Saluta il Duce!

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I have my Fez ready.

There is some satisfaction to be gained from Trump’s victory last night. At least we can savor the carpet-chewing rage of the Pants Suited One. It must be on par with the performance given by Bruno Ganz as you-know-who in the movie, Der Untergang.  That alone may be worth what’s coming.

Here’s another German word for you that applies: schadenfreude. The loss of what – to her – was surely the most lustily craved thing in her entire life – is now gone, forever. It makes me feel happier than I do after a full meal and a warm bed.

And we can take comfort in the certain fact that the forces of political correctness have been dealt a brutal backhand. A Department of Diversity is not in the offing (sorry, GM) and it probably Il Duce will not populate his capo regime according to pigment and genitalia.

He seems not too much interested in “climate change” – at least, not in the way she was (and remains).  We may escape – for the moment – punishing taxes of various types to reduce our (but never their) “carbon footprint.”

Probably, there will not be fuhrerbefehls regarding guns – as would have been a certainty under her.her2

And Obamacare may go away.

Probably it will not be enhanced.

Those of us not amenable to being forced to hand over large sums of money to the insurance mafia – not for “care,” mind, but for “coverage” only (the “care” to be dispensed grudgingly and expensively regardless of the “coverage”) will be persecuted less. We faced the certainty of higher fines for not paying the mafia had she won. Now the fines will probably remain about the same and – more important – it will be easier to dodge the whole vicious evil mess.

Saluta il Duce! 

Don’t worry about abortion (if you worry about that). Remember: Ronald Rrrrreagan – a true believer, didn’t upend Roe v. Wade; neither did The Chimp (who is an even truer believer). The Duce isn’t a believer. He regards the Bible in the same light as the instructions to CandyLand. He mollified the snake handlers as necessary; that’s all. He doesn’t care about abortion – so if you do, don’t worry.

Worry about the cop sucking.

The Cult of the Cop is going to become more fundie than it already is. I will not be surprised if it becomes a jailable offense to mock “heroes.” Send me bail

Worry about him being caught up in the rabid flag-humping that has defined the Republican Party since Reagan’s time. Enemies of freedom are everywhere. The military combine is rejoicing. Contracts will be flowing.

Ich hatte ein kamerad … can you hear it?

Worse, he may croak. Or be croaked.

And then we get him.


That guy scares me more than Il Duce because unlike our jut-jawed new leader, that guy is a believer. And not just in the lard, either. He believes in wars for sure, more and many.

He sucks cop eagerly.

The words, “family values” are aching to escape from his lips.

He is that truly dread thing… a Republican.pence

A real one.

The Duce isn’t. He leads the partie now but isn’t of the partei.  It is why the partie hates him and did everything it could to assure his defeat.

It is also why he won.

No Republican could have beaten her. Not this year, maybe not ever. The GOP is a smelly three-days-old fish that no one wants anything to do with. Had the oily Ted Cruz or some other such tool of the Wall Street-Washington nexus been put forward, it is a certain thing I’d be typing a rant about her right now, rather than him.

The question, then, is what happens when the leader of the partei is despised by the partei?

I foresee a Lee Harvey Oswald (or John W. Hinckley) moment. The Duce will not reign for long. Something is going to happen. The machinations are probably already in the works; you can hear the gears grinding if you listen closely.

And then what?

The good Doctor said it best: Buy the ticket, take the ride.

And we have – and will. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! Clovers hate us!

Goo-guhl blackballed us!

GM excommunicated us!

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  1. Now it is flag burning: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”. Do these same folks still cheer the Boston Tea Party? Have they ever heard of it? Will there be a Presidential Order? A shoot-on-sight proviso?

    If they take away my citizenship will they ship me to a country of my choice? I have grown to envy “The Man without a Country”.

    I have met scorn ever since I said the court found correctly on this. I think most of my acquaintances would howl in delight at the first execution. I am definitely surrounded by the wrong people. “Patriots”.

    I see Bush III.

  2. You suppose someone ‘splained it to him? The appointments announced today sound like the neo-con’s wildest dreams have come to pass. No more Mr. Outsider. George, The Younger is back! How far behind can Bolton, Guilani, and maybe even McCain be? (Would be nice to have McCain out of the Senate, though.)

