Oily Republicans; Clarkson Canned

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Two quick items for the day:oily Republican

The oily Ted Cruz just signed up for Obamacare. This is the sort of principled stand for liberty (and against tyranny) one expects (if one is not entirely addled by the red-blue/left-right matrix) of “conservative” Republicans. I listened to Rush Limbaugh bloviate in defense of Cruz. His wife left Goldman Sachs and they need to get coverage for their family. Which is like Donald Trump saying he needs to sign up for EBT.

If – as Cruz has said – Obamacare is morally wrong. That is, if it is wrong to force people to hand over money not for medical care but for an insurance policy issued by a for-profit cartel – then the right thing to do is to refuse to comply and force them to show their teeth. It’s what Ghandi did. But a guy like Cruz will never do. “Conservatives” of his stripe are not opposed to forcing people to do things; they just have different “plans” – more “market-based” coercive ones.

See, for example, RomneyCare.

Heads you lose. Tails, they win. That’s what you’ll get by voting for a Republican (or a Democrat) if you want liberty (and respect other people’s right to the same).

Next up, the firing of BBC Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.  Apparently, he punched  a producer – which was uncalled for and also really stupid as it gave the BBC the excuse it needed to axe the persistent critic of “global warming” and defender of personal mobility. This – the BBC – is the same outfit that did nothing (for decades) about in-house pederast Jimmy Savile (good video at InfoWars.com).

I’ll be on the Bill Meyer show again this Friday at 11:10 a.m. east coast time; hope you’ll tune in (and for those who can’t, check here later; I’ll have the audio file up on site later in the day).

Thanks also to everyone who’s chipped in so far this month (see here). We’re almost there.

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  2. “US sent 130 or so “technical advisers”, i.e. SEAL’s, to Ecuador or Peru, I forget which. That pot is worth stirring” – no, that POT is worth megabucks on the streets of the US
    I do not approve of drug use, but ‘the war on [some] drugs,’ as Lawrence Vance calls it, is an abysmal failure. It has led to the US having a higher prison population than ‘authoritarian’ China. It’s time to decriminalize.

    • PtB, it wasn’t pot they were sent to deal with. The pot in this country is by far and away much better than anything you could get from S. America.

      Most natural drugs have very legitimate uses.

      After a truck wreck I was plagued with what my doctor termed “classic spine injury symptoms” that included a fiery burning in my extremities, mainly my feet and hands but very bad in my fingers. It’s not uncommon for me to work 15 hrs a day and not being able to sleep when I get a chance because of these problems was killing me rapidly. After months of this, I was ready for the funny farm. I knew a specific variety of a specific herb was known for it’s ability to quell these symptoms. I drove 1,000 miles in two days to obtain some that I used nearly every day for two months after which period those symptoms has not only abated but had gone away almost completely.

      At that point I stopped using and knock on wood, have been free of that malady since.

      Not only do I not apologize to anyone, no one else has to use my body and has absolutely no right of any sort to keep me from doing what it takes to get relief and it wouldn’t have mattered what I had to use to stop it.

      Your views are due to good brainwashing and like the very brainwashed, they can’t see the forest for the trees so to speak. I’d give rethinking your stance a closer look, an introspection as it were if I were you…..which I’m not…..and neither are you me…..and as such, we have no right to intrude on each other.

      I would never try to get someone to take any drug of any sort but I would try(and have) to get people to not use known drugs that kill often as I did with my dad when the damned doc put him on the known killer Vioxx and it fucked him up royally. Once I became aware of what was going on(my sister was taking him to the doc and doling this shit out to him), I raised hell with her and the doc. So what did doc do, he folded immediately and gave him a much less lethal drug. Had he not, he would have had a dead patient and a patients’ son intent on revenge of malpractice. All the most dangerous drugs have “legal” labels and you can get them from virtually any doctor because doctors are simply shills for the pharmaceutical industry and will give you whatever the new drug of the day is, safety never being a part of that process. There are exceptions to this and I don’t mean to infer every single doctor is guilty of this.

      Want to know what drug the doc is liable to give you for just about anything you complain about? Look at his prescription pad. The drug will be advertised at the top and the company who makes them. Whenever I go into a doc’s office and see one of those pads, I’m ready to leave right then.

      Break your leg like I did a couple years ago. More than likely, the doc will try to get you to take a psych drug instead of pain meds. Mine did and so did my wife’s doc for sciatica pain. It will help you she told my wife. So my wife went for it. I asked how that was going to help her and she repeated what the doc said. I said Bullshit and then had her read the long term effects of using all those drugs and showed the the stats of every single mass killing in this country and most others having been done by people taking these same drugs.

      I was already noticing a personality change in my wife, laid back for everything except constructive criticism of me and constantly telling me that I needed to be taking these drugs, that I was angry. I finally told her Damn right I’m angry. I have lots to be angry about and that’s what mainly gets me up and going every day. My diatribe was long and pointedly vehement about what I knew those drugs did and the changes I listed to her I had already noticed.

      I let it drop and said no other word about it for a couple months. It seemed one day she was returning to her old self. I asked if the doc wasn’t keeping up her dosage since that’s always how it goes, up the dosage after a while and then a while later, add another one. She fessed up she had quit. It was quite a relief for me.

      Had she told me she been scoring a little brown sugar that had helped her pain I’d have been relieved. I’d have not wanted to see her become a victim of the drug laws but it would have been better than her being a zombie and dying from a Pfizer induced death.

      Why people think drugs made by companies who source most of them off the end of a well-head instead of drugs that have been used before there was even a written history right up to the present is beyond my keen. Actually, it isn’t, it’s called “brainwashing” and statists are the worst about doing it.

      Those purple pills that promise gut relief are specifically made to shut down nature’s own cure and cause you to stay on those drugs forever. Follow the money and you’ll see big pharm makes more of it than any “illegal’ cartel could imagine. BTW, I wouldn’t say “all” pharmaceutical drugs are bad but “all” drugs, including pharmaceuticals should be used temporarily to stop whatever bad things are going on with you. If they’re going to work, they will and not over a period of years or decades.

      Antibiotics can be great but continued use of them will result in your death. Same goes for beer but at least I enjoy it and don’t have to drink it. I’m not a slave to the beer company and that’s a great difference in pharmaceutical drugs. You have to plan your entire life around them. BTDT, the voice of experience.

      • Understood, 8SM – let me clarify my earlier statement. I do not approve of ‘recreational’ drug use. But there ought NOT to be a law against it.
        Around 100 years ago (maybe a bit more) you could send your kid to the corner pharmacy (store front, not a guy in a trench coat) to pick up some heroin or codeine for you. Did we have an addiction problem then?
        And remember, Big Pharma is not all bad. It was Bayer that invented heroin, and it remains the very effective pain reliever they hoped it would be.

        • PtB, you’re quite right. From statistics I’ve seen, illicit drug use has continued to stay at about 4% of the population for that century. Of course as you pointed out, illicit drugs have changed since heroin, codeine, marijuana and some others were legal.

          I’ve been on sites of old houses and there’s always a dump nearby since there was no garbage service. At one old house on my place I found an ancient laudanam bottle as well as some old tonic bottles.

          I do approve of recreational drug use. I don’t recommend it as a way of life. Most people need to get “toasted” once in a while. I think it keeps a great many people from simply giving up.

          I have held a theory for over 45 years that somehow being able to get all our lawmakers on an acid trip for a couple days could be beneficial. I don’t need to encourage them to abuse alcohol, that’s what keeps the machine going.

          I certainly don’t advocate for anyone to follow my lead or vice versa. Like people just naturally come together.

          Different substances for different people sometimes result in fairly close results.

          Since hearing so many testimonies for X, I feel like I missed something in never having tried it. I don’t feel that way about everything. I can’t tolerate stimulants. My one cup of coffee is all I can handle per day.

        • Dear Phil,

          Agree. We all use the term “Big Pharma” as shorthand.

          But of course mere bigness is not bad per se.

          Absent government/business collusion, mere bigness is not necessarily a problem.

          It is the existence of Big Government, and its inevitable collusion with Big Pharma, Big Agra, Big Oil, et all that is the root of the problem.

