Thug Scrum Visits (Closes Down) Dairy

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They won’t leave this guy alone, either:


  1. “The state of Missouri has 6 million people from whom they forcibly draw tribute. They used the taxes of all those people in order to fight us.
    To fight them, we had 65 cows. And the truth never seemed even to be a consideration to them, let alone a goal.”

    Joe Dixon – Morningland Farms

    Raid of Rawesome Foods in CA leads to MO Dairy Closure

    Morningland Dairy – The Final Solution

    “It would be wonderful to see that cheese liberated by thousands of citizens in the middle of the night. But our nation is fast asleep, while our shackles are being forged in the darkness. The men of this country are more concerned with superbowl outcomes than the unimaginable injustices being forced upon these valiant and faithful farmers.”

    – Comment to the article

    Truth Farmer – Food Freedom, or Fight


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