Arrested for Selling an “Illegal” Meal

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Do you still think we live in a free country? 

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  1. One of the great things the Clintons gave us, the Brady Bill, has what is known in legal circles as the “spray and pray” clause. Sounds like desperate people with fully auto weapons trying to mow down all the cops to get away. But the truth is, the statute states that any illegal substance, need not be a drug or anything needed to produce an illegal drug. Oxygen, without a prescription is an illegal drug. So having someone sell “unapproved” food comes under that statute. If you have something they really want, they’ll come with the intent of using that food in a house with a firearm, working or non-working, in this spray and pray clause. So they come in and bust someone for selling them food without health bullshit and vendor’s license and if there is a firearm on the same premises, they can charge them with a felony(look for this when they realize all their narc buddies are doing this). Of course the property is the criminal so it can be charged and seized and sold at auction. This can be your house, car or farm, doesn’t matter. Aint search and seizure a real doozy for cop retirement fund?

    So, a charge that wouldn’t be a felony now is because of great, great, grandpa’s old civil war rifle above the fireplace can turn selling this illicit substance(home cooked food) into a class 3 felony….or greater and you can lose everything you own. If you have some commercial exotic floor cleaner in the garage, it and that old gun can send you off for a long time, federally. If you are an avid hunter or gun collector, the feds will offer you 5 years per gun which means you can stay in Club Fed for the rest of your life if you live to be 200…..or 400.

    We have some great laws in this country eh? Everybody is a felon in waiting for someone to get a hard on for them and bring the cavalry. I sure like those law and order types. They just love getting elected and coming up with new laws there is no defense against. So I got in 5 pm yesterday and never considered voting. Too many elections passed I couldn’t legally vote but kept getting voter ID cards like clockwork. That’s another felony.

  2. Oh, like an “inspected” kitchen of a restaurant is guaranteed to be “safe”. lol

    If you watch those TV shows featuring restaurant fixers (like Restaurant Impossible) almost every time they go in the kitchen and find a filthy mess. Kitchens supposedly inspected by the government. Think that is tv drama cooked up by the producers? Nope, my brother was in the restaurant fixing business for a while (without tv cameras), and he found many kitchens in a unsafe state.

    A government “inspection” isn’t worth sh*t in my book. I was a real estate agent, and I knew of a new home inspector for one of the towns near me, that had a bad knee so he never looked at anything not on the ground floor of a house.

    • The thing is it has nothing to do with food safety. People can eat at your house, they can even take it home, they just cannot pay you cash for it. They could pay you in wine and dessert, but not cash.

      It’s like prostitution. You can pay for sex with food, beer, wine, movies or what ever you like, as long as it isn’t cash.

      It is just people trying to control each other because of their own perceived bad behavior. People think we need speed limits because they know they speed. Prostitution has to be illegal or else they would partake. Food has to be inspected because their kitchens are a mess.

  3. A.Yeti,

    You’re on to something here. It has been 132 years of Fabian Socialism.

    “Change is slow. Glacially slow. We libertarians are a tiny, tiny minority, but we have a superior message.”

    The superior message doesn’t get through the brainwashing of the public schools. It is just that simple.

    While, “US Department of Education reports that homeschooling increased by over 61 percent in the past decade,” the number is insignificant.

    People get what they deserve. If you send your child to your local friendly government youth propaganda camp, your get what we have today.

    I think the better method at this point would be to forego having children and limit the availability of human livestock. Postpartum abortion, or a culling of the herd is already on the agenda, so why not let the natural selection process occur?

    With the public school to prison pipeline in place, eventually reproduction will become more difficult. Let these retarded children grow up and irrigate the fields with Gatorade like in Idiocracy and starve to death.

    When I use the word retarded, I’m using it in the proper sense. These children have had their forward progress as humans scaled back. Their intellectual and emotional development has been severely limited. They are fucked. Let them die.

    They will all “grow up” needing a car that has 16 airbags and automatic braking. They are not going to feel safe unless their every move it tracked. I’m sorry A.Yeti, they are unable to think for themselves. Give up on them. They are a lost cause.

    Any child showing creative thinking skills has been identified and drugged or jailed. A select few will be left to work on the “Ferris Persuader” or other weapons to multiply man’s inhumanity towards man.

    If there existed an underground railroad for people like the raw fish lady and her children, I might think differently.

    But we live in a world where children turn their parents in to the state on a regular basis.

    And when I read a story like that, I simply smile and wish those little snitches well. As they are being beaten and sodomized in foster care, I hope they are proud to say, “I put mommy and daddy in jail.”

    • The superior message doesn’t get through the brainwashing of the public schools. It is just that simple.

      Depends on the messenger, I think. How did you become a libertarian? It seems that most of us were exposed to people, literature, music — whatever — that made the synapses fire in the proper order.

      I have tried with my kids to explain my values and where they conflict with the Normals. I have been pretty successful, so far, in raising a couple of well adjusted dissidents. Time will tell, but I really dig the process.

      Don’t give up on all the kids, T. I think there are plenty out there being quietly coached.

      • “How did you become a libertarian?”