    Maybe part of that Obama meeting was “Look, if you want to make it through the next four, you better play ball with the right folks. No 9/11 retrospective, no NATO reductions, nothing but bad-words about Putin and Russia. They will hand you the full script over the next few days. Just say your lines and follow the stage directions as written. Otherwise (gesture of hand moving across jugular vein.)”

      • The gullible find agreement.

        “meanwhile the growing national confusion leads to protest meetings.”

        The least educated thrilled and convinced by the fiery oratory form a party.

        Confidence in Planners Fades.

        “Let’s get a man who can get a plan to work”

        The more the planners “improvise” the greater the disruption to normal business. Everyone suffers. People now feel rightly that planners can’t get things done.

        The strong man is given power

        In desperation the planners authorize the new party leader to hammer out a plan and force its obedience.

        Later they will dispense with him..or so they think.

        The Party takes over the Country

        By now confusion is so great that obedience to the new leader must be obtained at all costs.

        Maybe you join the party yourself to aid national unity.

        A negative Aim welds party unity

        Early step of all dictators is to inflame the majority in common cause against some scape goat minority.

        No one opposes the leader’s plan

        It would be suicide (to oppose the leader’s plan); new secret police are ruthless.

        Ability to force always becomes the No. 1 virtue in the planned state. Now all Freedom Is Gone.

        Your profession is planned

        Picture of a man with his hat in his hand and with a tattered jacket stands in front of a desk manned by a “party member”in a military uniform. He tells the man behind the desk “but I’m not a carpenter I am a plumber”.

        The wider job choice promised by now defunct planners turn out to be a tragic farce. The planner never have delivered, never will be able to.

        Your wages are planned

        Divisions of Wage scale must be arbitrary and rigid. Running a planned state from central headquarters is clumsy, unfair, inefficient

        Your thinking is planned

        In a dictatorship unintentionally created by the planners there is no room for difference of opinion. Posters, radio, press all tell you the same lies.

        Your Recreation is Planned

        It is no coincidence that sports and amusements have been carefully planned in all regimented nations. Once started planners can never stop.

        Your disciplining is planned

        Picture of a man tied to a post slumped over in the foreground with a firing squad in the background.

        If you’re fired from your job, it’s apt to be by firing squad.

  3. Trump was talking tariffs on cars made in Mexico. I got curious why are cars made in Mexico? It appears to take about 20 hours to build a car and if labor is $40 an hour more, that is only $800 savings. Then you have to ship it which adds cost.

    Does anyone know why they are building cars there instead of here? Is it taxes and other regulation?

    Maybe instead of tariffs we need a 2% income tax rate? That should draw in new business.

    • Not sure where you get your figures but Mexicans work for a fraction of the wage in the US…..or at least they did before they had all the jobs. No EPA or other bullshit agencies to soak up money and that saves a lot in manufacturing.

      El Camino’s were always made in Mexico as were lots of other vehicles. No taxes in Mexico for one. Same reason GM has at least 5 state of the art manufacturing facilities in China. Once again, no EPA, crash testing bullshit, no SEC looming large which has always been a thorn in GM’s side.

      Remember Lee Iacoca’s bs commercials where he had kids think of ways to reduce costs? One kid said take the spring out of the change holder. They did that and touted it as another cost reduction. Of course the change holders weren’t worth shit without a spring but who’s counting…..oh yeah, Chrysler.

      Govt. could fuck up anything and does. Why was GM so all-fired hot to loan Chrysler however much money they needed to survive? That goes back to the SEC, people with too much power and laws that only benefitted bureaucrats. Even if a company only saved $800/car, which isn’t even anywhere close to what they save, times that by a 100,000 units and you’re talking some real savings.

      • I googled how many man hours to build a new car, Toyota was about 20 and up to 25. Then if we pay $40 per hour more.

        My point is we need to make the country favorable for business again

    • Hi Todd,

      The labor costs in Mexico are much lower due not only to lower hourly but also lower pension/benefit costs. Also, the regulatory environment in Mexico and China is less oppressive. The cars still have to meet all of Uncle’s edicts, of course – but the manufacturing plants do not.

