The Coonman Exception

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My Fuhrer, said Dr. Strangelove, I have a plan!

And now so do we – to deal with the Fuhrer of Virginia, Ralph “Coonman” Northam. His plan – announced on Tuesday – is that every Virginian 10 years and up shall pretend he’s sick (and contagious) by wearing a Fear Mask, in order to maintain the aura of pervasive, lethal sickness so necessary to the maintenance of the totalitarian policies the Fuhrer has already imposed – but which are wearing out their welcome given the increasingly obvious fact that the WuFlu isn’t even as dangerous as medical malpractice and essentially no danger at all to anyone not already very old or very sick from something else they already had.

Aber, Der Fuhrer befiehlt – und wir folgen!

The “leader” decrees – we obey!

A literal slogan from the actual Der Fuhrer.

Aber, this time there is an exception. One from the “Coonman” himself. Here it is, verbatim – from the befiehl (order) issued the other day:

“Nothing in this Order shall require the use of a face covering by any person for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety of because of a medical condition. Any person who declines to wear a face covering because of a medical condition shall not be required to produce or carry medical documentation verifying the stated medical condition nor shall the person be required to identify the precise underlying medical condition.”

This is a beautiful thing because it means Fear Masking remains optional (unless you’re forced to wear one by your employer – in which case you’re still free to take off the stupid mask and tell your employer to go suck a tailpipe).

A store can suggest or even ask you to Fear Mask. But whether you wear the Fear Mask is up to you. Because – for the sane among us – wearing a Fear Mask when not sick “would be contrary to our health and safety.”

The legitimate reasons for this are many – the most obvious being it’s unhealthy to restrict a healthy person’s breathing and it’s unhealthy to re-breath your own exhalations. It is contrary to the whole point of exhalation – which is the attempt by the body to rid itself of used air (and C02) in favor of fresh (and 02).

There is also the matter of one’s mental health – though this is not specifically elaborated but which is preserved by not wearing a Fear Mask. Yours as well as other people’s mental health as it is not healthy to see people walking around doing an impression of Michael Jackson.

At any rate, the Coonman’s order merely says “medical condition” – which quite plausibly includes an aversion to being bullied by Fear Peddlers and made to perform a sick kabuki for the sake of easing the weaponized anxieties of people who need therapy.

A further beauty is the congruity.

Fear Masking is predicted on the mere assertion – not established fact – that everyone could be Corona-laden and might be Corona-spreading. There is no burden of proof that must be met before sickness is presumed. People have been locked-down and unemployed and ruined and demoralized on the basis of mere assertion sans any backing up.

And now we get to return the favor!

We don’t need to prove we have a “medical condition” – or even specify which one we say we have. All we are required to do, per the Coonman, is to assert that we have it – and that’s the end of it.

Say the beautiful words:

No person who refuses the Fear Mask shall be “… required to produce or carry medical documentation verifying the stated (italics added) medical condition nor shall the person be required to identify the precise underlying medical condition.”

In other words – auf gut Deutsche – just say no.

And that is all you have to say.

They can’t force you to – and they can’t fine you for not agreeing to.

As to why the Coonman put this exemption into the befiehl, a variety of reasons come to mind, among them that the Coonman may know or have been advised that such an order is fundamentally at odds with the law as it still exists (on the books)  and forcing people to Fear Mask could have legal – as well as political repercussions.

But he is counting on Fear – of phantom repercussions – to cajole the “folgen” to this befiehl. He knows the Captive Press won’t tell people about the exemption; only that Fear Masking is now mandatory – in the hope that most people will “folgen.”

With the goal being to normalize Fear Masking – in order to establish the psychological basis for the tracking and vaccinating regime that is to be befielht a few months from now.

It is of the utmost importance to the Coonman – and Gates and Fauci and the other creeps pushing the fear – to keep the Fear Masks on in order to maintain the fear they hope will lead to acceptance of tracking and vaccination.

Which is why it is even more important to refuse to “folgen” – for health reasons, you see. And to spread the word – in order to stop the spread  . . . of the fear that is being used to serve evil purposes by evil men… like the little man who styled himself the “Coonman” once upon a time.

. . .

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  1. I think it should be pointed out that once worn, fear masks are biohazzardous waste, much like used toilet paper, yet I see them lying around on counters and tables and other surfaces with which the public comes in common contact, with no regard from their virtue signalling wearers of the pathogens their fear masks might be spreading.

