Why I Won’t This Time

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People ask – what can they do?

It seems everywhere you go, Diapering is demanded as the price of being permitted to live. You are told you may not enter a grocery store to buy food – much less a restaurant to eat (though you are permitted to remove the Diaper once seated because this is submission theater, not a public health measure).

In some areas, people are pressured to Diaper everywhere, even outside. The purpose of this is severalfold.

First, obviously, to maintain a state of hysteria in the absence of any reason for it. Life would be largely going back to normal by now if the populace weren’t being terrorized by ululations about the “cases” – without any context, such as the Infection Fatality rate, which is about the same as that for ordinary flu (see the facts; chart is below). Almost all of the Undiapered aren’t dying – mostly because they’re still capable of walking  . . .without a walker.

The average age of those felled is nearly 80; the typical age is even higher. And it’s not merely age but infirmity. The thing really felling most of those oldsters is  . . . oldness. That is to say, natural causes. There is a reason why people are in nursing homes. Most of these people aren’t in general circulation to begin with – and they shouldn’t be, for the same reason that people who can’t swim should avoid the pool.

Instead, those who can swim are told – in effect – that they must not go near the pool. Pools must be treated as great dangers to all – and those who insist on going for a swim are a menace to those who cannot.

But the lie that everyone can’t swim must be maintained – by forcing all to Diaper.

This, in turn, creates a state of general demoralization. It is demoralizing to see everyone Diapered – what you can see of them, that is. Not their faces – not their smiles, which have been banished along with practically everything else. A Diapered face is an NPC face. The  acronym is a video-game reference. A Non Playable Character. That is, something without any free will, a construct that acts according to its programming.

The idea is to create the image of everyone acting according to the programming.

Diapering also demoralizes the Diapered, who is made to feel like a suppurating leper by being made to assume the costume of one. And, if he is opposed to this business, to impose upon him a physical manifestation of compliance with something he considers false and even despicable.

It is exactly like forced hijab wearing.

No divergence from the True Faith will be permitted.

Americans who disagree – even with the facts on their side – cannot be allowed to be seen to do so as it might give other Americans the same idea. Universal Diapering is meant to convey universal agreement.

It is also meant to make sure the self-Diapered don’t feel – because they look – ridiculous. By making everyone look ridiculous. How do you tell the mental patients in a nuthouse apart from the staff?

By what they wear.

Well, I won’t wear the accoutrements of the insane. No Face Diaper. Even in the face of universal Diapering decrees.

This is a hard thing – but it starts with one man. Or a few men. Men – and women – willing to risk jail, even –  for a right reason. To take a stand and to encourage others to take a stand. To show them that not everyone agrees.

I am willing. Not because I’m a hero but because I cannot abide this. It is just too much. And it must be stopped while it is still possible to stop it.

I stopped going near airports after the imposition of Security Theater some 20 years ago and encouraged everyone I could reach with my voice and keyboard to do the same. All it would have taken to put an end to the mortifying business of having to just stand there while a government creep fondled your crotch – your daughter’s crotch, your grandmother’s crotch – and all the rest of the despicable conditioning would have been to not abide it.

To simply refuse.

We have the same power today, if only enough of us are willing to exercise it.

It starts with me. Perhaps with you, too.

No, I will not Diaper. For the same righteous reason that a black woman once refused to give up her seat. Because it is wrong.

Because I am not sick.

The fear of people who are sick – in the head – is no different than the hate in the heads of people who tormented people on account of their being black. On the presumption that being black meant being a danger.

Well, neither am I.

Probably, neither are you. If you aren’t sick, refuse to be treated as if you were by people who are literally deranged. Their fear is real, but it doesn’t mean it’s rational and it certainly doesn’t give them the right to impose their illness on the healthy.

So, go ahead. Call the police. If it is now a crime for a healthy person to simply go shopping – or to be out for a walk – without assuming the uniform of the pathological – then being a criminal is to be in the right.

Just as that one brave woman on the bus was, half a century ago.

She had the guts to take a stand – perhaps because she had finally had enough.

So have I.

I hope you have, too.

. . .

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  1. Marky and Nunz, in Mexico, one cannot own the coastline. That’s the distance, the coastline and beach itself. So you can have waterfront property, and anyone and their uncle can parade across what in the US would be a private beach.

    However, I thought everyone regardless of citizenship status had to lease what they bought. What effective difference is there between a 100 year lease and buying a piece of property here? The lease is a more honest way of looking at it. You don’t own squat here in the US, you’re just renting it from uncle.

    • That’s my understanding as well, Shnark- 99 year lease. As I get older, it doesn’t deter me as much! (But then Heremeto [Jeremy’s Mexican cousin :D] might say we’re an adjunct of government and don’t really have an absolute property right 😀 ) -But natural-born Mexicans can permanentlyu own their property (That’s who we’d lease it from).

      As things get worse and worse here…..my criteria for an acceptable alternative gets less and less stringent. Just to be amongst a functional and sane society where we can be relatively left alone and not have to fight tyranny every day of our life is becoming about the only requirement…and anything else at this point is gravy.

      • PS. My thinking is: A place we can realistically get to at this point, is starting to look good compared to a place that is so far-off that we may never get to, even if the former may not be ideal as the latter.

      • PS. My thinking is: A place we can realistically get to at this point, is starting to look good compared to a place that is so far-off that we may never get to, even if the former may not be ideal as the latter.

        So many of the good places (Pitcairn, Cooke Islands) are owned by NZ, which is off the table pretty much for us poor folks…even if we could stomach NZ’s BS.

        • Nunzio, the former places are not just easy to get to, they’re cheap to get to as well. I’m planning a trip down to Jamaica as soon as they reopen their hotels. I’m going to go with a friend, and share expenses. The entire trip shouldn’t run me more than around $600.00 for a week. That’s with all the crap I’m probably going to buy.

          • Aw, Shnark! Bring me back some of that JLB brand (or is it JBL? -something like that) Irish Moss soft-drink! (A salvage store here used to sell it…haven’t been able to get it now in years- if you’ve never had…try it!)

      • You took the words right out of my mouth Nunz. This is why I think the boat idea is one of the better ones because boats are cheap to come by as well as cheap to moor or anchor out. The regulations outside the US are also practically non-existent so building pontoon boats out of polypropylene barrels allows one to build a comfortable dwelling for practically nothing. Down there, those 55 gallon barrels are also just as plentiful and just as worthless to most people.

        Or just build it up here, and tow it down there.

  2. yeah Nunz, the crime is what everyone I talk to complains about. I didn’t know it was easy to obtain citizenship there though. I thought Panama was the easiest country for that. I’ll have to check out Belize again. I thought they required a hefty fee and a bank account full of money.

    • Nah, Shnark, the hefty fee and bank account is if one wants to “disappear”- i.e. go there and basically get a new identity not tied to their old country, etc. Unfortunately, the easy “regular” citizenship is why so many ghetto-dwellers get there (Don’t know how they do that though, as Belize does require a reference from local “law enfarcement” from your old locale indicating that you are not a criminal- but I guess in many of the third-world countries, such can be had for a small bribe or something).

      • The primary reason isn’t so they can disappear, but to protect their assets, savings, etc. They set up an LLC, and wrap it inside an international trust. This doesn’t make them disappear, just all their wealth. This way when the government or some jerk looking for an easy mark for an insurance scam etc. comes along, they see that you have no money, and move along. You have no bank accounts, not homes, no nothing. Maybe a car with insurance that doesn’t want to payout a dime. The lawyers discover you don’t have anything, and give up.

        If they are able to connect you to the trust, Belize tells them to pound sand. The only catch is that the trust has to be set up before anyone tries to sue you.

        From what I can tell, the way to go is to form the LLC in Nevis, with bank accounts in the Caymans, and wrap it all up in an international trust in Belize. If anyone wants to sue, they have to pony up something like $25k in Nevis, and the lawyers aren’t going to be pulling that out of their own pockets, and it isn’t likely that those suing are either.

        However, I don’t know why one couldn’t just form an LLC in Belize or the Caymans with their accounts there as well, and then wrap it into an international trust in Belize, or even the Caymans. I don’t think it would cost more than a grand. It would probably be worth it to have all your assets owned by a foreign company in an impregnable trust. Taxes are lower as well.

        • No, Shnark- I wasn’t talking about LLCs and protecting assets- For those who would do so, that can be done without becoming a Belize citizen. What I was talking about, is that for a fee (Used to be $40K- probably more now-a-days) Belize will give people virtually a citizenship under a new name and all- which is why some criminal types with money resort there- i.e. say you’re a drug dealer from the US or UK facing a long jail sentence. You escape to Belize, and essentially become a different person- so they can’t find you- that sort of thing.

          For us poor folk who aren’t running from anything though, “standard” Belize citizenship is cheap and easy. One of the easiest countries on earth to get into- but of course, that has it’s corollary drawbacks….like Walmart vs. an expensive supermarket- when the price is low, ya have to shop among the cretins attired in blubber and flip-flops.

  3. eric, the only problem I see with your analysis is that not all people who work for big corporations no longer use cash. In fact, this seems to be the big reason for outlawing it. It can’t be because the peasant class has to use it. That’s small change in comparison to all the cash that gets laundered through corporate bank accounts every year.

    I think what it does is it makes money spending less realistic. I don’t like spending cash because I’m counting it out and handing it over to a vendor. When I pay by card, I don’t think about it at all. It’s just me sticking a card into a slot and waiting for a bell to ring to remove my card. The card facilitates a higher velocity of flow for the currency. If I know I only have two hundred dollars in my wallet, I’m going to be careful how I spend it. If I have a credit card that has no money in it, and will only ask me to pay a small percentage at the end of the month, who cares? That’s not how everyone thinks, but it’s probably how most people who are living with an average debt load of $15k are going to be thinking.

  4. The governments of the world are already able to identify and restrict people, Nunz. Every transaction made by credit or debit card is identifiable and restricts one’s ability to engage in commerce without having the bankers/government take their cut. They can literally reject your ability to engage in commerce with a few clicks of a keyboard, or some computer program. I’ve had it happened dozens of times simply because I left the state I was living in without telling them.

    More importantly, God’s mark prohibits immoral, unethical unfair commerce, and again, Central banking is pure evil. It’s theft. It’s what the bible refers to as keeping a separate set of weights and measures to rip people off. Therefore it makes no difference if one uses cash or credit/debit cards. Our currency is all the more immoral because it literally represents debt that we’re pretending is worth something. It is literally a symbol of our own enslavement. It’s the mark of a slave.

    I don’t know why you’re repeating what I just posted. We seem to be on the same page as far as the facts are concerned, but come to different conclusions. The law says to memorize God’s law, meditate on it, and put it into action from the time you get up in the morning until you go to sleep at night. Jesus comes along and says, “I only do what I see the father doing”, and “I only say what has been given to me to say from the father”. That’s his way of repeating the instructions of the Mosaic law to bind them in your mind and manifest them in everything you do.

    God’s mark is not a literal Marks-a-Lot mark on someone’s forehead, and there’s no good reason to assume that a deception that is so pervasive would be so blatantly obvious. Again, why would God allow for people to participate in an immoral, and blatantly evil scam that robs people blind, yet draw the line when it comes to adding a tattoo, or subdermal chip to that exact same scam? What difference does it make to have a chip on a card verses implanted in one’s arm? Location makes all the difference? The system is what is offensive, not some insignificant specifics of administration. A bar code on a card is no less offensive than one implanted in your hand when it is the same exact evil system.

    One might just as well claim that it makes all the difference in the world by updating it from the left hand to the right one.

    The bible says the mark is to be in one’s right hand therefore I have mine in my left one thus saving me from taking the mark. If I had knowingly taken it in my right hand, then I would have taken the mark, and been unable in good conscience to buy and sell. Since I know it has to be in the right hand, I am still allowed to buy and sell because I haven’t actually taken the mark in my right hand. See how that works? Of course it makes no sense, but then neither does claiming that taking a mark for a system that is identical to the one you are already participating in, makes no essential or effective difference.

    This is the same kind of logic that claims the day John saw his vision is significantly more important than the day his vision is depicting, i.e. “the day of the Lord”. John sees a vision of the Great and terrible day of the Lord, and people claim that even though that is what the content of John’s vision is clearly depicting, when he says that he was taken up on the day of the Lord, he’s actually referring to the day of the week he had the vision. Why is that so important? It isn’t, and it is just as insignificant where a mark may be. What is important is the fact that the beast system already exists. Taking that chip from your bank card and implanting it into your arm makes no effective difference. God doesn’t suddenly condemn you for updating your Beast system chips.

    You along with everyone else on this site sees that the global banking system is immoral and unethical, and yet suddenly by moving our banking information to an implanted chip in our arms makes it the Beast system? C,mon Nunz, you know there are all sorts of things that can be implanted into a person’s body, and no one has any problem with any of that. Why should this make any difference? What is so wrong with an implanted chip that the beast system is using verses one that they are already using in a card? It’s the same system.

    • Hi Schnarkle,

      Cash is still an ed-run, which is why they are working so diligently to habituate the populace to its elimination. Cash enables one to work “off the books” – and for oneself – which gives one a degree of freedom that people stuck working for companies cannot begin to imagine.

    • Shnark,
      The evil banking system is nothing new. It goes back thousands of years to the pagan city-states whose temples controlled the currency. Of course, profiting from such corruption is as bad as profiting from the benefits of any other immoral activity which one may participate in vicariously- which is why I don’t participate in investing or other schemes in which one’s capital is deposited for the purpose of reaping interest.

      But if one merely uses currency as a medium of exchange, -while they may be a victim of the bankers, due to the fact that currencies are manipulated and always lose value- they are not doing anything evil. And the use of credit cards and electronic payment services which can track your transactions, is voluntary. One can still use cash. And even if one does use credit cards for online purchases, “they” still can not control your actions in real life, nor use your behavior/ideas/words/affiliations, etc. to prevent you from making purchases.

      The coming mark will be different- much like the “social credit system” of China- in which all financial transactions will be linked to your general conduct and compliance. Thus the need for something which is implantable- so that it can not be separated from you nor forged, etc. And it will be WORLDWIDE.

      We are being set-up for this right now, between smart phones; getting people gradually used to the idea of cashless transactions; and the worldwide universal COVID psyOp….one just has to imagine the implications when all of these come together.

      If the use of bankster-government created currency were the mark, then the Apostles were guilty of having taken the mark….. Bar codes and credit cards and electronic payments are a step toward thje implementation of the mark- but they are not the mark itself.

      We are seeing with these mask mandates and lockdowns, just how easy it will be for them exclude those who do not comply from commerce. Imagine when it morphs into a social-credit style system which is linked to something IN your body, like a virtual SIM card which becomes a part of you?!

      The Law Of God is a SIGN that God can see. The mark is a physical identifier that the government can see.

      I’m sure we can agree that they both dictate one’s behavior and allegiance, and are mutually exclusive- thus the Scripture’s statement that those who take the mark will be lost. Pretty much everything government does is a copy of and evil counterfeit of what God does- because ultimately, the government wants to be the supreme god- since they are the manifestation of the “god of this world”-Satan.

      So it really does come down to what we do; where our allegiance is; who we obey and serve- but ultimately, Scripture makes it very clear that the mark is a physical manifestation- and those who keep the Law Of God WILL have to reject the Mark Of The Beast[government], and will be excluded from commerce.

      Like you said, I think we are largely on the same page…just stumbling over some details.

      • Nunzio, as always you make some fine points. From what I can tell, it boils down to a philosophy of “better late than never”. Some people need to see this blatant mark before they can renounce the Beast System.

        The gospel writers depict Jesus having to request a coin be supplied for him to make his point that what is Caesar’s belongs to Caesar. He doesn’t have any money, and points out that no one who does can be one of his followers.

        Here’s how bad things have become. Back in Jesus’ day, he instructed Peter to pay taxes by pulling it from the fish they just caught. Today, one can’t fish until one comes up with the money up front for a license, permits, etc. Back then one could at least work for the money they earned before they were required to pay taxes. Now one has to come up with the money up front for the State provided privilege of fishing.

        It is one of the bible’s most enigmatic paradoxes. All of creation is not only created in, with, and through Christ, but FOR him as well. It all belongs to him, and therefore, private property is a cosmic joke for anyone and everyone else.

        Satan is the antithesis of Christ in that he wants to take hold of it all. He wants to possess it all. It is no coincidence that it is referred to as “demon possession”. The defining characteristic of demons is their lust for possession, but the supreme paradox is in being able to receive it all only when one lets it all go. Sounds like some corny cliché, but it’s true.

        There is no essential or effective difference in the Beast system before or after the Beast System comes up with their latest outward sign of fealty.

        One cannot have God’s mark which insists upon honest weights and measure, and simultaneously engage in a Satanic system of commerce which rewards dishonest commerce while simultaneously punishing and enslaving others who have no other recourse.

        They simply cannot engage in this system without renouncing God’s mark. To renounce God’s mark is to take the mark of the Beast. Waiting for some physical manifestation is a claim that begs the question because the physical manifestation is most notable in engaging in dishonest commerce, and it’s all dishonest.

        Anyone who engages in commerce is honoring the Beast System by respecting or acknowledging that debt has value for them, and admitting that this debt represents the time we will have to spend working it off which as it turns out is our entire lives and the lives of our descendants.

        To say that when the government suddenly requires a tattoo or biometric chip be implanted doesn’t negate the fact that the system is the same exact system that has been enslaving the world since before God instituted usury as an instrument of war.

        If one were to present an argument claiming that it’s acceptable to gain from the system rather than being duped and enslaved by it, I might see one’s point. To claim that being enslaved by it somehow absolves one of their responsibility simply because a more advanced form of identification hasn’t been implemented doesn’t sound like much of an argument to me.

        Ultimately, God doesn’t need some outward sign or symbol. He see’s those who use the system, and he sees those who don’t; his son being the most notable example, and one only his disciples can follow.

        Again, I see your point, but your point is just as valid WITH the mark as without. Either way, you’re just engaging in honest commerce in a dishonest system. The fact that the system comes up with a better way to track you, is beside the point. God doesn’t need it, and neither do those who he has chosen.

        God’s elect don’t need to wait for a Beast government to exclude them. They have always been proactive in separating themselves from the damned. One doesn’t need a law to tell them what to do when God’s law informs us of the difference between right and wrong.

        There are plenty of professing Christians who wear crosses and crucifixes as marks of their faith, yet they have no real faith at all. I think we would both agree that is hypocrisy. Likewise, to engage in, and respect a system of government and commerce that is inherently dishonest, and fraudulent is a mark of someone who has no problem with dishonest commerce and fraud.

