The New Party Overalls

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The current push to impose mandatory Face Diapering will likely decide the future of this country. Of the freedom to dissent in this country. 

That may sound a bit much, but consider. If they can impose Universal Face Diapering, they will have succeeded in destroying the possibility of dissent  – other than in your head, exactly like the people in Orwell’s 1984.

Everyone wore the same Party overalls; everyone mouthed the same slogans.

Everyone looked the same, creating a soul-crushing appearance of universal conformity with the orthodoxies of the Party.

Dissent – outside of your own head – was unthinkable. Or rather, inexpressible. This made it seem that no one else dissented. Which amounts to making it seem as though everyone agreed.

That everyone else is insane.

This wilts the will. It makes the individual question his own sanity.

How will our actual world differ from Orwell’s fictitious world when you aren’t permitted (hideous word; how did America get to that point?) to go outside without a Face Diaper occluding your individuality and visually confirming you as a member of the frightened, obedient herd?

Your face will be indistinguishable from other faces. No one will know whether you’re smiling or frowning.

Most of all, no one will know you oppose what’s been imposed, since you’ve been forced to submit to it. Since everyone has been forced to submit to it.

Universal Diapering will eliminate any visual evidence of dissent, making dissent itself seem abnormal.

Everywhere you go, the impression of consent, which implies the legitimacy (the reasonableness) of the thing itself.

That it has been imposed without consent is irrelevant.

You will know that your seemingly isolated dissent has no meaning – precisely because you aren’t allowed to express it. Precisely because you don’t see anyone else expressing it.

You will feel alone, outnumbered – because so it appears.

This will demoralize the Diaper Dissenters – those who disbelieve (just the right word, as the current plague of Sickness Psychosis is a religious mania not formed on the basis of facts but rather eschatalogical feelings) in the reasonableness of insisting everyone look and behave like a suppurating leper .

And this is why universal pretending – enforced by the state – is so crucially important from the point of view of those pushing the Diapering, They have already largely succeeded in demoralizing people for saying anything contrarian, in order to establish the impression that everyone agrees with the orthodoxies of the Party.

Every orthodoxy must be publicly confirmed – which is achieved by not publicly contradicting them.

If you cannot speak your mind – except in hushed whispers to a few trusted co-conspirators –  does it matter what’s on your mind? Your thoughts are isolated – and so, thereby, are you.

Phase I, if you like.

If you cannot express your opposition to Sickness Psychosis – or rather, to the psychotics using the fear of sickness to make themselves masters of us all – by not pretending to be a part of it, your opposition to it is just as irrelevant.

A “new normal” descends in which everyone seems to agree that everyone is mortally sick or might be – because everyone you see is Diapered up. The impression cements that other people are pustulating lepers – and so are you. It becomes the “new normal” to fear everyone else – and for everyone to do as they are told.

Phase II.

You can perhaps imagine what Phase III will entail.

Authoritarian collectivism – whether imposed in the name of the working classes, the race, saaaaaaaaaaafety or (currently) health –   requires the suppression of the individual. Of individual ideas and of the individual person.

The Diaper serves the same purpose as a leash.

It conveys the nature of the relationship.

Like the secret heretic Winston Smith in Orwell’s book, the only safe space is in your own head and that last redoubt must be guarded fiercely with veils of feigned conformity, even to the extent of what one wears and how one moves.

But it’s a sad space. A lonely space. A hopeless space.

Orwell anticipated the Sickness Kabuki of our time. In his imagined dystopia of Oceana, people were forced not only to obey but also to pretend. To play their part in a sick opera of collective authoritarianism. The Agents of Goldstein were everywhere, kind of like a virus.

It was more than just the overalls everyone had to wear. Everyone also had to wear the same expressions – cruel exultation during the Two Minutes Hate, a vapid smile of approval whenever Big Brother’s name was mentioned.

This was their Diaper – and no one dared not wear one.

The core horror of Orwell’s novel isn’t its portrayal of physical oppression but rather of the invasion of people’s minds – of the evisceration of their sanity. It was not enough to obey Big Brother.

It was necessary to love him.

Being forced to wear a Diaper is how we learn to love him, too. And show that we do.

Forced Diapering is an inflection point. If it becomes the new normal, dissent becomes a kind of pathetic non sequitur. We will have accepted that it is reasonable to play-act that everyone is sick or might be, forever.

And submit to anything to prevent it, also forever.

We are all in this together. Those of us who dissent, at any rate.

This year’s 4th of July may be the last opportunity to express it. Which is why it so important to do precisely that by peacefully gathering together without Diapering up. In groups of voluntarily freely associating people.

Mark that.

Our collective isn’t authoritarian – unlike theirs. We who dissent are not demanding that those who believe in Face Diapering haven’t got the right to.

We merely demand they respect our right not to.

. . .

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  1. When this corona virus hoax became truly ridiculous, one of the pleasant side effects for me was that smokers can’t smoke while wearing a mask. Second hand smoke is a real problem for me. It causes my heart to fibrillate. While I’m ont proponent of telling people what to do, I do like not having to be so hypervigilant all the time. When everyone else was sheltering in place, I was out and about living the good life. I honestly hope all of those morons stay indoors long enough to destroy their immune system. I can’t wait for them all to line up for their untested vaccine, only to discover that the wild virus will kill them.

    Yes, I’ve taken pretty much the exact same position as the ptb which is to get rid of the vast majority of idiots who populate this planet. Frankly, those of us who know this is all a hoax need to give it a rest. Let the sheeple line up for their shot at salvation if that’s what they want. I’m so sick of these social distancing Nazi’s telling me to keep six feet away from the items I’m trying to purchase because they can’t decide what they want for dinner. They’re snide, and will not be missed.

  2. Thank you, Eric! I normally do not post in comments, but your article and the encouraging replies give me hope. I fear I am about to be forced into early retirement for this very reason. That and I am extremely disappointed in my company’s lack of integrity on the issue. I say that because we are a high-tech industry with an army of engineers. Engineers have an adage “In God we trust, all others please provide data”. In hallway conversations every other engineer I talked to (before WFH orders) has recognized the utter lack of data to support this ‘crisis’ and I am sure the leadership must understand this, but do not want to jeopardize their government contractor status. In fact, as the data begins to coalesce it’s becoming clearer by the day that this is not at all out of family with our long history of cyclical influenza like illnesses.

    Information is power, especially in this ‘information age’, so I would like to call everyone’s attention to, not a theory, but an open conspiracy fact. Having been in the planning for 50 years, the World Economic Forum has publicly promoted their agenda to implement their vision of a brave new world (my words). A global technocracy that ushers in the age of trans-humanism. Whether or not such a world is technically feasible is irrelevant, the danger lies in the fact that they believe it is and wish to impose their beliefs on all of us. Their leadership has publicly stated that they see the covid ‘crisis’ as their golden opportunity to implement the Great Reset phase of their agenda – economic collapse and de-stabilization of governments appears to be well underway. I would ask everyone here to investigate this for themselves. There is so much more a stake here than face diapering. We’re talking about a revival of early 20th century eugenics and a goal to create a new master race of trans-humans. This is the kind of information we need to disseminate to get people’s attention and inspire their resistance.

    I am cautious of links in comments so I would just ask you to research it yourself. I offer Spiro Skouras’ 20 minute expose “The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order” on his YT channel as a starting point. Very concise and compelling imo.

    Keep up the good work Eric!

  3. I just figured out all the diaper wearers — I know what they want and need — they want to live in a Chinese torture prison — that’s their utopia — they’d love it there!!! They’d get their nonsensical insulting reeducation, their 3 hots and a cot, their safety, all their zillions of rules & regulations, lots of soup nazis barking orders at them all the time, humiliation, no cars, no creativity, no joy, no guns, etc. They could all socialize via their little texting devices, but only with approved thoughts & words of course. They need structure, they crave someone to boss them around all the time and tell them what to think.

    I think all these diaper-zombies walking around loose in America need to be sent to a Chinese prison camp for a few years. THEN they might just appreciate America a little bit more, and understand why we here in America don’t force other people to do every little dumbass idea that we want them to — IOW we live and let live. Right about now I want to live and let the diaper-zombies die. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and there’ll be a vack-insane that will be optional, and all the diaper-zombies will beg to get it and die soon afterward. YAAAAYYYY, be gone with all the boat anchors! Hurray Mr. Bill [G., not the one from SNL] — saving the human species from idiocracy!

    • Those who wear are playing with their health. It’s very bad for you to wear a mask. If you’re that scared, you probably will feel better, and justified, when you’re dead. They can die with a smile on their face that you can’t see and a bottle of Brawndo by their bed.

      • But Brawndo’s got electrolytes!

        I think of Idiocracy often these days. Sadly, the current Idiocracy is even more idiotic than the movie.

        • Hi Angry,

          Yup. Amen.

          I’ve been in a sort-of Twitter war with Mr. Sulu – George Takei – over Forced Diapering, which he militantly favors. He is also a militant leftist – so this shouldn’t be surprising as such people always resort to force and are never content to leave anyone free.

