Live From Corona Country, Part 19

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Twenty years ago, the country was terrorized by the government in the name of fighting terrorism. Now it’s being terrorized by the government in the name of fighting a virus. But the end result is the same: Terror issuing from the government.

Note that the bodies still aren’t stacking up. Note that the Black Death projections haven’t materialized and have already been adjusted – downward – at least three times so far. From bodies in the millions to hundreds of thousands to just a few thousand.

Meanwhile – so far – medical malpractice has Slumber Roomed more people in a month (20,000-plus) than Corona has so far.

But the hospitals aren’t shut down on account of this. How come the country has been?

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  1. Dear goodness! The amount of real estate that these hospi’ls take up….and for what? How essential is 95% of what goes on there? Apparently, not very- as people not only seem to be getting along just fine without them…but the deathrate has decreased!

    If the masses still had brains, this “crisis” would spawn a renaissance, as people begin to realize how much of what they waste their time and money on is utter bullshit. But of course, most people are too far gone for that. (At least I did hear ONE person thus far say that this scamdemic was causing them to re-evaluate their life, and that it is making them realize that it is better to prioritize home life, than to spend so much time working and commuting and being involved in various “activities”)

  2. If there was any justice in the world, the Department of Homeland Security would open fire on all other government agency, federal and state. They have been exposed as the by far most dangerous threat to the US tax slaves, terrorists extraordinaire. Well, fantasy is about all we have left. And to think, these monsters have nuclear weapons. Being obviously insane, would anyone doubt they would use them if it became apparent they were losing their grip?

  3. This is the “Safety Cult” brought to its logical conclusion. It’s mass infantilization enabled by the Public Fool System, which manufactures both Obedient Taxpayers and the Armed Goons/ Petty Bureaucrats who enforce these edicts. Nearly all (biological) “adults” have now become Giant Toddlers thus lobotomized of any sort of intellectual initiative, ethics, logic, or independent thought. Young People thus remain Wards of the State, never encouraged or even allowed to GROW UP!

    Giant Toddlers waiting to be told what to do.

    Giant Toddlers waiting to be taken care of.

    Giant Toddlers waiting for “permission.”

    Giant Toddlers with a pathological fear of Risk, Responsibility for the consequences of their actions/decisions, Creativity, or Purpose.

    Giant Toddlers who can be menaced into submission with a never-ending series of Boogeymen.

    Giant Toddlers who never question ANYTHING the Rulers tell them, up to and including that the entire Planet is contaminated with conveniently invisible cooties!

    Hans Christian Anderson’s “ The Emperor’s New Clothes” immediately comes to mind.

    And just how diabolical is that- an INVISIBLE Boogeyman? All they need now is an elaborate and diabolical Media Campaign- no other “heavy lifting really needed.

    FEAR is a clever Mind-Hack- it’s the Basest of ALL human emotions. FEAR instantly shuts down ALL logic, ethics, and rational discourse. It’s how politicians arrogate power over the Masses.

    Deflect blame to some scapegoat, create a boogeyman to go, “Boo!”, get all the scared Sheeple to run to the Collective.

    Giant Toddlers who are TERRIFIED of being Human, who are TERRIFIED OF other Humans- “Social Distancing, DON’TCHAKNOW?

    Yesterday, I had to stand in a VERY long line of Sheeples to get into Whole Foods-nearly everyone was wearing those goofy masks with blank 1000-yard stares, and NO ONE complained but me. My remarks clearly fell on deaf ears. The once-friendly store personnel now stood outside the store ordering customers to, “maintain social distance.” How creepy! It’s a huge store, and I feigned ignorance and tried to walk in as I normally do, but I was immediately stopped- the Big Bad VIRUS, DON’TCHAKNOW? Other employees were busy as beavers decontaminating the Shopping Carriages before allowing anyone to touch them. I was even required to leave my reusable shopping bag outside- it’s got GERMS, DON’TCHAKNOW?

    The Public Fool System and the Mainstream Mass and Social Media, together with the Fiat Paper/Digital Money Illusions lacking any basis in Physical Reality truly are the Reproductive Organs of the grotesque Leviathan State that is now the USSA. That docile line of uncomplaining Sheeples with their goofy masks waiting to be ALLOWED to shop in a GROCERY STORE brought to mind Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” That line bears mute, tangible, depressing and, I would even venture to say, tawdry evidence of the Brutal Effectiveness of the Public Fool System in accomplishing the covert goal for which it was originally designed- to Stifle Individuality, Manufacture Uncomplaining Taxpayers, provide a Lifetime Tit for untold millions of marginally-employable Mediocre Minds, and manufacture the legions of Armed Goons needed to enforce this Welfare/ Warfare State. It further brings to mind the sullen coffles of schoolchildren lined up beside rows of yellow buses and lines of nondescript SUVs dropping more children off, on a frosty morning outside one of the local Child Mind Laundries waiting to be led inside. Future Taxpayers in Training. Chances are, they will NEVER truly GROW UP! How depressing! Perhaps the current closures of these Child Processing Plants due to this Virus nonsense may expose the monumental cost to society of this grotesque Social Tumor, and inspire at least a few members of the Remnant to take back Personal Responsibility for the raising of their progeny!


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