The Beauty of Might

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I’ve begun wearing my ear tag – as cattle do – in order to avoid being forced to wear a mask – as it appears increasingly likely we’ll be made to.

If, that is, we are unable to put an end to the show.

The why for masks that has nothing to do with “flattening the curve” and everything to do with maintaining the hysteria. It is Sickness Theater of a piece with Security Theater and the police state kabuki of sonorous See Something Say Something announcements, blue-shirted stormtroopers, I surrender posing inside body scanners and the feeling-up of little kids, old people and (of course) attractive young women after Nahnnlevven.

These practices didn’t stop Terrrrr.

They were – and are Terrrrrr.

Just as masks don’t “flatten the curve.” But they do maintain – and enhance – the fear. By serving as a visual prop that replaces the Exponential Bodies we were told should have been stacking up by now.

Which they aren’t.

A month-plus into the Corona Crisis and fewer bodies have stacked up than stack up in an average month at hospitals because of hospitals – because of the malpractice/misdiagnosis and general quackery that goes on within hospitals. It’s about 20,000 people every month, around a quarter-million people every year.

Corona has a lot of catching up to do.

The “exponential” increase in Corona Corpses hasn’t materialized. It probably won’t – given that 95 percent of those who get Corona don’t die because Corona. Most of the relative few who do really died of something else, such as old age pushed over the edge.

This is a problem – because absent hundreds of thousand of previously healthy bodies (remember when it was supposed to be millions – just a few weeks ago?) it becomes hard to maintain the fiction that Corona Fever is so dangerous to everyone (not mainly the very old  and the already unhealthy) such that everyone (including the healthy) must live in a state of perpetual paranoiac fear of Corona.

And of everyone else.

They might have Corona! They might spread Corona!

Notice the might.

It is the same might used to pathologize the possession of firearms. Well, possession of them by us. As with Corona, the preventative measures applied to firearms apply to us but never to the  “essential” people with titles and badges, who are apparently immune from might.

Even though they often do.

Armed government workers are far more a threat to us than the virus – of which you have approximately a 1 in 13 million chance of dying from (do the math, see for yourself). What do you suppose your chances are of having to deal with an armed government worker?

Too bad masks don’t protect us against them.

Or against government itself – which has killed hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century alone. The 21st could easily top that, if we allow government to get away with impoverishing – and starving to death – half the population. Or by injecting millions with marginal immune systems with vaccines that  trigger infections that end up killing them.

The beauty of might is that it has no end. No definition. Nothing specific that tells you this but not that.

Might can be anything.

Which is why might is the keystone of tyranny – and anathema to liberty, which is predicated, among other things, on laws being individually specific and on due process of law. No person (not group) to be deprived of liberty without it. All of us have just been summarily deprived of it, en masse. Except, of course, those “essential” government workers, who exempt themselves from their own arbitrary authority.

Might is a beautiful thing.

Authority – your neighbors – can accuse you of might without fact. Their fear of risk, however attenuated, is sufficient to bind – and punish you. Present a might – impose a demand, enforceable at gunpoint. The same government that can force you to wear a seatbelt for saaaaaaaaaaaafety can force you to wear a mask, also for saaaaaaaaaaafety.

This disease – of the mind and spirit – has been spreading for decades and is now pustulating to the surface like a kind of psychological syphilis. It seems as though at least half the country is afflicted. You can tell who they are by who is already wearing a mask – and hissing at those who don’t.

Might, might – everywhere.

Driving faster than some arbitrary number might result in an accident. Not having health insurance might result in costs being imposed on “society” (a nebulous variation of might). Going out in public might result in the virus – in principle, any virus – being spread.

Someone might get sick.

Just as someone might go on a shooting spree.

It is irrelevant that most don’t. The fear of might is sufficient to justify the presumption that all will.

Which is why all of us will likely soon be forced to wear a mask, in order to be permitted to go out in public. This will normalize the fear – absent the bodies –  in the same way that people now consider it normal to be scanned and groped at airports, absent Terrists.

They are used to being treated like cattle in one place, why not every place?

Supermarkets for example. Which have become more degrading than Soviet-era food queues, where at least the proletariat wasn’t treated as a leper class. You stood in line, but you weren’t forced to stand apart. You could talk to your fellow proles, who shared your misery – and hated the ones responsible for it.

Americans are being conditioned to hate one another – those who don’t wear the masks vs. those who do. Those who ignore “social distancing” – vs.those who insist on it.

I wear my ear tag to show people what being forced to wear a mask will mean. In the hope that people will decide might isn’t worth what could be our is.

Very soon.

. . .

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  1. Some of these people got their jaws jujyfruit glued together, don’t they?

    Self-hating jew’s a trope rivulet in the far wider reality gush of self-loathing.

    Nunz & hisownSELF came outta the jujifruit concession-closet just the other day.

    Hmmmm. Fear & Loathing got Gonzo outta Kentucky to CO but not far enough (or just far enough, depending on vantage), & maybe Nunz outta NY to KY but not far enough…Hey Selfless, what’s yer peripatetic vitae like?

