Open Letter to a Fear Mask Pusher

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A reader has been compelled to decline a position of leadership in his church due to a Fear Masks Mandatory policy imposed by the church leadership. He wrote an Open Letter to the leadership and membership of the church explaining why he could not accept the position, given the Fear Mask Mandate. His letter is worth publishing here as well since it touches on an issue that affects all of us, everywhere:

“It is with regret, but with a sense of conviction, that I must remove myself from consideration for the Secretary position at [the church].
At the end of March, my job was cut due to lack of business from — what I consider to be — the mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19, perpetuated by the media and governments, including ours here in Ohio. This irrationality has led to record-setting unemployment, more infringement on civil liberties than I have seen in my lifetime, more corresponding government overreach and the disturbing trend of “informing” on fellow citizens.
National health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has publicly stated that he would favor “immunity cards” or “vaccination cards” for Americans to “prove” they are not infected by or carrying the virus. This sort of step would, in my opinion, open the door to unprecedented government restrictions on freedom of movement, financial activity and other rights. Against this backdrop, I was disheartened to see that the annual meeting would be “Masks Mandatory” for those who wished to meet at the church and that the Wednesday gathering would have the same restrictions. Masks Mandatory is a policy that I feel prolongs the COVID-19 hysteria and paves the way for the ever-increasing governmental intrusions I mentioned above.
Toward that end, I will not be attending any services, events, or meetings that are Masks Mandatory and even attending virtually, especially to be elected to a position, would to me be giving endorsement to the policy and adding to the fear and hysteria it fosters.  I also will not be contributing financially to [the church] so long as such a policy is enforced or promoted by church leadership. I do not wish to deter others from taking any protective measures they feel they should take; however, I feel this is each member’s right and responsibility to decide for themselves.
Please be assured that this is not a decision I make lightly or thoughtlessly. I have enjoyed my time at the church and would like to continue my activities with you all in the future, as well as financially contribute, but without the presumption of sickness and with the freedom to use the church facilities and to interact with other members freely, as has been the case in the past.
I chose an “open letter” format for this message because I feel it is an important enough issue for everyone to have the chance to know my views on.  I would ask that each of you consider the issue, both in terms of Masks Mandatory and the greater ramifications it portends, and decide on a course of action you wish to take.

 . . .

My correspondent received the following email from his minister:

“Chris, I am sorry to hear that you’ll be leaving us, especially since I was so excited about the gifts and skills you could bring to leadership. You have the right to your opinions and I would defend your right to speak up as vociferously as I act to protect the most vulnerable people I love. I want to thank you personally and publicly for posting this as an open letter. So often people just disappear because of something they are in disagreement with and we never know why. It’s good to have clarity. For everyone’s sake. Good luck on your journey.”
(Italics added)
 . . .
My correspondent’s  final thoughts as follows:
I’m not sure whether it was related, but the next day the church newsletter appeared in my email. The front page had the minister’s message, which was about masks. He wrote that he sometimes felt silly for wearing a mask against a disease that if he got, he’d very likely recover from, but he realized that Masks Mandatory wasn’t about our individual opinions, but it was about protecting our fellow humans. Therefore, that is why we all should be wearing masks, even if it made us uncomfortable.
(Italics added)

I replied to my correspondent as follows:

Dear Chris –

I applaud your decision and the caring, yet incisive way you conveyed your reasons for it.

I particularly liked that you made the point about perpetuating unwarranted fear – something which ought to be a concern to people seeking comfort at a church.

Are we to live in perpetual fear?

Because that is ultimately what this is about. An unseen “threat” that could be anywhere, might strike anyone – like “terrorism” – only even more alarming because invisible and fundamentally something that cannot be defeated. People are going to get sick – from this virus and other viruses. Some will die. Eventually, we will all die. But getting sick is part of life – and to destroy life over irrational fear of sickness is . . .  sick.

It means perpetually living in fear.

Who benefits from this? The pastor repeats the argument that Fear Masking is “about protecting our fellow humans,” which I italicized for emphasis.

This of course is false on the face of it as Fear Masking by people who aren’t sick doesn’t protect any human and in fact harms them greatly by creating the impression of ubiquitous sickness.

Seeing “sick” people everywhere fosters the false impression of danger everywhere. This creates mental sickness – a neurotic fear of getting sick. Which makes people miserable as they cringe in fear of “germs” and “dirty” door knobs and accepting of being treated like lepers. Or rather, leprous cattle.

Sickness Psychosis is sad enough when it afflicts a few people – e.g., the comedian Howie Mandel. But when an entire society is pressured to emulate the behavior and – inevitably – assume the bizarre routines and rituals of mentally ill people? How sad. How pathetic.

How dangerous.

One of the horrific consequences of Fear Mask acceptance – if it is accepted – will be that normal/reasonable non-neurotic people will be first characterized as “uncaring” (as your pastor passively aggressively implies you are) and, inevitably, as criminals.

Well-meaning (but unthinking) people like your pastor do not understand this danger – despite the logic being very obvious.

If it is accepted that Fear Masking  is “about protecting our fellow humans” then it is a threat to other humans to not wear one.

If so, that cannot be allowed – and violators must be punished. Or at least, sequestered and quarantined. Forced to submit to vaccinations. The whole population must accept limitless diminution of their (former) liberties on the basis that they might be sick and could pose a “threat” to “their fellow humans.”

There is no end to this, once the principle of presumption is accepted. This whole business is diabolically clever in the way it has weaponized fear, demoralized people and turned so many of of them into people who are not only desperate to signal their misplaced virtue by bending knee to arbitrary authority – but demand we all bend knee to it.

Solzhenitsyn wrote about this – warned about this – that most people won’t do evil things unless they can be convinced that evil things are good things. As in, it’s a good thing to deport the Kulaks. It is also worth noting that the German Nazis regarded Jews and other enemies of the regime as a biological threat to the regime; as bacilli that had to be exterminated in the name of hygiene.

Of course, most people have never read Solzhenitsyn – and the only thing they know about Nazis is the cartoonish image of goose-stepping stormtroopers and that they were “racists.”

They may soon get a refresher course in both.

It is critically important that Fear Masking be curb stomped – for reasons of mental hygiene. If this becomes the “new normal” America is over. It cannot be over-emphasized. The theater is designed to condition the populace to accept insanity – and tyranny.

It’s time to get sick, all right.

. . .

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  1. Dear Everyone Who is Sick of Seeing People not Masking:
    That woman you shamed in the grocery store because she wasn’t wearing a mask? She already feels enough shame because she was raped. Having something over her nose & mouth triggers her PTSD, and causes her to relive that trauma.
    That man at the Quickie Mart who you called selfish? He’s a volunteer firefighter, and just came from the ER, after being treated for smoke inhalation. He removed his air mask, in order to help a child breathe fresh air, instead of thick smoke.
    That elderly lady who you screamed at to put a mask on, or shop when it’s her turn? Her husband of 60 years just passed away. She’s doing her best to learn to live alone. Every breath is physically painful, due to her grief.
    That little boy you lectured about removing his mask? He’s autistic. He doesn’t understand. He simply wants it off of his face.
    That little girl who screams when somebody tries to mask her? She’s claustrophobic. She came from an abusive home, where she was confined to a closet.
    There are all sorts of reasons for not wearing a mask. Not all are lung, or immune system related.
    I copied and pasted from a friend .. everyone needs to read this !!
    How many of you are among those shaming, name calling, and berating complete strangers, or worse, family members? How many of you are against bullying?
    If you are among the first group, and align with the second, you may want to pump the brakes, and check yourself… you have become the bully you claim to be against.
    Wearing a mask does not make you a kind person. You are either a kind person, or you aren’t. A piece of cloth does not determine that trait.
    On the flip side, not wearing a mask does not make a person selfish, or inconsiderate. It simply means that, there may be an unseen reason why they cannot wear one. You don’t know their story, and, to be quite honest, it’s none of your business.
    Some of us also see where this mask business is going and we refuse to participate. The anxiety of tyrannical government coupled with Nazi-style narcing on your neighbor is enough to push a freedom-loving individual over the edge.
    If someone is NOT wearing a mask—Mind your own business.
    Copy & Paste or don’t, just don’t be a mask bully…

  2. Thank you for posting this open letter. I may need to borrow from it in the future. As of yesterday, I had felt that our church (independent Bible) was a safe haven from the encroachment of the false-god-worshipping maskers. Yesterday, our interim pastor (who has a long relationship with our church that predates our family’s presence there), announced that at last week’s church council meeting they discussed the idea of masks and that “people shouldn’t be shamed for wearing a mask.” I was blown away. Most people in the church do not wear a mask, and I have never observed anyone criticizing or not speaking to one another. I thought we all coexisted quite well. After this rebuke, he then said “people shouldn’t be shamed for NOT wearing a mask.” Glad he added that! /s Then he informed us that masks would be available in the foyer starting next week for those who want to wear them. It seems to me that this is a thinly veiled attempt to legitimize the maskers, who are still very much in the minority during Sunday services. I feel certain that if anyone felt strongly about wearing a mask, they would bring their own, and that our church does not need to spend money on this! Also, there are so many that do not wear masks that no one should feel out of place if they “forgot” theirs!

    After service yesterday, I told him that his sermon really spoke to me (not the mask stuff, but the actual message). However, I had to share with him that I was refused service at a restaurant on Saturday, and then later told to leave a store because I wouldn’t wear a mask. I also told him that this mask mania is based on deception (he said, “it very well could be”…I responded, “it is”), and I will not go along with living a lie. At that point, someone interrupted us and the conversation ended. I feel that this is the camel’s nose under the tent, and it won’t be long before masks are “required” inside our church building. We will begin doing “house church” or find another church if that happens. II Cor. 3:17, “where the spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty.”

    The truth is, that those who “mask” are NEVER shamed by others! In fact, it is those who DON’T wear a mask that are being humiliated and excluded from society. I couldn’t believe this interim pastor would inject himself into this issue when for months now our church has functioned just fine with no controversy. Those who want to wear masks do, those who don’t, don’t. Perhaps the sense of “shame” that maskers in our church feel is the still, small voice of God imploring them to stop covering their faces in accordance with this satanic diktat!

  3. Hi Eric,
    This is spot on. I have done some research into some pretty bad viruses and this one appears to be nothing more than a bad influenza season. So far we have had less hospitalizations than Influenza on a bad year (granted, if you count disease deaths the way the government is counting then it is worse but….there is a financial benefit to having high covid death counts). When this first started I didn’t think much of it. zi then realized the media was exploding (with glee?) about it. I determined it wasn’t the disease Covid that was of concern but rather the panic the media was intentionally creating. Looking at countries like Korea (I had lived there in the late 70s and 80s) they normally wear masks when they have colds (as i recall this goes back to ~1918). They also do what they can to protect their elderly and did just that this time. Several other countries took note of the target populations (elderly and those with susceptibility due to primary diseases) and advised proper precautions (like they and we do during an influenza season). Now, I have brought up influenza and many will say “Well, that’s not a good comparison because we have a vaccine”. Well, not really true. We do have a vaccine, BUT in general it is effective between 10 and 40 percent of the time. Several years ago the vaccine was only effective 10% (I think that was 2017-18 season). That would never pass FDA muster as a true vaccine.

    does anyone really think a vaccine can be developed that isn’t going to have high rates of failure and potential significant side effects? Vaccines DO work (polio, mmr, smallpox are the best examples of this) but a rushed vaccine can be dangerous.

    Finally, the goal post has moved and continues to move. From flatten the curve to prevent overloading hospitals to we have to wait for a vaccine.

    Finally, Finally a significant side effect of the “shutdown” is going to destroy many of the community hospitals which live on the razor’s edge financially. These hospitals which closed off other patients due to this disease are laying people off now because they don’t have enough patients (this is both a positive and a negative).

  4. That preacher’s reply is so smug, condescending, and sanctimonious, I had to suppress my gag reflex. I don’t mind people wearing masks if they want to, but I DO get a bit bent at them lecturing the rest of us as if they were God himself.

  5. This guy gets it. There are numerous articles refuting the overall safety of mask wearing. There is little precedence in the use of most of these stupid mandates, which are not supported by any legalities. The elites and socialists thoroughly depend on fear and panic to control populations. Face masking is a fear tactic. I have not and never will wear one. Fear does not dictate my life nor will the Billy Boy Gates’s of the world. Gates is saying that any state with 200 or more virus deaths needs to remain shutdown. Does anyone realize the total nonsense this booger-brained idiot is purposing? I would bet my life that the actual provable number of deaths directly resulting from Covid-19 is less than 10% of the reported deaths, which are manufactured for various reasons such as getting more money from the government. And you can forget about some life-saving vaccine coming anytime in the next 5 years. A safe vaccine will not be tested enough by the end of 2020, as many as saying. They have been trying to make a coronavirus vaccine for the last 10 years.
    There are 36 known corona-viruses and some have been around for 60 years. When testing, they cannot always be sure which one of these viruses you might have contacted. There purpose of tracing, testing and closet dwelling is control…nothing else. Your immune system is your best defense against any sickness, disease or fake virus. Without it, you would have perished days, weeks or months after being born. Stay alive by fighting back against tyranny lest you surrender your life to the elitists…then you might as well be dead.

  6. Basically “churches” are a mess. At this point, imo – I think traveling vans that could witness, lead people to the LORD & give them a KJV , would be preferred.

      • Yes, indeed. The churches of America, especially the evangelical Protestant churches, have become bodies of Caesar-worshiping. heretics.

        I can’t find it now, but several years ago The Onion published a satirical article about “home churches” started by people who were tired of the errant, heretical nonsense taking place in established churches. Like so much of what that outlet, and its sister/competitor The Babylon Bee publishes, it wasn’t really satire. In fact, I’m not even sure that satire is possible anymore, given the utter absurdity that has become all aspects of the real world we live in.

        • Actually, it can be read that Jesus was a tax protester. His one appearance in a synagogue, when he castigated the Pharisees who ran the local synagogue and government for stealing the widow’s inheritances, nearly got him stoned. The writing that He walked among them appears to suggest He was rescued by the local townspeople.

          Romans 13 is commonly misread as submission to government. To have been a ‘trap’ as implied would mean the Pharisee making the question would have anticipated He would have had to give the coin to Caesar which would have alienated Him from His followers. The alternate answer, refusal to pay taxes to Rome, was a capital crime. The question was avoided—not answered.