    • Had to pull my medical card going into a store yesterday. Stopped by “security” , which h I could tell was an off duty cop, despite wearing the stores uniform and no weaponry, and informed I can’t come I sans mask. I would’ve left but family was distressed so I said hey I have a medical condition that cause health problems if I wear a mask… “Security” guy hemmed and jawed and then said, well, with HIPPA laws, (which told me he was law enforcement for certain) we can’t force you to wear mask, so just be careful and tell staff why you are not wearing one if asked. Family wore theirs but had to strike back against “the man” somehow. It was a church related missions store, or I would have left immediately.

      • Don’t ya love it?! Now they have yet another excuse to stop/interfere with people who are just going about their normal business and not bothering/harming anyone…. Now an unobstructed mouth and nose are “dangerous” as a camera is, post 9-11….

        What’s going to be the new sound-byte/slogan? “If you sneeze something, spray something”?

  2. Just to make things even stranger, new WHO guidelines say that only health care workers, caretakers, and people who are sick with fever and cough should wear masks. This info comes from Dr. Mercola. This just after Commissar Northam told us that the science shows that we should all wear masks. By the way, every study that’s been done has shown that N95 respirators and surgical masks are not effective in preventing the spread of viruses. It’s not clear what science Northam was referring to. Voodoo? Some ancient Druid stuff? Alchemy?

    • Mike, what ever WHO wants is pointless at this time. The God Emperor Trump just terminated the US connection to WHO. I watched him annonce it, just a bit ago.

    • Hi Mike,

      The loathsome Mask Pushers are now gaslighting the masking – urging us to wear them to show “respect” . . .

      So now it’s about accommodating the mentally ill by pretending to be ill ourselves. To pretend that it’s normal to be neurotic.
      Which is literally like saying that if Crazy Aunt Millie thinks she’s Joan d’ Arc we must all pretend it’s true and play along… out of “respect.”

      That’s how crazy this all is.

      • It’s also like telling us that if a guy thinks he’s a woman, or vice versa, we have to pretend to believe them and treat them according to their psychosis. I grew up in the ’50s and 60’s and don’t recognize this country any more. Generation after generation of public school indoctrination have turned it into a dystopian society.

    • You fool, science changes QUICKLY!

      What you MUST do to be safe, and what you must NOT do, often reverse themselves completely… as frequently as once a month, or even more often!

      Just listen to the official State Scientist, and OBEY!

      • This PSA brought to you by the Ministry of Truth.

        MiniTrue, working endlessly to protect your mind from Wrong Think™ ^^

  3. When this whole thing is done I think the libertarian thing to do is start wearing masks just to remind everyone how stupid this whole episode has been.

      • Keeping ones options open is wise. But nothing beats a closed mind, like a short squeeze. Just so long as one knows who the Mark is.

        • Options yes, face no. Actors, wid the animated faces? Disqualified from the get.

          Also just so long as one knows mark afloat can go to mark twain like *that.*

          Little players in the big game especially gots to know their Nietzsches, their bits o’ milieu @ edges & over the side o’ the abyss. Else its base jumping without a shoot.


          Even roadkill & bounce is a delicacy to someone, something.

          And there’s specialist’s what hunt with automobiles & poorly packed chutes.

          Some fish with dynamite, too.

          • But is collateral buy back damage? Some one else’s liability, crashes faux fiat amid futures carnage, whats the split between Houses, when the Game is afoot? Or up?

            Depth is no reward nor escape, when details charge midst pillar and post.

            Alas, the bell tolls, for tools and fools alike, but Saints ain’t more than Hero’s beyond their exp date.

            K(om) pre (nu)?

      • ****”Poker face’s is best.”****
        That’s what Snow White said when she sat on Pinocchio’s face and said “Lie! Tell the truth! Lie! Tell the truth!”.

        • Nunzio, thats older than we are! ^^

          The archangel Gabriel, called Sigmund Freud. Gabriel said; We have a serious problem, God is having delusions of grandeur. Freud said; How is that even possible? God is the ultimate in grandeur. Gabriel said; God thinks they are a federal judge… ^^

      • I have not worn a “health” mask in public yet (I don’t even have one), but I do carry a “V” mask in the car in case someone insists (they haven’t yet).

    • Isn’t that wonderful! A Communist News Network crew being arrested after supporting various police state tactics over the years. And they can’t understand it. Well, we sure do understand this. You, CNN, have got the police state you so vociferously supported over the last decade or more. Enjoy it. While the state PD don’t arrest the criminal, they do arrest the communist news reporting crew. I thinks this event of arrest of the cnn crew is so so funny.