          • Mr. Takei is a known homosexual.
            Homosexuals are at increased risk of being immune compromised due to HIV infection resulting from their deviant sexual practices.
            Not surprising such people would be terrified of any illness.

            • Hi Turtle,

              Yes – and he’s also elderly. I get why he’d want to wear a Diaper. I support his right to wear a Diaper. I vehemently disagree that he has the right to force me or anyone else to wear a Diaper to ease his fears.

              Besides which, if he’s Diapered, then he’s “safe”… right? My not being Diapered affects him not at all. Of course, the real reason he and others demand others Diaper is not because of their health;it is to enforce their worldview on others. To literally muffle dissent.

              Interestingly – because he’s not a stupid man – he doesn’t see the parallel between his (and his family’s) presumptive punishment as possible “enemy agents” during WWII – they were forcibly taken to concentration camps despite being Americans and in spite of the fact that none of them had done anything to cause harm – and his demand that everyone be presumed “sick” and forced to walk around like a leper, be treated as a leper and treat others as lepers.

              • Yep, you got it, Eric.
                I wish Mr. Takei no harm, and I sincerely hope he has educated himself that he, and others at increased risk, should be using *real* PPE, not these ridiculous “face diapers.”

                From my own experience, my Mom’s best friend in her later years had some type of respiratory disorder which required her to use an N95 respirator, and she could not be in indoor public locations. So, when my sister planned Mom’s 90th birthday celebration five years ago, it was held on the outdoor patio of a local restaurant.

                FWIW, I was a big fan of the original “Star Trek,” and “Mr. Sulu” was an essential character, who was played by a quite talented actor, Mr. Takei.

                • turtle, just what I was going to say. If there’s one group that shouldn’t want to reduce their immunity it would be the gay community.

                  One of the first things they teach in rehab to everyone(had a friend that went many times. He loved those high dollar rehab places cause there were lots of hot, good looking women ready to party and lots of drugs)is that the most dangerous place to have sex is the anus because the skin has so many tiny wrinkles. I’ll take their word. I don’t want to sit over a mirror and count.

    • Hi Krazy,

      This is rough but no denying the general sense of it: If every person who currently wears the Diaper by choice was shipped to China, this would be America again.

  4. Got sent home today since I would not diaper up, funny thing is, it was around 3:00 pm and I was off at 5:00pm and I am starting a 10 day vacation tomorrow, so I got to start it early and am being paid for my entire shift today – dumb shits.

    I am going to go with the psychological health issue for an exception when I return. It is bad for my mental health to wear a diaper in public, is the real reason, but since they want to play a game, bring it.

    Thank you to everyone here, especially you Eric, it helps to feel not so alone.

    • I don’t think you have to give your medical reason, just say it’s a medical thing. It’s a HIPPA thing. But if you want, asthma works fine and they can’t argue. If they fire you for having asthma and not wearing a mask, you can get a really big payday eventually.

    • They’re taking away your (and others) livelihood. It’s invading peoples’ body space. It’s one thing to tell people to keep a distance for the purpose of preventing a sneeze, but to tell people they have to restrict their breathing by wearing something invasive — that’s too far.

      Also say it’s just plain bad for your health too, by restricting your oxygen intake.

      I’m going to pray for you (and others).

      • It is getting to the point where I believe some people are going to start having bad cases of lead poisoning. This cold war is going to turn hot very soon, I believe.

        Thanks for your prayers (Not so) krazy harry.

        • Hi John,

          I think so, too – in re the cold war going hot. People are lining up – the Diapering being one of the fault lines. Those who wear them by choice are the ones who are burning to deny you and I the choice not to. Their madness is palpable. You can see it in their eyes. Loathsome politicians are leveraging their hysteria. This is not going to be allowed to dissipate.

          Per Thomas More’s speech in a Man for all Seasons – I mean none harm and do none harm – and if that is not enough to be let alone then let come what may.

          • eric, I saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in years in the grocery store today. We were all in there buying stuff that was on sale, nearly everything. Brisket $1.58/lb., chubs of burger for $1.77/lb, pork ribs, $.99/lb. Just buying hell out of everything. They had limits of two on briskets but none on anything else. 68 cents for a can of Van Camp pork and beans, Ranch Style beans 88 cents, Bratwurst packages for $7. Only 3(women all) people in the store with masks and the store was jammed. It had been all day according to my friend.

            My old friend always hunted dove and quail but not much else. We spoke about gun sales and he said he had 2000 rds each for his AK and AR, a guy who never had a hunting rifle and complained how expensive the hot 9mm stuff was. I have to send him some sites where it’s still decently cheap.

            In this small, rural town, without the 3 stupid women, you’d never known anything was out of the ordinary. I have a feeling nothing will change when they try to mask up or anything else in this part of the country. We just shake our heads and wonder who we’ll get for guvnah next time beside Gregg Abbott who just shut down most of Texas again.

            Realize if you will, these tyrants legally had a one time 30 day period they could do that. Now they’re over-stepping their bounds and I hope the next election leaves us with people who are all running on the Freedom theme and term limits.

            The reason you can buy guns now is because you aren’t sitting in front of the store at 4 am to be the first one there. One gun? No, hell no. I want an AK, an AR and some of those really fast long barreled pistols with big mags that have that same AR look.

            This isn’t about defending oneself against looters or bad guys, this is all about defending ourselves against govt.

            Excuse me but I have to see if I can find more good 5.56 ammo and some shotgun stuff. I’ll order powder, primers and bullets for my long range rifle. I’ve been reloading since I was 12. I know a thing or two about it. Good luck everyone.

            Here’s what you’re up against.

            • I meant the reason you “can’t” buy guns now is because they can’t keep up. And here Remington has been run so badly they are going on the selling block. Pitiful.

      • Hi Harry,

        I’m convinced (because facts) that the Diapering push is psychological as well as practical. People are demoralized by having to wear these things – by what it implies – and by the effect it has on interactions with others. It ends smiles. It makes everyone a dreary NPC drone, visibly truckling to authority (and madness)… which is demoralizing. It shows who is boss – and it’s not us.

        The practical purpose is to set the precedent and the justification for the forced injections of god-knows-what styled “vaccines” coming soon. And the house-arresting/criminalizing of those who don’t submit.

        • Apparently in NY, they are now threatening jail time and several thousand dollars per day fines for refusing to talk to their contact tracers. So yes, vaccine refuseniks shall go to the gulag. Pray for peace but get ready for war.

            • I wish it were that simple, but something tells me they won’t accept that. They’ll keep probing and may escalate. Will they have the power to require you to be tested if you refuse to answer or just say you don’t recall, or forcibly quarantine you if you refuse their test? All because your cell phone pinged or credit card was used or someone else remembered you were somewhere in the vicinity of someone who tested positive (never mind the reliability of the test or whether there even was a someone)? This is it – the apotheosis of this whole charade, designed specifically to brow beat, on pain of arrests or fines or destruction of livelihood, the last redoubts of resistance. It’s precisely why face diapering must be stopped dead in its tracks, now. I fear it’s already too late.

              • Well-said, BAC – exactly.

                Defeating diapering is the key to this. If Diapering can be defeated, they’ll have suffered a serious setback, one from which they may not recover.

              • Oh, I agree.
                It is all about control, and nothing to do with medical, excuse me, “health” issues.
                Resistance to tyranny, by any means possible, is *NOT* “negotiable,” it is essential.
                Fine, “test” me.
                But I will refuse to rat out other people.
                What can they do?
                Put me in jail for having a bad memory?
                I *REFUSE* to carry a cell phone.
                Cell phones are tracking devices.
                They communicate your whereabouts and copious amounts of other personal information to TPTB.
                It amazes me that gullible people will stand in line to buy their own chains.

    • Hi John,

      You aren’t alone. They want you – and me and millions of others – to believe (and feel) as though we are. That is the source of their power – and their weakness. If enough of us stand firm and tell them NO! this will not stand. And that is why it is so indescribably important to take that stand, even at the cost of money.

      Bear in mind that if they win this one, money will not be an issue for any of us. These people are destroyers – of everything.

  5. Someone should start a club/group so that you have NUMBERS of people that don’t want to humiliate themselves by wearing a stupid face diaper. Once you have numbers you have resources and it puts huge pressure on the local politicians and gives them an excuse (to tell to the higher up dictators) for why they’re giving you what you want.

    Start an internet forum, there’s premade ready-to-go forum websites so you don’t have to write any computer code. Then just advertise everywhere you can. Anyone that wants to join can simply sign up at the forum website. Then everyone can talk to each other and help each other, and then you have a membership, IOW you have a group of people that can all communicate with each other, so you can all sign a petition, or demand something from your local dictator er I mean “representative”, or have a protest/etc.

    But you didn’t hear this from me.