          • Well-said on that, Jim!

            It always drives me nuts when dummies quote “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”….. They fail to describe what is Caesar’s….or that Jesus was in a position where He was being asked a trick question, designed so that if he just answered Yes or No, He would be lying and also breaking the First commandment, or be committing a “crime” under Roman law for which He would be arrested. So he answered wisely.

            Re: Romans 13, most of the modern bible [per]versions have so perverted that, that in some they actually read “the policeman”- LOL!

            • The penalty for protesting Roman taxes, which were collected by the Sanhedrin on a rotating 13 week rotating schedule from the 12 districts, was death.

              Sadducees and Pharisees were political factions; today’s Democrats and Republicans.

    • Amen, River & Loretta!

      The modern-day church model has nothing to do with the Biblical religion. KJVs are readily available for any who care to read the Word- and if they’re gonna believe, the truth is there for them. I like to discuss the Scriptures with those so inclined and curious…but as far as organized preaching goes, with a cacophony of different ideas/perversions/omissions/additions to what the Word says…how would anyone who isw not already familiar with the Word know who is telling the truth?

      The only way is to search it out for one’s self, and maybe that is why we have the complete Word of God today and why all of the churches are so messed up. We can read the Word and believe…or we can listen to other men’s take on it…and choose to believe what they would have us believe that it says, becausea we do not possess the love of God and His Word to deal with it ourselves.

      • Modern Versions are written by committees of scholars who have gone to the ancient Greek writings for the original intent—for a copyright. The KJV is a corruption of the Greek—without a copyright.

        • The KJV comes from a family of manuscripts [Byzantine] which have been used by Christians since the 1st century AD, and which are quoted in the earliest Christian writings. There are currently over 7000 manuscripts in this family- about 2000 of which were only recently discovered, and agree with the others.

          The KJV was not copyrighted because the intent of it’s authors was to make it available to as many people as possible- they did not profit from it- and as for their scholarship, some of them, were fluent in seven different classical languages.

          By contrast, the newer versions come from a line of manuscripts which had always been rejected by Christianity. They are based mainly on TWO manuscripts- one of which was found in the garbage can of a Catholic monastery. Of the manuscripts and fragments of that [Alexandrian][ class, virtually no two of them agree with each other- and leave out or pervert verses quoted in the early Christian writings (Such as Polycarp- a disciple of the Apostle John). The organizations and committees responsible for these translations all had/have agendas- many are not even Christians/do not believe in God nor the divinity of Christ; and they are copyrighted because one of the reasons for their existence is to sell books, and thus make a profit for their publishers- They can not even be quoted extensively without permission.

          “Scholars”-LOL- they make up their own words. Tell me there is an ancient Greek word for “policeman” in Romans 13 !!

          If they’re so good, why do they come out with a new one virtually every year? ($$$)- all based on the same old crappy manuscripts…..

          Best moment in new [per]version history: Fred Franz, one of the NT translators for the NWT, was proven in a Scottish court that he was incapable of even reading Koine Greek!….. 😀 😀

          The KJV’s biggest failing IMO is the use of the Masoretic text for the OT [Which the new perversions also use]. While I love reading the KJV OT….for actual study and accuracy, the Septuagint[LXX] is far superior.

          The LXX is pre-Christian and lines up perfectly with the OT quotations of Jesus and the Apostles in the NT- The Masoretic text is a product of the 9th century AD, and has been greatly perverted by the Jews to veil Messianic references, among other things.

          Also, since Hebrew was a VERY idiomatic language, while Greek is a very precise language, having the Hebrew Scriptures translated into Greek by the people of it’s day, as is the case with the LXX, is a great help in clarifying what could be uncertain meanings from a long-dead ancient language.

            • Jim, what you said describes some of the manuscripts used to compile the Nestle-alland text, used in virtually all of the modern versions.

              The KJV uses the Textus Receptus[TR] as it’s NT source text. The TR was compiled by Erasmus, who was fluent in 7 contemporary and ancient languages, and who traveled Europe and the near East compiling and comparing contemporary and still extant ancient manuscripts which were actually being used by independent Christians (No small task- as merely being an independent Christian was a capitol offense in many places at the time).

              Erasmus’s findings were then compared to the still extant ancient manuscripts and literally tens of thousands of citations of Scripture by the early Church Fathers and other writers of the first few centuries AD foir agreement.

              If you read, say, Polycarp or Irenaeus, their citations of John or Revelation (et al) agree with the KJV- They often do not agree with the new versions, if they can even be found in those versions!

              The new versions are essentially saying “Here is something that is different from the body of literature Christianity has been based on for the last 1900 years; it totally contradicts it; omits much of it, and advocates a morality which is totally contrary to the religion of the Apostles and OT scriptures….but we call it a bible, so you can read it and use it to justify being just like the non-believers all around you”- which basically has been the problem with humanity since ancient times. “Give us a king, so that we can be like the nations”.

        • Hi Jim – and Nunz!

          This is a serious question, so please take it as intended (and without any intention on my part to be snarky):

          If the universal god – I use the term generically – exists and his intention is to convey his purpose (and ours) then why all the editorial squabbling? Why doesn’t the authoritative text simply exist – incontestably, inarguably? Why all these corruptions/redactings/translatings/lost meanings? Doesn’t this serve to prevent honest, well-meaning people from being able to know “the truth”?

          The very fact that even within a given religion there is often murderous squabbling over what “the book” means tells me “the book” is not the “word” of the universal god.

          If there’s a good explanation for this, I’d like to know it.

          • Eric, doesn’t everybody read into the bible what they want? Some say lesbian-gay; some say straight. Some say submit to government; some say tax-protester.

            Some say the writings were social practices that were found to be an acceptable manner in which man-kind (generically) could best live together and expressed the views of the writers. Some say this is the origin of all religions.

            I do not believe becoming adamant about one’s reading of the book is justified.

            Isn’t religion a personal belief — or must I believe the same as my neighbor ? [How many denominations do we have — with the same bible ?]

            • With you, Jim.

              I understand that some people deeply believe they know “the truth” – and I’m okay with this, provided they don’t insist I accept their belief as “the truth.”

              • God Himself doesn’t force anyone to believe the truth- how much less should we mere men who have a limited understanding? Our time is better spent practicing what we know/believe in our own lives, and according others the same right- which actually was the original premise of the Pilgrims- that every man should be free to live his own conscience before God- and that is one of the best reasons for being a Libertarian that I know of.

                How much evil has been committed in this world by those (Like the Catholics and Moozlims) who practice conversion by the sword/coercion?

          • Some say only the 10 commandments are the words of a deity. A NASA engineer analyzed the descriptions of Ezikiel and concluded he had seen a space-ship. Can such a person still be religious ?

              • Eric, its a matter of belief. There is no objective proof that I’m aware of. One either believes, or one doesn’t. I choose to believe. I’m of pretty much the same belief as Thomas Paine was. You are no doubt familiar with that.

                • Hi BJ,

                  Yup – seems that way to me also. Which is why I think the thing to do is respect everyone’s sincere beliefs but refrain from imposing them on anyone. Faith ought to be a matter of the individual’s conscience – his right to believe as he likes and arrange his life as he likes, provided he does so without causing harm to others. If he doesn’t then others have an obligation to respect his beliefs, regardless of what they think about them!

              • Hey Eric!

                ***”The Big Question remains: Is there a deity behind nature?”****

                Ah, but what is nature? It would seem that nature is the word for an unknown god.

                When questioned about the origins of matter or energy or life, even the most ardent atheist, no matter how much he claims to a purveyor of “science”, must always resort to “nature” for an answer to that which they can not observe, find out, nor explain.

                Resorting to such an impersonal god does not seem to bother them, as that makes no claim over their lives, so they can have a god to explain the existence of the creation, but still do whatever they want without personal constraint.

                But make no mistake, that “nature” would have to be a deity, since in order for it to have created the highly symbiotic processes; the complexity of even non-intelligent life (There is enough DNA info in just a single-cell organism to more than fill an old-school hard-copy set of the Encyclopedia Britannica)- let alone intelligent life! The highly intelligent processes ascribed to it by evolutionists and cosmologists and astronomers and physicists; the creative ability to have created matter and life and energy and even itself….. it clearly would have to possess all of the traits of/be a god- only one which does not reveal itself except via evidence of it’s creation.

                Years ago, I debated some scientists and professors (and other assorted egg-heads) online- on the subject of evolution vs. creation. Those debates were very short, as they could never answer my questions without resorting to “nature”- and once they did that, I’d say “You mean some invisible guy/force in the sky whom you can’t see, but whose evidence for existence is the physical creation around us, and who ‘must’ exist in order to explain the physical universe and processes which act upon it, and which you theorize have actually created that universe and the very elements of which it is composed?”

                To which they would always say (Many as if never having heard nor considered such a thing)- “O-K, good point. We’ll call it a draw”.

                Ultimately, no one can explain their worldview or “science” without a god. Nature is just their name for the unknown god- like the Apostle Paul said to the Greeks upon seeing their memorial dedicated to “The Unknown God”: “Him I reveal to you!”.

                • Hey Nunz,

                  One can no more prove that God does not exist as one can prove he does exist.

                  “When questioned about the origins of matter or energy or life, even the most ardent atheist, no matter how much he claims to a purveyor of “science”, must always resort to “nature” for an answer…”

                  Or, one can simply say, “I don’t know”. Invoking “nature” as a causal explanation is not science. There are some new-agey types who consider “nature” to be some kind of deity, but it’s certainly not necessary. “Nature” can just be shorthand for the observable world.

                  The existence of complex organisms does not mean that God MUST exist or that these organisms were designed. It’s odd that some libertarians, who understand that the economy need not, nor cannot, be centrally planned or designed, insist that there must be a central planner/designer to “explain” life. Of course, there could be, but it is not necessary. God could exist, or “God” could be a concept, created in the minds of men, to explain that which they cannot understand; sort of an intelligent, anthropomorphized version of the “prime mover”.

                  “Ultimately, no one can explain their worldview or “science” without a god”.

                  Of course one can. My world view is that life exists and that there is a reality that exists outside of myself. I do not know how life came to be, nor do I care. I also don’t know that my perception of reality comports with some supposed “objective” truth. I act as if it does, for to do otherwise would be deranged or an expression of an artificial, philosophical conceit (post-modernism).


                  • Hi Ya Jeremy!
                    I was expecting you! 🙂

                    ***”Or, one can simply say, “I don’t know”.”****

                    Exactly! And that would be an intellectually honest person. The problem is, that the vast majority in scientific and academic circles claim to know- and demand that others accept their premise as fact and or “science”, and in most cases even dismiss those who do not accept their premise as fact.

                    ***”“Nature” can just be shorthand for the observable world.”****

                    That is what most tend to imply by the term- but my contention is that by the attributes they ascribe to “nature”, it would have to possess some type of centralized intelligence/memory as well as dexterity in order for it to serve as the explanation for the existence and maintainer of creative and sustaining forces which they impute to it- thus they really believe it to be some type of intelligent being- or god.

                    I mean, you can observe a pile of parts in a junkyard- but how they got there, why they exist, or why the engine runs is not answerable by just observing those items and saying “That’s the way it is -nature”. But to say “I don’t know why these things are as they are” is the honest answer if one does not have any other info than what is present at the scene- It’s the people who postulate and theorize and claim to know, who are the most dishonest and blind.

                    ***”The existence of complex organisms does not mean that God MUST exist or that these organisms were designed. “****

                    It actually does require that an supernatural intelligent being does exist. Even setting aside the ofigin of matter and energy and such and just assuming the existence of the natural world, we still have the fact that if you were to set a thousand monkeys down at a thousand typewriters and give them unlimited eons of time, they would never produce even one of the works of Shakespeare. One work of Shakespeare is far less complex than the DNA of even that one single-cell organism- which, even if all the ingredients were present in one place to form it’s physical structure, and provide a suitable means of reproduction; and the symbiotic relationships were to already be in place to support it, etc, etc., we’d still have nothing…. And that is just considering one very simple organism. Extrapolate that to the bazillions of physical processes, struictures, life forms (especially intelligent life)- See the problem?

                    It would be absurd to look at a simple internal combustion engine, and to posit that it could have come about without the need for an intelligent designer/creator- much less that it could run without a bunch of other specifics being met- such as the refinement and delivery of fuel; someone to start it, etc. And that engine is child-like simplicity compared to intelligent self-replicating life…..

                    We are intelligent and exist in a world in which all of the elements of which we are made already exist, and yet we can not produce intelligent self-replicating life from those elements- therefore it stands to reason that by very reason of the fact that we exist, someone or something of greater intelligence than us must needs exist, eh?

                    • Heya Nunz,

                      I was expecting you too!

                      “It actually does require that an supernatural intelligent being does exist”.

                      Well, we just disagree about this. All the existence of complex organisms prove is that most can’t imagine their existence without some central planner/designer. It doesn’t prove the existence of such.

                      “It would be absurd to look at a simple internal combustion engine, and to posit that it could have come about without the need for an intelligent designer/creator…”

                      I am not saying that things aren’t created by an intelligent designer, just that it doesn’t follow that because some complex things are designed, all complex things must be designed. The billions of voluntary interactions among people produces a very complex system that is not designed. The specialization of labor that allows the system to function, is not designed. Those who believe that it must be because it is too complex to occur without planning are wrong. Those who attempt to to plan the system through centralized authority always fail (unless their goal is to impoverish and kill millions of people, they “plan” that very well).

                      Finally, “nature” doesn’t create anything; “nature” simply is and can be observed. But, your point is valid, those who animate “nature” and believe it explains creation, are simply invoking a “god” concept.


                    • Nunzio , I guess I fall into the class of those who simply say “I don’t know”. But also that of the class of those who say “I choose to believe”. But the universe doesn’t inherently require a intelligent (or supra intelligent) Director. It could well have one, but from what we currently understand (changes over time) it doesn’t require one.
                      But its rather far from random. The basic rules on initiation, would more than explain what we observe. Could that have been the result of a Director? Certainly. But it didn’t have to be.

          • Hi Eric!

            tl;dr: Because…men.