        Adding a mark or symbol to document it is anticlimactic and redundant, Ceasing from engaging in this dishonest commerce as soon as this mark is required is insulting. If there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing now, then there’ s nothing wrong with continuing to do it with or without a literal mark or symbol documenting your approval. We have already documented our allegiance to the Beast system by engaging in it. We’ve documented our approval to God. Waiting for Satan’s minions to add his stamp of approval is not going to change anything.

        What makes anyone think they need to wait until then? What makes anyone think that God is going to suddenly provide for them then rather than right now?

        Professing Christians believe that God will raise them from the dead, but isn’t willing to provide for them so they have to rely upon the providence of Mammon instead? It makes no sense, and reveals their true allegiance and loyalty.

        Again, as I’ve pointed out in the past, this is the difference between a professing Christian and a confessing one.

        • SVB,

          I think that the mark will be visible. The Greek word used for mark is charagma, which means stamp, imprint, or impression, such as on documents or coins. I also think the mark will be visible, because it’ll be seen as a status symbol, of sorts; it’ll be a way to virtue signal that you’re part of the “in” crowd. I think that the mark will take on a form like this: http://news.mit.edu/2019/storing-vaccine-history-skin-1218

        • Good stuff, Shnark. Just a quick reply for now though (I should never come here in the morning! 😀 )

          Re The coin from the fish: Remember that that was in response to the Pharisees trying to entrap Jesus. If Jesus had personally paid the tax with His own money, He would have would have been degrading His divine nature by making Caesar superior to God. If He had not paid, He would have been resisting the circumstance which God had imposed on Israel -that of putting them under tribute to a foreign power for punishment- AND would have been guilty of a “crime” under Rome’s law, for which the Jews would have seen to it that the civil leaders would be alerted to, and thus could be prosecuted as a tax evader, which would not only have interfered with the very purpose for His first advent, but would have painted Him as someone who was persecuted and crucified for a crime, as opposed to an innocent being persecuted and crucified for our sins.

          His wisdom in dealing with such situations is a great example to us of how we can navigate in this world which is controlled by the Beast by using wisdom and discretion and being “wise as serpents but harmless as doves”.

          Re unjust weights and measures: As for fiat currencies, we are the victims. The ones issuing the money are the offenders, as they cheat us of value over time- but to use their paper as a medium of exchange, is not cheating those who we deal with, especially if that is how they want/demand to be paid.

          Re the Mark: While many do (and have long) participated in the Beast system/worship the Beast…one can still “opt out” with a little creativity- but as you can see, as the tyranny increases and encompasses the whole world, it is getting harder and harder to opt out. When the Mark is instituted, and all of the things we see building right now are sewn together, it will be virtually impossible to opt out unless one resorts to the actual wilderness. Just wait till the vaccine comes out, and becomes mandatory. Just as one day we woke up and suddenly everything was different, so too, one day we’ll wake up and there will be martial law…and our ability to resist or escape will be gone, literally overnight- and we will then face the consequences of not taking their mark.

          Right now, we can resist…we are not yet to the point where they “cause all to receive a mark”- Even if you believe that the mark is nothing more than participating in the Beast’s system, they do not yet “cause all” to do that, nor receive an indicator that one is in compliance- but when the mark is established….one will NOT be able to participate in the Beast’s system without it- so most will comply 🙁

          Essentially, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying that participating in the Beast’s commerce system is the Mark“- but what Scripture is saying, is that if one refuses the mark, they will be barred from participation in that commerce- which is how they get the masses to accept the mark, and why those of us who will refuse it will be UNABLE to participate in commerce. See the difference?

          • Nunzio, Re: the coin from the fish is a different story than what you were referring to. e.g. “24After Jesus and his disciples arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of the two-drachma temple tax came to Peter and asked, “Doesn’t your teacher pay the temple tax?” 25″Yes, he does,” he replied. When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. “What do you think, Simon?” he asked. “From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes-from their own children or from others?” 26″From others,” Peter answered. “Then the children are exempt,” Jesus said to him. 27″But so that we may not cause offense, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours.”

            We are not citizens of the Beast system, therefore we are supposed to pay the tax; all of it. Give it all back. As citizens of the kingdom, there is no tax to pay. There is no work to do either, at least not any work that pays in some worthless fiat currency.

            I think you’re referring to when Jesus asks the Pharisees to supply him with a coin. Note that he doesn’t actually have any money so he must ask it from someone else, and as it turns out it is a Pharisee. The gospel writer is making a point of noting who has money and who doesn’t. Note also those who don’t have any money have no reason to pay taxes anymore.

            There is no effective difference in being able to engage in commerce because it is the beast system, and being able to engage in commerce because one takes a mark in the Beast system. God’s marks are in the heart. The beast may place a physical mark on the damned, but the elect can’t engage in sinful behavior to begin with. It isn’t possible for them to be deceived.

            This is why I have been endeavoring to live without interference from the government as well as living as simple a life as possible. I find that as I simplify my life, I am not constrained to resort to using money nearly as much. I spent years living on the street, and saw how street people lived with nothing. They lived quite well, and I learned how to live quite well with nothing as well. When I acquired all the material wealth I could handle and quite a bit more than I could handle, I discovered that it was an intolerable burden.

            You make an interesting point, one which I make with regards to slavery and usury, i.e. those who beg to be enslaved and defrauded by usury, are responsible for their own stupidity. That’s their problem, not mine. However, I’m slowly moving away from that philosophy because of something I read from a Chassidic rabbi as well as Booker T. Washington. They both point out that one has to get down into the pit in order to either keep the other one down, or to raise the other one up.

            The texts always refer to this system. I see no place where there are any caveats that allow one to operate within this same system simply because it is convenient for bartering.

            When Jesus points out where defilement originates, it is in the heart. Again, mainstream Christianity sees this as an invitation to engage in sin because they don’t see that one’s digestive tract doesn’t absolve one of defilement, or do away with dietary laws. The heart is marked when it conceives sin. Guilt is established at that point, and not later. Carrying it out is anticlimactic, and makes no difference whatsoever to the one conceiving the sin. They are already marked for damnation. Adding another mark later, or rejecting it later makes no difference. It just means one hasn’t understood that it is sin that kills not some symbol of one’s sin.

            Jesus says to simply give it all back to the scam artists, and this is what is going to happen anyways as they make their own money worthless. When the government sends everyone a check for $1,200.00 the game is up. We might as well just all close are accounts and send them a check to pay off the debt, and tell them to start over because this is complete nonsense.

            These biometric chips, are nothing but an idiotic distraction from the collapsing economy. They will not fix anything in the financial markets. it is destined to implode.

            Professing Christians all over the world are in for a rude awakening when they finally turn to God for their every need only to discover they were never his to begin with. That’s what those who rely upon Mammon get. Two millennia ago Jesus said you can’t rely upon both. You have to pick one or the other. Note he doesn’t juxtapose God with Satan, but with Mammon (the personification of money). He knows where our hearts really are. He knows who and what we depend upon. We don’t rely upon God. We don’t trust in God at all. We trust in Mammon. We are hypocrites of the highest order, and there is no place in God’s kingdom for hypocrites.

            While it may be painful, think of how good it would feel to give all that soon-to-be-worthless money back to the government.

            I’ve spent years observing people who live on no money. They have tapped into an abundant supply of God’s grace which allows them to not only survive, but thrive without money. One can’t help but notice their resemblance to Christ.

            I don’t like the idea of forking all of my hard earned money either, but there’s a certain attraction to being able to live without it as well. This is something we need. This is something we should want. It is something that needs to be sought out. That’s the kind of work that pays eternal dividends.

  5. I couldn’t care less if wearing a “diaper” is demanded or not. I do it because it seems like the considerate thing to do. I also wash my hands after using a restroom.

    • Do you also wipe your ass? After you poop? it’s not demanded so you don’t have to do it. Does it bother you if someone else does not wipe? Does it bother you if someone like me or Eric does not cover their snouts? I also wash my hands after peeing or pooping. The muzzle is a different deal. Think about it. Use your brain. Look at the numbers. If you get the disease you have a 99.74 % chance of not dying. This is really nuts. Get ready to hunker down. Get ready to use the guns you have. It is getting real

    • Hi EWM,

      If you want to wear a Diaper, for whatever reason, that’s fine – it’s not the thing being criticized here.

      I am, however, curious. Why is it “considerate” to put a Diaper over your face for the benefit of the neurotic? Would you also wear a bedpan around you neck if it made people “concerned” about “accidents” feel better?

    • I fail to see how playing into mass neurosis and virtue-signaling is considerate.

      EWM, did you wear a mask before it was mandated, because, after all, you may be sick at any given time- so why not be considerate (If you believe that wearing a mask protects one from spreading contageous infections- which they don’t- as stated right on the boxes of many masks)?

  6. Anon, Re: eliminating posts with a line of vertical letters. if you would like your posts to continue to look normal instead of a long line of vertical letters, simply scroll down to the bottom of your screen where there’s a box titled “Leave A Reply”. If you’re replying to someone, address them, and I usually add something like, ” Re: diapering in stores…etc.” I did it with this one. It’s stupid simple which is why I do it.

  7. eric,

    Well said. I particularly like the juxtaposition of racism with hypochondriacs or germaphobes. I also stopped flying when I finally had enough of those smug TSA agents leering at all those crotches waiting for inspection. Ironically, flying also was beginning to make me sick. The airport was the first place where I seriously began to think wearing a mask was a great idea. That was over ten years ago. I still think that, and if I were ever to fly again, I would definitely wear a mask because I can’t help getting sick on that stale recycled air.

    I can’t be around second hand smoke either, but that doesn’t mean everyone else in the world has to stop smoking. Smokers are in one of those higher risk categories for being snuffed out by the corona virus, but evidently a surgeon general’s warning provides more than enough protection for the rest of humanity. Funny how all the terrified masses who insist that we all diaper up don’t seem to have a problem inhaling all that stale infected second hand smoke.

    There is so much about this that will never add up…but then that’s always been the case in….

    The Twilight Zone.

    The only way out is resistance, but I would strongly suggest going into whatever establishment is mandating masks in a group. Get trespassed as a group, and after being arrested and booked, take them to court. Of course, here’s where the biggest problem emerges. Now you have to come up with the funds to mount your legal attack. Therefore, it’s best to stay away from the big block stores like Walmart, Lowe’s etc. Focus on those stores that don’t have more funds to fight a legal battle than you do. Ready to sell your house to fund your legal defense? If so, great. If not, then resistance is futile. Get ready to spend a LOT of time in jail.

  8. The beatings will continue until the morale improves! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Stupid too.

    We will beat you senseless with the mask wearing mandates until your spirit is broke!

    I see discarded masks in parking lots all of the time.

    Just order online from Walmart, go pick it up at the curb and be gone.

    Home Depot, the same, Lowe’s, the same.

    All of the employees will do the shopping for you, all you need to do is to drive up and the employees will help you load your car. Much less risk involved, besides, you don’t want to breathe the inside air at a Walmart or a Target.

    You won’t have to park your car, you won’t have to enter the building, you won’t have to do the shopping.

    It will be a convenient way to get things done and will save time. Eventually, after a few million curbside pickups and nobody entering the premises, the employees will tire of doing the job, ennui will set in and the dreaded drudgery of shopping for customers all day long will take its toll.

    Customers will begin to prefer the curbside pickup option and stores will be empty of customers, just employees stocking shelves, which will be useless, and then filling orders for curbside pickup.

    Malwart and Target will probably stop doing curbside and force you to enter the business to reduce their workload.

    Masks that are handed out by someone with bare hands poses a risk to you.

    Gloves are far more important than some stupid mask. Who doesn’t wear gloves when working on some dirty object that will get your hands so filthy the become hard to clean? Gloves prevent a sloppy mess on your hands. I wear gloves long before I wear a mask.

    Maybe too much paranoia, but it can be a risk just to use a mask made by someone somewhere where the work conditions are not sanitary. You can’t be too careful.

    In fact, masks could possibly harbor some disease and you could be at a greater risk. You just never know, you know.

    You know how they lie all of the time. lol

    • Hi Drumpish,

      There’s something dehumanizing, demoralizing about all that – being treated like a pariah, unable – unallowed – to walk among other people and just shop. And there are certain items – like vegetables and fruits – one wants to examine before purchase, which requires touching/looking. But – again – this is all about diminishing us, isolating us, making us feel small.

      Don’t let them. Don’t participate in your own diminishment.

      • The mask mandate is on, can’t enter unless you wear a mask, which is more than stupid.

        My point was, to them, for them to waste time on me by making them do the shopping while I stood there with no mask on, I social distanced, don’t want to get near the masked fools at all. They were pulling down the mask so you could hear what they were saying without the muffling sound of brainwashed poor soul.

        You have to have some sympathy for their plight, they have to work, I want the stuff on the shelves and unless I comply with the unwarranted mandate, they won’t let me. Okay, go get it for me then.

        If I didn’t have to wear a mask, I would be able to go into the big box big bucks business and mind my own business. Since they want to stick their nose into how I can do things, they can do it for me.

        Two items were special ordered, no extra cost, the rest of the items were general merchandise which anyone with some God-given sense can do on their own.

        Since I am restricted in one way, wear a mask, then they can just do it all.

        If millions of people would do that, it would be a boycott of a sort. It would screech then come to a smoking fire stop.

        Charles Boycott learned the hard way of what a boycott could become.

      • I can see why you might feel like a leper, but I’m beginning to see that there are advantages to being one of the untouchables that the sheep aren’t aware of yet. Most notably that being able to simply drive up to your local grocery store, Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot, and flip the trunk switch is significantly more convenient than having to search for a parking spot, spend a whole lot of time shopping, waiting in lines, etc. I just had someone from walmart show me how to add their curbside pickup app to my phone, and tried it out. I probably saved at least fifteen minutes, and didn’t have to do much of anything except call them, and wait a few minutes for them to load my car.

        • Hi Schnarkle,

          Considered in isolation, I don’t disagree. The “shop by app” and pick it up thing has been around for several years; it offers a convenience; I’m cool with it. But I think it is important to not consider it in isolation because it is part of a broader scheme, as I’ve written about previously. They are using these tools to minimize us, to decrease our ability to live and function normally. And that is why I’m fighting all of this.

          • Be careful what you wish for. In this day and age, what’s to stop your order from NOT being fulfilled, especially if you do not have “the mark of the beast”, current vaccinations, or even being of the “wrong political persuasion”? Certain critical-need items could also be withheld on purpose.
            Stores could also pass off substandard, out-of-date food and other merchandise. You wouldn’t notice the discrepancies until you got your purchased goods home.
            The Ukrainian Holodomor (whch was the TRUE “holocaust”, not the phony jewish holocaust) was perpetrated by the jewish communists against the “kulaks”. Despite having granaries full, they starved the people to force them to “collectivize” their farms.
            Don’t think it can’t happen here? Think again.

            • anarchyst, If you’re buying and selling right now, you’ve already got the mark of the beast. Central bank fiat currencies with fractional reserve banking is Satanic to the core. it is the antithesis of what is outlined in the bible. It is blatant theft by fraud. In the bible, God instructs the Israelites to engage in usury to destroy the inhabitants of the Promised Land. It is an instrument of war, and every bit as effective today as it was 3500 years ago.

              Leave it to legalistic Pharisees to take what God says literally rather than looking at what they’re actually doing. They strap on literal marks on their hands and arms, and Christianity comes along and does the same thing by claiming a literal mark rather than looking at what God teaches with regards to sound monetary theory.
              Don’t pay attention to the actual teaching, just look for some literal mark on people’s hands and foreheads. Brilliant.

              • I must respectfully disagree with your assertion that using “the coin of the realm” is the “mark of the beast”. In today’s day and age, it is still possible to conduct transactions anonymously by using cash or barter. I agree with you on the “small hats” use of usury to control the population.
                The “mark of the beast has already been introduced in Sweden (I think) with private companies using it for “access control” which will be expanded to cover all transactions. Here in the “good ol’ USA, “vaccination certificates” might be the start of it and it will be touted as a “convenience”, not having to carry cash, debit or credit cards. It will also carry “health” information. Unfortunately, far too many people will be accepting of such a scheme. The “mark of the beast” is not yet here, but will be implemented shortly.

                • Yep, Anarchyst. The Mark will likely be an implant (The hundreds of millions of syringes already procured by Uncle already have provision for them!)- which will at first likely be for “proof of immunity/inoculation”, which will be required for access to all public places and for all financial transactions.

                  It’s final form will likely be something like a SIM card which will be in YOU instead of your phone, and without which, your prhone won’t finction.

                  This mask nonsense is the set-up for it. This is being perpetrated on a worldwide basis- everywhere at once, which is unprecedented- and that is exactly how the Mark will be. It will be the proposed “solution” to the current problems which they have created.

                  It is definitely not currency, because they had currency when Revelation was written, and the Apostles used it; and Revelation is about “revealing things which will come to pass”- not about things which already existed and have for millennia.

                  And it goes “In the right hand or forehead”.

                  • Nunzio, your bible also refers to those who are marked by God in their forehead and right hand as well. It’s explicitly referring to those who have memorized God’s law and everything they do is a manifestation of God’s law in action. That’s what it means to have God’s law in one’s forehead and in their hand. Again, what we have today is the antithesis of God’s law. It is a corrupt fraud, but again that’s not what God hates, he just has a thing for someone marking up foreheads and right hands. Fraud and corruption aren’t really anything that God would have a problem with. That just doesn’t make any sense at all. To focus on a literal mark is to put oneself in the same company as those Pharisees who place literal boxes on their foreheads and right arms with God’s law written in them. Better to have it literally on one’s forehead and right arm than to actually carry out God’s law.

                    • That’s true, Shnark- about God’s Law, and likely about the Mark too- but with the Mark, remember, the prophecy is about something that the demonic world government can use to identify and restrict people.

                      Slight differences in the wording too- but that can be significant- Notice:

                      God’s Law: “And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eye”.

                      vs. the Mark Of The Beast:

                      “….in your right hand or forehead”.

                      God’s Law: “They shall be as frontlets… [i.e. not literally physical…but “as”]

                      vs. The Mark:

                      “…shall cause all to receive a mark” .

                      (Very glad to see that you’re so Biblically-literate!)

