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After Nahhnnnnlevven, it became fashionable – almost compulsory – to worship anything wearing a government-issued uniform (and carrying a government-issued gun). We were told – lectured – that these armed government workers were saving us all from evildoing terrrssts.

We couldn’t be too safe.

The “enemies of freedom,”as they were styled, never actually took away any of our freedoms. Nor could they – since they lacked the ability to impose laws rescinding them.

Bu their shadowy presence – everywhere, anywhere – became the universal justification for the actual taking away of our freedoms, by law.

No more just getting on an airplane without getting felt up or body-scanned. No more need for the government to get a warrant based on probable cause before it could listen in on your phone calls – and record everyone’s phone calls, web searches, text, etc. No more not having your financial transactions automatically “reported” to the government. Open season Hut! Hut! Hutting! by armed government workers  . . . for taking photos and videos of armed government workers.

Or just taking photos.

Our former freedoms – including our most basic freedom, to come and go without being hassled at every turn – were not taken away the evildoing terrrsssts but by the terrorists wearing government uniforms. And we were expected to venerate them for doing it.

Thank you for your service!

Now it is becoming fashionable to worship anything wearing a white coat.

It will soon become compulsory to obey these Health Heroes.

This is already de facto the case.

Herr Docktor Anthony Fauci is effectively the country’s first GesundheitsFuhrer, issuing gesundheitsbefehls – health orders – about how long Americans are to be imprisoned in their homes, ordered not to go to work – or to church – and subject to punishment if they do. He wields life and death power over millions of Americans, who are not only expected to respect to his Authority but required to.

How long will it be before Americans are required to do so generally? By Gesundheithsfuhrers great and small?

Forced to go to the doctor – and forced to submit to examinations, probings, tests. Forced to do whatever the doctor says? He is the expert. The authority. And it is a matter of public health that you do as you are told.

You need this pill – or that procedure. It won’t be optional. You will not only do as you’re told, you’ll be pathologized as ill – in the head – if you take issue with what you’re told.

This happened in Soviet Russia and some other unpleasant places, where disobedience with the experts was taken as evidence of sickness. People were Gulag’d for questioning the authority of the Communist Party; of not adhering to its nostrums and prescriptions. They were diagnosed as enemies of the people.

Think it can’t happen here?

It is already happening here – and Pre Corona. Parents have effectively no choice but to submit to the vaccination of their (sic) children, whatever’s in the vaccination and the possible, even proven, side effects of the vaccination being no concern of theirs.

Because their owners – who are not their parents – say it’s not.

“Wellness checks” – at gunpoint – are already being done on people who buck the white coats. They decide whether you’re “well” – as determined by whether you have complied.

If not, a judge – a social worker – can have you locked up.

Americans are already required to buy health insurance.  Why not require them to accept health orders?

Do you really believe such a thing is not possible given what’s happened during the past few weeks? People are already being required to stand six feet apart; to “social distance.” To not gather in groups, whether those gathering wish to gather (and no one being forced to gather) being, once again, immaterial.

There is no end to this, if the principle is accepted that “health” – as vague a thing as “terror” – justifies, well . . . anything.

Someone might get sick; someone might die. On this basis, everyone will be required to submit to X, Y and Z. This is the same doctrine used after Nahhhnlevven, just repackaged and more heavy-handed.

Sub “virus” for terrrssts – and there you go.

Or rather, don’t.

But whence came Gesundheitsfuhrer Fauci?

Who elected this person? How about the person behind this person?

Bill Gates, that is.

The billionaire technocrat (these are people who believe in the management of society – by them – using technology) is practically issuing his own gesundheitsbefehls. He is demanding that people be forcibly vaccinated – and cattle tagged – else forcibly ostracized from public spaces, including the private spaces of their (sic) businesses. He sees a future America “… in which activities like mass gatherings, uh, may be, in a certain sense, more optional, and so until you’re widely vaccinated those may not, uh, come back, uh, at all.”

More here.

Those with open ears and operating brains will hear the echo of another technocrat – Elon Musk – who waxed about the end of driver-controlled driving long before Corona Fever became a thing:

People driving themselves will be “outlawed” in the future, he said. “Because it’s too dangerous . . You can’t have a person driving a two-ton death machine.”

See a pattern? A tendency?

No driving for you. But lots of vaccines for you. And no cash for you. All on the same principle – to “keep you safe.”

And there’s no end to doing that.

. . .

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    • OHhhhhhhh, psychology! Yeah…yeah…. So, those who refuse to don an ineffective mask, because we are not concerned with virtue-signaling, are somehow mentally defective; but those who participate in mass hysteria are perfectly normal? Just like we’re now supposed to acknowledge the mentally ill who refuse to accept their own gender/boies with which they wre born are now deemed perfectly fine, while those who will not deny reality and play along with the denial of reality are somehow defective.

      Collective insanity is still insanity, no matter how many deluded idiots participate in it or try to justify it while calling it “science”. I don’t care to participate in any show of solidarity with those who are truly the defective ones.

    Hey Eric,

    Just noticed when submitting my last comment, in the “website” field which I always leave blank, since I ain’t gots no website….there was a big long URL that started with w w w needtoknow…….

    I sure didn’t put it there; never even heard of such a site……..

    Not sure how long THAT’s been going on- but this was the first time I noticed.

    And before that, while submitting a prior comment, this comment section froze up and then went blank…but that comment went through…

    Wondering if your site got hacked? Keep an eye out!

    • Eight,
      I thought it was bad when Obozo was in office. Even though I don’t watch TV nor listen to the raddio, I’d always seem to hear his voice one way or another- and I couldn’t stand that asshole’s voice nor the things he’d say. When The Dullard err…Donald got elected, I thouight at least it would finally be nice, if nothing else, having someone in who at least was bearable to listen to…..even it would likely be just words that would differentiate him from all of the other psychos.

      But I soon came to see that we can’t even have that! The guy is a pathological liar and braggart; he says one thing, then the opposite, and then something between the two- and then goes and does a fourth thing. He speaks like he is talking to a gaggle of idiots…and he is just as loathsome as that mulatto moron, Obozo.

      And the gaggle of idjits are still chanting “Drain the Swamp”; “Lock her up”….LOL- they’re still waiting!

        • Heh, yeah 8- and the thing is, government being what it is, and the fact that only a psycho would want to be a part of it, that’s the way it’ll always be unless people divest themselves of the idea of government.

      • Everyone trump has appointedhired would have been right at home in a jeb bush administration. Or George Bush. Hell Obama too. Every single one. We voted for an outsider and got someone too chickenshit to do a damn thing that he’s not told like a schoolboy and coward he is.

        • We voted for an outsider and got someone too chickenshit to do a damn thing that he’s not told like a schoolboy and coward he is.

          The biggest mistake everyone made was in thinking that The Donald is an “outsider.” No one gets as wealthy and influential as he does by not ensuring fealty and paying tribute to the Regime. But even that aside, “common” sense should have told everyone that this guy would be just more of the same. The Deep State doesn’t allow anyone they don’t approve of to get anywhere NEAR the White House. If Trump had really been an “outsider” and had he mounted a genuinely serious challenge to the Powers That Be, he would have met the same fate as Hale Boggs, Paul Wellstone, and Sonny Bono, to name just a few (and to say nothing of all the victims of the Clinton Crime Syndicate).

          There has never been, is not now, and never will be a “populist, outsider president” not controlled by the Deep State Globalists. The only way to for there to be even a remote chance of getting out from under them would be for nearly ALL of the Great Unwashed Masses to rise up and throw them off. Guess what the odds are of THAT happening!

          • Hi Liberranter,

            “The biggest mistake everyone made was in thinking that The Donald is an ‘outsider.’”

            Exactly, Trump was raised in an insider family, and progressed from there. He is a lifelong crony capitalist who has leveraged his insider influence for personal gain his entire professional life. He doesn’t believe that property rights are absolute; he believes that property should be allocated to those capable of exploiting it best (him). He is an unapologetic champion of eminent domain and has profited from this legal theft. Those deluded enough to think that Trump cares about their property rights should search “Vera Coking Trump” to disabuse yourself of this.

            Still, it is understandable that many did, and still do, believe that Trump is an outsider; the establishment truly does hate him, this is not fake. However, as I said before, they don’t hate him because he poses a threat to business as usual, they hate him because he stepped out of his place. When he kept in his place, they all loved him. When he gave them money, feted them at special events and coddled their egos, in exchange for favors of course, he was great. But, when he declared that he was going to take the helm at their exclusive political club, they freaked out. “Trump is a boor, unsophisticated, devoid of class and refinement, Wharton’s not Ivy League is it? Good God, the man is white trash, who does he think he is? Please, just keep paying us for your little favors and run along. What effrontery!”

            This is why they hate him, notwithstanding the delusional, or perhaps consciously fake, ramblings of the “Q folks”. Despite all I’ve said, please do not take me for a “Never Trumper” or “RESIST”er. It is hard to know which trait, dishonesty, vanity or self delusion, is primary in such folks. Perhaps they are evenly distributed. As far as politicians go, Trump is refreshing. Sure, he’s a lying shit bag, but he’s also honest in a way that all others are not; he’s himself and feels no need to hide it.


