Calling the Undiapered . . .

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I’ve already received some favorable replies regarding my proposal to peacefully assert the right of people who aren’t sick in the body – or the head – to peacefully go about their lives, including shop. Here’s one, which I publish for the general edification as well as to inspire others to consider becoming involved – before it becomes too late:

Are you still looking for people to go shopping en masse diaperless? If so, I’d like to join you. I live in Hardy, which is in Franklin County. I have never been hassled for not diapering up in the places I go to around here. If you’re interested, here are the diapering compliance rates I’ve seen around here:

Kroger Westlake – 100% employee compliance (10% compliance if you count wearing it over the nose).  60% shopper compliance which seems to go up a little every time I go there.

Food Lion Moneta – 85% employee compliance. 50% shopper compliance. Food Lion Bennington – 65% employee compliance. 50% shopper compliance.

As the salesman movie Used Cars says: “Those numbers are too fucking high!”

Now the good news. We rented a boat on the lake last Monday and the compliance rate at Gill’s Creek Marina was 0%. When we stopped for lunch at Bridgewater Plaza, the compliance rate for the general public was < 5%.  I don’t know what would compel someone to where a diaper outside in 90 degree weather, but oh well. It looked like the wait staff at all of the restaurants were diapered but almost none of the other employees in non-food service businesses were. I felt bad for the girl at Moosie’s taking care of the carry out orders. Her diaper was soaking wet and she kept pulling it down to breathe.

I am! And our little group is growing. I have one good friend willing to participate and he’s a big guy – which may be helpful. I have a few other prospects in mind as well.

We’ll need as many as we can get. The Diapering waxes – in Roanoke. Here’s the lay of the land as of late last week:

Kroger at Cave Spring Corner: 100 percent employee Diapering; 99 percent customer Diapering. Heavy pressure to Diaper. I was hassled by two Kroger Diaper Pushers; I told both to bugger off and continued about my business.

Lowes on US 220 just outside Roanoke: 100 percent employee Diapering; 80-plus percent customers Diapered. No pressure to Diaper…yet.

Now the good news:

Up in Floyd, where I actually live, the Diapering rate is almost the opposite. At the local store I regularly frequent, the owner is openly Undiapered – not even pretending – and almost everyone inside is Undiapered, too.

Another store nearby is the same. I personally know the owner of the former and am friendly with the people who work at the latter. They aren’t sick in the head – hence opposed to Diapering of the not-sick in the body.

Another nugget of cheer: My gym does not insist on Diapers and – based on a conversation I had with one of the employees yesterday – they have determined not to, despite The cases! The Cases! The place is an oasis of sanity; it almost seems normal in there. 99 percent not-Diapered members; the workers pretend to Diaper – removing it as soon as they go through the motions of pretending to “comply” with the Coonman’s gesundheitsbefiehls.

I think we’ll want about a dozen people to peacefully assert our right to shop. Have you got any friends who might join us?

Very much appreciate your taking a stand with me!

. . .

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    • Hi CJM,

      So far, Kroger is not enforcing its “mandatory” Diaper policy. I just went there yesterday. They had a young girl by the door with a stack of Diapers, who “offered” me one. I said no, thanks and kept on walking. No one bothered me again. Several local friends have experienced similar. But it might be good to gather a group, which will make their group look less uniform.

      Holler at me anytime. My address is public; or just shoot me an email. I’m also often at Sweet Donkey by the Greenway, insolently Undiapered.

  1. I asked a clerk and the store manager at my Kroger to tell me specifically what that new mask rules would be. Clerk said that there would now be an attendant at the door handing out masks and that if you couldn’t wear would for medical reasons, then you just walk in. The manager said the same thing but less confidently. These poor people don’t know what the hell is happening. The whole time the manager was talking to me, she was holding her cloth mask away from her face. I did feel sorry for her having to wear that damn thing while working and talking all day.

    If I lived up that way I’d join you!

  2. The gym I go to is the same way. It’s my little oasis of sanity. No fear masks at all. No requirements. Just healthy people working hard to stay healthy.

    At first, they had every other bike/treadmill taped off, but that has since disappeared. I’ve only seen 1 or 2 morons with a fear mask since this whole thing began. Also, it’s less crowded, due to, I’m sure, some fearfulness.

    I’ve actually started working out 5 times a week now for the last several weeks. I’m 45 and have more muscle mass than I’ve ever had. So in that respect, I’m glad for the virus hysteria. Just the motivation I needed, apparently.

  3. In this heat and humidity, it is only a matter of time (if that) before mask induced fatalities begin to occur. Any thoughts on how to hold those responsible, responsible?

    • Hi John,

      I’m sure there’s a Better Call Saul out there already doing the preliminary casework. I would like to see a class-action lawsuit for intimidation and terrorism, especially as regards the children. Can you image what all this manufactured fear is doing to them?

      • I do not have to imagine I have two children 12 and 8. They are missing their friends something awful. The damage these NAZIS are causing is palpable.

  4. I have yet to don the diaper. Short of going hungry because a grocery store won’t let me in to buy food, I will not wear one of those goddamn masks! If I have no choice because I have to buy food or starve, I will make sure it prominently says “CORONA HOAX” on it. I will make sure I’m damn clear that I do not abide this psychosis and all those around me who do are fools.