    Elaine ain’t (is she?) but she loves them jujifruits:–U

  2. Might makes the might makes right rite right? The mites agree. Righteously.

    Might’s the keystone of humanimal. All the rest of the seeming overarch drip-grows, like a stalactite…meeting up with its doppel-ouroboros stalagmite.

    Plato’s allegory of the cave. And every single person, melted into solution or not, is in it.

    Disease spread…contagion….Have begun reading Humphries Dissolving Illusions. Measles & diphtheria rates had already dropped 90% & 98%, respectively (or perhaps vice versa), by the time when vaccines were “introduced” to defeat those diseases. And vaccine PR took all the credit for what cleaning up living environments accomplished.

    But the propaganda is not the main most salient point. Humphries describes, with cite after cite, how extreme the ecological degradation was. 1700’s. 1800’s. 1900’s. And what stands out – as usual – is that people, in the main, are not competitive. Not within themselves. Not without. They look around. They emulate. They go along to get along & can & do accommodate *anything.*

    “So this is business as usual how it’s done? OK.”

    So, for one example, the meat that was “reared” in the same filthy degraded environment the other meat – people – lived in, was fed anything & everything disgusting imaginable, including the dead of its own kind. That stuff was butchered & sold until it was too putrid to sell & then it was pickled, made into bacon, sausages, & sold. On & on.

    Competition didn’t save the day. What competition?

    Was given business advice once. Guy said look at what other are doing & then do it just a little better. Even that minimalism is a rarity in humanimal world.

    But, are you listening? :: This is healthy humanimal. Not diseased.

    Fundamental attribution error’ll have ya’ pursuing a cure for health…that just “might” ruin your own health.

    How much ammo was full-auto wasted on bushes & trees in ‘nam? It’s like that. You’re wasting your ammo. “Look! I’m a wo\man of action! See the tracers? Proof!”

    The fools whose faces you are rubbing in it will not convert. They will snap your pic with their phone, send it to the appropriate fools in costume who will also not be converted.

    And then suddenly, the mag you will be confiscated to the evidence lock-up.

    Linear belongs to humanimal. Get out that groove-ditch, else kick in the ends & cover yourself over. And that ain’t a new lesson.

  3. I work at a newspaper in a medium sized city. Usually we have about 50-60 employees. Indiana deemed us an essential business due to our info dispersing function. So someone called OSHA on us. It was posted in the break room as required. The whiney tone of the complaint was embarrassing. The person sniveled that we had “too many people in the building” and “most of us could work from home but they won’t let us. (sniff)” This was before the near-universal house arrest in my state. A few days later, IT asked about our computer capabilities at home and then offered the option to everyone.
    I chose to continue to come in. I refuse to capitulate to this foolishness.
    It’s actually kind of nice right now. I’m not a reporter but I sit near them, so I overhear libtard comments and opinions all day long and just have to bite my tongue. Journos don’t like conservatives, but they absolutely hate libertarians. Now at least it’s quiet in there.

    • Hi Amy,

      The person who complained to OSHA – anonymously, of course – is like the person who left a note on my car yesterday. I have a bumper sticker I made up – Fear the Police State More than the Virus – on the back window. This triggered a person who scribbled that “Trump is the virus” and left that on my windshield.

      People seem to really like my ear tag, by the way!

      • Your ear tag reminds me of something I read recently about authoritarian attempts to scare people – mostly successfully, I might add – into a manageable mass.
        They say Boo and we say Moo

  4. What’s bothering me is the mounting case that this is a leaked or deployed bioweapon or escaped franenvirus.

    If governments know it is a bioweapon then that explains the lockdowns. Of course in that case it is a bioweapon made in China so maybe it’s not all that effective.

    It’s a month of this now and I haven’t been able to pin down the truth or the probable truth. Hoax for a power grab or government panic over a bioweapon?

    • Hi Brent,

      As a bioweapon, it seems pretty ineffective. It mostly kills old/not-healthy people. Not the young, healthy males you’d think a bioweapon would target. However, it is an excellent terror weapon. Microscopic ululating bacilli out to get our health this time, instead of “our freedom.”

      Which, as before, we must surrender to be “kept safe.”

      • Curious, if not convenient, is this apparent ability of an infected person to spread the virus long before (if ever) they become symptomatic. This, ultimately, underlies the whole lockdown and now a worldwide masquerade party. Is there any proof, apart from anecdotes and ipse dixit, that this pre-symptom spreading even takes place? It’s just such a too-clever pretext for this to go unquestioned.

      • Exactly, Eric! If it were a bioweapon, it’s pretty darn lame. I tend to think it’s just this seasons flavor of the flu….hyped by the overlords through their mouthpiece, the media, on an international choreographed basis.

        And the timing! In the dead of winter, here, it wouldn’t have worked on a worldwide scale, because it would be summer in the Southern hemisphere. By doing it at this time, it is spring here, and autumn there…so it works.

      • It’s made in China. Do you expect high quality?
        The Wuhan virology institute was constructed to ‘catch up’ or prove to the world that China was on the level of the USA and others. plus it may not be a finished product or it’s just some research.

        The chain of research papers suggests it was created.
        Another route is that the test is faulty which means the virus may not even exist. These could all be deaths from other causes being blamed on this ghost called COVID-19.