            Long version: Oh, no snarkiness inferred! These are the types of Peak-Frean-ish questions [Peak Freans are a very serious cookie!] that more people ought to ask- especially those do believe in and worship God.

            The short answer is: Because men.

            There are men who want to deceive others; there are men who want to justify their own beliefs/actions. Much like with counterfeit currency, when one delves into the subject, it becomes quite apparent what is legit.

            For instance: The Hebrew and Greek Scriptures which have existed now for millennia, and could almost be entirely reconstructed just based on their citation in other ancient writings, and which are further confirmed in recent discoveries of other texts, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Then, just within recent decades, some people come along and disregard all of that and suddenly offer alternative writings which contradict everything from the past, and which conform to the modern liberal agenda by now justifying things like homosexuality, and promoting a vocabulary and religious ideas which are more generic and which seek to homogenize a mutually exclusive worship of one God into a generic sp[irituality which is conducive to a one-world religion (NOT the worship of the God of the Scriptures!)- Such can be seen in newer translations by the replacement of specific references to Christ by name with euphemisms such as “The One”- even though there is no linguistic justification for such in any text!

            Why does God allow it? The same reason that a perv can bone a three year-old, and that a donut-eater can cage you or kill you when you’ve done no evil to anyone- because this present world is man’s world- our time to have freedom of thought and action and do with it as we choose- and what we see is what men have done with it.

            The truth is there for those who care to see it- as the Scriptures say, just from the complexities and order of the creation and intelligent life, one must acknowledge that there is a God- and the specifics of the details made available through recorded revelation can be verified as to which are authentic quite easily for any who sincerely seek.

            This too is part of God’s plan- for the Scriptures even say that God does hide true revelation from the wicked and insincere.

            And now here we are, on the verge of the implementation of the Mark Of The Beast [A “beast” is the prophetic symbol for government]- on a worldwide basis. Something which was logistically and technologically impossible when the prophecy was written >1900 years ago- and even inconceivable 50 years ago- which is slated to occur just prior to the return of Christ, at which time He will rule this world, thus ending man’s flubbed rule.

            Hey, if nothing else, just the fact that the Whore Of Babylon- The Catholic “church” fought tooth-and-nail for almost 2 millennia to keep the Scriptures inaccessible to the common man, ought to be a good indication of the veracity of those texts.

            • The “whore of babylon” is actualy the jews and their Protestant enablers. It is the Catholic Church that held the line against jewish infiltration until about 70 years ago with the Vatican II ecumenical council, which damaged the church.
              Put the blame where it belongs–not the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church.

    • KJV only ????
      Come on guy. The manuscript was rejected 23 times by KJ until it was accepted as sufficiently politically correct. Modern versions have attempted to restore the original [Greek, Latin]meaning.

      • Jimmeh,
        As with most things…there are tweo main sides…but neither accurately represents the truth.

        The KJV because it’s New Testament represents the majority of NT manuscripts down through early history which were actually used by Christians- as opposed to virtually all of the newer [per]versions, which rely on non-traditional minority, literal garbage manuscripts which had been rejected by the early churches and Christians throughout history.

        There is no such thing as a perfect translation- but at least the KJV is keyed to the majority of reference works which help one see the underlying test even if we aren’t fluent in ancient Hebrew and Greek- and while it’s translators certainly did have their own flaws and prejudices on certain things, and were constrained by the politics of the times [The most egregious example being the use of “Easter” in Acts 10 for the Greek Paascha-‘Passover’ -that being a direct result of James’ interference] at least, unlike the translators of the newer abominations, they did not have actual political and social agendas which they were trying to force upon the Bible- such as was the case [for just one example] with the rabid ultra-liberal dyke, Virginia Mollenkott and her/his/it’s make counterpart (I forget it’s name), on the NIV translating committee, whose mission it was to rid the Bible of any condemnation of homosexuality.

        Or, for one other example: W@estcott and Hort- the textual critics who compiled the GHreek text upon which the modern bibles are based- who themselves weren’t even Christians, but rather practicing occultists.

        Sorry- but relying on one’s enemies for source text and translation, is like relying on Hillary Clinton for enlightenment on Libertarianism. The modern translations based upon the Nestle/Westcott & Hort text are a part of the agenda to destroy Christianity- and they have done a fine job of it.

        Walk into a “Christian” book store these days and try getting a KJV. Bet ya walk out without one. The KJV is the book hated by liberals and tyrants, because it is the continuation of the English Bibles upon which the seekers of freedom and religious liberty were moved to accomplish a massive work, some of the results of which we still have the dying remnants of today.

        King James did require that “the new translation” maintain the right of kings [Something which the translators found abhorrent, and so chose words very carefully so as to appease the king, while not quite giving in to his demand by perverting what the text actually says; and that they “maintain authority for the ‘feasts of the church’- hence the aforementioned “Easter” mistake- again, chosen very carefully, so that at least it could be ascribed to Herod and not the Apostles. But it was issues like those on which any contention between James and the translators quibbled- James was no lingusitic scholar- He was merely the one who gave license to the translation, at a time when people were being burned alive for ‘daring’ to translate the Scriptures into the common tongue.)

        ….well, I got carried away- but it was worth it, because between the KJV detractors, and the nutjobs who say that the KJV is “perfect” and even “corrects the Greek”, it needed to be said.

        • Nunzio,

          The BIG problem with the new Bible PERVERSIONS is that they add and remove things found in the KJV. BTW, I got a couple of KJV Bibles; even two decades ago, it was getting harder to find them in Christian book stores. Anyway, try finding Acts 8:37 in any of the newer translations; I dare you! You won’t find it in there.

          In addition to the penalties God lays out in Rev. 22 for adding or removing things from His Word, the removal of Acts 8:37 is significant. It’s about the Ethiopian eunuch. He expresses an interest in being baptized earlier in Chapter 8. In verse 37, he’s told if he believes in his heart (that Jesus is Lord), he may be baptized. As the chapter continues, the Ethiopian eunuch is baptized. By removing verse 37, it diminishes Jesus’ lordship, divinity, and importance. The removal of Acts 8:37 diminishes the need for Jesus for our salvation. That one verse is the LINCHPIN of Acts 8! Without it, the chapter takes on a much different meaning.

          What’s even worse is that, in the NIV, the verses aren’t written in block form; they’re not separately numbered along the left side as they are in the KJV. Also, in the NIV, the verse numbers are small, as if they’re incidental. That means one can read the NIV and TOTALLY MISS the fact that verse 37 was removed from Acts 8!

          In one of the four Gospels, the NIV, via a long footnote, says that a whole slew of verses shouldn’t be there; IIRC, the footnote says that these verses weren’t found in many manuscripts.

          Acts 8:37 isn’t the only verse removed from modern Bible PERVERSIONS, either! There are a whole slew of ’em removed. The list can be found here:

          I could never wrap my arms around the fact why anyone, if they read Revelation 22, would even THINK of tampering with God’s Word! God lays out some serious penalties for those who add or remove things from the Bible, things that should scare any THINKING person. Those are just my thoughts though…

          • Very true, MM! There is so much missing from all of the non-Textus Receptus “bibles”, it’s ridiculous- especially verses proving the divinity of Christ, and ones which speak of repentance/punishment of sins.

            You can go back and read Scripture quotes from the “Church Fathers” of the 1st and 2nd century AD.- and they agree with the Textus Receptus/KJV. It hasn’t changed in all of these centuries. The new [per]versions? They clome out with a revised and “updated” Nestle/W&H text literally every year!

  7. Germ theory is still just a theory. Contagion has never been proven and a virus has never been isolated from human tissue. The tests they use do not “see” a virus, only genetic material presumed to be associated with a virus. It has never been proven that a virus causes disease. So take that and put a mask on it!

    For all you maskers out there: I fart in your general direction.

    • Seconded! It’s amazing how much of what is called “science” these days is really just literature (Cosmology, for one example), opinion(Psychology/Psychiatry ” ..”) and or anecdotal nonsense, because there are just too many variables to ever truly establish a legit control group, much less any way to objectively measure results (Nutrition, for one example- but just about everything other than the most basic observable physical sciences as well).

      And the absurd thing is, regardless of whether any field is accurate, semi-accurate, or totally inaccurate, they are all based on a worldview of randomness and evolution, and they are usually quite specific to a small sliver of being, so that even the best of them have little to no cohesiveness in the overall creation- so, for instance, they may have agricultural “science” which may indeed result in the streamlined production of crops whioch meet a certain commercial standard…but yet turns farmland into infertile desert, while creating nutritionally deficient chemical-laden unhealthy food, and which destroys sound economics and local economies.

      Or like medical “therapies, which instead of preventing and eradicating disease, instead destroy parts of the body with the hope that if the infected organ/system is gone or isolated, the disease will subside.

    • Rog, pretty much all of science is a series of theories… Its basically a running approximation, of what we currently think we understand about the universe. The outlines of that change, as we gain better data/technology, and ask better questions of the universe. But theory is still very valuable and useful. Not only does it allow us to ask better questions, but its spin offs allowed the creation of all of the wonderful (and dreadful) technology that we have created.

      Over time, many theories have been modified, or out right replaced. But until we have some thing to modify and/or replace it, germ theory is what we have to work with. Its several steps above shaking rattles to drive off Evil Spirits… ^^

  8. “Good luck on your journey.”

    Sounds like the ‘leadership’ believes more in ‘luck’ and fear than ‘the faith’ and ‘facts’.

    I would also get away from a group of people like that.

    • “Good luck on your journey.”

      VERY revealing that this pastor did not say “may the love of the Lord be with you,” or something of similar sentiment.

      If this man hasn’t left this church in the dust by now, he needs to do so IMMEDIATELY.

  9. Summers starting and I’m waiting to see how the maskies (as I call them) do here in Ohio when it’s 85 with 90% humidity. Stopped into Whole Foods to get a couple of things I buy there and was the only person without a mask in the entire store, great fun. I have yet to have anyone say something to me about not being a maskie. Maybe it’s the 6’6″ 225Lb. thing.

    • A site that I was on last night showed how the press Corp are all now wearing masks, to include Fauchi and “scarf lady”. Weeks ago when they kept telling us we had to flatten the curve they weren’t wearing masks. How, not only has the curve been flattened, but the numbers are dropping dramatically. So, why the change? Control. Like everyone is saying.

  10. I flew Saturday, Indy to Tampa. Any authoritarian BS going around society is doubled at airports. Everyone was masked as was “recommended” on the plane except one guy a few rows up, who is my hero.
    They reduced capacity enough that no one needed the middle seats, which was actually nice.
    A 20-something women behind us had a row to herself. Someone asked if the aisle seat was taken and she started bitching about his masklessness and told him he couldn’t sit there. A few minutes later, a mother and her son, who looked about 10, had to divide up and the kid sat by panic lady. He also had no mask.
    One airplane rule is that you don’t get to tell people they can’t sit next to you when it’s open seating. It just doesn’t work that way.

      • When enough of the people come to prize security over freedom, freedom is soon dead. We may well be past that point already and the breakup of the US of A likely is inevitable.

        It happened in the old USSR, and the hapless Russians had no privately-owned firearms. Here in the US of A we have hundreds of millions of them .

        Lock ‘n load!

    • SO the ten year old kid, who ostensibly LIVES in the SAME HOUSE as Mum, and rode to the airport in the same SMALL car with her, had to”separate” from Mum? How insane is that? If either had “something” even as contagious as liberty, the other one SURELY did or will.

      Proof once again we are not dealing with a health issue, other htan mental health. The policy makers are all Certifiable. Barmy. Gone berko. Off their meds. Bloody Ell……

      WHO will bell the cat?

  11. I must have missed the important question. Perhaps one of you can provide the answer.

    Who profits from the masks being mandatory?

    • Not only profit, but grooming the the herd and especially the younger generation. Today it’s a mask, tomorrow…

      • Absolutely, Randy –
        Anyone younger than 25 today has no memory of an America in which people weren’t presumed to be “drunks” – then “terrorists”- and now, “sick.”


    • Tuanorea, who profits from the continued fear? The government and their corporate masters. The longer they can keep this nonsense running, the more small businesses they can drive under. The less small business, the less competition. Thats both in terms of customers, as well as wage slaves. Not only that, but by keeping the fear going, the War Lords at various levels, have more control and power. Which is an addictive drug at that level.

  12. I wonder what the pastor preaches on Sunday.

    Someone somewhere has probably put a mask on the crucified Jesus and posted the pic on Pinterest. And raised high enough to keep him socially distanced from those at the foot of the cross. Folks say, “What has become of America?” But also, what has become of Christians in America? My church is still remote waiting for the governor to unlock us down. Then the plan, I think, is to physical distance in the masked pews.

    I can see where this practice is well-intended. The most vulnerable among us might stay away or sit masked and distanced while the others enjoy a camaraderie denied to us. Because I may have to take extra precautions, I don’t wish to impose that necessity on everyone. I’m beefing up my immune system as best I can. But then you have the virtue signaling involved which is heavily ingrained in the culture where I live.

    In any event, we may now hear Jesus telling us, “Put on your mask and follow me.”

    • If he is like his response to this mans letter, he preaches feel good “Milk Sermons” and not the “Meat Sermons” his people need or they wouldn’t be falling for this fake pandemic.

      • “Milk Sermons” and not the “Meat Sermons”

        It’s becoming increasingly rare to be able to even get “milk sermons” nowadays. “Junk food sermons” are mostly what’s on the Sunday morning menu in most churches.

  13. Interesting. Today, churches have become agents of the state. In the seventeen seventies they were one of, if not the most vociferous in opposition to the state. Just in case you hadn’t noticed that the state has at least partially replaced God.

    • THERE IT IS.
      So far, only partially replaced God. but make no mistake, just as with all the totalitarian governments that have come round since way before history was first recorded, all false governments want to be, or replace, god.

      ALL the communist, Gengis Kahn, islam, hey,even many of the largest “deniminatioins” are not only “religious” but poliltical.Chiefest xample these days is the ROman Catholic churhc, they even have theor own capitol and army, and are a legal separate “state” just like Germany Poland, etc. Back in the days our nation was founded, the reason those Pilgrims left England both times (first to Holland, then to Massachussetts Bay) was because government under the king of England was tyrannical. Those who would not sign an oath of loyalty to the CHURCH/GOVERNMENT were puished, ofte lkilled. One of the most efective, and most hated by the Loyalists in British North America was “we have no king but King Jesus. The very reason Jesus was executed is that he posed a threat to the existing RELIGIOUS order, the scribes and pharisees were losing their tyrannical sway over the people of Israel.

