The Cattle Are Becoming Restless

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My pre-emptive ear tagging is generating favorable responses – including the entire staff of a business I do business with, who asked for ear tags of their own to wear when they saw me wearing mine! Also from random strangers, including a nurse (and her daughter) I met at the grocery store, who was wearing a mask – but (she told me, in between peals of laughter – and sadness) only because her friends wouldn’t speak to her otherwise.

She needs new friends.

But she loved the sentiment conveyed by the ear tag and we talked for several minutes about the Sickness Psychosis that is afflicting exponentially more people than the Coronavirus.

In my area, at least half the people you see are mask-wearing – as opposed to the less than one-half of one-percent of the population of my state (and country) who’ve been Corona’d.

Oh, but that’s because people are wearing masks!

The flaw with that assertion, of course, is that most weren’t – at least in my state – a month ago. Which is ironic, given that now it’s very clear that the bodies aren’t stacking up like cordwood.

The lies dissipate; the fear lingers.

If the masks are the reason for not-dying then exponentially more people should have already died than actually have. They haven’t, but people are more fearful now, evidently, when there’s less reason to be fearful.

But you can’t talk to these people . . . because they are sick. Psychologically sick. Terrified of “risk” which cannot be salved because it cannot be quantified. Who, specifically, is likely to get Corona’d – and by whom, specifically?

There is no answer to this question – hence the need (as they feel it) for everyone to wear a mask, just in case. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t sick; you might be “asymptomatic.” Reasons don’t matter in a panic.

There is no end to this panic, either.

Except by dispelling the fear, which is creating the panic – and normalizing psychosis.

The only way to fix this is to stop pretending that people not right in the head are behaving normally.

This means open defiance and ridicule of mask-wearing edicts and mask-wearers themselves. The latter may seem harsh – and it is harsh. But the feelings of irrational people are much less important than our freedom – and sanity.

If making them feel uncomfortable or foolish is the only way to cure this spreading pathology, then it is a very small price to pay. It is the only means by which we can prevent the country from becoming a locked-down lunatic asylum in which reasonable behavior becomes the new abnormal. And punishable.


Visiting a grocery store these days is like being inside an asylum. The mask wearing and all the rest of it, including walking in six-foot orbits around others, as if they were made of unshielded plutonium, is fundamentally no different than encountering a store full of people wearing the cockaded hat and sashes of a Napoleonic marshall and demanding to be addressed as ” L’ Emperor.”

Such people would normally be placed in the nuthouse but for some reason, these people are being used as living pressure to create a madhouse in which everyone must shuffle around awaiting their meds – metaphorically and literally.

It is a kind of sick theater. And the puppet masters in the media and government, et al  can almost be heard sniggering in the dark: Is there anything we can’t get them to do?

Apparently, not.

Diaper wearing is probably next. After all, someone might lose control. If it saves even one life!

None of this is a big surprise – or shouldn’t be –  given that these same mask-wearers have already allowed (begged to have) their children’s private parts groped out of fear of “terror.”

Ululating disease is an even more effective trigger word.

These cattle will not only do anything to avoid the chance they might get sick, they will do anything to you for not doing the same. No matter how unjustified, ineffectual or absurd.

Witness the wearing of ill-fitting handkerchiefs and dust masks to “stop” microscopic pathogens. Maintaining anti-social distance  . . . inside building with closed windows and the air everyone’s breathing being recirculated via the air conditioning.

Of healthy people as much at risk of dying from this Corona as from last year’s Corona (the flu) and all the other Coronas (there are at least 19 of them) wearing masks in public like Michael Jackson, who was considered – rightly – mentally ill for doing so.

Somehow, being like Mike is becoming the new normal – enforceable at gunpoint.

This is pathologically abnormal and for that reason must be identified as such – in the manner of the little kid who pointed out that the Emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes.

The ear tag serves this purpose.

It publicly calls out the insanity – points out the abnormality and the unacceptability of being pressured to pretend that mass mask wearing is sane – and calls attention to what will happen if this insanity isn’t called out.

Which will be mandatory mask-wearing first, then mandatory vaccinations second – with mandatory proof of vaccination along with it – or rather, carried along by you, everywhere you go.


Might as well put your ear tag on now.

But the cattle are becoming restless! I have already gathered a herd of ear tag-wearers who have had it with being pressured to behave as though death was in the air when it’s just sickness and almost all of it in the head.

If the herd reaches a critical mass, the this disease can be beaten. Not the virus, of course – but rather the pathological fear. Just as you’d probably refuse to salute the “Emperor,” refuse to pretend you’re afraid of Corona; let it be known that you resent those manipulating other people’s fear of Corona.

And most of all, that you’re not going to let the bastards get away with it.

. . .

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  1. Social distancing, masks, gloves, confinement, excessive hand washing, stress from ginned up fear, and depression are damaging everyone’s immune system which will lead to many people becoming sick when the quarantine is lifted.
    These measures are the exact opposite of what we should be doing. Quarantine the sick but free the healthy and get things back to normal now.

    Tom McCarey

    Please read and watch this video without delay, as google an YouTube may decide to remove it at any time. The audio volume is low, and at some places the video may may jump back to the beginning, so you will have to note what minute mark you were watching, so you can advance the video to that point, when you restart it.

    Two emergency room physicians. “Millions of cases, very small number of deaths.”

    Must see video. Every minute is pure gold.
    Doctors provide differing opinion on shelter-in-place order, say country should reopen
    Same video:

  2. Sorry, I won’t be ridiculing anyone no matter what they’re wearing…I’d be seen as the instigator by any judge or jury and would have no recourse (civil or criminal) should the person I’m ridiculing choose to retaliate.

    • I’m not ridiculing anyone either…only because it would be pointless- as the be-masked would not benefit from it, nor even understand. They’re brainwashed on an emotional level, and no amount of logic or reason will overcome that.

      But if one were to ridicule them, and they retaliated, that would be on them– They can legally not initiate violence, unless being threatened with violence. Using violence because they are presnted with insults, ridicule or argument can not legally be justified.

      But I just don’t see the point in ridiculing them- any more so than ridiculing them for sending their sprogs to pooblik school, or taking vaccinations, or living beyond their means via massive debt, or believing in ‘democracy’. It’s pointless and accomplishes nothing, because they and those around them simply do not “get it” and will just think that we are the crazy ones. It would just be viewed by them and others as “a random encounter with some nut”.

      • Simply not wearing a mask makes enough of a point (That we don’t believe the Corona hype) than anything we can do or say to the deluded.

        • Some old Italian said you can’t teach a wo/man anything, you can only help them to find it within themselves.

          Rest of it, that the pasta-cooker didn’t mention, is that nothing can be found if it isn’t already there to be found…and that, if it is there to be found, then that founder will find it him/herself.

          And for his al dente heliocentric impudence, he was sentenced to shelter-in-place.

          “Teachers” have long, if not always, been creatures of states – incl supernatural ones — keeping the status quo “solid.”