                • it isn’t just the coinage, or currency anarchyst. It’s the system itself which is completely fraudulent. Go to the Fed’s website, and they will openly admit that what they ‘re doing is illegal for anyone else. They write checks on accounts that have no money in them. Then they loan this rubber check to uncle who hands out all this free money to his closest buddies, at interest, and the tax payer gets the bill to pay it back while simultaneously suffering the effects of hyperinflation. One has to be a special kind of stupid to go along with that deal. Those who do are already marked. If you’re not getting first crack at that free money, you’re the Mark, the sucker, the patsy, the fool for the Beast system.

                  • You are correct. “Fractional reserve banking is a scam of the highest order. When a bank “loans” you money, it is merely a ledger entry with no backing.

                    • Not only is “just marking it in a ledger” a part of their scam, but it’s even worse, because then they get to use your “promise to pay” as if it were “money in the bank” (Including all the interest you’ll eventually pay) and can then use that promise to pay as an asset on which they can then use to loan-out even more money- and I assume, just like actual deposits, they can loan 10 times the actual value of the asset.

                      It IS truly the hugest scam in the history of the world- even more nefarious than than the Ponzi scheme of Social Security!

                    • It isn’t merely a ledger entry anarchyst. It’s just one more way for the bankers to create fiat money and get it into general circulation which doesn’t just contribute to hyperinflation, but accelerates the velocity of money as well. As more and more of this currency goes into circulation, it is soaked up in higher prices.

          • IFor the most part, I agree eric. Freedom to choose is all but gone in this country. I picked up my first order from walmart yesterday. There were three items on my list that they were out of so I had to go to Winn Dixie to get them. While I was in WD, there was a couple of people standing in the produce section talking about how the curbside deal wasn’t that great. When I got home, I found that the grapes were not what i would have selected if I had gone into the store myself. I still ate most of them though, but what I’m discovering is that as the world around us is falling apart, my life is getting better because I’m looking at alternatives which are superior to what I was choosing in the past. It doesn’t make much sense, but the stuff growing in my garden is way better, and there’s something about getting down into the dirt and pulling weeds, picking bugs off the vegetables, etc. that is really healthy.

            I would say that about 60 to 70 percent of my food is coming right from my garden. Not only that, but I can only grow what grows in this area, and what is growing in this area is better for me than what I was eating before.

            I wandered through Lowes yesterday as well looking for some bailing wire, only to discover after wasting 20 minutes that they didn’t have any. They’ve got the same deal with the curbside pick up as well so I may have to check that out as well. if I coordinate my outings well, I could probably cut my gas bill in half if not more. I’ve already cut my grocery bill in half. I no longer have health insurance because all my doctors were a bunch of glorified drug dealers. As the dollar weakens, I’m finding that I don’t need it as much anymore. I’m not spending anywhere near as much money as I used to. My goal is to stay ahead of the curve ultimately getting to a place where I don’t need to buy or sell anything before it becomes an issue.

            The goal has always been to improve how I function regardless of how the rest of the world functions. The last 20 years of normal for the US have been pretty dismal which is why I’ve been moving around and going through some radical changes in my lifestyle; all of them have been for the better, and make what’s going on in society pretty much irrelevant. The government only becomes more redundant as time goes on. On the other hand they’re becoming a bit more annoying as well, and while it wasn’t easy to get rid of a lot of my precious junk, I feel a certain sense of accomplishment in being able to let go of it long before the government decides to take it away from me.

            The goal is to become less of a target until they just don’t see any point in bothering to hassle me at all. I learned this years ago while I was living on the street. Whenever a leo approached me they would soon discover that I wasn’t in the least bit threatened by their presence, but instead I was asking them to provide me with assistance. I always needed help, and that’s the last thing they want to do. I was always looking for a ride, or a place to stay so I would point out that I was loitering, and should probably be taken into custody as i had nowhere to go and no visible signs of support. They’re not looking for people who are only going to be a perpetual burden on the taxpayer. They’re looking for people who have something to lose, and are not interested in spending a second in the back of a squad car, much less any time in jail. They have leverage over them. They have no leverage over those who want three hot meals a day and a bed to sleep in, not to mention cable color tv. The trick is to learn how to work the system.

            I think that instead of turning on your heals as soon as some establishment tells you to diaper up, perhaps diapering up might be the way to push the issue where it belongs. For example, the CDC and WHO both point out that touching your diapered face isn’t a good thing, and these diapers need to be replaced constantly. Get a cart full of groceries, and as you’re browsing around in the back of some store, sneeze into your diaper, remove it and toss it into the trash. Immediately notify someone that you need a new diaper, and that even though this is a fine establishment you are now in grave danger of becoming infected. Start dodging anyone who gets within 8 or 10 feet of you. Hey this is a serious life or death situation we’re dealing with after all. If anyone approaches you and gets into your safe space, you can back up just like Jerry Lewis or perhaps one of the three stooges would right into a stack of flat screen televisions. All of those cheap tvs from China aren’t worth your life. I think we need to get creative here, and spotlight how bad this diapering can really be to enforce, especially when people begin to take it seriously.

            If you were to take this seriously, you know we would all be hypervigilant about maintaining social distancing, and half the population would probably start wearing hazmat suits. I think I’m going to start pricing them right now. Maybe even pick up a few to sell later when they release a real virus into the population.

            If they can do these staged “Event 201” scenarios, why can’t we?

            • Hi Schnarkle!

              Your advice about getting back to the land – and being as independent as feasible – is advice I’m taking myself. Hence the ducks and chickens and – hoping – goats, too. A big priority is a hand/mechanical well for just-in-case. Without water – without electricity – there is no life.

              I dread being placed into a position where my choice is either to obey these bastards – testing/tracking/vaccinations, even on my own land – or fight them, knowing what that means for me and for them, too.

              • I was going to have goats as well eric, but I recently stopped consuming all dairy products. I just can’t handle dairy anymore so no goats. They can also be a lot of work sometimes.

                There are some really cool well digging kits you can buy online. Lot’s of videos on youtube showing how well they work too. I’ve got a well, and it is stupid simple to plug a generator into your main breaker panel on your house. I had the guy at Home Depot put the cord and plug together for me. He found everything and put it together in about five minutes. Flip the breaker off, and plug it in, and you’re done. I have two 300 gallon totes for water and a 12 bolt pump to run it into the house so I don’t have to fire up the generator every time I need to take a shower or flush the toilet. I have about 100 feet of black garden hose on the roof which provides me with scalding hot water for 10 months out of the year.

                Having a garden and some poultry out in the country provides you with not only some real security, but it makes you less of a target because you’re not going into town as much anymore. Out of sight, out of mind.

                I think they want people living in the big cities so they can more easily control them. Anyone who is out in the country is more of a hassle simply because it requires more traveling for a smaller payoff. Living out in the country also may provide one with a better idea of how bad things are getting and allow one a better chance for escape if things get really bad.

                I think if things got to the point where I was looking at blasting them before they open fire on me I’d probably see about living on some commune with a bunch of Amish farmers in the jungles of Guatemala.

                What’s that saying about it being better to be a live dog than a dead lion? When the whole world has gone insane, I think it’s better to take a stand on a piece of ground where one doesn’t have to take a stand with such dismal odds of success. I love my property, but if some government goons show up to hassle me, what’s the point in living in my home if it’s located in a hell hole?

                It’s difficult if you’ve never done much moving around. People who don’t, tend to identify with their surroundings to such an extent that to leave is to die. I’ve never been all that comfortable in my own skin to begin with so nothing sticks to me. Moving around offers one not only more choices, but better ones as well. As Nunzio was pointing out, the mad rush to get into North America isn’t anything near what it used to be. The tide is turning, and people are starting to make their mad dashes to the exits now, and they’re talking about raising the exit tax, and building walls; not to keep people out, but to keep us in.

            • I can’t imagine doing curbside pick-up at Lowes for lumber! Probably end up with 2×4’s that look like figure-eights! (It’s hard enough when you can pick through ’em by hand!)

              Although it would be nice just having them brought out and put in your truck. I hate going for lumber!

              Does one have to have a smart phone to do the curbside pick-up?

              • Yep Nunzio, you need a smartphone. They have this thing called an app store and Home Depot, Walmart, Winn Dixie, etc. are all in there.

                • Thanks, Shnark,
                  Whelp, that lets me out!

                  Even if I were to have a smart phone [shudder]. be darned if I’d allow one of those entities to have access to all the crap on said phone (Which if one reads the EULA on just about any “app” is exactly what ya grant them permission to do by installing the app).

                  Scary stuff!

                  Now, everything one buys that way is logged and shared with these entities “partners”…..

                  It gets deepr and deeper, doesn’t it?

    • I think you’re right on target drumphish, except for the part about employees getting tired of working. That’s not a problem for those who need a job, or those providing jobs for those willing to work. Walmart, Target, et al have to compete with companies like Amazon who are already doing this, and making a fortune.

      Walmart will close if they aren’t able to come up with a way to fast track their stores into Amazons, enter the corona hoax which works perfectly for getting people on board for curbside and delivery. I already signed up for it, and am getting ready to go pick up my first curbside load of groceries at 1 pm today. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier. Why would I want to go into the store when I can just pull up and have someone do my shopping for me, and load it without ever having to get out of the car??? This hoax has turned into a godsend for me.

  9. I’m not one to push religion….but this from Rense.com…well,

    Today’s Version Of The Lord’s Prayer
    By 15 Yr Old Student…Who Got An A+
    As you may know, The Lord’s Prayer Is not allowed in most
    US Public schools any more. Here is what the young Minnesota student wrote…

    NEW School Prayer

    Now I sit me down in school
    Where praying is against the rule
    For this great nation under God
    Finds mention of Him very odd.
    If scripture now the class recites,
    It violates the Bill of Rights.

    And anytime my head I bow
    Becomes a Federal matter now.
    Our hair can be purple, orange or green,
    That’s no offense; it’s a freedom scene..
    The law is specific, the law is precise.
    Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

    For praying in a public hall
    Might offend someone with no faith at all..
    In silence alone we must meditate,
    God’s name is prohibited by the State..
    We’re allowed to cuss and dress like freaks,
    And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks…

    They’ve outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
    To quote the Good Book makes me liable.
    We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen,
    And the ‘unwed daddy,’ our Senior King.

    It’s ‘inappropriate’ to teach right from wrong,
    We’re taught that such ‘judgments’ do not belong..
    We can get our condoms and birth controls,
    Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles…

    But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,
    No word of God must reach this crowd.
    It’s scary here I must confess,
    When chaos reigns the school’s a mess.

    So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
    Should I be shot; My soul please take!

    ______________________________ _____

    Jesus said, ‘If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before
    my Father.’

    • Hi Blues,

      This kid – and others – give me hope. Not all is lost. Not yet. I’ll do all I can toward that end. I encourage others to as well.

  10. I guess I am fighting the diapers passively. I put one on, but I don’t pull it over my mouth or nose. I just leave it down on my chin. I have been bothered only once about not having it pulled up. This happened at a Ross Dress for Less Store. They were being pretty hard core Nazis about it. Other stores are laid-back about it.

    • Hi Charlie,

      I find the sight of Diapers – outside of hospitals and such – depressing. The thought of putting one on is simply unendurable as it amounts, as I see it, to giving in to this insanity. I’d sooner wear a bedpan around my neck.

  11. I was just thinkin’ ( dangerous as that is )…I’ve never heard of a virus that was so deadly, you had to be tested to find out if you have it !!!
    A post on Lew Rockwell has also made an interesting point…

    Writes José Roberto Hall Brum de Barros;

    Hi Lew!

    So, now that governments have told us that increased CO2 intake levels are perfectly alright and they can even mandate us to breathe it, I wonder when will they abolish the CO2 emission mandates for vehicles, as well as all Carbon taxes. Guess it will be real soon, any time now…

  12. Down here in AZ, the nonsensical probably purposely vague wording for masks are they should be worn where “social distancing is difficult or impossible”.

    Despite that, just about every store I’ve seen has a sign up saying they are “required by local ordinance”.

    My family and I (with kids – I WILL NOT put masks on my kids) went into Natural Grocers without one. We’re regulars there and most of the longer term employees, and manager, know us.

    Shortly thereafter the manager came up and said something like “I have to remind you that masks are required by local ordinance”. I said, “Actually, the wording says where ‘difficult or impossible to maintain social distancing’, and it’s not difficult or impossible here.” He said, “I understand. I just had to tell you. Thank you for coming in.” And that was it.

    I found one other Dad in the store who had a bare face. I said “kudos!”. We had a nice chat.

    While waiting to check out at the non sense 6-foot distance, a woman came in with a mask on. As soon she saw it, she took it off, and I’d swear she was thinking “thank God, I don’t have to wear this!”.

    Someone else came in, who I didn’t see, and after he passed us he hollered loud enough for all to hear “Thanks for wearing you masks!”. Apparently he wasn’t only a true believer, he’s also a fanatic.

    When I was loading up our car in the parking lot, the woman who took off her mask drove by, stuck her head out and said, “Thanks again!”

    I saw a video recently from a gal in Texas who said three things that I remember very clearly.

    1) We were put on this on this earth by God in this time for a reason. It’s to watch Netflix of course. NOT!! (her words!)

    2) Courage is contagious. Be courageous and others with not quite enough gumption will as well.

    3) Remember, this is better than the re-education camps they have planned for us.

    It’s time to draw the line. This is the separation of the tares from the wheat. Who are the pack leaders and who are the sheep. And who are the wolves. And wow, somehow we allowed a whole lot of wolves to get into far too many positions of power.

    Stand tall and be brave. God is on our side.

    • Two corrections:
      The woman who came in, as soon as she saw us (without masks), she took hers off.
      The fanatic said “Thanks for wearing youR masks!”

    • Someone needs to sue the government for corruption. Masking everyone is like 10 billion per month going to china and some fat kick backs for the various politicians.

      • I think we long ago lost the ability of using the “judicial system” to enforce justice on the government. Fortunately justice is always served, as what goes around, comes around.

      • Hi Anon,

        Better yet, how about prosecuting corporations and government officials for acts of terrorism? Mass house arrests, the arbitrary shutting down of businesses on mere say-so, the degradation of “social distancing” and Diapering… these are textbook tools of terrorists.

    • Excellent, Someone!

      I am seeing the same here; courage is contagious. Examples matter. Bullies depend on passivity. When one kid stands up to the bully, the bully loses his power. It is just the same now.

      Stand up to bullies and we win. Back down and we lose.

  13. The CDC itself says mask wearing does nothing. I cut/pasted some info from another source but this info has to get out to everyone.

    May 2020


    From the abstract:

    “Here, we review the evidence base on the effectiveness of nonpharmaceutical personal protective measures and environmental hygiene measures in non-healthcare settings and discuss their potential inclusion in pandemic plans. Although mechanistic studies [*] support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. We similarly found limited evidence on the effectiveness of improved hygiene and environmental cleaning.”

    Here are quotes from pages 970-972 of the review: “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs [randomized controlled trials] that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks…”

    “Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids… There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

    “In this review, we did not find evidence to support a protective effect of personal protective measures or environmental measures in reducing influenza transmission.”

    “We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility…”

    Face Diaper Hill is the battle to fight or else we lose it all.

  14. Went back to Costco and Whole Foods in Leesburg, VA today and shopped both stores without a mask. Whole Foods had a kid outside who asked me if I wanted a mask to whom I said no thank you. Everyone in the store I had an encounter with, the butcher and checkout lady were very kind and didn’t say a word. At Costco the guy at the front door offered me a mask and again I said no thank you to which he chased me for a little distance clammoring “Sir, you need to wear a mask” I just ignored him and kept on walking, and upon checking out was greeted with a smile by the folks there . I did not see another person without a mask. I saw a few with it just over the mouth and nose hanging out but no one else without. We just need to keep showing up and letting people it is OK. I don’t suppose they believe us though.

  15. Saturday, Topeka, Kansas. First gun show in this area since February. Masks required. At least one dealer selling them, embroidered with firearms company logos, vampire teeth, etc. Capitalism finds a way. Picked up a couple of Mexican made masks from Dollar Tree. Next day the supply was gone. Just as well wrap a Kleenex around your mouth. These are really flimsy.

    If I get stopped by the Jackboots, I’ll probably start coughing. Maybe they’ll back off, shouting “Unclean! Unclean!”. Or shoot me and drop a Lorcin in my lap. Though the throwdown isn’t really necessary anymore.

    If Joe Biden gets elected the virus will disappear overnight and he’ll be awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

  16. I used to occasionally shop a decent little communist store in Frederick, Maryland called the Common Market. A couple of weeks ago I went in pushing a cart and one of the managers put his foot out to block my cart and said I had to put on a cloth mask. I refused and after pushing a few times and seeing he wasn’t going to give up without a fight I just let go of the cart and walked around him. I had a bag with me and picked up a few items in the store but when I got to the checkout there were Two manager types there and they said they would not check me out. At that point I figured I had been beat because I was not going to steal the stuff. I called them true fascist pigs and left. What scum

          • An excellent point, and one I’ve been asking to those who will listen. Why would you ever voluntarily get tested for this, unless you were really really ill and on your way into the hospital, and even then? Testing is only going to get you on some list, or get you and your associates a visit from some contact tracing geek, or cause you to have to self quarantine for two weeks. It’s known that there’s not much they can do to treat you anyway, the tests are hopelessly flawed with a high false positive and false negative rate, and so what anyway, you’ll more than likely fully recover on your own anyway. Plus, it’s causing the endless “cases” parade and causing the spread of the face diaper. So why? What is testing doing for you? Someone help me understand this, because it makes no sense.

  17. “For the same righteous reason that a black woman once refused to give up her seat.”

    Err, no. Rosa was the third negress chosen by the commie jews to pull that stunt….and she attended a red school for training.

    • Yeah, I was made aware of that little trick years
      ago…Just look up who started the NAACP
      Hint….it was not people of color.
      They were used as tools

      • You are correct. The “small hats” ran the NAACP until the 1970s when blacks finally “got smart” and booted them out.
        Even the Emmett Till story is suspect…
        It is not generally known that Emmett Till was a strapping young man of about 160 lbs.–NOT a “little boy” as some media types tried to portray him as. He was a known womanizer and attempted to take his cocky “Chicago ways” in dealing with women to the Deep South. He was sent to live with relatives in the South because his Chicago relatives could not handle him. He had a “cocky attitude” and bragged about “getting it on” with white women–not a good idea in the South. . .Mr. Till did not just “whistle” at a white woman, but grabbed, manhandled and fondled a married white woman. In Southern culture, this was, and still is, the ultimate form of disrespect. Despite Mr. Till’s relatives’ attempts to spirit him “out of town” to avoid retribution by the woman’s relatives and townspeople, his cocky attitude “got in the way”. Despite being given numerous “chances” to apologize for his behavior, he was defiant to the end. IF he had apologized for his behavior, he would still be alive today. In fact, one of his killers was a black man.
        It is interesting to note that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U S military for multiple rapes. Maybe “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” . . .