      This virus thing is entirely a false construct, with the goal of replacing all government of any sort with the totlaitarian rule of unelected government agencies dictating who gets to do what ewhen, where, and how, and with what incidentals (masks being one of them). We are being denied our right to our liberties, tothink and take responsibility for our own lives and those with us, whether and how much to work which businesses and livelihoods we “may” persue, where we can go, with how many others, “rules of engagement” when in public, forced to stay here go there, thinkthis do that…. a new commandment I give unto you that you must fear one another, and guard yourselves from the possibility that some day you will DIE.. of something. Let fear be your guiding light, and unquestioning submission to all WE, the “Annointed Elect”, shall command. Any questions? Reread this statement. That is all.. go thou and do likewise.teaching all that we have commanded.

      To which I say “NOT A CHANCE GO POUND SAND.

      Trader Joes without a mask, and in full road cycling dress, was fun. Even more fun was wathcing folks dodge and panic as I was working my way down a row to locate what I wanted. Six feet? Many would begin panic scrambling when I was TEN feet away. Funny thing, in general folks who shop at Trader Joe;s are at least trying to eat well enough to remain healthy. I could not believe how many inside there were morbidly obese. Paasty skin, sagging body mass, slow measured steps, or a shuffle of the infrim, looking sickly just staing there. And here I was, stim, moving well (well as well as one can in those cleated cycling shoes good for nothing else), healthy skin tone, having already done forty miles wiht ten more to go.

      I could sort of unsderstand the checkers wanting to wear mug nappies. who knows WHO cold be comiing through with what pathogens emanating from their piehole? But everyone else? I also keenly observed that not more than one, possibly two, of those nappies were of useful quality AND properly fitted/used. Nearly all were worthless for anyhting but maintaining the charade.
      Oh TeeJay’s. What an amusing place. Were it not for their best quality for the price chocloate, I’d never darken their door.

    • Actually, in colonial times the state and church, most notably the Puritans were essentially one and the same and tyrannical to a degree we are just now seeing reenacted.

      • Conjoined twin engines of projection destruction that no mask can stop. Even surgical separation don’t stop those motors.

      • Not really, Joe Crowe- it was just that the communities of New England at the time were mainly populated by Puritans, and as such had their local laws determined by and for Puritans- which is largely the way America was until after the not-so-Civil War- instead of a “diverse melting pot”, America was quite segregated by nationality and hence religion. e.g. if you came to America and were a Germ,an Lutheran, you settled in a community of other German Lutherans, where others shared your values and traditions and beliefs- and thus local government, and the schools, etc. operated as essentially a community of peers who all agreed on common morals and conduct, which of course, they codified and enforced, as people are want to do.

        That fact is overlooked by/unknown to most now-a-days, but that is how it used to be. Even quite recently- like well imnto the 1960’s, aspects of that still existed to some degree, even in big cities. The Catholic “bishops” used to go on TV and discuss issues, for instance, in NYC, and tell people how to vote- and they thus still wielded some hefty political power in places like NY and Boston, where the population was largely Irish and Italian Catholics- so such places even had “blue laws” well into the 1970’s- not as a remnant from the Puritan days….but now [at the tim e] from the Calf-licks and protestants- and many other such things that affected and dictated a good degree of local law.

    • Dude! This day and age, how do you live without an ad blocker?!

      I recommend AdBlocker Ultimate- It’s the best, and it’s free. And it works on Youtube too. Seriously, if it weren’t that, I would take my computer and throw it in the garbage- no way could I stand all of the ads, commercials and pop-ups!

      • Firefox’ inbuild ad blocker works quite well, is part of the OS. YOu get to confiure it the way you want to. Worst is, when I come across a lead paragraph with a “see more” and go to that page, more and more these days give me a fullpage popup:
        We notice you are using an ad blocker (to which I want to reply OF COURSE< WHADDDYA THINK< DUMMIES?". All have the option to turn off the blocker, sign up andpay a fee, or leave. A very few will allow "continue without adblocker". I just don't read the rest. I figure if it is importand I'll find it somewhere else.


      • ublock origin is the real deal on chrome 🙂

        or the built-in one in opera browser

        though Eric makes money from these ads, it’s not cool to block his advertisers lol

  14. Lions in Africa are wearing masks. Impalas are wearing masks. Even the hyenas wear masks. har

    The penguins in Antarctica have been wearing them since February.

    Get with the program.

    Mother Nature wears a mask and gloves to boot.

    She doesn’t want the virus either and if she happens to become deathly ill, that is all she wrote.

    I wore a mask a gloves to the greenhouse to pick up a bale of straw.

    Might as well make it as absurd as it can be.

    Please be a compliant complacent sheep and follow the Judas Goat.

  15. Along with Michael Jackson and Howie Mandel, remember Howard Hughes. His hypochondria turned a wealthy successful business man into a cowering hermit who never ventured out again. Reports of people seeing him were like Elvis sightings, what a shame and waste of what could have been an amazing life.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yup. The Hughes example is apt because he was an admirable man who lost his mind. Americans have no lost theirs. A whole nation turned into Howard Hughes emulators – but without the pathos because most of them were never admirable to begin with.

      • It’s been said that there a fine edge been the creative part of the mind and insanity.

        Ol’ “Humble Howard” (yes, I know who ELSE used that moniker, whom was about as opposite of Mr. Hughes as it got) certainly had one creative mind and worked his ass off indulging it. Of course, had Daddy’s fortune from making oil and natural gas well drilling equipment (hence, Hughes Tools), but, he could have just been another useless hedonistic playboy heir. Instead, he built on the huge stake that Daddy gave him, and hence we had Hughes aircraft and then aerospace. Much of the advancements in aerospace and communications are due to this brilliant but obviously bat-shit-crazy man. He also quietly “saved” Las Vegas by buying troubled casinos from the Mob and more or less leveraged them out and made the Strip a more viable investment for corporate interests.

        What’s really sad is, as a YOUNGER man, he LIVED. Banged a bevy of Hollywood starlets and other gorgeous women. Unfortunately, didn’t leave an heir, so, in that sense, his legacy perished with him. Flew many of the innovate aircraft that his company developed, and several times, notably the XF-11 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in 1946, being his own test pilot damned near killed him. Sad to see that as of about 1960, he was becoming ever more reclusive, but given the many self-serving political and corporate enemies he had, and the rapacious media of even then, who could BLAME him? I’m sure that if Howard wanted a broad that even his “Mormon Mafia”, who it was thought were all but a Praetorian Guard to him, could readily provide. But let’s also be fair. The aforementioned aircraft crashes left his body battered and he was in pain most of the last three decades of his life. That anyone, critically injured at age 40 could last three more decades with a constant regimen of painkillers is medically remarkable of itself. Although the movie starring “Leo” implies that he was “OCD on steroids”, I can hardly think he’d attract investors and engineering talent the way he did if he were actually that crazy as a younger man. Of course, maybe his enemies were just jealous that he was schumpting Kate Hepburn, Ava Gardner, and a host of other beauties.

    • I remember reading about his personal limo- at the time (about 30 years ago) I was impressed by the sheer lunacy of having a closed climate/air filtration system in their car.

      Only in the intervening years have I found out that HH was probably not that crazy- he was plugged in and knew DETAILS about bio and chem warfare, and lots of TLA activities, which were just sick thoughts to most people at the time.

      It probably did push him over the edge- a warning for all of us who are aware of what’s going on in this world and unplugged from the matrix.

  16. This reminds me of the Omega Man and Beneath the Planet of the Apes.
    If you have seen these films you know the religious sects that developed out of the damage caused by germ warfare and radiation respectfully.

        • James wrote one he called The Varieties of Religious Experience.

          I don’t think the experience varies.

          What varies is the intensity of the felt emotions, & where — into/onto what — those emotions are projected.

          Then, whatever mirror catches the projection – & reflects back the bask — will be swaddled in Linus blankey narrative, which will most typically be largely off the shelf – a commodified consumable — & will too have typically been thou shalt shouted into (if the terroir’s got the necessary ears to “hear” those also preexisting voices already in its soil) & so will then propagate/internalize that terror management for “itself,” on its own behalfness — from parboiled parishioner infancy “on.”

          So Pesci works for me too.

          Not Joe.


          That catch my projections into rivers, creeks & streams for to then bask in the sous vide water oven, the frying pan, on my plate, & on into my internal ocean.

          Love prey eat.

      • “I reveal my inner-most self unto God”…could never get enough of that scene, or the congregation of mutants, with the mutant organist providing the dirge, singing a bizarre form of the Doxology.

        The only trouble for Mendez XXVI (Paul Richards) was that all his faith in the Alpha-Omega weapon couldn’t save his ass from being cut down by a burst from an Ape Sergeant acting under direct orders from General Aldo (James Gregory). Kinda amazing that the Apes are using horse-drawn wagons and their army is both infantry and cavalry, and yet their veterinarians have hypodermic needles and stainless steel surgical instruments, and the Ape armory can manufacture semi-automatics akin to an M1 carbine or a Garand, and there’s even a few sub-machine guns that look suspiciously like a Danish Madsen M50. Maybe the same renegade chimp scientist, Dr. Milo, whom at the time the Apes make their foolhardy assault on the remnants of NYC and its mutant inhabitants, had already discovered some materials relating to making high-strength steel alloys, precision machining, and designs for human 20th century weapons. After all, if Dr. Milo could raise Col. Taylor’s spacecraft, the Icarus, and in that relatively short time, study it, get it repaired enough to make it barely spaceworthy, and launch himself and fellow chimp scientists Cornelius and Zira into at least Earth orbit aboard the salvaged spaceship, then surely he could come up with better firearms for the Ape military.

  17. Fuhrer Whitmer has mandated masks at all times inside public buildings in the previously free state of Michigan.

    I see people wearing them driving alone in their cars, when walking in the middle of road around nobody, and while alone in their homes during video conference calls.

    This would be dumb even if we assumed they did anything. I’m not going to even cede the ground that they do a damn thing to “Stop the spread.” Assume everyone is infected? If that’s the case, then why are we still “quarantining” the entire population? Wasn’t that the whole reason for these mandatory lock downs?

    Never mind – logic will get you nowhere with these demagogues. You have a better chance convincing the wall of your position.

    There is an exception for those whose underlying heath conditions preclude wearing a mask. Thanks your highness.

    Not sure where I read this, but I think it was in the LRC blog:

    When asked by busybody A: “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?” Simply respond that you have a health condition that precludes you form wearing one. When asked “What is your health condition?” simply reply: “None of your fucking business – per HIPPA rules.”

    • The people I see with Masks are the ULTIMATE clovers, going 10 under, cutting right in and just being full retards

      Guy in Lincoln Park NJ made headlines when he passed out after driving hours with one and crashed into a pole, so you gotta wonder how the other’s wearing them are doing?

      I thought guys wearing hats in their enclosed vehicles were terrible drivers (Exception is the bald convertible driver cruising topless), but masks are right up there

      • the British Motoring Cap is de rigeur for motoring in one’s English roadster. Hood up or down. They help maintain the proper mindset for this activity. It is a quntessential accessorie. Also quite “sine qua non” for motoring on one’s REAL LandRover, as well. No, not the sissified thing wearing that marqke badge today, think The Gods Must be Crazy, or Out of Africa.

  18. My church sent out the re-opening criteria yesterday. There was the mandatory fear mask requirement in the building. Their little blurb was “for the sake of love and in the spirit of Christ, we do ask that you be willing to make these small concessions for your brothers and sisters”. It is their choice to let me in the building or not but I will not be attending or sending my offering during the hysteria time. I have already found a church of a different denomination that does not require fear masks….plus been thinking of leaving the United Methodist Church anyway as they are being taken over by some nefarious elements anyway.

    • It’s great being an atheist and not stepping into these prisons of “god” or is it “dog”? Not having to give money to a pedophilic clergy member. Not watching churches not pay tax on ill gotten gains. Not hearing the endless spiel of god’s love for us, yet afflicting us with politicians and other power grabbers. And if you need to worship a god, do worship the sun. Without the sun the planet is just a ball of rock frozen at absolute zero temperature for eternity.

      • what a moron. But , I guess its your inalienable right to be wrong. And wrong you are, in every sentence you type. But further elucidation would merely be ‘casting pearls’, so I shant.
        Agreed with the OP – any church – and churches should be the vanguard against this stupidity – that gets on the fear train is not worthy of support or attendance. Mine has not done so, and most come to service armed, just in case… Thankfully, ‘tptb’ have seen fit to wisely leave us alone.

        • Hi Luke,

          I have several friends who are religious, including one who is a radio show host. They have all decided to hold samizdat services – underground/private – in their homes, at “undisclosed locations” among like-minded sane people rather than submit to this literal madness.

          • Eric, I wish leaders, both local and the old boys in Salt Lake, (I’m LDS) had the guts to re-start services, even with “social distancing” guidelines, and to hell with whatever some deranged governor or local bureaucrat think. Joe Smith and Brigham Young would have and DID, over other issues, tell their persecutors in office to pound sand. But it seems the current leadership is yet another example of the old saying from the Navy: “Wooden ships sailed by iron men have been replaced by iron ships piloted by wooden men.”

            • When organizations become rich and powerful, they’re no longer willing to risk their status for principle (or to marry their attractive cousins 😀 )- be it the Jews of Christ’s day, who said, in rejection of Christ: “We have no king but Caesar”, or the officers of 501c3 corps who are indebted to Caesar for their tax-free status and political power.

            • Amen, Liberranter –

              I’m not religious, but use that term deliberately. I esteem such churches – and the people who have the guts to stand up to the tyranny of the state for the sake of their beliefs. It appalls me that the whole “conversation” has been so successfully maneuvered such that most people regard it as “caring” and “good” to obey all this demonstrably harmful folderol. Fear Masking is unhealthy if you’re healthy. Physically and psychologically. Forcing people to pretend otherwise is nothing other than fear enhancement theater and submission training. It is designed to maintain the illusion that we’re all in daaaaaaaaaanger and that it’s the only way to “stop the spread” . . . before a vaccine becomes available.

