Fear Mask Mandate Update

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Today is the first day of the Fear Mask mandate here in Virginia – an odd thing given there’s less reason (italicized to emphasis the opposite of fear) than ever for healthy people to pretend they’re sick. We now know everyone’s not going to die – or even get sick – yet Fear Masking waxes. And has been mandated by the Coonman. Arguably, to maintain the aura of a “crisis” that serves a purpose – the perpetuation of rule by decree, the assertion of power without limit on the basis of an asserted threat that serves as a bogeyman in perpetuity – for those too addled by fear to use their brains.

Anyhow, I’m pleased to report that the first people I encountered today – at the entrance to the coffee shop where I like to go to peck at my keyboard almost every day – were not Fear Maskers. I stopped to speak with them – two younger guys – and thanked them for not giving in to the fear – and ignoring the “mandate.”

Which, as it turns out, isn’t much of one.

The Coonman himself has had to publish the exemption I wrote about the other day (more here) on the placards being posted all over the state. It says that Fear Masks must be worn inside all public accommodations – i.e., coffee shops, restaurants and so on – unless you have a  medical condition which you’re not obliged to disclose – that makes it unhealthy or unsafe for you to wear a Fear Mask.

It turns out I have a medical condition. It is Aversion to Tyranny Syndrome (ATS). It is not in the DSM but that doesn’t matter, as I am not obliged to give details; only explain that I’m not wearing a Fear Mask because of it.

Voila – no Fear Mask.

Now, I fully expect the Coonman to double down on the fear by getting a law passed that requires the Fear Masks absent some recondite criteria having been met. But that will take time, which means we have time to defeat Fear Masking by refusing to.

As Nancy Reagan used to say: Just say no!

There is a motoring analog here that’s relevant. Some will remember the loathsome 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit – imposed by Tricky Dick Nixon back in 1974. It was among the first efforts to legislate virtue signaling and it found (and encouraged) numerous adherents, the left lane hogs and headlight flashers this writer christened Clovers – who are also today’s Fear Maskers.

But the NMSL was defeated by ridicule and refusal. There were songs made about it – including the anthem of Generation X – Sammy Hagar’s epic I Can’t Drive 55. The NMSL became unenforceable because it was made ridiculous. Everyone knew it was absurd, unjust, arbitrary and also counterproductive. Well, everyone except the Clovers – just like today’s Fear Maskers.

It was claimed that “55 Saves Lives” (after the original claim – that 55 saves gas – became a national laughingstock) but in fact, it resulted in bored/not-paying-attention drivers stultified by having to drive at speeds 10-15 MPH below the speeds that everyone was driving before the NMSL became law. These bored, inattentive drivers were more likely to not see those brake lights up ahead – or that guy walking by the side of the road.

Meanwhile, almost everyone else ignored the “new normal” – even though it meant risking a roadside mulcting, the ’70s and ’80s-era equivalents of today’s fines for not Fear Masking.

Over time, this widespread expression of contempt undermined the NMSL so severely that it could not longer be supported. And so it was repealed, in ’95.

Our task now is to make dead sure that Fear Masking – enforceable Fear Masking – is never enacted. So that we aren’t forced to spend the next 20 years working to undo the “new normal.”

. . .

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  1. Mask refuseniks unite! Oh, the irony!

    For corporations this is not about saaafety, or public health or any of the usual canards. I will demonstrate. I had a spat with the CEO of one of the membership warehouses (I won’t say the name which begins with C to protect the guilty) over this mask business. His reply was “The mask protects the person from the individual wearing the mask.” Read in English this is just gibberish. Ah, but in legalese this translates to: The mask protects the person (Company that starts with C) from the individual (in this case meaning employee, to properly explain this would take a boring dive into 1 USC 8) wearing the mask. Now it make sense. This is about liability.

    So, I wrote back with a tweet from a woman whose daughter contracted pleurisy from having to wear a mask at work all day. She ended up in the hospital and had to spend weeks laid up in the bed. Liability is a cruel mistress, I concluded. This is what happens when a lie is taken to its inevitable conclusion, as Goebbels pointed out. Everyone is afraid or ashamed (or unaware) to admit they swallowed a big, slimy goober. The corporations then circle the wagons to protect themselves from the mass delusion. It’s pathetic, I tells ya!

  2. Went to the store today with my gal-she wanted to wear a mask, I declined. When informed by the checker that we couldn’t buy our items unless I had a mask on, I calmly said ” I can’t wear a mask, doctor’s orders” she cheerfully said “oh, ok” and completed the sale. I’m guessing the manager had a meeting and explained the ADA rules the the employees–namely that they aren’t allowed to press anyone who claims a medical reason for not wearing a mask. I’ll be using this ‘magic’ phrase if I go somewhere where they are ‘required’ and choose not to wear a mask.

    • I did the same today but with the opposite result. It started out good. I told the “bouncer” at the door/gate that I have a medical condition. He didn’t press the issue and let me in. All was going well for about 10 minutes until Angry Karen (an employee) got all up in my shit. I told her I had a medical condition twice and she didn’t care. I told her she’s discriminating against me for having a medical condition and her response was “I don’t care. Shop somewhere else”. She said she was going to call the manager. I told her to go ahead, ignored her and went on about my business. I should’ve been a lot more rude to her since she was doing so to me.