  6. I wear a face diaper once every two weeks when I buy groceries. I’m quite cautious since some of the damage the virus causes sounds severe and I know they all lie to me. So I diaper up in large groups of people because many people are stupid and I can’t be sure which I’ll meet. But mostly I wear the face diaper because it causes the employees of the store less stress since they have actually one or two fellow employees hospitalized. They provide good service so I’m happy to observe their suggestions as long as they remain suggestions. If it becomes mandatory they will have the pleasure of delivering my groceries or I find another grocer to patronize.

    Luckily, I work from home for yet another risk-averse company. We are about 96% remote now and growing because we no longer believe the fiction we all had to be in one place subject to the overseers.

    I suspect we will remain remote until a cure or vaccine is found. But a growing percentage of us were hired remotely as well because of new business we won. So quite a few of us will STAY remote.

    I couldn’t be happier.

    • If I were you, I’d remain remote ESPECIALLY if a vaccine is found. As bad as a mask is, at least it won’t sterilize, microchip or poison you. Look after your own health instead of expecting Bill Gates & the pharmaceutical industry to rescue you with their toxic FORCED untested vaccines.

      • There has never been a flu vaccine that worked. It mutates every cycle. If you have a single flu vaccination you will emit 6 times as much infectious material as a person that hasn’t had one.

        The supposed new one that’s being developed(via Gill Bates)is GMO. Really want GMO right into your bloodstream? It’s bad enough to ingest the crap.

        From last week there is a supposedly legal document you can submit to your doctor that supercedes their own. I’d go back and look at it on LRC. It’s been put there 3 times I believe. At least twice I know of. I tried to order it but something always went wrong with PayPal. I have lots of problems with PayPal other people don’t seem to have. No idea why that is. I had forgotten but need to get back to it or either see if I can just pay for it with my credit card.

      • Pau, the rationale behind wearing the face diaper is so YOU don’t infect others. In other words, the powers to be are assuming you are a leper. I had a salesman stop at my house the other day. He was wearing a face diaper. I informed him that I had instructed his office that no one enters my house wearing the “mask” He said he was wearing the mask to protect ME! So, if you are sick Mr salesman, don’t put on a mask – do stay home. I kicked him out of my house. To me, the face mask/diaper is like the cone of shame a dog wears to prevent it from aggravating stitches or hot spots. Face diaper is a good analogy but I think a better one might be, “mask of shame”.

  7. I put on a mask yesterday to enter a Dollar Tree store. Within a couple minutes I wanted to start shouting “I can’t breathe. No puedo respirar”, but I was concerned how that might be taken.

    The burden of enforcement has been placed on harried store clerks who, especially in the area I live will be reluctant to piss off someone not inclined to go along with the fad. Wal-Mart has the equivalent of ONE WAY signs on their aisles. No one pays attention. Remember, if you start a fight, the “defunded” police won’t be coming to bail you out.

    I have been tempted to wear my Jesse James bandana and cowboy hat, leftovers from my acting career. Open carry is legal in Kansas, so I could holster a six-shooter as well. Wonder how that would go over. Barring that, perhaps a “V for Vendetta” or “Friday the 13th” hockey mask. What I’d really like to find is one of these Medieval Plague Masks and a hooded monk’s robe. Right now, it’s too hot, but I’m sure the current Black Death will persist until it magically vanishes with the election of Alzeheimer Joe Biden in November.

    I like the story about the little girl making masks for the homeless. Especially the analogy to the distribution of small pox infected blankets to Natives during the frontier days.

    In the event I get pulled over by the gendarmerie, I planned to start coughing. But, my pallid epidermis would offer no protection to a .40 cal. Glock.

  8. It is remarkable how the two minutes of hate is almost exactly the same as the forced nightly clapping of health care workers in Britain with extreme social shaming – likely losing your job – if you dont comply. 1984 wasnt a novel. It was an instruction manual

  9. Thank you for writing this… It expresses my thinking better than I have been able to other people.

    I too have never nor will I ever wear a mask – my line in the sand. It hasn’t been a problem until today when I was turned away from my gym, which I’ve been a paying member of for decades, for not wearing a mask.

    This is especially silly because I was going to swim, for which a mask is not required, and I came prepared to walk straight to the pool, swim, and straight back at to my car. Apparently the 5s it would take me to go thru the hallway could kill untold millions.

    It’s the first day of this policy in Oregon, so an example probably has to be made, but still it is pretty disappointing that it has come to this level of sillyness. And the unbridled vitriol for those of us who choose not to blindly comply is deeply disturbing.

    I plan to call the gym and rationally express my frustration (the manager was not in yet), but I don’t expect anything to come of it.

  10. This is going to be a little longer comment- but the point needs to be made, and I need to unleash a good rant. Eric- thank you for keeping up this speakeasy- it’s a have in the midst of epidemic madness.

    This face masking is just like seat belts, helmets, car seats, and immunizations. If you choose to do/take/use them, by all means do so. If you attempt to force anyone other than your kids or pets to do them, you are violating their most sacred rights.

    These are all matters of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM as specifically protected by the first amendment and if you don’t think that’s enough as incorporated by the 14th Amendment, US Constitution.

    I’m not being snarky, provocative, a gadfly, not making waves to see where they end up, when I state this fact.

    The federal republic, and the component state republics are granted a limited set of privileges by their constitutions. If it’s not in there as specifically granted, and especially if it is expressly prohibited it is NOT a legitimate privilege of any level of government.

    Trivia like speed limits, prohibitive laws are unfortunately often allowed. Mandates, forcing people to conform to someone else’s beliefs are all directly in conflict with RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

    RF does not mean that you just have the right to be a Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Orthodox Jew, atheist, “peaceful Muslim”, Discordian, or adherent of Western KYFHO. YOU have the right to practice your beliefs. Including driving without a seat belt or going about without a mask. You have every right to pick and choose what precepts you live your life by, provided you follow a couple of universal precepts.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you- love thy neighbor as thyself. Nowhere in there is forcing your neighbor to wear a mask or seat belt.

    Religious Freedom is vitally important! Without it there can be NO freedom.

  11. Everyone is not my responsibility. No one is responsible for me either.

    Dont wear a mask for me as I am not your responsibility. If i get sick, then I get sick. That is how life works. Everyones children have been going to school, getting sick, bringing home bugs to their parents and making them sick. It has been going on since the dawn of civilized time.

    I resist the mask of the beast. When, and they will, order masks, i will be writing 666 on mine.

    • Hi J,


      Also: Ridicule the tyrannous; refer to these things as Face Diapers. Don’t dignify them – or those who insist they be worn – in the slightest.

      • >Face Diapers
        Either that, or TOB masks (as in, Tits On a Bull, which is about what they are worth).
        As opposed to actual, OSHA approved PPE (N95 or better) , which must be fitted, and worn properly, to be effective.
        Ridicule may be effective…..
        Jeez, what will they do for Halloween?
        I saw online a full head duck mask for ~$20.
        Hey, if you’re going to quack like a duck, might as well look like a duck.
        Maybe accessorize it with a duck call.
        Plus good duckspeak, comrade.

  12. Status report from Washington State:
    1. Washington is severely divided (physically and most definitely mentally) roughly by the Cascade mountains. You literally have East vs. West. West is Seattle and its various madnesses. East is more desert like and typically more conservative.
    2. When the current megalomaniac in charge (Jay Inslee) “mandated” full on face diaper wearing the other day, my wife and I searched in vain for the “law” behind the “mandate” (we were tipped off by a lady in California who did the same thing in her state). Bottom line: no law exists. Just “mandate” and “required” and other wonderful words that fools believe. It’s almost mind-bending when you REALLY take it apart. This freak (Inslee) “mandates” something and nearly the entire state of idiots fall into line. Sickening.
    3. So…I immediately began plotting which stores to DELIBERATELY walk into without a face diaper.
    Here are the results (and they are certainly interesting):
    Albertsons: signs up saying diapers REQUIRED. I walked in with ZERO face covering and nobody said or did anything (although my wife and I swear you can “feel” the disapproval by the face diapering crowd, but hey…we’re willing to believe that’s just all in our mind…we think…).
    Yokes: same as Albertsons.
    Grow store #1: (these are grow stores that primarily serve folks who grow various vegetables and herbs if you know what I’m saying…so you would THINK they would be more liberty minded than the rest…and you would be wrong): these folks at least got creative in my opinion: they actually REQUIRED EITHER: hand sanitize your hands OR: wear gloves (nothing about a mask). I ALMOST walked out, but simply slipped on some store-provided disposable gloves and continued. Interestingly enough…this was BEFORE the latest diktat by Inslee. AFTER the diktat (Diapers required), this store put up some type of sign that explained that IF you walk in the store without a diaper, THEY will assume that you have a medical condition precluding face diaper wearing. This actually is a good thing because EVERYONE then knows what’s going on and I’m fine with that. At least they’re out in the open. So I walked in without a face diaper and the OWNER OF THE STORE chatted with me and tried to kind of make me feel slightly guilty because “we have older folks that come in and we’re trying to make sure we protect them blah blah effing blah” (and my thought was: then WHY are these old people IN YOUR STORE if they’re so scared of dying??…it’s called “logic”).
    Grow Store #2: This particular grow store has ZERO signs saying ANYTHING related to this mess (if I recall correctly). A few people in the store had masks, but the workers had NONE. I walked in sans mask and nobody said anything. This is my new grow store. Vote with your feet.
    Herb Dispensary #1 (in Yakima, WA): no signs, employees all have diapers on, HUGE plastic shields in place (I mean this was truly weird trying to talk to someone through multiple panes of plastic bullshit) HOWEVER: nobody said anything, nobody acknowledged the elephant in the room (me without face diaper)…so that was at least cool!
    Herb Dispensary #2 (in Dayton, WA): wow…just wow…I will probably NEVER be back. They had signs up REQUIRING face diaper. I walked in without one. They motioned me back towards the door and asked me to put a diaper on. I very VERY specifically stated the following (and I have since realized I should have worded this differently): I’m not going to put on a mask. Are you telling me that you are refusing to serve me? This is your right as the business owner, however, are you sure you want to watch me walk out that door and NEVER come back? The lady manager nodded her head and clearly stated “yes”. So I walked out. I SHOULD have said: I have a medical condition (and then SHUT MY MOUTH). Remember folks…you should make THEM make the moves here because technically they are NOT SUPPOSED TO ASK about whatever medical condition you may have that precludes wearing the stupid thing. Geez this was a miserable situation.
    Herb dispensary #3 (West Richland, WA): no signs regarding masks. Employees wearing masks. Maybe half of customers wearing them. No hassle whatsoever.
    Ace Hardware (Richland, WA): signs up but again, no hassle, maybe half of customers wearing.
    Lowes/Home Depot/Others: signs up but can still walk in without diaper.
    Walmart and others: signs up, cattle chutes in place, but no enforcement.
    Costco (Richland, WA): now this one is interesting. They actually (according to my wife) have somehow managed to “Enforce” mask wearing and will somehow escort you out if you don’t have one. I PERSONALLY have not tested this but am giving some thought to seeing what will happen.

