New Jersey Thug Scrum

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This video was taken by a black guy who found himself surrounded by at least four armed government workers – five, if you count the cartoonishly obese AGW, who must weigh at least 400 pounds – who were looking for a white male with long hair.

The AGWs bully and posture and treat the guy with the usual contempt, even as the man treats them with civility.

No repercussions, of course.

They are “just doing their job.”

. . .

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  1. This is how it is now. I was accosted by cops because I wearing a blue shirt some years ago. I think I shared the story here before. Four cops. The lead one angered because I dared turn on to the walkway on my property. It’s just another form of the ‘a similar vehicle was involved in a crime’ pretext to harass anyone of their choosing.

    • Morning, Brent –

      Such cops are the ones who will do anything they are ordered to – many of them eagerly. America is no different than Germany or Soviet Russia and those guys are just SA or Cheka thugs with Jersey accents.

  2. Is that for real? A piggy that fat? I’ve never seen that pattern of obesity distribution across the front of one’s body, and I thought I had seen everything. Imagine the strength of his foul body odor, it would have me gagging and throwing up.


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