          • I knew what he was to a great extent and only didn’t vote against him because I viewed Hitlery as one of the most evil people in the world.

  2. This reminded me of an odd thing that happened to me after 911. I was buying a house in 2003 and my realtor advised I pay off a credit card to look better on paper for the mortgage. So I paid around $1900 and got it cleared.
    A couple of weeks later, I got a letter from the government about it. It asked me to fill out a form and send it back because I had paid off a credit card. Most of it was info they already had anyway, such as name and address – they MAILED me the letter for God’s sake – and other stuff about the credit card itself. I saw the words Department of Homeland Security and Patriot Act, and freaked out, then I got pissed off. Why is it big gov’s business if I pay off a credit card with my own money? Is that something terrorists do before a suicide mission? Pay off their credit cards?
    I pitched the letter and I never heard anything else about it. I mentioned it to my realtor and she had never heard of such a thing, but said I should just comply and fill out the form. I didn’t tell her it was already being carted off to the landfill.

    • If you have applied for a mortgage since nahn elvn they also request some certification by pen you arent a terrorist or something secretly buying a house. Which goes to show again that any legislation that came from it is for economic monitoring and funneling that info to the chosen.

    • You did right to just IGNORE the letter. It was a routine inquiry that likely would have been scanned and quickly forgotten, but absent a COURT ORDER for discovery of evidence, you had no LEGAL obligation to disclose a gott-damned thing.

      Had it been followed up with a phone call from a Treasury Agent, I would have told him in no uncertain terms that I had nothing to say and any further inquires should be directed to mine attorney, then hung up immediately. If you were visited by a Treasury agent in person, then I’d simply ask, “Mr. (or Ms.) Agent’, do you have a WARRANT? If the agent didn’t have one for you, SHUT THE DOOR.”

      Standing firm on your 4A rights is the only way to shut these jerks down.

  3. “Someone might get sick; someone might die”? Seems the sheeple aren’t able to encompass reality. If one doesn’t die by accident or violence, we ALL get sick and die. Living in fear is not living. Living in chains is not living. Currently, I’m wishing I owned a business so I could tell them to Eff off. But, since most businesses depend on banking services, the Sociopaths In Charge merely call up their partner in crime, aka bank, and lock their account. There’s really no way out, unless we go to barter, in which case if we ever open up for business again, businesses will be a LOT smaller.

    • Hi JWK,

      If enough of us refused to play along – and were willing to accept whatever the consequences are – this would end because it could not continue. I’m not going to stop going out. I’m not going to wear a got-damned mask. And I will not pretend “COVID-19 is an existential threat,” either.

      • “if”

        I admire the futile gesture as much as any other futile gesture admirer does.

        I even used to engage in futile gesticulation…when younger, dumber, & more full of ejaculation.

        But the Loveland guy cooling his heels in jail (& draining his funds to throw bail & pay fines &&&) & the fun ear tags (I eyeballed a gorgeous leather plague doc get-up on etsy), & all the other acts of impotence portend exactly nothing accomplished.

        Except maybe drawing counterproductive attention to yourself.

        (Or maybe it’s like tattoos. Exhibitionism. “Look at me!”)

        Snitch culture’s set to explode – & it weren’t small before.

        And frontal assaulting superior numbers, not to mention superior supplied, has always been last stand stuff.

        Opting to make the first move/s a last stand says nothing so much as “let’s just get it over with!”

        Haste makes waste.

        Half-cocked is half-assed.

        (Look around: wall-to-wall ½ cocked ½ asses.)


        Maybe attend this ride like it was your trans-am. Cuz it is.

        • I hear you, Ozy –

          But someone’s gotta do it. Might as well be me. I can indulge because it’s just my life. No kids or wife. And I hve had a good life. I am willing to risk it for the sake of avoiding a bad life – for me and everyone else.

          • And someone will. Marinade on whether it needs be you, tho. Because that’s not a very interesting use of interesting times.

            Even if you only end up in the warsaw ghetto you still have to be imaginative enough to get even that far.

            I think our advanced & advancing ages we might salute the kamikaze impulse-order, & then fly the zero to a better one…two…three.

            Combinations. Let the knockouts come, or not, as they will.

            Digital’s going to rectal examinal so hard it’s going to disembowel, I’m thinking. And a little help from the imaginative ones just might speed that along.

            Put this in once before. A novel. Was out of print for awhile. Worth the while.


        • Hi Ozy,

          “I admire the futile gesture as much as any other futile gesture admirer does.

          I even used to engage in futile gesticulation…when younger, dumber, & more full of ejaculation”.

          Alas, Mr. Kenney failed to achieve your tranquil state of enlightenment before gravity overwhelmed his levity.


    • I have many friends who own small retail or restaurants. I told them they should just open. Go for it. Be bold. None of them have (yet).

  4. Looks like ‘ol “Billy Boy” here desperately wants to rid the world of the “unwashed”, huh? Well, he’d better get crackin’ or there’s gonna be some serious hell to pay!

    • I’m sorry, guys but this is the moment in history that will dictate the future of our children and grandchildren. No more bloviating on the internet about how tough we are, what we’re supposedly gonna do when the shit hits the fan, blah, blah blah. The shit is blowing everywhere, right now! TODAY is the day to get out your guns, and start shooting, local cops, council people, government employees, state officials, IRS agents, ALL of them! Get on the internet, find their names, find out where they live! Kill them, kill their families, make them hurt. If we don’t fight back, RIGHT NOW, then we are doomed to slavery. This bullshit is not about a virus, it’s about the powers that be enslaving every one of us and taking over the world. Last chance to save some semblance of freedom. Stop bullshitting on the internet about how tough you are, let’s get out there and do something about it now!

      • You’re absolutely correct! But, we also need to be smart about it. We can’t just go outside and go on a mindless killing spree. That would only make things worse. The best thing we can all do right now is to simply not comply with these insane edicts. If enough of us resist the bullshit, then our leaders will more than likely give up and drop these so-called “guidelines” (aka orders).

        However, if our leaders choose to sic the National Guard on us, then that’ll be the time to strike! And no, it won’t be too late by then. Remember, it’s a few thousand of them against hundreds of millions of us! I mean, what are they gonna do? Drop A-bombs on us?

        • Ever read Stirling & Drake’s series, “The Domination”? Kinda like South Africa, during it’s Apartheid “hey-day”, on STEROIDS. Having enslaved about 3/4 of Eurasia (the UK, Japan, India, Australasia, Oceania, and SE Asia remain outside of the so-called “Domination of the Draka”, as well as Nord und Sud Amerkas, they form into a so-called “Alliance for Democracy”, Obi-Wan would be so ‘proud’!), the anti-heroes of this series, the Draka, don’t have EVERYTHING their way, as “serf” unrest is still common. It gets so bad in the case of Barcelona, Spain, in 1952, that the local conquered folk resist being enslaved and drive their would-be masters out. The Draka military regroups, cordons off the entire area, and drops a thermonuclear weapon and vaporizes the entire city. Footage of the devastation, including graphic details of ‘survivors’ being bayoneted by shock troops or impaled (yes, up you-know-WHERE!) by serf goon squads under Draka officers, are shown all over Europe and other recent Draka conquests as a reminder of what their new masters are willing to resort to.

        • Actually, I take it back. Just woke up from a nightmare where the pigs were choke-holding a senior citizen on an oxygen tank for not “social distancing”, which made me realize how brazen (and cowardly) our leaders and their goons are. I, mean, if they’re willing to go as far as attacking even a paraplegic who is literally defenseless, then who’s to say that they wouldn’t just shoot everyone at will?! So yeah, we do need to act now and take back what ours now! The question is, how do we convince the sheep who revere (and will even fight to the death for) a police state so brutal that it would make Joseph Stalin’s skin crawl?

          • Hi Blue,

            Yes, exactly. As bad as “the government” is (I use quotation marks to emphasize that “government” is just other people with titles and badges) the real problem is all around us. The ordinary people all around us who demand (and acquiesce) to tyranny offered up by “the government.” If the people all around us didn’t accept it, that tyranny would have no power.

            Our greatest challenge is to convince enough of the people around us that tyranny is unacceptable such that the rest – who consider it acceptable – can be kept in check.

            • Mornin’ Eric & BG!

              Therein lies the problem- you can’t convince anyone that tyranny isn’t acceptable, any more so than you can convince them to love somebody whom they don’t love, or to like the taste of okra if they don’t.

              Many of those people even claim to love liberty…but they love other thingsd more….so they’ll sacrifice the liberty- their own, and even more so that of others.

              If one does not possess a strong yearning to be free; to not be under the control of others; and the respect for others to desire that they have the right to be so too; and to make such the overriding priority in their lives… one can convince them to have such desires.