  4. Land of the Meek,
    Home of the ‘Fraid.

    Americans are, overall, a bunch of mindless bloodthirsty vindictive cowardly bootlicking pussies. The ones wearing masks anyway. I realize this mask/no mask fault line is being pushed in order to divide and conquer, but I don’t care. Fuck everyone wearing a mask. You are fucking up the children. What happens to a generation of kids that grow up thinking this shit is normal. Attention old and sick people who demand other people Bev quarantined: Go home and die in privacy, we’ve had enough of your bullshit.

    • Hi BG,

      I’m with you. Very good friend of mine is furious about the effect of all this on her 12-year-old son. The kid is being neuroticized about “sickness” and is terrified of going outside because of the deluge of fear being sent his way. This has to be stopped – stomped – now.

      Anyone who wears a Fear Mask who isn’t old and sick is an enabler at best and an outright enemy at worst.

      • I have 3 kids (10, 14, 18). We ate at a restaurant on a trip through Springdale, AR last weekend which required masks until food was served (governor’s orders). I told the kids I was not going to wear a mask and that I would leave it up to them if they wanted to wear one or not. They all chose not to wear a mask.

        We walked in, got our table and ate our lunch without any trouble. What a valuable lesson for the kiddos about the power of withheld consent! No need for protesting or confrontation at all in this instance. Just noncompliance.

        The sign on the door of the restaurant (AQ Chicken House) stated that the mask requirement was a government order, with “government” underlined. I think that maybe the owner/operator of the restaurant was doing this against his will, and not strictly enforcing the edict.

  5. I go to various grocery stores, Whole Foods, Food Lion, Giant, Trader Joe’s.

    Food Lion is the most laid back: no one-way isle, no distancing taping on the floor, masks seem optional for the staff and many don’t wear them. And many customers don’t either. Not so with Whole Foods: everybody wears them. I may have been the only maskless man. One-way isles, one door for exit, one for entrance. Distancing tape all over the floors. At the entrance one employee there to offer you a mask, another to spray the handle of your basket. At checkout the muffled sounds of the checker asking me the usual, I assume. My answer is one “yes” did you find everything? and one “no”, I’m not a member of Prime. After each customer the checker sprays down the entire conveyor belt. As I wait in line making sure I don’t cross the line, I inject myself with THC and fly off to Galt’s Gulch, humming “One toke over the line sweet Jesus, one toke over the line, waiting in line at a yuppie grocery store, one toke over the line.”

    The urban progressives where I live are decent people, esp. when things are hunky dory, but now that things have turned to DoDo, I’m glad to be living in the country surrounded by woods and friendly, helpful but unobtrusive neighbors.

  6. HIPPA may also present a legal objection to mandatory vaccination. If one’s medical records cannot be required to justify not wearing a mask, how can they be required to show one is vaccinated? Of course one thing the Psychopaths In Charge have never demonstrated is logic.
    Indeed every single one of us has a medical aversion to wearing a mask, its called being a mammal.

    • JWK, The government exempts itself from the prohibitions it imposes on people/businesses. e.g. YOU or I would be thrown in jail for intercepting other people’s phone calls and emails…but of course when Uncle does it, it is peachy fine. Likewise, you call a hospi’l to inquire about a relative’s condition…and are told that they can not give you even that most basic of information because of HIPPA…..but of course Uncle can get the most personal of your details and examine the forms you fill out and use your data as they please…..and you are told to sign a statement acknowledging that you’ve read and understand your HIPPA “rights”- which protect your data from companies and individuals with prying eyes….but which the government can access without warrant for a plethora of reasons not even related to you.

  7. It would have made more sense for Herr “Koon-Mann” to issue this “Fuhrerbefehl”…

    “Henceforth, the Jew degenerate known as the “Bear Jew” is NEVER to be referred to as the “Bear jew” again.

  8. Larvaphobia (Latin for ‘fear of masks’) is the medical condition from which our esteemed host suffers.

    It’s not found in DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition).

    But your average cop isn’t going to question opaque-sounding medicalese.

    If challenged, just prepend “acute,” as in “acute larvaphobia.” And cite some obscure but plausible medication from the Physicians’ Desk Reference, noting casually that it “makes me edgy.”