              We are at war. And it is not with a virus. It is time to come to grips with this awful fact.

        • Churches are a cattle car/go cult in the fear train, too.

          Knit one, purl two, purloin the shite outta’ the middle, don’t worry, be happy, the Church Commission/s’ll pretend to uncover it up, scrape all the pearls o’ Snowden off the windwhirlwind screen.

      • Most atheists I see have replaced a theological God with a government god, they are much worse off for their decision.

            • Oyz, to my mind, there is only one human God. But they wear many (wait for it…) masks… ^^ I doubt they care if we believe in Him. Its a matter of choice. But what matters is that they believe in us. YMMV of course.

              • Beege, if your Beau-ness ain’t not doth Jesting too much, to my mind that’s from your mind to your mirror & ricocheted back at ya’.

                Them mirror mirrors on-of the cave walls is impeervious.

                Deist, Weist, if I was Kangz o’ Fisher Price toyz I’d call the whole thing off, & get ‘em all out in the open w/o a dodge to wrench: epic karmic therapy’s gonna getcha’, sock ya right in the face, best getcherself together darlins, join the human race….

                Watched a docu just recently on hallelujah•cinogens.

                Some psychonauts & varieties of religious experience’d just over the door’s threshold of typical perception.

                Trippin’….down a crowded avenue…& you got some splainin’ to do, Lucy (in the sky with diamonds) Ball.

                Funny: about half the nauts emphatically warned “never look into a mirror whilst trippin,” & the other half said always look into a mirror.

                All of ‘em said never•ever•ever•ever drive whilst takin’ a trip…now there’s a fortune cookie koan.

                Some who weren’t interesting enough to help move the plot forward on the treaded-to-death•mill & so cut to the chaste edit room floor said something like Hurt’s character in Altered States: nuthin there, down the end o’ that Alice tunnel. But he did have a bit of young Blair Brown along the way.


                • Oyyzz, you’ve been on the crazy train since when? Mirrors within mirrors, angle of incident, and crime scene projections mangle reflections and dreams.

                  Deist laughs last, or was that reality? Transposition was lost in translation at the Border.

                  Cease and desist Deist! Get your own damn scam!

                  Show me the face that Pepe made before drawing.

                  Water flows, it crashes and rages. Water overflows banks, and is beyond Ur life.
                  Ah, that is the central web, that we weave as we practice to believe. Be water my friend.

                  • Since conception. Same as you. And every other one.

                    If questions are wishes there are better uses of the lamp. A life’s got only so many rubs, after all.

                    Overrubing in one spot, often under the streetlamp, cuz the light’s better there, is also poor use of the lamp…popular, tho…

                    …for the warm fuzzy heat, maybe.

      • to5,
        Jesus condemned the religionists of His day as the epitome of evil. Things have never changed. The Catholic “church” killed more people over the years than Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao combined; and did their damnedest to keep the Scriptures from being published in the common languages; and today? The vast majority of these churches in no way represent God or what the Scriptures say. Quite the opposite- as just like the Jews of Jesus’s day or the Catholics…..they preach the very opposite in most cases of what the Scriptures enjoin, and are the very enemies of God- often advocating things which are more in-line with Satanism than Christianity.

        They serve Rome; they serve the state. All I’m saying is don’t let people or organizations which claim to represent God dissuade you from seeing the real God.

        • It’s worse. In many countries it is illegal to question “that which shall not be questioned, the so-called “jewish holocaust™ “. You see, jewish holocaust™ promoters are afraid that if people think for themselves and see the fraud that has been perpetuated on Germany and the world, they might just start to question other aspects of “history”.
          You see, “holocaustianity™ ” is the new “state religion”. People have been prosecuted and incarcerated for going against “jewish holocaust™ orthodoxy, EVEN IN CANADA.
          The medical establishment in concert with the richest people in the world are using the same tactic, making it difficult to gain knowledge for ones self by restricting those who dare to “think outside the box”.
          For those who are interested, here are four people who have been incarcerated for attempting to investigate “the hoax of the twentieth century”.
          –Sylvia Stolz, attorney, incarcerated for attempting to introduce evidence into court as a part of her defense for her client.
          –Monika Schaefer, grandmother who spoke out contrary to “popular belief” was imprisoned for “thoughtcrimes”.
          –Ursula Haverbeck, grandmother who also spoke out and was convicted of holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust™) ” heresy.
          –Ernst Zundel, imprisoned first in Canada and then in Germany for promoting holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust™ ” heresy.
          If the “holocaust™ ” is incontrovertible fact, why are there laws against questioning the “official” story (fable)?

          • If ‘incontrovertible fact’ had much to do with anything antisocial humanimal cared about, there’d be a lot less to play around with.

            That said, control of which way the slope slips has always been a thing sought, whether there’s an actual slope, or lube, involved, or not.

            “If the devilish details didn’t exist, weus’d hafta make ‘em up” & boy does weus! do, & how.

          • Hi Anarchyst,

            I agree that criminalizing the questioning of something is dangerous because it sets the precedent that questioning anything the powers-that-be decree must not be questioned is acceptable. The truth can always withstand questioning. It’s falsehoods that have to be protected by not allowing them to be questioned.

            I fully expect a push to make questioning Fear Porn a crime.

          • Anarchyst, that is what happens when identity politics, meets those who have made Victimhood a cottage industry. The Prog’s ideology makes them easy to manipulate. Thus as their infiltration and corruption have spread, they have naturally made Wrong Think, illegal as well as “immoral”.

            I personally believe in a free market place of ideas. The way one counters bad ideas, is by holding them up to the light of reason, and logic. Not by forcing them underground. That only means they can fester in secret, and explode in your face, at some unknown time/place.

        • Or maybe just take a trip to Kentucky to see friend-o nunzio. Get a shortcut introduction to the real thing. And maybe a moonpie to go with.

        • I wouldn’t blame “Rome”, but Jerusalem. It’s the zionist jews who have a tight grip on the world, NOT Catholicism.
          The “synagogue of satan” IS judaism, lock stock and barrel.
          In fact, the Catholic Church was the only organization that attacked world jewry head-on.
          It was Protestants who first embraced judaism as an “equal” despite rabid jewish hatred of Jesus Christ that exists to this very day.
          Read the Talmud. You will never think of jews in the same way ever again…unless you are jewish.

          • Actually, BOTH, Anarchyst.

            Rev. 11:8 “And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified…”

            Where was our Lord crucified? There are the Jews- as per many OT prophecies too, in which “the nations shall be gathered around Jerusalem”. For 1900 years, people laughed at that- because the Mid-East had no more prominence or significance in this world than Nome, AK. -but look at it now! The powder-keg of the world. Amazing, eh?

            The Calf-licks, while having a lower profile today, DID control the Western world for 1260 years (as prophesied in both OT and NT)- they even ruled over the kings of Europe. Although keeping a lower profile now, they have been slowly rebuilding their strength. Don’t forget, they are the RICHEST single organization in this world, and have direct influence over 2 BILLION people.

            There Jesuits are responsible for the subverting of many social institutions and churches and even plitical organizations- and look at their current NWO one-world religion liberal Marxist pope!

            “We” currently even still send a political ambassador to The Vatican!

            They’re in stealth mode now, just like the Jews who are behind the NWO agenda- but we will soon see their open and blasphemous resurrected power again shortly.

    • go find any one of the vetted clinical studies on the various types of face coverings and reporting on their relative effeciveness. Print it up. Make an appoinement to visit this head poohbah. Sit him down and hand him that report. Tell him that if he doubts the results of the report to go find one that is more accurate.. with documentation.

      Once he reads the truth that the common homemade and cheap chiese mug nappies comprising some 95% of what is worn “out there” is.. that they TRANSMIT bove 96% of bacterial pathogens, and near 100% viral, when they are fresh new and clean, and after about one hour that transmission rate INCREASES to approaching 100%.

      the medicla grade N 95 masks, designed to be worn by hospitalstaff IN SURGERIES to prevent contaminating patiens DURING SURGERY, transmit only about 5% of bacteria, but closer to 75% or virus.

      And ALL such maskes need to be changed about every hour.

      Now, those studies go in to the harms caused by these face coverings.
      Hypoxia is near universal… decreased blood oxygen levels, often to the danger point. This SUPPRESSES u=immune sytem funtion, reain function, and heart function.

      HIGH CO2 levels, suppress immune system function, reduces alertness, stresses liver, kidney function, can lead to blackouts (like the guy who crashed when he passed uot driving with one on)

      retrograde infection.. the increased pressure on exhaling forces the virus, if present up into the nasal and sinus passages, facilitating the infection’s easy access to the brain.. where it is near impossible to remove it by treatment.

      NOW look this head poohbah in the eye and ask him “tell me now, what is the cHRIATIAN thing to do? To play at charades and feed everyone’s fear, increasing cllinical harms to the wearers who are now healthy but won’t be for long if ths is enforced, or to print this and distribute to the ehtire church menbership and let each man stand before God and do what they believe is right?

      DARE him to do that. Put the ball in IS court. If he truly cares for the sheep, we know what he will do.

      • Tionico,
        I’m afraid you may be operating under the assumption that the “head poobah” is more concerned with what’s good for the parishioners rather than of what’s good for the “poobah”. A mistake commonly made when dealing with “men of the cloth”.

          • But Oyz, Reconstruction was so useful, in turning a silk purse into a pigs ear. We should all be thankful to the Tyrant Lincoln, for “saving the union” and laying the foundations of our current Empire. Pity he killed our republic in the process, but that is the price of “greatness”…

            • Ah! Another who sees Lincoln for what he was, not the saint he’s made out to be. Seems to be a growing trend in the country he left to the mercies of the thirteen percent criminal class. I’m sure, then, you also know the roles Grant, Sherman and Sheridan played in the destruction of a perfectly good republic.
              But that’s history and nobody pays attention to history…as you can tell by the way the country is run today.

      • Good grief and a half! At one of my jobs, you’re expected to use no more than one N95 per shift – up to 8 hours plus an hour lunch. Maybe you can sneak a second if no one’s looking or you have a good excuse.

        At my other (remotely supervised) job, I’ve exhausted my small envelope of company-provided masks and have to wear homemade.

        So what you’re saying is, I’m actually more likely to get sick from wearing the required mask than from just going in barefaced and daring them to kick me out?

        (That’s another reason I love doing my vendor work after the store closes… once the last customer is gone, the mask comes off and I can inhale ACTUAL OXYGEN!)

        In any case, do you have some references so I can tell my bosses?

  19. “It is critically important that Fear Masking be curb stomped – for reasons of mental hygiene.”

    Wow. One could see it coming for quite a while, but it is still sad to see you reach this point. Just like Col Kurtz in “Apocalypse Now,” you have gone way too far up the Nung River.

    So far that you can never come back.

    • Hi Mike,

      Do you believe it’s reasonable for healthy people to wear surgical masks? To be forced to wear them? Do you believe it’s healthy – psychologically – to see the public masked? Do you not see that this creates and magnifies fear? Where there is no reason for it?

      Do you like being treated like a leper? Do you think it’s good to assume everyone else is one?

      Do you not see that if the premise is accepted that Fear Masks are reasonable and necessary that you have already accepted being forced to submit to vaccinations? Do you like think that is congruent with a free society?

      Wearing a mask is neurotic. It is a sign of mental illness – outside of a surgical suite. It’s what people like Michael Jackson and Howie Mandell did – and were pitied for doing. Four months ago, you would have agreed with me.

      Now everyone is being pressured to wear one – soon to be forced.

      And that is insane.

      Do you agree with that?

      • Hi Eric,

        This guy says the same thing as you,

        Professor Karol Sikora: fear is more deadly than the virus

        but with a British accent, which makes it all OK.


      • Eric,

        I believe it is unreasonable….actually un-American to advocate violence against fellow Americans who have not harmed you in any way, beyond “you don’t like it.” And don’t say you’re not advocating violence. You’re a skilled a writer, very capable of advocating opposition to an idea without alluding to “curb kicking.”

        Any rational person can see that there is a WORLD of Difference between donning an easily removable mask, and allowing the likes of Bill Gates to permanently inject one’s body with untested, vile, toxic substances (and probably worse.) Yet you incessantly harp on the masks, and don’t devote even 5% of your posts to vaccinations.

        No matter whether everybody…. or nobody…. wears a mask….the vaccines are coming!
        Why are you so anxious to divert everyone’s attention away from the spike?

        • Hi Mike,

          I didn’t advocate violence against anyone – just against the insane idea of demanding that healthy people wear Fear Masks. That it is reasonable to wear them. It isn’t.

          It’s neurotic – and dangerous. Because of the principle that insisting/pressuring healthy people to wear Fear Masks sets.

          Why wear a mask if you’e not sick? Do you wear a brace on perfectly good legs? Expect others to? Why not?

          You’re afraid you’ll get someone sick – even though you’re not? But you worry you might be? If so, maybe just stay home.

          Did you wear a Fear Mask last flu season? Why not?

          If not, why now?

          Because the TeeVee told you to? Because the government – the “experts” – say so?

          All of a sudden, people – healthy people – are living in fear (and being pressured to behave fearfully) over a bug that is a mortal threat to less than 1 percent of the population – a demographic (the elderly; the already seriously sick) that has always been susceptible to viruses. We have been living with such “threats” for generations. Why is it all of a sudden cause for these extreme measures? These degradations and impositions? This turning of the entire country into a psychiatric ward of shuffling/socially distancing/obsessively hand-washing/Fear Masking germaphobes?

          Please, I’m genuinely interested!

          Do you wear a lockable codpiece around your member? Just in case? I know you’re not a rapist; you know you’re not. But how are other people to know? Is their fear that you might be justification to make you wear a lockable codpiece?

          There is no difference in principle between insisting that healthy people be forced to wear masks – and forcing healthy people to accept being vaccinated. Fear Masking is predicated on the idea that it “stops the spread.” That not wearing one “puts people at risk.” These are both false (even Fauci agrees) yet the same principle will be used to impose compulsory vaccinations. One thing follows another.

          And yes, the vaccines are coming. With guns! Also Orwellian “tracking” – of everything we do/everything we buy/everywhere we go. Which is why it so important to fight the idea that it’s reasonable – necessary – to force people to wear Fear Masks.