              We can see this in a way by observing those who flee places like NY and CA.: They are willing to live under the tyranny with no complaints until such time as they can no longer afford the taxes….then they move to a freer place…not because it is freer, but because it is more affordable….where they then proceed to practice the same politics which ruined their former locales….because they didn’t mind the tyranny- only the expense- and with their newly found “freedom” and economic reset of living where their wealth goes much further than it did back home, instead of relishing and preserving their new condition, they trade those things to erect what they had “back home”- which not only destroys their owen freedom, but even more so that of the original residents of their new locale even more.

              I see it so much with other exNYers- “Well, the taxes are so cheap here, so what if they quadruple? It’ll still be a bargain compared to what we paid in NY!” (Never mind the locals who are living high if they make $36K a year, because the union-monkey retired civil-service NYer likely has a six-figure pension, for which he gladly lived under tyranny for 40 years to acquire. Now he wants his new locale to have the big luxurious schools and subsidized industries so Junior can move down there too, with the grandkids, and have “:everything they had back home” …and ya gotta hasve “gun control”, ’cause Junior’s wife Karen gets freaked-out if she sees Bubba at the local gas station packing a rod….but she was fine living with bars on her windows in NY. where only MS-13 and the homies have guns).

              There’s no fixing this- you either love liberty…or you don’t. Many of us here have loved it since we were small children. Even those who may’ve come to it a little later, probably had that love for it as a part of their make-up from a very young age also….but just didn’t fully understand the nature of the system around them, and that it was antithetical to liberty, until a little later. Others just want a comfortable degree of liberty which allows them to do what they want…what they find acceptable- while restricting that which they do not find agreeable; but those of us who want true liberty, for ourselves and even those whom we do not like/approve of, are a tiny, tiny minority- probably the smallest political minority in the world and in this country. We are dwarfed even by those who advocate full-blown communism- and we have less in common with all of the other groups than anyone, because they all share -if nothing else- a belief in the legitimacy of government; the use of coercion, and the general idea of collectivism- be they communists, socialists, Repugnantcans, Dumbocraps, etc. We are the odd men out.)

              Our only hope in this life is to save ourselves, and find a place to ride it out, as the world crumbles around us…as it is indeed doing. It is to the point where even those who may start out with a love of liberty in their heart when young, are relieved of that love through incessant exposure to propaganda and mind-control through the skools and media, from a very young age. Statists of all varieties realize that in order to make obedient and content slaves, it is necessary to to get them at a young age- which they have been doing for a long time now- and their is no countering such mass propaganda.

              We have seen, in our lifetimes, how that propaganda has destroyed traditional values, culture, inter-personal relationships, the family, religion, true science, factual history, etc. The powerful wealthy cabal have shaped the world into the image of exactly what they want it to be- destroying a few thousand years of evangelism, science, reason, culture, etc.

              We are the “oddballs” who have managed thus far to resist as best we can- and we will ultimately likely be disposed of….we are hardly in a position, of all people, to win any wars- physical or emotional/intellectual. We likely can not even save ourselves. We are coming to the point where we will either have to choose acquiescence or martyrdom if we can not find a place to ride it out.

              And of course, we will choose martyrdom when it comes down to it- but only because we have that love for liberty which makes it unacceptable to live as slaves- but for those who do not have that love, they will rationalize anything to avoid the ultimate choice.

              In the best of times, we can not ignite the love of liberty in the hearts of men who not inherently possess it- much less in times like these, when the stakes are so high.

              We have the answers…but no one is asking us; They would rather ask those who created the problems, who also conveniently offer comfortable “solutions”. We are increasingly seen as “the problem” because we do not accept their “solutions”, like “shared responsibility” and mandatory vaccines.

              • Traditional values (have never been liberty seeking) & culture (ditto): I have two glute max’s, one for each to kiss.

                There is no war “out there.”

                Nobody is saved.

                AcquiescenceMartyrdom ain’t the continuum. AM-FM ain’t either.

                But if you were born a martyr, you’ll die one too – whatever the apparent circumstances.

                • Oozy, Traditional “traditional” values, such as long-practiced by Europeans, and which were largely expressed in the Common Law of Alfred The Great, were indeed quite libertarian.

                  Monogamous marriage; the authority and sanctity of the family; the right to travel unmolested; the ability to do as one chooses with their own property; to voluntary trade, practice one’s profession/trade, to enter into binding contracts, etc.

                  It was the gradual attack upon such values, and to politicize every aspect of life, that started our downfall.

                  The position put forth by the attackers was that “liberty” was to be free of such things- to be able to escape one’s responsibilities and yet to gain the benefits that one would have if they had practiced such things. They proffered the “state” as a means to provide those benefits while relieving the citizens of the obligation of practicing the behaviors which result in those benefits.

                  “Freedom” from one’s husband, parents, employer, liability, retaliation for bad behavior, etc. in exchange for the state being the mediator of such things- and thus the state gained control over all aspects of life- as it was proffered as a more benevolent master.

                  Just as in the Great Depression, where the state was proffered as the economic savior (to the problems which it had created!)- “Just let us have more control, and we will right all wrongs and keep this from ever happening again, by ensuring that “experts” control everything, and that those “greedy businessmen” are subdued and prevented from “taking advantage of you”……

                  • Nonzio…nonzio…pull up your hair, nonzio (the rapists continue to climb your tresses & have their way with your orifices & cavities).

                    Europe was, remains, a sucking sump. Is why so many eurotrash washed up on Amerigo’s shores. And, just as you’ve quite recently described, wherever trash goes, there it is.

                    “Traditional traditions” are given, for consumption, along with all the rest of cultural linus blankey’ing…& nose-rings.

                    The only traditions, which I don’t refer to as traditions, but simply as *my life*, that matter, are my own.

                    Offering up exemplars suffixed with “the Great” hero worship’s taken up residence in one or more cavities, orifices.

                    (All ya’ll this•that•the•other’s is the cause, & it all started when’s…) Take a look (didn’t know yesterday it was on yt). Read some books. The man o’ one book is as cooked as the book he’s the recipe of. actually honestly synthesize all the trees – or at least try, ‘steada’ leaning on tradition canes & crutches:


                    • Well sure, Oozy- what’s been going on here, has been going on in Europe even longer. It’s “been over” there for a long time.

                      Think of The French Revolution… (It’s STILL spinning!)

                    • Oh, and by-the-by, my reference to traditional values in the initial posy (as well as the other examples in that list) were to show how the forces of propaganda have changed the beliefs and practices of society-at-large- i.e. it has replaced the norms of society which had been held for thousands of years, within a very short period. Regardless of how libertarian or not those former beliefs and practices may or may not have been- i.e. it was an example to show how easily and completely society can be manipulated by consciously-imposed political and technological means.

                      But the fact that the will of the overloprds could not be achieved while society held to many of those traditional values, is also quite valid.

                      But Bruce Jenner practicing transitional values, is another story for another book- a fairy tale, if you will! (Although I think I’d prefer The Fartstain Bears instead of the fart-stained bares…)

                    • Is “society at large” Norm’s (the barstool warmer from Cheers) middle name?

                      I don’t care about society at large.

                      Or thousands of years of habitual offending in the name of Norm S.’s traditional ways of trespassing.

                      Except in terms of what I can do about it when it is directed at me.

                      I accept that this specie’s frailties are built in, & hardened.

                      No cutting those cables.

                      No McGyvering the connections so that viola! – the meat robot knocks off all its knocking off those “other” meat robots for to preserve illusions of immortality & yadda-yadda.

                      And that in this medium particularly, people are lackadaisical as can be about returning serves.

                      But, we all play alone, after all. Even the dues paying fondues with their deus ex machina assurances otherwise.

            • Yes. the base creates & keeps aloft the apex. That’s “the real problem.”

              But it is also a real problem to think – believe, hope – ordinary people will be “awakened” & rally ‘round anything done by you, or anybody else, on the civil-to-uncivil disobedience continuum.

              Ordinary people are not asleep.

              But extraordinary people who believe ordinary people are asleep may be asleep. Or, at least, extraordinarily sleepy.

              Another way: What you are pitching will never even dimple the fat pitch, & already captured market share, of what the big founding daddies pitch, & sell the hell out of, every minute of every day.

              So if the ostensible goal is impossible, gotta’ ask yourself, did I fire 6 shots, or only five, & what’s the real motive? A sort of Russian roulette, perhaps…but still, what’s the motive for playing that game? Cue the scene\s from Deer Hunter.

              “Convincing others” is the defective motive of those fat pitchers already mentioned. (With the catch in the 22 being those “being convinced” are *already* convinced – congenitally so.)

              Emulating the fat pitchers doesn’t, cuz can’t, beat them, doesn’t even hold them at bay – not even close – it joins them. Cue Lennon’s Imagination (if not everything he imagined).

              So. The ones needing “convincing” (quote caged because only coercion convinces that sort), are the fat pitchers. That is the work, or play, of people. But not of people who need people. Cue Streisand.