    After that, it shouldn’t be necessary to resort to Peter Sellers’s erratic arm jerking, which might be mistaken as reaching for a concealed weapon.

  9. Enjoy it while it lasts…..but they’re not as stupid as they would have us believe. It won’t belong before the “watchdogs” pick up on this, and then call for the need for “proof” of a medical exception…just like proof of vaccination or of immunity or of a clean test, etc. and thus they will justify the need for “Medical passports” or chips- a.k.a. The Mark Of The Beast. -The fear mask wearers will be demanding it….to guarantee compliance, to “protect them”.

    Gradualism. If they were to just come out and demand a full-blown bulletproof system all at once, a lot of people would complain…so they instead do it in steps, and let “the people” “discover” the flaws, and demand that they “do something about them”…….

    So if we stay here, our next hurdle will likely be how to avoid not only the masks…but the mark!

    It’s kinda like when they first implemented seatbelt laws. At first, they couldn’t use failure to wear a seatbelt as a reason to stop you. They could only ticket you for not wearing a seatbelt when they stopped you for something else…and then after people got used to seatbelts…POOF! -Now they can stop you specifically for that alone.

    It will undoubtedly be the same with this mask BS- so we can enjoy our “out” for now…but don’t get comfortable, because before long it will be the masks and more that we will have to resist!

    • You beat me to it.

      We’ve had Communist/Fascist tyranny here since before 1913- the only reason it’s stayed better here than in the late USSR is that it was so gradually implemented, and done cunningly while people were distracted by panics, wars, and plagues. And it used to be easier to ignore and avoid.

      I’m optimistic- there is going to be a blowback and an awakening from this and americans are going to finally say enough.

    • The law will have to be changed for them to do that, the very reason it’s not being done now. At present, they can only ask. I only need to say “I have asthma” and nobody can say shit to me about being maskless. I had to wear one long enough Tues. I was on the very of taking it off and just saying I had asthma at the oncology store. Step right up and take your pick. We have it all and if you don’t have it now, just wait awhile and we’ll find something.

  10. Although the Coonman’s small print is a good “out” in case a situation arises and gets out of hand, I would still recommend a proper first response. Something like the Bandit’s response to Smokey.

    “Do the letters F.O. mean anything to you?”

    By the way… every time you refer to him as the Coonman, I get the song “Spoonman” by Soundgarden stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  11. Sinister left hand tells ya’ what to do & righteous right hand says you can do the opposite, too.

    It’s all just fookin words, man.

    Today’s secret handshake is tomorrow’s sacred hand-job is the next day’s slippery handbrake trapdoor. The nooses for youses bring yer own nooses game.

    All that dispensation decoder ring religion sends Schiff & Snipes to literal prison…but there’s just as literal other kinds of prisons, too…thy preceding condition to be conditioned will be done…them words gotta’ purty lawyer’s mouth…better pray real good, boy…better by far the faith what sticks with that prarrow (& nocks, draws, looses another right away, too) ….

  12. -No fear masks
    -No house arrest
    -No testing
    -No vaccinations

    Come get some if you think I should do otherwise. No more.

  13. H. P. Lovecraft said that Fear is the oldest and strongest of human emotions.

    It’s also the most easily-manipulated and least-honorable emotion.

    • Honorable emotion is an interesting, emotional, concept. And stronger to say that strongest one manipulates, rather than is manipulated. Look about, look back, see what fear has built, & continues to maintain, addition to.

  14. Hi Eric,

    I first learned of this approach a couple of weeks ago, on this site. It has been mentioned a few times by some posters, and one, I forget who, posted a link to a site where you could print a card detailing the relevant information. So far, since the tyrant in chief of NM issued the mask fatwa, I have not been challenged by an employee or customer at any store. If challenged, I will claim a “medical” exemption and invoke my right to privacy under HIPPA. I hope that I can engage just a few people in a genuine conversation about the danger of masks, both to physical and mental health. Perhaps some people, dubious of the ask fatwa but acquiescing due to fear and the possibility of social ostracizing, will be encouraged to refuse the mask. The more that do so, the quicker this idiocy will collapse.


    • Actually Jeremy, it is an ADA (American’s with Disability Act) requirement (Law), not HIPPA. HIPPA is your patient records and conversations at a clinic, hospital, dentist office, any other type of health care provider. I am an retired nurse, MSN with 25 years experience and with some debilitating disabilities that have researched and am an ADA Advocate.