  18. No masks for me, either. I never watch the TV news and do not know our Marxist governor’s lawless dictates here in the lesser (it was once greater) state of Michigan. I don’t pay attention to the new Marxist regime sweeping the planet. I might wear a face mask around my butt to quell the gases emanating from my farting…heaven forbid I’d want to pollute the air with tainted CO2, but otherwise I need my full intake of oxy. Never mind that people who wear masks for longer terms are going to experience less oxy to their brain and suffer damage. One could argue that it already has happened to the majority since they refuse to think beyond what they are told on TV or by our completely confused and useless authorities. Masking will only make the braindead more braindead. Death by a fake virus or death by oxy starvation…your choice as always.

  19. Yesterday, it was 98 flipping degrees in Central New England. I could hardly breathe in this miserable cotton face mask. But the town council and the governor, i.e. the facemaskheitsdienst, forbids people to be out and about without them. People are facemasked driving solo in their cars with the window rolled (or I should say) zipped up. Like Tom Joad come a-walkin’ down the road, solitary strollers and hikers are masked. Bikers on the bike paths are masked. Some folks are probably masked in their shower stalls. Having to breathe or rather gulp our exhaled CO2. The only science we believe is the science that says that face masks defeat the bug. And you can’t enter the few retail establishments that are open without being masked.

    After the election, with Trump presumably gone, we’ll be told that new evidence now allows us to ease up on our face masks. It will even tell us that hydro-oxy… the flu medicine works. Still, we love our face masks. They’ll have to be torn from our cold, dead hands before we give them up.

    • Hi Imbroglio,

      Very sorry to hear about this; it’s also exactly why I am encouraging – and practicing – Diaper Disobedience. It has to be pushed against. I understand there may be costs. Freedom isn’t free. We have been lucky, thus far, to not have to put our own asses, so to speak, on the line. But events make this necessary.

      I urge you to ignore the Diaper Decrees. For yourself, for the future. For the sake of principle that’s at issue.

  20. My favorite detective on Law and Order was Joe Fontana. I recall a scene where he approached the desk at a doctor’s office and requested a patient’s (suspect’s) file. The young receptionist demurred, citing privacy regs. Fontana–all oleaginous and avuncular–leaned in close and said, reassuringly: “It’s OK. I’m authorized.”

    On the few occasions I have entered an establishment maskless since mandatory-mask diktats, I have not been challenged (I, too, have become a large, imposing, bearded longhair). If I ever am, Fontana’s memorable reply will be my first words. My last two, should I need them, will be “medical exemption.” If I’m hindered then from going about my business, things will become very difficult and unpleasant for the hinderer.

  21. First time commenter but I ‘ve read a lot of your stuff on Lew Rockwell. I’m refusing to wear the satanic masks as well. I have challenged people to call the cops and sadly one day I might find myself jailed for it, but I’m not wearing a mask come what may. Thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one

    • Hi Daniel,

      Good to have you with us – and you are not alone. There are a lot of us. Which is why they are doing their best to hide that fact by forcing everyone to put on the Diaper. And that’s exactly why this must be resisted.

      PS: I think words are important because they define the terms of the discussion. This is why I always refer to these things as Diapers – to ridicule and shame them as well as those who push them. Don’t give them the slightest respect – as they haven’t the slightest respect for your humanity.

      • They function like soiled diapers too. Filling up with sweat, boogers, respritory moisture and whatever else that touches them.

        And they get soiled pretty quickly. Like 5 to 10 minutes. If you needed protection from disposable masks, you would need around 50 per work shift.

        Before the pandemic, medical workers changed out masks between every patient which prevents the spread of deadly disease. Now they alternate 2 per week. So they fill with germs and restrict breathing. Really smart idea

        Do not forget that the discenfectants they use everywhere.

  22. I seems anything qualifies as a mask. Well I ordered a Steampunk Plague Doctor mask.
    It should really incite the diapered sheeple. It was between that and an elephant nosed eastern block gas mask. Could be epic!

  23. Man Eric, this whole thing is quite disheartening…. Its not just the forced diapering…. personally (and laugh if you may) im ok with diapering the way they do it in Asia – where it’s common curtesy to wear one when you have the sniffles…. And believe it or not – I was one of the first to order masks as a precaution when shit started looking crazy in China in Jan. But just find something very unsavoury about this forced diapering on one hand, while at the same time hiding other perfectly good treatments for the bug (in favour of other more money making alternatives which may or may not work). And its become so blatant now, they dont even try to hide it – and dont have to because most buy it up (and when you try to show them the alternative, they look at you like YOU’RE the one who’s crazy!).

    I think the fear is the whole way of the world is changing in front of us…. many came to the west for freedom and opportunity. Now – I really think for the first time in my life that its ended. And I really think that my kids may just head elsewhere for that same freedom and opportunity. Because of that – am just getting on a plane and going back to Karachi for a couple months next week…. where people dont give a rats ass about the virus (despite all the government and medias shoving it down their throats)… and yet cases are thankfully coming down and death rate is a fraction of what it is in the west….. But nobody in the west even questions how its possible! – and when I point it out, they just look at me like IM crazy to be traveling when the all wise and knowing government tells me not to !!

    • Hi Ya Nasir!

      Man! If only Pakistan weren’t caught in the middle between the US and India, I’d imagine it’d be one of the saner places to be, ’cause I used to deal with a good number of Pakistanis in New York, and they were always the sanest people I’d encounter. The first time I’d meet them, they’d feel like old friends.

      I remember taking my mother to a store once, and the father of Pakistani I’d always talk to at a local gas station said a few words of friendly greeting to me as we approached each other from opposite directions in an aisle, -the guy looked like a swami, dressed to the nines traditionally with his turban and everything. After we parted, my mother exclaimed “Who was THAT?!”. “Oh, that’s Sam’s father” says I. “He seemed very nice”.

      • Hey Nunzio, yeh Pakistan is a brilliant place – though in a very tough neighbourhood. And unfortunately not gotten the best deal (as the orange one would say) with the US over the years… Now we are trying to suck up to China…. God knows how that will go 😛

        • Hi Nasir,

          It’s sad…. When one’s yard becomes the schoolyard…one is forced to seek the favor of at least one bully, eh?

    • The problem with going somewhere else is that the US is prob the freest place left on Earth (where you won’t also get killed). That’s something I hate about the crazies trying to turn the US into Europe/Canada/Australia etc; they can up and move if they like those places and hate the US, we can’t. We can’t move because we have no better place to go.

      • Amen, Anon –

        There are still some fumes of freedom left in the tank; vestigial memories of what once was. I cannot come up with a single better option than to fight to preserve what we still have – and recover what we have lost.

        • Eric, Anon, agree – there are fumes of freedom left, and people like you who still appreciate it – really worth hanging on to…

      • Anon, sounds like you are comparing cesspools to cesspools, rather than cesspools to gardens. 🙂 Many of the Pacific Island nations do not even have a jail, because over the course of a few hundred years they have not even had so much as a murder or rape- until very recently, after Western TV was introduced.

        One case, a number of years ago, a German immigrant killed someone on one of the islands. They didn’t know what to do with him, since they had never had to deal with such a thing and had no jail…so they sent him back to Germany, and let the Germans deal with it.

        People who say that this country is the best…usually just haven’t been to any better ones, and are prejudiced by the media and popular hoopla- much like North Koreans are convinced that communism is the best thing since sliced bread.

        As of late WE are less free than most of the rest of the world, including even most of the European countries. I’ve known a Yugoslavian family for the last 40 years who have been here for over 40 years; they recently purchased a house back in their native Croatia and are moving back…tired of all the BS here. Some Russians I knew back in the 90’s went back to Russia- they were astounded at how government interferes in every intimate detail of life here…even back in the 90’s. Russia! (Not that I’d recommend Croatia or Russia- but even they are many degrees freer than we are these days).

        And even we are fast turning into an image of the very third-world hell-holes which we were once superior to- if you doubt that, just visit any large city these days right here in good ol’ Merca.

        In a good deal of the rest of the world, the average person does not have to fear being killed or abused when being stopped for a traffic infraction; Nay, in many places, one would not even encounter a cop unless they did something really egregious, like being involved in a fatal accident.

        We make excuses as we sit on our hands and watch our own enslavement.

        • Hey Anon, yeh – I agree with Nunzio – a lot of this has to do with the presentation we are shown by the media about the so called “third world” countries in the media. And its seeming a lot like how the average north korean thinks he has it better than the rest of the world. Seems like its a mix of keeping the sheep from rioting, or the tax slaves from running away… I mean yes there is violence in places like Karachi, but if you’re someone killed by a looter in Karachi or Chicago, both are still outlier events – and unlikely in the normal day to day. In my personal experience ive had a cell phone stolen from me in both Karachi and London. At the end of the day, whats the difference ?

          And with this whole covid – its becoming real obvious. In absolute “shithole” countries the recovery rate for the bug (big deal or not) are so much better than the western counties with the all the worlds leading medical technology and best doctors (and associated crazy costs)….. sooner or later people are bound to realise….

        • Right on target again Nunzio. When I was down in Columbia a few years ago, I was just strolling around a somewhat metropolitan city by myself. I had absolutely no sense that my life was in danger. There were police on practically every corner, but they weren’t the slightest bit threatening. They weren’t armed. No bullet proof vests, no helmets. No batons, no mace. None of that bs. They were very approachable. I’ve repeatedly had leos in the good ol’ US of A tell me to essentially buzz off when I asked them for directions. I’ve never seen anything like that anywhere else. Whenever I think of this, I think of that scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where he says to “F*#K the government”

          I’ve never met anyone in Mexico, Central America, or the Caribbean that has ever considered moving to America. It is only the ‘untouchables” that want to come here for work. Everyone else knows what a hell hole the US has become. You can’t tell when you’re in the middle of it, and have been for your entire life. You have to look at it from the outside to see how bad it really is.

          • **”Everyone else knows what a hell hole the US has become. You can’t tell when you’re in the middle of it, and have been for your entire life. You have to look at it from the outside to see how bad it really is.”**

            Exactly, Shnark! Frog in the pot. Things get worse and worse here, but it occurred over time, and most people have nothing to compare it to. It’s “normal” to them, because they’ve become used to it, and their only point of reference is the TV, which portrays it as perfectly normal, and constantlyu reassures them that it is “the best” and that everywhere else is worse.

            I’ve known several people who left between ’08 and ’10, and not a single one has returned. Far from regretting it, they are all very happy, even though they’ve gone to places that I wouldn’t consider the best choices (Mainly Panama and Chile). Quite the contrary- they all regret not having gone sooner.

            There’s a Youtube channel (I have to look through my bookmarks and find it!) in which this young married couple decided to travel all around Mexico. While Mexico may not exactly be ideal in many ways, I was amazed at how “normal” life is there compared to here- people dress nicely, with pride; good wholesome food is readily available and cheap (Even popcicles made with real fruit and real ice cream, as opposed to the sugar-concoctions we get here!); people enjoying life with their families and pets everywhere, instead of isolating themselves in corporate culture, etc.

            They were so enamored of such that they decided to move to Mexico. In one of the videos, they came back here to settle their affairs so they could move, and they experienced culture shock upon their return here, seeing all of the zombies with poor manners and even poorer attire, and being reacquainted with the constant rush and hustle and bustle and impersonal nature of everything- and they were from the Southwest!

            If what we see around us is the “best” that the world has to offer…we may as well just commit hari-kare. If the whole world were like this, it would have already self-destructed.

            And as you say, in many cases, it’s the bottom of the barrel who come here- the slum-dwellers and criminals who are seeking streets paved with gold- and they end up behaving here just as they did where they came from, and turning their new environs into models of the slums and shanty-towns they came from, because THEY were the ones who made those places like that.

            The “good ones” wouldn’t think of leaving their families and homes, no matter how humble, to come and fester in some squalid American city.

            I know someone who married a woman from Ecuador and brought her here. She thought it was great at first. After being here a couple of years and now being able to see past the facades, she is very disenfranchised- “It’s all a lie!”.

            Most Americans can not see past the facades, because their values have been severely corrupted. If they are unhappy, they wrongly believe the problem is that they just “don’t have enough money”….but if they had x that all would be fine and dandy.

            • Interesting you guys say this Shnarkle and Nunzio, its very true – people are reaching that point when they really dont want to migrate to the west, especially the more professional type. When I came to the UK on 05 (and many of my friends in the profession moved to the US around the same time), we would constantly get called by old friends or colleagues wanting to do the same. Over the past few years however (despite on paper the booming economy) we noticed those calls stopped.

              Just the other day, I bumped into a guy, again from a very professional background from a very well off family who went into teaching – he moved to the UK 2 years ago. He couldn’t get over how bad he wants to go back, but hes only stuck to some extent because of the Mrs (who’s from the UK, and they had a deal when they got married that he will spend some time in the UK to see if he likes it).

              He was like how even on a working day, after work, people in Pak would still socialise, meet up with friends and family. And hes like dont even ask about schools – he started teaching in a normal school, but left that because couldn’t deal with the discipline and lack of respect and is now working with special needs children…

              Like the boiling frog, we probably cant see it because we’ve been in it for so long, but eventually it will become very obvious. And in a more globalised world, think our kids will see it before we do…

            • Nunzio, if more people would just check out more of those videos you’re talking about, perhaps they might see what’s really going on. I haven’t been out of the country in a few years so I don’t know how extensive this mask wearing is elsewhere, but I do know that when moving around other countries, it is striking how different Amerikans are from the local populations. I can remember the first few times I was down south in Mexico, I felt like I had a neon sign on my forehead that was blaring :”SUCKER” to everyone. Later, something changed, and suddenly no one wanted my money anymore. The sign had been turned off. I wasn’t one of them, but I certainly wasn’t some dumb gringo eager to toss as much money as possible at them anymore.

              • Heh, yeah, Shnark. One thing that stuck out to me in one of that couple’s videos, was that they said after a short time in Meh-hee-co they had to buy some new clothes, as the way they were dressed, like the typical American slob these days, made them look like trash compared to all of the locals who still dressed with pride and self-respect.

                Some of the cities they were wandering around in were so nice and clean and normal-looking- like what we had here decades ago in better areas- that it made me sad that we as non-Mexicans can never truly have equal legal status there….else I might even be tempted to go!

                It was even shocking to ME to see how nice these places are- and I’m not talking tourist areas….but just towns and cities in the interior. Just seeing such things gives me hope, knowing that there really are places like that which still exist. Even being there as a non-equal permanent citizen would be functionally better than anything we can find here these days.

                • Nunzio, what I’ve noticed is that during the winter months the locals tend to congregate in the plazas whereas in the summer months when it’s particularly hot, they tend to congregate in the malls just like gringos do in north america. I’m not sure I’m following what you mean by equal status down there. I feel more comfortable down there than in the US. There are parts of the US where the gringos are seriously outnumbered. The vibe is way different down there because when you’re down there, you’re the customer, and they still look at the customer is king whereas up in the US, the socialist mindset has taken over which means the customer can take it or leave it. the proprietor doesn’t give two turds what the customer thinks. If you have a complaint up in the US, you can take it to their customer service rep. in Pakistan.

                  There are so many expats down there, you really feel like you’re just in some previously unknown piece of the US. If you want to live in the Mexico you heard about 50 years ago where you had to bride the federales or suffer highway robbery, drive down a highway in the US and subject yourself to “civil asset forfeiture”. Drive around in southern California which has been completely resettled by Mexico. You can find more people speaking English south of the US border than you can north of it.

                  • Ah, so true, Shnark!

                    There’s actually a good-sized Libertarian Gringo community around Acapulco.

                    What I meant about “equal status” was equal legal status- i.e. even if we become a citizen there (which is kinda difficult, I hear) we are always second-class citizens in the eyes of the government- can’t permanently own land; citizenship can be redacted without reason nor due process, etc.

                    But….can’t have everything, eh?

                    I’m sure on a day-to-day basis, life would be a lot more joyous there- and ion practice, I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem, so long as they weren’t doing something nefarious.

                    When I get out of here and set up temporarily in Belize (as a travel hub) I will have to visit some of those places in Mexico, just to experience it- like an antidote from what we’ve come from!

                    • I don’t know much about Belize, Nunz. When I was down in Cozumel, people would go down to Belize as soon as their 90 day visas would expire, but people didn’t want to spend more time down there than absolutely necessary. They would just go down, and turn right around and come back. I’ve heard it is a good place to establish an international trust or perhaps a limited liability company.

                    • Shnark, in the past, I was never a fan of Belize- until someone I know in real life who’s traveled extensively in Latin America and Asia doing mission work mentioned that a lot of our Amish are settling in the mountains of Belize; between that, and easy citizenship…which would in-turn make obtaining citizenship elsewhere easier than attempting to as an American, I’m thinking it’d be a good place to set up temporary camp from which to travel from, to find a permanent place (With the perk of also being able to easily explore Latin America too).

                      Belize city and the border areas are freaking dumps from what I hear. They seem to attract a lot of criminal types, especially from the Caribbean and Africa, what with their easy citizenship and all.

                    • Nunzio,

                      AFAIK, you CAN own land in Mexico; the only restriction is within a certain distance from the coast; I don’t remember the exact distance. Fred Reed brought this up in one of his columns years ago, since he’s an American expat living in Mexico…

  24. I posted this link in the comment section in another one of your articles Eric. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/07/19/are-face-masks-effective.aspx?cid_source=dnl&cid_medium=email&cid_content=art1HL&cid=20200719Z1&mid=DM600307&rid=920180048 I think it’s important for those of us who value facts and logic to read these kinds of articles in order to reassure ourselves that we have scientific truth on our side. I am under no illusions that anyone operating on pure emotion will be convinced to look at these logical arguments and come to a sane conclusion. I post them here to ‘get the word out’ and dispel negative thoughts of those of us who are rational thinkers, but still subject to moments of despair at the rabid herd mentality of the diapered.

  25. Just because you won’t do something that is recommended by those who care about your person means you have Opposition Deficit Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a whole slew of disorders because you simply won’t obey the order.

    An insubordinate, an obstinate fool, you’re gonna be in big trouble.

    You’re a no good, filthy disgusting swine by refusing to wear a mask.

