She-Clover Gets Shut Down

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It was delicious to watch Elizabeth Warren’s sermon cut short by Senate Republicans, who used procedure – the rules – to zip her lips.

The Senate became a safe space… . safe from her, for once.

Warren and her fellow Clovers are just appalled that the proper deference is no longer being shown.

She reminds me of the road Clovers who will speed up to prevent you from passing them, then slow down once they have succeeded in doing so. “Speeding” is ok . . . when a Clover does it, for Cloverific reasons.

Poor Ms. Warren.

She must feel just like the Clover who just got passed… flashing his lights and honking his horn furiously at the rapidly receding “speeder.”

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  1. Ever notice that these libtard females are patently UNATTRACTIVE? Even those that COULD at least lose weight, wear a modest amount of makeup, and get a flattering hair style end up a sure fire cure for Priaprism ! (i.e, a boner that won’t go away). To further compound the ugly looks, they they open their pie holes, and she sounds like a banshee on a bender! Just sayin’….

  2. Shutting this bitch clover down is a start but for the love of all that is good and holy when will every other member of the entirely cloveristic US government also be forced to shut the fuck up?!

      • Bill, don’t ask the hard questions now. I only hope Dorrington E Williams is a nom de plume and the poor guy doesn’t have people call him Dorrington or her whichever the case may be. It surely sounds like a slop opera name.

        I think I’d rather be Skip or…..Shirley.

        Indeed though, unless you’re a completely unreasonable person who thinks nobody has to conform to speaking rules or specific people don’t have to conform to those rules, I can’t imagine what the Dorrington beef might be.

        I like the way you already know her state of mind just by looking at her body language and facial expression. I know this can be said for nearly any politician but the mind boggles as to who would vote for her.

  3. You got to love how people like Fauxcahontas always talk about how they need to be “respected” and such. But it’s never a two way street with them, the rules are never for them. They can be rude and disrespectful all they want. She had her turn to speak (and did), she decided to speak through someone else’s turn.


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