        • Hi Brent,

          Yup; both of those possibilities seem plausible to me. What’s startling to me is how eagerly so many people bought in to a hysteria that is literally destroying the country over a bug. Yes, I know… people have died! And so will we all, eventually. From one thing or another. But very few of us from Corona. Why limit the shutdown to just Corona? Is there a specific number of deaths due to “X” that is too few to justify a “lockdown”? We are told about 23,000 people have died from Corona (though many of these probably died from old age, or smoking, or a variety of things and just happened to have the bug in their systems when they died).

          But let’s say it’s 30,000.

          If this justifies the government assuming dictatorial powers, the suspension of basic civil liberties and the imposition of extreme, open-ended restrictions on millions of people then is there any logical basis for objecting to the same measures applied because of the ordinary flu?

          Roughly the same number of people die each year, their deaths attributed to – or accelerated by – the flu. This was considered normal, a part of the cycle of life. Few would have accepted a police state lockdown on the basis of the flu season – because the “ordinary” flu can be very bad (fatal) news for a small percentage of the population, if they catch it. Each flu season, the vulnerable elderly and others in that category – the vulnerable – have been encouraged to take precautions. But the rest of the population wasn’t ordered to take them.

          Why the change? And what’s the difference?

          WuFlu is worse than flu!

          Well, maybe. But it’s certain that medical malpractice is worse than both combined, in terms of the number of people killed – about 250,000 every year – and those deaths are arguably much more tragic because they are the direct result of human negligence/recklessness.

          An elderly person developing pneumonia and dying is just life, unfortunately. You can avoid surgical tools left behind. You cannot avoid old age – and the declining of the body’s ability to withstand physical stress. This includes running marathons as well as bouncing back from a bad bug.

          Should marathon running be “locked down” because it poses a higher degree of risk of dying for the elderly and asthmatic?

          • Eric wrote: “Should marathon running be “locked down” because it poses a higher degree of risk of dying for the elderly and asthmatic”. Of course ANY training regimen poses some risk for the elderly, the asthmatics, and other medical problems. Hence why any gym or exercise program always puts forth the disclaimer to consult with one’s physician. The odds, ARE, however, that most folks, even those with mild symptoms, BENEFIT from regular exercise, so failure to train is what they OUGHT to be more “afraid” of.

            Or, as a guy whom could proverbially sell ice to an Eskimo (‘scusi, “Inuit”) once said:

            You don’t pay the price for achieving your goals.
            You “pay” the “price” for NOT achieving them.
            You ENJOY the fruits of achieving your goals.

          • With most things the con is clear and apparent. This one seems to be two different cons running side by side. A cover our ass government lab leaked a virus along side a hype the virus and take all the power and money fear con.

            Maybe the answer is it’s both.

            Right now the numbers are close to the low end of the monthly rate for medical errors. The high end is considerably higher.

            • Morning, Brent!

              My 50 on this: It’s similar to Nahhnnnellevven (and the JFK hit) in that there’s some truth – and much falsehood. Islamic terrorism exists; but did Islamic terrorists fly the planes/destroy the buildings? Lee Harvey Oswald was involved in the assassination; but was he the “lone gunman”?

              Some people are getting sick (I think I was among them) and a few are dying. But is it a historically unprecedented threat to human health? Not that I can see – but the assertion that it is serves as a very convenient pretext to achieve so many things “they” have wanted to achieve that I find it very unlikely to be a mere coincidence.

  5. As always, if you want to see the magician’s “magic,” always watch the hand that’s away from the focal point.

    Unelected businessman Bill Gates is attempting to install himself as king of the world while, unelected Fauci acts as king of the US, while unelected Deborah Bird who hasn’t been licensed to practice medicine in over 5 years tackles it on a global scale.

    All three working in perfect unison as they stand to gain unprecedented power and wealth.

  6. If the stores in Indy start requiring face masks, I think I might wear the kind that covers my face, but not my mouth. You know, like bank robbers. Maybe that will make them more uncomfortable than potentially getting the sniffles.

  7. my neighbor who I always tought was a goof ass literally ran away from me down the hall back into his apartment for “social distancing” as i walked towards towards my apartment. Theses fucking idiots vote. There coukd be a very dark place we’re all headed towards if a BS crisis warps all the morons brains so easily.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’ve had it with such fools – and now Mooooo at them. Or – per my earlier post – cough loudly, gasp in an exaggerated manner, clutch my throat and croak Corona!

  8. Last night at work a supervisor from another department (who was ranting loudly to anyone who would listen that people had been getting too close to her all day) actually smacked her face into a wall trying to “distance” herself from me in a hallway! Good grief and a half, people are actually going crazy at this point!

  9. I really like the idea of wearing a Guy Fawkes mask…what a delightfully in-your-face (no pun intended) way of protesting against the insanity. Just ordered one from Amazon; it won’t be used unless wearing masks becomes mandatory. In that case, I will silently say, “F*** you, authoritaaaaahs”.

    Speaking of masks, did all of you see the hilarious demonstration of using a face mask by our beloved governor, Ku Klux Northam? He used a black mask. I’ve never seen them in anything other than white, but I’m guessing that he is so enamored of blackface that he had a black one produced so he could stay in his comfort zone.

