Why Fear Masking is so Dangerous

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A reader asks about his church’s Fear Mask policy; my reply follows his question: 

 First of all, I’ve decided to not go along with “Masks Mandatory.”

After reading some of your articles as well as other online stories, sit seems Dr. Fauci wants a “vaccination card” to prove you’ve been vaccinated against Corona before you can enter any business or public building. Also, I read that Bill Gates is insisting on 14 billion doses of vaccine — more than the world population, just in case people might need double doses (!) It’s my belief that a chip would likely be implanted under your skin at the same time the vaccine is done (like the “electronic ear tagging” you’ve mentioned).

So once this tag is in place, what else can the government mandate that we must be “tagged as compliant” for, or lose our social and economic life? My view is… anything and everything they decide to, for any reason whatsoever. I believe Masks Mandatory, social distancing, etc., are simply ways to keep the fear alive until the vaccines/tags are ready, plus they will habituate the public into accepting government decrees without question, so there’ll be less resistance to the tagging.

So…about church…I attend a Unitarian Universalist church, which is a non-credal Church that, likes the Freethinkers group I’m in, says they are tolerant of different viewpoints, etc.  Recently, I was asked by the minister and the trustees to run for election to be Secretary for the Board of Trustees, keeping minutes and so forth. I agreed to do so. The general meeting for elections will be held on Sunday, June 7. It will be held via Zoom, but if you wish to come to the church, it will be Masks Mandatory and social distancing. I also received an general email from the minister today stating small gatherings can be held in the parking lot for now, but they will be Masks Mandatory as well. The following is an excerpt of the email:

“Bring your own food and drink, perhaps a chair or blanket, and your MASK to gather safely, according to all the protocols. Please remember that we all have different levels of risk comfort/aversion, and while you may not feel the need to wear a mask, the objective is to keep safe everyone around you at a level they feel comfortable with, so they will be required.”

First of all, I don’t feel it’s my responsibility to  ensure everyone feel “safe” or “risk-free” — that is their responsibility to decide what they’ll accept.  Secondly, if this is policy of the church, I don’t feel comfortable serving on the board, as I will not attend any services, events, or meetings that are Masks Mandatory.  I could accept the election (which is unopposed) and simply not wear the mask, but I believe I would be removed from consideration once I came out against Masks Mandatory, and in any event, I feel I would endorsing the hysteria surrounding Corona by attending these events, mask or not, since it’s being made clear the church officially supports it. I also feel if I mention the Gates/Fauci/et al intentions, it’ll be dismissed as a conspiracy theory; however, these are from mainstream sites and sources (Forbes, Business Insider, Washington Post, etc.) and our available by Googling for anyone to read. My inclination is to decline to serve on the board (and explain why).  This isn’t an agree-to-disagree thing for me; the trajectory I see these mandates taking seems to lead nowhere good.  However, I do like these people and generally enjoy the church and the interaction with members (without masks or taped lines on the floor, though). Any thoughts on this?

I would rescind my offer to serve, tell them I will be leaving the church – and then explain why. Publicly. In an open letter to every church member, as well as the officers.

Though well-meaning (just like the people who submitted to all the post-naaaahhhhnnnleeeven police state measures as “necessary to stop terror”) acceptance of Fear Masking will have absolutely devastating consequences which is why it must be fought at all costs.

Fear Masking legitimizes Sickness Psychosis – and normalizes the associated behaviors and requirements. Do you want to live in a world where it is considered normal to live in constant dread of getting sick – not just from Corona – and where pathological measures are imposed in an insane attempt to prevent anyone from ever getting sick? In which it is considered abnormal – and “reckless” – to not cringe in fear of the possibility that you might get sick? Where you are presumed to be a Typhoid Mary – of not just Corona, either – unless you prove otherwise, as by mandatory vaccination (plus card) for anything the government-corporate nexus conjures up as a “threat” to “health”?

If it’s reasonable – if it’s necessary – for people to wear Fear Masks and accept government-mandated required vaccinations (no matter their effectiveness, no matter their potential/actual side effects; no matter that you have a right to not be forced to have substances injected into your body) then how will you argue against being forced by the government  to see an “approved” doctor and submit to whatever his orders are? Take this pill. Submit to that procedure. Realize this is coming – if Mask Wearing is normalized.

Any opposition to the Authority of Health Care Providers will be pathologized as sickness – by sickness psychotics.

I understand that it is difficult to “rock the boat” and sad to risk the loss of friends/associations we valued before Corona Fever struck. But which is of more value? Our friends and associations – or our freedom and our dignity?

I often go back to the post-naaaahhhhnnnleeeven “security” theater – really, submission training – to try to get people to see what is happening again. This time, it is advanced submission training. They want people treated like cattle – and accepting such treatment – everywhere, not merely at airports and other facilities (which could generally be avoided, if you didn’t wish to be trained).

They want absolute control – and it ought to be obvious by now that this is how they intend to get it.