          And, if you’ve ever tried to school a “teacher,” then you know you’ve got some inner Quixote tryin’ to dutch your boy(z || men)hood.

          “Teacher” is a velvet mask that goes with the matching velvet gloves.

          Mine own experience amongst the covidspirifacisti maskies strongly suggests that merely making, holding, eye contact, perhaps whilst smiling ever so slightly, is experienced by them as something like ridicule, judging by the way they tend to quickly avert their gazes.

          Otoh I noticed the purty gal at the bakery register pulled her maskie down to her chin so I could see her smile. And the rasta dude stocking the grocer produce aisle pulled his down to give me a 10-minute description of how those hairdo’s live high, really high, up in the hills of Jamaica, mon.

          Unless you decided to accept the mission, Jim, before the tape self-destructed: masks

          Otherwise, you got’s a serious, hiding in plain – & ubiquitous commons* — sight, problem, alright:

          *the tragedy of which is itself….

      • Hi Nunz,

        The point is to embolden the not-crazy, who may be too afraid – too isolated – to do such a thing on their own. But if they see someone else doing it…

        Someone has to have the balls – and it doesn’t take much – to go over the ramparts into no man’s land and lead by example.

        Might as well be me.

        • Hi Eric,

          I “get” that- but I think for those who “get it”, just acting normal/sane amidst such insanity, pretty much makes the point- much like “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.”.

          Although, I have to admit, now that I’m armed with the “Your mask is about as useful against a virus as a chain-link fence is against flies” line…..I may just have to use it when the opportunity presents itself!

  3. I’ve been pretty chill about this because I’m not at risk of death. But I was in line at Wal-Mart and some lady walked behind me and coughed, one of those phlegmy wet smokers coughs, and I had a little inner freak out. It’s hard sometimes to resist the constant doom and gloom. I’ve put myself in a news diet for this reason.
    I took a bandana to that Wal-Mart just in case some rule had been enacted. As much as I hate the idea of wearing that stupid thing, I really needed to get in there. About half the shoppers were masked. I never put the bandana on.
    The situation there that put me in the most danger was when I left. Wal-Mart has set up a cattle chute out front with Disney-style lines to control access. It blocks the whole front of the store so when leaving, people have to walk directly into the street and drivers can’t see around the cattle chute. I nearly got hit by a car. I’m sure my death would have been recorded as corona-related.

    • Hi Amy,

      I encourage you to stop taking your business to Wal Mart – as well as any business that treats you like cattle. And let them know. Tell them why they’ve lost your business. It might make a difference.

      • Mornin’ Eric!

        Just have to share this, since what you said above reminded me of it:

        The local Wally World where I’d normally shop (Sparse choices here) – a big super-center which was built about 13 years ago, has gone way downhill since they installed a Vagina-American as manager. Long before “Corona”, the store was so poorly stocked that it looked like what you’d see in most stores at the height of the Corona-induced terlit-paper hoarding craze.

        A while backed, I snapped some pics of the wide swaths of empty shelves, and sent an email to Walmart HQ. Heard back from them after about a week, asking for my phone number- so I thought: “Ah! They’re concerned, and may actually do something. So I sent them my number.

        What do they do?

        About 10 days later I get a call….from the Karen manager whom I was complaining about! (Who ironically has the same first and last name as my black friend- only the [white] manager spells her first name with as C instead of a K [No, it’s not “Karen” :D].)

    • Amy, our days of Walmart ended when they announced their gun/ammo ban. The sorry SOB’s get $9B in subsidy from the federal govt. anyway. It’s not hard to understand why they can sell anything cheaper. For the most part their meats are sub=par….to the tune of a steak(bought a 4 pack there something like 20 years ago. It was pieces and parts pressed into a steak appearing thing with some bull blood added so you’d think it had been beef at one time.

      In the same town there’s a Brookshires that’s more expensive but has better quality groceries for the most part although a friend mentioned to me last year if I had noticed a change in their beer and I certainly had. A tiny town near us has a small grocery and have always had good meat, since I can remember. We pay more for it there but it’s high quality. We try to keep our money in our county on everything.

      I worked a deal with a local liquor store for bulk purchase so it’s as cheap as a large chain 60 miles away and is 10 miles away plus the money goes into the local economy and I know the people well since we were all born and raised in this county. It’s nice to be able to tell jokes that nobody else knows is a joke. Sometimes it’s just a certain look. You won’t get that at Wally.

      We are a Sam’s Club plus member that gives us free shipping so we use them for staples and that saves a 120 mile trip. It was really easy for us to “stay in” since we’d never leave the farm if we could. Our little local grocery had no one with masks that worked there. I’ve seen a couple women there with masks but nobody ever mentions wearing or not wearing one. I know the owner well and his father who started the store way back when. There may be some items they don’t stock just because they wouldn’t sell but I can order those from elsewhere.

      We may venture to Brookshire’s(30 miles away)tomorrow for some things we need since it’s discount day for retirees. For some reason, I guess because bread wasn’t well-stocked for a brief period, the local store is and has been completely out of yeast and I’ve been wanting to make my own sourdough bread.

      I miss going to Wally like I miss that smashed finger.

  4. The lies propagate; the fear substrates. Reasons don’t matter in a punicative war of all against all. Not right in the head is normal, not new-normal. RP McMurpy’s rallying…or Chief Bromden’s truly cool hand luke’ing? Yeah…the little innocent (pre-naïve) kid pointed & the world was emperor-free immediately & from then on, right? But I don’t resent. I am indifferent. Other substrates aren’t my biz, or concern. And “other” herds is still just another herd…& the “right” branded herd has always been a big part of the not right in the head-head normal, too. ♪♫♪ whadya’ do when yer branded, & you know yer a man? ♫♪♫ Set the waybac to “rifleman,” maybe.

  5. You knew it was coming, right?

    Now the news is saying that the Jinping Virus has been found sticking to air pollution particles. To anyone with an IQ above 40, this is clear evidence of deliberate spraying, but watch for the usual suspects to start pumping a “CARS SPREAD DISEASE” narrative soon.

    • SC, it’s in the upper atmosphere. It doesn’t need oxygen to survive. Even 201, a thing invented by Gates, the WHO, and a couple other deep state entities. It’s a nanoparticle.

      Nobody really knows what it is but a doctor named Buttar, a virologist, said it had been tested for a long time, that a vaccine had been tried in 4 different ways, DNA and RNA and a couple other methods. No subject had ever survived any vaccine that had been tried. He said there probably was no way to develop a vaccine. No big surprise. There’s never been a vaccine that worked on the seasonal flu.

      The labs that had the SARS part of it only worked in complete impenetrable suits with a purified air supply since no mask would protect them. One of the top researchers, a chinese guy who worked on it in Canada, died in China from it…….so they say. They may have just kept him from being questioned by other countries. No one can say what has happened to anyone under govt. control in any country.

  6. The masks have so much symbolism, not the least of which is you showing a willingness to silence yourself. You must muzzle your feelings, passions and thoughts, so as not to infect the “herd” with dangerous ideas of independence and natural rights.