      And then angry Ken (also employee) confronted me. He was a little more professional. He also asked me to leave. I told him several times I have a medical condition as well and he didn’t care either. Said there was no exceptions. I told him I’m going to at least check out (I should’ve just left the shit on the floor). I told him I’ll be filing a complaint and I also talked with a manager of the store after I checked out (angry Ken still by me). They got me the contact information for corporate to file a complaint.

      • Hi c_dub,

        If this happens to me, I will simply carry on and wait for them to make the next move. Screaming in someone’s face is assault. Call the “heroes.” A mentally disturbed person is harassing you and you feel threatened.

        If they touch you, you have the right to defend yourself. And I will.

        • I had thought of, ahead of time, if confronted and they press the issue, to ask if they’re “willing to get physical”. But I figured that would be used against me. I’d never make the first move of course, would only ever defend myself, but the mere utterance of those words would probably mean I’m the aggressor. I don’t know. And I’ll never call the “heroes” as they always make matters worse and I’m certain they’d side with the store. I’m not a physically imposing presence but larger than the average bloke (6ft 210).

          I thought I might have to use such words for the “bouncer” but that was the easy part and thought once I was past him I’d be good to go. Not so much. I’m almost tempted to go back today or tomorrow and give it another go. Though with my luck this put them on alert and they’ve already notified the local “heroes” to be nearby just in case.

          • Hi c-dub,

            Perform theater and pretend to call the AGWs. Screech loudly that you feel threatened. That you feel unsaaaaaafe! And that it is the law (and it is) that they respect your medical condition. Record them violating the law -and tell them you will pursue it criminally and civilly. Show them the goddamn law.

            If they do this to me, it’s game on. I won’t be intimidated by a Fear Monger. Let them fear me,if it comes to that.

            • I’ve done some more research and what I’ve been finding is the HIPAA and ADA laws supposedly don’t apply in this instance.

              The “ADA law has always allowed businesses to impose requirements based on legitimate safety concerns. When it comes to face masks, businesses are relying on recommendations from the CDC, local health departments and governments. That makes it a legitimate request, but Berg said businesses are still required to provide reasonable accommodations in cases where someone with a disability or medical condition cannot wear a mask.” (Their words not mine. Source https://www.indystar.com/story/news/health/2020/05/29/do-you-have-wear-mask-indiana-businesses-what-know/5276397002/ ). And these stores claim that online shopping and curbside pickup are “reasonable accommodations”.

              I’m not condoning their actions obviously. Just passing along what I’ve read. Fuck ’em. I just won’t shop there anymore. Not a huge deal.

              • Now, if it’s specifically spelled out as you showed on the sign at your coffee shop (or there is a specific clause in their policy allowing for medical conditions, such as Costco has), I say have at it.

                But this one particular store (Menards) is not budging and it looks like legally they’re in the clear unfortunately. They’ve stated no exceptions and they have an out for the “reasonable accommodations” clause by providing online shopping or curbside pickup.

              • Hi c-dub,

                In VA, the state concedes it does not have the power to require customers to wear Fear Masks but is heavy-pressuring businesses to push them. The clear purpose of this is to make Fear Masking as nearly universal – as “normal” – as possible, in order to maintain the hysteria and to set the stage for the tracking/forced vaccinations to come.

                It must be resisted at all costs.

                This is our era’s “No Coloreds” sign out front.

                • Agreed. Here it’s just this one store as of now so our situations are different. Said store can just be avoided. Now, if they try to implement the same policy statewide here? Yeah no. That shit isn’t going to fly.

                  • Hi c_dub!

                    I’ve been waltzing right past the “mandatory” Fear Mask sign at Fresh Market, which put up the sign long before the Coonman’s “order.” As a Libertarian, I understand that it’s private property and they have the right to set terms and conditions. But this isn’t really private property setting terms and conditions. It is government bullying private property, to achieve the conformity it seeks. The government is pressuring businesses to impose the Mask Mandate, by directly or implicitly threatening them with loss of their license to do business, etc. I grant that some stores are also virtue-signaling. But the point remains – this is about government attempting to assert absolute control and doing it by practices designed to demoralize and humiliate the populace.

                    It must be resisted.

                    When the tsunami or government Fear Propaganda and pressure recedes and businesses are truly free to decide and set terms and conditions, then I’ll respect the Fear Mask policy, if a business imposes it.

                    But that would never happen absent the pressure because the whole thing is so grotesque and absurd. Absent the pressure, almost no one except a few sad freaks would wear masks (e.g., Michael Jackson) and I don’t think any stores would expect or require their customers to dress and act like the Moonwalker.

                    If numbers of us simply refuse to wear the Fear Mask, the fear will dissipate and when it does, the Masks lose their totem power and become silly, laughable.

    • Hi Greg,

      Excellent! I repeat – again – the importance of refusing to comply. Fear Masking must be killed in its crib. As could have been done with Gate Rape 20 years ago.

