Live From Corona Country, Part 24

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The bodies are still not piling up – but mask wearing is going up. You’d almost think there was a “crisis.”

I’ve begin using the term Sickness Psychosis as a diagnostic expression; it conveys the point nicely – and the cattle tag provides a nice visual! The reason – one reason – I refer to it as a psychosis is because it’s irrational, exaggerated. People getting sick isn’t people dying. But the psychotics are acting/reacting as though getting sick is a death sentence and thus drastic steps are necessary and reasonable.

Which would be true – if getting sick meant getting dead or even a very good chance of getting dead. In fact, the chances of even showing symptoms are low. Even the CDC says about 85 percent of “cases” are asymptomatic. Of those who have symptoms, almost all recover. An even smaller handful need medical treatment. An even smaller handful – the majority already sick with a chronic underlying condition or elderly and thus already weak – die from this.

Yet young/healthy people are practically shaking with fear, wearing masks and antic-social distancing. I have no doubt one could convince them of the necessity of wearing Depends, too. After all, “someone” could lose control of their bladder/bowels at any time and the “risk” of that happening cannot be tolerated!

Just say moooooo!

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  1. Masks do very little to stop a virus as it has a very poor seal. You will suck in unfiltered air between the gaps. It may help is a sneeze or cough situation of the mask wearer but that’s about it. Most are wearing ‘N95 dust masks’ which won’t even stop small droplets of a sneeze. Many are using the masks over and over which means it will have a massive store of whathaveyou including viruses.
    Governments want the masks to be worn mainly for the psychological effect of saying “Danger”. It is used to frighten the Pod people among us and it does frighten children. It’s the children that is the true target of this. By watching Mums and Pops do everything dictated by government they will grow up sedated to the possibility of fighting for liberty,,, any liberty and Law enforcement thugs are getting used to do whatever their told.
    I watched V for Vendetta last night at the request of a friend. It is an excellent training film for what is happening today. I loved the way it turned out,,, if only… Highly suggested.

    • Good point about the N95 masks… storing stuff in the fibers lol, AND SOME of them even have a little exhaust valve (like dual respirators do), so a sneeze wouldn’t even be filtered LOLOL.

      • That’s the hilarious part about it. I saw people wearing the ones with the exhaust valve and I am like, what is that supposed to do? It’s theater.

        I used to have a box of kind with the exhaust valve. I dug around and found used sort of serviceable one in a box where keep body filler and the like. I put it in my jacket pocket. Now if I am compelled to wear one I’ll have my theater mask.

  2. Can you imagine what would have happened to England if they’d just tucked tail when the Nazi’s were bombing hell out of them? The silver lining in that context was the rapid development of RADAR which changed the game. The Luftwaffe didn’t know what to do when British fighters were there to intercept them every time they came in for a bombing run. It made such a difference that the Luftwaffe hollered “calf rope” and quit. The endgame became a negative and used resources faster than the Luftwaffen could replace it. This is the sort of thinking the people of this country need to adopt.

    We ARE in a war, and it’s a war for our freedom as much as any war has ever been, much more than anything since WW11 and that’s debatable in itself. Roosevelt made 5 national announcements that the US would never have a soldier in that war and he still couldn’t sell it. It was one of the first real 911 events and still not everyone bought it. And if you were vocal you’d be in prison if not dead.

    My parents generations weren’t old enough nor wise enough to smell the rat but their parents did.

    Had they not bought into it, Vietnam would only be a country on a globe instead of the tragedy it turned out to be.. It became a big divide between boomers and their parents.

    Nearly 50 years passed before I learned a friend I met in college who didn’t serve in the military actually went for his physical after being drafted. He told them he’d wear a uniform but refused to kill another human for any reason. It took a lot of guts to do that. After that, a bit of time passed while he was waiting for the hammer to fall, and then they told him to “go home”, which he did and never heard from them again.