    So far it has been a non-issue. When the idiot employee tells me a mask is required I just reply “ok” and walk in anyway. One employee kept instructing me to put on a mask. I just said “you’ve got it brother” and just walked in without a mask. Just yes them to death, but don’t actually comply. The low IQ employee just doesn’t know how to deal with lip service of compliance without actual compliance.

    Also, I find that if I’m wearing airpods and just don’t respond, that works too. The employee assumes I can’t hear and is deathly afraid to touch me to get my attention (what with me being a presumptive typhoid Mary).

      • Eric:

        I’ve been rather depressed as a result of all of this mask crap over the past few weeks. It’s just so sad to see so many useful idiots complying with this nonsense. However, I’ve finally come to terms with it; this is war. I’ve got my battle plan ready to demonstrate to those around me that this is all nonsense. As a result, I’m feeling a lot better because I know that my job when going outside my home is to provide a living example that all those cowering in fear are fools. It sounds a bit grandiose, but I think I’d be doing society a great disservice if I didn’t push back. The useful idiots really do need us thinking folks right now to set an example for them.

        I encourage all to be that example.

    • Yesterday was shopping and errands for the wife and I. Went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Dollar Tree, Lowe’s, Aldi and Publix. We did not wear a diaper at any of them. Unfortunately, the cattle were compliant at about 90 to 100%. The good news, however, is that NOBODY said a word to us, not even at Lowe’s or Publix, both of which have signs saying masks required to enter. Even had a nice conversation with a young lady after I thanked her for not wearing a mask. I must say though, I’m pessimistic about where And how this ends. Even if we likeminded folks stand our ground, we are so vastly outnumbered by the clovers. I just don’t see a path to victory.

    • Great suggestions. I’ve been doing a sort of “yes man” approach. I go into store wearing a camo SWAT type neck gaiter pulled down. If confronted I give it a half-hearted upward tug so it covers my chin and maybe half my mouth and keep walking, letting it immediately fall down again around my neck.

  5. I’m struggling with the no diaper protest only in that I know the local businesses are trying to survive one last time before these tyrants shut down their states again in an attempt to get Trump. (These tyrants will starting with CA) The big corporate stores might feel my wrath of no diaper protest but I support my local restaurants and hardware stores to keep them alive at least for the time being.
    This whole thing will come to head on November 4th; if Trump wins shortly thereafter the Chicoms will unleash a new variant of this virus to foil a Trump presidency. If Biden wins the virus will be declared attenuated and non-life threatening however treasure secretary AOC will be printing money for guarantied income reparations and confiscation/nationalization of private retirement savings for the greater good. Biden is an empty vessel ready to be filled by Hillary types wielding power behind the scenes.

      • Yeah, I was just about to post that.

        I’ve been having to give blood a few months to get my red count down that goes up as I get bled, go figure. We noticed these boxes of n95 and N99 masks with a stencil on the side “These masks do not protect against corona viruses”.

        When I was in the lab, and this sorta blew my mind, there was a thick plastic bag holding those masks handing on the wall with stencil on the outside saying “Do not throw away, Reuse these masks”. WTF? The only think I can figure is it’s pure theatre all the way from the supplier to the final users. It’s insane.

  6. We are also going shopping today,,, the last free day in America for us. Starting tomorrow 99pct of the food distributors and all the hardware stores will require the diaper. If you don’t want to wear one the business will do your shopping inside and you can wait out front for however long that will take. (including ADA excuses) Other than shooting our way in and then out I cannot come up with a decent alternative plan. Maybe a group of threatening folks will work but I tend to think the police will be called,,, and unlike when BLM and Antifa are rioting or looting,,, they will actually show up armed to the teeth and ready to kill for the cause.
    This will require either a court action to undo the dictates of governors, mayors and corporate policy makers which I don’t see happening or a full scale revolt which I also do not see any time soon.

    • I would not think that ADA would consider waiting outside as compliant. Although it may require litigation to find out. If that were the case, it could be used for any other disability. No ramp, no problem, we will bring the product to you. Having someone do so when the disabled come by would be far cheaper than installing an elevator.

      • Hi JWK,

        Yes, but one could then argue “disparate impact.” The poor disabled person subjected to second-class service; made to wait – and so on. The threat of a lawsuit could apply the right pressure – and bear in mind, these are not laws. Just “policies.” I doubt most stores will have armed enforcers and those that don’t… well, what are the going to do? If they touch you, it’s battery. Tey can ask you to leave, of course – but you can make ’em work for it.

      • JWK
        I got that from my wife this morning and now she cannot locate the damn thing. The way it was worded,,, ( If you cannot wear a mask ),,, is why I assumed ADA was included. If she locates it I will let you know.

    • Back from shopping…. (NW Florida, Pensacola Area) Better than 98% mask compliance now. Only a week ago it was 50/50.
      At a Publix we saw only one other person besides ourselves without a mask. At Home Depot everyone but us were masked. Winn Dixie was odd,,, they didn’t even have the moronic one way floor markings and gave no indication they cared one way or another about the mask. At Walmart we were the only unmasked folks. Many were driving masked.
      No one gave us a hard time but then the corporate mandates don’t start until tomorrow.

      • Exact same thing here in SW Florida, Ken. Fort Myers area. Winn Dixie is my supermarket from here on out. Always been a Publix shopper, but at WD this morning, 1/2 the people had no diaper and even most of the employees were just going thru the motions with the diaper down around their chin or half off. Also, no one way aisles or stickers on the floor telling me to “stand here” ! They’ll get my business from now on!


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