          PS: What “spike” are you referring to?

          • “PS: What “spike” are you referring to?” You serious?

            Def. ” Rock slang for ‘hypodermic needle.'”

            Guess you never listened to much Lou Reed.

            • Hi Mike,

              I know “Wild Side,” of course! But not much more of his work. Maybe I ought to check him out. I found out I really like Alice Cooper (as an adult) when I wasn’t much into him as a teenager 🙂

            • well dickhead i’m listening to New Sensations and i’m with Lou when he sings Doing the things we want to do, and i’ll do that without giving one tiny fuck how you feel about it. Oh and you know what if i caught this virus and passed it on to you i wouldn’t give a shit, you know why? Because we can all catch anything and pass it on and if you think blaming that person for that is reasonable then you’re a bigger arsehole that you appear

              • Hi Biker,

                I agree that this business of treating everyone as a presumptive AIDs-riddled Typhoid Mary is . . . diseased. It was only four months ago that most people understood – and accepted – that part of life was occasionally catching a bug because bugs are part of life. That insisting on a “bug free” environment – that everyone be presumed to have a deadly bug they might just give you – is the very essence of couch time.

                Such people are sick, all right. But not from Corona.

                • Hey Eric!
                  Shoot- we live in a day where when most people get a simple cold or flu, they run to a doctor and get some antibiotics….which maybe makes them feel a little better a day or sooner than they otherwise would have…but of course subverts the workings of their immune system, so that instead of getting that strain of the bug once and then being immune…they just keep getting it over and over every few months- repeat infinitim.

                  Heck, IF (and that’s a big ‘if”) this Corona thing is any different than any other variety of the flu, maybe it is precisely because of antibiotics resistance and the increased incidence of sickness that so many doctor-goers experience- i.e. sickness has become more prevalent and more resistant.

                  • Hey Nunz! Not to mention that antibiotics have absolutely no effect on viruses, which are what cause colds, flu, and aye aye aye my corona! My doctor is fairly hip to this, big sign in his office states “we will not prescribe antibiotics for anyone with cold or flu symptoms”, but sadly his practice still sends me nastygrams every year scolding me for not getting a flu shot. Never got one, never will, and if the AGW’s show up at my door demanding I get vaccinated I’m prepared to vaccinate them first…..with lead.

        • Hi Mike,

          “…actually un-American to advocate violence against fellow Americans who have not harmed you in any way”.

          Wait, that’s un-American? Advocating violence against people who have caused no harm to anyone is thoroughly embedded into law and law enforcement. It’s as American as apple pie.

          As for the WORLD of difference you see, at a simple level, you are correct. However, one of the insights that informs so much of Eric’s writing is the danger posed by establishing a precedent that provides a “logical” argument for more drastic limits to be imposed in the future, and also conditions people to accept it. I’m pretty sure he’s made this point in almost every article he’s written on the subject, including a direct link to forced vaccination. His point, which you can challenge or disagree with, is that the precedent set by mask mandates, and the submission to same, makes it much more likely that forced vaccinations are coming. He makes that claim in this very article.

          “If it is accepted that Fear Masking is “about protecting our fellow humans” then it is a threat to other humans to not wear one. If so, that cannot be allowed – and violators must be punished. Or at least, sequestered and quarantined. Forced to submit to vaccinations”.


        • I don’t see Eric advocating gratuitous violence. What I do see, is the state and it’s deputized minions- which apparently now include store owners- demanding I wear something on my person. Not just something, but something which obscures my mouth and nose, when my nose and mouth pose no threat to anyone, and when I am perfectly content to assess my own prospects of potential danger and to choose to react as in accordance with my own tolerance for risk- even if I were to believe that any threat existed, and that the wearing of a mask could protect me from such- and for this, the state threatens violence against me, and others like me- merely for living as men and making our choices.

          Thus, even if Eric were advocating violence, such would be perfectly acceptable, because violence is perfectly legitimate when used in self-defense against someone who initiated violence against a peaceful person, merely because that person did not submit to the will of another.

          • But Nunzio! You MIGHT be sick! Then you MIGHT make someone else Sick! Then they MIGHT die!! (Starts foaming at the mouth, with hysterical panic…) ^^

            This entire sorry situation, would be rolling on the floor laughing my ass off funny, if it wasn’t so serious.

            Here we have, an entire planet full of supposedly “intelligent” humans, who have been convinced by some video talking heads, and their so called “experts”, that we are in the midst of a Global Death Plague.
            When the reality is, that this latest virus is not much more dangerous than a bad seasonal flu.

            With rare exceptions, the vast majority of the deaths we have seen, have been those who would normally die in a typical flu season. The elderly, those with impaired immune systems, and multiple biological weaknesses.

            The shear artistry of this propaganda campaign, is very impressive. Those who wove the timing, sources and wording, are masters of their craft. It takes a great deal of talent to stage craft this type of production. Especially at the start. Once it has started, it takes on a life of its own, if it was properly initiated.

            Weaving fear of the unknown, into various political ideologies, across multiple languages, and cultures takes a great deal of experience and talent. Not to mention a total disregard, for the consequences of ones actions.

            But it is no doubt, all for The Cause. Such Monsters have told themselves these lies, for countless years, even in the face of tens of millions of deaths. Why should today be any different?

            It would appear that we’ve reached the tipping point, in the reach of the corporate mass media, smart phone technology, and peoples gullibility. Given current trend lines, it was bound to happen.

            Now, we wait for the next phase of this operation. I’m certain our would be Over Lords, have their plans well developed, and ready to apply when the time is right. But as with all such, they will make mistakes, and over reach. It is in those mistakes, that our only real hope lies. Be vigilant and patient.

            • Well-said, BJ. The entire world has become Jonestown, and those of us who aren’t in the cult and who haven’t drunk the Kool-aid are the tiny minority now.

        • LRC posted an article by Andrew Napolitano today. In that article the last line referenced Jefferson’s recommendation that the tree of liberty be watered. So, the judge being a supporter of rights, while usually being somewhat soft on resistance, has determined the the time has come. I agree. Forcing anyone to do any thing against their will can only be achieved by the the threat of violence. Ergo, violence is being committed against us in the requirement to wear a mask. Whether we yield to it or not is a moral choice. By urging resistance to being masked, Eric has by implication already urged resistance to vaccination, or any other action to secure “safety” that requires use of force to apply.

          • Yep- why wouldn’t the mask-wearers take the monkey pus? They’ve proven, by wearing the masks, that they a)Buy the hype, and b)Are perfectly willing to comply.

            The military/guns are just for those who might be thinking of having an independent thought/questioning the hype, and for those of us who will NOT comply. Hope they’re ready to put a bullet in OUR head “for our good” of course…..’cause there ain’t no compliance here!

      • Aside from the fact that when you wear a mask, you are re-breathing and hence concentrating both CO2 and whatever bacteria/viruses you have already have, possibly to such a degree your immune system is overwhelmed, the question I’d like to have answered is this: If I am the only un-vaccinated person in a group, how does my status threaten anyone else?

        • Mike, you do know that some of the good masks, have one way valves, that allow your exhaled breath to pass through? That prevents the build up. The ones we have are 3M N95 (called cool flow). Of course P100 is better, but thats for a real situation. Not this over hyped seasonal flu wanna be.

          • So, if they allow your breath to escape, they defeat the supposed purpose of wearing a mask- which is supposedly to contain ones breath, and the “pathogens” it contains, so as not to “spread the flu”.

            • Not from my perspective. The mask is for MY benefit. Why else would I be wearing it? ^^ Thats why I start at N95 for things like mowing the lawn (I really hate getting all that dust, and lawn clippings in my nose/throat) or sanding/grinding or sawing. P100 and proper PPE is for serious situations. Not the current silly nonsense.

  20. Both professional and political arrogance is responsible for the present state of the world economy and world population as well.

    A common annual “flu virus” was promoted as a “pandemic” by the “smartest” and “best and brightest” people in positions of power, both in the USA and in the rest of the world.

    These “best and brightest” convinced political “leaders” to impose mandatory business closures, “lockdowns” and “quarantines” on healthy people, which is contrary to every common sense and scientific principle.

    These “business closures” were not imposed “across the board”, but were picked by political hacks as “winners and losers”. Liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, lottery retailers, and certain “big box” home improvement and sporting goods stores were permitted to remain in operation, while just about all small businesses were forced to close.

    In some states, the political arrogance was so great, plant nurseries, seed distributors, and other businesses were deemed “non-essential” and forced to close. Even “big box” stores were prohibited from selling lawn and garden supplies. Many restaurants were also put out of business by these clearly unconstitutional edicts.

    Imposing “quarantines” and “lockdowns” on healthy people does nothing to insure public health, and in fact delays necessary herd immunity.

    Public health is further damaged by business closures, especially small businesses whose owners rely on continuing business as a means of making a living, both for themselves and their employees.

    A major problem is that these “best and brightest” and political “leaders” are so arrogant that they refuse to admit that “they screwed up, big time”. Instead, they “double down” and inflict further pain on the public by refusing to insist that “they were wrong”. None of them will pay personally for their arrogance, stupidity, and just outright dishonesty and criminality.

    All one has to do is look at the “coronavirus hospitals” that were created to handle the “overflow” of coronavirus patients which never materialized. These “hospitals” were a waste of taxpayer dollars and did absolutely nothing to promote public health.

    At the same time, local hospitals were required to cease admissions, even for those of an emergency nature. Although not specifically stated, the public with health problems were covertly “encouraged” to avoid hospitals at all costs because of the phony “coronavirus” claims.

    Health professionals are also responsible for the current state of affairs, also refusing to admit that “they screwed up, big time” as well, and continue to insist that this annual flue is a “pandemic”.

    Then we have the “heavy hitters” with money, such as Bill Gates and Stephen Fauci who claim that they have “solutions” to our (artificially contrived) health problems. Gates is so arrogant the he feels that he can get away with genocide by using mandatory vaccinations to “cull” the world population.

    Gates “vaccination” programs in third-world countries failed to adhere to good medical practices, and the Nuremberg principle that “informed consent” must reign supreme in the administration of all medical procedures.

    Gates’ “vaccination” programs introduced polio into children in India for which he and his program were banned from the country. Gates’ African “vaccination” programs surreptitiously introduced birth-control compounds as part of their vaccination program without gaining “informed consent” from the recipients.

    According to these moneyed types and even “health care” officials, we are to be branded, tagged, and treated like cattle with no means to make informed choices about our health or health care decisions.

    Wearing masks and “social distancing” are no different than the “security theater” that we experience at airports with the TSA.

    There are no valid reasons for “mask-wearing” or “social distancing” for healthy people. “Lockdowns”, “business closures”, and “quarantining” of healthy people is being used for “control” and nothing more. The “powers that be” are desirous to see “how far they can go” to get the world population to accede to their demands.

    Fortunately, there are a lot more of us than there are of . We (still) have the power of the internet to bypass the “filters” that they put in place to keep us from seeing their “real” motives.

    • Anarchyst, Just one small quibble with your excellent posting.

      “Gates’ African “vaccination” programs surreptitiously introduced birth-control compounds as part of their vaccination program without gaining “informed consent” from the recipients.”

      Which were in fact sterilization compounds and not merely birth-control compounds.

      • Re:sterilization.
        When viewing his introduction of sterilization factors into his inoculations from a crime statistics point of view his actions may be considered a bit less onerous.

        • Precrime “statistics” are onan’r us, alright. And I’d urge such numeratti to spill all their seed on the ground. Just from a crime of statistics pov. Kill ‘em all, them wigglers, & let sod sort it out.

      • Birfs control or sterilization- it didn’t seem to have worked! Too bad- it would have been the one aqltruistic thing Gates actually did. Maybe next time, ol’ Billy should try feminism and material prosperity- as they seem to have worked pretty good on white people…..

  21. > Need a haircut.

    > Go to the local forum and ask which hair cutting places around here don’t require a mask.

    > Get attacked like I’m the kid wearing the wrong brand of sneakers by numerous bullies. Told I’m far-right, told I should cut my own hair with a weed-whacker, told the county health department requires them to force masks upon their customers.

    > Go to county health department website, it says masks are recommended, not required.

    > I post this revelation in the forum, asking if they can find a source. They respond by saying it is a state requirement.

    > Can’t find anything on the state website requiring (only recommending) a mask.

    > I tell them I can’t find a requirement, I ask them to please provide a source.

    > They say they don’t have time to look it up.

    > More people “joke” about me wanting to be a COVID test subject, and again tell me to cut my own hair with a string trimmer.

    > I call several hair salons and barbers in my area. Ask them if they require a mask. Yes. Is that a business policy or a government policy? They say the state board of barbers and cosmetologists require it.

    > I go to the board’s website, it says masks are, again, recommended, but not required.

    > One barber answers and says masks are not required.

    > Go and get my haircut.

    > Have a new barber. 🙂

    • We Pale Face? ^^ I’ve no doubt that there will be plenty of Stasi types out and about. Given that tens of millions are out of work. But the forced vaccines are going to be MUCH more difficult. Especially in the more religious parts of the country. Using the military would just make matters worse, and potentially lead to wide spread break downs of the system itself. I doubt even the War Lords are quite that stupid.

      • Hi BJ,

        I collect militaria. In addition to a replica of Il Duce’s fez I have the collar tabs of an SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer. They will look great on my Docktor Professor outfit, which I will wear next if this situation demands it.

        • Get even a replica rumpled cap with the Death’s Head on the brim as worn by the most (in)famous SS-Oberstrumbannfuhrer, Jochen Piper. He was 29 when he led Kampgruppe Piper, basically a brigade strength combined arms battle group, as the spearhead of the 1st SS Panzer Division (Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler). But for the obstinance of a relative handful of GIs at the Elsenborn Ridge and St. Vith, Peiper would have likely led his panzers to come rolling in by surprise on Antwerp itself, putting Monty’s entire 21st Army Group into a “wee bind”! Yeah, the guy was a Nazi, but he had “stones” that dragged the ground..

      • BJ,
        I think someone already mentioned something to this effect on here….but why would you expect anything but mass compliance in a country where over 94% of the population already submits to their children being jabbed with ludicrous doses of vaccines from infancy? (Ah! It was Brent P. I believe, who mentioned it).