    You don that mask and if you don’t, there will be repercussions. You’re gonna get fined, jailed, and quarantined for six months, maybe even a year, in a gulag somewhere.

    You have been warned.

    Yeah, right. Take it all someplace else.

    This mask wearing business is making me sick to my stomach.

    Darling, commit me, before it’s too late. A song by Steve Earle.

    • Hi drumphish,

      This business of “caring about your person” is insufferable. It is my person, first of all – and they are not my parents. I’m quite healthy – as opposed to what appears to me to be the majority of the Diapered. I judge my “risk” of death from this virus to be essentially nil – because I haven’t got any of the risk factors – but more fundamentally, because that is my decision, period.

      If I die, that’s on me, isn’t it?

      And if I’m not sick – which I’m clearly not – then what the hell are these freaks sweating me for? A person who isn;t sick can’t get anyone sick. And it is mentally sick to conflate the possibility of sickness – assumed universally – with its actuality.

        • Hi BAC,

          Except that – “asymptomatic spread” – has been admitted as nonsense by “the authorities.” But of course, the fact isn’t constantly repeated by the media, so the masses never get it. They get “cases” . . . over and over and over…

          • Yes, but asymptomatic spread is ingrained in the submissive, addled masses heads now that they still use it as a justification for this atrociousness. It is like the person who goes 55 in a 70 to save gasoline. Same mentality.

        • There’s no asymptomatic spread. The more virions (virus particles) present in someone, the more of his body’s cells will be destroyed. The more cells that are destroyed, the sicker the person will feel. The sicker someone is, the more virus he has. The more virus he has, the more virus he expels. The more virus he expels, the more contagious he is. People who have so little of the virus on board that they don’t feel sick necessarily have a low viral load, one below the threshold for transmission. They don’t cough (coughing’s a symptom and we’re talking asymptomatic people) and KungFlu doesn’t make people sneeze. Coughing and sneezing are by far the most effective means of spreading a respiratory virus through the air. That’s the inconvenient science that the science-lovers ignore in the service of their political agendas.

    • dont debate it on a facebook post. i live in chicago and you wont get a rational response from the communists here. not worth it. i own my business so not a lot the freaks can do but you’ll get doxxed and yelled at.

  26. I don’t wear a mask, and honestly it’s mostly because I just don’t think about it and don’t have one anyway. I tend to walk in a place, know exactly where I’m going and what I’m doing there, get it and get out. So far just about everyone just says “hi Bill” and nothing else to me. (I am a big ole scary long haired biker, for whatever that matters.)

    The other day I was in my local liquor store when I mentioned that I find it hard to hear what they’re saying behind the masks and the plexiglas. A guy behind me said “well, everyone’s got to wear one. It’s an ordinance”. I turned and told him I was exempt due to ADA regulations regarding my condition. When he asked what it was (I didn’t bother with the HIPPA thing), I snarled “Sanity!”

    I can’t swear to it, but I genuinely believe everyone else there was smiling under their masks.

    • Excellent, Bill!

      I have also become a long-hair. I have not had a cut since around early February. I think the wild look helps to keep the Diaperers at bay but it also serves as way to identify a likely Diaper refuser.

      I won’t wear a Diaper because I’m not sick and thus no reason to wear one other than to defer to a cult – and I’m not doing that.

      • Wait until there is a mandate to shave your head is ordered, you know, for safety.

        Hey, you, you go get your head shaved or you’re going to be a health hazard, Good Lord, can’t you see that you need to have your head shaved? Come on, get real.

        Everyone must have a shaved head, one shaved head is utopeon, all shaved heads are even more utopeon! har


        When will enough be enough?

        Wait until everyone is mandated to self-immolate. Your worthless, useless hide must be dispensed with immediately. lol

        First they came for those who didn’t self-immolate, but I had already self-immolated, so I couldn’t speak up.

        “It’s always funny until somebody gets hurt, after that, it’s just hilarious.” – Bill Hicks

      • Glad to hear I’m not the only one who refuses to wear a mask just to get a haircut. Since the reopening everyone I see is nice and trim. Between Costco and now Walmart (!) it’s getting hard to even buy groceries.

        • Hi Anon,

          In the ’60s,long hair was considered a protest visual. I consider it the same now. I attempted to get a haircut about a month ago – at the place where I’ve been going for years. They had “re-opened.” But when I went to the door, it was locked. The woman who has been cutting my hair – and getting a good tip from me each time – for years saw me and came to the door. She had a Diaper on. She cracked the door, as if I were some strange creature from another world. I looked at her, told her I’d like to get a haircut but will not play Sickness Kabuki. She didn’t get it. I told her no Diaper – pointing at hers. That I am not a suppurating leper and refuse to be treated like one. Told her I would happily pay her personally – plus tip – to cut my hair at an undisclosed location, gave her my card and asked her to call me.

          My hair remains uncut.

          • Same here. Tried going once to my regular barber. Father/daughter duo. Daughter did not return after reopening and it was an hour wait outside, socially distanced. Barber saw me through the window, I saw him in a face mask, he waved “hello”, I waved “goodbye”.

            My hair has been growing ever since. Thank goodness my employer finally allowed company approved head wear like ball caps just this year allowing me to hide my hair underneath.

            As for a hair cut. I have had one. I paid my neighbor to use my scissors and beard trimmer to cut the back of my hair so it wasn’t all up in the collar.

            The next time I pay someone to cut my hair (likely neighbor again), it will be to cut it all one length. It’s on. I shall have the hair of a patriot.

  27. I wonder what the diaper wearers would say if one were to walk into a public place wearing a full hazmat suit and contained respirator? It may get the point across About how useless and absurd the face diapers are by Taking absurdity to its fullest limit. Then again , maybe not due to the public’s lack of reasoning and logic skills. But anyway, my gut tells me the panic will end after November 3 barring any power hungry governor that loves imposing more edicts.

    • Allen, my own personal feeling is that there will be so much planned chaos possibly during and definitely after the election, that martial law will be instituted, and all mandates will be enforced via outright gunpoint. I don’t think the sickness Kabuki will go away regardless, any more so than terrorism-theater went away. Once they grab a new power…they never let it go. If anything, what we are seeing now is just a trial run: Gradually getting the people used to the idea of sickness Kabuki and compliance, and ironing out the details as they phase in the ultimate system of surveillance and control which will lead to mandatory vaccination and chipping, rendering all of us who will not comply economically and socially impotent.

      Remember, this isn’t just restricted to the USA- this is worldwide, ‘cept for some spots of wilderness. It’s not goinmg to end just because we have an election- regardless of that election’s outcome. This is the implementation of their long-pursued world governance.

      Welcome to the Tribulation.

    • Hi Allen,

      That’s just the problem – you cannot reason with people who emote. I’ve tried. Ask a Diaper-demander why a person who isn’t sick should wear a Diaper. It’s a simple question – with a simple answer. Their answer is – you might be sick. Well, any woman might be a witch. Should all women be forced to wear a vial of gypsy tears around their neck to render their powers impotent?

      They just get mad. No sense of humor – and forget sense, at all.

      • Don’t forget it’s not just you. It’s “oooothers.” They might get sick while you’re carrying.

        It’s just like that, people’s inner psychosis is there for everyone to see and worse, experience through force.

  28. It’s just a mask.
    It’s just six feet.
    It’s just two weeks.
    It’s just non-essential businesses.
    It’s just non-essential workers.
    It’s just a bar.
    It’s just a restaurant.
    It’s just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals.
    It’s just until the cases go down.
    It’s just to flatten the curve.
    It’s just a few inmates.
    It’s just to keep others from being scared.
    It’s just for a few more weeks.
    It’s just church. You could still pray.
    It’s just prayer.
    It’s just until we get a vaccine.
    It’s just a bracelet.
    It’s just an app.
    It’s just for tracing.
    It’s just to let people know you’re safe to be around.
    It’s just to let others know who you’ve been in contact with.
    It’s just a few more months.
    It’s just some more inmates.
    It’s just a video.
    It’s just a post.
    It’s just an email account.
    It’s just for protecting other from hate speech.
    It’s just for protecting others from hurt feelings.
    It’s just a large gathering but except protests.
    It’s just a few violent protests.
    It’s just a little micro chip.
    It’s just a blood test.
    It’s just a test.
    It’s just a scan.
    It’s just for medical information.
    It’s just to store a vaccination certificate.
    It’s just like a credit card.
    It’s just a few places that don’t take cash.
    It’s just so you can travel.
    It’s just so you can get your driver’s license.
    It’s just so you can vote.
    It’s just mail-in voting.
    It’s just a few more years.
    It’s just a statue.
    It’s just a monument.
    It’s just a building.
    It’s just a song.
    It’s just a lyric.
    It’s just an anthem.
    It’s just a few words.
    It’s just a piece of paper.
    It’s just a book.
    It’s just a movie.
    It’s just a TV show.
    It’s just a cartoon character.
    It’s just a piece of cloth.
    It’s just a flag.
    It’s just a dog.
    It’s just a clump of cells.
    It’s just a fetus.
    It’s just a religion.
    It’s just a holiday.
    It’s just the people who don’t think like we do.

      • Hi Eric,

        I’m in a Facebook group where a comment was made about how people should stop complaining about the Corona cancellations when “people are dying”. I posted a copy of Bardelys’ list (which I’ve seen variations of online, I added a few of my own” and made the following comment myself: “like on the list, how many “it’s just’s…” will we tolerate? How many “little things” will we give up “just to be safe”, before we find there’s nothing left?

        Just something to think about. 🤔”

        I also posted a copy of that chart about the death rates to illustrate.

        Within a few minutes, I got three “angry face” reactions, and comments of “it’s ‘just’ an unprecedented global pandemic” and the OP said “Chris, your list is lost on me, I don’t care about any of those things.”

        These people literally believe everything the media and governments tell them! Reminding of their freedoms and even showing them stats doesn’t sway them…is it pointless to even debate these people? 😝

  29. Great article, Eric! (Well, you might want to be careful about which allusions you use in the future though- Like the Rosa Parks thing. Sure, it’s easy to be brave when one has the backing of a large “activism” group, and you are the player helping to generate the publicity needed to accomplish their agenda- as opposed to someone doing it alone and having to deal with the consequences at their own cost. Yeah, you and I would gladly forego driver’s licenses if we had a team of Jew lawyers, publicists and activists on hand waiting to bail us out and defend us!)

    One of the many reasons I refuse to wear a mask (Other than the fact that I am not afraid of getting the flu, and even if I were, a mask would not prevent it) is because it utterly DISGUSTS me when I see these masked fools, all looking ridiculous, following orders, and conforming while acting as if it is perfectly sane and normal for healthy people to don surgical masks! It is an indication of mass hypnosis and insanity, and a tangible sign that one has rejected the idea of self-ownership and the ability to decide for themselves, while accepting to cow-tow mindlessly to authority for authority’s sake. It is also an admission of stupidity and mindlessness to participate in a charade which has no benefit to one’s health, but which is likely a detriment to it.

    I could not live with myself if I were to become one of them- even if only in appearance- it still accomplishes the same thing: Conformity and acceptance of authority, and the rejection of self-ownership and free choice. If one dons the mask, willingly or unwillingly, they become “one of them”. Those of us who refuse, are still “us”. Masks are becoming the great unifier- they illustrate what side a person is on. They are bringing the conformists and haters of liberty into united mass. They see us as the enemy (As usual- rather than the true enemy of us all- Uncle)- while identifying them as our enemies. The near universal acceptance of and compliance with masking is proof that there will be no mass resistance, but on the contrary, a mass rejection of sanity and freedom (as usual), and a mass abhorrence of us, as “criminals” and “dangerous enemies of public health”.

    We are truly in this alone- more so than ever before. The zombies have arrived, en masse! They are the new majority.

  30. Why not wear a Halloween mask? Since the “type” of mask has not been codified, a Halloween mask, preferably one with a “message” might get (some) people to think. It IS a mask…
    I have a “Guy Fawkes” mask as used in the movie “V For Vendetta” that has been used to gain access to stores. The bewildered looks of the official store “mask screener” speaks volumes.
    Try it…you’ll like it.
    The alternative is to wear a mask to gain access, then take it off once inside of the store. You can always claim that you are “light-headed” because of the mask. I don’t think that a store employee would push the issue further.
    We have to “monkey-wrench” the system. The above suggestions are a start.

    • I like the idea of the Guy Fawkes mask! I have a respirator from an old job; its one of those half gas mask deals that cover the nose and mouth, and has filter canisters. I because I already HAVE it; it’s more comfortable than the surgical mask; and it’s a way to poke fun at this BS. One of the cashiers commented on it when I was checking out of the grocery store, so it gets notice.

      I also do what you do. I wear the mask, gain entry, then take it off. I keep it off while inside, checkout, then remove it when I walk out the door. I’ll have to use your lightheaded line though; that’s good! I’ll borrow that one, TYVM… 🙂

    • I also have a Guy Fawkes mask, which I used a few times hoping to draw comments that would initiate conversation about the futility of face diapers. Alas, boobus Americanus is too meek and frightened to engage in verbal exchange with anyone. So I just started leaving it in the pickup and going into stores sans mask.
      Now that the government realizes that their edicts are toothless, they appear to have pushed stores toward requiring face diapers as a matter of company policy. That’s much harder to get around (sorry, fellow libertarians, but the ADA will not help as long as they have delivery or curbside pickup), so Guy Fawkes is about to become my in-store persona again.
      An alternative that I’ve used a couple of times just for the hell of it is a respirator, like MarkyMark. I add a pair of safety goggles — the virus can enter through your eyes, don’t ya know? My appearance is deliberately ridiculous, but again nobody has asked me about it. The sheep are being led to the slaughter and have no interest in avoiding it. Hell, when they see me in that get-up, they probably praise me internally for being so cautious against the terrible threat facing us all.

        • Thank you for the encouragement, Eric. Based on an objective evaluation of the state of our country, I am quite pessimistic about its future. At the same time, I will not submit. They can ruin me in every way but one: I will maintain my self respect, my integrity as a human being.
          To that end, I have decided on a new strategy. I’m going to start consistently wearing my ridiculous getup of respirator plus goggles. But instead of waiting for someone to comment on my appearance, I will initiate discussions with random people by asking them why they are wearing diapers on their faces. Maybe I can convince a few people to join the resistance. Never been a proselytizer, but now is the time to start.

          • Excellent, Mike!

            I am pleased to report that there is widespread and seemingly growing Diaper Disobedience in my area of Virginia. I will have a new Diaper Report soon!

      • The Guy Fawkes mask is great. I wear one of those also when absolutely forced to and there is just no way around it. I did get kicked out of one place because it didn’t have anything covering the nose and mouth holes! Isn’t that something, folks walk around with their noses completely hanging out but you can’t do that with Guy Fawkes mask. What a bunch of dweebs.
        BTW I often get high fives especially from the black folks when I wear that one

        • Hi Larry,

          In re black folks – I have noticed this myself. I think I mentioned here a few weeks ago that I spoke with two young black guys at the coffee shop I frequent; they weren’t Diapered and of course neither was I. We lamented the idiocy and shook hands – the horror!

  31. Great article, except… statistically, one should be afraid of blacks. This cannot be denied as tho they represent only approximately 14% of the population, they, as a group, are responsible for over two thirds of crime.
    And that ‘brave black woman’ was not – she was a pawn of her jewish bosses. She was sent to do it as part of her job and promised reward. This is again a fact that cannot be disputed.
    Otherwise excellent. The municipality where I reside just last week decided to ‘order’ masks – I have not nor will I comply. We’ll see where it takes us…

    • You are correct about Rosa Parks. She was a “plant” by the NAACP and her jewish handlers used to further the “cause” of civil-rights. Approximately a year before Rosa Parks’ famous “bus ride”, an REAL ordinary black woman with no political ties did the same thing. She received no support as she was an unmarried woman with children. The NAACP and their jewish handlers wanted someone who was “squeaky clean” with no “baggage”.
      It is interesting to note that until the 1970s, the NAACP was a jewish-run organization until the blacks finally got smart and kicked them out.

    • one of the very few and shrinking places on the internet you can find the truth. However….blacks are still under complete jewish control and always have been

    • LOL! The usual crap from the usual suspects – pity the poor aryan warriors, a motley collection of liars, cowards, weak-minded fools, and phony christians spewing malicious bigotry and nonsensical garbage. In my experience most white supremacist shitheads are also closet homos. So just between us, are you packing each other’s fudge? I’m pretty sure that Luke is doing Marky, but maybe it’s a threesome with Annie sandwiched in there as well.

      You guys truly are clueless, and your “world is flat” perspective – that the Joooooos are a superior, all conquering master race – is always a laugh riot! As has been observed previously, if we go along with that idea it makes white folk look distinctly inferior. Of course if you guys were the only sample we had to go by that would be the inevitable conclusion.

      • flinders – None of us ever said jews were superior; in fact, the opposite is true. But they stick together and have the help of ‘their father the devil’.
        Usually the one who accuses others is guilty of doing that which he points to – obviously you are the queer. I assure you that I -and I assume the others commenting here of whom I know not a single one – are telling the absolute truth as well as we can, none are cowards and this is one Christian who would gladly kick your whiny crossdressing little ass. Go back to playing your xbox and watching homo porn there in your mama’s – for you obviously know not who your father might be – basement in tel aviv. Sorry that the facts hurt your widdle feewings…

  32. Just a couple of comments….
    1. I oppose and resent government and commercial entities efforts to mandate mask use, just as much as I did all of Eric’s efforts to force people who wished to wear a mask to surrender that freedom. Too bad he didn’t try to form a “mask freedom” movement, leaving the right to choose in the hands of the individual. But that’s water under the bridge now.
    2. I saw the most incredible thing yesterday, in a grocery store. A man in his 60s, who was wearing a mask, apparently felt the need to cough. So he pulled his mask well away from his face….Coughed….and carefully replaced his mask in the proper position!!! We’re not talking about a micro cough, or a lung hacker. Just your standard, throat clearing cough. I don’t think he was trying to make a political statement. Looked to me like he was just stupid. But……this might be a way to express protest when Wallyworld imposes its mask will. Eventually there would be “official” pushback. But it would be hard to prove malice if one pleads an unthinking mistake caused by mega dumbness. And meanwhile it would surely stir up the sheep. Not advocating. Just thinking out loud.

    I have some thoughts that will add different perspective to the whole mask issue. But I got some yard work to do. Gotta get it done now, before it gets Too Hot.

    I’ll Be Back.