      • Getting off topic here, but as a libertarian in the architecture field, I loathe ADA. I’ve drawn up thousands of spaces that had to “comply” with ADA standards “or else”. Sorry, but good ideas don’t require force. The free market has mechanisms to correct bad market behavior. Getting laws passed to accommodate you on other people’s property is anti-freedom.

        • So what you are saying, I want to build a building that houses a business with 15 or 20 steep steps up to it’s front door. I pull up and because of my legs, I can walk but with difficulty and with a cane. Steps are murder for me as well as a safety concern. You can’t or won’t put in an elevator to ease my ingress and egress of your business. My and hundreds of other people’s business and cash is not worth it to you? Now multiply that with hundreds of buildings and office spaces and stores. Now, someone is wheel chaired bound and has to go to the bathroom, the door is small and no bars to help transfer to the toilet, again multiply that hundred of times. Now, where is that freedom for us and them? You want to do business with the public you have to accommodate all of us, not just the liberty minded folk out there. I agree a whole lot of the ADA is awful and should be changed and updated, but that is where the government is lacking. Market forces? Like Robber-barons? You think jeff bezo would equip his slave fulfillment centers if not compelled? If you opt not to equip your house or a business or building that caters to the public that is your right and I would applaud you. Don’t expect a lot of business or visitors with disabilities to enjoy what is yours.

          • I guess I’ll have to play Walter Block here. In your example, a steep staircase is always a solution to a problem. Nobody puts one in just because they want a steep staircase, but space constraints and other costs make it prohibitive do do otherwise. So then, is it simply a fact that I don’t give a damn about the disabled? Or is it that the 5 disabled who might come into the shop would never in a million years pay for the elevator and ramps and other accommodations you’re demanding the rest of the customers pay for. Nobody has the right to demand a product or service. If the demand is enough, it will be provided.

          • If you could buy a wheelchair that could navigate those steps, would you? It would be really expensive, obviously. Would you rather be truly independent despite your handicap, or would you rather just offload several times the cost of your handicap onto each and every landlord in town?

            • Hi Henry,

              This is the jist. Does someone else’s misfortune impose an obligation enforceable at gunpoint on people who had nothing to do with it?

              I don’t understand how it does. My left shoulder is in bad shape. I probably have a rotator cuff tear and other damage that may not ever heal without surgery, which I cannot afford right now (Because Corona and Because Government). I am in chronic pain and chronically sleep deprived because the shoulder aches all night and keeps me from sleeping. It truly sucks and while I am ambulatory and more or less functional I am definitely gimped and probably will be, permanently, as the operation costs $8-$10k and I doubt I will ever have that kind of cash on hand again.

              Well, does my aching shoulder give me the moral right to use violence to get others to “help” me? People who had nothing to do with hurting my shoulder and who don’t even know me? I don’t see how it does.

              I’ve never understood the contrary position.

              There is, of course, the argument that a store or restaurant, etc. is a “public accommodation” but how does it work out that because something is open to the public it becomes public property? Which is really to say, the property of the people who can legally use violence to impose their will on others, i.e., the government.

              It’s a weird thing.

              The store or restaurant is regarded in law as private property; the owner is fully responsible for the cost of all rents and taxes and so on. Yet he can be forced to make “accommodation” – at his expense – for people who aren’t paying any of those costs and who have no legal claim to ownership and so – presumably – have no right to decree the use/disposition of another person’s private property.

              We circle back to the fundamental issue – here and everywhere: Do we each own ourselves exclusively – and no one else at all? Or are we co-owners of each other?

              • eric, one thing you can afford is a TENS unit. I use mine a lot and have for over 20 years. It helps my old “bad shoulder” more than I can say. I have a new hurty, my ear. Now the wife and I refer to it as my ol bad ear.

                We had a pittie who had problems with one ear. I was forced to put medicine in it when it bothered him and he didn’t like it. We referred to it as Ace’s “bad ear”. He could understand English, nearly impossibly to put anything over on him. All we had to do was mention a “bad ear” and he’d get paranoid and mad.

                I should have known that shoulder was going to be that ol bad shoulder and sure enough it was/is. I’ve had surgery and it helped a lot but have since worn it out again. It’s still my “bad shoulder”. I sometimes have the TENS on all day. I sometimes have it on all night. It helps a great deal and the last time I had to use it every day I noticed my shoulder had gained muscle just from using it at night.