    Masks show that you believe the charade to be reality. You’re volunteering to live in a reality that they created for you. Voluntarily tagging yourself as compliant livestock on the human farm.

    • It’s so obvious isn’t it? Yet you can rest assured that not even one out of 100,000 of the masked, gloved zombies groks it.

    • Which of course makes it useful. If every Good Citizen™ wears a mask, how do you tell Bad Citizens™ who adopt that disguise, from the rest of the herd? Symbolism/perception can be a weapon to those who understand it.

  7. I came up with this analogy–“that mask you’re wearing–it’s as effective against viruses as a chain link fence is against flies’. It’s all ‘medical theater’, and most people don’t have the ability to discern that.

    • ***“that mask you’re wearing–it’s as effective against viruses as a chain link fence is against flies’. ***

      I LOVE it!!!! I’m gonna use that in real life! Add it to my collection along with the one I learned from Eight- “Nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs”.

      • Nunz, I was speaking with a guy trying to sell me something I couldn’t afford. I told him “We’re broker than a stepped on cookie” and he sorta went “huh?”. I could hear the gears whirring as he was softly repeating it to himself.

    • The purpose of the mask is to keep your cooties in your face not someone else’s. That is something they are pretty good at.

    • Greg, if that is the case, why are all of the bio researchers in various BSL rated labs, always shown wearing the prefix rated masks? Even better, why aren’t they all dropping dead from all the flies coming through their fences?… ^^

        • Then it appears that we are in agreement. I have a set of P100’s and replacement filters for myself and family. Its part of the supplies I’ve been collecting for many years. Also goggles and other such.
          That of course is for a real situation, not an over hyped variant of the seasonal flu.
          We lost more people to the flu season in 2017-2018, than we are likely to this time. The only real difference, was the marching orders and talking points, parroted by the corporate mass media, and the War Lords. The question that should be asked, who is in a position to issue such orders?

  8. Even sadder … designer, fashion statement masks. It’s the new rage!

    Here in western Iowa, most don’t give a damn bout masks, distancing, etc. There are exceptions … was in a Home Depot and saw a young woman wearing a paint spraying respirator. I pointed her out to my wife and laughed out loud in her face.

  9. Is capslock really shouting. Check your premises Alissa Rosenbaum of Eastenr black sea coastal old sovietized russia used to say.

    Alissa was a Jew who took the name Ayn Rand so maybe the good old rabid socialists wouldnt stalk ever last relative of hers for life, vbut what could she do.

    To understand rand in a way an eric or a Bevin cant, watch a precode movie with Barbara Stanwyck maybe to get a glimpse at who Alissa thought she was like, if using the Silver Screen and golden era hollywood pre Castholic League of decent hollywod which thought controlled all 1935-1970 movies at a 100% good guys always win bad thought doublethinking americans never double plus bad do for at minimum 35+ years by my math.

    Please correct each others mistakes in an english speakers alliance sort of doable way. I dont think mandarin nor swiss german have any where near the power of anglespeak anglais ingles british created ameircan twanged english still does.

    neither the prole nor the inner party have what many of here have. they will need more decades maybe centhries of pacification and homogenation over this loveable lump of alleycat americans we see gloriously here at EP auto(nomons, nomads) take most foolishly for granted mein froinds yi9even0 err(drops down in register and volume) san(to our ears just like yi 1 but who knows to mandarin orange like trump sugar chicken sauce.

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    stay safe thank a cop I mean that in the same mature way Ayn Alissa Rand once did of smoking probably according to anti tobacco cargo cult useful idiots check wikipedia or a better source yourself please get a single clue y’all

    • tldr: too many typos from earlier comment i speak my own language alphabets are vowels like so.
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      Or maybe back to Cartagena and then Bucaramanga or Cucuta Colombia where they really are Christians. there’s at least a million Venezolanos in their private homes, no government aspect to this, they KNOW god will protect them if they are being good Christians.

      And I and maybe Nunzio both concur on this point. I see no flaw en la razon sagrada que tienen. In ther sacred logic (now i seak in present sense of street latin common called spanish) I think the Colombians continue to gain on us and in most relevant ways far surpass us.

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      • lol…can ya spare a dime o canula oxygen? anarcho-libs must just say no to intubating ventilators & masks. but i still need to breathe & the whooping laugh is gotta’ strangelholda’ me.

          • When ain’t it ever? I walked the slippery slope to schoolin’ both ways (up & down, simultaneously) in the snow…my boots & bindings & skis was goodwill to bad rubbish…but *eventually* after much technicolor couloir catastrophe I digested intuition, countered it – call it the opposite-george – & “controlled” full speed demolition to full stop standing in my own footprint by skiing the fall line.

            The maskies is these guise:

  10. Accident caused by excessive wearing of a mask….

    “Police: ‘Excessive’ wearing of medical mask possibly caused NJ driver to pass out, crash

    LINCOLN PARK, N.J. – A New Jersey police department says what officials called “excessive” wearing of a medical mask is believed to have been a factor in a single-car crash after the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle passed out behind the wheel.

    The Lincoln Park police department said the driver had been wearing the N95 medical mask for several hours and passed out “due to insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake.”

    • ken, I caused a minor shitty last week at the vet when I said “I can’t believe yall are buying into all this” since they all had on masks, in a small building. If they’d had n95 masks(and they may have), they’d be killing themselves with excessive CO2. But the vet went ballistic and said “I hope you know something we don’t” but then rushed out of the room before I could tell him that I certainly did.

      Even the best mask doesn’t protect you from Covid. The workers in those lab wear sealed suits and have a separate air source since no mask would keep them alive working with that stuff. Let’s don’t let scientific fact get in the way of going totally apeshit though.

      The wealthiest people in the world are salivating at inheriting the whole thing without everyone else. I hope they have thought about how many bodies you can pile up at once and not kill everyone. Oh, right, they’re invincible.

    • I’m waiting for the first news report of a mask-wearing moron that suffocated/drowned themselves trying to drink and eat with the mask still on. You KNOW it’s coming, eventually…

  11. Now is as ggod a time as any to think in broad strokes. In a timeframe of at least decades. Using only concepts and techniques that have survived for 530 or 540 years in my case.

    What I mean is this: I will be 54 years old soon.

    I was raised in a very isolated and very Catholic manner. A father who is Missouri Synod Lutheran, a poor sharecropper’s son.

    He would have starved possibly, but him and all his brothers would go out shooting small game for supplemental calories. I am talking a fathers father who was once a fiddle player at group gatherings, but then something happened and he gave up on life, never really being a father in a waY ANY OF US WOULD RECOGNIZE.

    The capslock just went on and I’m not going back to fix. Take my word on this, contemplate what that signifies that I am an unfeeling savage misanthrope that doesnt care about the kind of coddled ninnies that can see capitalized letters and associate it with anything at all.

    I mean really, why not take advantage of a crisis as far as all of you are concerned. You are nigger metrosexuals more or less in THIS REWGARD.