    • By making mask-wearing recommendations and policies for the general public, or by expressly condoning the practice, governments have both ignored the scientific evidence and done the opposite of following the precautionary principle.

      In an absence of knowledge, governments should not make policies that have a hypothetical potential to cause harm. The government has an onus barrier before it instigates a broad social-engineering intervention, or allows corporations to exploit fear-based sentiments.

      Furthermore, individuals should know that there is no known benefit arising from wearing a mask in a viral respiratory illness epidemic, and that scientific studies have shown that any benefit must be residually small, compared to other and determinative factors.

      Dr. Denis G Rancourt, PhD
      Mon, 20 Apr 2020 20:47 UTC

  33. Almost lost it at Walmart yesterday. Nebraska and Iowa were pretty laid back as far as corona rules go. Then stupidity seemed to have doubled down. Masks were not required in our local Walmarts, but starting Monday they will be. Plus they restricted access to only one entrance. There was an employee at the “in” door reminding everyone that masks would soon be mandatory. I told him I would no longer be shopping at Walmart. He shrugged his shoulders. Then as I walked away I shouted out “Walmart commies”. A bit childish, but I was frustrated. Everyone in the store was masked up. As I walked through the store I kept speaking loudly how retarded it was to wear a mask and mooing. Also, I added that everyone wearing a mask will be first in line when they are told to get into the cattle cars and will obey instantly when told to kneel at the edge of the trench for execution. Funny thing though, anyone hearing me looked down at the ground in obvious shame discernable even through their compliance devices.

  34. I will not wear a mask. For the most American of reasons.

    Too many good men have died for my right to Just Say No. It would dishonor their sacrifice if I complied.

    And I just don’t want to – I don’t need any more reason than that.

    I owe no one an explanation. Those who want me to wear a mask owe ME one.

  35. Damn! Now my city is under a kinda-sorta diaper mandate. So many exceptions to it, one wonders how it could possibly be “an essential tool in the fight against Covid-19” as my idiot mayor puts it. This in a city with only 14 fatalities and in a state with only 22,000 infections. My city currently has only 3 or 4 people in ICU for the corona…yet here comes the coercion. I emailed my governor and asked him point blank why my state is still under a state of emergency? The numbers here, even nationwide, do not support a blanket state of emergency.
    I will not comply. I will not do business with these retailers who are actually not private companies at all, but extensions of big government.
    I am scared. I just quit a 20 year career to take a job with a new company. Will they fire me when they read my posts? Don’t have anything to fall back on.

    BLM being celebrated at a house just half a block away from me. A murder happened on Monday just 100 feet from where I am typing this, a stabbing on the sidewalk.
    Free speech is under attack. I just posted my response to the mayors order…hope I still have a job when I report to my new company on Monday. If not…I am well and truly SOL.

    The line must be drawn here, or it never will be.

  36. Read and weep. Marxist retailers requiring face masks within the next week or so. This is depressing. Using the Medical condition will make you a target for over zealous customers and employees that easily could turn into injury or death.
    Best Buy — The nation’s largest electronics retailer requires customers wear face masks, with small children and those unable to wear a mask for health reasons exempt from the policy, in effect since July 15.

    BJ’s Wholesale Club — The retailer as of July 20 requires facial coverings that cover both the mouth and nose while shopping at its locations, with children under 2 exempt. Those who don’t want to wear a mask can shop online.

    Costco — The wholesale club retailer in early May mandated workers and customers wear masks at its 547 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, exempting small children and those with medical conditions that preclude wearing a mask.

    CVS —The pharmacy giant requires all customers wear face coverings at its 9,900-plus stores across the country as of July 20. “To be clear, we’re not asking our store employees to play the role of enforcer,” its COO stated.
    Dierbergs Markets — The Midwest grocery chain is requiring customers wear masks as of July 20, excluding those under the age of nine and those with medical conditions that prevent them from covering their faces.

    Kohls — The retailer will require customers to wear a face covering in its stores as of July 20. Greeters will be posted at store entrances to remind people of the requirement, which won’t apply to those unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, the company said.

    Kroger — The largest grocery store chain in the U.S. will require masks in all of its locations as of July 22. Small children are exempt, and those who can’t comply due to a medical condition should use alternatives such as face shields or use pickup or delivery services.

    Publix — The supermarket chain requires all customers to wear face coverings at its 1,252 stores as of July 21, exempting small children and those with medical conditions who are unable to wear masks.
    Sam’s Club — Like its parent company. Walmart, the wholesale club requires customers to wear masks at its 599 locations as July 20, with associates posted at entrances to remind shoppers of the requirement and offer complimentary masks.

    Schnuck Markets — The regional grocer requires masks as of July 20 at its 113 locations in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa. Young children and those with medical conditions and unable to wear a face covering are excluded from the rule.

    Starbucks — The coffee giant mandated masks at company-owned U.S. stores as of July 15. At cafes where a local government mandate is not in place, customers without masks can order at a drive-thru, curbside pickup or have Starbucks delivered.

    Target — Target requires all shoppers, except small children and those with underlying health conditions, to wear masks as of August 1. More than 80% of the chain’s 1,800 stores already require masks due to local and state regulations.

    Walmart — The nation’s largest private employer, with 1.5 million workers in the U.S., requires all shoppers to wear a face covering as of July 20, at its 4,753 U.S. stores. Walmart “health ambassadors” in black polo shirts are stationed at entrances to facilitate the process, the company said.


    From the National retailers group which is likely coordinating all this.

    WASHINGTON – The National Retail Federation issued the following statement encouraging all retailers to adopt a nationwide policy that requires customers to wear face coverings or masks to protect the health and well-being of customers, associates and partners during the coronavirus pandemic:

    The health and safety of associates and customers is retailers’ number one priority and wearing a face covering or mask is scientifically proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19. NRF applauds the leadership of companies like Walmart, Starbucks, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Apple, Qurate Retail Group, Costco and others that have implemented nationwide mask mandates.

    We hope today’s announcement by Walmart – the world’s largest retailer – that it will be enforcing a policy requiring customers to wear a mask to shop in their stores is a tipping point in this public health debate. Workers serving customers should not have to make a critical decision as to whether they should risk exposure to infection or lose their jobs because a minority of people refuse to wear masks in order to help stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

    Since the onset of the pandemic, retailers of all sizes have been on the front lines safely serving customers and supporting their communities. Stores are private businesses that can adopt policies permitted by law for the health and safety of their associates and their customers. Shopping in a store is a privilege, not a right. If a customer refuses to adhere to store policies, they are putting employees and other customers at undue risk.

    As noted in a letter we co-signed with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and other industry groups that was sent to President Trump, Vice President Pence and governors across the country two weeks ago, ***it is critically important that we have a national mask standard implemented locally. *** Retailers are protecting the health and safety of communities they serve. Our elected leaders need to set politics aside and follow their example.
    my asterisks.


    The Marxists are on the war path. Had no idea this many corporations, those above and those not listed, had it in for us and our country. We are now stuck with the highest priced stores in the area. Being on SS is making resisting even harder.

    • Home Depot and Lowes are now added to that list. July 22 2020. I would dare say all the major corporations are in this. Of course Trump could squash it as many will be afraid to use the ADA even if they are eligible but I’ll bet not. Just like he pawned it off on the Governors and Mayors he’ll not touch this with a ten foot pole.

      A Michigan woman trying to buy a pizza was told she had to wear a mask. She flipped them the bird and left. They called the police. A nearby officer was approaching as she backed out and she ran over his foot. She is now awaiting trial out on $25,000 bond.

    • I work at one of those.

      Looks like that will be my only interaction with them for the duration.

      Still a couple stores in my town not on that list, and they will be getting all my business until they join it.

    • That makes no fucking sense. If they think they’re saving lives by requiring diapers, then why would they not make the diaper mandate effective immediately? The blood of all those who croak between the issuance of their edict and the effective date is on their hands. Don’t they care about the wholesale slaughter of innocents? If they want diaper mandates, why don’t they just sack up and impose them on their customers? Why do they have to recruit the government to wield its club in the service of their neurosis? I’ll tell you why: Because too many independent thinkers would refuse to diaper up otherwise, and it would make the stores look like the retards they are.

  37. What a coincidence. Guess who isn’t diapering? The employees and patrons of extremely expensive restaurants (which were always open in secret), the ones who tell us we are supposed to wear diapers. Also, if you go to a private airport (Civil Aviation) for a flight, guess what you don’t see people wearing there? Or, the really expensive clothing stores, what are they not wearing there? Nope. No diapers. Yet they try to force us to wear them. Spread the word about that.

  38. Naturally I would encourage everyone here to not mask up in order to show others that you are not in fear of your life simply being out in public. But hoping this might be the beginning of a new groundswell of protest amongst the general populace is, I’m afraid, wishful thinking. It is now much too late for that. The time for arm twisting was way back in March because by now most of the propagandized populace have bought into this b_llsh_t. What was also needed was a resurgence of the Tea Party mentality on steroids that could have led to large groups of protesters insisting that the govt back off from they’re outrageous edicts and mandates. But nary a whimper of protest. Very sad.

    To use Doug Casey’s oft used expression, “the vast majority of the population are acting like a bunch of whipped dogs.” It’s as if someone put a spell on these people. Their energy & spirit have been zapped. The public mood has become
    lethargic, dispirited & comatose. It’s most depressing. In addition, common sense, rationality, good reasoning, sound judgment…these human traits have become almost null & void in today’s society. It’s absolutely appalling. I’m not of afraid of catching this bug & getting sick. No, I’m afraid to go out in public having to deal with these zombies. Just the thought of that makes me ill.

    • Bagawan,

      I think that’s a big part of the mixed feelings I have WRT this fear masking business. I don’t want to deal with the zombies’ BS; I simply want to live my life and be left ALONE, TYVM! Anyway, I feel you, man; I totally get what you’re saying…

    • Hi Bagwan,

      Ditto, amen regarding dealing with – even seeing – the Diapered. The daily spectacle is depressing – and infuriating. But it’s even more reason to refuse to let them determine the course of my life. I am headed to the gym right now – where, so far, no Diaper policy. I am going to tell them if they do impose one, I will expect my membership fees paid back in full and that I will use every tool at my disposal to publicize their cowardice and caviling in the face of sickness psychotics.

      • Ditto on heading out to the gym.

        I understand the impulse to take a principled stand, I really do. And I feel you on the desire to do it for purely personal reasons, not to create a movement or fix a problem.

        Why try to take a stand on principle for a population of people who won’t even understand, much less support your stand? My self respect will only tolerate a certain amount of indignity; my respect for the bulk of my fellow Americans is eroding faster than my hairline.

  39. Eric,

    I got in to another kerfuffle on nextdoor.com concerning this mask business. One woman posted a pic of someone exhaling on a cold day; the breath was visible. She said that the virus needs a transport mechanism, which is provided by our breath. Another guy posted this Bill Nye video: https://youtu.be/pKk9GFur4Hc

    What do you say to these people? The photo and video were in response to my posting info about N95 masks vs. the virus. The N95 won’t stop anything smaller than 0.3 uM (microns), while the virus is 0.125 uM. IOW, the N95 mask openings are 2.4 TIMES BIGGER than the virus! It’s like putting up chain link fencing as a screen on your door, and expecting to stop mosquitoes with it-not gonna happen.

    Then, there’s the other question about which I have mixed feelings. Normally, our position is that a private business has a right to make whatever rules it sees fit; it’s their place, their rules. IAW libertarian philosophy and doctrine, isn’t it a business’ right to require masks on its premises? Likewise, can’t we go elsewhere if we don’t like how a business’ rules and conduct?

    That said, most businesses are requiring masks due to gov’t edicts; it’s not something they decided to do on their own accord. Many of these are small businesses fighting for their existence. If they don’t require the masks, they risk gov’t action against them at a time when they can’t afford it. I don’t want to give these folks a hard time.

    For example, there’s a local Mexican restaurant I go to. They stopped eating in soon as this started. Though they did a brisk takeout business before the Corona Hysteria started, they had a lot of folks eating in; if you got there at the wrong time, you’d be waiting for a table! Anyway, though they’re still doing a fair amount of takeout business, they have to be hurting without doing eat-in too; business is down for them. I like the food and people there, so I’d like to do my part to help ’em stay in business. Per gov’t diktats, they require a mask when you’re inside. I put one on, pick up my food, then take it off soon as I’m out the door. If I don’t wear it, I feel as though I’m taking things out on someone who’s NOT at fault; he’s just a hard working guy trying to keep his small business afloat.

    OTOH, the rights aspect of this masks business bothers me. The gov’t has NO constitutional basis whatsoever to decree that masks are required! Oh, and BTW, the Founding Fathers were dealing with a smallpox epidemic, so it’s not as if they were unfamiliar with this sort of thing. They could’ve included exceptions in the BoR to allow suspension in case of an epidemic; it’s rather telling that they didn’t.

    I’m very concerned about the concerted effort to COMPEL us to wear masks. I’m concerned that it can and will lead to mandatory vaccinations, which will in turn lead to immunity passports. Dr. Fauci has openly discussed this! You can go here to see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O2emFh8WIc The money question and quote starts at 2:27.

    What I’ve been doing is not wearing a mask at all in public. In the businesses that don’t enforce the mask diktats, door signs notwithstanding, I don’t wear a mask. In the one grocery store I go to where they will say something to you, I wear it to enter; I remove it once I’m inside; put it back on to check out; then remove it soon as I’m out the door. IOW, I resist covertly at times vs. being open with my resistance. Maybe that’s cowardly; I don’t know.

    All I know is that I want to live my life and be LEFT THE HELL ALONE! I don’t want to bother anyone, and I don’t want them bothering me, either. I want to live my simple life in peace. I want to enjoy my Focus like I did this morning. I want to chill out at home with my cats. I just want to live and let live. Why is that so much to ask for?

    Anyway, those are my thoughts on this whole mask business, disjointed and conflicted though they may be…

    • Hi Mark,

      You say that a healthy person’s breath contains no death. These people all presume everyone is sick – that people who have no symptoms of being sick must be treated as certainly sick – which is no different than presuming every man is a rapist because he might be.

      It’s a vicious – and insane – notion.

      These businesses are basically (per Simpson’s) Satan’s Little Helpers; the craven greedheads who will sell the rope with which they’ll be hung.

      • I agree with you concerning the big businesses. The National Retail Federation, comprised by the nation’s 100 largest retailers, is encouraging the mask business. Indeed, Walmart is requiring the mask nationwide; even in jurisdictions not requiring the mask, Walmart is requiring the mask.

        The biggest corporations are in cahoots with the gov’t; they’re an arm of the gov’t, so they’ll do the bidding of gov’t. Big gov’t and Big Corps are indistinguishable, really. Isn’t that classic fascism? I don’t think it was any coincidence that the big box stores and fast food restaurants were allowed to remain open, while the neighborhood small businesses were not.

        Therefore, I don’t know if I put the small, neighborhood business in the same box, i.e. servants of Satan. Unlike the big box stores and national chain restaurants, they don’t have deep pockets; it can be a challenge just to make payroll and cover expenses in the BEST of times! We’re not in the best of times right now, so the small businesses are struggling. They don’t have the RESOURCES to combat big gov’t, nor do they have the money to grease the right palms as the big businesses do; challenging a gov’t diktat is out of the question for them. If they require masks, it’s because they have a gun held to their head. IOW, Don Corleone and Luca Brasi are making them an offer they can’t refuse…

        • All true, Mark – as regards the small businesses. But they need to be made to understand they will not be in business at all if this continues. Resistance isn’t futile; it’s essential.

          Let’s divide up – the sane on one side and the not-sane on the other. We – the sane – are content to leave the insane Diapered and carving shit statues. But we – the same – should refuse to let the insane force us to play sick.

          This reminds me of the debates pre the Declaration. It took a long time to convince many patriot-inclined people that there could be no accommodation with King and Parliament. That the differences were irreconcilable.

          As they are right now.

        • Mark,
          I heard that Wallmart will require the diaper even if the government says you don’t need one anymore.

      • Eric,

        I used your line, and here’s what I got back: if I’m driving sober, does that mean the respondent doesn’t have to? Am I already protected by the fact that I’m driving sober?

        I responded that if she were driving drunk, her erratic driving would betray that fact, and I’d avoid her accordingly. Ergo, by driving sober and being alert, I’d be protected from drunk drivers.

        • Hi Mark,

          One cannot reason with the irrational – with the mentally ill. Write them, off. Anyone who cannot admit the fundamental wrongness – the evil – of presumptive guilt is a piece of &$##.

          • Eric,

            You’re right, of course. I was just in an ornery mood, and I felt like tossing a couple of turds in the swimming pool. Once I got a couple of ’em to start resorting to personal attacks, I had the satisfaction of beating them. The one called me a conspiracy theorist; this was in spite of the fact that I never raised the possibility of this (though I think there is one); I merely asked pointed, logical questions about the Mask Kabuki. I was in an ornery mood today, so I tossed a couple of turds in the swimming pool-ha!

          • I hit the wrong button, and it printed my comment before I was finished. Anyway, I was also hoping to wake up a couple of people too. I feel as though I have a moral obligation to warn others; what they do with the warning is up to them, but I feel better about warning them at least.

            Besides, after I got bounced from Twitter, I miss the back and forth. Though I like Parler, it’s more of an echo chamber as there aren’t many libtards there yet. On Nextdoor, I can still get a bit of that…

    • Too many libertarians fail to thoroughly examine the scope of BOTH the business owner’s property rights and the patron’s property rights.

      Does the universe of the commercial property owner or lessee’s rights include the right to compel patrons to diaper?

      Does the universe of the customer’s rights include the right to enter and patronize a commercial property owner’s bazaar unmasked?

      There is a conflict and any asseveration to the contrary is insipid. The issue simply cannot be resolved by asking who owns the business as one does not check the panoply of one’s rights by the mere act of entering a place of business.

      For example, suppose Walmart had adopted a TSA like policy of grope and grab whereby attractive white women were subject to random pinching and prodding by black male “Health Ambassadors?” Do attractive white women forfeit their right to be free from from such abominable behavior upon the basis that “Walmart gets to make the rules?”

      Likewise, does an individual patron surrender his right of self-defense upon entering a business – even if the business prohibits its customers from defending themselves? What if the business requires all shoppers to certify, in writing, that they shall abide by the no-self-defense policy upon entering the emporium?

      Mandatory diapering is, in my view, an NAP violation. Requiring facial habadashery is beyond the sweep of a business owner’s property rights. A business has no legitimate property interest in imposing kabuki sickness theatre.