  3. Hello Mark!

    I’m not Eric, but hopefully he won’t mind me making a comment here. I’m not a confrontational person by nature, but I dislike being ordered around, especially by politicians. Is there a way you turn the mask rule into a protest in and of itself? Such as writing [insert favorite expletive here] governor’s name on it, or draw a cow or sheep face on it (along the lines of Eric’s ear tag) and write “Corona Cow” on it, etc.? That could get the point across and get the health Gestapo off your back for awhile anyway.

    Ok, turning things back over to Eric! 🙂

  4. More about forcing people to wear masks, I came up with a universal law/rule which I THINK applies to everything:

    You can force people to NOT do something (because it’s bad — it’s something that hurts other people), IOW you can force people to stop doing something (bad).
    But you can’t force people to DO something (even if you think it’s good).

    So, forcing people to do something/anything is imposing your will on someone else, controlling them, and taking their power away. But forcing people to stop doing something is okay — as long as that something is hurting someone else.

    So you can order people to stop sneezing in other peoples’ faces (if they were doing that), but you can’t order people to wear a mask. NOT wearing a mask is the “normal” whereby the person is not DOING any action, so you can’t make that illegal. And wearing a mask is a specific action, so you can’t force people to do it.

    You can order people to not drive through red lights, but you can’t order people to wear a seat belt.

    You can order people to not take money out of the church donation basket, but you can’t order people to donate.

  5. Eric,

    Though I’m in basic agreement WRT wearing masks, what about stores that REQUIRE you to wear one? Our Fuhrer, aka the governor, put out an order recently that everyone has to wear a mask; at least you have to wear one inside a building. The supermarket I go to now has a MANDATORY mask policy; if you don’t have a mask, you can’t enter. Since they’re following the Fuhrer’s order, it’s not like I can go to another supermarket to avoid wearing one. Since we all have to eat, I don’t see what alternative we have other than to play along. While some can grow and raise their own food, many of us don’t have the space to do that. What other option do we have if we need to eat?

    • Well… When in Rome… ^^ As much as I tease Eric, he makes some very good points. But the vast majority of people, go along to get along. Its just not in them, to confront our Dear Leaders and their edicts and dictates. Any critical thought and independence, was hammered out of them in the States “educational system” long ago.

      The entire system is structured to produce obedient, docile, ignorant, consumerist sheep. It has been that way for generations. This latest panic/hysteria is just another experiment, to see just what they can get away with, and how far they can push before resistance starts. Unfortunately, it looks like the masses are almost ready for the next phase. That of constant vaccination, and microchip ID. Doesn’t everyone want everyone to be “healthy”: and help cut down on terrorism, and fraud, Citizen? What we need is a Healthy, Safe and Secure Home Land for all Citizens! (giant flag waves in the background, to inspiring music)…

    • Hi Mark,

      A store has no power to compel me to do a got-damned thing! Just as I ignore the receipt checker at the door of Wal Mart (I refuse to be treated like a presumptive shoplifter; the goods I bought are now mine – and if you believe I stole them, then you’d better have a goddamn solid reason for interfering with me) I refuse to wear the mask. I have already done it. So far, none have said anything to me – perhaps because I am a fairly large guy and the Hate I am radiating is likely palpable.

      I am not a brave or violent man by nature. But I am mad – and ready to defend whatever shreds of freedom I still have.

      • Hi Eric,

        Just to clarify, comparing your comment here with you previous ones about the Civil Rights Act and the open letter to your gym owner about being able to conduct business as they wish, would you support the right of a store to require masks as their *own* business decision if not mandated by the government? (Just thinking of the old “no shirt, no shoes, no service” and “we refuse the right to refuse service to anyone” signs.)

        • Hi Chris,

          Of course, a business has the right to set terms and conditions of service – just as we have the right to refuse to accept them. What’s going on now, though, is a despicable pressuring of businesses by the government – and a caving in to insane social pressure.

          It must be fought – else much worse is coming.


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