    That one was on purpose. Truly you have to set aside your cliches and think back who I have been here. Tor Munkov then Tor Minotaur The Mark Anthem who was a childhood nom de plume of mine. I have tried to be asn author since the age of 3. Mentally and socially I cant pull this off.


    See, that was a second instance of caps lock button being on this old Toshiba laptop that was once my fathers work laptop.

    My dad died in my presence in an extra room in my apartment my wife was there too.

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    Carry on Eric, not your fault that passport, but alson not an honest approach to buy the leade. I could look that up and see which lead it is, but why bother, I cant be eric in the eyes of most, I am lacking in the privilege he enjoys.

    My dad earned his name and died 18 days officially after I failed him, because I was only familiar with CPR. My Mother died 2 years earlier of a fatty liver the doctors attributed to a lifetime of cheap diet soda consumption.

    She was a catholic orphan of eternally unknown origin, because I wont go against her wishes ever. Why limit yourself to a chronic illness geneticly speaking, when you are blissfully ignorant in the truest American sense in a way Bevin nor Eric can ever be.

    I love those 2 guys as best I am able, even though I am a spoiled child of 2 Americans who earned their name only for me to let it die off un-requited most likely Who know2s, maybe I turn around and do something big, but that is far below a 1% chance at my age and history.

    Here is what I wrote here 8ish years ago as Tor Munkov, which is my reall name but only if you know the romanization effect of the latin alphabets currently in vogue.

    Or in other words, not knowable unless you care to search Google search AIs which truly are inhuman machine learning constructs in a way Eric is obviously completely clueless about.

    Maybe its my childish dig at his so called Name which I saw little to know value in until it was much to late and I am far too sundowned now to do much of anything but sell a clump of BRK b class shares each year for live in Honduras, Nicaragua, no English of any meaningful level. Goodbye fmily in some sort of lame excuse way.

    That is ended for now, I cant even contemplate leaving this silly thought box y’all think is America, but clearly isn’t in the irredentist way Bevin Chu or Eric Peter’s Switzierland and One China Policy will never ever ever be.

    —- copy and paste TBS throw back saturday copy paste to follow….. rescuiat en paz America of my childhood. You died of a sudden complete shutdown of your heart in exactly the same way my father went into a PEA rhyTHM IN MY HOME, AND LOOK I cant even defeat Toshibas capslock implementation my good old blog friends, godspeec to you all, I love you in that semi inhuman para-social way and your cleartext ravings all finely combed over by google cia text analyzer, none of whom have ever drawn a single breath.


    Hero Cop Shoots HOUSTON TX USA Wheelchair-Bound Cripple BRIAN CLAUNCH to Death
    By eric -September 23, 2012193581
    Officer safety, donchaknow…

    HOUSTON — A Houston police officer shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair Saturday inside a group home after police say the double amputee threatened the officer and aggressively waved a metal object that turned out to be a pen.

    Police spokeswoman Jodi Silva said the man cornered the officer in his wheelchair and was making threats while trying to stab the officer with the pen. At the time, the officer did not know what the metal object was that the man was waving, Silva said.

    She said the man came “within inches to a foot” of the officer and did not follow instructions to calm down and remain still.

    “Fearing for his partner’s safety and his own safety, he discharged his weapon,” Silva told The Associated Press.

    Police did not immediately release the name of the man who was killed. They had been called to the home after a caretaker there called and reported that the man in wheelchair was causing a disturbance.

    The owner of the group home, John Garcia, told the Houston Chronicle that the man had a history of mental illness and had been living at the house about 18 months. Garcia said the man had told him that he lost a leg above the knee and all of one arm when he was hit by a train.

    “He sometimes would go off a bit, but you just ignore it,” Garcia told the newspaper.

    Silva identified the officer as Matthew Jacob Marin, a five-year veteran of the department. He was immediately placed on three-day administrative leave, which is standard in all shootings involving officers.

    “It was close quarters in the area of the house,” Silva said. “The officer was forced into an area where he had no way to get out.”

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    Your Libertarian car guy. Er ist weider da…

    Reader Question: “We’re All In This Together”?

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    Reader Question: Oil for Old Oldsmobile?

    Reader Question: Sickness Psychosis and Ear Tags?

    Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 4/22/20

    Reader Question: Cash for Clunkers II?
    Nathan Hail June 7, 2019 at 10:47 pm
    COP is shorthand for Chickenshit On Patrol…

    graves July 17, 2014 at 8:22 pm
    There is a big building in DC full of Fat, White, 2 armed, 2 legged, non-crippled bastards robbing us all with no more than a pen, every day. Could this be the solution?

    freddie October 31, 2012 at 2:43 pm
    just kick the chair over..My GOD what a sham

    don September 24, 2012 at 8:55 pm
    One of the most cowardly acts I’ve heard of in decades! This cop should be tried for murder. But first he should be psychoanalyzed. He sounds like a nut with a badge to me.

    Tor Munkov September 23, 2012 at 8:49 pm
    Ya know if I was a kid or had the mentality of one I might stop asking Mr Claus for gifts after he put my Dad in jail, tased grandma, pulled out Moms tampon to search for drugs and killed my dog every Christmas.

    What’s it going to take for them to stop believing in Safety Claus? He see me when I’m sleeping and knows when I’m awake. Fuck that I’m getting the fuck outta Whoville and going Grinch.

    BrentP September 23, 2012 at 7:40 pm
    It seems like they use these “officer safety” provisions to simply shoot and kill because they want to shoot and kill someone or something. Any excuse will do.

    In this situation one should know that shooting is not the solution. If a concealed carry license holder shot someone who turned out to be threatening him with a pen he would go to prison. No mundane would ever not face criminal penalties for claiming his “safety” was threatened in such an instance.

    MoT September 23, 2012 at 6:36 pm
    So the cop got “the drop” on a cripple? Holy cow!

    Big Al September 23, 2012 at 6:06 pm
    It takes real courage to face down a one armed man in a wheelchair, specially one armed with a felt pen. You can’t just run away from someone like that. Imagine just how good he must have been with that chair to outmaneuver a cop and pin him in the corner of the rec room before attacking him with the felt pen. Talk about a threat!

    Hey, they shoot rabid dogs don’t they? What’s the problem?

    eric September 23, 2012 at 6:07 pm
    Officer safety…. gotta remember the most important thing in the world… officer safety…

    Big Al September 23, 2012 at 6:20 pm
    Officer Safety. And this ashtray. That’s all I need, Officer Safety and this ashtray. And this chair. I need this chair, this ashtray and Officer Safety. That’s all I need.

    MoT September 23, 2012 at 6:29 pm
    Just not oil cans. They hate oil cans.

    Tor Munkov September 25, 2012 at 3:50 am
    Pay to the orfer of Iron Balls McGinty one dollar and nine cents!