      • Those drugs that knowingly result in suicides and mass shootings are yet another patch to keep the status-quo system going. It’s not just a simple extraction of wealth like many other things, it’s not just about the power the side effects can be exploited for, it’s to keep the system going. This system we are born into causes depression, anxiety, and various other maladies and like anything else the system comes up with a patch. The root causes can’t be dealt with because that means the end of the status-quo. Just patch over the problems. Tell people they are problem for not being happy with this system. Convince them of it. Give them drugs to make them ‘normal’ whatever that is. The drugs make life in this system liveable.

        The status quo will keep going like Elvis did. But eventually drugs to treat the side effects of other drugs only lead to one place.

        • BrentP, “Give them drugs to make them ‘normal’ whatever that is” fairly much says it all. Humans fall into a category where one size rarely fits more than a few. Even our cats pick and choose. I bought some catnip Sat. since I realized some of our cats had never been exposed to it and a new litter might have some fun with some toys(non-catnip)out of the same grab bag. I notice one little tom took right to the catnip mouse and most others haven’t looked at it. I did see one of the month old kittens tear by with one of the fuzzy toys, appeared to be playing keep-away with his littermates.

          A few years ago we had a flower bed full of catnip. Some cats would mess with it a little where it was growing. I could yank off a couple pieces and bring in the house and get nearly all of their attention for a bit. Some smelled it and left, some might rub on it a bit while others would chew and rub and break into a big play time. No way to know which would do what. Speaking of which, I need to plant some soon. I’ve noticed most varmints don’t care for it. It’s good to plant around the edge of your veggie garden but avoid planting near an herb bed. We try to companion plant to help out on insect control for the main part.

  3. Lobsterbacked Pommy Cuntyness is deeply inbred, no need for the State in Jolly old Queensryche. Got Dam Buggered British Caliphate.
    – – –


    ‘You’ve gone too far this time’ Top Gear team shun Clarkson

    JEREMY Clarkson was shunned by the Top Gear crew the day after he punched his producer Oison Tymon.

    The presenter, who has been sacked by the BBC for the assault, had wanted to put the incident behind him the next morning.

    But a source close to the production team said: “Clarkson turned up the next day on set and said, ‘Why don’t we let bygones, be bygones?’ They replied, ‘No Jeremy. Not this time’.”

    Clarkson, 54, is now searching for a new employer.

    The BBC failed to renew his contract last week after he struck Tymon, his producer of 10 years, because he was denied hot food at the end of a day’s filming.

    His future remains uncertain after Sky ruled out hiring him. A senior executive said “there wasn’t a chance” they would give him a job after what he had done. But the door still appears open at ITV, where shares rose on the prospect of signing up Clarkson along with his co-presenters James May and Richard Hammond, who have yet to announce if they will return to Top Gear.

    One insider said: “This could be a financial coup. Now Sky seem to have ruled themselves out, ITV can buy the entire team.

    ITV chairman Adam Crozier will be rubbing his hands. Major car companies would be able to advertise next to the cars that are tested on the show. We might see something as soon as the autumn.”

    Officially ITV is denying rumours of a reported £15million deal, saying: “We’re not talking to Jeremy Clarkson.”

    Internet streaming service Netflix, which is also rumoured to be interested in a Clarkson-backed show, declined to confirm whether it was in talks.

    Sources said that Clarkson was unlikely to resurface on the other side of the Atlantic.

    A senior producer at the ABC TV network said: “He has a lot of admirers, but after what has taken place no one will want to take a chance on him.”
    – – –


    Katie Hopkins BLAMES producer Oisin Tymon for Jeremy Clarkson sacking and tells him to ‘man up’

    The 40-year-old has said Clarkson’s sacking shows a problem with British society

    Katie Hopkins on Clarkson

    Motor-mouth Katie Hopkins has hit out at the producer at the centre of the Clarkson sacking.

    On Wednesday the Top Gear presenter was sacked after he hit Oisin Tymon during a row over hot food.

    But despite the findings from an investigation led by Ken MacQuarrie, Katie still thinks Oisin is to blame.

    PAOisin TymonKatie hits out at Oisin Tymon

    Writing in her column for the Sun she admitted she was “broken- hearted” about the decision.

    She claims: “The failure to renew his contract reflects a wider issue with British society.

    “If two lads have a problem, then get in a room together and sort out the problem. That’s all that needed to happen here.

    “Life cannot be run by one rule book sitting in the office of HR.”

    GettyJeremy yesterday asked for the producer to be left alone
    The fiery blonde concluded: “Oisin Tymon will now need a security detail to move about with any safety.

    “That was your choice, mate. You could have squared this away like a lad but you chose to sit crying in A&E.”

    Her comments are very much at odds with those made by Clarkson, who yesterday said: “Leave Oisin alone… none of this is his fault.”

    The inquiry, which was made public on Wednesday, showed that Oisin was subjected to an unprovoked attack, which later led him to go to A&E for an examination.

    “During the physical attack Oisin Tymon was struck, resulting in swelling and bleeding to his lip. The verbal abuse was sustained over a longer period, both at the time of the physical attack and subsequently,” part of the statement reads.

    The incident last 30 seconds and was only stopped when witnesses got involved.

    Tymon later drove himself to A&E to get an examination.

  4. M*A*S*H (1970) movie script
    by Ring Lardner, Jr.
    From the Novel by Richard Hooker.
    Final script, February 26, 1969.

    MASH (1970) Film Script

    H. Richard Hornberger (1924 – 1997) was an American writer and surgeon, born in Trenton, New Jersey, who wrote under the pseudonym Richard Hooker.

    His most famous work was his novel MASH (1968), based on his experiences with 8055th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War.

    You know who we been living with for the past week? We been living with the only man in history who ever took a piece in the ladies’ can of a Boston & Maine train. When the conductor caught him in there with his Winter Carnival date she screamed, ‘He trapped me!’ and that’s how he got his name. This is the famous Trapper John.

    – –
    Under normal circumstances, Major Houlihan, you being normally what I would call a very attractive woman, I would have invited you back to share my little bed with me, and you might possibly have come. But you really put me off. I mean, you’re what we call a regular army clown.

    • Dear Mark,

      “The so-called Realistic Military Training has some residents fearful the drill is a preparation for martial law”

      No need to “fear” that the drill is preparation for martial law.

      It is preparation for martial law.

      • Bevin, you’re just paranoid. They aren’t preparing for martial law. We’ve had martial law here in “the states” since 1865 (tell me exactly when and by what official decree “Reconstruction” was declared “over”). It’s just been a softer and gentler form of martial law than what we’re seeing now since their fangs and claws are out. Read “Military Government and Martial Law” by Gen. William E. Birkhimer when you get a chance. Long story short, you’ll discover exactly what kind of government we really have and it ain’t a democracy, a republic or anything of the sort. This nation was militarily occupied by the *United States at the end of the war of federal aggression. Name for me if you will one single state or U.S. territory without some form of U.S. military base (hint: you can’t). They have men at arms on over 150 different countries and that’s military occupation, plain and simple. What makes anyone think that occupation of the several states is any different is beyond me.

        A long standing principle in the law of war is that if a sovereign occupies a territory with its military, that territory is subject to the will of the sovereign (i.e. if I have more men at arms on your land than you do, I get to tell all of you what to do). Let’s think of this in terms of the Roman legions occupying Judea or the Brits in India. As long as the subjugated masses keep their heads down, their noses to the grindstone and their mouths shut, the occupiers will probably only minimally rape, pillage, plunder and make examples out of them. But once the oppressed start making noises about throwing off their chains and running off the “lobster-backs”, out come the teeth and claws. The plight of the American Indian is merely one case in point of what the federal government is capable of. Nothing has changed…other than the efficiency with which they can commit democide.

        Things like this current military “exercise” are probably what the Obamination was talking about when he said government would be more transparent under his regime. It has become very “clear” that the federal gun-vermin rule by force. And they won’t hesitate to arbitrarily detain, kidnap, cage, torture and even kill citizens if they so choose, the constitution and our rights be damned.