              • Well stated Eric. Absent the fact that we inhabit whats known as a soft despotism, the vast majority of what is inflicted on us wouldn’t exist. This speaks to the dangers of what we are currently experiencing. As the system continues to collapse, look for the soft to get increasingly hard. In its final moments, only a Strong Man on horse back will “save” us…


                Sorry for the additional moderation work, Eric, but this provides details that are important to the discussion.

              • I had a similar experience. However a traumatic injury forced me to get it surgically repaired. Even if it coated me $10K, I would have done it. Insurance covered it ,but I was looking at paying Dr directly, when you tell them this, price changes down dramatically. And you can do a payment plan, just like the old days with doc’s office.

                • Saxons, I had a stress test in 95 and they wanted to know what insurance I had when I checked out.

                  I said I had none so they asked how I intended to pay. I said “cash”. The woman doing the paperwork turned to someone else and asked what the “factor” was on cash.

                  The charge was $400 but the “cash factor” was $167. It’s worse now than ever though. I had shoulder surgery in 02 and luckily had insurance. I don’t remember exactly what the bill was but it was enough to make you mess your pants. Of course, cash would have been much cheaper and like you said, I could have made arrangements to buy it just like it was a car.

        • Sorry Eric if I am beating that dead horse’s skeleton but I wanted to clarify a point of Jeremy. “The free market has mechanisms to correct bad market behavior.” That is exactly why the ADA laws were enacted. The market forces were not correcting, the Market did not want to spend a red cent more then necessary as they saw fit. The market didn’t give a shit about disabled people. They were invisible. Jeremy, at some point you may become disabled, you want those accommodations now? That is all I want to say, thank you for allowing me a voice.

          • Gee whiz, Suzyq….err…cedarq- I have very bad eyes…. Should I demand that businesses be required to have signs and price tags and environments which I am easily able to see? Maybe make all the street signs bigger so I can see ’em?

            The disabled always claim that they want to be treated like everyone else…except they want the state to force people to make special accommodations for their particular disability…. And then some want to be Libertarian…while demanding that the state interfere in the market if the market won’t voluntarily accommodate them. How does that differe from anyone else who demands that the state interfere in anything to right some perceived (or even real) injustice or inequality?

            How about: The disabled being the ones to come up with their own methods of dealing with their own challenges, rather than demanding that tyranny be imposed on everyone else in order to force everyone to accommodate them?

            I have to spend tens of thousands of dollars so that my business can accommodate someone in a wheelchair who may need to use the terlit once every 4 years? FUCK THAT!

            This is why a lot of people these days harbor resentment toward the handicapped! Before moving here to the sticks, I lived in an apartment complex where a decent percentage of my neighbors had various disabilities. I didn’t think anything of it at first…but before long, I started to notice that virtually all of the ones with obvious disabilities had an enormous attitude of entitlement! Their position was basically: “I have a disability, I am therefore entitled to nth free services; help, and goods; unwavering adoration and accommodation in any social or business setting, and my shit doesn’t stink!~ I can do what I want, the government says so, and if you dare deny me anything or look at me askew, I will use the full power of the law, as well as the power of countless service organizations, and the pity of those who don’t know any better top destroy you!!!”.

            Sorry, buddy, but no other person owes you anything just by reason of the fact that you’re a gimper; nor do they owe me anything just because I’m a Mr. Magoo- and if we demand that coercion and force be used to make others provide special accommodations for us, we are about as Libertarian as Karl Marx.

            • Hi Nunzio,

              My father has been in a wheelchair since 1997 due to a hemorrhagic stroke. I’ve taken him out to numerous restaurants, stores, theaters, etc., — some ADA compliant, other older ones, not, In the case of the latter sometimes we’ve had to get him through a narrower door by standing him up with assistance (and the employees have always been *very* helpful on this), folding up the chair, and sitting him back once we’re through the door. Same way with restrooms — the bigger ones with the bars are nice, but in the normal ones, we make do with me supporting him rather than a bar, using the wall to brace him, etc. He and I both understand that this is how it’ll be when going to the older places, and never complain.

              I believe acts like ADA sound good on the surface, and make politicians who champion them look good, but it can be detrimental to smaller businesses who can’t realistically afford the precise modifications the “standards” require, and while big business may kvetch publicly about regulations, it ultimately helps them because the bigger companies can afford to comply, and if the smaller guys can’t, that forces more customers to the bigger chain stores and businesses.