    Epi July 9, 2013 at 8:24 am
    Nice to see people quoting The Jerk. is true, you never hear them say, ‘I feared for the safety of the public…” or “I feared for the safety of the citizen…”

    What I don’t understand is why they don’t shoot all the bystanders too? They could be a threat. If not, you can just say they were. Your gun has plenty of ammo, and you have backup clips, so why not go to town? It’s not like anyone will seriously prosecute you. Any investigation will be done by your own people with predictable results. Why stop with just one guy in a wheelchair? Hell, call your buddies in and have a massacre. Kill everyone with six blocks and claim officer safety…or just say they were all resisting arrest.

    Ken September 24, 2012 at 5:51 pm
    Hey, this guy was armed with a PEN, and a PEN is mightier than a SWORD, so in reality that poor cop was in serious danger!

    Mithrandir September 23, 2012 at 5:27 pm
    This hero probably watch The Fugitive when younger. He never did trust one-armed people.

    harry p. September 23, 2012 at 12:46 pm
    This might have been one of those times where a tazer actually made sense. But alas the guy was not driving a car and refusing to sign a ticket so the tazer was not used.

    eric September 23, 2012 at 2:06 pm
    It never ceases to amaze me how cowardly these “heroes” are. A real hero takes risks. It seems that modern law-enforcers are among the most risk-averse people you’ll ever find. Their number one priority is: officer safety. Hardly heroic, that.

    Show some balls, guys.

    Big Al September 23, 2012 at 6:18 pm
    Meanwhile, singer Fionna Apple is released on $10,000 bail for being found in possession of an ounce of hash and an ounce of herb.

    See? There is Justice in the world.

    Don February 1, 2013 at 10:34 pm
    I smell sarcasm… but im not sure. Are you saying that Fionna should have been held in a cage because she simply possessed cannabis flowers and its resin? Again, no victims, except maybe the user.

    https ://www . theguardian . com/world/2012/sep/29/brian-claunch-shooting-houston-police

  12. Here in Austin, the city and county (Travis) Mask Kabuki is by public health order so it is either play along or be denied entrance to the store. Home Depot goes as far as having a fake cop at the entrance. Moo!

    • Roscoe wrote:
      “Here in Austin, the city and county (Travis) Mask Kabuki is by public health order so it is either play along or be denied entrance to the store. Home Depot goes as far as having a fake cop at the entrance. Moo!”

      Corvo replies:
      Yet another reason I happily left Awe Stun after 32 years residence in the area. Not a big fan of the Soviet Republic of Awe Stun. Mind you, even metro areas in TN, like Nashville and Chattanooga, have similar attitudes. By the way, Eric, I’m going to make my own Covid Cow ear tag, but by what means are you attaching the things? I’m not willing to go the to length of stapling it to my ear, a la real bovine methodology. BTW, will be attempting to resume donations soon.

      • GC, the wife and I lived in Cedar Park in 1976. That was just plain old country folk just like us living there. Even going into Austin nearly everyone was country for the most part. It was still redneck city and you could go from one club to another and get your ass beat if that was your thing.

        We left in November and hung around in west Texas for a less than a year before I went back to trucking. My first load was to a wallboard supply company just SE of Austin. On the way down, I topped a hill I’d be over countless times and was shocked to find a traffic light on those intersecting roads. A year before it had just been a through highway with one having to stop at the intersection. Not far down the road it there were more lights and huge amounts of traffic at 5 am when there was little traffic there just the year before.

        Next time I went to Austin, a year or so later, we caught lights not that far from Lampassas, the redneck capital of the world. I was back down there in the late 80’s and didn’t even recognize the place. There was over a million people at that time and there would be 3 times that many several years later.

        I don’t recall the last time I was there, maybe the late 80’s and I knew I didn’t want to go back and haven’t been since…..thankfully. Once the company was talking about sending me down there to pick up some large piece of equipment and I just crossed my fingers and hoped to hell the deal fell through. When it did, it was a huge relief knowing I wasn’t going to come back through that mess with an over-width, over-height, over-weight load.

      • Long story short: Anywhere you have a lot of people- city, suburb, town, or semi-rural area anywhere near such a place these days = Leftists/Libruls/control-freaks on steroids.

        It started with the biggest cities only- NY, Bahhh-stihn, L.A. and The Gay Area….spread to all the other big cities and the ‘burbs…then the smaller cities…then the big towns…then the medium and small towns…then the more rural areas anywhere near such places.

        Today, if ya live in a state that even has one big city….it infects the rest of the state; and if it’s got several cities…’s done.

        Living on the land keeps people sane and realistic- cause and effect is readily apparent. Living the urban or suburban lifestyle makes people totally artificial, and they then live to support the Beast, and the only values that matter to them are those of their fellow city-creatures who live and die not by the weather and the soil and the water…but by the state and corporations and the gray men (and dickless other genders) who collectively leech off of the wealth of the former.

        And it ain’t gettin’ no better, ’cause the farmer and the farrier are sending their kids (Boys AND girls) off to college to party and take it up the ass, and to learn how to be subversive government and corporate gray creatures….and [Thankfully][ they’re not reproducing, ’cause the girls want to be ‘liberated’ by being a cubicle-dweller in some office tower instead of being mommies and spending their time in a nice home, which they can now afford….but don’t have the time to enjoy or fill.

  13. eric, this has never been about the flu or safety, it’s simply about power and control. We’ve been pushed this direction as a country for decades. With many more billionaires wielding nearly unlimited power brought on by the federal reserve, it’s a literal fight for control of the people of this country in every way to increase their riches.

    All these psychopaths only want to control the entire earth and some, like Zuckerberg, are willing to share with Bill Gates to be co-ruler of the world. Of course he’s totally being used since Gates has absolutely no desire to share complete and total power.

    They can’t even consider things such as what as has been done in Sweden.

    • 8 south this i think means Interstate 8. Its 12 more miles to baja california my keep on trucking talks to a voice to text interface like a boss who should maybe buy a percentage of this blog maybe 10%. Then go back to ggogle. You are not erc Virgina rural peters.

      Google is still an honest CIA spook tool who reads this blog and its ilk with machine hearted readers only.

      For instance maybe I could print Fred onEverythings real MOS or address. We are all compromised. Trust no one here in Cleasr text. Youtube has already been chinafied recently a little before the Black History Motnh (always short february moth, sorry niggers, you know i only dated one white lady in my first 12 adult years and married her, she really is better situated than all ebonics ghetto guys.

      i know i always digress like a jungle juice savage tangent forom the pythagorean euclideans who were philosophy schools until Pope whoever thefuck cluster orgy pre 1500s priest Europe king murdered and fatwa’d them all.

      Love catholics, am one, recognize my flaws not a muslim thoughtless nigger bible Koran reading lackey mind you. oh kay’

      Anyway I dont know what back scatter scanners mexico has but i drive in mexico in a private vehicle scores of times (a score is 20 ask Abrahamn railroad lawyer Lincoln of Illinois fake biography) penny for your thoughts maybe a tin rupee an inerest prohibitting honest moneysunni or shiite head not all bad mooslems you see world is complex not fit on back of wheaties box watch Netflix Kims Cnvenience Vancouver Canada on Netflix mybe.