      • Still waiting for all the loopies that said they’d leave when Trump won to do so. So far not one story in the MSM of one asshole leaving. Imagine that.

        • Ditto, David –

          By the way, I gather Trump has already proposed a national concealed carry law, with reciprocity in every state. I’m traveling/haven’t had time to follow up on this, but if it’s true, then… saluta il Duce! 🙂

          • Trump has been saying a number of truly anti-fascist things like that.
            The trouble is he’s such a jumble. It’s like he goes with whatever sounded good when he read it thirty seconds before. There’s hope one moment and then the next it’s despair. Guess it beats constant despair.

    • Hi Tor,

      If this is true, then bully!

      It would be a step toward recognizing that the 2A guaranteed such already. No free man ought to be required to ask permission to carry arms. The idea is as ridiculous as calling taxes “contributions.”

    • I just noticed the date on that. March 8. I don’t recall anyone talking much about the Donald’s gun plans during the run up to the election, certainly not to this level of specificity.

      It’s almost as if his policy positions were ignored in favor of flogging his ‘abrasive’ personality and unsuitability for the office.

      Just for fun, I went back to the Johnson Weld site. Perhaps I haven’t had enough coffee, but I don’t see a single word about guns on that issues page.

      Contrast with Trump’s stance on the Constitution and 2A.

      I’m guessing he’ll turn out to be the same kind of statist shit we’ve grown to expect, but should he live up to the promises on that page, he’d be the best president of my lifetime.

  4. “I foresee a Lee Harvey Oswald (or John W. Hinckley) moment. The Duce will not reign for long. Something is going to happen. The machinations are probably already in the works; you can hear the gears grinding if you listen closely.”

    That is a real risk, especially when you consider some of the (((people))) who would really like to get rid of him.

    Some of those same (((people))) want badly to get rid of Putin too. But he’s still standing. This suggests that a smart strong leader may just manage to stay in the land of the living through two terms.

    • If I were Trump I would consider telling the Secret Service to go chase counterfeiters or find other things to do for the next four (or more) years. I would trust that Praetorian outfit about as far as I could collectively throw it (JFK was insufficiently suspicious and it cost him his life). Trump needs to provide his own security and his own transportation (think of the taxpayer money saved by grounding Air Force One. I also doubt that Trump, as the first president in recent memory to put America first, would be doing much jetsetting anyway). The Establishment is too deeply embedded in the government’s own system.

      • Hi Lib,

        There are lots of ugly scenarios… because we live in an ugly era. One of my fears about il Duce (the same applies to her had she won) is that concerns about “security” (to say nothing about an actual attempt) will ratchet up the police state to jodpur-and-Fez levels…il Duce might even form his own protective echelon, so to speak. Auf Deutsch, you know…

        The previous version grew from a squad of about a dozen men to several divisions.

        But I don’t worry too much about this because America, as a nation-state, is already a dead thing. It lacks animating force. It may thrash around a bit, as it enters the throes. But it will not ever be what Germany was in the summer of 1941.

        Or even Italy in the summer of 1941.

        We are Hapsburgs.

  5. I must say I was relieved when I woke up this morning and found out who won and that the corrupt Clinton dynasty was over. Hopefully Mr. Trump will rescind executive orders and give us a reprieve from the mounting regulatory burden. I have no illusion that he can “Make America Great Again”, but he may slow down our headlong plunge into the maelstrom.

  6. Some early thoughts on this election. I will write more later, and to not be too long.

    Am I surprised Trump won:


    and also No.

    Yes, in the fact that to win the electoral college, he would have to win a good portion of the swing states. Not just one or two, but like three, four or even five. A really tough road. I figured his campaign had no real ability to do so. Not only did he get Ohio, North Carolina and Florida, he picked off Wisconsin, Michigan AND Pennsylvania.

    No, in the fact that there is real frustration in the political system that has developed. Its clear the average person has no real place in the new world order and politicians don’t get a shit. He really was the only one that could be a release to that at least for average joe. Many thought Bernie was the valve, but in reality, he just offers more of the same old crap.