  5. Well, I went ahead and finally bought the book “The Bell Curve.” Some of you might know that this book is considered blasphemy because it shows that people’s intelligence might have a correlation with their race, amongst other factors. I’ve wanted to read it for years, but since this whole thing got started I’ve noticed that our “learned leaders” on the left have absolutely refused to consider that the average American isn’t the same as the average Chinaman. That’s why their stupid Excel Spreadsheets (sorry, computer models) aren’t holding up under reality. That’s why Americans aren’t dying at the predicted rate even though we’re not social distancing enough. That’s why we’re all starting to see the men behind the curtain, and what they’re really made of.

    The Soviets kept the angry hoards at bay with vodka and cold weather. What will Washington use now that they shut down everything? Pot’s still illegal at the federal level, and we still have enough Puritanism in us to know when we’ve had enough booze. Now that we’re unemployed we won’t have our meds to keep us pacified much longer. And we’re all a day or so away from year-round warm in the sunny south.

    • I think too many people are getting caught up in the race part. Like its some sort of blasphemy. Race is nothing more than gene expression. Intelligence is inherited and is greatly impacted by nutrition in the womb and in the mother (Weston Price Foundation), mental and emotional well being of the mom (Arthur Janov) and other environmental factors. Once born, what you have is what you have and your genetic ID is in stone. All of those factors and your genetic makeup can affect your intelligence. So yes, people from certain genetic lineages most certainly can have higher intelligence capabilities then other. Nature doesn’t lie.

  6. Eric,

    All the hero worship of doctors and nurses are making the policemen and firemen jealous. They’re going to hospitals to try and share in their glory….have you seen some of these displays of affection forming at the hospitals…the supposed hot spots of COVID DEATH 19?

    Some examples (note how empty the hospital is there LOL!!!)

    There’s so many I can’t list them! Look at all the social distance violations in them too! Certain DEATH is coming to them….oh my!!!

  7. Isn’t it interesting that this computer geek has come out of the woodwork to make daily pronouncements as to how we should manage our health, according to him. Why? What makes him the expert? Because he founded some stupid foundation based on the idea of vaccinating indigenous people the world over, who most probably would prefer to be left the hell alone? F you, Billy, hard.

    • I won’t even allow any of the asshole’s products on my computers, since 2010 (And my life is so much the better for it- having Linux OS’s that actually work; that I can actually control; and that don’t spy on me)….could you imagine allowing anything he had anything to do with in your bloodstream?!!!!!!!

        • Just an plain-‘ol off-the-shelf box, Ozy. Wiped the Windurs off’a it the day I got it and installed my favorite Debian-based distro. AHhhhh, peace! Instead of Billy The Squid controlling my ‘puter…I do!

          I still remember the day in 2010 I made the initial switch- it was truly liberating! Linux is the embodiment of Libertarianism for computers!

      • Sadly I have to use one computer w/ win7 for some software.

        But all my personal stuff is done on linux (Ubuntu version)… been using it since ~2012. Upgraded it once just because I had to in order for the browser to get an update. Never crashed once. There’s a couple bugs here and there, but not much, and it’s very consistent — it never self destructs like windows does. It’s saved me ALOT of time & hassle by never having anything go wrong.

        • Exactly Harry! I use BunsenLabs Linux- a minimalist Debian build which replaced the now-defunct Crunchbang. Sometimes I download videos (or music, by downloading the vid and having Youtube-dl strip the video and make the audio into an mp3) and I just let the ‘puter do it overnight….don’t even have to think about rebooting it- it’ll just go forever if you want it to, and work just as good as if ya had just started it up!

          I couldn’t deal with Windurs anymore….if there had been no alternativer, I probably would have pitched my ‘puter!

          • Been beyond tired of W forever. And with the gates swinging for the fences behind him – circling the globe, iow – I want away more than before.

            What does your less is more minimal version sacrifice (if you know?) & what does your net calc look like as a result?

            Some of what I have long used, programs, will needs go by the way after switching. But boilerplate word processing, spreadsheeting, email & browsing oughta’ be pretty much seamless easy.

            • Oz, really no sacrifices at all, unless you’re a hardcore gamer (I hear some only run on Windurs, but Linux has mostly caught up)- or if you use a product that is only supported by Windurs…but there are always alternatives.

              With my fav, BunsenLabs Linux, it can do just about anything- It just doesn’t come with a lot of crap pre-installed (Which I like, ’cause I don’t use 97% of the stuff that most OS’s come with)- but you can install whatever you want (It’s easy with Linux- you don’t even have to restart your puter).

              It does come with some basics, like spreassheet, and word processor, and media player. You want Photoshop? Just a few keystrokes and you can install GIMP- which is totally free (Free, as in free beer, and as in free speech!).

              If you want something that comes with a lot out of the box, I’d recommend Debian- it’s what a lot of scientists and professionals use. I used to use it and it was great, but I just see the point of having a bunch of stuff installed that I don’t need- not that it hurts anything, as unlike Windurs, no matter how much crap you have installed on your disk, it doesn’t slow the computer dowen.

              They have flashier versions, for people who want a more Wiondows-like experience-, like Ubuntu- but like Windows, it’s full of bloat and garbage, and sometimes has problems.

              They have really “bleeding edge” distros, too- like Arch Linux and Gentoo if you really want to get fancy- but they’re for the geekier types.

              If you have an old/ancient ‘puter that you’d like to try Linux on, just to try it out, they have some really lite versions, like Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux, that’ll run on ancient equipment, and make it run great. You can even run them off of a CD!

              And the beauty is, a lot of the stuff you do on Windurs that would require some program or software to accomplish, can be done on Linux by “opening a terminal” and typing in a few commands…and voila!

              Like the other day, I wanted to transfer over 1000 mp3 files, which were contained in 66 different folders, to my portable mp3 player…but individually- i.e. not in the folders. Did I have to sit there and open each folder and transfer the files from each one manually? NOooo.

              Did I have to install some program? NOooo!

              I opened a terminal, and typed a few characters- and the ‘puter did it’s thing in about 2 minutes. It truly unleashes the power of your ‘puter.

              AND, the workings of the OS are fully accessible, and easily so, so you can modify it…customize it, make it do exactly what you want, with zero hassles. You have complete control. And no worries about viruses, malware, etc.

              There are plenty of reviews on the various flavors (distros) on Youtube- check’em out.

              You really give up nothing…except spyware and hassle.

              • I prefer Ubuntu but as I have a crap-ton of machines (thanks to having #1 son as a techie, he gets TONS of free crap just GIVEN to him in his line of work), I’m gonna “convoit” one to Debian.

                • I started with Slackware Linux ages ago and have played around with different distributions but in recent years have been using Ubuntu. (Actually Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu variants).

                  I’ve gotten lazy in my old age and like things to “just work” with a minimum of hassle. Ubuntu does that for the most part. Debian is great, and of course is what Ubuntu is based on, but can take more work due to being a lot more restrictive in what it includes.

                  • Jason, I tried Slackware too (Talk about rock solid!) and loved it- but having to manually futz with packages, or convert from Debian-based ones, etc. was too much for me- I’m not much of a geek.

                    But Slackware embodies my philosophy of keeping the architecture dirt simple so that it works forever (Like an old car), and if anything does go wrong (Which would only happen if you caused it to) it’s simple to fix.

                    Now we have to get Ozy to watch some Richard Stallman videos! [He’s a filthy old hippy who has lived most of his life at MIT, and pioneered Free Open Source Software- interesting guy in a weird sort of way. Ironically, he speaks a lot about “freedom”…yet he supports comrade Bernie. Lives at MIT….and is a software pioneer- yet, won’t have a cell phone or use Facebook. Advocates total freedom over one’s computer/the interwebs…yet supports a socialist- talk about contradictions!]

                    • Nunz, Stallman is definitely a wild and crazy guy and as you note is full of contradictions, and in a lot of ways is out of touch with reality. (Pretty common in ivory-tower academic types.)

                      At least Stallman is not the very embodiment of evil like Bill Gates turned out to be. Don’t even get me started on that turkey!!

                    • Ha! Yeah, Jason- Stallman is a prince compared to Gates (But I wouldn’t want to let him use my bathroom!)- He’s like the antidote to Gates…and I guess we owe him for making it possible to compute without MS’s garbage!

                      I get a kick out of watching his lectures (Hmmm…it’s been a while…might have to check for newer ones!)- it’s like he’s stuck in the early 70’s (Gotta like him for that!)

                      On the other hand….ya wanna talk about a Linux bad guy, the dude who maintains Antix- I forget his name- is a full-blown Marxist! When I was first experimenting with Linux, I tried Antix, running off of a CD- the browser it came with had pre-installed bookmarks for all of these Marxist and anti-Jew sites!

                      Any time I’d bring up that fact omn, the dude would appear within a few hours and give me a thrashing!

                      [Hint to onlookers: Having a small Linux distro that can run off of a disc or thumbdrive is very handy….’specially for repairing Windows systems!]