        *Ess on the end, not necessarily plural, proper noun for a corporate entity with its HQ in Washington D.C. (District of Criminals)

        • Dear Boothe,

          They aren’t preparing for martial law. We’ve had martial law here in “the states” since 1865 (tell me exactly when and by what official decree “Reconstruction” was declared “over”). It’s just been a softer and gentler form of martial law than what we’re seeing now since their fangs and claws are out.

          You won’t get an argument from me. That’s certainly another way of looking at it.

          More than a few minority critics of USG police state abuse have argued that such abuses are nothing new.

          American Indians and African Americans have been subject to such mistreatment for the past two centuries. The white majority haven’t noticed it, these critics say, only because it wasn’t happening to them.

          Their claims are not without merit.

          • That was an amazing read, Boothe.

            The federal Stalinist Machinery that turned Russians into gear oil and raw material for “national greatness.”

            Had its counterpart here in America.

            It’s one thing for those with superior technology and force of arms to outcompete the natives of America. Or to import natives from Africa to serve them in America.

            What’s far worse is when it’s systemic and the way of life for a people. Pre-founders, there were men like William Penn, who dealt with Native individuals and tribes with some measure of sovereignty and dignity.

            The seen was the small evil of the land baron plantation system that produced tobacco and other cash crops.

            The still unseen is the large evil of the northern industrail plantation system that incurs massive debts and then forces every resident of the state to make good on these debts.

            Thru merciless debt tyranny, the early settlers were forced off of their land and had little choice but to make a go of it in the emerging mega cities of the early United States.

            The reality of the word United is especially sinister. Not unlike the Stalin’s chickens and impoverished and scattered bolsheviks. United in being featherless, uprooted, voiceless, and defenseless.

            We are witnessing a new version of this kind of forced national unity in China and India. Will they go down the same path and amass vast fortunes of baubles and trinkets as did the Americans.

            Certainly they’re far wealthier and better off than before being thrust into greatness. Yet increasingly they are each quite vulnerable and dependent on the almighty state.

            Because all of their electronics and other items of so-called wealth. Are consumer goods. Because everywhere there is a grid and a bureaucracy which has risen up in their midst, as an unavoidable “decider” and local tyrant. Because rarely are any of their new items of wealth any kind of producer goods.

            Encumber a man under crushing social debts while giving him a state licensed seafood processing factory without his consent. And you both feed and enslave him for a lifetime.

            • Dear Mark,

              “Yet increasingly they are each quite vulnerable and dependent on the almighty state. ”


              For example, gunpowder and guns were invented in China. Yet the Chinese people have long been deprived of the right to keep and bear arms.

              This has left them helpless in the face of “all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

              So-called “gun control” is of course not the only indicator of genuine freedom, but it certainly is one of the most obvious.

              • Bevin, right on bro. A good book on defenseless China, All Hell Breaks Loose by Max Hastings, not his first but definitely his best on WWll history. It’s a great read. Chinese didn’t even know how to defend themselves and never had more than antiquated weapons with virtually no support except for the American bunch(and I still don’t quite understand this except for TPTB in the US wanted 3rd world China to be something, no doubt, something they could exploit)that sent fighter planes to thwart the Japs.

                What the Japanese did to the Chinese is unholy but they did it to everyone they fought, fanatics that they were. It’s said the Japanese was the ultimate warrior in that they would die fighting to the last breath and engage with no hope of winning. The Nazi’s were considered The best soldiers, better trained, more disciplined and totally committed but with a bit more sense than the Japanese that were totally brainwashed. The Chinese were used as most troops were, as a continuous line of cannon fodder with no real support.

                The American soldier had no real stake in the game and therefore no real need to suffer to the bitter end but ironically, were heads and tails better than the Brits who were defending not only their country but(and here’s where the rub comes in and why they probably didn’t fight well)fighting with all the people they had conquered and considered their inferiors in every way. Anyone wanting to understand post WWll politics and the ensuing conflicts really should read this book.

                I was surprised to learn that to this very day the Japanese and French both have no “official” history of that war. It’s easy to understand why after reading this book and many others. The Italians just plain didn’t fight for the most part, the best thing they ever did.

                But to get back to the point of being unarmed, China was the epitome of that, even besting the British “empire” countries. But the Chinese were clueless being powerless, and had no idea of what was happening. The British colonies were fairly well enlightened, causing a great many of them to at first, cheer on the Nazi’s and the Italian Fascists simply to see their oppressors, the Brits, get their asses kicked.

                If not for the US, the Brits would have been part of the dominate USSR that would have pretty much encompassed the globe as would have the Chinese and most all of the world.

                That was truly a world war, one that had to be fought since the USSR ended up with nearly 100 million east Europeans as part of their country. When Russia rolled through Europe, tens of millions of people that survived were conflicted as to the greater evil of the Nazi’s or the Russians.

                You tend to feel as if Nazi’s were a bit more human than the typical Russian soldier. Having said that though, the Russians had good reason to be ruthless although people such as the US would never have been so brutal in any circumstance.

                War: Education, bad. Brainwashing, good. And so it goes. Now the US is supporting the brainwashed such as the Souther Baptist Convention crew that have relished having the Shrub speak to every convention and stir hate for Muslims since 2002. We have our very own jihadist, homegrown that would take away every American’s rights toot sweet if given their way. To say the US is not of a single mind is he ultimate understatement…..but TPTB certainly are.

                Sorry to get so far off the original subject but one thing leads to another.

                • Dear 8sm,

                  Every time I think about the Rape of Nanking, and repeated Japanese attempts to conquer China, beginning in 1894, I blame China’s ruling elites for denying ordinary Chinese people this essential natural right.

                  Even the Taiwan region of China is the same. Guns for “mere mundanes” are verboten.

                  The question is of course, “By what right???” Who the fuck is anyone to deny anyone else the right to own anything, from guns to drugs?

                  I mean, think about it. Given the relative population of the two countries, Japan could never have done to China what it did had the general population been armed. China’s population then was roughly 400 million. Japan’s was roughly 70 million.

                  Afghanistan currently has a population of merely 30 million. Yet it has been able to fend off all comers, because its people are armed to the teeth, mostly with small arms, supplemented by RPG and the occasional shoulder mounted ground to air missile.

                  Mankind desperately needs to undergo a transformation in political consciousness, and come to the realization that no man has the right to rule another, that the “consent of the governed” is a logical absurdity and a cruel joke.

                  • Bevin, great reply. Afghanistan, Iraq and many other middle eastern countries are typical of what aggression gun possession will stop. No country on earth can match US’s arsenal but eventually, if you want to conquer a country, it must be done by ground troops.

                    When a higher up suggested Japan might invade the US, he was laughed out of the room. No way, was the reply. There’s a gun behind every blade of grass. And that’s why the anti-gun lobby never stops because they represent those who seek absolute power. Gun Owners of American do more good stopping this legislation than any other lobbying group. They commit virtually 100% of their donations to holding congress’s feet to the fire. The NRA will always make a deal and some group’s expense. In my view, they’ve always been nothing more than a sham for Republicans with guns and to hell with everyone else.

                    Research every group that claims to fight gun control. Crunch the numbers and you’ll find GAO, NAGR are by far the best. They have no glossy magazine(with plenty military suckups and stories of clementine and days gone by with sentimental pictures) though and won’t give Glenn Beck the time of day. My 2 cents.

                    • Dear 8sm,

                      “And that’s why the anti-gun lobby never stops because they represent those who seek absolute power.”

                      Dead on mang!

                      So-called “gun control” advocates, aka advocates of victim disarmament, poo-poo small arms as “utterly useless against government forces armed with tanks and air power”.


                      If that were true, they wouldn’t mind us holding on to our black rifles. The fact that they do mind, a lot, shows they are lying through their teeth.

                      “Gun Owners of American do more good stopping this legislation than any other lobbying group.”

                      I agree. I used to give to all the major gun rights groups. But some wimped out on key issues of principle. They sacrificed the moral high ground. They undermined gun rights arguments with their myopic utilitarian justifications for gun ownership. They didn’t assert rights. They begged permission.