      I need therapy new brain more discipline fielders choice here
      read words of all beatles recorded songs god only knows about the beach bums i mean boys little douce coupe you dont know what we’d be without those 2 groups God Only Knows read the old testament in Aramaic the ONLY language of Jeebus (see Seth Macfarlane Family Guy writers table) he never speak any european language ever, crazy am i rite ???

  14. Here’s an interesting take on the idea of mask wearing and social distancing, etc. It was written by a James S. and provided on Lew Rockwell dot com by Becky Akers…

    I have a few other thoughts on the matter that might add to or complement his perspective.

    I have noticed that we are being encouraged (conditioned?) by the government to act out the symptoms of several anxiety disorders. Masks & gloves, staying at home, obsessive handwashing… It reminds me of agoraphobia, OCD, germaphobia, social anxiety, etc. I’m not trained, but I have enough respect for the behaviorists to think that acting them out is a good way to give yourself such issues even where none may have existed before.

    The treatment for a phobia or an anxiety disorder often involves some kind of exposure therapy (possibly in combination with some other approaches).

    It is high time we broke out of the Skinner box our overlords are trying to put us in, took some risks for ourselves, and showed the rest of the country that it’s not so bad after all.

    • Good point! BTW, I wish this (and all) comments/forums had a way to upvote/downvote posts, so I could simply upvote it instead of writing all of this lol.

      • kh, I think it’s a good thing to not have upvote/downvote. If you have a different view, it’s important to let us know. Same goes for everyone. Tell everyone specifically what you think. You might change “some” people’s minds. You might change everyone’s minds, one way or another. I wish we were all on the phone together. I’m not a texter or even anything to do with a keyboard or computer.

        I’d rather sit down and have a conversation and a cold one. That cold one often gets the true view of what someone thinks. I don’t try to write one thing and mean another. I guess that just comes from being a Texan. We say what we think…..or we used to. I can’t speak for anyone else, especially, the younger crew who has a different experience from me. And I don’t think they’re necessarily more accurate or less. It all depends on your life experiences. peace b

  15. Until it’s made a crime to insult or criticize someone for their blind obedience. The FBI just raided a clinic in Detroit for using intravenous vitamin C to treat CV, and claiming they’ve had some success. How dare they cut into the profits of the Medical Industrial Complex.

    • I saw that bullshit JWK. They wanted to do same back when the swine flu was the rage. Instead, the doctors in Parkland hospital where 4 farmers were dying used only one shot per day of intravenous Vit C and only after their families demanded it. It wasn’t enough and one died fairly quickly.
      One family found out about liposomal Vit C since they’re man was dying, bought some and began giving it to him several times a day secretly. He did a fast turnaround and I think he was the only one to survive.

      That’s not the first time thugs with guns have been called to stop the use of Vitamins that worked when that really expensive pharmaceutical didn’t. It won’t be the last time if people put up with it.

      The damned FDA has been a revolving door for the top execs of Big Pharm for decades now with literally no oversight.

  16. michael jackson wore a mask because 1 – he was insane – and 2 – to hide his very unfortunate fixation with nose surgeries, its a good article but i live in chicago the death star of liberal idiots and to even suggest this is all bullshit will get unanimous scorn on social media even as the sheep lament the closing and bankruptcy of their favorite local restaurant. truly mass insanity.

    • Hi Mark,

      Remember: Sanity isn’t statistical. This is a moment. It is a more important moment than the moment they installed the porno scanners and began to crotch grab. I said then that if only a critical mass of people refused to fly, the groping and scanning would go away. It is the same now.

      If you don’t want to be forced to mask-wear ongoing or be force-vaccinated, then do not wear a goddamn mask and ridicule all who do.

      • eric, you’re so right and now would be a great time to bring that to the fore while the airlines are shut down. I have no doubt Trump would bring every gun he could find to stop that movement. I’d like for him to have to prove me wrong. This thing might have awakened some of the sheeple, enough to make a difference.

        I don’t care if I ever fly, ride a train or a bus, enter a federal courthouse (they can try me in abstentia since the Just Us system is fairly much like that even if you’re sitting in the courtroom.

        The wife and I have a pact…..and since she’s from Waco, We Ain’t Comin Out. They can vaccinate us in the eye if they can find one intact. FEFEFH’s.

  17. “Diaper wearing is probably next. After all, someone might lose control.”

    Eric,,, you are a prophet!

    Can the coronavirus be spread through farts?
    The smell may be hell but the mist could leave you pissed.
    Two Australian doctors are weighing in about the spread of the coronavirus “down under” — whether it can be spread through farts, that is.
    During Friday’s episode of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Coronacast” podcast, producer and host Dr. Norman Swan made a cautionary suggestion when it comes to particles of feces set adrift within a fart and the spread of COVID-19.

    Maybe someone can design a fart mask to go with your cattle tag,,, Already have one for cattle out in California,,, might make someone rich! Think of the saved lives!

    • ken, that’s hilarious. How about a mushroom type affair? Even if you shit your pants don’t you still have to change them at some point? I used to work in a lab with a really powerful fan in a huge area where you worked with chemicals. You could exhaust the fan into a furnace. It would only cost a couple hundred dollars to take a shit since you’d need to be sprayed off by some device that used alcohol or lysol and then everything would need to be pushed up slowly into the fan and then the furnace. Naw, that would be more like a $1,000 shit at the least, maybe ten times that much.

      We would no longer have sewers but instead have ore processing facilities to do the same job. That should be cheap and it would get everyone in the same place so those who just got to the point where they didn’t give a shit could be processed right there into the other part of it, the part that makes Soylent Green.

  18. Our Dear Leader in NY has decreed we wear masks in stores, so I’ve been wearing my full face respirator, which looks like a gas mask, whenever I’m shopping. It must make people uncomfortable because I receive quite a few death stares and one mask wearing shopper approached me and said “that’s a bit excessive don’t you think?” I told him”its for saaaffffeeeety.”

    • The Dear Leader has decreed that you violate NY law then. New York Penal Law 240.35 states that it is illegal to congregate in public with two or more people while each wearing a mask or any face covering which disguises your identity.

      • Florida (and I suspect many other states) also has a similar laws:

        876.12 Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public way.—No person or persons over 16 years of age shall, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter upon, or be or appear upon any lane, walk, alley, street, road, highway, or other public way in this state.

        876.13 Wearing mask, hood, or other device on public property.—No person or persons shall in this state, while wearing any mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter upon, or be, or appear upon or within the public property of any municipality or county of the state.

        876.14 Wearing mask, hood, or other device on property of another.—No person or persons over 16 years of age shall, while wearing a mask, hood, or device whereby any portion of the face is so hidden, concealed, or covered as to conceal the identity of the wearer, demand entrance or admission or enter or come upon or into the premises, enclosure, or house of any other person in any municipality or county of this state.

      • Here’s VA’s, but it does seem to have an applicable exception.