  10. I live near Flint, Michigan. We have had our share of government induced problems. I was totally amazed today when I went on a brief shopping trip, got some groceries at VG’s (would only let me buy one 5 lb bag of flour). I grabbed 2, we have been baking our own bread, so it goes fast. Then to Home Depot. I tried to buy some flower seeds and was not allowed because the governor of Michigan said it was verboten. I came close to losing it.

    I will ask again anybody got any extra Nato 5.56 or .223? Really just kidding. May need something a little heavier.

  11. Are the costume/Halloween stores open? I suppose not. I can’t wait to get a Lone Ranger type mask and start wearing it everywhere – LOL

  12. I had some fun today with the mental illness known as social distancing….until it got even more absurd than I’d seen it thus far.

    I had said I wasn’t gonna shop at Walmart as long as this crap is going on, but my mother needed a few things only they have around here, so when I saw that the parking lot was unusually uncrowded today, I decided I’d give it a try. The store was more devoid of people than I’d seen it in years, and unusually well-stocked, even by “normal times” standards, ‘cept for soup and pasta sections- I even scored a 16-pack of terlit paper for Mater!

    But of course, they had the arrows on the floor, etc. Here’s where the fun starts: One blob with a blue Walmart vest and mask walks up to me and says “You have to follow the arrows”. I replied “No habla Engless”- and went about my bidness, with no subsequent interference for several aisles.

    Then a skinny faggot in similar garb approaches me in the bread aisle and says something to the same effect- and I told him to GTFOH, and continued on my merry way.

    Best one was in Frozen foods! Another one approaches me- a male (or at least that’s my best guess) who appeared to be a composite of the previous two “things”, gives me the follow-the-arrows schpiel……so as I continue moving in the direction I was already going in, I said “Oh, I have to follow the arrows?”- He says “Yes, you have to follow the arrows”. Me: ‘Oh, you mean I can’t go the other way?” Him: “No, sir, you can’t”. and so it went a few more rounds until I was at the end of the aisle, where I had intended to go!

    Well, that was kind of fun….but then I stopped in Lowes to pick up a new heating element for my stove. You’d think Walmart would be the worst…but LOWES takes the cake! They had squares on the floor near the check-out lanes, about 6’ apart, of course…so I dutifully stood on one, thinking of picking something off of the impulse rack and throwing it on the floor and then hopping forward like I’m playing Hopscotch…..but before I could do it, it was my turn to pay, so I walk up to the register, and the cashier walks around to my side and says “Get back! Back! Back!” as she proceeds to spray down the counter and wipe it clean (and so after every customer!)- So I step back, while poking fun at the ridiculousness of it all….then, when she resumes her position behind the register, I ask “Can I advance now?”- She motions for me to come, so I do so, but while doing the Nazi lock-step thing, and then turning abruptly when I reach her, and give the hiel salute thingy.

    How long before they round us up? It should be pretty easy for them to spot who us “Corona Heretics” are….. Well, next time, I’ll just order anything smaller than lumber online from Amazon or Ebay…..let these B&M businesses lose what remain of their businesses.

    • OMG, thank you for your service!

      The ignoramouses don’t even know that spraying won’t kill viruses, because viruses aren’t ALIVE, they’re not parasites like bacteria are. And, as far as I know, the stuff they’re spraying is the CAUSE of why viruses show up in the human body in the first place — solvents & other toxins damage cells, bits of RNA/etc are strewn about, then those bits wander their way into other cells, which normally wouldn’t accept wrongful bits of RNA/etc, but they only do because they’re also malfunctioning (also due to the chemicals), and then the wrongful bits (“viruses”) cause the infected cells to malfunction by replicating a bunch of basically junk, which fills up the cell until it bursts… but all of this is in a small region so it doesn’t ever take over the entire human body enough to even make anyone have any serious symptoms because in order to take over a cell, that cell has to be malfunctioning in the first place to allow the wrongful bits to come inside. And if anyone had THAT many malfunctioning cells in their body for a virus to cause any symptoms (nevermind death) then they’d ALREADY be in a state of severe disease from their cells malfunctioning in various ways. Plus the immune cells clean up all the damaged cell junk lying around very quickly anyway. So viruses aren’t like a bacteria that you can ‘catch’, they’re more like a side effect of something that caused some of your cells to get damaged. And they’re like bits of RNA/etc that are just nuts & bolts lying around from some damage being done, they’re not live organisms that have some super power to kill animals or humans. But all the Dr’s KNOW this already, because this is the world standard agreement of what viruses are. As far as I know, it’s in all the textbooks and has been taught forever.

      But reality doesn’t matter these days I guess, in a country that is anti-educated and only knows LIEnce instead of science.

    • I haven’t ruled out a subscription to Schwan’s yet. I’ll gladly pay more to avoid being dehumanized by the brick & mortar stores.

      I would not be shocked if they charged us dissenters with terrorism for not following the stupid arrows or staying exactly 6 ft. apart.

    • So, Nunz: what kind of badge can we tack/
      sew onto our clothes that outs us as “Coronaskeptics (something like the yellow Star of David from Nazi-occupied Europe)?

      I REALLY want to dial up the mockery. We’re past the point of tolerable absurdity.