        • Leicester. Revolts have occurred, succeeded, before. But memories are short, & made of this:

          So the wheel turns itself out in place, turns itself in in place, calls it “reinvention.”

        • Nunzio, because I have a LOT of experience with many of these people. They take this talk DEADLY seriously. They have totally bought into the Mark of the Beast thought pattern, and thus are more than willing to kill anyone who attempts to inflict it on them. In their minds to do other wise, would endanger their soul.
          Those on the Left coast, and the Eastern Peoples Republics are completely clueless as to how this is playing out in many parts of the country.

          • Hell, I’m one of those people, Beej- but thing is, WE are such a tiny minority- not even a blip on the radar. WE are not the masses. Just go to any airport to see the level of compliance- even before Corona- and that includes the masses, 80% of those who claim to be Libertarians; people among us who say they’ll resist the Mark……

            We’re so few, they’ll pretty much be able to kill us all off on the first day. All we can do is summon the courage to resist unto death…and maybe, if lucky, take a few of their mercenaries with us.

            • Oh, I’ve no doubt that many will submit. They always do. But I suspect we will have to agree to disagree, as to the real number of people who aren’t going to allow themselves or their families to be forced into this. In a population of 330 million, even one percent is more than 3 million. In many areas its going to be MUCH higher than that. I second your close. In the end, thats all one can expect, and ones final duty.

  22. Any “church” [quotes, because most these days are nothing more than deputized 501c3 corporate servants of Caesar) that enforces and justifies the mandatory mask BS, will also be doing the same for the Mark Of Thje Beast- as the masks are probably the last step leading to vax/implant.

    These churches today will justify anything, especially what comes from Caesar, so they can maintain their tax-free non-profit status, ’cause apparently appeasing Caesar and conforming to all of his rules (While proclaiming that God’s law no longer has any dominion over us!) is their primary obligation- and to that they have agreed when they signed their incorporation papers.

  23. A fresh cultural aberration from Kalifornia —

    During the pandemic, several high-profile figures have become unlikely sex symbols, thanks to their valiant efforts to keep us all from dying painful, lonely deaths in the ICU and, to some degree, our rampant, isolation-induced quarantine hornies. Now, fans can wear their devotion on their pubic mounds.

    L.A.-based clothing brand Canava is honoring New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and romance novel hero and heart-throbby disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci with a line of women’s underpants emblazoned with their names.


    What a horrid witches’ brew of political correctness, Stockholm syndrome, and genetically-wired female pandering to power and celebrity.

    One would not be surprised if the aforementioned Cuomo, Newsom and Fauci in fact wear these personalized panties daily … and pee sitting down.

    • I’ll take some terlit paper with Comrade Cuomo’s likeness imprinted on it. (Well, I should say: Pre-printed on it- It all has his likeness after it’s been used).

  24. Here is question to *The Maskers*; what is the physical size of the covid 19 virus? What is the porosity of that home made mask you are wearing? Ans: virus is in the nano-meter range. The only mask that would fully protect you is SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). Even the N95 do not stop the virus. The only conceivable useful purpose of a mask would be to contain liquid droplets from leaving your month as you speak or mucus from your nose. Perhaps food preparers should wear one but beyond that it is just theater.

    • Here’s the real kicker. If you look for it you’ll find that “experts” and “authorities” that tell us we have to wear masks now two months ago told us we didn’t. They told us masks were not effective. They told us the obvious and the truth then. But now we are told they lied to us back then to conserve masks for the medical professionals. See they lied to us for the greater good but now we have to wear masks.

      It’s nonsense. I wear N95 when sanding and doing things that well they are made for. If I use a mask long enough when I take it off there is dust on the inside at the edges where it meets my face. A virus is getting through there. Furthermore, some N95 masks have a check valve to breath out, no filtering, a virus would get out. Those are STILL considered acceptable. It’s just nonsense. It’s a submission ritual.

  25. Not many people under 50 have seen death. Smaller families, better health care, especially in old age and healthier lifestyles mean you’ve probably not actually seen death until you’re well into your 30s. My grandparents all died before I was 30, my maternal grandmother lived the longest at 94, but she was the outlier. My father’s father died when I was about 10 years old. My mother’s father died while I was in high school. My grandmother on my dad’s side died when I was a freshman in college. Not to mention all the great aunts and uncles, family friends and relations, church members, etc.

    My best friend growing up had a sister. She died before she was a year old. No one ever talked about it, but for sure it was one of those things that had a pretty big effect on his parents.

    I’m going to be 52 in a few weeks. Both my parents and all my aunts and uncles are alive but in decline. Fairly often now I get an update on so-and-so in the hospital, or “did you remember X? Well, they died this week” from the parents. It’s not surprising at all and I expect some of my older friends will be joining the astral choir soon. I don’t look forward to burying my parents, but it has to be done someday, probably sooner than I’d like. But I think it’s important to know about death and the dichotomy of taking on risk that could kill or make in order to live life to the fullest. Countless examples are written about on this very site.

    I’m still not sure where I come down on the whole mask thing, especially because of the so-called asymptotic carriers. My employer is requiring we wear a mask in common areas and public places (at least when in company branded clothing), and I had to wear a mask when I got a haircut earlier this week. Now I can “take a stand” but if there is any truth to the asymptotic carrier hypothesis it would make sense to mask up as many as practical. But then again, there were some quickly muted reports that entire batches of COVID tests were tainted with Wuhan flu and had to be scraped. So that calls into question both the reliability of the tests and the asymptotic carrier hypotheses. So we’re back to “we just don’t know.”

    Anyway, I think many of the people who are screaming about masks probably have never seen death. They don’t understand it, they don’t have any concept and they don’t know what might happen to them. The Church™ has embraced the southern-style revival tone for the most part, in order to compete with the NFL, and instead of providing wisdom and continuity instead appealed to the amygdala. Now that they have everyone afraid of the Devil and Hell, they don’t have any way to calm people down. And they wonder why everyone left.

    • Hi RK,

      The “asymptomatic carrier” thing is frightening. Not because of the threat of sickness but because of the threat of assuming everyone is sick. It is an extrapolation of the rationale for probable cause-free DWI “checkpoints” that require people to prove they aren’t “drunk.”

      Where does this end?

      It doesn’t. To accept this standard is to accept in principle the idea that authority can impose practically any restriction or obligation or punishment on people who’ve caused no harm to anyone or given any reason to suspect they (as individuals) might cause harm.

      It is pathological, too, to equate sickness with certain or even likely death (as is being done) and as something unnatural that must be avoided by any means necessary.

      To understand just how far around the bend this country has gone, consider that everything that is happening now could have happened last flu season if the hysteria created today had been created then: People are dying! Hundreds of thousands of “cases”! You might be sick! You might get someone else sick!

      It makes my teeth ache.

      • “Reginald” in this classic cartoon is the embodiment of Uncle and what he is doing to wee-the-sheeple:

        (Best line: After Reginald injurs Woody Woodpecker: “You’re sick, sick, sick! And I’m gonna oppawate on yoo!”)

      • There is a fine line here that has been stomped on by local, state and national politicians. For individuals & businesses, let them choose to mask or not. If a grocery store owner wants to, they can specify the conditions a customer must meet to enter their business: “No Shirts, No Shoes, No Mask… No service” Or, “Open to all, Customer assumes any risk of catching a cold or anything else!”
        I would be fine with either of those, but the dictates of Mayors, City or state “Health officials”, Governors, Presidents, and even other citizens telling me what to do is unacceptable.
        Someone ‘tut tutted’ me for being in possession of an N95 Mask in late March. The Mask I bought for attic cleaning about 15 years ago (box of 20)! I guess that person could be classed as a pedestrian clover? Apparently N95 masks must be reserved for our newest class of ‘heroes’

        • We would have to repeal the unconstitutional “civil-rights (for some)” laws that mandate businesses obey the “equal accommodation” statutes and replace them with “freedom of association”.
          In fact, it is these very “public accommodation” statutes that cripple businesses…
          With “freedom of association”, governments would not be able to close (certain) businesses without great difficulty.
          Even now, there are ways for businesses to get around mandated government (forced) closures. Establish your business as a “membership club” (like Costco or Sam’s Club). By limiting access to “members” which can be easily given, you move out of the realm of “public access” and as such should be able to stay open without government interference.

        • Hi Electron,

          I favor individual rights, of course – including the right of a store owner or other private business to set terms. But I also cannot abide idiocy – and wearing a Fear Mask if you’re healthy is as idiotic as wearing a cast on your not-broken leg.

          • The problem where I am is that in order to stay open businesses are forced to require masks by the government. I really don’t want to cause problems for the independent businesses I go to. I’ve avoided the big stores except for a garden center which was outdoors of course.

        • This BS started with them declaring that business owners could no longer decide whether they wanted to allow smoking on their premises or not. In some places, that is now being further extended to include landlords and homeowners. Once that was not only tolerated, but even embraced and cheered for by the masses, they have now moved on to declaring what is “essential”, when a business can or can not do business, and what customers must wear and where they must stand!

        • From behind her designer face covering a woman at our local Walmart took me to task for daring to venture out sans mask. (I should mention that I am a retired OR nurse.) After suffering through her diatribe instructing me as to the necessity of such equipment I put it to her that, being a bonafide citizen of this country where the constitution bars the government from treating us as subjects, I was under no obligation to don that equipment and further, should she find my attitude not to her liking, she could go pound sand with my blessings.

      • Agreed that the outrage over nonconformity with wearing masks is just outright wrong. In the case of Asian countries where masking is common, it is my understanding that it is considered a courtesy if you felt you may be sick. It is a positive thing. Here unfortunately, the fear of others has ruined any chance of that happening. I don’t know exactly why we got to this point, but I know when it started. Back when there was a Commie under every bed, and loose women were fraught with disease, and dope feens were coming for your daughter. Then gay men started dying from AIDS, but no one believed that white Americans would be compassionate so the narrative was that anyone could get AIDS, even though it was nearly impossible for straight people to get it, so the story became that anyone could get it, even from your teen sweetheart. Then they trotted out that one hemophiliac who got it from a blood transfusion and made sure to remind everyone that even they might need a blood transfusion someday, so be afraid. And interesting how Fauci earned his reputation riding the AIDS epidemic.

        So now everyone has the potential to kill, unless they present themselves as “safe,” as defined by the most scared. And again with a parallel to AIDS, the only way to be safe is if the “other” wears protection.

        • Hi RK,

          If people based their actions on the facts, here’s how they’d act:

          Healthy people live as normal; if they get sick, they make an effort to stay away from vulnerable people – the old and the already sick.

          That’s it.

          It’s what people did until all of a sudden it wasn’t enough. Why? Only because of manufactured hysteria and an juggernaut of shaming over reasonable/sane actions such as not wearing a Fear Mask or gloves or demanding that everyone do, shuttering commerce and demanding that people live as though they were about to die if they didn’t wear Fear Masks and gloves and shutter themselves in their homes.

          It is literally insane.

          • It’s not insane from the government’s perspective: it’s calculated to accomplish at least two objectives: (1) submission training, and (2) dividing the people. What better way of doing the latter than making everyone suspicious of everyone else?

            What’s insane, in my view, is that so many people succumb to the fear without a moment’s thought.

            • I am old enough to have watched Europe falll to the communists, then many other nations.. one by one. Much bloodshed, military action, brute force, extreme measures of contorl, quarantine, sequestering at home, forced migration, closing of towns, businesses, etc, fear dominating everywhere, government pep talks, and orders clothed in “helpful advice”, people disappearning, extreme restirctions on travel. activities, food and supply shortages, etc. MAlmost every case included rampant death by the controlling organisation as they enforced their rules, They were in control of EVERYTHING. Oh black markets flourished.. until caught. Then more folks would disappear. To prevent fightint back at any signficant level, firearms were always first “permitted” then registered.licensed, (Mother May I Cards to own gus or ammunition) then banned then confisccated.

              THAT is the main difference between the commies taking over so many nations and this virus thingie. Exceot that now, many local and state governments have tried mightily to limit, stop, prevent the PEOPLE from purchasing arms or ammunition.

              But the botom line is that in less than three months, the same thing has been almost completely effected, without firing a shot. And it is extremely well coordinatid worldwide. This is not like any revolution or hostile takeover in history. In fact it is so far more effeciive AND the amazging bit is, it did not take in invasion, and total destruction of infrasturctures by force….. just took planting this seed of fear “we’re all gonna DIEEEEEEEeeeeee” stuff. The coordination amongst crooked politicians, media, the medical profefession or at least most of it, and happpening worldwise simultaneously? I mean, even i Guatemala folks have to wear a mug nappie away from home.
              In the space of three months at the outside, a worldwide coup d’etat has been implemented, without invasion , violence, and people blindly allow themselves to be herded off into the cattle cars of fear…… Just. Like. That. Frightening, but extremely well done.
              BUT.. it ain’t over till its over.. and it ain’t ver yet. Da Fat Lady ain’t singin’ yet.

        • Wow, RK! The AIDS thing is a PERFECT eggsample of just how powerful, far-reaching and long-lasting propaganda is! I remember those AIDS campaigns back in the mid 80’s (NYC- may’ve been later in saner places)….and to this day, I STILL hear people spouting those lines!

          “Anyone can get it” (Then they trot out a Cat-lick Priest, an altar boy, a few members of Elton John’s band, Liberace…..)

          • Between all the Cold War bullshit, the damn boomers celebrating the 20th anniversary of everything they pretended they did in the 1960s and AIDS it’s no wonder I’m a cynic.

            • They call me a cynic- but I’m not a cynic- I’m just a realist, who lives in the real world and not the Land Of Believe.

              They have words to describe those who live in the world, but who aren’t cynical or skeptical. Those words are:

          • all so true. BUT a friend of mine years ago had an injury, needed a unit of blood. The bag they gave him had AIDS. He was dead within a year. He left behind a wife and at two chuldren. He is one of the statistics that led to blood donors getting screened for AIDS, and eventually the prohibitioin of homosexuals giving blood.
            So, yes, ANYONE “can” get it. but any individuals odds of gettig AIDS is vanishingly small…. I think statistically one is more likely to be struck by lightening twice in their lifetime.
            Now, that DOES exclude crazy people who are on the needle, or play like a cat inheat, any port in a storm sort of lifestyle. But for we who behave ourselve,s, nah.