        Code of Virginia § 18.2-422. Prohibition of wearing of masks in certain places; exceptions. It shall be unlawful for any person over 16 years of age to, with the intent to conceal his identity, wear any mask, hood or other device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, to be or appear in any public place, or upon any private property in this Commonwealth without first having obtained from the owner or tenant thereof consent to do so in writing. However, the provisions of this section shall not apply to persons (i) wearing traditional holiday costumes; (ii) engaged in professions, trades, employment or other activities and wearing protective masks which are deemed necessary for the physical safety of the wearer or other persons; (iii) engaged in any bona fide theatrical production or masquerade ball; or (iv) wearing a mask, hood or other device for bona fide medical reasons upon (a) the advice of a licensed physician or osteopath and carrying on his person an affidavit from the physician or osteopath specifying the medical necessity for wearing the device and the date on which the wearing of the device will no longer be necessary and providing a brief description of the device, or (b) the declaration of a disaster or state of emergency by the Governor in response to a public health emergency where the emergency declaration expressly waives this section, defines the mask appropriate for the emergency, and provides for the duration of the waiver. The violation of any provisions of this section is a Class 6 felony.

        • So, if last year, I walked into a supermarket or bank wearing the “Plague Doctor” outfit, I could have been charged with a felony in the Commonwealth of VA, but now I’m just being prudent if not a tad theatrical?


    • The funniest thing (or saddest or pathetic) is seeing people wearing a mask while they’re driving in their car…alone!

    • Tom, that’s not excessive at all. In fact, it’s probably the only thing that makes a difference. I have a big gas mask made for biowarfare, nuclear war and such I bought at Army surplus for mixing pesticides. It’s uncomfortable as hell but it’s got these godawful lenses and a huge filter that is canted to one side.

      I may have to get it out if I go somewhere there are lots of people wearing masks. If I’m going to wear a mask, by god I’ll wear a REAL MASK that works.

  19. Another kind of herding is underway to usher the human cattle into their future electric vehicles.

    In case you did not know how chic an electric drivetrain has become, the New York Times features an article subtitled “A Growing Array of Shops are Turning Classics Into Silent Brutes with Tire-Burning Torque and Vintage Style.”

    Its lead photo features a late-1940s dashboard, butchered with a flat screen panel showing battery temps, voltage and percentage charge (94%, in this reassuring snap).

    Never been a big fan of restomods, other than the most restrained, sensible, and relatively unapparent ones. Grossly period-inappropriate wheels and tires are the first giveaway of a philistinic owner.

    But vandalizing a classic into a transgendered, battery-powered chimera by ripping out its beating, IC-engined heart should be a felony offense.

    No doubt the soy-munching beta males who drive these orchiectomized vehicles favor them for the generous headroom which accommodates their cockaded hats, Napoleonic sashes and hot pink N95 masks. Oh the bovinity!

    • I agree on the idiotic electrification of classic cars. I see one on my fb feed that wants me to enter a raffle for an electrified chrome bumper 911…not a chance.

      However, I must respectfully disagree on your criticism of ” Grossly period-inappropriate wheels and tires are the first giveaway of a philistinic owner.” Unless you have a numbers matching restoration I feel it perfectly fine to “upgrade” from the original. A ’64 GTO was a monster in a straight line, however, brakes, suspension and wheel/tire designs of the period were not up to the engine’s potential. Eric is all the time talking about how easy it is to drop in a cam, install better fuel delivery and exhaust. These mods, IMHO, fall squarely within the parameters set by our Gracious Host.

      • Hi Mark,

        Completely agree in re “electrification” of classics. Doing so destroys the car, which becomes a cosmetic shell not meaningfully different from a Tesla or or any other electric car. This is especially true of a car like the 911, which has (had, in this case) a very unique type of engine. Eliminate the sounds and character of that engine and you have taken away the beating heart of the thing and erased 60 years of history in the process.

        On wheels and classic cars. I personally do not like replacing the factory wheels with aftermarket wheels larger than 17 inches, for aesthetic as well as functional reasons.

        Aesthetically, wheels larger than 17s look strange (to me) on cars designed decades before such wheels became available; the proportions (to me) are all wrong. The relationship of the wheels (and short sidewall tires) in relation to the wheelhouse – and then the car itself. But this is just my opinion and as such it’s no more or less valid than anyone else’s on the subject. I would, if I had the money, consider having a set of 16×8 Honeycombs made for my Trans Am as that would not (my opinion) look “funny” and would enable me to buy modern performance tires (unavailable for 15 inch wheels/muscle cars).

        Functionally, anything larger than a 16 inch wheel probably queers the suspension geometry of these 50-year-old cars; wheels/tires that large will also add a lot rolling resistance, despite the wheels being alloy vs. steel. I suspect it would be necessary to heavily modify the rest of the suspension to get the car to sit right and to not queer its handling/steering. Many people do exactly that, replacing the factory steel control arms and coils, etc., with modern tubular A-arms and even coil overs, etc. But now you have a modern car that looks like a classic car – and I figure why not just buy the modern car? You’ve lost the experience of the classic car.

        Just my 50!

  20. Here’s more of my thoughts on the fiveG theory — about how I think this whole virus thing is just a cover story for the possible mass illness/death that may result from the massive fiveG rollout going on now. I may be wrong, but the ALL the LOGIC of this theory all fits like a perfect puzzle piece.

    This virus stuff all started at the SAME TIME the fiveG systems are turning on (or ramping up significantly) in many cities across the USA, and all across the entire world. They installed the system in ~2018-2019, but didn’t fully turn it on until just recently (I’m not 100% sure of these details, but I assume this is the case, I did some internet searching and this seems to be the case — just this year 2020 is when alot (more than ever) of it is turning on). So that’s a suspicious coincidence.

    So on a BRIGHT NOTE, maybe this is GOOD NEWS that they’ll stop the whole virus stuff soon — they’re probably stalling as long as they can, but they can’t keep this going forever — they just want to have the cover story in place in case there’s big problems from the fiveG. Plus, even when they stop the ‘shutdown’ thing, their cover story will STILL apply for a long time — that’s why they pumped everyone with the idea that it could be “dormant” for a while or show no symptoms until it suddenly kills people — so that the virus story/scapegoat would be plausible for as long as possible — because the radio wave effects might not show up right away — they needed a scapegoat that would last over a long period of time.

    ***** Why they are deploying it globally all at once, instead of starting with just one city or country:
    They did start with some cities at first, but now they’re deploying it at a full rapid scale everywhere all at once. They CAN’T really tweak the power level much (turn down the power if it’s so high power that it kills people), because the fiveG (and the existing cell system) NEEDS a minimum amount of power in order to work — that’s how radios work. Maybe there’s some adjustment, but probably not alot. But they can tweak the frequencies and waveforms somewhat. Plus, another reason they went global all at once is because they’re impatient, they don’t want the rollout to take a year or more. Plus, if they started in only one country at first, and there were massive deaths, then when they went to the next country and there were massive deaths, someone might have noticed the PATTERN, and be able to identify the cause of death to be the fiveG. But doing it all at once globally, makes it harder to prove, and easier to blame on a virus. Plus, they can’t keep people out of work for too long with this virus story or else people will just go full revolution, so they need to majorly ramp the system up all at once, while they’re still able to run the virus story and convince people to stay home.

