“Less Government” Republicans… Not

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You expect sickly, smothering statism from liberal Democrats (well, ok, Democrats in general). It’s their stated policy, after all. At least give them credit for being above board about it. But when it comes from a Republican (as often as not one who touts his or her “conservative” credentials) it’s like getting cold-cocked by a friend. Your defenses are down; you don’t see it coming.

Like The Chimp himself once said: Fool me once… shame on.. shame on you… you can’t get fooled again.

Except many people – Republican voters – reflexively, routinely do get fooled again. 

In Connecticut, for example,  Republican Governor Jodi Rell supported the use of automated speed enforcement cameras on state highways. “Safety” is the predictable mantra, as always – and also the typically Republican appeal to badge-licking “law n’ order.” But the reality is that Rell saw an easy way to increase taxes without having to come out in favor of an overt tax increase. She – like Republican politicians in Virginia who came up with “abusive” and”reckless” driver fees of $1,000 or more to be levied onto motorists convicted of ordinary traffic offenses (since repealed or defeated – but still) figures the dumbos  out there are too stupid to understand that a tax is a tax is a tax, whether it’s called one or not.

The bottom line is always – pay up!

And, give up – your liberty. 

Mitt Romney’s heaf-cayuh “reform” – with its individual mandate that became the core of Obamacare – is another example.  

In Utah, the state senate belched forth a bill that would have erected a Stasi-like system for informing on one’s fellow motorists – for whatever reason, legitimate or not. Anyone could phone in a “tip” to the authorities that another motorist presented an “imminent threat to driving safety.” The state motor vehicle authorities could then use these tips as the basis for dragooning the motorist in for a battery of tests and evaluations, including (no kidding) a mental fitness test, as well as medical testing and forced re-taking of the driver’s test, etc.

All on the basis of an anonymous call.

Think about this. You pass by a senile old coot driving 54 mph in the left lane – and the vengeful oldster reports you for “unsafe driving.” To him, you are a reckless speeder. In the past, all he could do was shake his bony wrist (slowly) and mutter angrily to himself. Had this Republican-backed bill (SB 84; see http://www.truckflix.com/news_article.php?newsid=4642
 ) passed, the angry old coot would have had a magnificent cudgel available to impose his revenge. Ditto every saaaafety-obsessed “mom” – or anyone else who wanted to sick the dogs on you. 

Guess who the bill’s author was? Republican State Senator Allen Christensen.

Probably, he thinks his ideas help “the children.” More likely, he’s just as cynical, corrupt and power-hungry as the “liberals” he fulminates against come election season. 

Just like the Republicans in Congress who gave us the “Patriot” Act, Homeland Security and the federal REAL ID Act – which will shortly impose a de facto national ID system on the American people little different from the “your papers, please” regime that (we thought, some of us) had disappeared forever with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the crumbling of the old Soviet Union.


And these people don’t get hounded out of office. They routinely get adulated…. and re-elected. The Chimp did; Romney’s on deck for 2012. Grampy won in AZ, too. Many others besides. Talk freedom – while taking it away. Peddle “small government” – while growing it ever bigger. Toss in a few Bible references and mention the fambly. Be sure to mention the flag. It works every time. So far. 

So, how  did we get Here from There? Has Republicanism been twisted, as some allege? Or is it merely returning to its roots? People forget that Republicanism began as a militant crusade to impose a centralized state that determined the extent of its own power; with the violent suppression of dissent – at bayonet-point, literally. With suspension of the rule of law. With the personal Decidership of a stovepipe hat-wearing 19th century version of George W. Bush only much, much worse because it had at least 30 IQ points on the modern-day iteration.  

The ugly truth of the matter is that we now have two authoritarian parties (or “wings”of the same unitary party) vying for power. Power over anyone they can get their hands on. The reasons no longer matter much – only the effects. And the bottom line is if you are among the declining few who still believe in such strange and unusual notions as a government that protects your property rather than takes it, that defends your liberty rather than systematically destroying it – well, then you don’t have a dog in this fight – either as a motorist or citizen. Democrat or Republican – “left” or “right” – they’ve got us coming and going.

There is no hope – no future – until the sickness is rightly diagnosed. Expecting Republicans – the party of Lincoln, who destroyed the Republic – to stand athwart the road and call Halt! to the bum’s rush toward more and ever-more oppressive government is as silly as expecting a Come To Jesus (in prison) serial killer to not resume serial killing once set loose again.

It’s what he does; it’s what they (Republicans) do. Always, Forever.  

Never forget this – and maybe one day America will remember herself.   

Throw it in the Woods?


    • Well, not really. Barry was like modern neo-con Republicans in many ways. For example, his military priapism (kudos to Fred Reed for that excellent term). He wanted to “go long” in Vietnam – not get the hell out and stop the empire’s expansion.

      He – like RR – was most excellent in comparison with, say, The Chimp or the current lesser chimp. But far from ideal…

        • You mean Conscience of a Conservative? Yes. Barry was ok in many areas. Very good in some. But his militarism (and Bible-beating) was his Achilles Heel. Very much like RR. A free society at home and an empire abroad are not compatible. That said, I understand that in politics the enemy of the good is often the perfect and if Barry were running in 2012 vs. that godawful Tundra Tart or that greasy corporatist tool Mitt Romney or that cr8tionist cracker Mike Huckabee… then, hell yes, I’d support him!


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