Which is why Mask Wearing and Sickness Kabuki cannot be tolerated. If it is necessary to risk and even lose friends over it, so be it. I have already lost two. I would rather lose them all and be entirely by myself than go along to get along when it comes to something this important.

Consider: Would you have gone along with the Nuremburg Laws, if you’d been a German citizen in 1934? Would you have Pavel Morozov’d your neighbors, if you lived in Soviet Russia in the same period?

I suspect that if even a fourth of the people at your church got together and led by example – refused to wear the Fear Mask and explained why to the rest – more would come around and the policy could be changed.

I sincerely hope you do not comply – and I pray (though I am not a religious man) that we can stop this insanity before it gells.

. . .

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  1. The mask is the new MARK of the SLAVE. Where’s the science?
    There IS science for this:
    Social distancing, masks, gloves, confinement, excessive hand washing, stress from ginned up fear, and depression are damaging everyone’s immune system which will lead to many people becoming sick when the quarantine is lifted.
    These measures are the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Quarantine the sick but free the healthy and get things back to normal now.


  2. Eric, you’re gonna love this. I’m currently working at a company that (thankfully) does not have a “fear mask” mandate; yet more than half of my coworkers still wear them, and one of them even wore a friggin’ plastic face shield (as if the virus couldn’t go in through the bottom lol)! Now here comes the fun part: whenever I go to use the men’s room, I see those same people with the mask, shield, and all, leave the restroom without washing their fucking hands!!! Reminds me of the lib-tards who demand safety and security, while sharing their living spaces and their lives (via anti-social media) with complete strangers.

    • Hi Blue,

      Hilarious – and, sad! These people are literally out of their minds; I cannot account for it. Especially the uptick in Fear Masking as it becomes apparent that WuFlu is a mortal threat to practically no one who isn’t already in a nursing home or already nursing a very serious illness. Why didn’t these Fear Maskers wear their Fear Masks last year – when “people also died?”

      Answer: Because Their Master’s Voice didn’t tell them to. Today, it has.

  3. ‘Which is why Mask Wearing and Sickness Kabuki cannot be tolerated. If it is necessary to risk and even lose friends over it, so be it. I have already lost two. I would rather lose them all and be entirely by myself than go along to get along when it comes to something this important.’
    Amen Eric.

    My little bro and I are no longer speaking. He tried to scold me [“of all people”, mind you] for not taking the Chinese Wuhan Virus seriously [and control what I called it FFS] because I was hospitalized for two weeks in Feb for a lung abscess and pneumonia. I never even had a frigging fever and bam. Totally recovered.

    I have zero use for hysteria and my little brother’s paranoia and fear mongering, steeped, I am certain, by the demons in the MSM and non stop TV ads and government nagging.

    That sort of crap I won’t allow around me. There’s something about “Keeping your head while everyone around you is losing theirs and blaming it on you” [‘If” by Rudyard Kipling] that is part of my DNA by now.

    And no I won’t wear a mask. The worst in life has already been experienced in that two week stay in Horror Hospital.

    And as I told him I was at ground zero for AIDs in the early 80s when I lived in West Hollywood. [Pandemic 1957, a year after I was born. I survived that too: https://www.aier.org/article/elvis-was-king-ike-was-president-and-116000-americans-died-in-a-pandemic/ ].
    I know what to do and there are millions of cooties out there, always. Not going to cave.

    This was all in response to a text I sent asking him how was he keeping sane with all the Wuhan hysteria. Obviously running around tresses aflame and pearl clutching it turned out.

    I’m an adult. I know how to take care of myself, I’ve been on my own since I left home at 18.

    This is not “Our Pearl Harbor” [and eff anyone in the eye for even suggesting that], it’s not an “invisible enemy” any more than skin cancer or toe fungus is, and it’s not another 9-11 [though government fear pimps be hopin’ to use it that way].

    Terrible times used to make people tough. Now they just make people terrible.

    • “Terrible times used to make people tough. Now they just make people terrible.”

      Thanks, another one I’m stealing.

  4. Of ALL things, Churches should be the ones standing against this prelude-to-the-Mark-Of-The-Beast! Traditionally, it has been Christians who have warned against Caesar and his tyranny and his Mark, but now that most “churches” are 501c3 corporations, they have agreed to serve Caesar before God, thus breaking the First Commandment- and while most openly preach against obedience to God’s Law, they preach obedience to Caesar’s law. Synagogues of Satan……

    Rather than admonishing their flocks to resist the Mark, they’re go to be prodding them to accept it! If they don’t resisdt the masks…they won’t resist the chips. These “churches” are the biggest impediment to Christianity and one’s spiritual life and growth than Caesar himself….. Bunch of Nicolatians they are!

    • Amen Nunzio.

      Caesars church is massive. “His holiness” rules from the vatican city and many go or are visited by “his holiness” to hear the “new beginning, new word”.

  5. Religion is one of those odd things, claiming that it’s about worship of God, when it’s actually about tribal affiliation and dominance. It can be put by these discerning features into another category of government. Like modern corporations, which all want to run the lives of their willing subjects.