      We missed out chance the. Lets not miss it now.

  3. Also the reason the safety nonsense for the 55mph NMSL was based on nonsense. The traffic fatality numbers before and after the NMSL cannot be compared because they changed the way the counting was done. Same game they are playing now.

  4. I just did some shopping in a state that requires a mask. This was a rural county. Happy to report 75% of the people there were NOT wearing masks 🙂

    • Hi Brandon!

      If enough of us can make a laughingstock of the Fear Maskers then Fear Masking will become impossible to maintain. Laugh at these neurotics; express contempt for their pathetic cringing. And do not wear the got-damned mask!

      • Hi Eric,

        I went for a 15 mile bike ride this morning, over half of which is on a paved path. Most of the people using the path were not wearing masks, which is encouraging. But, as I was riding, a woman was walking toward me, on the opposite side of the path, which is about 10 feet wide. As I approached, she turned so that her back was facing me as I passed. I muttered, “idiot” as I went by.


    • Hi Brandon,

      In Santa Fe, mask wearing is near universal, except at Walmart. I do almost all my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and, so far, I am the only person in the store without a mask. Still, I’ve yet to be challenged by an employee or customer. I’m starting to hope that someone will ask me about it. If they’re not totally beyond reason, maybe I can convince more people to refuse the mask.


      • Hi Jeremy,

        I have been in that situation, being the only person in a place without a mask. It’s worked out for me so far. But everyone stares at you, like school children/bullies stare at the outsider not adorning the correct fashion. You can’t do the quick smile-and-nod with these people like we could a few months ago. Because you can’t tell if they’re smiling back or if they want to kill you. I took for granted the minor pleasure I got in seeing the smile and even the beauty of someone’s face in public. I am tempted to utilize this once in a lifetime opportunity to seek and befriend someone I see in this time not wearing a mask. It is a perfect litmus test. It tells so much about a person immediately.

        • Hi Brandon,

          “I took for granted the minor pleasure I got in seeing the smile and even the beauty of someone’s face in public”.

          So did I. I’m quite friendly in public, say hello, smile, etc… Most respond in kind. Now though, many won’t even meet your eyes, almost never chat in line, or do any of the common social niceties. On my daily rides, I always say good morning, hello, etc… as I pass people. The maskless always acknowledge and respond. Most of the masked do not, some seem to radiate hostility.


  5. Mask wearers = Compliant, obedient sheep

    Mask refusers = Enemy of the state.

    Rebel! Do not obey! Be the enemy of det Staat!

  6. I highly recommend this guy’s blog, another great journalist/writer of our time (besides Eric),,, blog dot nomorefakenews dot com.

    BTW, remember to vote for me, for supreme overlord dictator. I promise to do whatever you want, but I’ll actually do whatever I want. But at least you can dream.
    This campaign paid for by The Safety Foundation — you’ve never heard of us but we’re the boss of you, and we own all of your representatives.
    I’m krazy harry and I appove of this message.

    • Hi Harry,

      I like that dude, too. We need more – a Freedom Herd, as it were. To trample all of this and find our bliss in the open field…

  7. I’m assuming this should work in other states where fear-masking is not yet a requirement but where certain stores require masks? If I get a chance I’ll give it a whirl. Cheers Eric.

    • I just pulled the text below from Costco’s website so the method Eric described in this article should work there as well!

      Face Covering Requirements

      To protect our members and employees, effective May 4, all Costco members and guests must wear a face covering that covers their mouth and nose at all times while at Costco. This requirement does not apply to children under the age of 2 or to individuals who are unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition.

      The use of a face covering should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing. Please continue to observe rules regarding appropriate distancing while on Costco premises. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

      • “The use of a face covering should not be seen as a substitute for social distancing. Please continue to observe rules regarding appropriate distancing while on Costco premises. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

        Translation: “Masks are pointless, but we demand that you wear them anyway because we said so!”

  8. Yes. I think that some states, perhaps yours will attempt to impose fear masking on a compliant and apathetic public. Our job is to make sure that this and mandatory vaccines never see the light of day. I think that they are going to come at us during the fall with more BS. Not entirely sure if it will work, but who knows. I loathe fear masking

    • Hi Swamp,

      I’ve said this already but it bears repetition: Whoever is wearing a Fear Mask – assuming they’re healthy and not old and absent a requirement to do so – is at best an enabler of this state of Sickness Psychosis.

      Whoever insists on masks – outside of a nursing home – is an enemy.

  9. Hi Eric,

    “It turns out I have a medical condition. It is Aversion to Tyranny Syndrome (ATS). It is not in the DSM…”

    Actually, it is. They call it Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), a term used by those suffering from Reflexive Submission Disorder (RSD) to describe those capable of independent thought and the backbone to withstand the opprobrium of those suffering from Panic Induced Hysteria (PIH), strongly correlated to RSD.


  10. The whole radar detector industry came into being along with the proliferation of CB radios. Both meant to flaunt The Law. And don’t forget Smokey and the Bandit. It was one big middle finger to The Law and those that enforced it. Can you imagine a movie like that being made today? SoyBoi reviewers would be wetting their panties.


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