                      Eventually I stopped giving to the others and gave only to GOA. Assuming GOA has not declined since I left the US, then it is the group to support.

                      Gun control is not the control of guns. It is the control of people. It is the control of people who surrendered their guns, by the people who collected their guns. https://anenemyofthestate.wordpress.com/quotations-from-chairman-zhu/

                • Excellent post, Eight…

                  I’d only add that: It was the Red Army (to give credit where it’s due) that vanquished the German Wehrmacht. Even after being severely mauled and attrited by the Red Army, the Germans were still able to put up a decent fight in the West. Had the German leadership (not just Hitler, as conventional wisdom has it) not made the several critical errors they made (launching Barbarossa late in the summer; waging a war of ethnic-racial extermination; peeling armor away from Army Group Center and diverting it south, etc.) it is very probable the Germans would have defeated the Soviet Union within six months, as planned. And at that point, the Germans would have been unbeatable because untouchable.

                  Churchill would either have sued for peace or been forced to/removed from office in favor of someone (like Halifax) who would have done so.

                  Take England out as staging ground for American troops and aircraft and it’d have been goodnight, Gracie.

                  Would this have been worse than what actually happened? The Soviet Union dominating the continent for the next 50 years? It’s debatable… if one can look beyond the hysterical politics that insists we regard National Socialist Germany as the apotheosis of evil while regarding Soviet Russia as merely a little rough-around-the-edges.

                  I’m not defending either regime, of course.

                  Just making an observation contrary to the orthodoxies….

                  • Dear Eric,

                    Absolutely worth contemplating!

                    The mark of a true intellectual is the courage to thumb one’s nose at the CW and ask the hard questions, no matter how un-PC.

                    If anything I have come to the conclusion that it is usually safe to assume that whatever the intellectual establishment would have you believe is the exact opposite of the truth.

                  • Of course neither Hitler nor Stalin would have likely come to power if Uncle Woodrow (He kept us out of war) had not dragged the US into the previous debacle.

                    • Dear Phil,

                      Damned straight! I mentioned this in an article of mine a while back. Here’s what I wrote.

                      The Treaty of Versailles and the Rise of Nazi Germany

                      “America should have minded her own business and stayed out of the World War. If you hadn’t entered the war the Allies would have made peace with Germany in the Spring of 1917. Had we made peace then there would have been no collapse in Russia followed by Communism, no breakdown in Italy followed by Fascism, and Germany would not have signed the Versailles Treaty, which has enthroned Nazism in Germany. If America had stayed out of the war, all these ‘isms’ wouldn’t today be sweeping the continent of Europe and breaking down parliamentary government – and if England had made peace early in 1917, it would have saved over one million British, French, American, and other lives.”
                      — Winston Churchill
                      Interview with Editor William Griffen
                      New York Enquirer, August 1936

                      Churchill reminded Griffen that by spring of 1917 the warring nations were ready to sue for peace. Pyrhhric “victories” at Jutland, Verdun and the Somme had taken the fight out of Germany, Britain and France. Numerous peace overtures had already been put forth by Germany and Austria, and neutral Swedish, Danish and American negotiators were offering to act as mediatiors.

                      But Woodrow Wilson wanted to “make the world safe for democracy.” Woodrow Wilson was Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the World’s Newest Superpower. Therefore Woodrow Wilson would get his “War to End All Wars.” The rest, as they say, is history.


                    • Indeed.

                      I have an interesting volume by Leone deGrelle (some will remember) titled, “Hitler: Born at Versailles.” Germany went off the deep end – and embraced the madness of Hitler, ultimately – because of the ruin imposed by the victors, made possible only by the unctuous moralizing interventionism of that uplifter and wowser (as Mencken styled him) Woody Wilson.

                    • So they fought to make the world safe for democracy. Now how can we make the world safe FROM democracy?

                    • Saw the following Twit [sic] exchange posted:
                      1st: Hitler wasn’t all bad. At least he killed Hitler.
                      2nd: But he also killed the man who killed Hitler.
                      clueless (clover?): What are you guys talking about? Hitler committed suicide.

                    • Even Pat Buchanan has written a WW II book titled “The Unnecessary War.”
                      I have read somewhere that Wilson may have suffered some health catastrophe (stroke?) that caused him to lose control of Versailles, so the outcome was much worse than he anticipated. Still no excuse.

                    • The treaty of Versaille mandated a reparations from Germany that simply wasn’t possible. It also took away Germany’s only ocean port which greatly magnified the problem.

                      I see that treaty as a known entity making certain Gemany would eventually be forced to war again to simply survive. It was the work of devils, TPTB at the time. There was great deal of vengeance without logic nor morals in the writing of that treaty.

                      Well, they controllers got what they wanted. And so it goes every couple decades since then up to the time Poppy(sic, sick, sickening) let the charge on Iraq the first time to ensure we’d NEVER be without some enemy somewhere and that’s why they went to such great lengths to demonize the Muslim religion, presenting only the radical aspect intent on removing the US from their lands.

                      Who could blame them? I know what the neocons say but the people of the middle east are like people everywhere. They want peace and prosperity and meanwhile, the US and Israel make sure radical groups never run out of weapons. They control the MSM so that only one side of the equation is ever seem by the sheeple who rely on the MSM.

                    • Exactly, Eight.

                      What was done to Germany after WWI was criminal – and may have been deliberately so. I think it was Churchill who called it not a peace treaty but a 20-year armistice.

                      The peaceful break-up of the Soviet Union created a problem… peace. Solution? “Radical Islam.”

                    • eric, exactly so. They tried to find something radical to demonize in S. America but that fizzled out even though less than two weeks ago the US sent 130 or so “technical advisers”, i.e. SEAL’s, to Ecuador or Peru, I forget which. That pot is worth stirring for them mainly for training I suppose.

                      Probably the pope being such a power in S. America and all the America’s being basically “Christian” countries had much to do with that program not working. They gave it over 20 years and couldn’t get a proper response so people who were so obviously different from us and 6,000 miles away were a good choice since we already knew there were plenty there who hated us. Spread a lot of weapons and money to the right groups and an instant “enemy” is created once you get them to do anything, like bomb a building and kill 250 Marines. That got things started with a bang. Having all those weapons left over from US supplying the Taliban and then injecting more of them ensured a good fight somewhere.

                      The Shrub has been speaking at every Southern Baptist Convention since 2002 to keep stirring the pot and it works. Consider in San Antonio alone there is once of their churches with over 18,000 members and they’re all creating little hate mongers soon to be cannon fodder for future conflicts. It just doesn’t get any better than that for TPTB, the neocon crew and spreads to other Christian sects.

                      Enough of these type people and the US can war continually and never need a draft.

                      I think the last round in the middle east convinced most poor young people it was better to be poor than dead.

              • Probably most importantly, China proper has a good deal of individual economic freedom now.

                I would think this can potentially overcome any other logistical obstacles. Including being mostly disarmed and oftentimes legally prohibited from defending yourself.

                The rising hegemony of homeland China is also good for the 50 million or so Overseas Chinese I’m sure.

                Hopefully American Chinese are heavily armed and prepared for the worst collectivist onslaughts to come, while continuing to work towards a better future.

                Except for America, and the overtaxed part of Europe that’s made to carry the weight of the slacker Europeans, the world is becoming freer and more prosperous every day.

                As long as you’re on the receiving end of “to each according to his dictated needs, from each according to his mandated abilities, the one world bankster social safety matrix is a pretty good system.”

                Americans own close to half of all the 650 million private held firearms in the world. Hopefully the 4 million American Chinese are especially well armed.

                China Executes Food Vendor Who Killed in ‘Self Defense’

                Buying guns online in China is pretty easy

                The rising gun culture in China, where weapons laws are among the world’s toughest. Its blanket ban on private ownership of rifles, pistols and even gun replicas is a core tenet of social policy, but with rising wealth comes rising autonomy.

  5. Mark, Bobby Hill…..heh heh hehe. I grew up with a guitar on my back riding my painted pony with a six gun by my side and fighting the bad guys…..never realizing my bunkhouse walls of horses, six guns and buckaroos were painted on that blue background with puffy clouds.

