Requiem for the Z-Car

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I’ll have a review up shortly about the 2018 Nissan 370Z – which may be the last of the line, for awhile at least. As many of you probably know, it hasn’t been updated much in awhile – and it hasn’t been selling very well. Coupes in general are a tough nut right now and have been so for some time.

The debate within Nissan is probably along the lines of . . . do we keep our “halo” sports car, even though it’s not making us much money (and may be losing money) . . . or do we quietly let it go, like Mazda did the RX8?

I hope they stick with it, personally.

The Z is an interesting middleweight contender. It falls somewhere in between near-exotics like the Corvette and the bantams – Miatas (and Fiatas) and BRZs, etc. Not as much power as a Corvette, but much more power than the Miata-Fiata-BRZ.

And its price falls in between, too.

So, fingers crossed, we shall see.

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  1. My brother in law has a 2016 nismo 370z i love the car but i think the nismo aero package is a little over top in looks. It drives like it was meant to go 100mph for cruising.


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