      • Hey Mike,

        I would disagree with you on this. As much as I abhor the sickness Kabuki, the essence of Libertarianism always ultimately comes down to property rights.

        If you come to my house and blaspheme God or display kiddy porn, I’d throw you out. You may have a right to free speech, but not in my house, because in my house, my right as property owner is superior to your rights.

        It woulkd not be a violation of NAP if I asked you to leave, or threw you out physically if you refused to leave. It would be a violation if I killed you…or if I just punched you in the face without warning (and not having first asked you to leave)- but if you refused to leave, even the use of violence to remove you would not be a violation of the NAP since you would have violated it first by refusing to leave my property when asked to do so.

        You ultimately have no right to be in my home unless I choose to let you.

        It is no different with a business- be it a tiny privately-owned candy store…or Walmart. We have no right to be there. Our right is to not go there if we do not ultimately wish to comply with their policies. While I will use various tactics to avoid compliance- such as citing ADA and HIPPA…ultimately, if it comes down to an ultimatum, I would just leave.

        We always complain about how egregious it is when business owners can not choose who they will do business with (e.g. smokers or non-smokers, etc.) or that they are forced to accommodate certain minorities- such as the wheelchair-bound or trannies, with special facilities, etc. or when they are prevented from choosing who they will hire for what ever reason, so wouldn’t you find it a contradiction to support the notion that they must tolerate patrons who will not respect their rules when on their property?

        I mean, if that’s the case, then why not tolerate someone who chooses to shop in the nude and crap on the floor? (I suspect some walmart customers do that! :D)

        It’s like free speech: I may disagree with what someone says, but I will fight for their right to say it. So too, I abhor any masking policy…but I’ll defend a business owner’s right to set the terms of use in his own facilities- be it a corner bodega or a giant corporation- and if i disagree with their policy, I can simply choose to not patronize that establishment- even though in places such as where I live, there are few alternatives to Walmart- but just because you may only have one neighbor, doesn’t mean that you have a right to enter his home or property wearing your Rebel flag hat, or even clothes…if he forbids. You have a right to abstain from visiting your neighbor.

        • One problem with your premise is that the government is the entity demanding mask-wearing, not the businesses themselves. I am sure that if they had the choice themselves, they would not care if one were wearing a mask or not. The ADA does apply to mask-wearing as well.

        • It’s like free speech: I may disagree with what someone says, but I will fight for their right to say it.

          Your enemy doesn’t believe in free speech, or any of the other tenets of liberty, why should you? Therin lies the core problem with lolbertarianism: you can’t establish a libertarian society using libertarian principles. How many battles has playing by the NAP won you? And how many of our liberties have they eroded using their playbook?

          Stop using a losing strategy. They mask us, rip down our statues, take away our churches, and force draconian measure down our throats because “I may disagree with your protest, but I will fight for their right to do it.” Fuck that. These people are evil and despise you with every fiber of their being. They’re willing to ruin you, socially, financially, and even have you imprisoned or killed, and will do it with a smile on their face, and you defend their right to do that to you? Anyone who takes that position is a coward and not worthy of the liberty they pound their chests so hard for.

          Christ told us to sell our cloak and buy a sword, and not to give pearls to swine. He knew: you won’t beat Satan without a fight. And you don’t win by “defending” Satan’s right to use against you every weapon he can come up with.

          • I agree, Bardleys! -Which is why I guess I haven’t been in any fights defending anyone’s free speech! Maybe I should have said “Though I may disagree with what someone says, I would still uphold the universal right to free speech- as opposed to having it restricted by government”.

            But you are absotively right.

            But we can never establish a Libertarian society- for such would require that coerce others. All we want is to be left alone- to have our own Libertarian society- but that is not going to happen either, because the Barbarians always win.

            I just try and maintain what is right and to preserve my own liberty against the Beast…..till they snuff me, or till God’s Kingdom comes- which it will shortly- as even many non-believers now must admit that the final prophesied events are now unfolding before our very eyes.

            And as for your “It’s Just A” post….copying, and will email to anyone whom I think may still have enough brain cells left to appreciate it! Excellent!

          • You are taking Jesus’ words out of context. Note that at his arrest, when the high priests’ servant had his ear cut off by a sword-wielding apostle – who by the way did not wait for an answer to the question “Lord, shall we strike with the sword?” – Jesus proclaimed “No more of this!” (No more fighting, no more bloodshed.) Then of course in Matthew’s account of events, the big J stated clearly to put the sword away and that “All who take the sword will perish by the sword.” (probably the clearest indication of his attitude towards taking up weapons). He then asks “Have you come out as against a robber, with swords and clubs?”

            Doesn’t sound much like Jesus was motivating his followers to promote violence and take up arms. Quite the opposite. That what idiots such as the white supremacist, bigoted jackass “luke2236”, who occasionally crawls out from under his rock to spew his hatred here, do not understand.

            However people should understand that one cannot take random phrases out of the Bible out of context with no understanding of the events taking place and their meaning. The bible is a work that needs to be taken as a whole.

            • You are wrong, once again. There is a specific passage in the Bible that DOES exhort those to sell a robe and buy a sword…different passage.

              • You got it, Anarchyst.

                Jesus rebuked Peter for slicing off the guy’s ear because:

                “My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to you” -John 18:36

                And while Jesus did admonish His servants when sending them out to preach while He was yet on this earth:
                “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” -Matt 10:16

                He was realistic about how things would be after His crucifixion and so instructed them, as you said:

                “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” -Luke 22:36

            • “Buddy Jesus” is a lie. You conveniently forget that Christ had to fight off temptation from Satan himself. Notice He didn’t tell Lucifer “you can say what you want, friend. There’s room enough in Heaven for us both. #dontjudge ”

              He didn’t command us to be nice to everyone. He was preparing us for a battle with evil. And that evil is HERE, brother. Right here, right now, and they’re waving it in your face. Daring us to stop them. And we keep drawing lines in the sand, and redrawing them when they blow past. Is that how we are to imitate Christ? Or are we to put on the Armor of God and stand firm? I dunno. Maybe I’ll ask Joel Osteen what we should do.

              • Hi Bardelys,

                I’m not, as I’ve mentioned before, specifically spiritual. I’m not sure what, if anything, animates nature other than nature. But I am sure that evil on two legs is afoot and am prepared to fight it with every means at my disposal because there is no other option. As both you and Nunz have pointed out, they will not leave us be. If only. I – and probably you guys, too – have no quarrel with the Diapered as such. If they wish to live a life of neurotic cringing and diminishment, by all means – it is their life to live.

                But I will not abide being forced to join their cult or lend it my “approval” in any manner whatsoever – which is what forced Diapering is meant to do. They insist we all Diaper to make it appear that this sick display of obeisance is normal.


                I will never bend knee to this.

                Because it is one step too far.

                I – like so many liberty-minded people – have tried all my life to just deal with all the impositions and restrictions, the mulctings, etc. Tried to just live my life, which was still feasible – still worth it – until now.

                This is one step too far.

                So I am standing my ground, come what may.

                Others are, too. I am pleased to report that I’ve been contacted by several who are prepared to stand with me and go shopping without the Diaper – as a group. To peacefully assert our right to transact business and be out in public.

                I encourage others to contact me, if interest. All hope is not lost.

                • Eric,

                  If you choose not to be spiritual, that’s your decision. But consider: the right to merely “be left alone” is not a high enough hill for most people to die for. Literally or metaphorically. Say what you want about the supposed “Christianity” of the Founders, they believed they had some sort of divine Providence backing them up. Faith, culture, heritage and family are all things men will defend. A loosely defined “liberty” is not. Which is why I believe libertarianism is a losing ideology and refuse to follow it.

                  In any war, and make no mistake we’re in a war, morale is as important as men and weapons. Men must believe down to their souls that the cause is worthy, or they will easily be pushed aside. What does America have that’s worth laying your life down for? Hint: it’s not the ability to ride your Harley at your leisure. That’s the fruit, not the tree. No, you’re going to need something higher than that. Remember, man’s downfall was the fruit. Food for thought.

                  • Bard,
                    I can relate to this! Ultimately, my Libertarianism is an out-growth of my belief in and worship of God, in the sense that I will serve no other Master before God; and as God created a world in which He allowed all to be free to choose to accept His covenant, or not, as they so choose, without compulsion, and that environment includes the advocating that our neighbors be free to seek Him and to be able to live their conscience before Him; to maintain such liberty is our most basic responsibility.

                    After that, just to be able to live and make our own decisions over our lives, families and property, since men were created in the image of God -and not just some men, who are elected by a majority and who get to act as though they are gods over us- is a pretty compelling reason to maintain liberty at any cost.

                    The worship of those elected gods [And funny, how the Hebrew word for God/god and “judges n. is one and the same); The Beast; The State; is not even on the table as a third or 15 billionth option.

                    People like Eric, who may not be “spiritual”- or may not realize that they are- are in many ways practicing many of the tenets of our faith (And in many ways, more so than most professing Christians)- only, of course, sans God and Jesus Christ- which of course, while having some benefits in this life, will not result in the blessings and protection from wrath, nor in salvation- but such people are ultimately closer to believing than most Sunday worshipers, and more likely to see and grasp at what they lack, moreso than the Sunday churchgoers who think they are “saved”.

                    Christianity and Libertarianism are largely prerequisites for one another.

                    The only thing preventing Libertarianism from succeeding on a mass level, is that the majority have been brainwashed and no longer cherish liberty. They will fight for their tyranny, indeed- and we will not overcome them in this life. Jesus could have overcome them, but refused to, because His kingdom is not of this world(age), but rather, His Kingdom will come at the appointed time (It’s at the very doors!)- and the best we can do is to resist The Beast; we will not conquer it; only He will.

                    Far from conquering the Beast, men, in the supposed name of God, have established that Beast. We are the wheat growing among the tares…until the tares are removed- but WE can not remove them.

                    We are unlike the ancient Israelites, in that God is not now destroying the Caananites- but has decalred a moritorium in which salvation is being offered to all nations, until “the sins of the Gentiles have come to the full” (I think we are just about there!).

                    We are ambassadors of God’s Kingdom, living in a foreign land, waiting for our King to come and establish His kingdom on earth- We can not establish that Kingdom- but we can resist the evil of this world, and work righteousness in our own lives.

                    The world oif Abraham; the patriarchal period, was essentially a Libertarian world- except for the city-states of the time. Unless one resided in or near one of those city-states, they were living in a Libertarian world. And like them, our preservation of liberty to worship God and live by His ways, will only preserved in the wilderness.

                  • Hi Bardelys,

                    I’m many things and have many defects but I’m not someone who fakes what he believes. I’m very much interested – intellectually – in cosmology; what is behind it all… if anything is behind it all. I don’t pretend to know but I am open minded. Thus, I marvel at the complexity and order of nature (as well as its disorder). It is truly awesome – in the proper sense of the word.

                    You ask what’s worth laying my life down for? It is to live my life as a human being. Which requires me to fight for the right of others to live as human beings, too.

                    Libertarianism is based on this agreeable – and defensible – moral concept. One I’m more than willing to fight for, no matter what others are willing to lay down for.

          • Amen, Bardelys.

            Nunz is a friend and good people; also smart and well-read, like most here. But I agree with you on this. The war has begun. We can fight it – or we can lie down. I don’t say we’ll win. I’m saying I won’t lay down.

            • One last word in parting Bardelys, Nunzio and Eric…BULLSHIT!

              Esp Nunzio. You throw your principles down the toilet because some high-strung Numb-Nuts chews your ass? WTF?

              • Nah, C’mon Bagwan.
                No one is throwing any principles down the terlit. Let me illustrate:

                Bardleys is right in the sense that the free speech which we uphold has enabled the faggots and leftists and BLM et al to further their agendas, and now that they have done so, they seek to curtail the very thing -free speech- which profited them.

                Does that mean that we should not uphold universal free speech? If we sought to curtail theirs, we would also be curtailing our own and everyone else’s.

                In reality, it is not free speech that is the problem, but rather the moral failings of those who have been swayed by the speech of some who exercise it, and because those who listened chose to take sides with the scumbags.

                The problem is, that too many now believe that only the scumbags should have free speech, while those of us who oppose them should not.

                Bardleys is correct (If I’m understanding him correctly) that we allowed this to happen- and are continuing to allow it in some cases, by not speaking out against our enemies as we should. Decent people should have shouted them down and opposed their elevation- but not via restricting anyone’s speech.

                • You got it, Nunzio. Alinsky taught them to use our rules against us. And boy, did they ever. Well, turnabout is fair play, all’s fair in love and war, and payback’s a bitch. How do you deter a bully (and make no mistake, the leftists ARE bullies)? You don’t argue with him. You punch him in the nose. Until we do, they will keep winning and we will keep losing.

                  Remember what John Adams said: our republic only works with a moral and religious people. Well, I don’t think anyone can look around and conclude that America is moral or religious anymore. So if we want to save America from becoming a 3rd world hellhole, we HAVE to remove the amoral and worshipers of darkness. And they will not be removed by kind suggestion. It will take force. Probably deadly force. And as those of us who have read Solzhenitsyn know: it will either be us or them. Better it be us.

                  • Exactly, Bardleys! Or: People get the government they deserve. Our politicians are a manifestation of the character of the majority, and what they allow.

                    We would be happy just to be left alone. Let THEM do as they please with what is theirs…but they are not content with that; they want what is ours; they want us! Their slave system does not work unless they can FORCE everyone to participate, ’cause those who advocate “From each according to his ability to each according to his need”, are always the ones with need but no ability, and the ones at the top who have some ability don’t feed the vermin from their table, they instead enslave and pilfer others to do so.

                  • Amen, Bardelys –

                    I – like most of the people here – am not a violent person. In fact, Libertarian-minded people loathe violence; our moral philosophy is based on the idea of live – and let live. Peaceful co-existence. But these people are not interested in that. They are – as you note – bullies. And – as you note – bullies only understand one language.

                    I think they – like the archetypical schoolyard bully – may be surprised by the reaction which I suspect is building. Good people will stand for a lot before they finally cannot stand it any longer. And then, god help the bully.

          • Hi Bardelys,

            “…you can’t establish a libertarian society using libertarian principles”.

            Perhaps not, you can’t establish a free society using authoritarian principles either, … but you can establish an authoritarian one. An authoritarian society built on traditional, cultural values would, for some time, be preferable to one built on leftist values. But, eventually it would turn into a hell hole just the same.


            • Jeremy,

              You go to battle with the army you have, not the one you wish you had. While you’re sitting at home crafting the ideologically perfect government (spoiler alert: you’re right; man will corrupt it anyway) your enemy is busy organizing another peaceful protest and rolling out the next round of lies.

              You dig?

              • Hi Bardelys,

                I spend no time at all crafting the ideologically perfect government, building an anatomically perfect model of a unicorn would be a far more fruitful endeavor. As for allies, the enemy of my enemy is rarely my friend; most likely a foe, eager to slit my throat when I prove no longer useful.

                I am well aware that my enemy does not believe in free speech, civil discourse, reasoned analysis, moral humility, tolerance, facts or, hilariously, even diversity. They are spoiled children, petty narcissists who believe that their deluded obsessions align perfectly with moral truth. They do not seek justice or peace, they seek power; protected from doubt or self-reflection by the adamantine certainty that their shallow and manufactured aesthetic is, in fact, absolute truth, they impose no limits on themselves.

                Why would I allow such cretins to define my beliefs or determine the limits I place on my actions? Doing so does not harm them, it empowers them and, of necessity, weakens me. I will never allow these people to exercise such authority over me, nor fight alongside people who would. However, if any of the privileged, mostly white, virtue signalling rich kids, donning a black mask, assaults me, or any other innocent, I will happily “punch him in the face”.


            • The Right jackboot on your neck, as you say, is far more comforting than the Left jackboot on your neck, well, because tradition. We all know that might makes right and the ends justify the means, regardless of where it takes you.

        • It would appear that there are several assumptions undergirding your position:

          (1) The property rights of the consumer should not be considered;

          (2) In the marketplace, the only property rights to be considered are those of the merchants;

          (3) The property rights of all commercial enterprises must be accorded the same respect and consideration. To wit, a crony-capitalist entity that is subsidized by the state and / or has government contracts and / or acts as an agent of the state must be accorded the same rights as a purely free enterprise operation that does not feed at the public trough and is not a parasite and does not do the state’s bidding. The former constitute the state; the latter constitute your allies; and

          (4) The property rights of a state-actor that is a multi-national anti-American enterprise should be entitled to the same protections as a private home-owner.

          • Hey L. Mike!

            To be succinct (Hopefully 😀 and as opposed to being curt ), the rights of a guest(customer, patron…) when on someone else’s property are inferior to the rights of the property owner- hence my example of free speech while in someone else’s home. When we enter someone else’s property, we do so at their pleasure, and if we disagree, our remedy is to leave.

            Your point about corporations being state actors really doesn’t affect the above IMO, because the property still belongs to the owners and stockholders. Does one car by fact of being registered with the state diminish our right to claim it as our property?

            • Hi Nunz!

              People have rights, of course. But do corporations? We are speaking of primarily that. Wal Mart, etc. Their “property rights” are legalistic rather than moral. Also, these corporations are adjuncts of the government, effectively – so they are getting away with abusing us in ways still unavailable – legalistically – to the government.

              I have a right to be out in public and to transact business without being degraded.

              And the bottom line, these people do not play by the rules we do. If we make the mistake of acting as if we were dealing with gentlemen or even real human beings, we will lose.

              I don’t plan to.

            • Hi Nunz in principle I agree. But they are also subject to public accomodation rules. If the local city state government guidelines dont require masks than neither can they any more than refusinfg to serve black people. My take. There are HIPPAA and ADA issues. Its all so unconstitutional its hard to believe.

              • Hey Ya’s, Eric & Mark3!

                I “get” where youse guys are coming from. We’re kind of in a bastardized sitchy-ation, since corporations are are fictional “people” created through government, and wouldn’t exist in a Libertarian world.

                But they are still ultimately owned by real people. Suppose one of us were to start a busy-ness, and decided to incorporate to take advantage of the perks that such conveys [Not saying I would]?

                Or even if we didn’t incorporate- either way, we’d still be subject to Uncle’s BS about public accommodation and “anti-discrimination” etc. But isn’t that the very sort of thing we abhor government for unconstitutionally and immorally forcing upon us?

                If we rightly believe that such dictates are wrong when applied to us, or when applied to Mom & Pop on Main Street, how is the scenario somehow reversed when it applies to a big corp like Walmart or Home De-pot, just because they are big and may be owned by a large group of people?

