and destroy the cities. Then, more big tech stock run ups, such that awash with cash they can close the technocracy loops. After that, enactment of portions of the Green New Deal. Plus reparations. Then war with [fill in the blank]. Money for Israel. All of this is also known as the status quo, just with a “D” behind it.

  12. Eric,

    A national mandate might actually bring resistance. Especially in the red, red west. But, it may die like the resistance to Obamacare. The politicians convinced everyone that there was “nothing they could do” to resist. So the publicly schooled eunuchs all gave in. Our dear leaders said we “can’t resist”. That was that, end of story.

    Your articles are a great place of sanity. But also a great place for reality to hit home. The best and the worst. All in one.

    • Hi Ancap,

      It could go either way, certainly. Still, I will vote Orange because he hasn’t pushed the Diaper. If the hysteria can be tamped down before Diapering is “normalized” – by making it ubiquitous – there may be a chance to prevent the worst.

      • Absolutely. I’m voting orange. It is important to point out that Orange man has also not pledged to get rid of fossil fuels and to ramp up environmental regulations. Orange man hasn’t been perfect, but he’s the damn sight best president I have had in my lifetime. I liked Reagan quite a bit, but after year 1, he lost steam. Orange man keeps going. He says stupid stuff. He’s un grounded on a lot of issues and not a libertarian, but he looks like Ludwig Von Mises compared to Dementia Joe.

        • I don’t bother voting. Orange will win Idaho anyway. No democrats have a chance here until they put an R by their name. That’s what all the dems here have done. Stick an R by their name.

          Joe doesn’t have a prayer of winning this state. All I can do is sit back and watch what other states do.

  13. I wish I could agree with you Eric. But the only difference I see between one psychopath seeking office and another is the speed of the handcart to hell we are riding on. The Republicans appear to want to drive it a bit slower. Never forget that it’s not outside the realm of possibility the CIA will “manage” any president that gets too far out of line. They’ve done it before. I would not be surprised to learn that any president that approaches that line gets a CIA visit, and a private viewing of the Zapruder film.

    • Hi JWK,

      Yes, but playing for time may be the key to defeating this. Orange Man may give us the time. The bottom line is that it’s certain – no question – that Biden will attempt to impose a National Diaper Decree and Needling, too. This is inarguable – because he has so stated. With OM, there is at least a chance that no National Diaper Mandate will follow – or Needling. This is a chance worth voting for, is it not?

      • We’re too far down the path now, but imagine the resistance Hillary would have had to lockdowns, diapering, and trillion and trillions of bailouts/unemployment checks. Covid wouldn’t have existed under the witch.
        We will probably have worse under Biden, but four years ago who would have imagined the tyrany we would be subject to under OM. Needling is coming either way. OM will use the military to dispense.


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