    Bottom line: I have not yet worn anything at all whatsoever on my face and other than the Dayton fiasco (which still REALLY pisses me off dammit) I have had absolutely no trouble going to stores I would like to go to, HOWEVER, as stated above, there is this weird almost palpable “feeling” that you are being watched, you are being judged, you are DEFINITELY not a sheep…but in many people’s minds that’s not necessarily a good thing…heh heh…

    Keep on pushing out the chaos people…

        • Then it becomes a personal decision on the employee’s part of whether or not his/her sanity is worth the paycheck.

          I’m lucky to be able to work remotely. And I have let my employer know that I will not be back to the office until the mandatory fear signalling mask mandate is lifted.

          If it so happens that I do actually have to visit the office for some reason, I plan to make everyone there extremely uncomfortable by wearing a ski mask.

          • Philo, almost all the outdoor and shooting sites/stores have gas masks available. They are actually made for biological warfare and such. I have an Israeli job but they have much better one now but not any I’ve seen that would scare anyone worse than mine.

            Nobody could say anything to you since they’re millions of times better than the masks they were. They also make helmets to go with them. No need to show any skin, just wear the entire garb including the gloves that go along with them. In fact, if you live in Texas, sling your AR over your chest along with this gear.

            Once they’re all revived(carry some poppers with you), you can loan them your gloves to clean their seats.

            I want to scream at them at the hospital although I know my doctor has no choice and neither does the staff. They make us all use the same electronic pencil to sign in with, a very stupid thing if you are trying to protect yourself from diseases.

            I do my best to not shake hands with people. I’m not worried about giving them this bullshit non-virus but I do worry about giving them my MRSA and Shingles, both of which are transferred by touch. Let’s not logic enter into this conversation though. It’s about killing as many people as possible while pretending to not try to. It reminds me Cloud Atlas where these young, attractive girls are used as slaves. When they reach a certain point they are rewarded. They are taken to a room, set in a chair and a helmet over their head where they are supposedly going to measure them or something but once in the chair and with the helmet on, they are instantly killed and their bodies are fed into a machine that is similar to a Soylent Green machine and they’re processed and used as food for the surviving one. That’s a good movie but I never thought I’d be starring in the next version or the next version of Soylent Green.

            Forrest’s mother was right, life IS like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

            I, and probably everyone who understands what’s going on, am down to almost a single emotion…..mad as hell and frustrated I can’t get to the people who are foisting this lie off on us.

        • Hi Laura,

          Yes – I know. I also know what is at stake – and it’s more than a job. It is worth it to risk one’s job given what is on the table if we don’t.

            • Hi Anon,

              Well, that’s a value judgment. I value not being treated as a presumptive leper and required to Diaper – which will lead to being required to submit to a vaccination and many other things besides.

              But your values may differ.

              • Not so much a question of value. More like a question of needing income. Most people need it. Some people have the luxury to take a stand, and more power to those that are able.

                • Anon, I had an uptick of hope yesterday when a guy asked me if I wanted a job since he thought he’d soon have a couple trucks he was going to put on a local run. It will certainly be something we need and I do appreciate having a job having been out of one for several months.

                  I could get a job BUT… companies don’t have to abide by the same laws against not hiring due to age. A-holes, but what do you expect?

              • eric, if I could get my mail delivered(I live half a mile too far off the beaten path, stupid postal bs), I wouldn’t care if I ever went to town and wish I could have everything I want delivered. That doesn’t mean I don’t see other people but we’re almost always out in the country. I was with my renter and his son yesterday and we rode around and looked at some steers he’d just bought of which I had bought one since beef is so expensive and this beef will be homegrown. There is a fly in the ointment. We didn’t have enough room in our other freezers(we’ve always lived in the boonies somewhere)so we bought one where we could get one since the demand is so great.

                I wanted one from a local store but they had none and said they wouldn’t be getting any till after the big stores got theirs(another screwing the little guy gets). I thought I needed it before he was going to get it so I bought one and had to wait for it……from Lowe’s. The day it was delivered I found out Lowe’s is one of the financial backers of BLM. I was pissed off but I am glad to find it out since I won’t be buying anything from Lowe’s again, ever.

    • Laura has hit the nail on the head. Fortunately in my case I had been working from home almost 100% for the last three years. The only thing I have to worry about is whether this very risk-averse company I work for will ever want to test me or jab me with a needle. That will be the day I will probably have to take a stand.

    • Update #2:
      I’ve been seized With some sort of madness because now since I have a bunch of errands to run I’m going in to every store I possibly can sans diaper just to see what will happen. The fabric store where I needed green screen material is actually pretty smart. Curbside purchase and delivery only. Which means nobody even goes into the store (darn!).
      Lowes Was interesting in that the signs on the store sound threatening but nobody enforces anything. The dollar store also had threatening signs up and also did not enforce anything.
      And by threatening, folks, here is what’s going on: if these nimrods can get you to believe that the threat is real simply by saying it’s real on a piece of paper and you believe it then the problem lies with you. As many other posters have said, we must continue to fly directly in the face of these unlawful dictates. Doing my part in the great state of Washington.

    • > HUGE plastic shields in place …

      I recently went into a Safeway grocery store (Show Low, AZ). Masks were not required by customers but masks were required for the cashiers and there was a huge plastic shield between me and my cashier. I noted, however, that there was NOTHING separating me from the cashier in the line next to me. True, my back was toward her but we had to be maybe 18 inches apart. I noted this hypocrisy to my cashier and she agreed saying the company policy was illogical.

      • Hi Larry,

        Same at Kroger in my area. I see the defeat in the eyes of the clerks and baggers. What can they do? It’s depressing – and infuriating.

  13. With or without all this social nonsense, any person who contracts ANY virus cannot prove how he attracted it. It cannot be proved how many lives may or may not be saved by doing any of these things. By taking one action, you cannot assume a different outcome if you have chosen any other action. I have as much right to be out in public and take my chances of living or dying (for any reason) as the next person. If anyone is afraid of dying for any reason, stay home locked in a sterilized closet and hope and pray you survive better than if you had risked your life in the outside world. I do not take kindly to being forced to follow the crowd or the mob which 99% of the time is severely misguided.

  14. I’m not wearing a mask, haven’t yet. Not wearing one even if it likely means death. I have zero desire to live in such a society.

    Food for Thought;

    We are not all in this together. We are all in this individually. The extent to which we make ourselves into one singular collective, is the extent to which we entirely give up our individuality and our personal liberty.

    Wearing masks and submitting ourselves to such group decrees merely renders us soulless and faceless (all but literally) parts of a cold, heartless, dystopian machine.

    I will not play that role.

  15. Time to put on motor trend TV and get this stupid news off. Wifey isn’t home anymore. iron resurrection is on and they’re fixing up a sweet 65 Nova.