                We may not like what those busy-nesses do….but isn’t that the essence of Libertarianism- to leave people alone to do as they choose with what is their own, and to exercise our option of whether or not we choose to do business with them?

                tl;dr: What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

                If we did live in a Libertarian world, wouldn’t Walmart be free to make the same choice?

                • Hiya Nunz!

                  Corporations are creations of government – of statism. In a Libertarian system, corporations would not exist.

                  We err, I suggest, in granting corporations “rights.”

                  • Gooooood Mornin’ Eric!
                    Of course I agree that corporations would not (and should not) exist…..

                    But they do exist in this world, and the issue we are debating is not about upholding some extra state-granted privileges in this instance, but rather about allowing the owners (whether collective or individual) of property to maintain the basic rights over that property which which we advocate for ourselves and all others.

                    By denying such rights over private property, we are advocating the restriction of the very fundamental rights which are the core basis of our philosophy.

                    In a Libertarian world, whether a chain of stores were owned by an individual, a family, or a group of investors, although they would not have the protection of being shielded from liability which government grants corporations, they would still possess the right to set conditions of use and entry to their property(s)- even more so. So why would we advocate restricting the very thing which our own philosophy would enable? This is really no different than restricting someone’s speech just because we don’t agree with what they are saying, or conversely requiring that property owners must tolerate anyone else’s speech or behavior while on their property and not being allowed to require that they leave.

                    Sure, we may disagree with and abhor what Walmart is doing….but to deny them the right to do what are doing is to ultimately deny our own beliefs, just because we don’t agree with how others are using those rights.

                    • Hi Nunz!

                      I disagree with you on this one; there is no owner of a corporations – only shareholders. Just as an LLC “limits liability,” so also it is impossible to find a specific individual who is the owner; ergo, there is no right analogous to a private owner denying service.

                      Corporations are, essentially, a dodge. And I intend to dodge them!

                    • Eric, if this were reversed; If Walmart were resisting masking mandates, wouldn’t you be supporting their right to do resist the mandate because they and not Uncle should be the one to determine the conditions of use of their property? -Much in the same way that we support Joe’s Bar & Grill to determine whether or not they choose to allow or ban smoking on their premises? Does it matter whether Joe’s Bar & Grill is incorporated or a partnership or a sole proprietorship?

                      Do we support Joe’s rights only if he chooses to allow to allow smoking, but deny his right if he doesn’t?

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      What Brent said about free markets; and what I said about corporations. I’ll also add what Lenin said. Let the enemy be hobbled by procedural rules. Our very lives are on the line. Don’t give those who are working against us the least quarter.

                      To answer your specific question, I’d defend them (used awkwardly, because there is no “them” when discussing the non-corporeal construct at issue) for doing the right thing in this particular case. Which has nothing to do with defending the corporation as such much less their legalistic “rights.”

                      Bear mind that an LLC uses law to immunize itself – its functionaries – from accountability in a way unavailable to human individuals. The idea of respecting the “rights” of such a dodge escapes me.

    • The “it’s a private business and it can do whatever it wants” idea is easily dispensed with. There hasn’t been a truly private business in this country for decades. Businesses operate by government permission, not by right. They have to be licensed, permitted, and inspected, repeatedly, by the government. Often their employees have to be licensed or permitted, too, and in the case of airlines, to name just one industry, regularly tested by the government. There is no element of voluntarism left in the business/government relationship. It’s the fault of the businessmen, obviously, who have run to the government for favors and who have refused to tell it to fuck right off when it proposes new regulations, but the upshot is still that they’re quasi-governmental bodies. If they don’t do what they know the government wants them to do–and what they know their customers overwhelmingly want them to do and will complain about to the government if they *don’t* do–then sooner or later the government will make them an offer they can’t refuse.

      • Whatever happened to the “equal accommodation” clause of the “Civil-Rights (for some) Act” and the “Americans with Disabilities Act”?
        It would seem that the a person with the inability to wear a mask would be have the protections of both of these Acts.

      • Hi D,

        I posted this to an earlier article on tech censorship, but it applies here as well.

        “When the State outsources censorship to “private” companies, it is State censorship. The recent congressional hearings, clearly an exercise in extortion (censor yourselves, lest we have to), should make this obvious. However, the “extorted” companies deserve no sympathy as they are willing participants. As Caitlin Johnstone correctly observes, “in a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship.” A few good lefties, like Caitlin Johnstone, understand that social media platforms collude with government to censor unacceptable opinions, bypassing the legal prohibition on government censorship, while producing the same results. However, their solution, regulate those companies like public utilities, is absurd as it requires believing that the same entity pressuring media platforms to eliminate disfavored thought, will also prevent those media platforms from censoring. This naïveté would be charming were it not so dangerous.

        On the other side, the unfortunately common libertarian/free market, “but,… private” dismissal of this indirect State censorship, is equally absurd. Businesses that collude with the political elite, to advance the goals of the State and to advantage themselves, are not meaningfully private. Unfortunately, most of the private, free market is neither private nor free. Any libertarian analysis of this issue must offer some meaningful definition of a private company. At the least, it should receive the vast majority of its’ income through voluntary transactions, refrain from acting on behalf of the State and never solicit firm or industry specific subsidies.

        Companies like the GEO group, CCA, Academi (formerly Blackwater) or any similar companies are not “private”. The HFC and ethanol industries, all of the Musk empire and most of the “green” businesses are not “private”. Social media companies, that have received millions in subsidies, lobby for more, and act on behalf of the State, are not “private”. I don’t know the best approach to dealing with this problem but, I do know that the leftist solution, more regulation, and the “but,…private” dismissal by some libertarians are equally ridiculous.”


        • Hi Jeremy. The issue you are addressing is a characteristic of a fascist society — one in which state and business are intertwined. There is no solution other than rejection of fascism. As the US has been a fascist state since the 1930s, and generation after generation have come to consider this as normal and even desirable, I don’t see such a rejection occurring before cataclysmic events force it.

          • I agree, Mike –

            I forgot to mention in my post about to Nunz that Mussolini – the father of modern fascism – used the term corporatism to describe his system. The “partnering” of the government and big business. And it isn’t a coincidence that, in the Congress, the Lictor’s Bundle – the symbol of fascist authority, is plastered on the wall.

            • Those same bundles are all over Lincoln’s monument as well eric. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the national guard was stationed to protect it rather than businesses, or homes either. The government is there to protect their corporate interests, and them alone.

        • Jeremy, the sad thing is, that ultimately what we see corporations and government doing, is prospering because the vast majority of people no longer give a hoot about liberty. If they did, merely voting with their feet (Far more effective than voting with ballots) by ceasing to patronize venues which do not respect their privacy and freedom would put a fast end to the encroachments.

          The values of the average person are so backward today, that instead of boycotting and abandoning venues which censor….most actually call for more! They report others for “hate speech” or for wrong-think.

      • D,
        We have to be licensed to drive on our(haha) roads….does that mean that since we are licensed that we are no longer entitled to avail ourselves of the freedoms we still manage to have in our cars of deciding who (if any) we ride with, and where we go, and to not consent to searches etc; or does licensure mean that we cede all rights and that we somehow become an extension of government and therefore must extend the civil liberties to all others even in our cars?

        • Nunzio, there’s a lot of confusion on this matter of consent. I see these people shooting videos on youtube where they yell that they’re not consenting to any search as if that is enough to stop a search from occurring. It’s not.

          There’s all the difference in the world between a right and a power, but just as important is what it means to consent or refuse to consent. By consenting, you waive all LEGAL rights that come with refusal to consent.

          By refusing to consent, you are NOT waiving your LEGAL RIGHT. This has nothing to do with preventing a law enforcement officer’s legal right and power to conduct a search.

          However, when that officer is done with his search, and decides to leave the scene without putting any of it back together, you then can call a wrecker to come and tow your vehicle back to a body shop so it can be put back together, and send him the bill.

          He has the legal obligation to put it all back together, IF you haven’t waived your right of consent, and he doesn’t find what he’s looking for. IF he doesn’t, then he has to pay the piper.

          This is what I say: “I don’t understand your logic in pulling me over, and since you haven’t been forthcoming in explaining what’s going on, you will have to conduct your investigation, search, etc. without my consent” If the leo is a tool, he will usually pop off with something like, “I don’t need your consent to conduct a search or order you out of the vehicle…etc.”

          This is the perfect opportunity to point out that he has not understood a word I’ve said, and since I have not suggested he can’t conduct a search, I am going to exercise my right to remain silent and have an attorney present during questioning. The courts have ruled that the fifth amendment is to protect the innocent, therefore it is imperative that those who are innocent take advantage of that legal right.

          Those morons on youtube who can’t stop shouting about the fact that they haven’t given up their right to consent, need to exercise the rights they actually do have.

          • I agree with you 100% Shnark, on everything you said there!

            My response to D. was an attempt at illustrating that we do not renounce our rights to property and privacy just because we have to register our cars, and drive on roads that are non-free market creations, and have to have government licenses to do so.

            Of course Uncle may take our rights, regardless (and often does) but THAT is illegitimate- and so in like manner, to say that we are somehow entitled to take a business’s property rights (their right to choose who may use, and how they may use their property) just because they also have to interact with government via licenses and subsidies, and may thus not truly be 100% free market, is just as illegitimate as what Uncle does to us.

            • I think I see what you’re saying Nunzio. We don’t renounce our rights, but concede the fact that more often than not, we don’t have the power to refuse. As Clint Eastwood pointed out that classic movie, the title escapes me: “Because I’ve got this badge, and this gun, and the love of Jesus in these pretty green eyes”.

              I think it was called The Gauntlet

              • Just to make it clearer and remove all confusion for onlookers, Shnark.

                My allusion to driving was because some are saying that since Walmart (etc.) is a government adjunct because they avail themselves of certain government constructs, and are bound to follow certain laws, that that relieves them of their right to claim their stores as private property, and thus reduces their right to dictate the terms of conduct in their stores.

                By pointing out that we are essentially in the same position as pertains to our cars (They are registered with the state; subject to various stipulations decreed by the state, operated on roads which were built on land taken from others, and constructed with money extorted from us, etc) that we don’t claim that our neighbor’s car is not his property, or that he can not dictate how that car is used, or who may ride in it, etc.

                But if what they apply to Walmart is a legitimate reason to believe that we somehow have a right to shop at Walmart and that Walmart does not have a right to dictate what we do on their property, then those same critics would also have to say that the same is so as pertains to our cars, because by owning and operating a car, we are essentially fulfilling their definition of being “a government adjunct” just like Walmart.


                And yeah, re not renouncing rights: My mother once asked me why I carry my .357. I said “Because I can; and because I lived too long in a place where I couldn’t, and am now availing myself of a right I should have had regardless of where I lived- because a right not exercised is as good as no right; and for the same reason one carries a fire extinguisher even though they have no reason to expect a fire” (I really need to order some fire extinguishers!)

                • I think the onlookers understand what you’re saying Nunzio. I’m the one who doesn’t understand. Roads are public, that’s why leo’s can pull anyone over who uses them. we also sign an agreement when we get our license that allows leo’s to pretty much do whatever they please.

                  Although since these computers now contain proprietary information, they don’t even belong to the person driving them anymore. You are just paying for the privilege of driving their cars.

                  I’m not sure, but I think Silicon Valley might be a better example in that the government funded Google, Facebook etc. to hide behind private enterprise. This allows the government to censor whoever they please on youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. It’s fascism.

      • Well-said, D!

        See also ,y reply above to Nunz in re the problem of a legal fiction – corporate “personhood” – having rights in the moral sense, as actual individual people do.

      • This whole section is a great discussion. Nunzio makes some good points and of course I agree with him about respecting property rights. I had some counter thoughts of my own, but most of them have already been stated better than I could have done myself by D and Jeremy.

        I’d like to add one more idea that I didn’t see expressed above. In many cases regarding mask-mandates it is difficult to know what the business owner really believes about masks and what rules he would or wouldn’t want to impose regarding his property.

        For instance, in my county businesses are forced to display signs of a certain size regarding the mask requirement and are also required to provide reminders to shoppers about the requirement, so we are treated to an annoying voice over the PA system about how we’re all in this together. In other counties, the business owners are under threat of having their business license taken away if they fail to enforce the mask requirement vigorously enough. If a business owner were to post a sign saying he disagreed with the mask law and was only enforcing it at the point of a gun, he would undoubtedly be targeted by the authorities. I think it is reasonable to assume until you get a sincere explanation otherwise that the owner would really prefer not to insist that his customers wear masks.

        In a few cases, usually in the case of large politically connected corporations like Walmart, the company has decreed a policy that customers in all of their stores must wear a mask even if the local law doesn’t require it. Even if you believe that Walmart should be able to require their customers to wear masks, that doesn’t mean you can’t let them know you think that it’s an abhorrent policy and there are lots of ways to let them know this. There’s also a question of materiality. Even if you commit a technical trespass by going onto Walmart’s property without a mask you aren’t really damaging their property or threatening anyone in any material way.

        • **”Even if you commit a technical trespass by going onto Walmart’s property without a mask you aren’t really damaging their property or threatening anyone in any material way.”**

          That’s a great point Greg- and I agree. What I am maintaining is just that a business has the right to establish a given rule, and ultimately to ban or remove those [like myself] who don’t comply.

          Based on my experience shopping maskless [of course] at Walmart today, I’d say that their “masks required – no exceptions” policy is mainly to intimidate the sheeple- but that ultimately they are worried about the consequences of actually enforcing it- as somewhat confirmed by an employee on the phone before I spoke to the manager, who couldn’t give me a definite answer (thus necessitating the need to talk to a higher-up) and merely said “I don’t know, it’s all sort of up in the air”.

          But ultimately, if I had been denied entry or removed, I simply would have shopped elsewhere.

          • Hey Nunzio, Re: “a business has the right to establish a given rule, and ultimately to ban or remove those [like myself] who don’t comply.” IF that is what you were getting at with the comparison with driving, then I understand what you’re saying. Although I don’t think walmart is doing it to intimidate anyone. They’re doing it because it’s what the sheeple want. I suppose one could also make an argument that it gives them the opportunity to sell more masks as well.

            • Definitely, Shnark! Just like the National Retailers Association [or something like that] coming out with an “official statement” imploring all governors to decree mask mandates- so “shoppers will feel safe” [And then the stores can delegate any responsibility/culpability and just say “We have to, it’s the law”].

              They know how the masses think [Pretty easy to see!] and they could care less about individual liberty or “science” or the tiny minority like us- just so long as the masses keep coming and spending their stimulus checks on Cheetos and big-screen TVs.

              • I see your point Nunzio. Everyone is just out to cover their own tail from litigation. I still have my Treasury check taped to my refrigerator. I don’t know if I’m going to cash it in or not. it really ticks me off that they even sent it to me. Those bastards send me a check that is borrowed AT INTEREST from an account that has no money in it, and I’m (or my descendants) have to pay the interest on that check for the rest of their lives. Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe I’ll frame it, or light my BBQ with it instead. Again, my favorite line from “The Wolf of Wall Street” comes to mind along with “we’re here to help”

        • Hey GregL, What country are you in, and what countries do you know of that are really clamping down on this whole mask fandango? I’m compiling a list of places to steer clear of, and any first hand or anecdotal information is appreciated.

          • I’m in the USA. I do most of my shopping in Alachua County, Florida. The county administrators there are sometimes described as alt-left.

  40. As per the conversation between Emerson and Thoreau when Emerson was visiting Thoreau who was jailed for protesting conscription I believe. Emerson: “What are you doing in there?” Thoreau: “What are you doing out there?” When laws are unjust, where should a just man be?
    Excepting when I’m transporting my 90 year old father to the grocery store, his doctor appointments, etc., I have successfully avoided diapering. So far, HIPPA and the ADA have been used successfully. Except for the one occasion when I went to the doctor. I haven’t yet determined how to claim a medical exception at a place that holds all my medical records. Otherwise, if it becomes impossible to patronize a business without wearing a mask, I will simply detour to a smaller town that has yet to succumb to such insanity. They are plentiful in central Missouri. If they fall prey to the delusion, well, we will see, but I will not comply.

    • I wont comply either, but I dont want to commit suicide. There may be a moment when we realize our protests through noncompliance will not be supported in the courts. When our livelihoods are literally torn from us, as is happening all over the country. Canceling an individual has never been easier through technology.

      I wont comply right now, but in my city noncompliance is not arrestable…yet. With an arrest, I wont be able to work my job, earn money, or probably even be allowed to live in my apartment.

      • They’re threatening a $300 fine for violating the Korona Kubuki “emergency order” in Commie Cambridge, MA, but I don’t think cops are enforcing it.

        Seems like everyone (except my wife and me) mask-up *outdoors* around here.

        • Hi Myles,

          Let them threaten. Let them enforce, even. Is our self-respect worth less – or more – than $300? Or $3,000? At what point will people say no more?

          I just did.

          • Eric’
            Is there a way to eliminate the comments on your site from being condensed more and more to the point where the text is just a single line of vertical letters?
            Every time a reply is posted, it gets squeezed to the right. A reply to a reply gets squeezed even more until finally all the text is just a single space l


            • Hi Anon,

              “Is there a way to eliminate the comments on your site from being condensed more and more to the point where the text is just a single line of vertical letters?”

              No, but there is a way to navigate comments that mostly eliminates how annoying it is reading condensed comments.

              Put this link in your toolbar:


              This sends you directly to the comments page. You do need to register and sign in to access this page (ignore the “no login providers enabled” bit and login anyway). It lists every comment in temporal order and in “widescreen” (no compression). It also shows comments awaiting moderation that do not show up in the comment thread following a particular article. This can be helpful to those anxious that their post has been deleted by Eric (it hasn’t, unless you’re a particularly tenacious and delusional stalker sporting multiple names). Occasionally, a comment will automatically go into moderation, but it is viewable on the full comments page.

              Directly to the right of each comment there is the name of the post and a “view post” link which takes you to the top of the article. To access a particular comment without having to find it by scrolling under the article, click on the date and time link on the right side of the screen (in the “submitted on” column). This takes you directly to that comment. If it is early in a thread you can reply directly to it. If it does not have a reply button under the comment, scroll upward until you find a comment on that thread with a reply button. Clicking there will put your comment in that thread. If you want your reply to be directed to a specific person, scroll up until you find the most recent comment from that person with a reply button and click on that (sometimes this is not possible).

              It is far easier to navigate the comments from the full comments page than by scrolling underneath each article. I have posted this info many times and hope that it is helpful.



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