            Same with this Chinavirus, too. IF you are reasonably healthy, exercise regulalry, eat halfway sanely, don’t have any of the co-morbidity factors, and take a few very important dietary supplements to keep yuor immune ssytem fuctioning properly, your chances of getting the Cniavirus AND having any difficulty with it (serious symptoms, hospitalisation, etc) are somewhere near getting struck twice by lightning in your life.

            THey are selling fear, and dependence. Sorry Im not in the market for either.

            • In that vein, isn’t it odd to hear from one source that the sky is indeed falling while at the same time from a different source (or, even more outlandish, from the same source within minutes of the previous pronouncement) that this has been little more than an overblown nightmare and if you have been suckered in you SHOULD be sheared? One would assume that those having the power would have shut down the naysayers. Or, would that have been an altogether too naked grab of power and have caused the stampede to the gun safe?

              • The assumption that their power is that absolute, or that their factions are monolithic isn’t backed by the data. They certainly control the vast majority of the corporate media. 90% of all corporate media in the US is owned by only six companies. Which are in turn owned by three.

                But these days, there are a HUGE number of alternative sites, and sources. Not to mention that the corporate media is simply no longer credible to tens of millions of people.

                Given the amount of finger pointing that has started, its apparent that a large number of very powerful people, are realizing that they have either been played, or have played themselves.

                The blame shifting is going to get intense. Especially, as the wave of counter reaction continues to mount.

                As we move further into this election season, things are going to get ever more dirty, ugly and expensive. Thats why the Progs have been pushing their Cheat by Mail program. If the Stupid Party lets them get away with it, they might as well pack it in.

              • To effectively control hundreds of millions of people without the overt use of open violence, and without exposing the nature of the system we live under and who the true controllers are, and to keep people participating and compliant, is a tricky thing.

                The Bolshevik Revolution/USSR was an experiment in implementing collectivism by overt force all at once. The USA starting at the same time became an experiment in implementing the same thing, but via gradualism through “education”, propaganda and manipulation of social institutions while preserving and expanding infrastructure and productivity.

                The US model won. We the people lost.

                • No. We have only lost, if the flame of liberty is allowed to go out. The American experiment has been instructive to many, in many ways. It is not just our Rulers (nor those who control them) who have been taking notes. This is not the end, nor the beginning of the end. But it is, the end of the beginning.

      • That’s just it, Eric. Having to PROVE innocence, or non-infection, and to WHOM? How, if they’re allowed to get away with it, the “Po-Leece” and others inclined to an overbearing, authoritarian bent could abuse these powers and render us effectively a nation of serfs, as if we’re not just about there.

        The gloves of “civility” need to come off and the Karens and would-be overbearing cops need get used to hearing the phrase, “Go FUCK yourself!”.

        • coppers or health department pooohbahs or any other such person demanding to know abut MY medical conditions, records, hirtory, vaccinationis, etc, is violating the HIPPA laws. Now I despise that entire system of records, formats, protocols, etc. it has at least doubled the cost of any medical care. BUT.. since the infernal thing is IN PLACE< and it is THE LAW, I will use ot to my advantage. "I wish to inform you that your request for priviledged medical information concerning myself is in violation of federal HIPPA laws, and I refuse to answer as I do not wish to violate those laws. ON your way, then. Go on, off with you.

          As to places demanding I wear a mug nappie… I will tell lthem that because of a traumatic experience in my past I am deathly afraid of anything covering my mouth or face. I am thus emotionally disabled and refuse to wear any face covering. If you refuse to allow me entrance I will take actioin against you for violaitng the Amiericans with Disabilites Act. If theyask for details, I will provide a response similar to the one above to the copper acking about m vaccines. Your demand for personal medical information concerning muyself is in viiolation of HIPPA laws, and I also wish to remain compliant woth those so will not answer.
          Two laws I despise, but I will make use of them just to spite the purveyors of fear. Sorry 'm nt in the market.

          • Good luck with that. Check the web and you’ll find that they have already dealt with both your supposed violations of the HIPAA law and your claim to privacy. Seems somebody has already tried that and they’ve countered it.

    • if you need to wear a mask on the earth then we’re finished as a species. Don’t give the virus a second thought and get busy enjoying life because before you know it you’ll be 80 and things like normal flu and sickness bugs can kill you. No one gets out alive remember and i’d rather fight than be controlled by scared people.

    • Hey RK,

      Some interesting points there, particularly the one about churches.

      I want to address your comment on the asymptomatic carriers. Think about that word tho, what it means is that someone is infected, but w/o ANY symptoms.

      I get flu-like symptoms almost every time I eat at a fast-food place, which I why I rarely eat there. And no, I’m not kidding at all. I literally get the runs almost every time I eat there. If we attacked the fast-food industry, which quite frankly DOES ultimately harm more people than a simple flu, which is essentially what a Corona virus is. I’ll let alone that the establishment attempted something similar back when SARS & MERS, both Corona viruses, were in play. Neil Ferguson’s claims even back then were laughably inaccurate. They were laughably inaccurate for the 4th time now. What, the 5th time’s the charm? Why wasn’t he a laughing stock back after his ‘02, ‘05, and ‘09 prediction laughing-stock debacles? Seriously, why wasn’t he? Those were even worse and he needed the media on this one to simply make him not look like he has the obvious agenda that he and the rest of those involved have. For anyone that isn’t a gullible dope the cat’s well out of the bag on that one. Only those for whom if I want to know what they think I’ll turn on the Lobotomy Box any longer believe in all of this. Free and independent thinking people are watching the psychological case-study unfold in sheer and utter disbelief.

      Anyway, so why not shut down that industry, the fast-food industry? I know as a fact that I’m not the only one that experiences those “flu-like symptom(s)” as such.

      But I digress, what happens to most of those asymptomatic carriers?

      If we’re going to be honest, nothing, except that they then develop an immunity for it as has been the case since man’s been alive. That’s the beauty of the human immune system.

      But allow me to ask you, at 52, A) how do you know that you’re not an asymptomatic carrier? Short answer: You don’t.
      … and B), unless you have diabetes, or cancer, or alzheimers, or heart disease, etc., something of which has been diagnosed in almost all death cases of this, what would in every likelihood happen to you if you got it? Short answer: nothing, except for that you would then also have immunity. Wouldn’t that be good? For sure there would be no need of having to even entertain getting a DNA/RNA-altering “vaccine” for which Bill Gates, the driver of the entire vaccine industry, purely for altruistic motives of course (see video below this), which is controversial at best. The part of the video in question starts at about the 1:20 mark and runs for about 15 seconds.

      And frankly, if health is so important, no argument, then why are the profits so huge if the true motives are altruistic. (rhetorical) Clearly they aren’t.

      So why are you (much less so many people) even remotely listening to the media on this? These so-called “death statistics” reveal that this isn’t even ranking beyond the normal flu, even Fauci, who’s been all over the map contradicting himself with Birx in tow doing the exact same thing to the extent that she justifiably threw the CDC under the bus, are perfectly in line with normal flue deaths as stated by the CDC. In Fauci’s word a “mild flue.” That’s using now admittedly inflated numbers, even having been admitted by numerous authorities under whose orders those known inflated numbers have been publiized. The questions “why” we can save for another discussion.

      Otherwise, medical and immunological/virological experts have now stated that these numbers have been grossly inflated even to the extent that as many as 75% may have been falsely reported as such. The Italian minister of health stated that nearly all of their reported deaths were non-related despite having been reported as such. Wouldn’t the mainstream media WANT to make these corrections if in fact they were truly interested in the truth? So why aren’t they? They clearly aren’t.

      So too, the director of Illinois public health stated the same.

      She could have and perhaps should have added that if someone had died in a car accident while “testing positive,” from which almost everyone rebounds from and in most cases w/o symptoms, then the “cause of death” would be the virus, not the car accident.

      One true journalist put it this way, this would be similar to diagnosing the notion that of 100 children that ran across the street, 82% were wearing sneakers. Therefore, the cause of death was “wearing sneakers.” But that’s EXACTLY what’s occurring here, and now they’re even admitting it. There should be investigations, trials, and even life-imprisonments a/o executions for crimes against humanity on this. The government(s) has CLEARLY declared war on a free people worldwide.

      Someone in the media pointed out the same number of people under 30 have died as those over 100. There’s obviously facetiousness in that truth.

      This entire thing is turning people into neurotics, and neurotics can only serve the interests of a government attempting to oppress us. They’re useless as such otherwise.

      Moreover, every day we hear of reports of people [here or there or everywhere] “testing positive.” Any idea how many viruses you would test positive for on any given day? Legion.

      “Testing positive” is not dying, far from it. I frankly believe that I’ve already been exposed, all but asymptomatically, but if not, I greatly wish I would be exposed. If I were, I would “test positive.” So what. Great, I’m on the road to immunity. And even if I did have symptoms, OK, so what? Worst case I’d get the same shit (pun intended) as I do from going to Taco Bell, McDonald’s, KFC, or any number of restaurants, and who knows, I might even get the heaves and a fever. It’s hardly as if I’ve never thrown-up before. Has anyone reading this never had the flu or “flu-like illnesses” before? That’s ridiculous to even suggest.

      So what’s the big deal here, now, with this? What, it’s deadly? So is the flu, apparently to the same extent except the flu isn’t man-made like this likely is. Again, entirely another story.

      Remove the media hype from this and it’s life as normal on ALL fronts! What does this suggest?

      Diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), killed nearly 100,000 people in 2017 with over a QUARTER MILLION “testing positive” for diabetes upon death.

      FAR more than with this. Keep in mind that this is in a never-ending ongoing basis, which means that ever three years over a MILLION people have died from diabetes, again, in an ongoing basis if the same criteria for establishing cause of death is used, right.

      So why not render sugar(s) illegal and run them out of existence? Seriously, why not?

      We can do this for any number of other causes of death including the obvious, the approved by the FDA cigarettes and tobacco products accounting for a good chunk of the nation’s leading killer, cancer and also of its second-leading killer, heart-disease. So why haven’t those been banned? If the response were the same, then they’d have been banned decades ago. The fact that cigarette manufacturers fully knew about the addiction of nicotine, years after they denied it of course, much like the CDC denied the fact that vaccines cause cancer to the extent that they have said for years that they have studies that prove that they do not. In federal court earlier this year, because they had to be sued for stonewalling FOIA requests on those studies for nearly a decade, testified on record that they’ve been lying to us and that no such studies in fact exist.

      I’ll end with this, look up Edward Bernays’ contribution to women and smoking. A such, I will leave you with a few Edward Bernays quotes. EB is the one that coined the term “public relations” and is considered to be the Father of American Propaganda. Yes Virginia, the US is FULLY capable of propaganda and they’ve been using it for years. In fact, Goebels and Hitler actually admired the means by which the American public had been manipulated as such, again, what, nearly a hundred years ago now, and actually drew some of their methodologies from Bernays and our system as such.

      “If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
      — Edward Bernays

      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”
      — Edward Bernays

      “The American motion picture is the greatest unconscious carrier of propaganda in the world today. It is a great distributor for ideas and opinions. The motion picture can standardize the ideas and habits of a nation. Because pictures are made to meet market demands, they reflect, emphasize and even exaggerate broad popular tendencies, rather than stimulate new ideas and opinions. The motion picture avails itself only of ideas and facts which are in vogue. As the newspaper seeks to purvey news, it seeks to purvey entertainment.”
      — Edward Bernays

      Edward Bernays was hired to polish up John Rockefeller’s immoral image. He did so quite successfully.



      • Fast food restaurants are common. Global pandemics are novel. No one fears McDonalds, even with the clown. Possibly because of marketing, likely because the food overloads the senses causing a mild addiction. It gets worse after consuming the food because it isn’t good enough to satiate you appetite. So you get used to eating more and more.

      • The “asymptomatic” BS. is the same nonsense often used to convince healthy people that they have cancer. A perfectly healthy person can be tested for cancer, and the test will come back as “positive” if antibodies are present in that person’s system. Never mind the fact that those antibodies are doing their job and keeping the person from actually gettting cancer…just the proof that his immune system is doing it’s thing is taken as proof that he is “sick”, and then the patient is prescribed some draconian treatment, such as chemotherapy, which usually destroys his immune system, and THEN allows the cancer to advance, and or the effects of that “therapy” are worse than the disease which the patient didn’t even have to begin with, bnecause his functioning immunbe system was successfully fighting it, which is likely the case with many of us, we just don’t know it because we haven’t been tested.

        Now just insert COVID-19 in the above in place of cancer! Same deal. They’re taking something which the majority of people have dormantly living in their bodies, and which remain dormant or are successfully kept at bay by their immune system, and using the harmless existence of that condition to mark people as sick and dangerous!

  26. I’m going to start asking mask-wearing people if they have the virus.

    Most will honestly say “no.” At which point I will then ask them why they’re wearing the mask since masks are meant for others, (given that the “protect yerself” narrative has reasonably disintegrated), if they don’t have anything to spread then what’s the point other than for purposes of fear theater.

    If the odd one states that they have it, the logical question then becomes, “then why are you walking around exposing others given the your mask is far from foolproof?”

    Their logical answer can only be that they’re not experiencing any symptoms.

    The obvious reponse then comes back around to the original question since hardly anyone that is exposed likewise has no symptoms.

    Best advice: If you plan on being around people that are on cusp of death for one reason or another, don’t be around them, or wear a mask then. Same as we’ve always been told, if you even have so much as a head-cold don’t go into a nursing home or assisted living facility.

    Quite simple really.

    IMO, Americans have generally become so soft and mentally mushy and lacking in any significant purpose in life, (another thing altogether) that they need simple validation in their lives, such as “contributing to the continued existence of mankind) to merely have some substance in their Lobotomy-Box centric lives.

    • What if they answer “I don’t know”. Should they keep the mask on? or should they have stayed at home? The only reason I wear a mask is that I don’t know, and I’ve got no way of finding out.

      • So then, I guess one would have to wear a mask for the rest of their life, because ya never know when ya might be infected with something…. And that there is likely the very mentality that the mask-pushers are seeking to instill, so that the plebes will accept continual testing and vaccinations- and of course, they are too stupid to notice that people will continue to get sick just as people always have and will. Insanity!


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