    And what a comeuppance when I had to rope and tie that calf, had that sharp Shrade Walden thrust into my hands to cut nuts and put on those leather gloves to hold the hot branding iron on that tortured calf. My, how real life intrudes. And clover hasn’t a clue…..

  6. meanwhile in the Kansas Heimat:

    Put your hands up in the presence of heroes. Comply. Or die.

    Topeka heroes explain “hand compliance”

    Hero Sergeant Colleen Stuart said the practice of a car’s occupants placing their hands in plain view shows they understand the parameters in which police operate and helps “protect us as we go up there.”

    Sergeant Colleen said that “in the end, it’s about safety for us and a positive encounter for the citizen.”

  7. From Healthcare dot gov

    What happens if I don’t pay the fee?

    The IRS will hold back the amount of the fee from any future tax refunds. There are no liens, levies, or criminal penalties for failing to pay the fee.

    Are the rules the same in each state?
    Yes. The rules about paying penalties are the same whether the Marketplace is run by your state or the federal government.
    – – –

    I don’t believe there’s any scenario where failure to register for Obamacare leads to punitive taxes or fines, nor criminal charges or jail time.

    Fees for not being covered.

    Barthold letter, Nov. 5: Depending on the level of the noncompliance, the following penalties could apply to an individual:

    Section 7203 – misdemeanor wilful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.

    Section 7201 – felony wilful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.

    These are not sections of the House bill itself. Rather, they are sections of the current Internal Revenue Code, laying out the consequences of willful tax nonpayment. (Here’s section 7203, section 7201, and an additional section that sets a higher fine than 7201, as noted in the letter’s footnotes.)

    As Barthold points out in his letter, “the majority of delinquent taxes and penalties are collected through the civil process,” without resort to criminal penalties. Prison terms are relatively rare. Barthold notes that in 2008 a total of 498 persons were incarcerated for federal tax crimes, while the Internal Revenue Service assessed 392,000 civil penalties for inaccurate tax returns.

    Imprisonment would require the government to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the tax evasion was “willful” and the accused had the ability to pay.
    In the Senate, the Finance Committee’s health care bill was amended to nullify the possibility of jail time for not paying the penalty tax. It stipulates that in the case of nonpayment, “such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.”

    Instead, the Senate measure would allow the government to collect the tax by deducting it from any IRS tax-refund checks or other government payments.

  8. Failure to register with an approved health insurer is punishable by paying a fine. They make it sound like if you don’t want to participate, you just pay your protection money and they’ll go away, but technically it is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a maximum $25K and a year in the big house if you fail to comply. Because they expect large numbers of people to not comply, they are using their favorite dragnet collections agency, the IRS, to make sure you do what you’re told.

    It sounds to me like he’s complying with the law, as he should. I’m not defending Ted (and no way I’d vote for him if he makes it past the primary), but he’s no Hilary. If he didn’t sign up for health insurance, the pundits would only too happy to spend hours bloviating of Ted’s misdemeanor, while continuing to give the golden-ticketed candidate Mrs Clinton a pass on a clear violation of open government rules by using her own email server for “company business.”

    • Hi Eric,

      I disagree.

      If a law is morally wrong, one is not obliged to obey except under duress. Cruz is not under duress. Indeed, as a person with political power (and plenty of money) he could take a stand against Obamacare that you and I could not (without worrying about said repercussions). If someone like Cruz did take a stand, it would be a huge act of open resistance that might start a larger – and open – revolt.

      He could delegitimize Obamacare.

      The fact that Cruz doesn’t take a stand shows me just how much he really cares about liberty. Notice that most of these “opponents” of Obamacare do not argue that government has no business whatsoever forcibly involving itself in people’s decision to have or not have medical insurance. Rather, they want to replace Obamacare with a plan of their own. That plan will be coercive, too.

      You will not have the right to say, no thanks. What you may get is the “choice” between Coercive Plan A or Coercive Plan B. Republicans love that sort of thing; they call it “market” economics. Another example being their turning over automated traffic enforcement (red light cameras, etc.) to private vendors; also the hiring out of paid thugs (mercenaries of the Blackwater variety) to do their wet work on the taxpayer’s dime and with zero accountability.

      This is why I dislike Republicans even more than Democrats.

      It’s understood that Democrats are collectivists and statists; that when you vote for one, you are voting for someone else to control and direct your life… at the end of a gun. But Republicans will talk about “freedom” and “liberty” while undermining both at every opportunity. Cruz is peddling the same snake oil that Republicans have been peddling all my life – and I continue to be amazed how many paying customers line up.

      He’ll toss in some Jesus Jabber – gotta have those “family values” – plus the obligatory adulation of “our troops” and how America needs to “stand tall” (and bully the world) plus licking the nut sack of Israel … and the twice-born rubes in flyover country who gave us The Chimp will cheer.

      They may even succeed in electing this clown.

      But will there be more – or less – government in your face (and in your wallet and elsewhere, too)?

      We all know the answer….

      • eric, I discussed Cruz with my wife. Since I considered he might put a stick in the huge Republican gearset I took a chance, one I didn’t really expect to pan out, much like buying penny stocks, a true shot in the dark, guaranteed to to never hit a target. My wife voted in that election straight Libertarian since the act of voting, while good in theory, will never work since so many people simply don’t understand the process and on the hope that the Libertarian party might make another leap like the one from the election before from .7% to 7%(unrealistic I realize but significant gains could be possible, enough to screw up both sides of the Republocrats. So I voted for Ted because of all his promises. I knew at 18 anything coming from a politician’s mouth, no matter which side it came out, was a lie but still, it was that shot in the dark.

        Of course Ted immediately screwed me and everyone else who voted for him. I’d bet almost to the last person we all expected it but miracles do happen…..so I’m told.

        My local and state libertarians didn’t fare too well since they sent virtual idiots as their reps but at least they weren’t as vapid as the Republocratic crew.

        No one needs to say “I told you so” since I told myself so before hand. I will defend voting for Libertarians though but don’t wish to debate it since I see both sides of the argument. It’s too much to hope everyone will stay home, just too many stupid people in this country with a voter registration card.

        Now for our last election, as usual, when the polls closed at 7 pm I was still working. I could have taken off but needed the money since someone is always spending it faster than I can produce it. I doubt I’ll ever go to the trouble of voting again except for bond bills which I vote against straight across the line no matter what. The sheeple don’t realize this and never will. When bats shit, bullets fly and it all hits the collective fan, the clovers will be there cowering in their holes and at best(or worst, however you see it), passing the ammo to our enemies.

        • Dear 8sm,

          “No one needs to say “I told you so” since I told myself so before hand. ”

          I confess I did the same thing in the local Taipei mayoral election.

          He didn’t win, so he never got to betray me though.


      • Hahaha. Jesus jabber. I love it.

        My neo-con idiot uncle was talking to me dad on the phone a few weeks ago. I heard my dad say, “yeah, Rubio has some good christian values.” As if he didn’t know what to say, so he just accepted the garbage.

        I said, bullshit. Actual christian values aren’t anything like these asshole christian politicians profess to believe. They have christian values like they have respect for the constitution–not that that is very admirable, but at least they would believe in limits to their authoritah.

        The ten commandments to a politician are a “goddamn piece of paper” just like the constitution. Hitler had “good christian values” too.

        • OK let me wrap my head around this….Hitler was pissed the Jews murdered Jesus so he took it out on all Jews everywhere? Who knew? Wow!

          On a side note: I have this slogan to offer! END GANG VIOLENCE TODAY, BAN POLICE DEPARTMENTS!


          David Ward
          Memphis, Tennessee

          • Pore ol Hitler. So misunderstood. Only his good bud Stalin was smart enough to sign a non-aggression pact with him and not see an invasion coming. Talk about a dolt, geeeee. Clover couldn’t get enough of him and would drop her drawers toot sweet and then think she did something wrong when he bowed out.

            Poor young Hitler. If he’d only realized he could orate a few hours and then get so much pussy, he might not have even wanted a war.

