Modeling My Ear Tag

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Here’s me modeling my ear tag – preparatory to the vaccination tag we’ll all soon be forced to submit to – Because Corona. But really because control.

Better to make fun of this… before it gets unfunny. Maybe it’ll catch on.

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    • Thanks, Mark!

      I encourage everyone to make and wear these, to get the point across. It may be the only way to beat Virus Hysteria. Without resorting to something else.

  1. Really diggin’ the ear tag! Perfect for the upcoming mandatory vaccines. Now all that’s left to complete the authentic cattle experience are some stun guns. Oh, nevermind. The pigs already got that covered! 😂

  2. Dang man get a haircut!
    I myself am looking like Robin Williams in Jumanji when he emerges from the jungle. Beard and all.

  3. Eric,

    Seeing that video was a moving experience. 😉

    I’ll enjoy this while it’s still funny. I don’t think I’ll be laughing after I see the solution by those in positions of authority.


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