              • It’s not uncommon in west Texas to find eateries that have a separate building for toilets. No doubt it’s much cheaper and easier for the disabled who have to only roll into one.

                There are places I don’t know how they get around the health dept. with the bathroom between the kitchen and the dining area.

                • Eight, I always wondered how those Tex-Mex places [Mmmm….Tex-Mex…] handled the terlit sitchy-ation without asphyxiating all of the customers…. Now I know! Separate building!

                  The terlit between the kitchen and where you eat is called McDonald’s.

          • No. The ADA laws have been enacted, so that the Prog Congress critters could pander to their base. It is entirely political. Those design options cost real money, and need to be fit into the business plan. Believe me, if there is enough demand, the business would provide those options on their own. To be brutally honest, ones lack of ability, doesn’t impose an obligation on another. Would it be nice? Certainly. But in a sane system, the market would provide a solution. Have you seen the new automated exoskeleton? It is just one example of a possible market solution.


        • It’s one thing to have ADA compliance in buildings intended for actual public use, like a courthouse.

          Requiring it for ALL structures, save private residences, is nonsensical. It’s simply NOT a duty for any private business to accommodate the possible requirements for mobility that the disabled have, since their disabilities vary a great deal. Indeed, allowing some persons whom cannot necessarily egress that easily in event of emergency subjects the owner to undue liability, both financial and even possibly criminal. It’s a case of no good deed goes unpunished.

        • Yes it is Philo Beddoe, but when has that ever stopped the collectivists? We live in what is known as a Soft Despotism. It has the illusions/delusions of a “representative” government, but it is anything but.

        • Yeah, I think the rule still stands: you can’t make people do something “good”, you can only make them stop doing something bad. So the ADA architectural laws are probably immoral, BUT… since it’s SO NICE to accomodate disabled people and it’s good for society in general, then why doesn’t the US Treasury pony up the money (as a grant)? That’s what they should do, not make private businesses pay for ADA stuff. Heck, they got trillions for a vyruz scam, I’m sure they can type up some money for ADA stuff — and the people would all vote yes for that free money too. The problem isn’t the disabled people, the real problem is the rotten govt employees, and the rotten system we live by… the people can’t even have a say in any of this.

          • Hi Krazy,

            My take on the ADA is that it’s another trampling of property rights as well as the right of free association – which can be thought of as an elaboration of property rights in that we own ourselves only, not other people, and so have the right to associate with whom we wish to associate but have no right to force others to associate with us.

            It is thoughtful for a business to make accommodations for handicapped people but forcing them to do so strikes me as not fundamentally different from forcing a private person to transact business with someone – anyone – he’d rather not transact business with (for whatever reason; a free man ought not to have to tick off any reason for declining to associate with anyone – his free choice being the only relevant consideration).

            Life is without doubt unfair. But does that impose obligations enforceable with violence on people who didn’t cause the unfairness? I don’t see that it does. And if it does then, logically, haven’t we just affirmed and endorsed what’s going on now, in principle?

            Consider the case of the man who can’t walk because he was struck by a drunk driver. This is a tragedy. But is it not also tragic to use the man’s misfortune to make someone else pay for it? Such as the owner of a business forced to install ramps/special-access doors, bathrooms and so on at his expense?

            This seems to me not just unfair on the face of it but immoral as the business owner isn’t responsible for crippling the wheelchair-bound man.

            • Indeed, even if a business owner can easily afford to install handicap accommodations, to force them to do so is a denial of their right to be a prick if they wish. After all, forcing such business owner that CAN’T easily afford to make such accommodations is even more prickish. While the former does not hold a gun to the head of the handicapped to deny access, the later does hold a gun to the business owner’s head to force compliance.

              • And where does it end?

                The emphasis seems to be on the wheelchair-bound, since the government made it their business to decree who we play with- but then why stop there? Why not force everyone to accommodate the deaf and the blind and the crazy…..?

                When I was young, I was interested in opening a used car lot on Long Island. One of the absurditiesd which made me abandon the idea was that I would have had to outfit the office trailer with an “accessible” terlit, and a ramp…yada yada….on the off chance that someone in a wheelchair might come in and happen to need to take a shit- despite the fact that I had no intentions of dealing in vehicles equipped with hand controls of wheelchair lifts/ramps- so basically, I’d have to spend my money just to ensure that if a gimper rolling down the street had to take a crap, that he could choose to avail himself of my porcelain facilities….. Though if any non-disabled person were to walk in off the street, I am under no obligation to let them use the terlit….