    I once visited a small town in Georgia, around 1200 people, which boasted FIVE discrete Baptist churches, indicating to me that they just couldn’t get along.

    A very wise man once said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. Caesar is not owed anything, he’s just another man, usually an inferior damaged type with an abnormal and unbalanced mind.

    Having said all that, our struggle today is against lies and the father of lies, against the one known by our ancestors as the Adversary, or sometimes Loki. It is very difficult to win against a liar, a cheat, who has no compunction about doing whatever is necessary to win. Our only moral and ethical course is to say NO loudly and often, and to make personal refusal of illegitimate control a part of the core of our being.

    As to religion, I’m a follower of Western Kyfho, a splinter sect of Discordionism. These are real things and I highly recommend them. One of the tenets like many faith traditions is that you can adopt the camouflage of a mainstream sect to maintain some personal safety so long as you don’t disrespect your core values.

    Seen properly the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of religion is the key to most of the freedoms which we used to take for granted. It doesn’t mean you only have the freedom to be a Lutheran, Catholic, or Baptist and go to a church on Sunday. It means that you have the right to practice your beliefs, the right to drive with a cell phone and without a seat belt or helmet. It means you have the right to own and carry whatever weapon you can contrive or acquire to be used in all instances of self defense. I once argued against a seat belt ticket on grounds of freedom of conscience (religion). The judge said he wasn’t buying it. I told him,”Good, I hope you choke on it because that’s the law and you have to obey”. He stole my money anyway but I made it explicitly clear that he was scum and a common thief.

    We are at the point where the Adversary is grasping for total power. It’s up to you and I and all of us to stand firmly against it and say NO. And we have to make it stick.

  6. So is this, then, how they will finally destroy the churches? By making participation in worship so intolerable and insufferable that people will just say F this? It’s easy to say find another church, but what happens when they all go along and there are no alternatives? Then there is a loss of community, a gradual but steady atrophy of interest and faith, a loss of charity, a loss of ministry, among others. What will follow is onset of a general malaise and the loss of general good will or sense of purpose for many people.

    These churches face the same dilemma as businesses – comply or face the state’s wrath, or face the loss of members (and their tithes) who desire fear masking, because they far outnumber the sane among us.

    • Hi BAC,

      There is a way around this. Just get together with like-minded people and do your thing, whether it’s lifting weights or worshipping God. No money changes hands. So it’s not a “business.” This can also be done underground, if it comes to that – and it may.

      • True Eric. Throughout history, the market has always found end runarounds in times of need. I look forward to it.

  7. Those who accept the proclamations of tyrants to maintain their well being are showing little to no faith in God in the first place. I am not a religious person, in that I believe one’s action dictates whether they are good or bad in the eyes of God, not willing subjection to the often ridiculous dictates of those who have usurped the authority of God, as in clergy. When in human history has submission to tyrants been beneficial to anyone but tyrants, and their cohorts?

  8. Eric,
    This man is not alone. We are also in a similar situation. Our Pastor wants, when GovCo allows gatherings, parishioners to make reservations for seating, get temps taken by RN’s at the door, march to their seat, mask in place, then depart. NO SOCIALIZING.

    This is not the way God intended us to live.

    BTW, have you tried to have a jovial conversation with a mask wearer? I find it almost impossible to interact when I can’t see someone’s face. The idea of “community” is being destroyed day-by-day. The Powers That Be are destroying lives and life and the herd moos in approval.

    • Hi Mark,

      I agree with others who’ve suggested starting your own church,with people not servile and addled by Sickness Psychosis. Or just pray with your family. God won’t mind, I bet.

      • That is exactly what we are doing. Our family and a few friends will meet Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, to breakfast and then worship together in our daughter’s home.

        The Sunday after Easter we all went to another state and worshiped with my parents on my Dad’s 90th birthday. It was a Latin Mass. No masks, no anti-social distancing. It was truly joyous. My Dad’s been concerned for years about the falling of the Roman Catholic Church. He observed years ago that maybe true Christianity will again have to begin with only 12 followers.

        As Jesus said in Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” I pray that those who do not have Faith, as opposed to Religion, will eventually come to find comfort. After 30 years of atheism, I was reborn. If it can happen to a wretch like me…

        • Well-said, Mark!

          It’s so sad to see morality inverted – “doing good” used to impose outright evil. I am honored to be among the ones refusing to bend knee to this business, no matter the consequences.

    • When mask wearers attempt to talk to me, I ask them to remove their mask from their mouth so that I can understand them. I tell them that I am hard of hearing and need to see their face to understand what they are saying. Works every time…

  9. People leave churches all the time. Or more correctly, churches leave people all the time. Don’t worry about it, find another one and move on. Or hold your own family Sunday service, all the tools you need have been available for thousands of years and are easily found. God doesn’t really care who you worship with.

  10. I resigned from my Parish Council this week because they refused to meet in person and insisted on Zoom.


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