            Much like growing up and some guy you know is a wild seed, driving like a bat out of hell and always in some sort of shit. Next thing you know he’s driving 20 mph everywhere he goes and you can’t get a rise out of him to do crap. Yep, he’s knocking it hard all the time and it just takes the wind right outta his sails…..until he finds out you’ve started banging the same drum and then it’s Katy bar the door.

            Hitler and Stalin were both afflicted with similar sexual dysfunctions.

            Before you cast the first stone when it comes to light your govt. rep is getting some, ok, a lot, on the side, take that as a good sign. He don’t need no stinkin war. If it comes to light he’s a pedophile, make sure you’ve never had any communication with said pol or spoken about him to anyone and then drop by some night and give him the business end of a roofing hammer and stuff said instrument in his wife’s chest of drawers. Make sure you’re wearing disposable gloves before leaving home.

            • Of the two, Hitler is arguably the more sympathetic character because he had some human qualities… whereas Stalin (I base this on extensive biographical reading) seems to me to have been a perfectly formed sociopath without any human attachments whatsoever. Hitler murdered his political enemies. Stalin murdered everyone. Literally no one was safe. Not even “good communists.” Stalin killed at random (and en masse) to create a state of perpetual terror everywhere, in everyone. And he seemed to enjoy it. Hitler could be nostalgic; was indulgent toward friends and “good National Socialists” – so long as they had not done something overt to threaten him politically. He retired/fired generals but tended not to kill them. Stalin murdered them as a class.

              Yes, yes… I know all about the Holocaust. Horrible, certainly. But why is it that the much larger mass exterminations committed by Stalin (e.g., the extermination of small farmers, the Kulaks) rarely – if ever – gets mentioned?

              There is evidence that Stalin was eventually murdered by people in his own inner circle who themselves were murderers, but could not abide his level of murderousness any longer. It appears that, circa 1952, they became alarmed about Stalin’s apparent intention to trigger a nuclear war – perhaps launch a first strike – against the West. The so-called “Doctor’s Plot” being a prelude to this. He felt the time was ready; the Red Army still war-ready and pre-positioned.

              They poisoned him in his dacha before he could push the proverbial button.

          • I nominate that slogan for bumper sticker of the year award! 😛

            David Ward
            Memphis, Tennessee

            OK OK OK I know I’m tooting my own horn here….

            • Hi David,

              Good to see you back!

              (I still have the hard drive; haven’t proceeded with anything because – believe me – I am dealing with bigger fires at the moment.)

  9. Are you even a libertarian? Or are you some kind of oily republican yourself? Are you merely a frustrated republican and not a libertarian at all. Maybe you still hold out hope for the myth of authority.

    What is wrong with things, in your mind? Do you question the validity of a ruling class. Or is it more the case, that you believe people have lost their way and no longer rise to the level of personal responsibility and involvement that is required to live in a constitutional republic.

    All peaceful views are welcome, but if you accept that some people in authority can justly initiate force against individuals, because it’s what’s best for society and the country. Then you are have strayed outside of libertarian politics completely. If you aren’t for liberty in all places, at all times, then you aren’t a libertarian, plain and simple.

    One thing Libertarians are against, is war. War is the second most evil human institution next to slavery. Organized murder is disgusting. War is a racket. Libertarians do not consent to the wars against Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and ISIS. They do not support the funding of a world-wide war apparatus that claims to operate in the name of peace, and by shared consent by allies throughout the world.

    Libertarians are against nationalism. Against creating monopolies of force, and then enlisting people against their will to serve the strongest gang in their vicinity, the gang that call itself “the government.”

    Liberty is about the basic right of all humans to be free from aggression. It doesn’t matter what tax farm you were born in. You have that right without exception. People are not our enemies because they live in North Korea, China, or Iraq. Rather it is all governments which are our common enemy, and all people victimized by all those governments that are our allies.

    Libertarians believe people should be free to associate with whom they want and do anything with consenting adults they want. Libertarians do not support the idea of any group of individuals, even if claiming to be a benevolent, duly authorized government, restricting any basic human freedoms or rights to self-determination. There are no State’s rights. Only individual humans have rights.

    Libertarians do not worship the constitution, or see it as part of the solution. The constitution was an abomination from its inception, twisted by the politics of rich landowners seeking to turn the masses of the commoners into a perpetual source of revenue and to use human beings and their production as collateral for foreign debts.

    No mere piece of paper can ever justify the immoral actions of individuals. An appeal to the constitution today is like an appeal to the constitution in 1800. It presupposes that because it’s on a piece of paper, it trumps all individual rights. This is completely wrong.

    The bill of rights didn’t even grant rights – it merely affirmed and encoded a small portion of the ones that we all innately have. And falsely claimed it would be able to restrict the federal authorities to impede upon those rights.

    Libertarianism is not about getting control of the government. It is about getting rid of the government’s control. Compromising values in the name of politics is just statism and more of the status quo. It doesn’t matter what politician wins, because if they’re compromising our freedoms in the name of political victory, then we haven’t won anything.

    It doesn’t matter what laws or restrictions we enact into the law. The federal government didn’t abide by its promises to the natives already living in America. It’s not going to abide by any of its promises it makes today to the current tribes not a part of the ruling class, living in America either.

  10. Ted Cruz, born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. Is he a ‘natural born citizen’ as the constitution requires? Who will ask? The GOP doesn’t care, cause he’s their guy. The Dems don’t dare after Obama. He can always say “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

  11. Hopefully there’s a gear-headed transgender bi-racial single mother of color out there who can take Clarkson’s place. Bout time they addressed all their minority imbalances in their auto sector portfolio.

    Really, the only stupid thing Americans don’t already have is a queen. Maybe an alien insect queenmight also be what the people want. Simpsons is a Fox cartoon. Which I’m sure is BBC south, if you dig thru all at Fox channel crown colony paperwork. So I’ll reference this BBC cartoon.

    I for one welcome our new overlords.

    It’s good to be part of a socialist ant colony. Otherwise, who will build the mounds and distribute the pheromones. God save the queen.

    “The term “queen” is not particularly apt, as the queen ant has very little control over the colony as a whole. She has no known authority or decision-making control; instead her sole function is to reproduce.

    Therefore the queen is best understood as the reproductive element of a colony rather than a leader. Once a colony is established, the worker ants meet the queen’s needs such as giving her food and disposing of her waste.

    Because ant social structure is very complex and individual ants are relatively simple, an ant colony can be thought of as a single organism, and the individual ants as cells or limbs of the organism, as the individuals can rarely survive on their own.”

    God save the designated reproducing human in my sector.

  12. BBC Oily Corporate F-ing Shill NeuterSpeak:

    Tony Hall, the BBC’s Director-General, has released the following statement.

    “It is with great regret that I have told Jeremy Clarkson today that the BBC will not be renewing his contract. It is not a decision I have taken lightly. I have done so only after a very careful consideration of the facts and after personally meeting both Jeremy and Oisin Tymon.

    “I am grateful to Ken MacQuarrie for the thorough way he has conducted an investigation of the incident on 4th March. Given the obvious and very genuine public interest in this I am publishing the findings of his report. I take no pleasure in doing so. I am only making them public so people can better understand the background. I know how popular the programme is and I also know that this decision will divide opinion. The main facts are not disputed by those involved.

    “I want to make three points.

    “First – The BBC is a broad church. Our strength in many ways lies in that diversity. We need distinctive and different voices but they cannot come at any price. Common to all at the BBC have to be standards of decency and respect. I cannot condone what has happened on this occasion. A member of staff – who is a completely innocent party – took himself to Accident and Emergency after a physical altercation accompanied by sustained and prolonged verbal abuse of an extreme nature. For me a line has been crossed. There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by either rank, or public relations and commercial considerations.

    “Second – This has obviously been difficult for everyone involved but in particular for Oisin. I want to make clear that no blame attaches to him for this incident. He has behaved with huge integrity throughout. As a senior producer at the BBC he will continue to have an important role within the organisation in the future.

