Think You’re Free?

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The following video ought to make you ill – then, mad.

A guy is eating in his car, outside a public library, when three armed government workers roll up and begin demanding ID.

Apparently, an anonymous caller filed some sort of “suspicious person” report – but the key thing here is that this man hasn’t done anything illegal. Yet the mere fact of an anonymous call is sufficient to call down a thug scrum of armed government workers, one of whom menacingly demands ID – literally pulling his gun when the unarmed, non-criminal/hasn’t-done-anything man finally agrees to hand it over.

Now, in most states, you are required by law to produce ID if you are operating a motor vehicle on public (government) roads.

But in this case, the man wasn’t driving; he was merely eating. Not bothering anyone, either  – except the (supposed) anonymous caller – who is never identified. Neither is any reason for “suspicion” ever given.

Yet the cops literally threaten this man with lethal violence. Had he not handed over his papers, this situation would have ended not prettily.

Eventually, the man is told by the armed government workers that he is “free to go.”

How nice of them.

These costumed cretins wonder why they’re hated.

They ought to watch this video – and imagine themselves on the other end of the gun.

It never seems to occur to them that threatening people who’ve committed no crime, nor given reason to suspect they have (let alone caused harm to anyone) tends to generate ill will.

They do not seem to grok what it means to be a bully.

Which is what they are – apologies about them “just doing their job” notwithstanding. I can think of other people who “just did their jobs,” too. They were treated differently, when the world finally righted itself.

Here’s to hoping it rights itself again.

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  1. Eric,

    “Now, in most states, you are required by law to produce ID if you are operating a motor vehicle on public (government) roads.”

    Nyet Tovarich, in 49 states users of the People’s Roads must show license, registration, and proof of insurance. The live free or die state being the exception to the insurance requirement.

    All comrades must identify to the People’s Guardians when ordered to do so. See Hibel

    The People’s Guardians of Utah did lie to the lunch eating dissident.

    “76-8-301.5. Failure to disclose identity.
    (1) A person is guilty of failure to disclose identity if during the period of time that the person is lawfully subjected to a stop as described in Section 77-7-15:
    (a) a peace officer demands that the person disclose the person’s name;
    (b) the demand described in Subsection (1)(a) is reasonably related to the circumstances justifying the stop;
    (c) the disclosure of the person’s name by the person does not present a reasonable danger of self-incrimination in the commission of a crime; and
    (d) the person fails to disclose the person’s name.
    (2) Failure to disclose identity is a class B misdemeanor.”

    All he needed to do was give his name and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Tovarich, why to you give us these examples of stupid blathering idiots who are lucky to still be alive?

    “They ought to watch this video” Why? So they can rethink their actions? Maybe say, “Oh, he just wanted to send us a birthday card.”

    If they watch this video, the only thing they would say is, “Shit, I could have double tapped him right there and been on vacation.”


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