  13. Here is a comment on a yootoob video about a recent home invasion in Chicago where one of the home invaders was shot dead: “Probably going to be labelled as a COVID-19 death.”

    And a reply… “Yep! See how important it is that we wash our hands and practice social distancing!”

    What we really need is SOCIALISM distancing.

  14. I keep thinking of that hilarious scene involving “sex” between a VERY fetching 29 y.o. Sandra Bullock and Sly Stallone (he was 46 at the time and in damned great shape). After Officer John Spartan breaks off their round of virtual sex, failing to see the point, as to him “being well” would mean being between Huxley’s wide open legs, and she’s perplexed. At first, Spartan implores her to try things “old school” …”I mean BONING, the WILD MAMBO, the HUNKA-CHUNKA!”, to which Huxley becomes revulsed, “Ewww…Fluid Transfer? You know what that causes?”. Spartan replies, “Yeah! Kids! The urge to smoke! And a desire to raid the fridge!” Huxley realizes that Spartan doesn’t understand what led to this questionable state of affairs…
    “Fluid transfer is what caused the near-downfall of society. After AIDS there was UBT. After UBT there was NRS. The only way to deal with it was to outlaw the transfer of bodily fluids altogether”.

    Again, it seems that “Demolition Man”, some 27 years ago, chillingly predicted our future.

  15. I can just imagine what would have happened had, magically the ‘Founding Fookers’ (I LOVE that term!) been able to look into their future and see America in March and up to today, April 14, 2020.

    They likely would have sent a delegation of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin to London, to request an audience with Lord North and His Majesty, the Honorable George III of the United Kingdom. They would have brought a signed document with a simple message:


  16. Suggest wearing an armband emblazoned with a Star of David, or putting such a yellow star on your chest (maybe with a vertically striped shirt), or over the mouth area of your mask. Or, better yet, include the inscription: wer dieses zeichen tragt ist ein feind unseres volkes. Some may get it.

    • Why do I get the feeling that SOMEHOW “The Chosen” are involved? Not necessarily to have CAUSED it (I can’t see how it would benefit them), but with all the flim-flammery going on…

      • Oh, theyre involved…and behind it. It benefits their desire for one world govt with them at the top with all the money and the goy being sacrificed. They openly admit it if youll look…

        • Post some links or references if you can, Luke (and no, I am NOT your father…).

          To have the effrontery to BOAST of it, as you claim…if that don’t beat all.

          Once I learned that about $52K is paid out to a doctor for diagnosing COVID-19 cases, and prescribing a ventilator, and with Gov. Cuomo’s incessant BEGGING for more of them for “New Yawk”. Given that likely the overwhelming majority of MDs in the Tri-State area are, as A. Bunker, Sgt. US Army (Air Corps!), of 704 Hauser St. (dere), Brooklyn NYC NY would put it, “of DAT dere TRIBE!”, and HALF of the country’s cases being in the greater NYC area…well, it’s been a while since my college Calculus, but I still know what two plus two adds up to.

          • Obviously you believe that two plus two adds up to five.

            Such feelings and accusations have more to do with inherent bigotry more than anything else given the huge number of regular white guys who have been involved in flim-flammery throughout history. For a recent example, Bill Gates has CHOSEN himself to become king of the world and as far as I know he has no aversion to pork.

            Then again, we have seen no reports of the China virus affecting israehell!!! PROOF!!!! PROOF POSITIVE!!!! THEY ARE BEHIND IT ALL!!!! THEY MUST BE!!! I FEEL IT!!!!

            Now if you want to talk about a REAL ongoing jew conspiracy; their murder of white christian cultural icons in cold blood continues right under our noses. Just recently the jews murdered Honor Blackman, Lyle Waggoner, and Robert Conrad, all good white christians who have perished at the hands of the mossad!!! There is no other possible explanation for so many white cultural icons meeting their deaths. From John Wayne to Doris Day to Kenny Rogers to the latest victims – it cannot be a coincidence and any right-thinking person can smell the “chosen” behind these deaths. Can you not see what is right in front of your face?

              • Nunz, all this has put me in the mood for some good ol’ aryan fun, so I’m going to spend some time with my buddies over at National Vanguard, Daily Stormer, etc. (I have accounts on many of the premier “white power” chucklehead sites.) I can spew irrational hatred with the best of ’em and really get those guys going so any semblance of reasonableness disappears and their true nature comes boiling out – loads of laughs! Catch you later…

                • Darn, Jason- How do you stand it? People who frequent sites like that are so dumb- I wonder if most are even real? I stumbled across 20 years ago, when I first got a computer….LOL- talk about authoritarians! -and dumb! (Too dumb to see that the site was owned by….a Jew- which was readily discernible at that time, as the registered owner was still using his own name!)

                • Jason – seriously. Are things THAT boring that you feel a need to troll White Nationalist sites? Somehow, you strike me as much brighter than that.

            • Oh, good grief! Mr. Waggoner was NOT one of the “tribe”, though no reference to him on “”, which probably hasn’t been updated for a few years anyway. And if he had been, WHAT OF IT? Sorry, but I liked him in “Wonder Woman”, especially the part set in WWII, with Diane Prince about the hottest E-6 Yeoman I could ever had laid eyes on.