              • Nunzio,

                I tried Debian once, and I didn’t care for it. Though I understand their commitment to software purity (as in no proprietary software), it’s a real PITA. For example, there was no driver available for my wireless and video, because those are PRORPIETARY drivers. That said, I always gravitated to the Debian based distros like Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, or LXLE (based on Lubuntu).

                • Hey MM!

                  You do know that you can enable non-free repositories on Debian? In the past, there were a lot of issues with wireless and stuff on virtually every Linux platform…but most of that has been sorted out in recent years.

                  They have lots of generic drivers now too for hardware- I use one such for my printer. Some manufacturers really need to step up their game though, and provide Linux drivers.

                  Hey, iffin ya ever get stuck: Always Google it- Lots of times, somebody out there has made a Linux driver from a Windows one, and has it out there to download.

                  I’m glad to hear that Ubuntu is so popular. Anything that gets people off MS or Apple products, is a win!

                    • Any time, MM!

                      Tip for all: Always read any distro’s documentation/installation instructions prior to installing. It’s easy enouigh to install most distros these days….but many of ’em tell ya how to set it up the way you want and or the way that is most efficient for your computer; and while many of the tweaks can be done at any time, it’s often much better to just set it up properly to begin with.

                      Linux: It’s like it was made for Libertarians!

  8. Let’s play a game: Let’s put this global pandemic into perspective:

    This weekend, the official global death total due to COVID-19 was 102,000.

    The global population is 7.8 billion.

    Doing the elementary school math we get 102,000 / 7,800,000,000 = 0.0013%.

    We are 5 months into this global pandemic and so far, 0.0013% of the global population has died of it.

    I’ll repeat that in different words:

    As of today, the likelihood of you dying from Coronavirus is 13 in a million.

    5 months is long time to build exponential growth. After all, we are told this is a super-highly contagious virus that can be spread even from asymptomatic people.

    Also – from Fauci himself:

    “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

    Here’s the link. Note that it is not from some right wing “extremist” site. It is from the New England Journal of Medicine:

    • Very nice find Blake! I’m going to keep that link for sharing. I rank that right up there with Mike Pompeo admitting publicly that we were in the middle of a “live exercise.”

    • Along with the porcine donut-gobblers, shysters, and insurance mafiosi, I can’t think of any profession I now have LESS respect for than the glorified witch-doctors-turned-drug-dealers called “the medical profession.” They literally KILL people, slowly and systematically, fully aware of their actions and seldom if ever paying for it. Josef Mengele was THE NORM for these creatures, not an aberration: at best incompetent, at worst pure, unadulterated evil.

      • If they ever warranted any respect at all, such disappeared long ago. They are now nothing more or less than the paid shills of Pharma. Pharma, which has no interest whatsoever in ever curing any disease. No money in that. Why do you think Hydroxychloroquine is being pooh poohed so lavishly? Couldn’t be because its a 65 year old drug with not too severe side effects, and no patent protection, could it? Meanwhile, I suffer rheumatoid arthritis, and am supposed to see my rheumatologist every three months to get blood work and symptom evaluation. She’s not making appointments now, ’cause plague. So I guess if one wishes to see a doctor, they should practice their dry cough and fever symptoms.

      • Hi liberranter,

        Many quacks are also itchin’ authoritarians. They love rules and procedures. Many get visibly annoyed when you reveal you’re not interested in them – or their poultices.

      • Amen, Libby!

        My mother, throughout the years, and continuing, has always tried to talk me into going to doctors for every little thing. I keep telling her: “Why? The only things they have to offer are drugs and surgery- neither of which I am interested in, because unless a limb is on the verge of being detached, or you’re on the verge of imminent death, the “cure” is usually worse than what ails ya, and usually leads to permanent dependency on drugs (to fight the symptoms caused by the drugs given to cure what you initially went to the butcher for) and doctors”.

        Sheesh- not having been to a doctor since 1978, and never to an ER, ya’d think it would be obvious that I can maintain my own health and treat my own injuries just fine! “But you should get a check-up”….LOL…yeah, just what I need- some nerd who was highly trained in the pharmaceutical system to interpret some tests(which are wrong more than 50% of the time, according to the Mayo Clinic) and numbers and convince me that something is wrong with me when I am personally healthy- so I can end up like my sisters, who spend every waking moment going to doctors; and the one who is glaring healthy has been on a litany of drugs for the last 40 years- and what ever problems she encounters are usually caused by those drugs (and then more are prescribed to fight those problems!)- and my other sister who has had every ailment known to man, from a prodigal lifestyle, is none the better for her full-time employment as a professional patient.

        Traditionally, the above is represntative of the typical difference between men and women….but I really can’t even say that anymore, as so many men have become so effeminized that they no different- and I’m seeing it in the younger generation of my own relatives, even in their teens and 20’s- when they should be strong and healthy and independent….they are instead sickly, weak, and already enslaved to the medical system- and that is by design, as virtually all who are rendered so will advocate socialism to force their neighbors to pay their bills (ANYTHING, except living responsibly and healthy!)

        • Traditionally, the above is represntative of the typical difference between men and women….but I really can’t even say that anymore, as so many men have become so effeminized that they no different- and I’m seeing it in the younger generation of my own relatives, even in their teens and 20’s- when they should be strong and healthy and independent….they are instead sickly, weak, and already enslaved to the medical system- and that is by design, as virtually all who are rendered so will advocate socialism to force their neighbors to pay their bills (ANYTHING, except living responsibly and healthy!)

          Yup. The feminization of everything, including –especially– medicine, is causing absolute havoc. LITERALLY civilization-destroying havoc.

          • Too much “Soy” in today’s BOYS.

            Boys are SUPPOSED to be boisteroius, noisy, break things, scrap with each other, and get cuts and bruises. Part of the ungainly process by which they become MEN. To make sure that things don’t get out of hand or the little shits don’t hurt others too badly or destroy too much property, you have male authority figures, starting with FATHERS (but older brothers, uncles, Grandpas, and so on will do at times), ready to administer a kind, stern word, and then, when THAT fails, as it often does, open up a can of “whoop-ass’! on ’em!

            Too many female-headed households where the father is absent altogether or a non-player have given us the deplorable state of current affairs. A child support and or welfare check is not an acceptable substitute for FATHERHOOD.

        • “Traditionally”?

          When the light brigade takes pride that it don’t question why but just does & dies – I got news: that’s manly men turning themselves out to chain of command.

          Gender in the literal has nothing to do with anything.

          Gender in the poetical-Alliterate- political? All bitches.

          Givin’ the Waco order. Doin’ the Waco order. Calculatin’ the child death toll over there somewhere “is worth it.” Killin’ all those kids over there.

          Wake the fook up.

  9. Well, there is some good news. My panicky Michigander “friend” has found data indicating that Michigan, at least, is over the hill and coasting. However, he also still accuses Trump of being greedy when he worries about the economic effects of the shutdown. Doesn’t he realize that the mortality rate of not eating is 100%?

    • Which will eventually lead to riots. There are only two human motivations stronger than sex, hunger and thirst. If people get hungry, they WILL eat, perhaps eat their neighbors. Could be part of the plan. What better excuse to put troops on the street?

      • If there is a silver lining to massive numbers of G.I. Joes being sent into the streets to gun down American citizens, it is that it will obliterate all this brainless “Support the Troops” idolatry that has infected the sheeple since 9-11. I keep telling my friends and family: if you value freedom –or even being able to live like a human being– anyone who wears a government costume is your enemy, and it’s time to start treating them accordingly!

      • JWK, considering the girth of the average American these days….they could go for several years without eating before they get hungry!

      • Since the C.U.N.T. in the governor’s mansion in Lansing thinks that seeds and gardening tools and supplies are NOT “essential”, I guess she’s ok with folks starving this fall should things completely go to shit in the Badger State.

  10. Used-car dumping looms like an oncoming tornado funnel:


    Used-vehicle auctions are for now virtually paralyzed, much like the rest of the economy.

    Used-car sales fell 64% in the last week of March, according to Manheim. The Cox Automotive-owned auction company estimates that prices have fallen about 10% in recent weeks, though that figure is based on unusually low volume at auctions.

    GM assumed a 4% decline in residual values [of leased vehicles] this year. If the 10% drop that Manheim has seen recently persists, depreciation expense could obliterate the $1.9 billion that GM Financial earned in pretax profit last year, said Joel Levington, a credit analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. Ford Motor Credit faces similar risk, he said.

    Automakers are doing what they can to limit the damage. GM and Ford’s finance units already are offering customers one-month lease extensions. But these measures are unlikely to go nearly far enough …


    Wouldn’t you know it — auto makers not only are exposed to a collapse in new vehicle sales, but also managed to LEVERAGE themselves to a plunge in the value of “pre-owned” two-ton death machines as well. Well done, goofballs.

    Now these pea-brained, spike-tailed stegosaurians — wobbling precariously on their outsized, scaly hind legs — stare in mute reptilian incomprehension at the coronal asteroid strike that looks set to end their unmourned presence on the planet.