  16. Just saw a relevant piece on the TV (I know, I know, but I get free sat TV through work) about some well meaning young girl who is giving home made masks to the homeless. Everyone says she’s such a hero. As if those masks are EVER going to get washed. Reminds me of the story of the people who gave the blankets tainted with smallpox to Indians back in the day. Insanity rules. Case numbers among the homeless in Chicago will soon “spike”

    • Spkrman, the link Randy posted has the story of a 6 year old girl making masks to help BLM. You wonder how many stories like this are making the rounds. I saw the nearly exact same story of some little girls in Ft. Worth making masks for healthcare workers. I puke every time I see one of these stories about using children as ammo.

  17. Eric:

    Your post could not be more timely.

    Here’s what appeared on my Facebook page yesterday. It’s been shared hundreds of times. We like our diapers. They’re a fashion statement, status symbol and virtue signal rolled into one. That’s an Orwellian trifecta that’s hard to beat. We’ll be diapering up long after the coast is clear except here in Oceania we won’t let the coast be clear.

    “Let’s say you woke up with a terrible cough, a fever, and severe body aches. Immediately, you rush to the doctor and unfortunately, you’re diagnosed with COVID-19. For the last two weeks, you’ve been unaware that you were infected and you’ve ignored “the rules.” You’ve gotten together with some close friends for pizza, had a few people over, even visited a park and a beach. You figured, “I don’t feel sick. I have the right to keep living my normal life. No one can tell me what to do.”

    With your diagnosis, you spend the next few days at home on the couch, feeling pretty crappy; but then you’re well again because you’re young, healthy and strong. Lucky you. But your best friend caught it from you during a visit to your house, and because she didn’t know she was contagious, she visited her 82-year-old grandfather, who uses oxygen tanks daily to help him breathe because he has COPD and heart failure. Now, he’s dead.
    Your co-worker, who has asthma, caught it too, during your little pizza get-together. Now, he’s in the ICU, and he’s spread it to a few others in his family, too–but they won’t know that for another couple of weeks yet.

    The cashier at the restaurant where you picked up the pizza carried the infection home to his wife, who has MS, which makes her immunosuppressed. She’s not as lucky as you, so she’s admitted to the hospital because she’s having trouble breathing. She may need to be placed in a medically-induced coma and intubated; she may not get to say goodbye to her loved ones. She may die surrounded by machines, with no family at her bedside.

    All because you couldn’t stand the inconvenience of a mask; of staying home; of changing your familiar routines for just a little while. Because you have the right, above all others rights, to continue living your normal life and no one, I mean no one, has the right to tell you what to do.

    #SocialDistancing = It’s not about YOU!
    #WearAMask = It’s not about YOU!
    #StayHome = It’s not about YOU!
    #GetTested = It’s not about YOU!
    #MaskItOrCasket = It’s not about YOU!

    • No real libertarian would agree that YOU have a right to infect ME with your disease. I don’t like being told by government I MUST wear a mask, but this Kung Flu is a LOT worse than a common cold. Sixty years ago everyone would have VOLUNTARILY worn masks for six months if that’s what it took. Today most people selfishly care about no one but themselves.

      • BS.
        No one is saying that anyone has a ‘right’ to infect anyone, and you know it.
        60 years ago – more or less [68/69] was a worse flu season than this current crap and the country nor the economy didnt shut down. No one in govt demanded we all stay home from work. 60 years ago, had this insanity been tried to be enforced, there would have been violence in the streets. 60 years ago there were still some people with balls and brains.
        AND… if you had a brain and would bother to read a bit, you would see that all this hype is just that – hype. Even if you believe govt figures – and only a vegetable would – there is an approx 4% rate of symptomatic infection and an approximate .4% – thats four tenths of one percent – rate of casualty. And most of those – some 80% or so – have underlying conditions and are over 75 years old.
        If you want to diaper up, fine! Have at it. Not only is it ineffective, but is actually counterproductive. But as facts dont fit the narrative, go ahead and follow along with the sheeple. Its your right and I dont care. All I will do is look at you, shake my head and mutter ‘dumbass’. But of course, thats about all Ive been doing in public for the last 30 years anyway… so I dont care. But you, nor any governmental agency, has any right to try and force useless counterproductive acquiescence to a (((psy-op))) on me.
        AND…contrary to your regurgitated “opinion” given to you by the (((msm))) , the main reason I , and others, are so adamantly opposed to this nannystate idiocy is not selfish, but rather altruistic, as we care about our people and our country. So crawl back in your mommas basement and virtue signal somewhere it might be appreciated by the legions of NPCs doing the same.

        • Amen, Luke –

          Note the common denominator… the assertion of harm equated with its actuality. They say “someone” – never specific – might get “someone” (again,not specific) sick. Therefore, the presumption is that you – specifically – are sick or rather are to be presumed as such and treated as such.

          Well, why not the same argument for diapers down below? Then – when everyone is forced to wear a diaper down below – they can claim they “stopped the spread” of diarrhea.

          • We are all now *presumed* to be “unclean.”
            This is a “social,” if not yet the “legal” presumption.
            The “sail fawn” is the leash, the “face diaper” is the muzzle.
            (I refuse to carry an “electronic leash.”)

            Know what? If I am “presumed ” to be unclean, I might as well *be* unclean. I received a “summons for jury service” this week.
            I hereby pledge not to bathe, nor wash my clothes, between now and the time I must report to be “serviced.”

            My “face diaper” (a.k.a. “store costume”) is full face, over the top of the skull, in black. Eye holes only, one for each eye.
            Looks pretty much like depictions of a medieval headsman.
            “Ladies and headsmen of the jury,” indeed.

        • Luke,

          You write a bunch of sensible stuff and then destroy any credibility it may have, in the minds of many, with your ludicrous obsession with Joooos. Covid hysteria is not a Jewish psy-op. The babble heads on TV (almost none of them Jewish) don’t peddle hysteria because they are following the orders of a Jewish cabal, they do it because they are shallow, narcissistic twits who prize celebrity above all else.

          Your obsession with Jews relieves the actual villains here of responsibility, you know the authoritarian little tyrants known as governors (none of them Jewish), the petty bureaucrat and faux expert Fauci, and his co-hysteric Birx (not Jewish), who are clearly reveling in their newfound dictatorial power, Neal Ferguson (not Jewish), and others like him, who have built their careers on hyperbole and the abuse of science. The vast majority of people pushing this hysteria are not Jewish, nor are they following Jewish orders.

          If your goal is to persuade, what purpose is served by injecting your Jew obsession into otherwise sensible posts? Here’s a hint, outside of your very small community, it doesn’t boost your credibility.


          • Excellent, Jeremy – thanks (again)!

            If we are to have any basis for objecting to being forced to Diaper (and all the rest) based not on individual but rather collective considerations based on generalized assertions then we cannot categorize and punish others on the same basis.

            I am not sick; ergo, forcing me to wear a mask because “someone” might be is vicious, evil.

            My friend Tim is Jewish. Blaming him for what was done by Karl Marx (because he was Jewish) is also vicious, evil.

        • Luke, I had the Hong Kong flu in 68. It really kicked my ass and it killed a lot of people not only in the U.S. but all over the world. We didn’t shut down anything. I guess no one cared back then like we do now…….help, I can’t quit puking!!

      • Steve,

        You assume I am sick. Why not also assume I am drunk? Or a rapist? Perhaps you see the problem…

        Since I am not sick, I reject this business that I must be presumed sick and treated as such. Just as I reject being presumed a “drunk” or a “terrorist” or any other groundless thing.

        Libertarians believe individuals should be treated as individuals; held accountable for what they do – in terms of causing harm – not for harms that others have caused, or might.

        You say “Kung Flu is a LOT worse than a common cold”… who disagreed? I and others have said it is not much worse than the common flu... and that’s a fact (per the mortality rate). Why weren’t people Diapered last year? Or the year before? The flu led to pneumonia and so on in many thousands of elderly people, as it always has… some died. As they always have.

        The entire country was not hystericized on account of it.

      • Hey, Steve, PROVE that I infected you or anyone else. PROVE contagion exists. PROVE that a virus is a pathogen. No one has been able to do that. The Boston Health Department tried during the “flu” of 1918 and did not succeed. They have been trying ever since with similar results. You are just repeating the approved pablum. There are other things at work here and the Allopaths don’t see them because they are behind forbidden doors, like a change in the electromagnetic environment, for starters, nano particles in the air, ubiquitous pollutants ect.

        And by the way, Eric, now that you have applied your word alchemy to diaper and magically transformed it into a verb, I can sit back, content that the English language is in mischievous hands.

          • eric, a virus not alive. Guess what it takes to pass a virus, direct contact. This bs being pushed affects not even a fraction of 1% of children and nobody dies of it alone. Everyone who dies from it has multiple comorbidities. That’s not my opinion, it’s a fact the stats will show.

            One other thing stats will show is that in countries where the old bovine TB vaccination is used mandatorily, they had 1.5 deaths per million so these countries literally had single digit death rates since none were as large as the US population. 75% of the deaths in this country have been with people 65 and over with once again, comorbidities. But the fact that the death rate was so low with people vaccinated for a bacteria is almost a certainty this is not a virus. I suspect even us old people who had the old bovine TB vaccination are still being protected.

