Citizen Hassled by “hero” for Contempt of Cop

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In the video below, a citizen with the audacity to exercise his right to not answer questions gets hassled by a “hero” law enforcer who has nothing but contempt for the law when it doesn’t suit him – such as the law that states a person is under no obligation to participate in a Q&A session with a low-IQ costumed goon:

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  1. Yes, Officer…”I’m ONE of THOSE…”

    Like Denis Leary’s character in “Demolition Man”, maybe I want to order the gravy fries and BUCKETS of melted cheese, or run buck-nekkid in the streets covered in green Jell-O…because I fuckin’ FEEL LIKE IT!

    NO, Officer, I will NOT answer any of your goddamned questions, save to appropriately identify in a state where its “Stop and ID” law hasn’t yet been slammed-dunked into unconstitutional oblivion, and even that only upon REASONABLE suspicion that “criminal activity is afoot”. Nor do I have to produce any ID, only my driver’s license, current vehicle registration, and ‘proof’ of financial responsibility IF I’m operating a motor vehicle.

    Am I being detained any further, or AM I FREE TO GO?

    You don’t owe these crew-cut, Rayban-wearing, crisply-costumed, bulldog-jowled Ordnungpolizei anything else, especially NOT any discussion of your political views, which likely their fat-shrouded craniums couldn’t comprehend anyway.

  2. These videos are quite painful to watch, and YouTube, thankfully, is becoming loaded with them.

    “Are you one of those sovereign ciitzens?” See how this little game plays out? You utilize your rights, and all of a sudden they throw out that little gem. That first fellow was just itching to show the citizen which end is up: Like a time-bomb ready to explode.

    You will trust any cop at your peril. And when they lose people like me, they have a REAL problem.


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