    Both side were delusional about winning a true landslide. Trump supporters were claiming they would win bigger win then Reagan. That didn’t happen, a big win, but hardly a huge win. Hillary supporters probably thought trump were heading to a huge embarrassing loss, and they didn’t have to do anything to make that happen, so in many ways didn’t. Even had Hillary won, it would have been razor thin (not that would have mattered to Hillary) even more thin then Trump’s. Turns out the Hillary supporters were more delusional about it then Trumps. Go figure.

    I think that the dinosaur press being openly for Hillary hurt her big time. I think most know the old press is hardly a neutral bystander reporting news. Covering up and downplaying her many corruptions.

    People are just plain tired. Tired of having a hard time paying regular bills, holding a job, just getting by, let alone moving forward. Being told what to do all the time like buying insurance they cannot afford (or not wanting to begin with). Hillary represented another four (or eight) years of Obama’s economic depression.

    Trump doesn’t have the answers, but at least he represented that maybe the average person will get a small break. Especially after what has been a really rough decade.

    • “Turns out the Hillary supporters were more delusional about it then Trumps. Go figure.”

      First, most of the statist-left is delusional anyway. Then, all those dismal poll numbers likely helped Trump. A large portion of Clinton’s supporters, primarily the core residents of the largest cities, are used to sitting around all day doing nothing. Unless the buses haul them to the polls and hand out a chit for a bottle of something, why not just sit? The party felt safe, and decided to save all the money that would cost. The suburban/rural vote was scared, and I believe the Second Amendment was high on their list of concerns, so they got out and drove to the polls. You could actually see that as they reported county results on the state maps last night. Large areas of red around blobs of blue.

      Our polling place, in a lightly populated area of coastal Alabama, would usually tie one up for the time they took to look up your name in the voting roll. All day yesterday the lines, in the rain, were typically “one hour long”.

      • Those polls were probably older white men and the like. Hil lost in Hispanic and Black votes percentage wise. And it was close at that. All around voter turnout was down but the larger drop in minority voting combined with less support for Hil which turned what could have been the blue areas for Hil into red areas for Trump. if voting is the way to determine govt. direction then individual votes should be the determining factor and not a slight majority taking everyone’s vote in each district.

        I won’t bitch though cause it turned out good in my view. I’m not a Trump fan and will be lucky to live through the bastards reign but I would have lost the will to live if Hitlery had won.

        I had one of my trucker friends say today we should just all go on the govt. dole, get on welfare and he has other minority money coming to him. We’d get an old Chevy pickup and maybe some boat that simply floats and fish every day, drink beer and bbq. He had me on board for a while. But if he and I quit making everybody else who really is going to drink beer, fish and bbq every day, how is it going to happen? And that’s what he was getting at. Who wants to support me and Frank? We don’t ask a lot, just gas and beer money and bbq’ing cheap cuts and hanging outside with the welfare chickies we could just all take a holiday.

        Then I get to the liquor store and have to wait on the beer truck. I knew where it was so I just hung out with the owners daughter and grand-daughter and watched a one yearl old pull bottles of booze off into the floor, good thing they’re nearly all plastic now.

        So when the beer truck arrived(a big Freightliner semi and box van)the driver made this big power reverse and then hard brake. I asked the helper if that was one of those trucks with an “on or off” clutch just joking. He replied “It’s an automatic” so when the driver got back there I queried him. I asked him what the hell he did with his right hand and he said a lot of head scratching. He too was a victim of the patch dying and he missed his big engine truck with an 18 speed. Hell, I miss Step Child, not much to write home about but better than hauling bullshit for bullshit wages. I hope Trump somehow can make the price of oil go up. I don’t even look at the price every day or read Rig Zone. Let’s hear it for $100/bbl oil.

        Let’s get to drilling again.

        • Morning, Eight!

          I don’t think I could have handled Hillary, either. The sound of that harpie’s voice is worse than the sound of a rabbit screaming in the night. And, while I am no huge fan of the Duce’s, his victory has got to have Hillary literally spasming with dry-crotch lesbian fury… which, to me, is worth the whole damn bag of fish heads, eh?


    found this article. It sounds really good some of the things they think he might do. Then you read the comments. Oh boy we are doomed.