            Regardless, I’m not going to wear a mask except at the hospital because I need to see my doc and have to be bled every month. Maybe the onconologist at the end of the month can shed some light on that problem this visit. Maybe not. I try to not consider what my problem might be. At my age, it could be anything and I don’t say I won’t die of this disease but I want no one to restrict their life for mine.

            If you read the figures from the experts who do probabilities, they show the theater is going to take many more life days from the public than any disease ever has. It’s not just about wearing a mask and social distancing(a killer for children but hey, who cares, they only have their screwed up entire lives ahead of them). People need to work and be social. We are social animals and long ago it was proven that people who never socialized died from the lack of it……esp. children.

      • Steve
        In the years 1957-58 we had the Asian flu which killed 116,000 in the U.S.
        In 1958 the population of the U.S. was 175 million.
        The economy was not shut down, people did not wear mask and it wasn’t on the evening news every night. Your claim that sixty years ago everyone would have voluntarily worn a mask is nonsense. Sixty years ago this would never fly, you know, back when people had some balls and weren’t whinny snowflakes.

    • Hi Imbroglio,

      This is spectacular gaslighting; also fact-free as -per “the science” – people who haven’t got symptoms can’t transmit sickness. They are using lies and manufactured shame to oppress the populace.

      PS: This last section upped my BP:

      “she may not get to say goodbye to her loved ones. She may die surrounded by machines, with no family at her bedside.”

      Like my mom, they mean? Who I am not permitted to see? Who is on the verge of not remembering me? Who will probably die alone because of pieces of shit like the person who wrote this?

  18. Wouldn’t be better to wear a snorkel with a filter? Maybe a Darth Vader helmet? Those masks let air through, so you’re doomed from the get go.

    “Control freaks hate four things: cash, cars, guns, and the internet. They all confer autonomy on the individual.”

    Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for thinking, the right to think, libertes philosophica.

    If you want to be a pariah, you get to become one if you don’t wear your mask. If you wear a mask, you not really thinking at all, you’re just following orders, the governor not wearing a mask advising you to wear a mask. Absurd, not rational. At all.

    You will wear a mask, you can’t fight city hall and you will be assimilated. There will be no dissent, no apostasy for mask-wearers who quit, no forgiveness. You’re guilty, done deal.

    It’s for your own good, stop being a covidiot and don that mask. If you don’t, you’ll be fined and even imprisoned. You’re guilty of being a covidiot, so there is no question, you’re guilty for showing your face in public when it is an obvious health hazard. It is malicious intent. The death sentence wouldn’t be a severe enough penalty if you refuse to wear a mask.

    You’re rocking the boat, sit down.

    Ask Jim Carrey if he wore a mask. lol

    You exhale carbon dioxide at 50,000 ppm, 50 parts per thousand, if you don’t, you’re gonna die and quickly.

    You’ll at least turn green and be a whirling dervish in a movie.

    The air is 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen, you need every bit of it to stay alive. Too much is not enough. We all know what happens when you can’t breathe, the results are not all that enjoyable.

    Breathing is important, makes your life happen.

    After 911, there was graffiti on the local federal building in a nearby town that read: ‘We will not submit to your bullshit’.

    It was removed, but the indelible scrawl is still there.

    The same for this mask bullshit, it’s bullshit.

    Piles of it.

    Brevity is the soul of wit and a lot has been written about that. har

    • I read the sentence in my brain, but my fingers do not write the word even though I think it is down on paper. As I re-read, I still fail to proofread.

      You are not thinking at all, how it should read.

      Wouldn’t it be better to wear a snorkel with a filter? Reads better.

      Some editing is necessary.

  19. I work in the States but have my family in Thailand. Havent been with them now for five months and due to the travel restrictions and work schedule I may not see them for three more. Now I’ve heard that airlines are making passengers wear these damn things during the entire flight! Imagine if you will having to be smothered for twelve hours non-stop. Its beyond insane! And Thailand requires everyone to wear this nonsense all of the time while out in public. When you read the numbers there, in a country of 70 million, that only about 58 people have died as a direct result of the virus, you KNOW that something evil is afoot in the world.

  20. I’m not getting my haircut until no masks are required. The amusing part is that I’m 76 and my hair is longer I think than it’s ever been. Frankly, I like it. I feel like Clint in “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” 😊

      • Same here, also with my beard. I told my wife to get used to it because I’m on a hair cut strike. If they are going to assume I’m insane for not fearing what I’m told to fear I might as well look the part.

  21. It appears that public “education” has been brilliantly successful at accomplishing its intended purpose. Likewise the police state.

  22. If you can somehow poke your nose into a grocery store overnight, when they’re stocking the shelves, and when vendors are stocking (a lot of brand-name stuff is actually stocked by franshised distributors that travel from store to store to store in the wee hours), the vanishingly small number wearing masks gives it away. They’re touching and breathing on everything (they have to touch it- how else will it get stocked?), and yet people aren’t dying in droves simply from buying their groceries a couple hours later, handling all the same produce and packages.

    That, and no one seems to understand fluid dynamics, anyway- just how far a sneeze or full-throated cough *does* spread suspended aerosol and particulate (think 20-40 feet, easily), or that contained environments (usually, indoors) actually slow the dispersal of that concentrated aerosol, rendering all the plexiglass shields and masks totally pointless unless you’re prepared to adopt full clean room procedures, with all the gear and time that entails. (I dare venture that businesses and citizens would not deem the effort worth the minimal risk mitigation, once they discovered all that would be involved.) It’s as much theater as the confiscation of liquids at the airport. (Supposedly potentially volatile reactants, but then once confiscated thrown all together in a jumble in a shared 55-gal drum.)

    As a quick Fermi problem, the numbers cited for death rate are best explained by being from a sampling of the [infected and presenting] subset, but then being misapplied to the whole population as a generalized death rate. The touted 5-10% numbers then become 1-2%, if we go with the 70-80% estimates for rate of asymptomatic (or [infected but not presenting]) infection. Given Fermi estimates are order-of-magnitude only, that lines up pretty well with few the larger samplings that show 0.5-1% death rates- a far cry from the portended apocalypse of February’s panic.

    This conflation is on par with somebody calculating the average damage done to personal finances by a bankruptcy, and then writing headlines that the average American- who can *potentially* declare bankruptcy- faces that average damage as a matter of course, never noting that most will not declare and so will not belong to the sampled subset. It’s total nonsense.

    • Hi Mike,

      Indeed. But the problem is that you’re looking at this from a rational/benevolent perspective. This isn’t about either. The Face Diapering is about demoralizing the populace, rendering it obedient to the most extravagant imbecilities. It is an extrapolation of the crotch fondling/scanning at airports – which never had anything to do with preventing Trrrr. These things have everything to do with terrorizing us.

      • The very fact that “new cases” has become the new and improved fear porn number speaks volumes. While the case number increases, most likely because more testing, The death rate continues to fall. The insane imposition of insane restrictions never had any thing to do with our health. It was, and still is, about the Psychopaths In Charge continuing the fulfillment of their wildest wet dream of absolute tyranny. Note that those places with the most severe restrictions suffered the worst effects of corona flu. The part of the restrictions with the worst effect, taking the elderly with corona flu back to their nursing homes, resulted in about half of the deaths.

  23. Just found out today that if I do not wear a face mask/diaper at work as of July 1, I will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. I will not, but this makes my wife very nervous since I have excellent health insurance that we have both used a lot (>$80k worth) the past two years, plus the house is still not paid off.

    I am going to let them go through the entire disciplinary process (union job) just to waste there time and start trimming the fat from our budget. (Although, we are very frugal, so there is not much to trim!)

    I am so damn pissed off at our fuhrer (Kate Brown) and her edicts. I don’t know where to go, the whole world has seemed to have gone mad. I am almost at the point where I feel as if I have nothing to lose.

    “You will feel alone, outnumbered – because so it appears.”

    It is working, I feel very alone here in Oregon.

    Posted in my own name,

    • Same here, John. Mandatory masks at my office. I refused and now I am working 100% remotely from home. I’m loving it. I told them I will not come back into the office until sanity is restored.

      I didn’t like it at first, but now I’m starting to get comfortable and enjoy working from home.

      I find it humorous that 90% of the office is working remotely now because they’re afraid of getting sick, while I’m remote because I refuse to fear it.

        • Hi John,

          I urge you and everyone reading to refuse to Diaper Up. This may cost something – but if Mandatory Diapering isn’t beaten back, it will cost us everything.

          Some see it as a minor annoyance that must be accepted to “get on with life” – or do it because it makes the neurotic “feel safer.”

          This is incredibly dangerous thinking.

          If they succeed in forcing the country to Face Diaper, they will have succeeded in making it seem as though everything that is going on is legitimate and justified, which will legitimize and justify far worse and very soon.

          Show your face. Refuse to wear a Diaper.

