Live From Corona Country, Part 20

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Here’s the latest nothing from Corona Country, or at least my part of it. The 2-3 million bodies haven’t stacked up. Or even 250,000 of them. Actually, not even 20,000 of them. So the “experts” were wrong – or lied – again.

Which do you suppose it was?

And does it even matter? Why do people continue to listen to these “experts”? Worse, why do people surrender their freedom – and everyone else’s – so readily?

. . .

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  1. Remember those large cities China built a while back? The ones the news kept reporting were empty? Has anyone seen new information that they are now full of residents from ground zero? If so this proves it is global agenda and all state actors are in on the game. They never died but were relocated.Eric, what is the safest and removable writing medium for my SUV windows? Billboard time. I want gov prick to know how I feel.

  2. Eric,

    I have a few, random thoughts about this video.

    One, the guy wearing the mask (he first appeared at 2:40) was also wearing dark blue scrubs; he was wearing the typical garb of a hospital/medical worker. Ergo, I think he works at the hospital in some capacity, so he might very well have to wear a mask some or much of the time. It would depend on his duties, of course, but if anyone has a need to wear masks, it’s hospital workers! I’d cut him some slack for wearing the mask.

    Two, I wouldn’t cut any slack to the girl who crossed AFTER Mr. Scrubs. She looked like a regular person; she also looked like she’s young and healthy; IOW, she doesn’t appear to need a mask; it was she who was acting fearful, not Mr. Scrubs. If anything, you should’ve directed your ire at her.

    Three, the people who created and use these forecasting models are so bad that they make weathermen look good! I’m serious! As a licensed pilot, I had to learn about weather and weather forecasting; after all, an aircraft is literally in the middle of the weather. Anyway, I know how much UNCERTAINTY is built in to the weather forecasting models. To make a long story short, they have errors built in to them, and these errors only get worse with time. Any forecast outside of a 36-48 hour window is just guessing. Since these Corona models work by the same principles, I’ve been suspect of their numbers from the beginning.

    Four, good on you for passively resisting! I’m still doing my part; I still go out almost every day. Pre Corona, I didn’t always take my car out every day; why go out if I don’t have to. However, post Corona, I do. Like you, I drive by the city hospital, and I notice the same lack of activity you do. If time permits, I drive by one of the other area hospitals near my house, and it’s the same story there.

  3. Notice how the “experts” don’t have a fucking clue what this virus will do, how to test for it, or even for sure what it is. They just threw out a big number to start with, and have been reducing it to match reality as time progresses.

  4. These aren’t Hitlers….he actually wanted the best for his country….what we have are an amalgam of Mao and Lenin spritzed in with some real nefarious and monied, how shall I say it…noses…that are hellbent on bringing this country down for their juice world order. This is not even a question…it is happening, and has been happening for centuries.

  5. Well said Eric, I watched the video. When I was young I never imagined the world would go mad at the hands of uber Hitlers going absolutely insane. It’s like Hitler times again, except we have vax’s instead of gas chambers, and everything is off the charts PSYCHOTIC killing us with kindness, so much BS it’s too much to take. There must be hell to pay for all of this bad karma, this is just boatloads of bad karma, with all the minions going along with stuff like this — lots of naughty demons on this planet right now lol. They sure hate humans, that we know for sure.

    I don’t hate the extemely IGNORANT and STUPID masses for believing in nonsense, because they’re victims of a lifetime of anti-education and mind control and toxins in the environment. But they sure are annoying. Oh well. I try to have compassion for them.

    I noticed in a TV guide that they’re making TV ‘special’ shows just for more brainwashing BS about all of this hoax stuff. And NONSTOP at almost every commercial break is some kind of brainwashing special message about the hoax. Also, lots of money being poured into the whole hoax program. And all guv jerks are acting like everyone is dropping dead in the streets — so stupid and all total lies. I am looking forward to being on their jury and sending them all to burn in hell for a long time.


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