    He said this about fuel economy standards. “It is important to remember that this particular program was first put in place as a way to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil, not for purposes of global warming regulation…Mr. Trump will be focused on bringing jobs, including auto manufacturing, back to the U.S., and making sure that government policies are in the national interest.”

    That sounds very honest to me.

    • And Jalopnik is supposed to be a car enthusiast site. What in the world are these people liking in today’s cars? The few RWD V8s that are left? Or the few 6 cylinders left? The ones that are being/will be killed with more fuel economy/emissions fatwas? Or do they tell themselves they like the electronic 4pot pieces of plastic we are left with? It is Gawker though.

      And… I’m glad he won just because it pisses off so many marxists I know and around the world.

      Apparently the 18-25 crowd voted blue in all but 4 states? Doesn’t bode well for the future.

      Too bad the Libertarian party didn’t get 5%. Not that that wouldn’t have been rigged. Guess it’ll be a while before we have 3 parties debating.

        • Univision now owns these websites.
          They were sold to pay the Hulk Hogan settlement.
          Other than the first ever critical article on Musk* I’ve seen no change however.

          *where the faithful began complaining.

      • Sorry for the second reply. I had to fix my shields because the site was lagging bad. Anyway…. these people on jalop whine about how there aren’t various vehicle types. In one of their anti-Trump articles I informed them again they can’t have what they want because of CAFE.

        There are quite a few that like inline sixes and V8s and wagons and small trucks and all sorts of things the government has killed they just don’t know government killed them and refuse to realize how what they are blathering is related to their complaints. I also try to explain to them how things work in the world of product development but they still think GM wanted to kill people because media told them so. They believe every myth too.

        • Amen, Brent. There are some aspects of Jalopnik that I think are ok; they have some good writers, for example. But the overall tone is lockstep with the various orthodoxies. That even a car pub is orthodox depresses me.

    • I have considerable ‘trouble’ over in the now former gawkerverse. they shadowbanned my first account. I realized with a lack of replies that nobody was seeing my comments. I would read the thread not logged in and my comments weren’t there. I made a new account with the same screen name essentially and found my comments were never taken out of the grey but they were at least available.

      However I have a third account that is quite old that I brought back and my comments don’t go into the greys.

      the place is very hostile to anything than isn’t coming from a well-conditioned person that repeats the opinions they were given in the articles and elsewhere of similar mind.

      I tried to correct the numbnuts in the article linked but they have no clue that the president of the USA isn’t all powerful. Yet.

  8. At least he managed to kill off the Chicago outfit. Of course now we get the 5 families in charge, but whatever. They seem to keep New York from imploding on itself, so maybe that’s OK. New York will dominate the creative media for the next 4 years, that’s OK too. I like a gritty movie about regular people. Enough with the super heroes! And maybe we won’t dress like slobs going to tailgate at the Bears game.

    First he’ll negotiate. That’s what he does. Then he’ll sell whatever s*** he signs into law like it’s chocolate ice cream. That’s the other thing he does. Any of us who will take the time to work the math will see through the distortion field, but everyone else will feel pretty good about Washington. At least until they figure out that they bought into a worthless timeshare at the Trump resort.

  9. A couple months ago I would have agreed that something would happen to have president Pence. However October showed that the forces in the deep state that hate HRC are strong. Those that want president Pence will need the deep state to go along with them and those people just worked hard to sink HRC. Now maybe they don’t like Trump either but they can probably live with Trump so long as Trump respects them. Since Trump will continue the worship of the police and military odds are they will have little to no reason to act or go along with any plan to.

    This leaves only the means that were used on Nixon and Bill Clinton. Trouble is the only real dirt on Trump are things he did outside of political office. Those things don’t count for impeachment. If he keeps it that way, keeps himself squeaky clean in political office, it won’t work.