    Tragically, the US clowngov is hell-bent on keeping these value-subtracting behemoths in the hands of their current failed managers, and maybe even putting the inmates in charge of the asylum by appointing more UAW members to the board to hike their own wages as demand plummets, if the octogenarian Nancy Pestilosi gets her demented way.

    Oh the humanity … AH-CHOO!

    • Used vehicle prices have been too high for quite a while due to the damage caused by cash for clunkers. So in some ways it an overdue correction.

      • Very true. Now the gubmint will go on to something else even more insane, and rule that every gas powered car MUST be traded in for a hybrid or electric vehicle within 5 years or face death by electrocution!!!

        Oh mighty Mopar,
        how I loved thee!
        And Big Block Chevies,
        no longer do I hear,
        the sound of a lopey cam,
        That caused so much fear,
        to the soy boy gubmint’s ear,
        Their big money scammers,
        are forcing us to drive in,
        electric RC tesla panzers!
        Fortunately, Covid19 left my
        bank account in tatters,
        So I can only afford me some,
        Converse jammers.

  11. Might be a reason for the uptick in Corona Cases….

    Minnesota State Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen

    “Right now Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much. Nobody can tell me, after 35 years in the world of medicine, that sometimes those kinds of things [don’t] [have] impact on what we do…”

    $52,000 buckeroos for being a CV19 patient on medicare. As I am on Medicare you can see why I do not want to go to a hospital or Doctor. No matter what they’ll ‘test’ me, mark me Covid and shove a ventilator down my throat.

    Then there’s this:

    “…Jensen then told Ingraham that under the CDC guidelines, a patient who died after being hit by a bus and tested positive for coronavirus would be listed as having presumed to have died from the virus regardless of whatever damage was caused by the bus.”

    The whole interview:

    • Fortunately the coronavirus has seriously diminished deaths from all other causes, flu, heart attacks, cancers, pretty much everything such that used to be killing us all. In fact it is saving lives since apparently fewer people have died in the US and Europe than last year, a number which oddly is not subject to garbage-in-garbage-out computer modeling.

      Nothing to see here people, move along. Do as you’re told.

    • And all those “New Yawk” area doctors, likely of which the majority are of a certain TRIBE? So they get $52K from “Uncle” for every PATIENT whom they diagnose with COVID-19 and recommend use of a ventilator, which “Baby” Cuomo keeps begging for on Fox News?

      I’d wondered how come HALF of the deaths and diagnosed cases of COVID-19 are within 75 miles of Manhattan. Now methinks it’s been ANSWERED.

      • Even if the hospital bribe was confined to NY – it isn’t – the “tribe” is oligarchic-autocratic\authoritarian-techno•fascist. And it has members & adherents even dopier than you in it.

        As for what NY rakes off more generally…that sucking, tooth-lined, vortex has long taken the biggest rake in the world; it is empire HQ. Shithole Chicago was born shoulderless, in comparison…maybe why WTC won the bid, instead of Sears Tower.

        • The “Sears” Tower has been the “Wilson” Tower for some time. And outside of Chicagoland, no one gives a fuck about it. If it comes down for “unexplained” reasons, look for someone having taken a huge insurance policy on the structure.

          • Did I miss the point, or did you? Relative rates of corruption & collateral damages capitalization. Sure you’re not part of the tribal conspiracy? Deduct one point for fooking the point.

            • Only to the extent that my paternal “gross-mutter”, “Gawd” rest her soul (been departed for 30 years), eine Juden Frauen. However, she did “con-voit” (yes, yes, yes, yes…) to Christianity, Southern Baptist to be exact, when she wed my Grand-Pappy Self in 1932, else “Bobba”, my great-grandmother, herself a dyed-in-the-wool Baptist lady originally from Joplin, MO, wouldn’t have let her only son marry a Jewess. FWIW, my Dad, though by the “Nuremburg Laws” of 1935, would have been deemed a Jew, has never considered himself one. And my “portion” would have kept me from the Waffen-SS, though I could still serve in the “Heer”. Big woop.

              So, if THAT makes me part of some “conspiracy”, then I wonder how come I haven’t gotten MY cut of the “action”? Other than that, I don’t understand where you’re coming from, “Ozy”.

              • Refer to your gross-mutter’s pre-conversion “cut of the action” to calc where I’m coming from.

                As for that swap, your grandmother was either desperately blindingly in love, or thought to herself she’d be running the joint (a la Planet of the Apes) if she infiltrated.

                Last, how’s it not a case of the soyboy thesis you & others are so fond of that your grandfather’s mate choice was by his mama’s leave?

                • My grandpa was 28, had gone through several good-paying jobs (he was always very proficient and hard-working, but “irascible”). Grandma was but 21, but she was being pressured to marry – SOMEONE, and, it being the Depression, ANY man with a decent job was a ‘catch’ (matchmaker, matchmaker, etc.). Considering that my Jewish “Grossvater” was the only kosher butcher in the Central Valley, and had gotten royally screwed, business-wise, by members of the local synagogue, including the rabbi, my grandmother had very little good to say about Judaism (she softened considerably much later, she was always nice but wary of those that crossed her) and required little incentive to “convoit”. In a way, marrying some Baptist kid (whom, like a lot of Baptist kids, was a “Sunday Christian” at best) was her own form of rebellion, but at least her Dad wouldn’t have to find a job for his new son-in-law, especially in the Depression with his own butcher shop going under.

                • Doug, there are the ones who are the top players in the conspiracy…..then there are the ones who bear the label by reason of birth; many of whom the ones in the first group would just as soon be rid of….and which they even gained some ground in achieving in Germany….. The fact that that first group just happens to be of that persuasion, has no bearing on the rest, except as some of them unwittingly support the programs of the former….just as do many Calf-licks support that AntiChrist fellow in Rome who wears the funny hat, but are clueless about the actual pursuits of his organized-crime organization.

                  Right, bubby? 🙂
                  (Hey, I have a little of that Manischewitz flowing in my veins too, from my grandma’s side of the fambly back in the 18th or 19th century or so….and my little grandma looked just like a little Jewish lady…and back in Jew York, I was regularly mistaken for one too! (Would that she had been a full-fledged Jew instead of a Calf-lick!)- I guess the ones I’m descended from though missed out on the smarts, as they had converted to Cat-holic-ism. 🙁

                  Funny though- with most of us here on this site, no matter where we’ve come from, we’ve managed to filter out all of the extraneous trappings, and have pursued the ultimate truth and acknowledgement and advocacy of the ultimate universal self-evident truth of liberty and The Golden Rule/NAP which is the ultimate equalizer of all men.

                  • Hi Nunz!

                    I have two old friends, who happen to be Jewish. It appalls me almost beyond words how hysterically they have bought into Corona Fever. No price too high! We must be safe! People are dying! The government knows what it is doing! When I was young, I could not understand how those people in the black and white newsreels just did as they were told and got in the boxcars.

                    I understand now.

                    • Eric, you recall what Herr Goring told Dr. Gustave Gilbert, the Jewish Pyschologist that interviewed him along with the rest of the defendants at Nuremburg?

                      “Well of course the people don’t want to go to war. Why should the farmer leave his farm, or the factory hand his job, with only the hope to somehow survive the war? What you have to do is to convince the people that they’re under attack. Works the SAME in ANY country.”

                      The corpulent Reichsmarshall was right. All that remains is for statues, even little ones, of his tubbiness to be erected (or produced) and all over “Germania”. Thus far, he’s about 25 years too late on his “prophecy”, but ya never know.

                    • Hi Doug,

                      Indeed. The Reichsmarchall was among the few in the dock who behaved like a man. I respect him for that. Also Peiper and Skorzeny.

                    • eric, it was February of 2015 when Jade Helm was used in Texas. They chose Big Spring because it’s mostly Mexicans and they are very unaware as a group and are accustomed to being told what to do(the Pope).

                      I told the wife back then it was an experiment to find out how to best handle the people with the armed forces and testing the water of how it was received.

                      It was worse than I could have imagined as the radio stations sounded almost giddy.

                      I wasn’t so giddy. I was scared I’d collect one since they were paratrooping in and I was on lease roads in the dark.

                      This covid thing won’t end well. At least there is an Ohio style protest planned for Austin this weed-end.

                      Not matter what happens though, totalitarianism will continue to grow and those who understand it will continue to gather arms and ammo and become militia groups and we will have a war in this country.

                      I’ve been really depressed lately because it became clear when it all started where we were going as a nation.

                      Maybe Russia will help us with their hypersonic missile and annihilate DC. I never thought I’d live to see something like this but I’ve had that gnawing feeling running up and down my spine ever since 911, the first of the real tests.

                      I’m not religious in an organized religious bible, other type of book but all I can say is God help us.

                      And let people be enlightened and kill every psycho/politician that can be found.

                      I’ll build the goddamn roads and we’ll all chip in and be easily done without the onus of no longer being tax cattle.

                      By the way, that ear tag was a good idea. I’ve considered getting one of the real things and having my ear modified for it. I’m trying to figure out how to tell people who see it what it means. I’ll take any suggestions.