              As for the 2+2 comment, Jason, though, of course, there’s not a direct causative proof, just an INFERENCE, it does cause wonder as to why so many COVID-19 cases in NYC. Of course, medicare fraud is one of the Mob’s fave scams, so WHO is participating is really anyone’s guess, though I have a pretty good idea. To be fair, it IS possible that a relative FEW physicians are actually scamming, and that the majority of even the “J-O-O-ish” docs are playing it straight.

              No, I don’t think “Is-ray-hell” (not a term of mine, it IS the name of a Biblical patriarch, and should be used with respect) was involved in any plot to disseminate this awful thing, as that would fail the “Cui Bono?” test, hugely. If they did get advance knowledge, which seems likely, it could just as likely be attributed to espionage operations which the Mossad has reasons to conduct as would our own CIA. What did they know, and when did they know it. At this point, I’d say, not enough to convince OUR folks, but I’m certain that they did share what they had. That Israeli scientists perhaps took it more seriously and are ahead in developing a vaccine, as they claim, is not proof of anything other than pursuit of legitimate national interest. The perfidy I’m referring to is NOT Israel, it’s Americans, Jews and non-Jews, whom apparently are pulling a huge SCAM in New York, with national repercussions.

              As for prominent WHITE celebrities being “offed” by the Mossad, I’ll not dignify your sarcasm. They’re too busy, when they’re not conducting anti-terrorist operations, going after rotting 90 y.o. ex-Nazis and their likewise ancient “collaborators”, to be hauled off under dubious pretenses, as was the unfortunate John Demjanjuk, for a pathetic show trial. Even Eichmann’s back in 1961 was pointless, as his rather shabby existence in Argentina was probably more of a hell to him than being, for at least a few months, a worldwide anti-celebrity. Just as with Goring and the Nuremburg trials, methinks that one backfired, big time. Even further pointless would have been had the Mossad team succeeding in nabbing Josef Mengele, but as it turns out, he ended up a forgotten, almost penniless, despised nobody, whom drowned in the ocean after another “bender” in 1979, a pathetic old drunk. I think justice was better served in that case.

              • Douglas, although I abhor bigotry as the worst form of anti-libertarian collectivism, I actually have personally revealed two heinous jew plots against the white race on this very web site.

                In a prevous post I provided absolute proof that jews from israehell are infiltrating the old car hobby for the purpose of trapping white people inside old cars and crushing them to death in israeli junkyards! (Any right-thinking person knows that none of the “chosen ones” have ever turned a wrench and could have no interest in the old car hobby as white people do – except for the purpose that I have discovered and proven.)

                Also, I have revealed the ongoing horror of jews murdering white christian cultural icons in cold blood. It is obvious to any right-thinking person that jew perfidy is the only explanation for so many beloved white christian icons perishing one after the other, time after time after time.

                You seem like an intelligent guy, and I mean that sincerely, unlike some crazies that pop up here from time to time. I’m sorry that you cannot see what is plainly in front of you.

                Now if you’ll excuse me, as I mentioned to Nunz, I have a hankering for some real fun over at my favorite white supremacist sites.

                • Why you WASTE time on those “White Supremacist” sites stupefies me, Jason. They’re in it to SELL books, t-shirt, caps, stickers, and so on.

                  Ever read the “Turner Diaries”? Never mind that although William Pierce was a PHYSICIST, and a damned good one, he obviously didn’t know jack diddley squat about security of nuclear weapons, a crucial plot point. Anyone that takes that tripe SERIOUSLY, IMO, is utterly incapable of critical thinking, even without mine own considerable experience on the subject. Interesting note: the “protagonist” of the novel goes out in the ultimate suicide bombing run, carrying a ‘suitcase’ nuke (or at least one that would have been the payload of a Tomahawk missile, like a W80 which NOW has a max yield of 5 kT) in a cropduster plane, to blow the White House to smithereens.

                  Again, if things are that bad, assuming the President is on the grounds at all, WHERE he is, you MIGHT experience a wee bit of shaking…MIGHT, if such a freakish run were successful. C’mon, it’s the GOVERNMENT! They’ve “thought this SHIT up!” Right now, they’ve got SEVERAL think tanks, busy “thinking shit up!”. They didn’t get all the monies they rake in and mis-spend (or DO they?) by being IDIOTS. And yes, the US Government’s “Boomerang” devices work a lot better than those of Wile E. Coyote, “Genius”.

                  The overall problem, both with WHITE supremacists and other orgs with a bigoted theme, is really simple: GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. One of the grossest logical fallacies, ever. Jason, just b/c you self-identify as a Jew does NOT, repeat, NOT, make you “guilty” of a damned thing, you’re only “guilty”, if of anything, of what Jason does or died. I expect to be accorded similar treatment. I think what we find, in the overall analysis, is the outrages of a FEW get blamed on whatever group they’re commonly associated with, b/c folks tend to be so got-damned intellectually LAZY.

                  Just like “Yes-tuh-diddy”, in Michigan’s capital Lansing, where in that protest, supposedly a FEW Confederate flags were seen (but I see no pics of them yet), so their dingbat governor makes a clever insinuation that those protesting her legally and functionally questionable “Fatwas” are just a bunch of ignorant hick racists.