  10. Trump has said he’s fine with legal pot. That’s a shot to the knee cap of the Criminal Justice [sic] System. It puts a severe cramp in the roadside shakedown. As a bid-ness man he’s had to deal with the pinheads that are American Bureaucracy. As such he may well decide the alphabet soup of Fed agencies controlling every aspect of our lives have done enough and need to stand down. He may even go so far as to tell the UN to stick Agenda 21 where the sun don’t shine. (I can dream, can’t I?)

  11. The Orange Swan Has Landed.

    NassimNicholasTaleb Retweeted
    Max Abrahms 8 hours ago
    What’s the best explanation for why pollsters seem to have failed so badly? To his credit, @nntaleb predicted this orange swan event.

    big losers: the neocons. We have at least 4-8 years of watching them drive uber cars / taxis in DC.

    Clearly Americans value a job more than buying a cheap pack of 6 T.shirts made in Bangladesh for $6.99.

    Who got burried?
    Saudi Barbaria
    Goldman Sacks
    Syrian Jihadis aka “rebels”
    Academic Economists w/PseudoNobel
    NYT & other bullshit venues.

    NassimNicholasTaleb ‏nntaleb 9h hours ago
    Time to laugh at “Intellectuals”.

    • big losers: the neocons. We have at least 4-8 years of watching them drive uber cars / taxis join lobbying firms and policy think tanks in DC.


  12. Now we get to see how long he survives. On a positive note, this marks the end of the victim class, social justice warrior dominance of the whole agenda, IMO. I’m under no illusion that Trump will further the cause of liberty, but to me the most frightening words in the English language would have been President Hillary Clinton. Trump cannot rescue this country from the hundred years of progressivism, but at least we might not be at war with Russia and a lot of “deplorables” who were tired of being screamed at by fucking loons are getting their moment in the sun. Surely disappointment will follow, but at least the prospect of heading to the gulag for being a white, heterosexual male raised in the South seems to recede. Oh yeah, and I am loving the wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst the intellectually bankrupt left. Hopefully Soros will go down in flames.

  13. It was all worth knowing all my SoCal libtard friends’ heads exploded this morning, so I couldn’t be more content. Half the country or more is so retarded they just needed a bitchslap to the face to wake the hell up from voting for Grandmao.

    I’m not all that enthused however, but hey, could have been worse. Much worse.

  14. What happened last night is what I expected to happen in 1964. The media was handed its head. The pollsters likewise. Clinton backhanded (but will \not\ go to jail). Big R Republicans disgraced. All good things, and much to be desired. But deplorables like me are still the losers. There was no way we could really “win” in this election.

    The talking heads are all talking about “party realignment”. Sure. When pigs fly. We will face the same-old-same-old but with different faces. Try Guiliani as Attorney General. Or Christie anywhere (maybe DOT?). Ol’ Joe lost his job in Arizona. Maybe he could head up the Bureau of Prisons. Unfortunately, we still have McCain.

    Obamacare will likely become \more\ like Britain’s National Health than be repealed. Tax Simplification will, fittingly, be done by simpletons and therefore become more complicated, and more oppressive. Wars will continue, though perhaps no new one will begin (unless he really tries a 45% tariff on Chinese goods). Trade wars always lead to guns-and-bombs wars. That war may happen here when Walmart has to raise prices by 45%.

    The man is an ass. But now he is “\Our\ Ass”. I guess we need to get used to it until maybe he makes a slip and tries to disassemble the NSA or the CIA.

    • We’ll see. President Not My Fault campaigned on closing Gitmo, bringing world peace, blah blah blah. Last time I checked, Gitmo was still open and we are involved in wars in five countries.

      It’s hard to imagine Trump could be much worse. A bunch of states decided yesterday that a plant is just a plant. If The Donald forces the fucking DEA and Justice to stand down, he will have done a helluva lot.

      Today, I’m just gonna enjoy the wailing of my proggies. It looks to be pretty entertaining, so far!

    • Egads! I forgot Bolton at State.

      Bad news, good news: Texas will not secede, California might try. If they will promise to take Oregon with them, I will contribute to the campaign fund.

      • Oregon and Washington (both of them) and that would be a good start. Let’s face it, the U.S.A. is an obsolete superstate as it now exists. It would be much more efficient as a bunch of independent regional entities that could flourish without the global military presence we now must support.