        • If you are a field service rep, that puts you in contact with the general public, right?
          in other words, people over whom you have no control, any one of whom might be “infected” with something which could put your health at risk.
          Which means …. it is the duty of your employer to provide proper PPE appropriate to your potential health risk(s).
          Which means …. the “virus theater” face diapers are utterly useless in your situation.
          OSHA regs (29 CFR 1910.134), posted @ Cornell Law School site:

          Video specific to respiratory protection for health care workers:

          addresses the difference between respirators and facemasks.
          @10:12 -> “Only facemasks that are cleared by the FDA may be legally marketed in the U.S.”
          @13:44 -> “A filtering facepiece … is normally discarded after use.”
          In summary, anything less than *proper* PPE, properly fitted, properly worn, and properly disposed of, is in violation of OSHA regulations, which would open up your employer to severe fines.
          They want you to “play?”
          Insist they play by the rules, otherwise you can “lawyer up” and beat them to death with “da rules.”

          • Turtle,

            No, not the general public at all, just other employees of my employer. We have multiple sites throughout the geographic area that two other techs and I am responsible for. But, this does give me some food for thought. Thanks.

      • Hi Philo,

        I continue to be baffled by thinking people’s inability to do basic math, to understand risk – and to walk around Diapered and demanding others do, too. Then I remember… they aren’t thinking people. They are afraid people. So afraid they can’t even connect their eyes to their brains – and see the lack of correlation between the Diapering and not and getting sick or not.

        And this last is why not Diapering is so important. If say 25 percent of us don’t Diaper and don’t die the others will begin to see that Diapering isn’t about avoiding or transmitting a lethal plague but rather a disgusting form of humiliation/obedience training; literally a BDSM ritual.

      • I have my own concerns going forward myself. Like John, I am a field service tech, working in people’s homes. I haven’t worked since March, but we’re supposed to start back up Monday. They are requiring masks, gloves etc. I cant breathe so good with one on, as well as recognizing the fact that they are worse than useless. I have worn one when shopping in PA (I live in Ohio, but right near the border) and hated it. Cant breathe, cant smile, cant tell what the hell you’re saying. They are holding us hostage. I need to provide for my family. We work in 2 man teams and they actually expect me to wear one while driving to “protect my co-workers” . Won’t protect him very well when I pass out and wreck the van. Safety is clearly not the goal. We are screwed. The train is VERY close to the edge of the cliff.

    • Hi John,

      I tip my hat to your courage, sir. Your balls. We need more people like you. Stand firm – and tell them that under the ADA you have rights, too. This alone may cause them to back off. Use their own BS against them.

      No one wants to lose their job. But we will lose everything if this Diapering Disease “spikes.”

      I would love to organize a mass Diaperless protest this weekend. Thousands of us peacefully refusing to Diaper up. Any ideas, anyone?

      • What is my ADA condition that convey those rights? I do not have COPD or any other breathing issues. I would love to pursue this avenue, but I would have to have a doctor answer/fill out an explanation form and answer what my condition is and recommend that I do not wear a mask.

    • John, same here. My company shut down the office with a sudden evacuation two weeks ago because one person (out of 300) was diagnosed with Covid. I’ve been working from home ever since, and I don’t like it.
      When the office reopens next week, we are all required to wear masks, as was communicated to the entire staff by our legal council. Why Legal? I’m thinking that in this day and age, if a company does not properly virtue signal and someone gets sick, a good slimy lawyer could make the case before a judge that the company did not do its’ due-diligence in keeping a ‘safe’ working environment for employees.
      It does no good to tell my boss that the face masks are silly, or possibly counterproductive (we happen to agree), because to keep her position in management she has to drink the KoolAid and go along with senior management directives.
      Expressing myself to her is like bitching-out the door guard at Best Buy when he wouldn’t let me into the store to see the Geek Squad without a mask. He’s just following orders. The orders are being created by incredibly timid senior level corporate people in some C suite who seem to be afraid of everything.

      • Hi Ron,

        Gawd. And where does it end? The answer is, it never does. Because “someone” might get sick at any time. From anything. They might dieeeeeee! Ergo, Diapers. Not only for WuFlu. For every flu, since people might dieeeeeeeee from that, too.

        • That is the question to ask these stooges… When will you stop wearing a mask? Will you wear a mask FOREVER? Will you take off the mask when the people on TV tell you it’s “safe”? I don’t think they have even considered these questions.

          They will “obey” whatever they are told to do without question as long as it satisfies their need to signal to others their virtuous compliance. Absolute insanity.

      • Ron,
        I don’t know the law in other states but this is California law.

        Health and Safety Code 120290 HS is the California statute that makes it a crime for a person intentionally to transmit an infectious disease.

        The code section states:

        “A defendant is guilty of intentional transmission of an infectious or communicable disease if ALL of the following apply:

        The defendant knows that he or she or a third party is afflicted with an infectious or communicable disease.

        The defendant acts with the specific intent to transmit or cause an afflicted third party to transmit that disease to another person.

        The defendant or the afflicted third party engages in conduct that poses a substantial risk of transmission to that person.

        The defendant or the third party transmits the infectious or communicable disease to the other person.”


        knowingly transmitting herpes to a sexual partner.
        transmitting HIV via sharing a needle for drug injection.
        giving a person AIDS by having unprotected sex with him/her.


        A defendant can fight a 120290 HS charge with a legal defense. A few common defenses are:

        no knowledge of infectious disease,
        no intent to transmit, and/or
        no transmission.

    • Hi John,
      I am currently in OR as well and sense your frustration and downright anger….My band is scheduled to perform this weekend at a vineyard that has informed everyone that they must wear masks to be allowed in. I told the owner that it will be impossible for me as I play blues harp (harmonica) nor would I wear one anyway. On the breaks between sets, I will exit stage left, leave the building and sit out back in the vineyard next to the band trailer. This is gonna be REAL interesting to say the least.

    • John, and others,
      I can’t remember where I read this but as far as I know you can not be fired for not wearing a mask. Your first step is to declare doctor’s orders, this kicks in ADA rules. You must ask your boss if there is someway of “accommodating” you,. Is there some other way you can work by yourself? (etc) If they find that there is no way that they can “accommodate” you then they have to send you home with full pay. Be civil in your discussions with management and document everything.

      • I would need a reliable source before I go down this route. Also, what is my ADA condition that convey those rights? I do not have COPD or any other breathing issues. I would love to pursue this avenue, but I would have to have a doctor answer/fill out an explanation form and answer what my condition is and recommend that I do not wear a mask.

        • John,
          It doesn’t have to be a “medical” condition. It could be a psychological condition, maybe something that happened in your youth that makes you very uneasy having something over you face. Use your imagination.

  24. At SOME point, all the suckers have to wonder… all the people who NEVER wore a diaper are STILL alive & well. And noone they know ever got sick & died. How LONG does it take for these suckers to figure this out??????? It’s already been 3++ months. How long do they think a lie-rus can survive and keep spreading through a population? This is already more lie-rulent than even in the movies — the movies is obviously where the suckers get all of their scientific knowledge.

  25. I’m happy to report in my neck of the woods (Oklahoma), a good 50% of the people I see are not wearing a fear mask. I have not worn one yet and I will not. Ever.

    No one has said a word to me, nor will they if they actually value their health.

    I also refuse to even talk to the muffled morons. Half the time I can’t even understand what’s coming out of their second shit hole anyway.

    Last weekend at the grocery store the muffled fear mask wearing cashier told me to “be safe out there” as he finished up my order. I gave him a hard stare for a few seconds before I asked him “Safe from what? Life? No thanks.”

    Like you Eric, I am at the end of my patience. One wrong move from one of these imbeciles and I’m going to make a statement, not from my unmasked mouth…

  26. Would you believe that even Anchorage, AK has a mandatory masking policy now? It’s like the people in charge of that city can’t comprehend the fact that we have more “cases” because we’re doing more testing, and that every new “case” drives the mortality rate even lower.

    When even Alaska has been taken over by the sickness psychosis, you know you’re hosed.

    • Oh they know alright. Never ever underestimate the enemy. They’re testing the plebs and the plebs passed the moron quiz. It’s onward and upward from here as far as they’re concerned. Next up…. Injections.

  27. “We who dissent are not demanding that those who believe in Face Diapering haven’t got the right to.”

    Well, it’s good that you clarified that. 😉 Freedom “is” a two way street.

    If you really want to draw your line in the sand right here, why not call for a National Mask Burning Event on Independence Day, and personally lead such a protest in your home state?

  28. “Peacefully” assembling?

    That ship has sailed, my brother. What needs to a happen is now to assemble, without diapers, and well armed, and defy, with force, the Gesundheitfuhrers would dare tell us not to.

    There is a time for all things, the time for hate and the time for war is upon us.

    • I agree, AF.

      It’s fine to be peaceful, until they make it impossible. I am prepared to stand my ground – and push back if pushed. Today, I went shopping at Earth Fare in Roanoke – just reopened and with huge signs out front decreeing Diapering for all. Not for me. I walked right in – and did my shopping. The only person in the joint not diapered. I wanted someone to hassle me. Lucky for them, they didn’t.