    “Third – Obviously none of us wanted to find ourselves in this position. This decision should in no way detract from the extraordinary contribution that Jeremy Clarkson has made to the BBC. I have always personally been a great fan of his work and Top Gear. Jeremy is a huge talent. He may be leaving the BBC but I am sure he will continue to entertain, challenge and amuse audiences for many years to come.

    “The BBC must now look to renew Top Gear for 2016. This will be a big challenge and there is no point in pretending otherwise. I have asked Kim Shillinglaw to look at how best we might take this forward over the coming months. I have also asked her to look at how we put out the last programmes in the current series.”

    – Oisin had a decision to make: “Am I a man. Or am I a victim.” He could have manned up and said, “hey no biggie, not like I have a glass jaw here mate. I’ve put this behind me, and it’s up to Clarkson if he wants to be a man about this and do the right thing or not.” He could have insisted that Clarkson only be suspended, or whatever. He could go on Twitter right now and act like he has a pair of functioning testes and do something as an individual. Please Crom, somebody do something already. Stop these petty babysitter justice vignettes ASAP.

    — Should have let these tea sipping queen cunnilinguists face Germany on their own two legs. What a jolly lot of pants pissing whingers they’re mostly behaving like now.

      • That’s the piece that jumped out at me too!

        On paper, England is a kind of theocracy. They have bishops ex officio in their legislature, a head of state which is essentially chairman of an established church.

        In theory their monarch is bound not to act or allow any law to pass which conflicts with the Christian faith – as evidenced by pledges in the Coronation Oath.

        Virtually all state schools are obliged to conduct collective Christian worship. There are a vast array of legal privileges provided to the established church.

        In reality, though, it doesn’t seem to be overtly that much of a theocracy in their subject’s day-to-day lives. The United Kingdom and Commonwealth of 2 billion+ may have the constitution of a theocracy, and religion does have considerable status within the state, but I’m not sure they’re exactly a practicing theocracy as that term is commonly understood.

  13. Why did we used to think it was okay for a couple of boys to punch each other in a fair fight.

    Is that gone away now, and there’s to be no more settling disputes in a natural way. Just pleading our case to Mommy or whatever authority is in effect.

    Just sitting down on one’s posterior, and stringing some words together, that’s all there’s to be now. Sounds pathetic to me. Maybe it was inevitable once we abandoned horses and began using internal combustion engines to move about. Or maybe the upright manly ape never was, and John Dehner playing Paladin on them old radio shows was just a fantasy to sell goods.

    I’ll admit some of my strains of thought are prit near strained beyond reason. Take the whole neutered house pet thing for example. Something seems amiss, about the whole thing, but eventually, I’ll have to make a rational and empirical philosophical case. Reason from first principles, in accordance with empirical evidence, and a methodology that approaches truth, not merely stir up sentiments.

    I don’t have the right experience or training in logic or science, that’s why I put things here and take a look at them for a bit, and then decide whether its worth plunging onward into a debate.

    This site should generate a debate, not be side chute where someone like me lays in wait ready to derail anything not passing the libertarian purity test. I used to be a lot more fun, now I’m mostly sinking into curmudgeon mode.

    I know I go way over the line and use all kinds of jimmy rustling cheap shots. But sometimes, that’s where I start from. My sincere hope is, at some later time, I’ll fill in the real points of argument, and build a normal philosophical case for the things I initially discussed only in highly charged, emotional broad brush strokes. Hopefully you can bear with me, and make your own assertions to the best of your abilities.

    I’m not arguing the concretes of this Jeremy Clarkson deal. I imagine any crisis or misstep will be put to good use to force out the voices of manhood, no matter how cartoonish. I’m just deeply troubled by be such a disposable muppet, that each and any faux pas ends in termination, and no man has an issue with it. First they came for the face punchers…

    I really do think you have to look much deeper into these issues. I think there’s a healthy and necessary place where punching someone in the face and risking getting punched back is the right course of action. It’s the best hope of resolving something between two men of differing opinions. This is true whether the parties are 4, 8, 40, or 80 years old.

    Don’t be so quick to abandon everything that’s been in place for thousands upon thousands of years. That’s the real tragedy of modernity. Blunt machines like cell phones don’t do anything to you. It’s the abandonment of manly principles that’s the killer and soul-sucker you’ve got to watch out for.

    – Hey You. Don’t help them to bury the light. Don’t be afraid to throw a punch. Or better still take a punch. Don’t give in, without a fight.

    • ” I used to be a lot more fun, now I’m mostly sinking into curmudgeon mode.”
      I know what you mean – my wife calls me Walter (think Jeff Dunham) sometimes jokingly, sometimes in frustration.

  14. There’s a place for discussion of right and wrong. But there is no such place for this at an institution of the British Crown. Or really, at almost any employer anywhere in the western world these days. Truly there are no more John Waynes. Only sniveling authoritarian brokeback cowgirls.

    Talk is cheap. But I’m hoping to preach to a choir that doesn’t just sing like a bunch of stool pigeon canaries on command.

    Are there really men who are so estrogenated that they can’t take a punch from a drunken 54 year old.

    Take your lump and wait til he sobers up. And then extract a hefty payback when the guy’s in his right mind. Sheesh, you narcs make me sick, I hope you’re just not thinking clearly and are spouting off, you who are so sensitive to noise, smoke, smells, abortions, blasphemies, and a million other things that might break your delicate little hymens.

    I’m not discounting we are all different in our tolerances. But it can’t be the case that we welcome the Stalinist solutions because our feathers are so easily ruffled. Find mitigating solutions, and learn to rule your roost.

    If I were such a featherless chicken, I wouldn’t dare show my face at a blog like this. Come on mang. I think we’re just not thinking clearly, so I’ll wait a bit and see what develops.

    If you need an authority figure’s leg to cling to, because you are so thoroughly plucked, maybe you would be better off roosting in some henhouse somewhere with some like-minded biddies.

    • By all accounts including Clarkson’s the producer Clarkson punched did not report it. He simply went on with the business of the job.

  15. Punching someone is wrong, unless you are retaliating to being punched, and Clarkson deserved to be punished. That said, he was one of the few plain(ish) speaking media personalities left, and it will be sad to not see him on that show any more.

    • What I think Eric is pointing out is the selectivity of punishment and the relatively low severity and time scale compared to what the BBC is known to have simply accepted.

    • I agree. He made a mistake and ought to be held accountable. He stepped into it, so to speak. But I believe they sorely wanted to get rid of him and this was the excuse. His show is immensely popular and – were he politically correct – I am certain they’d have found a way to not fire him.

      • My forecast is that he will get picked up somewhere else, with a different show. He was a great thing for the motorcar business.

      • He has had a target on his back a long time, and they were for sure looking for a way to sack him.

        Hopefully Hammond and Mays can join him at another network with a new show. The three of them have worked so well, I don’t see Top Gear continuing. It sucks the BBC owns the rights to the Top Gear show itself because they will now ruin it. Had they known how the show was going to be, it would have never been started in the first place. Its only stayed on because its so popular.

        I don’t see the BBC reversing itself either. They had to have seen the support Clarkson got. Just the standard lame claim of “diversity” (the kind of diversity that never seems to include anyone here).

        And yes, Cruz’s move was very lame to say the least. Most elite Republicans are a-ok with big government.

        • I respect Clarkson – and I like his attitude.

          Like Brock Yates and Pat Bedard (two other old school dudes I admired as a kid) Clarkson actually likes cars. Most modern “automotive journalists” don’t.

          Trust me.

          I know a lot of them…

          • Part of the problem is they are “journalists” first, subject matter second, truth, well that’s another subject. Its also the kind of “journalism” the general public now dislikes and distrusts immensely. Most when changing jobs, probably won’t even cover cars in the next gig, covering some lame “celebrity”, sports or something equally lame. Just another reporting gig, a step on some ladder.

            So I am not surprised you say that about most. It’s the results of a system that doesn’t like the freedom cars once represented. It was beat out of a good portion of guys our age, even more so from those younger then us.

            At best, Top Gear will be like the offshoots it created. Like the US version. Yeah, I like the show, its always fun to crash things and blow things up, but it will never be like the original version, doesn’t have the wit and humor.