        • yes. A Brexit/Soviet referendum would be for the best. Give NY, MA, CA, IL, etc. voters the chance to vote leave. What remains is ride or die Deplorable Trumpstan.

          It won’t kill US. It will make US devolved regions stronger.

        • The military would kill every one of us to keep that from happening. They could import every warm body they needed here and just like now, run operations from every country in the world with the exception of Russia and China and North Korea. I don’t see how they could be stopped except distraction by asking a hard question such as what will you have for lunch.

          • While I have advocated secession for years, I know in my heart that the Feds actually have a superior weapon to prevent secession. Way beyond guns, tanks, and bombs.

            A Renunciation Proclamation stating that Social Security and Medicare benefits will stop being paid to people living in the States in Rebellion.

            I live in what I call a Gated Geezer Community of Manufactured Homes in coastal Alabama. Full of retirees, many refugees from snow and sleet. The biggest downside to that is living amongst a bunch of “old people”. (Fortunately/unfortunately, I still think I am 19.) Most think secession is a criminal act, but even those who complain about Big Government” (which happens to send us money each month and pays our medical bills) would cave like a house of cards after a sneeze, and cry for forgiveness when the bad news was made public.

            Only a limited number of states could afford to pick up the slack.

            • That should happen today.

              Kill the old and infirm? “Well that just makes economic sense Mr. Advisor.”

              A new, younger America!

            • And you don’t have a lock on that shit either. It’s everywhere. People have forgotten and most of us old boomers never knew how to survive without a nanny of some sort. I don’t personally participate in any govt. bs of any sort I’m not forced to at the point of a gun. I buy my way out of BOcare and just pays my way at the horsepital. It’s inconceivable to most people my age though. Hey, you paid for it they say, why not get everything you can from it? They don’t understand we paid for a lot of stuff but not the care we are entitled to, once again, at the point of a gun. Our grandkids and kids are forced to pay for us at the point of that same gun.

              I’m sure my tune will change when I’m staring death in the face. Ha ha, that’s funny. I stare death in the face every day and still won’t go for the govt. surplus healthcare. My last fight about this and about retirement was only a couple hours ago with the old b&c.

              So, why doesn’t she retire? She’s damned sure old enough and acts old enough to retire twice. I’m not sure why everyone keeps asking me why I don’t retire. Oh, I know I’d get money but it’s the same group that robbed me of my retirement I had gotten on my own, no govt. needed. Wanta get me closer to collecting that death certificate, just keep on about govt. and me getting what’s coming to me. I have been there, done that and got everything they could throw at me and steal from me. The entire shitty just sticks in my throat. Maybe I’ll have a cardiac arrest tonight and tomorrow, as the old song goes, the world will be a better place and the world, will be a better place for those who believe and can’t wait to see me carried to my grave.

              If all those people on the govt. dole knew how much they owed me they’d be crying and carrying me to my grave. Oh, what’s we gonna do now? Our meal ticket done fell over dead.

              Not to worry deadbeats, soon you’ll be forced labor since there won’t be anybody left to support you. Put a little love in your heart…….cause it won’t come from anybody you know.

              • “Hey, you paid for it they say, why not get everything you can from it?”

                Actually, there is some merit to that attitude. The quicker we break the back (bank) of this monster, the better. I say that, even knowing I will likely die fighting an overwhelming force of my “neighbors”, who openly envy my pantry. We can probably last until we run out of ammunition. We left our 68 acres in north Alabama years ago, where we were self-sufficient as long as the ammunition held out. And there, I had lots of reloading equipment. Now we live in a senior squatter’s camp in coastal Alabama.

                I keep evaluating options, but my B&C has become less flexible in her later years. We lived in the boonies, we lived on boats, but now she fears that she needs to be near people who can be of help to her when I inevitably croak before she does. Go figure!

                I have the best of all possible worlds (for a leach). Not only is Uncle Sugar sending me a check every month but a company (for which I never worked) is paying $4300 a year toward my health insurance. As long as we keep bombing the shit out of people, the aerospace industry will do well, and I will stay on that dole, too. (Fool that I am, I also am strongly anti-war. What’s with that?)


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