                So I became a curbstoner…and avoided all of the BS…and was the better for it!

                Oh, and later, just prior to leaving Jew York, I had to mind an acquaintance’s car lot for a few weeks: No one- much less anyone in a wheelchair- ever came in to use the terlit- and if they had, they likely would have bolted in horror upon seeing the entirely brown filthy thing! (I’ll never forget that place; the part-time mechanic there was the spitting image and persona of Danny DeVito’s “Louie DePalma” character from the great classic sitcom Taxi! :

      • Hi Cederq,

        I’ve been told it is both. ADA legally prohibits discrimination based on medical condition, HIPPA legally prohibits the business from demanding proof of said condition as a requirement for entry. Anyway, I suspect, as Eric mentioned, that many employees are being told behind the scenes not to ask the maskless any questions, or make demands, as such could lead to lawsuits. It’s been awhile now, and I’ve yet to be challenged. Maybe being 6’1″ and fit has something to do with that.


      • cederaq if you believe the government knows better than the free market youre a communist. i could go into more details but most communists have a concrete for a brain. youre really on the wrong site.

        • Or some type of Statist… Its not just the commies, who hate the real free market. Look at crony capitalists (fascists) for example.

          • Yes, BJ, regardless of the details…a collectivist is a collectivist and authoritarian- no matter if they are left or right, conservative or liberal. They all want a stae to redistribute wealth and enforce certain values by the use of coercion and violence.

            Our “two party system” (Where’d anybody get the idea that we are supposed to have such a thing?) is really just two branches of the same philosophy- which just alter their words to appeal to collectivists on either side of a line.

            • Exactly Nunzio. They are just the two wings, of the same corrupt, evil party. The Boot on you Neck Party. Which makes this entire silly, tragic situation, so ironic.

              As for the parties, thats only natural. Especially given some of the early influences…

            • Nunz, I just watched a great video on Maters Report. Guess what? I can’t find it on the computer. I’ve searched high and low and it can’t be found. it’s a guy, a military guy saying the same things I’ve always said only he has more information.

              The only reason we had 9/11 and went to the middle east is to destroy the banking system they haven’t already destroyed and absorbed.

              I’ll post a link if I can ever find it. But I’m sure you know what YT is doing along with the rest of the silicon valley commies.

              I assure you, you won’t be able to get away from it for nearly 2 hours. He says what I’ve always said about Bush 1, that he was part of the NWO(he even says it himself)and is trying to take over the entire world for the Rothschild banking cartel. And the main enemy is the Pope led Catolick cartel aligned with Nazi’s….as you’ve said many times. Of course the Zionist Israeli’s are part of the problem but they’re small potatoes compared to the old religion in Europe.

              It really pisses me off. The old lady found it on the Masters Report on smart tv. But I have searched for hours to find it on the computer and no luck. No doubt YT has taken it down.

              For all the fools who believe the fiction of 9/11, it will be something they can’t tolerate. As the guy says at the end, we’re the sole people who are still armed and we will prevail or perish. And it’s what I’ve always said.

              Once the people of this country are disarmed, it’s all over for the rest of the world.

              I’ve spoken with a few young men who all say we’re going to have a violent war in this country….and they’re all armed up and prepared physically, much better than I am. I only wish I were 20 years old again and had those muscles that would shed a .22.

              I’m old and they can inject me and chip me when they take that arm out of my cold dead hands.

              This is a thing that supercedes left/right, democrat or republican which are the same thing. My SIL is a MSM only idiot and thinks she knows what’s going on. It’s a damn shame. But she used to give me shit because I carried a gun all the time. Her ex asked me one day why I carried a gun. I told him it was because I might need it and he should be glad. He never had the balls to carry back when there was no legal carry. I was rarely unarmed and still am. Fuck the statists of the world and we’ll meet in hell when I kill them and their masters kill us all.

    • Hi Jeremy. I too am hoping to engage people in conversation about the inability of fear masks to protect and the dangers of wearing them. For that reason, I am going to wear my Guy Fawkes mask instead of using the medical opt-out. (One exception: if the minimum wage gatekeeper at the store says I can’t come in because it’s not the right kind of mask, I will say that I can’t wear the other kind due to medical issues.) My reasoning is that if any of the fear stricken sheep approach me it is more likely to be out of curiosity than anger or fear, which greatly increases the chances that they will actually listen to my spiel.


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