    BTW, they have meetings and sit around and figure all this stuff out long before they start implementing things. They hire intelligent people to figure all this stuff out. Whereas, we the people, just live in their slave system and never organize, but I digress. What people should do is have civics groups so they’d be aware of and get to vote on all of this stuff, since the govts don’t let people have a say in anything, even though the govt is supposed to — the govt is breaking USA law by not doing so.

    ***** They needed a cover story, and they need to fool the people because the people could stop the fiveG system:
    They’re COMMITTED to this fiveG system, so if it does kill alot of people, they’ll STILL keep it turned on — so this way, they have a PERFECT cover story for all the deaths — the “virus”. And noone will suspect that the real killer is the fiveG system. The only thing that can stop this system is if the people demand it to stop, and/or cancel their cell service. So, that’s why they’re trying to fool the people into believing the cause of [possible] deaths is from a virus. So, I bet they’re trying to stall this whole hoax longer, because the radio wave sickness could take 1 to 3 months or even a year to show up, or maybe even longer, but after ~3-6 months the death rate is slow enough so people won’t notice what’s causing it (much like the current cancer/disease epidemic). They REALLY DON’T KNOW what effect the fiveG system will have on peoples’ health — I assume they did some lab testing but that’s still not very definitive about exactly how dangerous the system will be on humans. That’s why they made up this whole virus hoax — it’s the cover story in case alot of people suddenly get sick or die. So, they can simply blame the virus instead of turning off the fiveG system, because the cell companies make TOOOOONNNNSSS of money off all the cell phones & service — add it up — the monthly cell service fee multiplied by hundreds of millions of subscribers, maybe even billions of subscribers, that’s ALOT of money. And they already invested alot of money into this fiveG system, plus it’s not just those companies that want it, but it’s the military industrial complex and IMO global cabals/’secret societies’ that want this system.

    ***** Maybe something really happened in China, IDK much about it though:
    IDK, I read something on the internet about this, I wonder if there was really a problem somewhere in China, whereby alot of people did get sick or die from the fiveG, or a few people did and then a large community cancelled their cell service for fear of being turned into fried chicken. IDK. But if it’s true then that would have motivated the fiveG companies to ‘cook up’ the virus cover story, because they realized there was massive illness/deaths from this.

    ***** Why they used such a dumb idea as a virus as their cover story:
    The virus idea is literally impossible and joke science, and everyone knows that, the doctors know that too, only the uneducated ignorant masses would believe such a thing… so you wonder why they chose such a STUPID cover story? Simply because they had no choice, there’s NOTHING else they could make up, so as dumb as it is, they just push maximum propaganda and hope enough suckers fall for it, so that they have plausible deniability, but regardless, noones’ going to sue them or arrest them, because the entire govt/justice system is on their payroll. They’re only trying to hide it from the people, because the people are the only ones that can stop this system — they could all cancel their cell service and/or demand the towers be taken down — and the cell companies would have to comply or else the people would take the towers down themselves. They couldn’t blame it on a bacteria because those are easier to test for and you can actually SEE them under a microscope and actually count the number of bacteria in a sample of blood or saliva. So that would be proven to be a hoax rather quickly. But the whole virus idea is something that can’t be tested for — so we all have to take their word on it. There’s really no way to verify it, because it’s tiny hocus pocus stuff to begin with, and they’ve already brainwashed the public into believing in the virus fallacy due to movies and the numerous prior virus scams over many decades. They can’t use a scanning electron microscope to count the viruses because I think it doesn’t work that way — it’s too difficult.

    ***** Why they want people to stay home:
    Obviously to reinforce the cover story (same reason for the masks), but there may actually be a scientific reason for this — because it’ll result in LESS people dying from the fiveG. Because if people were working in the cities like they usually do, there’d be ALOT MORE people dying from the fiveG because they spend ~40 hours a week at their jobs in the cities. So this way, the less people that die off the better, because it’s not as big a deal, the public won’t freak out and go full revolution, they can tweak the fiveG system a little more, and it’s easier to blame on a virus — because if 50% of the population dropped dead within a few weeks — everyone would know a virus can’t really do THAT much damage… the whole situation would get serious real fast — the people would start wondering… and they might figure out what’s really causing the death toll and put a stop to the fiveG system.

    ***** IDK how much all the minions know (medical workers, police, fake media, etc). I would suspect they’re on a ‘need to know’ basis, because the less loose lips there are out there, the better the secret will be kept.

    ***** Final summary and thoughts:
    So, they’ll try to tweak the fiveG system (as much as they can anyway) so that it doesn’t kill people too quickly, but they won’t mind if it kills them slowly, so there will be more customers for the disease/cancer industry, and they’ll keep their cell money coming in, and they’ll have their global energy weapon grid too.

    So we’re all LAB RATS for their horrible global military tracking (and energy weapon) system. If they don’t like anyone… they just press a button (on their computer in their evil lair), and poof — their political dissident is a crispy critter. They can target each person individually, so they can kill one single person without harming others around them, or maybe it’s got a ~20 foot radius IDK, maybe it’s a larger radius. The towers are everywhere now so they’ll have total control over every single person and govt employee (politician) on the earth. It’s not a satellite laser/microwave weapon like in the movies, instead it’s a ground-based antenna grid, which they can focus on a ~small spot by triangulating multiple towers to send a high power radio wave. The towers have multiple antennas so they have alot of directional control — they can aim their radio waves in a fairly narrow direction instead of only being able to radiate in 360-degrees like a regular dipole antenna does (like the antenna on a handheld walkie-talkie). They can turn up the power when they want to kill someone. And the system/computers will automatically pick the nearest towers to target any GPS location. IDK how long it takes to make someone deathly ill or die… maybe it’s 10 seconds, or maybe it’s 10 minutes, or maybe it’s a day or two. IDK how powerful it is.

    We all just let them install a energy weapon antenna grid, right in our faces, which gives them absolute power over every single person on Earth. So people could have the luxury of a cell phone. Nice job sheeple! Ohhh, I can’t blame the people though — they’re so victimized and devastated in many ways right now — they don’t even know what planet they live on.

    Instead of wearing a mask, people should actually wear a tin foil hat, and/or wear a mylar blanket as a coat, because that would actually help them — it would help protect them from the dangerous radio waves. But they’re all suckers that believe in lies they’ve been told their entire lives, and have no science education whatsoever, so they don’t know what’s really going on.

    [Sorry this post is so long! I thought it was relevant & interesting.]

  21. That must be some good coffee you drink Eric. You’ve gotta be some kind of literary genius. You’re like some kind of founding father from the 1700’s that came to the future in a time machine — what I mean is — some of their writings & speeches were quite elegant & poetic.

  22. Damn Yeah!! I have mine and people here in Idaho ask me about it and then go to the farm store and get theirs. You have started a movement and it is spreading, all hail Eric, the Magnificent Corona Bastard!


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