                  We’ll actually accomplish something once we get past stereotyping and identity politics. Me, I accord everyone the “right” to whatever ride they can afford…as long as it’s a MOPAR. “Mo-Par, or NO car!”

              • Lyle sure was a Jew…. Son of Myron “Weggener” and Marie Isern (from some Morgansterns).

                Hell, even Edward G. Robinson was a Jew (Emmanuel Lowenstein). Myah! [One of my favorite actors!)

                Whosajew? It would be a much shorter list if they made it whosnotajew!

                Do they have a “whosajewgaboo”? (Lenny Kravitz is!) 😀

                • EDGAR G. Robinson, Nunz, yes, he never tried to hide his Jewishness. In a lot of cases, in his time, Jewish actors HAD to take on a “Sobriquet” or not work at all. He was rather outspoken in the ’30s re: Fascism and Nazism (big surprise), and in his final role, in the dystopian classic “Soylent Green” (1973), where he plays the researcher roommate of the “hero”, the cop played by Charlton Heston, and his character’s name is “Sol”, obviously Jewish. Yes, he’s the guy whom “goes home”, and cries as he sees, on an early 70s version of the IMAX, footage of Earth as it’d once been, before NYC had 40 million crowded-in souls. His cop friend manages to break in to the “death chamber” and be with him as the euthanizing drugs finally take effect. Later, his body is processed, and the cop sees that indeed, Soylent Green is made of…J-O-O-s! (Well, at least part of THAT batch!). Me, I’d prefer Futurama’s “Soylent Cola”, though I hear the tastes varies from person to person.

                  • Darn, Doug! I usually say it the Archie Bunker way automatically! I’m slipping!

                    I didn’t know ol “Edgar” was in Soylent Green. He pops up where ya least expect him!

                    He was great in All My Sons- “Just ask Joe”.

                    • That was actually Mr. Robinson’s final film, role, as he was in the terminal stages of cancer. When they filmed the “going home” scene, according to Charley Heston, his tears were real, knowing that the days of a colleague and lifelong friend were coming to an end FOR REAL. From what I’ve heard, his “Little Caesar” tough guy image notwithstanding, he was actually quite genial and generous in his private life. A case of being a damned GREAT actor!

              • ***’Oh, good grief!”***

                Charlie Brown was a Jew! (That’s why Lucy always yanked the football out of the way at the last second- she was an antisemite!)

                • “Charlie Brown” was some pussy Japanese proprietor of “The House of Blue Leaves” whom let the Yakuza push him around, for fear that he’d end up like Boss Tanaka. His wife was kinda a hottie, but obviously she wore the pants in that family.

  17. I wear my ear tag to show people what being forced to wear a mask will mean. In the hope that people will decide might isn’t worth what could be our is.

    Very soon.

    Hope springs eternal, but what are the real odds of a mass awakening? The fact that so many people are succumbing to this obvious bogus and concocted “crisis” speaks volumes of ugly truth about just how thoroughly indoctrinated and controlled the sheeple are.

    For me, the relevant question lately has been “Do sheep deserve freedom?” The answer is obvious, but unfortunately, in order to keep the majority in the subjugated state they so richly deserve, the rest of us are inevitably herded along to the abattoir as well.

    • If I recall correctly, only about 10% of the colonial population was actively involved in the revolution. The SJW Wokesters have demonstrated abundantly how effective a few dedicated activists can be, even when what they promote is utterly absurd. Be loud, be obnoxious, be relentless, don’t quit, be that cow that balks and kicks the walls of the chute when cattle are being loaded. You might get the prod, but the more that do so, the faster the battery runs down.

      • At the start, sure, it was a scant few “activists”. Once the British started throwing their weight around, they began to piss off more and more “colonials”, and what started as a movement to get Parliament to repeal the “Intolerable Acts” and grant the colonies a greater degree of self-government, but still remain in the British Commonwealth, became more a drive to complete Independence altogether. By 1780, it was more like 40% for independence, 30% against, and the remaining 30% didn’t care one way or the other. Had the UK wanted to, badly enough, they could have stomped out the Revolution, but they had OTHER irons in the fire, and the Americans knew it. The strategy, which worked for THEM, but FAILED some 85 years later for the Confederacy, was to wear their “occupiers” down to the point where continued “pacification” was no longer worth the trouble. From the UK’s viewpoint, they made just as much, if not more, via trade once the war was over, and they still pushed around the Yanks on the high seas and in the Northwest Territories (or “Tories”, LoL), and for about five years after war’s end, until the states made a pact of strong unit with the Constitution, could play off one state against the other, since they were in effect nearly separate nations.

  18. Now Eric, you’re looking at this all wrong. Masks and goggles have multiple uses. Camouflage also has many uses. Since we’re now officially living under anarchy (not a bad thing, just reality) where the worst kind claim to be rulers (who don’t have to obey ANY rules), masks and goggles provide anonymity. Think Guy Fawkes mask. Or maybe a shiny (and readily available) badge which might avoid triggering the sheep and fraus when your weapon shows.