      I don’t say that as a keyboard tough guy. I say that as a sick-and-tired-of-it guy. I am no hero; I hate violence. But I will not abide violence being done to me. And that is exactly what Face Diapering is doing.

      No more. Enough.

      • I’m with you Eric, I’ve not been wearing a diaper anywhere, but I’m sad to say that in my neck of the woods, my wife and I are about the only ones not doing so. All the other sheep are doing what they’re told. So far, no one has said anything to us, except one guy at the mattress store the other day. He came up to me and said “you need a mask!” I simply said “No, I don’t”. That was it, he walked away. Not really sure what I would have or will do if someone wants to push the issue.

      • Hey Eric,

        I agree, same here.

        Also, did you see this?
        htt ps://

        Half a trillion dollar road spending boondoggle, due to be voted on this month, and it includes, hidden deep inside, mandatory alcohol breath sniffers for all new cars by 2025.

      • About 2 months ago Menards (a home improvement chain like Lowes or Home Depot) instituted a mandatory face diaper policy and had armed guards stationed at the entrances to enforce their policy. The day that started I stopped spending my money there, and there must have been a lot more who did the same. As of 2 or 3 weeks ago they got rid of their diaper policy and you can once again save big money at Menards without sporting the diaper on your face.

        Boycotts work, and need to be used on any business who requires the face diapers. It is their private business and they can do what they want, but they can’t make the consumer shop there. I only wish people would have been smart enough to boycott the airlines when the TSA was started, because if they did the TSA would have been gone within a month.

        • Excellent, Copperhead – and, exactly!

          I recommend the same – and letting them know why you won’t shop/patronize any business that requires Face Diapers.

          Also: These “private” businesses are doing the government’s bidding now and that waters down my respect for their property rights. It’s not unlike this business with Googuuuuhl and Facebook, nominally private but so tied up with government that their claims about being private ring hollow.

          I ignore the Diaper mandates and walk right in – to make a statement and to give the less bold who might do the same if they saw others doing it some egging on.

        • Menards is not a private business. It’s a corporation. Corporations are a creation of the State. Which is why there is such a thing as a monopoly. I have zero respect for the “rights” of a corporation, since they are not a person, regardless what nonsense the SCOTUS puts forth. Quite the contrary, they are sociopathic by their very nature, placing the value of profit above all other things.

          • Corporate persons should be jailed or executed in accordance with law as soon as they commit crimes. Unfortunately this is not the case. Corporations are used as legal shields and for this alone should be abolished.

          • JWK, brush up on your legalese. A corporation is a person in that language. It is NOT a man, a people, or anything else that is alive. It is a dead entity–there is your clue.

        • If employees would boycott their employer when masks are mandated, things would turn around real quick.
          I already put mine on notice that I will not perform any mask required work.
          The only thing these corporations are worried about is making money, EVERYTHING else is secondary.
          You have to hit them in the wallet.

        • Copperhead,

          Menards has not stopped their policy of requiring fear masks for customers. I just went to their website and it listed all the stores in each state that require fear masks. So it is the local/state government or Menards is a bunch of pussies. I know for a fact it is the latter. Home Depot stores in the same town does not have a mask policy. Keep boycotting those bastards.

  29. The mask is a symbol much like the swastika armband in 1930s Germany. The mask hides your individuality thus everyone is the same,,, a Marxist must. Their three prong attack consists of:

    The mask which concentrates germs and viruses, reduces oxygen, increases CO2 which taken altogether will destroy your immune system and shorten your life dramatically.

    Lack of fun and the enjoyment of life. Closing the beaches on Independence Day again which provides sun, Vitamin D, fresh air and fun interacting with others. Same will likely happen on labor day. Gotta keep the immune system down.
    With no work, no friends to invite over, no parties, no dating, no sports, no school, little to no shopping except for food, no trips to see family, no dining out without giving your information so trackers can monitor you or eating crummy food from a take out box, no camping, no fun parks, no beaches, no boating, absolutely nothing that will allow temporary escape from boredom, all of which will shorten your life.

    Then the injections. 5G/6G, 42,000 satellites monitoring your every move, nowhere to hide, monitoring your mental state, your health condition via nanobots injected into you with unknown poisons. When they decide you have to go they just command a bot in your circulatory system and you have a massive heart attack. Very simple to do.

    Notice all three have one goal. To limit/eliminate your life. This I think is our future if this isn’t stopped now. A good start would be to go to the beaches by the thousands, no masks, light off hundreds of fireworks and laugh in their faces. Have fun! They do not have the resources to jail thousands.

    • Testify!

      The whole mask thing is so LAME anyway, it’s not like the dictators are telling people to put a cover on their flamethrowers that they carry around, it’s just covering one’s mouth — LAME, like… how much damage can someone do by breathing normally? OMG just so DUMB. Half our nations’ people are certified retarded now. The poor things… but they’re so annoying too. Can’t stand being around the whacko idiots anymore.

      The kookoo nuts wear a mask cuz they’re afraid of a lie-rus that doesn’t exist, yet noone cares about the EXTREME CANCER EPIDEMIC which ppl are actually dying from en masse, or the chemtrails (!!!), or the 40,000+++ satellites they just put in orbit (holy s*** this is huge news yet chirp chirp chirp).

    • Notice it is not possible to smile at anyone if you wear a face diaper?
      Per Gunny Hartman,
      “You will not laugh.
      You will not smile.
      You will speak only when spoken to.
      And the first and last words out of your filthy sewers will be ‘sir.’
      Do you maggots understand me?”

  30. It’s clear that dissent against any popular orthodoxy is not permitted; in any form or forum. This includes not donning a face diaper as well as expressing a counterpoint, even if such is true/factual, on public platforms. It’s all connected. Those who go against the grain du jour face a very real risk of being fired, canceled, deplatformed, shamed, denied service, denied advertising, or being ostracized.

    Those with something to lose, which is most, must feign conformity in order to maintain their livelihood and social order. Hence, the go along to get along attitude. The danger, of course, is that the longer the go along to get along goes on, the more it blends into actual conformity; dissent is then lost. This is why it is critical not to feign conformity.

  31. Masks are dangerous for healthy people as they restrict oxygen intake to below safe levels. Mask-wearing provides a false sense of security as it does nothing to inhibit the spread of the virus.

      • This isn’t really true. I mean it is, but it’s a poor reason not to wear one. A mask will not generally harm a healthy person. Nor will the virus. I refuse the diaper as a matter of principle.

        • It’s a MEDICAL dodge against wearing one, which is why it comes in handy. Unless you have your own garden, you’re pretty much FORCED to wear a mask at the grocery store, restaurants, and other businesses.

          • A grocery chain, Food Lion, in NC, SC, Va and other states, has been putting up the signs required by governors, and marking their floors with the social distancing lines and then….simply not enforcing any of the governors’ rules.

            Food Lion stores never made customers wait outside until someone left before they were allowed into the stores. They have the sign at the door saying that masks are required, bu nobody who works there says anything other than “Welcome to Food Lion” to me when I go in without a mask.

            Their employees are mostly masked, but those who don’t want to wear one aren’t hassled, and those who wear their masks pulled down below their faces aren’t ordered to pull their masks up.

            I shop at Food Lion, Publix and Wegman’s because they display the signs but don’t enforce the rules. Walmart, with their cordons at a single entrance and their attempts at enforcing the unlawful rules, is off my list of businesses to patronize.

            • The Giant near my house is the same. I was going to Weis, because it has one thing I can’t find elsewhere. It’s also an American company that happens to be local, and I want to support American and local companies whenever possible. Unfortunately, Weis is strict about the masking business, so I may go back to shopping at Giant like I used to…

  32. Masks are totally dehumanizing. They almost completely infringe on human expression, masking all-important facial gestures and muffling speech. I will not abide! I will make an attempt to enter businesses without a mask. If they choose to deny me entry, I express that I will never come back. I’m worried that I may not be able to buy food eventually, so I have a makeshift mask with “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” prominently written on it. If I have to I will wear it to get in the store and then quickly take it off. It at least shows my protest (although 99% probably have no clue as to its reference).

    I have friends that feel the same way, but they tell me they wear masks anyway just to make others feel comfortable and not to make any waves. I tell them to resist as wearing them gives credence to the hoax. Unfortunately they do not have the intestinal fortitude to endure ridicule from the frightened sheep. They’re pathetic cowards. I think I have less respect for them than the sheep because of their dishonesty.

    • Hi Mister,

      This – “they tell me they wear masks anyway just to make others feel comfortable” – is sickening. Why are we obliged to make the deranged “feel comfortable”? This is not just gaslighting. It is reality evasion. Too bad if you don’t “feel comfortable.” Get therapy. Or just go away.

      • The most dangerous person in the minds of woke scum is a healthy, thinking, armed and determined individual. A Pissed off Roddy Piper (They Live) kicked some ass before dying. Meg Foster’s traitorous media character correctly describes the situation today.


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