        Well A,Yeti, I have to say Psilocybin mushrooms.

        Literally overnight I went from wanting to be a better mass murderer than my dad (B-29 navigator/bombardier who firebombed thousands) to questioning why I wanted to kill anyone. Let alone people I’ve never met in places I’ve never been.

        I was at Boggy Bayou state park in Niceville, Florida. The Navy Seals used to train at the base near there and one of them was wearing the “Go to far off exotic lands, meet new and interesting people, and kill them” t-shirts.

        What’s your excuse?

        • Certainly nothing that cool. It does involve drugs, though.

          I’m not totally sure when I came over to the darkside. I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s when things were kind of cool. The WOD got rolling pretty good when I was in HS. The stupidity and hypocrisy of arresting people for a plant never sat right with me (especially since I was an enthusiastic participant). A kid I grew up with was shot to death — paper said ‘a drug deal gone bad’. It can make a young yeti wonder why people should die over that.

          I think what really got me going, though, was getting out into the small business world. I never worked for a big company and have owned or part-owned several businesses. I got to participate in the grand fucking that we suckers get from the government. The hoops, taxes and everything else…

          I would love to say it was Bastiat, Hayek, Spooner , etc, but it was really just life.

          • “The stupidity and hypocrisy of arresting people for a plant never sat right with me ”

            Sort of creepy weird that now in some places you can smoke weed, but in others they really make the point that smoking (and selling) cigs is bad for your health.

            Mariza Reulas is very luck in this day and age. If she ended up like Freddy Gray, I think there would be even less “outrage.”

            Of course people still think I’m out of my mind when I say that a stop sign or traffic light is simply a mnemonic aid for a gun.

  4. “Mariza is facing a year in jail for her voluntary actions and if she is caged her children will be without both parents – a thought that is terrifying to Mrs. Reulas.”

    Now there is no need to worry about the children.

    Some child welfare agency will find a buyer, I mean foster parents, for them

    In a few years, a decade tops, IF Mariza successfully completes her sentence and other court ordered monitoring, she will be reunited with the children. Besides, a few years of rape and abuse will just make them all stronger.

    Besides, fuck these people who eat uncooked fish. Feed them uncooked fish-heads.

  5. Waste of resources? Not at all. This is why police exist. They exist primarily to enforce the economic order. They literally do not have anything better to do. A murder of mundane is so far below enforcing the economic order that it is laughable to think they shouldn’t be running a sting like this and out solving a real crime.

    As Barney Fife said, it has to be nipped in the bud. That’s what the police are doing. Stopping economic disorder before it starts.

    Between Andy Taylor and Barney Fife we really have the two mentalities that are in conflict in american society. It’s scary how much hidden meaning is in old TV despite overt censoring.


    These people kill me. Unfortunately I don’t see this ever changing. There is just too many cops and govern’t goons to do anything about it. They said Trump in in NYC today and there will be 5,000 police on duty as security. 5,000!! That is almost the entire population of my town!!

    Like Eric P said in another comment. All we can do is try to get our fellow people to think for themselves. If my some miracle you could create an awakening them maybe things would change. The fact is right now, you read the comments of the food article and you can see why we have what we have. People want it. They crave it.

    • All we can do is try to get our fellow people to think for themselves.

      A thousand times this! Change is slow. Glacially slow. We libertarians are a tiny, tiny minority, but we have a superior message.

      The fucking proggies have had more than 100 years to get us to this point. We sure as hell won’t change things with an election. Do what you can to make your kids useful, liberty loving freaks and maybe someday things will shift. And if it all goes to hell — who do you think will survive?

      • Those who embrace liberty have always been a very tiny minority and we always will be. There is nothing we face today that isn’t ancient. It’s no newer than two thousand years and it was probably very old then. Sure there are modern wrappers on things. Climate change being a scam that’s probably six thousand years old minimum in a nice new 21st century wrapper. Jesus preached on the same subject matter as modern libertarians and look what that got him and the world.

        If humanity wanted liberty this 18th century experiment would have stuck, but ultimately it doesn’t. It likes its social games of domination and servitude. It likes scamming each other. It’s this way because people by and large want it this way. It is human nature to fall prey to the changes of the last century. Just ask them. They see libertarians as ungrateful selfish complainers because they like the world the way they’ve made it.

        • Brent, when’s your book coming out?

          I think I’d only need to read one of yours to be done with trying to figure out why people are the way they are, why society is the way it is, and move on with my life. Could benefit many I think, but I’d buy it.

          • Don’t know if I know enough yet to fill a book. But thanks, I think 🙂

            The why I don’t know so much, but the fact they do like or at least want things this way is certain in my mind. If they didn’t the themes wouldn’t repeat.

            Liberty consists of little points of light in a vast darkness of human history. A little here, a little there. A random king, a Roman senator, a religious figure, a revolution. But the regression to the mean always exerts its domination.

            • You couldn’t fill a book because you do a good job of saying much with little. Succinct quotable material. Putting concepts/ideas into words. Always with an answer.

              So when you do come out with that book, or something, let us know ;]

              Maybe we can make a libertarian daily calendar with 365 “best” quotes.


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