                    • Hey Ya, Eric!

                      Man, I know exactly what you mean. Having lived around so many Jews in NY- of all varieties.

                      The “educated professional” variety not only fully bought into the system (as most in that class, of all cultures do), but the Jewish ones especially seemed to relish in using that system to their ultimate advantage to the detriment of everyone/everything else. Liberalism on steroids.

                      Then there are the other variety, like this guy Bob I knew (What Jew names their kid Bob?!)- now deceased- but he was born in Transylvania….and when the Nazis invaded Hungary, he managed to hide out in an out-house; having his revolver pointed at the door, figuring if they opened the door, he’d just shoot, so at leasst he could take one of the bastards with him…but miraculously, they never opened that door, and he escaped.

                      He wasn’t good with money. He owned a used car/truck lot when I knew him….just a dirt yard with a collection of old undesirable salvage vehicles; he rarely made a profit.

                      At 80-something yeasrs old, they arrested him and took him away in HANDCUFFS when he was having a rebuilt vehicle inspected at a NY state facility, to get a rebuilt title, because he had put in a used airbag (For which he had proof of purchase- but such is verboten in NY “to prevent theft”)- He had said many times that he feared that this country was turning into exactly what he had seen under the Nazis.

                      He was the kind that aforementioned ones would like to cleanse their race of, ’cause in their eyes, he wasn’t a “real Jew”.

                      They bandy-about the term “Antisemitism”- but just like most blacks are killed by other blacks…so were most Jews killed by their own…only those Jews get shabbos goy to do the dirtywork for them, and to take the blame.

                    • Hi Eric,

                      Perhaps your old Jewish friends should read this old Jew.


                      “Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel of Tel Aviv University (could there be a more Jewish name?),…, plotted the rates of new coronavirus infections of the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain. The numbers told a shocking story: irrespective of whether the country quarantined like Israel, or went about business as usual like Sweden, coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way. In the exact, same, way. His graphs show that all countries experienced seemingly identical coronavirus infection patterns, with the number of infected peaking in the sixth week and rapidly subsiding by the eighth week”.

                      “Is the coronavirus expansion exponential? The answer by the numbers is simple: no. Expansion begins exponentially but fades quickly after about eight weeks,”

                      “I think it’s mass hysteria. I have no other way to describe it. 4,500 people die each year from the flu in Israel because of complications, so close the country because of that? No. I don’t see a reason to do it because of a lower-risk epidemic.”

                      I sincerely hope that this Jew gets way more involved and is chosen by many as a voice of reason.


          • Willis, not wilson. But normal people call it by its proper name, the Sears Tower. It should always be the Sears Tower. Sears built it. There are old buildings in Chicago where the original builders/owners haven’t been using them for generations and they still carry those names. The Sears Tower should be no exception.

  12. Eric sadly theres nowhere to run either. All states and all countries in the world are lining up behind this utter BS. And Orange Judas selected this Fauci fuck and will do nothing to help us. I guess *they* won.

    • M3, that’s exactly what this scamdemic is about- the “worldwide crisis which the globalists have been jonesing about for decades, which will both crash the entire “global economy” [which is exactly why they set-up a global economy in the first place) and cause mass worldwide fear, so that the masses will be willing to accept global governance. This is it!

      Dear goodness, even Tonga and Tuvalu! (Tonga is not allowing even private yachts to land…and Tuvalu requires testing and a 14 day quarantine!)- This truly is global- even to the point of the hysteria affecting the tiniest, most remote places- although none of those places have any cases of the Cornholevirus….

      Well, after that bad news…..I have to make ya smile:

      Do you know how Germans picked up Jewish women in the 1940’s?

      With a dust pan! 😀

      • Nunzio,

        I follow a couple of sailing vlogs on YouTube, and this CV hysteria IS a hassle. Shit, in Puerto Rico, they were closing the fuel docks, saying they were non-essential! They were leaving the gas stations open, but they initially closed the fuel and water docks; I understand that the PR gov’t allowed the fuel docks to open, but you couldn’t STAY at the marina. Anyway, even if you’re on a sailing yacht, such a boat will be too big to use sail power alone, especially in a harbor, marina, or anchorage; there are times when a bigger sailboat MUST use an engine. So, sooner or later, they’ll need fuel.

        • I meant to say that a cruising sailboat (i.e. 30′ or longer) will AT TIMES need to use the engine. For example, if you’re heading straight in to the wind to make a protected anchorage, you may have to go through a coral reef to get there. The reef may not leave enough space for tacking, so the engine will be needed to motor straight through what can be a narrow gap.

          The same is true when maneuvering in a marina. With a smaller boat you can tack if necessary. You can back the sails to stop a smaller boat; you can also back the jib to swing the bow around when backing out of a slip. You can let the sails out to lose speed as you approach a dock. With a bigger boat, there’s simply too much mass and momentum to do that in the tight spaces of a marina. Hence, a larger sailboat will need to use an engine.

          Anyway, at some point, even if a sailor uses the engine only when necessary, at some point, he’ll need to refuel.

          • Absolutely, MM- even a sailboat needs an engine….and even as slow as they go with that engine, they’ll suck down more fuel than ya’d think, ’cause a decent-sized boat is heavy, and not very efficient under power and going slow.

            PR doesn’t surprise me….but TONGA?! Hey, at least in some places, like the Solomons, they’re at least still allowing church services! (Hey, they wouldn’t want people reading the Bible for themselves, and finding out what it actually says!)

            • Even a smaller cruiser with a small Yanmar diesel will need at least 1 gph. Smaller cruisers have smaller tanks (water, fuel, and holding); they’ll all have to be refilled at some point.

              What does it say that Tonga has more religious freedom than we do?

        • A horny SS-Hauptsturmnfuhrer (O-3) boasted that he picked up FOUR jewish young women and had them in his Kubelwagen staff vehicle. The SS-mann, puzzled, replied, “Herr Hauptsturmnfuher, Ich sehen vier Judischen frauleinen, nicht!” Then the SS officer pulled open the ashtray, which was full. “Ach So!”

      • That’s all right, Nunz, a whole lot more people than you think have also been waiting patiently for them to make their big move. It is liberating that we are now in a state of anarchy, where their mask has slipped and they no longer pretend the rights of Englishmen/ constitutional laws matter.

      • Nunzio; I get that the wayward Semitics who used their intellectual and fraternal gifts have messed up much of society. I also like a good “verboten” ethnic joke. I also believe Americans are wound too tight and can’t take a funny in context. BUT;

        I think the evil done to Jews in Nazi death camps under State sanction is one of the darkest days for Gentiles ever. I have a hard time laughing about it. Contra-wise I love jokes about Nazis. Those arrogant faggots were easy to laugh at- how seriously they took themselves, how automaton they were while imagining they were autonomous.

        I have seen you quote Scripture. How about this one by God: “Bless them and I will bless you, curse them and I will curse you.” Gen 12:3

        I believe it’s dangerous to curse Jews. I fear the consiquences. I know many are easy to hate but we are commanded to love- not accept the bad behavior of, but to love the person and hate the sin.

        • Libertine,

          I have no problem with the average Jew- a funny joke is just a funny joke- in the previous case, just a play on words which makes it funny.

          Quoting that “Bless them that bless thee…” which was said to Abraham 4000 years ago needs to stop though. The A-rabs are just as much descendants of Abraham as are the Jews and many others- and I think as far as the Jews [collectively] go, they may have done a few things in the intervening 4000 years to rescind that Abrahamic blessing- as Jesus said to the “The Kingdoim of God shall be taken from you and given to a people bringing forth the fruits thereof”[Matt 21:43]

          And as Paul The Jew said of them: “Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:”. [1 Thess.2:15]

          Again, that’s collectively- There are certainly plenty who don’t fit the mold, just as is true of all of us who are also part of a collective as humans, who unless we do something to consciously counter it, have a propensity to always do evil.

    • M3,

      Though I’m no fan of Dr. Fauci, the Orange Man didn’t appoint him; he’s been in gov’t for decades! IIRC, he started at NIH in 1969. He’s been director of NIAID (part of NIH) since 1984, when Ronald Regan was POTUS. DJT is the SIXTH POTUS under whom he’s served. DJT didn’t appoint Herr Fauci.

      • Yes, MM, DJT left a LOT of long-time career pols in their positions- including many that Obozo had appointed….and has himself appoionted other creatures of the system. I guess when he campaigned on “draining the Swamp”…he forgot the part about recycling the garbage right into his admin……

        • Morning, Nunz!

          Why does Orange Man not fire Fauci – or at least, not “amen” practically everything he says? It’s not a good sign. Fauci’s predictions have been embarrassingly wrong by orders of magnitude on at least three occasions so far – so why does anything he say hold water?

          • Firing Dr. Himmler at this point would be political suicide. The people wearing masks and cowering in their living rooms worship the guy. Hell, I’ve even seen shirts that say “In Fauci We Trust”. You can’t politically pull the rug out on that level of colossal ignorance. But if ever someone needed a hook to come out and yank them off the stage it’s this quack.