            I am guessing all the hosts will be recast, with much younger guys. And those guys will have less direction over the show as well.

          • Hence the state of modern journalism.

            It’s not just automobile reviewers, it’s everywhere. Of course, it is easy to blame the modern “journalism school” but it is much more than that. Journalism has been propped up to be a profession much like engineer or lawyer, where specialized skills are required. You go to school to become a writer, and get work based on your experience as a writer not due to any past experience you may have had actually doing work you write about. And then there’s TV “journalism.” What isn’t a blatant native ad is more likely a story to scare viewers away from their computers (hey, if you’re looking at a laptop screen you aren’t looking at a TV screen), promos for tonight’s prime-time shows, or a rehash/promo of the latest circus maximus matches.

            Of course, thanks to the dreadful state of the public schools and the “everyone gets in” policy of most colleges these days, I have a feeling that the average journalism professor spends more time teaching basic English grammar and composition than anything else.

            Maybe it is a specialized skill…

            But, much like automobiles and white collar jobs, journalists will soon be replaced by robots.

            • “You go to school to become a writer, and get work based on your experience as a writer not due to any past experience you may have had” – is that like “those who can, do, those who can’t, teach” (and those who can’t teach become administrators)

              • A famous writer, I think it was Faulkner, observed that if someone says “I want to write”, they have something important to say. If they say “I want to be a writer”, they will at best be hacks. It’s a seemingly small difference in phrasing, but as significant as (to borrow from another famous writer) the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

                • Dear Mike,

                  Valuable insight.

                  The wording is a Freudian Slip, a dead give away that reveals that the person’s priority is “fame and fortune” rather than a need to communicate passionately-held values.

                  Absent that deeper drive, the person is likely to be a hack at best.

                    • Dear Mike,

                      Thanks! You are much too kind.

                      Didn’t someone also say something about the difference between “electric” and “electric chair”?


          • eric, Brock Yates, one of the most genuine “men” to ever put foot to floor and pen to paper and money where his mouth was, a true gearhead. He’ll always be right there in my mind, standing in que behind Tom McCahill, a real man and a real car guy, the ONLY person to ever take on a scum sucker like Ralph Nader.

            If a Corvair had been dangerous I wouldn’t be alive.

            • Dear 8sm,

              Yates. McCahill.

              Blasts from the past.

              Those were the days, my friend, I thought they’d never end.

              Where did the America we once knew go?

                • Dear Mith,

                  When I left the US and came to Taiwan, I thought I’d work for a couple of years then return when the economy recovered.

                  Little did I know that no sooner had I left, that the America I once knew would swiftly descend into a police state none of us recognizes any more.

                  Uncritical Jingoists will accuse people like us of being “blame America first” types. But nothing could be further from the truth.

                  “The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched. He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen driven to despair.”
                  ― H.L. Mencken

              • Bevin, I literally weep for those days. Indeed….those were the days my Friend, we never considered they’d ever end. We’d sing and dance……and raise hell forever and a day(and love like there was no tomorrow). We’d live the life we choose, we’d fight and SELDOM lose(we were realists). Those were the days.

                America…..did we really know it? Was it ever more than an illusion for us(even as we lived it like it was true)? As the Fugs said, Sometimes I wonder.

                  • Mithrandir, without hindsight, I guess those were the days. But there is no going back, no way to lose “hindsight”. And i lied to myself even back then.

                    Even as a teenager I realized wars were contrived and politicians and bankers and investors were the bad guys.

                    I kept getting invites to south Asia immediately after the Tet offensive. Why was I so popular all of a sudden? Once I had answered that to my satisfaction, nothing was ever the same.

                    I hope some realize why I want to(and I know it ain’t right…..sorta……kinda), beat wholesale ass now and again. It’s only the clovers and those they support that raise my ire.

                    Six and a half decades merely makes me want to seek revenge on anyone not willing to work for themselves and not take from others. That’s beginning to be a lot of scum. That’s ok, I have a “scrubber”.

                  • Dear Mith,

                    8sm’s right.

                    Once you’ve taken the red pill, then short of taking the blue pill, one cannot blank out what one already knows.

                    The America we knew was only a temporary, unstable, unsustainable state doomed to slide into tyranny.

                    With Operation Jade Helm, the USG is now prepping for martial law.

                    It is no longer “tinfoil hat paranoia”. It is actually happening! It is hard reality. America is actually descending into a condition best described as “Nazism with American characteristics”.

                    • Bevin,

                      I beg to differ, the defeat of the Germans at the end of WW2 just replaced Hitler’s version of fascism with Roosevelt/Truman’s version. Same game different PTB.

                      David Ward
                      Memphis, Tennessee

                • Dear 8sm,

                  “America…..did we really know it? Was it ever more than an illusion for us(even as we lived it like it was true)? ”

                  Mang, do I feel you.

                  That’s probably the bitterest pill of all. The realization with 20/20 hindsight, that it was probably all a collective illusion, a fleeting dream, destined to disappear because as good as it might have been, it was still tragically rooted in the myth of authority.

                  We touched on this notion before at EPAutos. I wrote it down so I wouldn’f forget..

                  Corollaries by fellow anarcho-capitalists at Eric Peters Autos:

                  “The freest minarchies become the most vicious tyrannies.”
                  — methlyamine

                  “Limited government is like limited cancer.”
                  — MoT

                  “Democracy is the apotheosis of institutionalized slavery.”
                  — d.c. sunsets


                  • Bevin, notice the whole of Tx. is red? That’s not happenstance. I wish you could work with me a couple months and hear the sounds of “nearly” silence…..and the looks to go along with it. It takes one to know one and I know a bunch and they know me. Otherwise, their mouths would be closed. A great many people aren’t deceived….in the slightest. Jade Helm is liable to cause some serious friction.

  16. Everything is selectively, that is socially, enforced. That’s the way people like it. This is what, in part, keeps people from expressing views that are not politically and socially acceptable. When you start doing things that aren’t socially and politically acceptable you have to have a past, present, and future that is absolutely clean of mistakes, errors of judgement, emotional outbursts, and so on.

    However if you keep yourself with the bounds, advance the agendas of those above you in the pyramid, well things are best left under the rug.

    It’s amazing Clarkson lasted as long as he did, but then again what we saw with regards to views on political topics might have been part of the character for the show more than the person.

  17. If we don’t stand for a man’s right to get unreasonably drunk and punch up an overpaid weasel because he fell down on his job and didn’t have the pickled prima donna’s dinner ready.

    At what point are we going to start up? Obviously never, we’ll just sit down when we pee, and countless other concessions we’ll continue to make as we obediently engineer and pave our road to total serfdom and emasculation.

    This Oisin poodle has a lawyer, and he’s very concerned, because he so does love his job at the BBC and would hate to lose it.

    Not me, I’m not having any of this, I’ll continue to fail and struggle, but I’m never giving in or adopting the younger generation’s decreed effeminacies nor going along to get along. I’ve already been rejected as too much of a Bobby Hill type by Dad, I’m not suppressing the Y one further bit.

    As to Oison, one user wrote: “This Oisin Tymon bloke had a very punchable face. I don’t blame @JeremyClarkson in the slightest! #BringBackClarkson.”

    Another anonymous Twitter account ‏@NelsonsRightArm added: “If a man called #OisinTymon didn’t cook my dinner, I’d have him and his entire family shot.”

    Maybe the Brits have tired of ruling across the waves. and are handing over the helm to our future Socially Justice Califaggit overlords. If so, so be it. Didn’t much like being the Bottom Gear to the Queen’s Top Gear in the first place.

    Suicide is painless. I can take or leave you if I please.

    • You know the original M.A.S.H. was great. An entire troupe of actors vilifying the military for using the draft to grab talented surgeons during the wah!

      The crap that came out on TV with alan alda (note the irreverence in not capitalizing his name) was to communistic aka altruistic aka statist for my taste. Note the TV series didn’t bash the state just ridiculed the army for not giving the 40 double 7 enough tools to save the cannon fodder.

      David Ward
      Memphis, Tennessee


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