    I’m cheerfully wearing a cloth mask and sunglasses these days. They might keep me from getting a nasty bio-engineered virus. I might also be wearing a nice compact 40 in a IWB rig. Or maybe not. I certainly wouldn’t without a badge or permission slip. After all the minutemen all got permission to carry their weapons from the crown- there is a long tradition of this you see.

    Make no mistake- we’re in a fight to the death with the forces or evil. So far it has been mostly one sided. But they are going for all the marbles now because either: A. They think they’ve won or B. They realize they are losing it all and are making a Hail Mary pass in hopes of holding on to power. They aren’t exactly stupid, just evil and vain. Therefore I leave it as an exercise to figure out which one is more likely.

    Clues to ponder in this exercise include Brexit, Trump election, and the yellow vests. And advanced Russian weapons and Iranian/North Korean refusal to submit on the international scene. And mathematically unavoidable economic collapse and the concomitant civil unrest.

    This is very much a real fight, and street theater like ear tags might be fun, but we’re past the point where we can shame or influence the bad guys with logic, reason, or humor. Americans should have taken that lesson from the Holocaust at Waco. They mean to force us to obey and kill us for refusing.

  19. Once again, scrappy little Tesla leads the way, having issued this warm & fuzzy email to its landlords:

    “The rapid world pandemic that is now affecting our country has led Tesla to make strategic decisions to ensure the company’s long term success and growth.

    “As a result of the increasing restrictions on our ability to conduct business, we would like to inform you that we will be reducing our monthly rent obligations effective immediately.”

    Naturally, TSLA stock is up 13% today — think of all the money they’ll save, which can now trickle down into lower priorities such as improving the autopilot and cutting the fatality rate from battery fires.

    It would be terribly unfortunate, though, should the peasantry get the impression that the lofty privilege of a corporate oligarch applies to the likes of them, and start circulating Elon’s “unilateral rent reduction” missive as a chain letter, including sending it to their auto lenders.

    Do as we say, not as we do. Tote that load!

  20. The problem isn’t that the proof of government fraud isn’t out there, that everything they’re doing can be disputed rationality, the problem is there are few rational thinking folks left. The cows are looking at a $1200 pay off and $600 added to their weekly unemployment which they are betting will turn into never ending UBI via MMT,,, (Magic Money Theory). And they stand a good chance of being correct as this is exactly what the elite terrorists want.
    Using the video rice example,,, that same single piece of rice represents rational intelligent people on the planet that place freedom above a free bowl of soup, an Iphone and 24 hour netflix.
    Not wanting to sound like a defeatist,,, but it appears ‘they’ have won…

  21. Eric:
    You did it again. You’re somehow able to take my not-so-fully-formed thoughts and articulate them into a pithy statement: “Masks [have] everything to do with maintaining the hysteria.” Your continued work (especially over the past few weeks) is just so important and valuable. Please don’t stop.

    I expect my county is going to impose a mask edict as well soon. If it does happen I guess I’ll have to comply to buy food, but I’ll make damn sure I use it as a walking billboard by writing with a Sharpie: “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH,” “OBEY YOUR OVERLORDS!” “MAINTAIN THE HYSTERIA” or the like. I’m almost looking forward to it.

    • Thanks, Mister!

      I encourage defiance, which is morally obligatory when dealing with tyranny. I have also been encouraging business owners I know to open their businesses – if only for what-the-Hell reasons. What the Hell have they got to lose? Their businesses are already pretty much destroyed; why not at least take a stand while going down?

      • Eric, I seem to remember something in some ancient document called the Bill of Rights. In particular the First Amendment, with its freedom of assembly… But I guess that doesn’t apply if people *might* get sick or if its not Congress issuing the dictates…
        As for masks, its a matter of personal choice, as far as I’m concerned. Some people are much more at risk, and if they choose to wear a mask, its their choice.
        What I find interesting, is very few people seem to have any idea, how much damage all of this nonsense is doing to what we used to laughingly call our economy. Especially in one that is 70% plus, made up of consumer spending…

      • Or, as I’m considering doing, get a ski mask, sew the eye holes shut, leaving only the mouth exposed. Then walk around, blindly bumping into people and things, and as they scream and curse at you, nonchalantly say something to the effect of “they told me that I needed to put on a mask, and this is the only one I could find. Yeah, I’ll admit that maybe it’s the wrong kind of mask, but orders are orders.”

        The mockery against the prevailing system needs to be ratcheted up several notches, RIGHT NOW.

  22. These supposed “scientific minds” working in the CDC, FDA, et al are really grasping for something, anything, that shows that they’re useful and necessary. SOCIAL DISTANCE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! WEAR A MASK IF YOU WANT TO KEEP OTHERS ALIVE! WE NEED MORE DATA! MOHAR TESTING! Trump bad because he’s optimistic!

    In France, “Jacobin” now generally indicates a supporter of a centralized republican state and of strong central government powers[4] and/or supporters of extensive government intervention to transform society.[5] It is also used in other related senses, indicating proponents of a state education system which strongly promotes and inculcates civic values and proponents of a strong nation-state capable of resisting any undesirable foreign interference.[6]

    I guess we can say we’re all Jocobins now (well, not us but the U.S.). It’s only a matter of time before they break out the guillotine. Too bad it won’t be used on themselves.


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