          • EP: I wonder if Trump keeps Feltchi out front to take arrows. I’m stumped by this defference as well. Some things I have learned about Trump is he plays a VERY long game, he is cagey, he is uber brilliant and able to manipulate obstacles to his advantage (cf: becoming a Billionaire developing high-rises in NYC land of the Marxist Bureaucrat).

            Nobody who has done what he has is a moron, nor do they fail to see the big picture, or understand their enemy. I’m reserving judgment until I understand the whole picture. Meanwhile I cringe when Trump defers to A. Fletchi.

            • Hi Auric,

              You’re right that Trump is not a moron. Left liberals always insist that whichever republican is in office is a moron. This is nothing more than reflexive, unacknowledged vanity. Most liberals believe that they are smarter than conservatives, and it is comforting to explain away election losses by lamenting the stupidity of their perceived opponents. However, I don’t understand why so many people believe the rest of what you wrote. There are two main narratives about Trump (hate Trump, love Trump), both of them wrong. The laughably pretentious and self congratulatory “resist” crowd believe that Trump is an aberration, a monster unlike any previous president, corrupt, vain and pathologically selfish (of course, he is that, but that’s not unique, all presidents are such). The thoroughly deluded MAGAtrons also believe that Trump is unique, working on behalf of regular folks to bring down the deep State, a political outsider who is masterfully outplaying his opponents by playing a brilliant long game on behalf of “us”.

              Both of these narratives are nonsense. The only thing aberrant about Trump is his style. It is true that the political elite of both parties hate Trump. But, they hate him for what he is, not for what he does, or threatens to do. What he does is entirely consistent with what all presidents do, there is almost no difference here. Yes, I think Hillary would have been worse, but that doesn’t make Trump good, just slightly less awful than “her”. Trump is a boor, loud, crude and unapologetically vain. He’s rude and obviously enjoys insulting and humiliating his enemies, “owning” them in modern parlance. All elite politicians are vain, petty egomaniacs like Trump but, Trump doesn’t hide it, he glories in it and knows that his supporters love him for it. He lays bare the small, tawdry business of politics and reveals it as wicked farce; this is his unforgivable sin.

              He is not playing a long game, at least there is no evidence of such. He has no principles other than self perpetuation and “winning” (again, not unique). Those who believe that he is an outsider, secretly working to crush the deep State, end the Fed, arrest and imprison corrupt pols and celebrities, etc… are every bit as deluded as the Obamamaniacs before them. Sorry to be so harsh but leader worship and its less extreme variant, irrational faith that the leader will fix things and make it right (savior complex), is inimical to liberty. As long as it remains common, there is no hope for freedom.


              • Jeremy, True Believers in earthly powers are always useful idiots. It is not necessary to be a mindless MAGA head to be a firm supporter of Trump.

                IF one looks at Trump as a self interested pragmatist, as someone viscerally opposed to the academic/Marxist/Satanic trend in the path of this great confederacy, He’s worthy of support.

                He is most definitely not a libertarian, or a conservative, and has far too much pop cultural liberalism for my tastes.

                He is most assuredly a frail vessel, an egomaniac, and a shallow thinker unencumbered by the nuances of philosophy. He makes lots of mistakes and misstatements (loudly trumpeted as volumes of lies by his enemies). He certainly does lie, like all humans. But I’ve yet to see him bearing false witness- lying to injure or destroy.

                So hate him if you wish, certainly despise all politicians (I’m one- I find blind followers and true believers contemptible, and prefer honest enemies).

                Nevertheless, I will wear a red hat to drive the enemies of civilization and life insane and thereby make them more likely to make own goals and unforced errors.

                Your mileage, as they say, may vary.

                • Hi Ernie,

                  Thanks for the response. I said nothing about the wisdom of supporting Trump, one way or the other. I was commenting on the oft repeated, and evidence free, claims that Trump is working a long game, playing 3D chess, etc…, all to dismantle the deep State and the political elite; that he will end the Fed, imprison all the corrupt pols and celebrities and return our liberties to us. This is rubbish, as I’m sure you know. Being a “true believer” and supporting Trump as you do, are worlds apart. The first is delusional and hostile to liberty, the second is possibly pragmatic and certainly entertaining.

                  I did not intend to convey that I hate Trump, I do not. I find him amusing, sometimes hilarious; I enjoy his obvious contempt for political and social niceties, especially his mocking of the ever escalating insanity of the SJW crowd. I am also greatly looking forward to the vicious treatment that awaits poor old Joe, assuming, of course, that the democrats are stupid enough to offer up for slaughter an obviously mentally impaired creep who, before he lost his mind, was a ruthless war monger (abroad and at home) and a thoroughly corrupt authoritarian shit bag who worked tirelessly to usher in the police State that now afflicts us. Of course, Trump is unlikely to go after the truly awful political crimes of Uncle Joe, but he is likely to eviscerate him nonetheless; it will be a grand spectacle.

                  Still, I will quibble with this,

                  “…Trump as a self interested pragmatist, as someone viscerally opposed to the academic/Marxist/Satanic trend in the path of this great confederacy,…”

                  Not the first sentence, he is obviously that. But, I don’t think he is viscerally opposed to “Marxism”, at least what is meant by those of “us” who use the term, which, by the way, is not accurate. During the reign of FDR, “our” political system was consciously altered to mimic Italian Fascism, without the overtly nasty stuff. The political system that dominates the West is a soft variant of fascism; it is neither Marxist nor communist. As for Satanic, I would be immensely surprised if Trump thinks about it at all. He is clearly not a religious man and I suspect that he finds the idea of Satanism preposterous.

                  So please, support Trump, don the scarlet letters, enrage the falsely pious, hateful, virtue signaling buffoons who laughably believe their pose to be resistance. Just don’t delude oneself into believing that Trump is our savior, sent to slay the beast.


                  P.S. I know you don’t believe, or at the least hope, that Trump is our savior, but many do, including some who post here.

          • Just shows ya what they really think of “wee the people”, Eric. The actors in this political theater aren’t even making a good show anymore of trying to look respectable, honest or competent.

            It’s now more like they’re looking at the camera and speaking to the audience, breaking the fourth wall, and say just saying “Here’s your little show!” without even putting any effort into it or even bothering to make a pretense. And they’ve locked the doors to the theater, so we can’t even get out.

          • Not only recently. Faux-chi (I look at pics & vid of the ghoul & see no chi whatsoever) was a big player in the AID’s scammery, too.

            • Mannnn that AIDS scam was a doozie! I was single (again) in the early 90s and that bullbleep fake-ass AIDS scare clammed up the clams like Fort Knox on 911. Even Jewish Foreplay (3 hours of begging followed by a bribe) couldn’t get that fuzzy vault open. Even girls of questionable moral virtue and simplicity of mind “knew” that giving you a little sumpin’ meant certain death. GottDamm faggots cornholing and gerbiling each other just couldn’t be the cause of immune deficiency- hell no it had to be from conventional sex (which had managed to not kill your ferry ass dead for the preceding 5000 years of recorded history)

              Faucci cost me a lot of dry Friday nights. For the AIDS reason alone he needs to be drawn and quartered.

              • Well, it added more time to the process. His & hers blood tests. I’ll show you mine & you show me yours. Not always, but largely new-normal’d. Was just another step along the current path, it would seem.

            • Pols are vetted in advance, pre-installed & pre-leashed. The the face & name occupying the slot makes no difference.

        • Obama, prior to leaving office, changed the instruction to his appointees. Normally, the letter instructs them to submit their resignation before inauguration, so the positions are open. That was changed to “serving at the pleasure of the POTUS”, so they can stay as long as they like, or until they’re fired.

    • Given the previously unheard of apparent cooperation between the various gangs of Sociopaths In Charge of each nation, I’m highly suspicious there’s something afoot more monstrously evil than the sane among us can even imagine. Just what exactly would cause so many to cooperatively participate in such a fraud?

      • Indeed. One has to wonder just how much real enmity or difference there is between the world’s various regimes, no matter how varied they are on the surface. When ALL of them march in virtual lockstep on some matter when their very survival does not obviously warrant it means that something is very rotten somewhere.

        • Yeah exactly. What the heck is going on?

          BTW great comments everyone, gives me hope for humanity, there’s still sanity out there. But hey, even the total airhead ignoramouses among us STILL want their guns so that’s good. As long as we have our guns, there’s hope that ppl will finally start organizing (in every county) and the minute ppl do that — then the ppl will DECIDE everything, the ppl will vote on everything, not the global dictators. ALL ppl need to do is organize a little, and then they’ll have ABSOLUTE POWER.

            • Ohio-style? Deja vu….

              Tin soldiers and Nixon coming
              We’re finally on our own
              This summer I hear the drumming
              Four dead in Ohio

              Gotta get down to it
              Soldiers are cutting us down
              Should have been done long ago
              What if you knew her
              And found her dead on the ground
              How can you run when you know?


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